A Frog's Collection of Quotes

Note from Chadnet: this was sent by a frog who wishes to remain anonymous.


I started collating this document to try to de-libtard-ify myself. It worked pretty good. Eventually, it served another purpose - I started finding that most twitter accounts I collected wisdom from were suspended.

This collection is by no means exhaustive. It's the people I specifically found wisdom from. You may find your favorite account isn't in it as much as you'd like. I recommend you save this document and simply add to it.

This will have errors - misattributions, misquotations, tyops. Some men spell like 3rd graders, others refuse to capitalize or punctuate, and a few spoke in another language. I did my best to clean them up for my own purposes. If one man had 10 attributions in this document and he retweeted a man who had 0, I would sooner put the quote under the first man: It serves my purposes of getting you closer to the truth that man sees. If you have a problem with this, I suggest you shove it up your ass.

I do not necessarily believe every quote here. Some quotes may not be useful. Some quotes may contradict each other. There may be quotes from people who are liberals, degenerates, doxxers, etc. As my Sunday school teachers taught me: "Truth is truth, wherever it comes from". But the truth is complicated, and I have evolved over the years spent collating this. Most quotes were collected from ~2014-2022, and certain political realities (Trump, Corona, gender dynamics, social / economic decline) will reflect that time period. I was raised Christian, and have returned that way; therefore, the quotes in the document will tend that direction.

Zero HP Lovecraft is not included, as his section grew to a couple hundred pages and became its own document. Many authors deserve much longer sections - BAP, Moldbug, Land, Randy. Go read their books or blogs.

Bolded quotes are those I found especially insightful or useful. The document was made to be CTRL+F'd easily

Godspeed, soldier.


"Mentally ill women in positions of authority are a scourge on this nation. The black magic concept of 'structural racism' is invoked by our most powerful corporations without a second thought. It's now considered 'outside the realm of debate' to question the existence of this phony concept."

"If a commoner (white person) dares insult an aristocrat (black person), even by mistake, the penalties must be severe. Your intentions are irrelevant - actions have consequences. Consequences like losing your lease or your job. 'Around blacks, never relax' takes on a whole new meaning."

"The cultural revolution comes to... *squints* knitting enthusiasts? There is no refuge, no safe space that won't be politicized. You will not be left alone, you will not be allowed to abstain from picking a side. Don't say you weren't warned."

"The statement 'your silence makes you complicit' is commie bullshit."

"They will call for 'equity' everywhere there's disparate impact. And there's disparate impact literally everywhere because, and there always will be. It's the perfect goal for your Perpetual Revolution."

"There is not a single 'based' mainstream sport. They all hate you. They all want you to bend the knee. They all want your wealth taken, your children raped, or otherwise rendered infertile. And they're laughing about it."

"A holiness spiral occurs when there is no formalized border for religious faith. Any pious actor can outflank competitors by simply moving further to the left. going holier-than-thou. Once one actor defects in this fashion, it becomes an arm race to the bottom until stopped. The holiness ratchet only works in one direction. We will not see less of this, rather whatever has been done so far is now required going forward. Must go further left. If this doesn't trip your 'it's a religion' sensors, I don't know what will. Whether the MLB, NFL, NBA wanted to do this or not, they now have to. That's how holiness spirals work. You don't want to be the one to add 'Black Lives Matter' to your brand. You don't want to be the last one to start, or the first one to stop clapping."


"People flag their religious belonging in a multitude of ways, some wear a cross around their neck, some wear a hijab, some wear a turban, and some put their pronouns in their twitter bio."

"Women are hugely aggressive - but mainly towards other women. Unlike men, most women have been taught to deny this in themselves and to remain unaware of their own behavior. Usually, the aggression is indirect - it consists of spreading gossip about, and then socially ostracizing a target girl or woman, especially one who is perceived as prettier or more talented or simply different."


"One of the funnier parts of our clown world is seeing dudes enter into and absolutely smoke women in their own athletic events, and then watching everyone have to pretend it is normal and okay"


"If you get knocked up by a deadbeat, that's poor vagina management. If you knock up a woman that aborts a kid you want, doesn't abort a kid you don't want, or puts you on child support, that's poor penis management."


"I love seeing they weave these jungian tales of a clockwork orange style brainwashing rather than confront the fact that they're losing the argument to people they consider crazy idiots. 'People are angry and defecting from my worldview... clearly the problem is lack of censorship'."

"This tweet isn't endorsing China, but China vs the US is a perfect example of male vs female authoritarianism: In China, the government basically says, 'If you fall out of line, you'll get disappeared', Whereas in the US if you fail to 'be nice', mobilized randos will try to ruin your life."

"Imagine giving an interview to the new york times and branding yourself as a deradicalized former alt right extremist because you temporarily thought something might be up with feminism and mass immigration."

"I will now briefly explain how modern political conflict is fundamentally about the lucifer rebellion. Satan, Satanism, the fundamental conflict in life can be traced back to the Garden of Eden. The devil told man he could become like God. That's basically it. Well, who is God and what's His defining feature? One of, if not the, main feature of God is that he created reality, can create reality, and is arbiter of the laws of reality. If another being could create real things from nothing, or if God didn't create the universe, that would call his status as God into question, or at least muddy the waters. So, we can see that a being able to create and be arbiter of reality is a key feature of God. The Lucifer rebellion and satanism isn't about the showy and theatrical things people usually think of, like blood rituals and red robes. It's about transferring this ability to man, making man creator of reality and arbiter of what is real.

So what does this have to do with socio-cultural conflict? Basically, everyone that's not a liberal or left-wing person has experienced the phenomenon of showing facts to someone and having those facts not be recognized by the person you're arguing with. This is so cliche that it's spawned multiple memes, and it's such a basic observation that I feel stupid bringing it up, but this is like a ripple on the pond that's just hunting at what's underneath. There is a subset of people in society who believe that reality is 100% subservient to ideas that people have. These people basically believe that reality is created in the mind, and that it is infinitely malleable, so they attribute all reality to the ideas of man or of a group of men.

This is the basis for all socio-political conflict, all conflict, the universal fundamental conflict. For example, 'babies dying in cages at the border'. People are saying, 'look how bad this situation is, this is evil'. And you might say to them, 'Well look at the reality of the situation, look at how many people are coming, why kids are separated, think about how the facilities are being overwhelmed by these very high numbers of people, isn't the problem really X or Y or Z?' But that doesn't matter. You're looking at the situation as the result of the reality that is external to you. They're looking at the situation as something someone is doing. Even if it was 10 million people detained a day, they would never accept the death of even one person. The reality of the situation doesn't matter. They create an ideal in their minds and then rage about that ideal failing ot conform to reality. They'll accept nothing less than the ideal their mind has made because to them, there's no reason reality can't be ideal.

This explains all cultural conflicts. If there is any discrepancy where any group is under-represented anywhere, it has to be oppression. Why? Because reality comes from people's minds. Someone is doing it, someone is making it, we just have to find out who. This is why you get people so full of rage that they're willing to do things 'by any means necessary' (their own words). If we could just stop these people that are using their ability to create reality to make reality bad, then our ideal could happen, let's just find and stop them.

When you see videos of these people, you can see they're often whipped into a literal frenzy. It's like they're possessed. This is why they end up hurting random people. The individual they see in the moment is a manifestation of this huge reality creation machine that must be stopped. Once you notice this, you will see it everywhere. Every time you have a political argument. It's literally the crux of every issue, so much so that after putting this together I became immensely fatigued with political bickering (which I used to love). But now I'm like, 'Let's cut to the chase, you think the only reason that X is Y is because people think of it that way?' and they're like, 'well... yeah.' And that's it. The conversation is over. You're talking to someone who doesn't even realize they ate the apple."

"Eventually the elite will scrub tv broadcasts, commercials, daily news, all innocuous non-hollywood media, from the 1990s because its incontrovertible proof of how much more sane and normal things used to be."

"It's ncredible talking to people who actually think that all violence and crime is caused by a complex network of socioeconomic factors interwoven with the general flow of culture and history unless its a 'mass shooting' in which case the causes are usually a single idea or just 'guns.' Unreal mental compartmentalization in someone who attributes something like violent crime in Chicago to a perfect storm of social environmental causes that surround a person forcing them to act, then the opposite claim is made about other violence when its politically convenient."

"Most of the people obviously desperate for some resurgent form of fascism to fight so they can be 'punching nazis' and stuff are just feeling their souls natural desire to participate in a metaphysical struggle while their worldview denies them any real access to higher ideals. Tell me you cant see the pain lurking behind the eyes of the average atheist science worshipping dog parent. The only place left for them to vent their spirit's need for conflict is via the last socially sanctioned 'bad guy' which sadly (to them, deep down) no longer exists. 'Wow, look at this 19 year old girl who resisted the German government in 1943, this is totally related to my day-to-day life in some meaningful way!' 'Hitler was actually just a dumb idiot, which is why literally all of my supraphysical beliefs and ethics revolve around fighting what I see as his now omnipresident and infintie day-to-day manifestations almost a century later!' That's interesting."

Hollywoodism places the Holocaust into the role that Brahma played in ancient Vedic culture. Essentially, everything is a manifestation of the Holocaust, except a Kabbalistic element is introduced wherein all actions either contribute or decontribute to the next Holocaust. Hollywoodism (the current American religion) elevates genocide into the celestial sphere and has created a permanent Holocaust of the mind. All things - from North American immigration policy to the branding for peanut butter crackers - reverberate out from this platonic ideal of genocide. As Christianity is based on ultimate good incarnating in human form and bridging the gap between the human and divine spheres, so too is Hollywoodism based on their own dark version of the Incarnation, wherein evil rather than good was made manifest to wed this realm with the unseen. In this paradigm, all things are made new in the light of the Holocaust, and can never be seen again in their former state. Post-Holocaust vacuums. Post-Holocaust car design. Post-Holocaust color theory. And indeed we find this reflected in various academic disciplines and institutions."

"The Epstein case is the perfect example of how bureaucracy and interwoven lateral hierarchies are used as a shield by those in power. Something goes wrong and it's impossible to blame one individual, so nothing happens. This feature of democracy is intentionally weaponized by the elite. In cases where there is one person responsible for something and a clear hierarchy you can remove and punish responsible individuals. This is one reason why a hazy collective where hundreds of people are all responsible for everything and nothing is intentionally put over us. Democracies look at dictatorships and think it's awful for one person to have infinite power, which can be true, but instead we have a situation where hundreds or thousands of people all have unchecked power, and unlike a dictatorship also cant be seen as 'doing' anything in particular. 'How bad can one king be' versus 'How bad can an infinite sea of bureaucrats and elite all having the power of a king but no actual responsibility be?' "

"Theories and ideas that strategically upset people and make others think in a new way about their own epistemology are good and useful regardless of whether or not they are true, especially in situations where individuals are prohibited from speaking freely about certain topics."

"The phrase 'yikes' is a symptom of oversocialization, a meaningless term that re-emerged as a new signifier from the collective psyche to signal your disbelief that someone would dare to step beyond what you see as the collectively agreed upon norms of social behavior."

"One time I actually got one of these anti-gun people to admit that they would just die if someone broke in with a gun. These people think you are insane, paranoid, and have a small dick because you don't feel this way."

"Most people are completely incapable of eating great food for sustenance purposes. Everything has to be a 'great meal,' and then while they're eating it, they're talking about how it could be better. Not sure why this triggers some deep and primordial resentment inside of me. Food always could be better, in some way. Paradoxically, as some people begin to think of themselves as 'foodies' (cursed term), they stop actually enjoying any food as they set an impossible ideal in their mind."

"If anyone's life advice is ever 'just take acid,' it's pretty safe to assume they're completely braindead and were only capable of experiencing any self reflection via flooding their brain with a powerful psychoactive substance, therefore they assume others are this way as well. It's like a much lower, way more npc version of guys who can only investigate their emotions when they're drunk, and then also project this out onto others. As psychedelics have gone mainstream, it's truly a wonder that anyone still believes they inherently confer positive qualities onto people just by virtue of taking them. Spend 5 minutes talking to the average present day devotee of psychedelics, and try to not have a brain hemorrhage. 'Wow... you're so smart... and it's so obvious that tripping has only made you way smarter. Tell me more about how like, everything is connected but also an illusion and stuff, please.' These people have also never dealt with someone IRL who has had their worldview actually shattered by psychedelics and can't put it back together, or they write it off as 'well they couldn't handle it,' revealing that they've learned literally nothing from the experience they're pushing. Please keep the cope to yourself. I'm sure that you're the outlier, and that drugs have made you way smarter and a way more moral person, unlike all the people everyone sees around them using drugs. For real I do not care, don't tag me in your essays about this. Please stop telling normies and regular people to use powerful hallucinogens they have no business messing with. I know it makes you feel cool but its really dumb, please stop."

"An interesting exercise is to momentarily not break people up by ideology or worldview, and instead group them by how much they do or do not expect you to accept deferring to already-established conclusions made by others without investigating the topic yourself. I had this a lot back when I was more someone who identified with my musical taste. I'd listen to something and then mention it later and a particular type of person would say, 'Why'd you listen to that? Everyone knows its bad'. This type of reaction is extremely fascinating to me. It reveals something about the person having the reaction, because what they're really saying is, 'Haven't you already heard the established conclusion on this?' What's interesting is that after a long time you see that every ideology or worldview has this spectrum running within it. So you can take crust punks and classical music students and members of any religion and new age people and painters and people from any group, and see this pyramid operating within them. an internal socio-ideo hierarchy. There's an extremely rare type of person who recognizes the toxic effect of completely submitting to the hive mind and group think, while also recognizing that having an ideology, worldview and/or set conclusions about reality is not inherently bad in and of itself."

"The idea that 'what makes a fetus into a human being is leaving the mom' is literally a theological position, not science. This is metaphysics. Also, guess what religion teaches that it becomes a person when it leaves the mom? (Judaism)"

"I'm honestly impressed that the illuminati has gotten even the most 'class conscious' people to not only empathize with but actively defend the most powerful high class people on earth just by playing up race and gender solidarity. really well played just gotta hand it to em there."

"It is the rare person who is smart enough to still have some common sense, but dense enough to not realize how anathema that makes them."

"This (Skittles and Arizona Tea and candles, referencing Trayvon Martin) is oddly a really good example of what a modern manifestation of western occult called 'chaos magick' actually is. Creating a ritual using items associated with the person or idea you'd like to invoke, untethered from tradition except where convenient for form or theatrics, largely 'dramatic' i.e theatrical, this ritual intended to cause some change in the mind of the participants or to just reinforce an association or idea or change someones mindset, is the fundamental essence of a modern 'branch' of western occult called chaos magic outlined in peter carols 'liber null' that is lesser known to the public but very influential on modern occult groups and movements. Donald Trump, for example, probably doesn't know what chaos magic is, but has probably read a book by someone who does. Not something esoteric, probably some book about speeches or how to influence people written by a guy weird enough to have surveyed the 'whole field' of 'mind influencing reality'. Lots of normal guys even stumble into this stuff because its just below the surface in terms of 'I'm going to look into how the mind can change reality'. Lots of silicon valley guys are likewise one or two steps removed from things like this, it's a fuzzy boundary especially now. The line between self-improvement and occult is branding, symbolic framework, heritage of ideas, lineage, intention, conception of the world and your place in it, but content wise yes the pure information can overlap a lot. People do it unknowingly all the time. A logo is basically a sigil even if some normie advertising major makes it just to look cool or something. if you can deal with going over weird sex magic stuff theres a brief essay called pop magic that lays this out succinctly."

"People think conspiracy theorists don't know anything about project management, because keeping a secret with so many people is so hard. The Manhattan Project employed 130,000 people, cost over $2,000,000,000, took place at 30+ sites across multiple countries, involved building multiple full-on secret fake cities to make it all happen, and when Vice President Truman was sworn in as President, he had to be told about it."

"Please for your own sanity keep in mind that most peoples brains are packed full of axioms and weighted terms that literally 100% preclude them from perceiving reality or being able to reason anything out. Most people, regardless of IQ, have actually never fully reasoned out anything. They have never gone all the way from [here is some data] to [logic] to [oh, so this must be the conclusion] and if you do this for them, theyll just see it as 'a trick'. Do not underestimate this. This isnt pretentious, because this effect exists completely independent of IQ or education or anything. They will say things that obviously point to a certain conclusion, and when you present that conclusion they wont get it. Their minds arent systematized. It's just loose threads. In your mind, maybe everything is hooked into this larger framework where things have to stack up, make sense together, most people are not like this, and if you bang your head too hard and too often against this wall it will have a negative spiritual effect on you. 100%. For sure. This doesnt mean caring is stupid or that you just give up entirely, but you just have to keep that in mind. I literally spent years going so hard on fighting that reality. If you have a certain kind of brain its truly vexing. Really. For a certain type of person its truly unbelievable. Anyway like I said it's cliche and obvious for some but the somewhat avuncular aura that has been thrust upon me regarding guys 'just getting into' critically analyzing things necessitates me saying that. If you're 'that guy', I know, it's maddening, but that's just how it is. Really. i did the fieldwork. Painstakingly laid out so much for so many different people. Had people who dont think fire is hot, touch the fire directly. Got two apples and two apples to prove 2+2 equals four for them. It doesnt work. It never worked if they didnt want to see. Ever. EVER."

"Not only does fiction absolutely have a direct effect on reality, it usually has more of an effect on people (and thus reality, in some sense) than things that are 'real'. For most of us, efficiously operating in the 21st century will be partially contingent on understanding this. More people have been directly influenced by Star Wars and Marvel movies and religious texts that you believe to be fiction than charts and numbers or strictly factual accounts of real events. I dont know how anyone could deny this. I also would go a step further and say that this is not a selective process. Every piece of media, every single thing your brain takes in has an effect on you. There is no magical switch where you can decide if something 'counts' or not. For some this is obvious."

"A long time ago i heard someone mention the archetype of 'the lonely shaman'. They said it's when a person gains some type of insight, spiritual insight, into themselves, whatever, and the insight comes at the cost of their social relationships, and they end up alone because of it. For years, that was 'the bad road' in my mind. I hung it like this dark negative eschaton off in the distance of my mind, with a big neon sign that read 'This, specifically, is what I'm trying to avoid at all costs.' Prophetically, despite still feeling unwise, that is what happened. Usually archetypes have some 'flip', or unseen aspect. I guess the flip for that one is that the lonely shaman isn't like a pratyeka-buddha, the 'rivate buddha' who goes off to seek enlightenment alone in isolation. I suspect, most of the time, he's actually exiled in some way. I don't know if you get to pick your archetype. I didn't get that screen, in my menu. So some mornings I'm making coffee and I survey all the severed relationships, and it's weird for me because, i didn't do anything - to anyone. But here I am, in my hut, way outside the village."

"Most people have been told that the way to gain knowledge about themselves is to Indiana Jones dive deep into their past to unearth 'deep' artifacts so they see whatever they placed in the trauma box as the ultimate source of their self instead of being just something that happened to them. There's some legitimacy to this, of course, but ultimately it becomes fetishistic. It also means that instead of the face being a clear window into the spirit, it becomes a bricked over facade (florensky, iconostasis), this necessitates a 'grand reveal' at some point in the relational process."

"The absolute best feeling if you're someone that enjoys obsessive thinking and analyzing information and patterns is when youre talking to someone and laying something out and you see their eyes widen when they have some larger realization about what you're saying. Honestly it's better than drugs. Even was I was drinking and smoking 24/7 I still chased this feeling. It's one ultimate high. Such a rush. You cant fake it, and there's nothing else like it. One special subsection of it is when you're talking about some way people are and the person realizes something about themselves."

"Just cut to the chase and ask someone what their null hypothesis is. What would they accept, in theory. Any story about individuals is just an anecdote. Any generalization is 'just' a generalization so it cant be applied to individuals. Make them admit theres nothing they'd accept. So many discussions can be accelerated 1000% by just taking this route. It's the hidden snake eating its tail of modern social programming. Can't make claims based on individual instances. Also cant make claims based on generalizations. It's a double bind, no assessment is possible. Whenever I happen to post about a vice, I get people obviously coping in replies. 'that's just your experience'. Sometimes out of curiosity I'll play it out with them. Okay, heres some data. 'That's a generalization, not everyone is like that'. Alright, so you made a bubble wherein no critique is possible. You can easily transfer this to many contentious social issues. Just ask what they would accept. Usually this catches people off guard because they never considered this, it's at least interesting to observe in practice."

"Most of the times someone asks you to compromise your principles it's not going to be some big epic scene with dramatic music. Usually it will just be a mildly annoying instant or small inconvenience and 99% of people will just do it and then act like you're weird for caring. Every now and then you might get an epic moment, but it seems like usually you don't. and then people will brag about how easily they tolerated this small thing and how it's not a big deal. That's just how it is, I guess. That experience is probably lowkey what we all have in common here. I think most (cool, honestly) people online are subconsciously working that out. Myself included. You pay the jizya every day and then when you casually mention to someone 'wow this jizya sucks man' they have a weird reaction and act like you're crazy so you go online and here we are. Some people will brag about paying the jizya, and a large percent of them will even get in line and be like 'wow, actually i love paying this jizya' and some of them will identify with it and some know its wrong but just dont think about it. I'd say it took me 7 years to fully accept this. In the beginning, I would talk to people a lot more on here, like directly. And what I thought was interesting was that it was mostly arguing, but there was a specific energy behind the arguing that I saw. Day to day you might not notice it, but you scan over years of correspondence and themes become obvious. And now I see this theme often and I think its part of what draws a certain kind of person online. I would phrase it as, 'I'm not crazy. If I am, here I am, just tell me why'. I kind of chart younger guys on how far along they are in this process. For a certain type of person, you just have to smash yourself into the wall over and over, and everyone's like 'there's no wall', and you’re all bruised up like, I'm pretty sure there’s a wall here. It's a good thing, if you get something out of it. I did. I have noticed that I accepted it, on some level, though. Spiritually I really don’t, but practically, I do. Some people are never going to get it and they’ll make fun of you for getting it, forever. That's just how it is."

"What do you say to a 7 year old when he asks you if Harry Potter magic is real? Oddly enough, I actually was in a position where I had to answer questions like this from kids routinely, for multiple years. Naturally with my interests, being in the art realms, being around kids, it's just a matter of time before a kid points to something in a painting like a griffin or someone riding a cloud while wielding a massive flaming sword and asks you, 'Is that real?' Basically, I would break the nodes, I would try to hit in my answer into a few bullet points. 'I'm not sure' is a good lead-off point for kids with this type of question, it's very safe. It's also honest. I think it's important not to smash in the walls and take away certain things from them. At the same time, I'm not into lying to kids to preserve 'the magic'. Luckily for me I'm in the position where my honest answer doesnt fall too hard on one side or the other. A kid asks me, 'Are gnomes real?' Well, I don't know. A lot of people say they're real. Seems like they might be real. But there's no pictures of them, I've never seen one, so... I'm not sure.' But then usually I'd pad it with something like 'Personally, me, I've thought about it a lot, I think they're probably real, in some way. but some people say they’re not. I guess if you want to, you’ll have to look into it and see what you think.' Usually I'd land around there. If a kid point-black asked me if 'magic' is real, I'd probably clarify, 'If you mean magic like shooting fireballs and stuff, I don't really think that's real, but ther are a lot of stories about weird things happening.' I'd probably pivot to saint stories and give some examples like bilocation, people floating, people seeing weird things, micraculous healings, and ask, 'Is that magic? In a way, I guess. I think that stuff is real. So some of it is probably real and some probably isn't.' You can kind of go anywhere from there, into religion and God, or into a more cultural angle of why basically every culture has stories and stuff like this, or in a more simple way going into how it's not always a clear binary of one folder of things being 100% real and another 100% not real. And sometimes I can't speak freely, so I would give a longer more qualified answer, just going on and on trying to not say 'no' but also making sure I don't explicitly say 'yes' and I'd get to the end of this long answer and the kid would just look at me and wait and then be like... 'ok I think it's real', and then I'd finally say 'ok yeah me too'. Eventually I just stopped doing that. Yeah tell your mom I said gnomes are real. I don't care, what is she gonna do about it?"

"If there's one arguing-debating rule you should learn from being online, it's that you can always win an argument with someone who thinks they have a neutral worldview by appealing to the meta questions about their worldview. They wont know what to do. They've never considered it. If you're in an argument or a debate with someone who hasn't considered their larger epistemic framework, and they say we should do X because it's good, you can ask them how they define what good is or how we know whats good, and they usually have never thought about this."

"If having babies is killing the planet, I am going to kill the planet. Me and my hypernatalists will ride a wave of babies straight into the demise of Gaia. 60 foot mechs made of babies. And when the Earth is grey and burning, you will see me in my baby tower, delivering another baby."

"I think, ultimately, more than anything else, what melted my brain was that you can be at dinner and a person will say something like 'American cities are totally safe', and then ten minutes later have an absolute meltdown when you yourself don't believe something you haven't experienced or can't empirically verify. And you can explain this to them, in a friendly way, like 'Hey haha you know, one minute you say you have to experience something to talk about it, but then the next minute you're expecting me to not be skeptical of this thing I've never personally seen', and they just look at you. And then there's this moment where you can feel this reality crack opening as you fully cognize that all the threads of thought this person has don't actually lead back to anything, they're just words, and if I think about this for more than 3 minutes I just can't even process it, man. Lovecraft said something like 'Man is on an island and it's a gift that he can't get too far away from it and see the whole island at once'. This is my version of that. I can think about it sometimes, and I enjoy poking into it, but I have to compartmentalize it and not fully process it. I'm extremely, to an absolutely pathological slightly insane extent, fascinated by it, and I love going all Jane Goodal and poking into it as you most likely know, but I have to keep that folder of data in a certain... area. I can only process it in a larger spiritual framework."

"If you're even remotely capable of hearing something negative or unflattering about a group or viewpoint you already disagree with or dislike, and you're able to apply any skepticism or scrutiny to it at all, you are the top 1% of intellectual elite."

"If you know about learned helplessness when youre engaging with parenting advice / guides / strategies, you notice a crazy percentage of them are just intentionally inducing that. I don't give parenting advice, and people get very touchy about feeling like they're being critiqued, so with that caveat that I'm not doing that - it felt, to me, like a lot of the advice I was getting was indistinguishable from conditioning learned helplessness in the baby. You could say it's kind of semantic, but if the baby stops crying about X thing because you didn't respond to it, are you teaching it to power through, or are you teaching it learned helplessness? I think most techniques probably have a legitimate application, but that was my perception."

—@owenbroadcast, owen cyclops, thirdeyenationalism

"If you can get people fired and socially ostracized for disagreeing with you, you’re not oppressed, you’re an oppressor."

"If you haven’t pissed people off enough that they want to crucify you, you’re not being very Christ-like."

"Curiosity is not a personality. You'll distract yourself with trivia disguised as useful knowledge with only one purpose, to signal to others how learned you are."

"The Pharisees weren't awful because they valued strict obedience. They were awful because they valued pedantic legalism which gave them a way to justify their sins and point the finger at others, while they flagrantly violated the law."


"Everybody says they want to meet interesting people, but few are willing to stay at the $29 motels where you can find them."

—@iowahawkblog, David Burge

"I saw a magazine say that 'the new face of activism is young, angry, and effective.' It's hard to think of a more calamitous combination."

"Journalists actually think, 'White Supremacy totally exists - just look at all those Aryan Brotherhood guys in supermax'."

"If either Santa Claus or Moral Universalism was real, I'd be leaving a glass of sherry on the table with some carrots for the reindeer."

"Chill. It's not difficult. Every time repulsive insane shit happens just buy more Bitcoin. Your kids will thank you. 'If only there was a way to short Cathedral Teleology' - there is, guys."

"Soon, the media will start proposing racial ID certificates to ensure you're the type of person who's allowed to say that race exists. The deranged dialectics of slave morality - in which victimhood credentials are made the supreme social currency - make it easy for people to foster strategic confusion about this topic. 'Every valley shall be exalted And every mountain and hill brought low; The crooked places shall be made straight And the rough places smooth', and here we are."

"If you want to know who your rulers are, look who businesses publicly pander to."

"Twitter isn't a gangster flick because you know for sure the other guy is wearing a wire. It should teach similar linguistic competences, though: Whatever you say, think what it will sound like in an unfriendly courtroom."

"The thirty-seventh time you see exactly the same meme gif there's no practical way not to think: 'NPCs'."

"The danger of the modern era is that we Americans could find ourselves approaching the condition of Spain in the first half of the 1930s: a nation where both left and right ceased to believe in democracy, because it was a system that allowed the other side the possibility of gaining power."

"Democracy might begin as a defensible procedural mechanism for limiting government power, but it quickly and inexorably develops into something quite different: a culture of systematic thievery. As soon as politicians have learnt to buy political support from the 'public purse,' and conditioned electorates to embrace looting and bribery, the democratic process reduces itself to the formation of (Mancur Olson's) 'distributional coalitions' - electoral majorities mortared together by common interest in a collectively advantageous pattern of theft. Worse still, since people are - on average - not very bright, the scale of depredation available to the political establishment far exceeds even the demented sacking that is open to public scrutiny. Looting the future through currency debauchment, debt accumulation, growth destruction, and techno-industrial retardation is especially easy to conceal, and thus reliably popular. Democracy is essentially tragic because it provides the populace with a weapon to destroy itself, one that is always eagerly seized and used. Nobody ever says 'no' to free stuff. Scarcely anybody even sees that there is no free stuff."

"The claim, 'There's some ineffable special something about the human soul that [the status quo] simply can't evaluate properly," is found in both communism as well as all religions."

"You must cryogenize your soul before they use it against you."

"If you think substituting political slurs for epistemological categories suffices to make you a leftist public intellectual - you're right."

"A lot rests on the idea that changing a people beyond recognition has zero effect on the cultural and institutional fabric of their society."

"Historians looking back won't see any difference between multiculturalism and the rise of identity politics - both woke and deplorable - at all. If you don't like the organization of politics by ethnic faction, it would have been wise to drown multiculturalism in the bath when there was still time."

"I'll be happy to eat bugs as soon as they come up with a luxury bug, an iridescent, hothouse insect which requires even more water and food than the most irresponsible meat ot grow, sourced by unscrupulous companies who hire vicious paramilitary contractors to displace local farmers and slash-and-burn native ecosystems to make room for the cultivation of The Insect, which releases so much carbon that you can almost taste the planet warming with each delicious crunch, and which will be so environmentally fucking catastrophic that Greta Thunberg will self-immolate in front of my house to protest my importing it."

"The intensity of elite western Islamophilia is a thing of wonder. In different ways, both China and India have categorized Islam as a hostile ideology, to be quarantined and opposed. The Muslim world isn't much shocked by this, because they see the truth of it. Of course it's a hostile ideology, it's THE hostile ideology. Everything outside of it is 'The House of War'. Europe used to understand that. Now non-Islamic Asia does, and the West is having a fainting fit."

"The gravest threat facing modern civilization is not climate change, which is not an existential threat, but collapsing intelligence as modern civilization relaxes selection pressures against stupidity (defined as high time preference), even subsidizing reproduction of stupidity."

"All of my opponent's 'arguments' end up as nebulous appeals to authority. 'Experts agree mumble mumble.' They're designed to intimidate, rather than to educate. That's why no one would ever go to him to learn something about the world, except for how to survive the bitchiest kinds of intellectual micropolitics. It comes from a diseased subculture of volunteer academic policewomen."

"Most senior professors say 'no' to Cosmic Darwinism; Cosmic Darwinism remains shockingly unintimidated."

"The trend in the development of the academy is from epistemological engine to censorship mechanism. The dominant social function of universities now is telling people what they're not allowed to say. 'If you think A, it leads to B, and then C, which is very bad.' High-level research institutions are required to tell you this."

"At Woke speed, you deserve the gulag for what you were two months ago."

"A 'protestors or rioters?' rorchach blot is the best possible left-right perspective check."

"The final definition of money is 'whatever the rioters can't burn down'."

"Escape the entire historical dialectic with this one simple trick: 'Care about us!' 'No'."

"Why did the racists invent food deserts, dad?" "Because they burned down the Target, son."

"The Cathedral will end with a TV anchor being drawn-and-quartered live by a delirious mob in a sea of flame, claiming that America is still a fundamentaly decent place with a passionate concern for social justice."

"Being raised in a society in which epistemological integrity was accepted as among the highest values, it can be hard to accept that was just a phase, now gone. Within the last half-century of Western history, epistemological integrity has passed from an admirable virtue, to a tolerated irrelevance, and finally to a crime."

"Think about rebasing outside the West - because neo-Lysenkoism is here to stay."

"Saying that 'Ending death should be the highest priority of technology' is like saying that 'Throwing out the vacuum cleaner should be the highest priority of home economics'."

"The purest ideology is 'Fuck you, Dad'!"

"Some terminology is inconsistent with the possibility of calm discussion."

"Government, cultural, and economic structures are extended phenotype."

"America is a cesspit of institutionalized leftist insanity and corruption. Completely failing to deal with that is where you went wrong."

"How, you ask, is it even possible that we're not negotiating separation yet? It takes two parties to negotiate. Do you really think the people who believe it is their God-given duty to turn the entire world into a pansexual diverse communist idiocracy have any interest in letting just this one slice of Earth go to the demons?"

"The right rises because - unlike its enemies - it can find examples of what it admires that aren’t agonizingly embarrassing upon close inspection."

"If people get 76 negative responses on social media, they worry, 'Oh, no, the majority of my tribe of 150 has spoken out against me! I will be made an outcast and forced to wander alone in the wilderness!"

"The almost incredible quantity of multi-channel communist propaganda needed to keep America on its current track paints an extremely positive picture of what things would be like if it could be switched off."

"Like it or not, humans are built to be ruled by churches."

"It's not that every trial was a show trial, even in the Soviet Union. There just have to be enough of them for people to understand who's in charge."

"You think you can say 'Hegel has a point' and get away with it? Reading Hegel is fine, so long as you understand it's like bending down to pick up the soap in a supermax shower unit. Reading Hegel entirely diagnostically - without consenting to the dialectic - is fine (if generally unnecessary). This is true for the Abrahamic canon in general. It's what 'based' really means. Get caught up in negotiations, though, and you're toast. Schopenhauer knew. Carefully lift The Phenomenology of Spirit from the shelf. Skim the first paragraph. At this point 100 million years of neurological evolution should be screaming 'This stinks of fucking communism.' If this reaction is lacking, your immune system is too weak. Put it back."

"Explaining American politics to schoolchildren: 'You see, there's an anti-crime tribe, which has to be kept out of power because it's rude, and a pro-crime tribe, which has to be kept in power because it's sophisticated'."

"Never become so racist that you forget white liberals are the worst people on earth."

"Relativism is a position you employ when you’re weak ... Before the 1968 revolution those outside of power (the Left) argued for moral relativism, those in power (the Right) argued for moral absolutism. Now it is the opposite. The only satire made now pokes fun at the old establishment, like punching the corpse of a once-ferocious zoo animal, or the people who still hold the old beliefs; the elderly, the less educated, the rural and provincial. The powerless."

"Bad things occasionally happening to criminals is such a weird social concern priority. Even if it just scraped into the top hundred worry topics that would already be a sign of perverse sentimentalism."

"You're on your own. Pass it on."

"It turns out cheap cotton was the most expensive product in the history of the earth."

"You can't make a revolution with pitiful human material."

"The only position remaining that isn't implicit Critical Race Theory is Human Bio-Diversity, so it's time to pick a side. HBD and CRT perfectly divide all possible conceptual space on the topic of race in America. It's past time that the illusion of there being some inoffensive alternative to both was led away to die. Once this Boolean relation is recognized, competently dispelling CRT necessarily becomes the greatest generator of social and anthropological truth since the 19th Century."

"The point of trying to get CRT banned from schools and workplaces is not to eliminate it (which isn't doable) but to demonstrate that it's controversial, which the institutions concerned cannot be trusted to do. The optimum outcome is to raise a generation of kids with zero respect for educational authorities, and a workforce with open contempt for HR administration. The most important school lesson is that teachers typically lie systematically for political reasons."

"The claim that 'white supremacy' is entirely responsible for differences in social outcomes between white and black Americans is the whole of CRT. Anything more is just grift, sophistry, and content padding. The more stubborn white-black differences prove, the more hysterically 'white supremacy' needs to be attacked, with some new horizon of insanity being opened. Equally stubborn differences in social outcomes between - for instance - Ashkenazi Jewish and gentile white Americans are apparently best left out of the 'conversation'. In this latter case, the 'So is it going to be HBD or Holocaust II?' looms a little too starkly."

"The dogmatic equilibrium of Leftism is that the most moral state of society is reached when the dregs of society dictate morality."

"Wokeness is not an ideology (or religion) that secondarily has a massive dead-weight social cost, but rather a massive dead-weight social cost that promotes itself through an ideology (or religion)."

"State-of-the-culture-war white pills are as widespread as fentanyl right now. We're in a cage, and the prison guards are going insane because historical-material conditions ensure the entire control apparatus is going to crash. As in the USSR, rattling the cage isn't what brings it down, it's a sign that it's coming down. The current US regime is held together by the most inept and despised extractive ruling class in the history of the earth - and its coming cataclysmic failure doesn't even depend on this being true. It's difficult for parasites to survive the death of their host."

"Any term that accurately points at what they're doing is going to be weaseled away from."

"It's sensible to say 'it's okay to be gay if you're gay, it's not okay to confuse kids into thinking they're gay', and it's sad we now know it's a slippery slope. We've gone from 'Sexual deviance should not necessarily be criminalized' to 'Raising kids in a way that might conceivably lead to grandkids is white supremacist terrorism' in two generations."

—Nick Land, @Outsideness

"Autists love twitter, because it allows to talk to people without (talking) to people or talking (to people)."


"Never reward passive aggressiveness, for it is merely a precursor to insolence."

"A woman’s charm comes from her happiness, a man’s, from his confidence. An inconsolable woman’s as unattractive as a timid man."

"Therapy for women is oft based on ego preservation, self-forgiveness, blame displacement and hate bonding. Rarely is it based on self-awareness, introspection, forgiveness, and acceptance. It is for this reason all the wishy washy nonsense used to 'heal' women is BS."

"Being likeable is, above all, a conflict avoidance strategy."

"Women operate best from a foundation of innocent ignorance, not from self-awareness and truth. Too painful."

"When a woman tries to act like a man, you get all the negative qualities of a man and all the negative qualities of a woman with none of the positive qualities of either."

"Women who constantly talk about what makes a relationship work on the internet are the very women who cannot make a relationship work. You are not a leader, self-awareness does not help you be a better follower. You're only making your life harder."

"Low quality men divorce authority from responsibility (she should do as I say, without much emphasis on the standard he must hold himself to for her). Low quality women divorce responsibility from authority (he should do this list of things for me, but I wont do whatever he says). Ultimately you are serving each other in different ways. A leader serves by providing a number of services to a standard. The follower helps the leader do this by following their decisions and helping them execute them, and seeking to please them. Ego too often gets in the way. I don't know any self-respecting man who is going to take on the burden of a woman, both financially and emotionally for a lifetime, only for her to turn around and reject your authority on a whim. Their duty is to follow, whether they agree or not. That is their role. Now go to a hundred different trad woman accounts and ask them 'Is it a woman's duty to follow her man, whether she agrees with his decision or not?' Most will disagree (exposing themselves as not trad) some will fake agree, very few will agree and truly mean it. If it's always a man's responsibility to lead and provide, then it is surely always a woman's responsibility to follow and obey, is it not? Even if she disagrees? She has a responsibility to him he doesn't have to her, in so much as he has one to her she doesn't have to him, no? You see - each sex has 'their burden'. A woman's burden is having to follow things her man decides she doesn't like or agree with. Tough shit. That's the cost of protection and provision - your privilege - deferring to his leadership. You get 'a say' but you don't get to decide. Because if it's not a woman's responsibility to follow, then how can it be a man's responsibility to lead? You can't lead people who won't follow you. So then what so often goes unsaid, but mirrors the manly obligation is the womanly one - having to accept things you don't like. A man's obligations are a women's privileges. She feels safe because he projects dominance but takes care of problems. She doesn't worry about money, because he works his butt off whilst she lives a relative life of leisure (part-time or not at all). This is man's burden. Is either burden really fair? No - but they cancel each other out. Why should I spend my limited mortality, time and energy on providing a comfortable existence for you, if you're not going to accept what I say as law? If I'm not the king, then I'm a fucking slave. Don't get me wrong. I think there is room for discussion to share concerns. Men aren't perfect and can make poor decisions. But it is more common for women to refuse to comply because they think they know better when they don't, than for women to follow foolish men out of honour. Ultimately, a man's obligations are a woman's privileges, and a woman's obligations are a man's privilege. His privilege is he is the law. Her privilege is the life he gives her. It's not equal, but it is on the whole fair - even though it may not always feel that way. If you can't see yourself following a man, you shouldn't be with him. You shouldn't marry a man you can't see yourself obeying and following to the ends of the earth. If you don't see his word as a law you can gently challenge, he's not the man for you. When you marry a man, you are effectively saying 'I trust this man is benevolent enough to care for me, and competent enough to govern me, and therefore I will do as he says because it is in my best interest to, and because I wish to honour him'. Don't feel that? Stay single then. If you have problems following a man, you shouldn't marry that man in the first place - because marriage is a seal of approval - that he knows what he's doing and he's safe to follow - he is effectively your appointed leader. That's why disrespecting his leadership is such a sin. Refusing to follow a man who fulfils his obligations to you, is failing to fulfil your obligations to him. You either work like a man, or accept the authority of one. You're out in the cutthroat economy, or you're enjoying a wholesome life at home. Both have a price. Your choice. If you wouldn't want your man to stop providing, guiding and caring for you - then you shouldn't stop following him. This is how you both honour and look after one another. You're both doing the same thing - just in vastly different ways with dissimilar distributions of burden."

"A lot of men aren't interested in being patriarchs anymore. They're forever teenagers. Just want to have sex all the time and socialise with their friends. They're not building anything. They're not sacrificing anything. There's no greater goal. It's just perpetual adolescence. Just pleasure seeking for its own sake - at the cost of everything else. Hedonistic materialism as the ultimate value. A spiralling path to nowhere that consumes many years, a journey full of exhilaration that leads to a destination comprised of emptiness. So it strikes me there are different classes of men, who can be differentiated by their connection to the transcendent as marked by their willingness to sacrifice. Call this metric 'heroism' - the desire to transcend one's self by living for something greater than the self. Heroes and extreme individualists thus inhabit opposite sides of a spectrum. The former are rooted in something greater than themselves, whilst the latter live only for themselves. One plants a tree to provide shade he won't enjoy, the other logs forests so he can party in Cancun. Extreme individualism, marked by irreligiosity and hedonism is the ultimate boomerism. It is the sacrifice of everything else for the temporary indulgence of the self, rather than the sacrifice of the self for the long-term improvement of everything else. Boomers don't plant trees. In every great story that resonates deeply within the masculine psyche, is the archetype of the hero - a king of sorts, who combines the intellect of a magician with the ferocity of a warrior. What does a king care for? His kingdom, his nation, his people. It's never about him. In the Christian tradition, Jesus is the symbolic representation of this archetypal meta hero. A man who lives for anything but himself, the ultimate symbol of sacrifice, glorified for what he achieved for living in spite of himself, rather than for himself - just as a king would. Not all men are destined for greatness, but all men can be a microcosm of greatness. Most men won't become great statesmen, philosophers or scientists at the cutting edge of human management and development. Most men will not be a hero to the many, but they can be to a few. They can be the heroes of their own families, the ultimate caretakers of their own people. The one people come to to manage affairs of the tribe. Small scale heroism is what it is to be a patriarch and it is through family most men will find their connection to the transcendent. This is why a patriarch is objectively superior to low trust individualist mercenaries who live only for pleasure. He has more marks of heroic kingliness, because like all kings he is rooted in the transcendence of sacrifice. He is the evolution of the boy. 'We are not the same'."

"Highly emotional people of limited intellect (the bulk of women and an ever increasing proportion of men) do not analytically evaluate the content of what you say to parse its true meaning. They go by tone, then react emotionally. If it's too crass or crude they attack you. Most of the time they don't even understand really what you meant or said, because they are too emotional and too dumb. They just know what you said made them feel bad, and so they lash out reflexively, like children. This is why they are dismissive and cannot be reasoned with. You know what else doesn't really understand what you're saying, but goes by tone in determining how it responds to you? Dogs."


"Whenever there is a constraint imposed on you that cannot be removed, embrace it. Become weird. Now you stand out from the normal looking crowd without even trying. Sprinkle this weirdness in everything you do. People will now call your weirdness 'unique'."

"The danger of having role models is you gradually stop scrutinize their teachings. You have outsourced your thinking."

A man who thinks for himself will have a combination of opinions you’ve never seen before. A man who thinks for himself have the ability to create new thoughts. This is in contrast to a person who just repeats what they hear, and therefore is unable to create new thoughts."


"I was educated to 1) think critically and 2) not be bigoted. And now, spectacularly, to do the first gets you called out for doing the second."


"Wanting closure from another is just wanting to hear the other party verbalise their deed so it registers as truth. What most don't realise is, words mean nothing. Their actions already told you everything. It's the unspoken truth. You already got your closure, you just don't see it."


"Everyone who liked Star Wars when they were kids is now a leftist, everyone who preferred Indiana Jones is right-wing."

"Most of the 'logical fallacies' are WRONG: a tool, crafted with the purpose to cripple your vigorous thought. Death to the concept of logical fallacies.

Ad Hominem: Proven wrong by the science of physiognomy. Ugly people have ugly opinions, evil people produce evil thoughts. A frog always croaks, even though it produces different noises. Demons always try to drag you down to Hell. Reject things said by liars.

No True Scotsman: If Jack is Scottish but does not wear a kilt, does not play golf, does not fly the Scot flag, does not go to the pub or play the bagpipes, is he really Scottish? If a man lacks all properties of a group he is a member of, is he really a member of the group? This one has been particularly clear lately: 'I am a Christian but I support abortion' 'I am a conservative but campaign for homosexual rights' You do not have the properties of the group you pretend to be a part of. You are a chameleon. Chameleons are unclean.

Black or white: when two options are presented as the only choice, when other options exist. The fact that more than two options exist does not mean that there truly are more than two options. There is only one white option - even if 100 options exist, 99 of them will be black.

Loaded question: There is no question without a proper answer. The fault always lies with the one who finds himself unable to produce a proper answer. 'Do your parent know you are gay?' 'No, they do not know that I am gay, because I am not a homosexual.'

Anecdotal evidence: There exist a wide range of phenomena that are unable to be produced intentionally. Ball lighting is my favourite example - hundreds of anecdotal pieces of evidence, zero scientific proof or ability to produce such thing in a laboratory.

Correlation does not mean causation: Correlation ALWAYS means relation. A favourite example of 'sceptics' is creating a graph comparing, for example, rates of the use of margarine with rates of divorce. But both margarine and divorce are products of the modern world and industrial society. If you can not see the relation, you are a fool.

Burden of proof: By rejecting a statement, you claim that the opposite of that statement is true. Defend your position.

Appeal to authority: The only true authority is the Lord, our God. By appealing to His truth you will always be right. Rejecting His truth will make you always wrong."

"The only 'functional' strength is being able to do a front raise with 60 kilos which means you are able to lift every girl with your hands like a baby."

"Chesterton said that every heresy is a truth, taken out of proportion. Do not assume you are not taking the same truth out of proportion too, but thinking it too small instead of too big."

"When I see a couple kissing in public, I feel a strong, horrifying, violent, burning urge to protect their happiness. To embrace them and call them my children, to keep them safe from sorrows and danger."

"Never trust drug addicts. This includes people who smoke weed daily. They will absolutely betray your trust."

"Adam tried to put the blame on Eve after God confronted him. He did not take responsibility for his actions. Not taking responsibility means choosing the pleasure of being sinless instead of sacrificing himself, which means effeminacy."

"Maturity comes from suffering. The less pleasure you receive, the better you will age. Music is pleasure, and if you are constantly listening to music, you are constantly feeding yourself pleasure."

"Advice for followers into politics: Don't do irl activism. Really, it's too big of a risk. You aren't changing anything, and potentially ruining your life in more ways than one. Obtain power and implement your will through other means. If you don't know how, then this isn't your business. No matter your beliefs or affiliations, just sit it out. The rabble is for the simple and the weak. If you somehow got yourself into a position to read this tweet, you are not an idiot. Do not act like one. Of course, if your 'politics' are the GOOD WORD of your Lord, do not be scared to non-autistically proclaim it, you are literally supposed to. But of course, be careful, know when and what to speak!"

"Everything that has power over you is teaching you how to take power back."

"Every saint is an Ubermensch who seizes Heaven itself through pure willpower."

"There is very specific community of people who never outgrew their edgy politics phase but instead expanded it to horrendous size. Like one of those adults who are VERY into Disney. It is a certain kind of pathetic creepiness, the one of the 30 year woman with a doll collection."

"I think the only 'test' to see if a man has a good soul or not is the way he reacts to children with mental disabilities. It is the purest way to see the cleanness of one's spirit. No matter how holy someone seems - if he is disgusted at the sight, he is rotten on the inside. The animalistic impulse, the primal - the fallen - is one of disgust. It is an individual that will not spread the genes. It will not spread the genes of the tribe or serve a role. A spartan, the most advanced animalistic man there ever was, would kill it. It is a wicked impulse."

"The good thing about right-wingers is that they like you and hang out with you, even if you fully disagree with them, as long as you listen to them respectfully. Meanwhile leftists demand from you to always fully agree with them."

"You have not truly 'made it' unless there is not a single bureaurocrat in your town who you are unable to best in hand-to-hand combat."

"The thing no one talks about is that the majority of 'trads' in my experience are actually not 'virginal losers' nor 'Chads', but just regular young guys who had a taste of normal life and realized there must be something more to our world than it seems at first."

"Charities are what happens when the virtue of almsgiving gets corrupted by the sin of sloth. Instead of directly helping people with your money, you just give it to some organization and believe they will spend it properly."

"Dying childless is a curse, and the only way to rid yourself from it is to pass it to your offspring."

"It's horrifying to truly internalize that there are people who actually hate you, who want to see you suffer, to experience pain, to hurt your loved ones. Not because they were memed into it through some sort of propaganda, but conscious, pure, perfect ill-wish and sadism."

"Man is supposed to live without ever seeing his cum. Literally no one is actually ever supposed to see cum. That's why it looks disgusting. If you see come, you have already lost the game of life."

"If you're a healthy man there's literally zero problem with having female friends, but 99% of 'guys with female friends' are the lowest sort of subhuman that parasite on chicks waiting for an opportunity to semi-rape them when they're vulnerable, stopped only by crippling anxiety.

I'm not even that aggressive (many mutuals will confirm me being a real sweetie pie!) but there's literally zero times when I've met a 'guy who has female friends' who I did not wish to go berserk on, they literally reek of insecurity and suppressed urges, disgusting degenerates. You should not be allowed to 'have female friends' unless you can bench two plates, survive a dog attack, and hold a speech in front of like a hundred people."

"Denial of death produces death. Denial of suffering produces suffering. Utilitarianism, which views both death and suffering as inconveniences to be eradicated, is essentially a death-and-suffering maximising machine."

"There's this thing that some cath priests or older married men say to single young guys, that they need to 'prove they are a man' or whatever before thinking about finding a girlfriend. You actually do not need to do that, you can prove you're a free man by ignoring idiotic advice.

It's literally creating fake side quests for no reason, you don't need to reach 600 day nofap and own a suit before being worthy of talking to a woman, if it's not you it's going to be some tard who likes marvel movies and talked to her because he has no sense of shame. You're free. Anyone who wants you to 'prove' something is probably a homosexual and if you didn't instinctively get this in highschool then consult the relevant passages in BAP book."

"Reminder that when praying you should never ask for any physical signs and if anything occurs you should use extreme caution and assume it to be demonic or you risk serious spiritual delusion. Spiritual deception is literally a bigger danger than anything else on earth, always doubt and be cautious. A wicked generation asks for a sign, but the only sign is that of Jonah."

"The reason 'breakups' are painful is because they are absolutely unnatural and you're supposed to experience zero per lifetime."

"The genre 'Children's literature' has pretty much all been just a vessel of modernism, literally proto-Elsagate consisting of writing stimulating stories with no symbolism to replace mythology and deep lindy fairy tales."

"If in Old Testament times, do as Old Testament figures do."

"No one even consciously commits sin, because if we truly realized the full implications of our actions we would not even think about doing such a thing, the only way to sin is to forget, every time we sin we are mentally ill, a temporal but all-encompassing amnesia."

"BAP has been repeating this for ages, but people are naive, so it has to be spelled out: You do not want socialism. You live under an occupational government, and any money they take will be directly used against you and your family. You do not have any political power whatsoever. Any discussion of 'policy', economics, ideologies, or whatever else before the entire Western political elite is publically [redacted] is literally just masturbation. This is not how politics works, or has ever worked in history, you either have political power or you get dabbed on. You live in Babylon, your parents lived in Babylon, your grandparents lived in Babylon."

"Being 'right-wing' is literally about reading Evola, there is nothing else to it. You don't need Davila, you don't need Nietzsche, C.S. Lewis, Deleuze or any other cretins, even Spengler, Rivera. Literally just read Baron Julius Evola. That's it. 'Revolt' is the endgame."

"Literally the only option for normal life is 5-6 families living together in an isolated village in the mountains. The last two years prove beyond doubt that unless you know literally everyone around you, and there are no police or normies in the area, your life ends whenever ZOG decides. You can have a good job, go to gym, have fun with bros in bars, but whenever they want, they can just close everything down or make you a prisoner. I's all a simulation. Unless you live away from civilization, surrounded by 'trespassers shot on sight' signs, you're a slave."

"My friend BAP said on podcast how he visualizes every belief system, philosophy, ideology, religion, etc. as a process that begets a certain biological type of man in the end, a pathologic one creates gutter creatures, a beautiful, strict, liberating one makes gods."

"There are 10,000 doctors in America belonging to minority or mystery races who spend all their time tweeting stuff 24/7 about 'black people in medicine' or 'women doctor stereotypes', and I'm pretty sure all of them have Hitler-tier killcounts from malpraxis. Maybe it's good that tweeting about anti-Asian microagression distracts them, because they would murder many more people if they were actually able to focus on their job."

"Robert Burton saying that to a melancholic all foods further increase melancholy is true, because a hypothyroid person will have a slower digestion / intestinal movement speed, so stuff like vegetables will just sit there fermenting feeding the bacteria and turning into endotoxin. If your metabolism is working properly, your bowels will just yeet any salad or whatever down through your digestive tract towards the butt, before it manages to start rotting there. If it sits in there, the bacteria just has a field day and spreads up the small intestine. Just have carrot salad with coconut oil to clean endotoxin out, take cascara sagrada if you don't poop daily after your morning coffee zone, if you're completely busted on the inside consider doxycycline or something."

"The best gift to an old relative is a new relative."


"My biggest red pill was realizing logical arguments don't work in democracy. Elections are struggles for spoils by rival tribes. And yet, conservatives write book after book explaining why their policies will help people. Imagine thinking your average voter carefully weighs the pros and cons of each policy. Imagine thinking your average voter even READS. Conservative journos fall all over themselves trying to fact check AOC, meanwhile she emotes on Twitch and Instagram and builds her brand. These people are worse than useless. AOC is going to be president. I tried explaining this to my Boomer uncle a few months ago. 'But she's wrong all the time!' 'The Dem bosses will get her primaried!' Completely hopeless Boomer mindset. Feelings don't care about your facts, and the moderate Dems are no longer running the party. Radicalized white, Marxist college grads backed up by minorities are."

"More and more I view all female political participation as a gigantic shit test. Pet causes, equal rights, all of it."


"Women's rhetorical skills evolved to scold children, and every speaking that role women are allowed to hold becomes scolding."

"Let’s say your goal is to grow a farm, and your enemy’s goal is to burn it down. Who wins? The arsonist, of course. You can’t guard every inch of it every day. Any time he sees an opening, even for a few minutes, fire. Now, if you catch him in the act the first time, and kill or exile or imprison him, then if you can put out the first fire you can save the farm. Or: if you know who he is and what he’s planning, you can run away. Cowardly maybe, but it might work... if neither he nor any other arsonist follows you to your next farm. If there is no way to separate yourself from the arsonists, spatially or carcereally, you’re toast. In the modern political conflict, who has something to protect, and who is an arsonist? Not only is destroying cultural equilibria entropic (downhill momentum), but leftists don’t even have to agree on *what* they’re burning down to be strategically effective. If politics were carried out in good faith for the re publica, we might say: 'Here, let’s split things up. You take this farm and burn it down and see how you like it. I’ll go live on that farm and continue cultivating the earth'. Brilliant compromise! Try both, see what works. The problem is, after the partition, there are just as many aspiring arsonists as before, and only half as many farms to defend (remember, the leftists don’t have to agree on what needs to be burnt down!). If you value a tradition, culture or community: It cannot be defended with conservatism, only with force. Weapons at the border to prevent frustrated arsonists at the border from choosing a new target, gallows on the commons to prevent their emergence within."

"The only way to wield cultural power in the modern day is to have such poor impulse control, corporations find they sell more products when they pander to you."

"Mankind has only ever discovered three ways of socializing the youth: Military conscription, Family formation, and Temple prostitution. Schools are the third option."

"I have moved very far to the right over the last decade, and never once during that time has any event surprised me from a left-ideological direction. All my errors about how the world works are still leftist illusions."

"He who is not handsome at 20, nor strong at 30, nor rich at 40, nor wise at 50, shall never be handsome nor strong nor rich nor wise. It's very productive to think of any life goal as related to a particular life-stage, rather than a culmination."

"Sacred rituals imply certain kinds of reverent behavior. You can be tricked into destroying your own rituals, if you trust enemies who applaud your irreverence; you learn what they really think of irreverence when you make light of one of their rituals."

"The difference between aristocracy and meritocracy (oligarchy) is reproducibility. The fundamental issue is the reproduction and growth of the elite class. An aristocracy is an entrenched elite that can guarantee the same results over multiple generations. An oligarchy is a new elite that expects you to allow it to entrench itself on basis of 1 gen’s results. The average child of the aristocracy will not always outperform the average 'meritocrat', because you are comparing the mean of one population to the outliers of a different, much larger population. However, the meritocratic outliers are much less likely to produce offspring who are also outliers: see the breeder’s equation. (In the same way when professional sports were new, you rarely or never heard about one athlete’s son going pro. But once you have multigenerational athletic dynasties on both sides, you can guarantee all three siblings will be pro quarterbacks.) 'Why does it matter if their children are competent? Just pick new outliers in the next generation!' My sweet summer child, did you think the meritocrats were going to let their descendants slip back into the lower middle class? You cannot understand the dynamics of elite competition in the late American imperium if you have *either* an environmentalist *or* a hereditarian theory of where the elite’s abilities come from. It has never been harder to get a job at the NYT. But on most 'elite competition' theories, you’d assume that means 'the NYT has never had better talent' - they get their pick of the litter, after all. Not so! The quality has never been lower, why?"

"A dangerous possibility for the cathedral is that, once people realize that even things like elections are fake and gay, they'll understand these humiliation rituals are fake and gay. The police aren't going to arrest any people if they keep showing up in crowds of thousands and they beat the shit out of any cop that comes for them. 'Whoa, laws are just suggestions?' is not something you want people to realize."

"If Trump had fired everyone in the CDC in 2017 and made pandemic-decisions by letting a chimp throw darts at the wall, everything would have gone much better."

"Psychoanalysis was a bunch of verbal fluff around encouraging people to defect in prisoner’s dilemmas; it got amazing results, in a society where there was still cooperation to defect from."

"None of the rationalist 'well ackchually' Bayesian (more like Gayesian) reasoners who breathe down my neck every other thread would ever contradict a 1619-tier blood libelist. Realistically they use very little Bayesian math, the full extent of what they mean by 'Bayesianism' is that the Bible is false and sodomy is good."

"The estate tax is evil, because families are ontologically prior to individuals - it's like the state stealing 1/4 of your house every time you replace the shingles."

"It's pretty obvious that the long held idea that kids are inherently rebellious is wrong - they are hyperconformist, but they've been receiving two contradictory sets of instructions, one from parents and another from media / school."

"In ancient times couples had to have extra kids because half would die due to childhood illness. Now it's the same thing only half your kids will turn out some kind of gay. Imagine a dad rocking back and forth on the porch holding his son's old baseball glove thinking about an alternate reality where his son had a bastard child and a used car sales job instead of a manicure and a blog and a husband."

"Only Anglo-Saxons believe in fairplay and sportsmanship - it is foreign to the rest of the human race."

"A few times a year I check in on what the LessWrong community is up to. It gets sadder and sadder. It was obvious 10 years ago to anyone who liked books that 'Rationalist' was an embarrassing misnomer, since a cult that claimed to be governed by Bayes’ Rule falls on what everyone else calls the 'empiricist' side of empiricist / rationalist dispute. At first I perceived this as a minor semantic infelicity, but I gradually realized there is a deep underlying logic that dictated the fate of a movement which, while cringe, was at one point admirably idealistic. Judgment invokes both deduction and induction. 'Pure reason' must be deductive because only deductive arguments can be evaluated purely on the basis of internal validity. Induction requires ethos, reasoning about character. Most of what are called 'fallacies' on reddit are not formal fallacies, but rather non sequiturs, i.e. claims which do not follow deductively from premises. Things like 'You’re crazy,' or 'You’re a compulsive liar,' or 'You have a track record of atrocious judgment'. It is my thesis that any conversation that disallows 'You are stupid, you are insane, you have a diseased mind', but does not humbly restrict itself to formally decideable expressions, will eventually be overtaken by psychotics, autogynephiles, and psychotic autogynephiles. If you think you’re having 'perfectly free discussion, a meeting of minds' where rank and personal attributes don’t matter, and also think you’re being guided solely by evidence and inductive reason, you’re making some kind of error. Useless people have nothing to contribute to induction. It’s funny - Occupy Wall Street and LessWrong were both pretty new around 2009-10, right? Who could have guessed that the hipsters and the nerds would meet the exact same end: A remainder of meth-acid substitution. You could in theory, by the way, have a rigorously deductive conversation (validity formally decideable, name-calling disallowed) about Bayesian Induction, but anyone who has every read these people knows it’s not that... it's strings of analogies, metaphors, is this 'like' that, bargain-bin poetry. People who have trouble judging the intentions of others are uniquely fascinated by good intentions (which, I repeat, they are uniquely ill-suited to judge). Good intentions without bravery or success are only good enough in Sunday school."

"I think it’s indisputable by now that you are more likely to go to jail for stopping a crime than for committing one."

"The reason the US is a global power isn’t the big unpopulated desert in the middle, it’s the 100 million citizens who will put a banana peel in their pocket rather than drop it on the sidewalk."

—@QuasLacrimas, tantum

"No Iranian ever brought drag queens to read to my kids."

"The best thing about Pride month is the world's top corporations enthusiastically informing normal people of who the ruling class is."

"The 'Women can do whatever they want' ideology is harmful to women because it produces bad decisions, like waiting forever to get married. It has an exponential effect, because these women will treat their (chosen) distressing situations as systemic injustice."

"There's a lot of competition, but I think 'emotional labor' takes the cake for the most dystopian idea that people take seriously in the modern day."


"A good ideology should require you to believe at least 1 prima facie ridiculous thing. Ideologies are like Nigerian scam emails that way. You must profess that thing with unimpeachable sincerity. Otherwise you’re an apostate."


"Remember: You can vote socialism in. You’ll need to shoot your way out."

—@mchooyah, Robert J. O'Neill

"I'm writing a cyberpunk choose your own adventure book. If you want the Antifa ending, when it says, 'Corporations are destroying the environment, what do you do?', just pick 'Punch a guy who doesn't believe in climate change' instead of  the 'Blow up a power plant' option."

"Antifa are badass anarchists who fight oppression and capitalism by any means possible, except by bombing a Big Tech or NSA server farm, hijacking and sinking a container ship full of goods made with exploited labor, or expropriating capital owned by big banks in robberies."

"Sitting around all day complaining about ‘double standards’ is weak, 'but if Ted Cruz did what Omar did there would be an investigation!' Nobody gives a shit. Do whatever you want and whatever you can get away with and stop following nonexistent rules you completely imagined."

"Millions of people didn't die under totalitarian communism just by accident, or because this system failed to achieve its goals. Killing people is a feature, not a bug. Communists don't care, they'd do it all over again if they could."

"I'm to the left of Bernie, and to the right of Trump."

"In 2020, Bernie let the nomination be stolen from him, a second time. He let his whole movement down. During a time of revolutionary crisis, which he's been unable to capitalize on, despite ostensibly being a socialist of a new FDR, and he's letting Trump outmaneuver him on socialist, populist responses. He has shown he is not a leader; just a pottering, impotent old man, serving as figurehead for the fashionable revolutionary posturing of egoistic, clout-chasing Brooklyn podcasters. The movement is dead."

"I thought long about who I'm going to vote for, this is the most important decision of our lifetimes. I know my endorsement is a big deal and everyone is waiting with bated breath for me to tell them how to think. Here it is: Voting sucks, I'm not voting, are you kidding?"

"The Founding Fathers were Libs who believed in Rational Religion. Progressives who worshiped Enlightenment lies about Liberal moral superiority, false Jacobin values of Freedom and Equality. If their statues get torn down, good. They had it coming. This is what they wanted."

—Kantbot, @KANTBOT20K, @KBULTRA0, @wydna00

"The issue with Democracy is not with its premises or praxis per se, but with its usurpation under a public relations regime of complete communicative tyranny combined with the destruction of the liberal ideal of classicist education in favor of mob-assuaging bromides. It turns out that 18th century idealists hadn't considered that you could mechanize mass-consciousness production toward the ends of willing self-enslavement. Can't really blame them for that now can we? Democratic Republic, yes, we can do that when most of the Senators have read Cicero in Latin and the populace knows the KJV like the back of their hands. With current demographic entropy, good luck out there running a burger joint. It's not going to get better. In fact, it is going to get much worse, in ways that even the most pessimistic of us cannot imagine. The issue isn't with some oligarchic elected class, it's with the entirety of the mob-populace who will their imminent death. Basically, the alt-right is auditioning for prospective roles as praetorian guards of a declining empire (not looking good friends). The Left hopes the Vandals will accept them as fellows. I don't expect I'll be treated kindly by either in victory."

"The phrase 'Great artists steal' should be 'Great artists don't get caught stealing'."

"Autists like Matt Bruenig are myopically dumb - meaning he’s not dumb by choice, but is only capable of thought in narrow confines in which his dubious assumptions are irrelevant - like when he makes charts. Simple things like 'What the 1% believe matters more than the 99% because they have power' - he's blind. What is being taught to future illiterate peons is irrelevant -  what six figure salary offspring and the future cogs of imperial bureaucracy believe, however, decides the course of world history."

"Women call male feelings 'bad politics' or 'problematic' or 'toxic' and ban them from their turf. Then, in the cigarette back porches of the world, men finally share their thoughts."

"People don't understand that Lolita was first imagined as a novel by Nabokov while living in Weimar Germany and seeing the mainstream adaptation of 'pedophilic norms' while he was in exile there. The plot of Lolita is described in The Gift, and The Enchanter was an early version. It was based on a real case (Sally Horner) as well as rumors (later vindicated) revolving around Shirley Temple - America in the post-war period really 'imported' Weimar into itself, into California, particularly, obviously, into Hollywood - where the Weimar film industry moved. I'm ultimately convinced that black-marketeering in vice industries is the actual engine of history - that all of civilization is built upon these networks - which is why, even when we recognize them, we can't destroy them, because we are complicit with them. Under the Silver Lake really drove this home - that even when the conspiracy is discovered, put out into the open, not only can the victims not be saved - but the case can't be disclosed because the process of discovering it is too strange. In the process of trying to understand it, you make yourself incomprehensible - it's a world of blatant imagery - hyper-communicative in all of its details. None of this is even 'hidden' - there's just a willing-away of recognition. I mean, once you recognize, then what? At least for myself, you have to basically 'forget about it and live life' - but then, there's just manic periods of recognition that emerge. And all of this seems like part of the same mechanism of 'manufacturing consent.' It's a learned helplessness. The blatancy is camouflage. I'm feeling manic about all of this again. It's been coming in waves for years. I mean, personally, my high school principal is currently in jail for sex trafficking minors - and this was something I knew about and told people at the time, and no one cared! He got caught all the time in school districts and would be 'moved on' to the next one - none of the details ever coming out because the committees that hired him had to save face. It took a sting operation to get him - even though we all knew it was happening for years. It's happening on all levels of possible coercion. No position of power is too weak for abuse. It's not just Hollywood movie executives and billionaires. If only it was, honestly. That would be easier to understand."

"Every time a man says 'the future is female', it turns him a little more trans. When you do this, you are engaging in an alienating fetish which ends only in autogynephilia if pushed to its limit. These memes are literally rewiring your brain. 'It’s just a joke bro' - no, this is what sigilmancy actually entails. You are doing tulpa work. You have no idea. How do I phrase this in a way that doesn’t require you to understand the methodologies of black magic? I really am not exaggerating."

"The problem with 'post-modern philosophy' is not that it turned people into 'SJW relativists' - it’s that the entire thing was cope for failing to live up to the erudition of the structuralists who instructed them - post-structuralism is 100% cope and fear that 'there’s nothing new to say'. 'It can't be that there's a discernible order to human thinking that's already been established over centuries of effort!' It's just annoying when there's more undergrads reading Derrida than reading Don Quixote. It's all upside-down and backwards."

"I don't do debates, because the skillful debater is he who avoids direct statements, dissimulates, obscures, and evades when it suits him. Jesus did not debate. He deployed irony and parables, and these were miraculous forms of communcation."

"The whole 'open borders' issue is only a problem because, like 'globalism' (they do not identify themselves as such) if you asked people if they believed in 'unlimited immigration of refugees seeking political asylum', etc - they would say 'yes'. Obviously there is no difference between unlimited immigration and 'open borders' - but there is in the minds of people who believe in it. People who are idealistically opposed to limits of any sort are never going to take the plunge from innocence into experience which requires the creation of a limit - 'How many is too many?' At some point, you'd have to say 'Not one more than that, even if they are just as worthy', etc. Basically, people who argue from innocence and from experience are existing in two equally real worlds, which must be in perpetual conflict. Idealism and Pragmatism are not reconcilable - they are only inhabited at different times in different contexts. Innocence is, 'It would be good to do good to all, and if being an American citizen is good, then anyone OUGHT (key word) to be allowed to become one.' Experience is, 'even if it is good in abstract, it ISN'T (key word) possible in reality'."

"Shut down Congress. They're wreckers and traitors. Massive jubilees. Reset the entire financial system. Seize the mandate of heaven. Otherwise, impotently watch the invisible hand steer the ship of state directly into a comically-gargantuan iceberg."

"I keep my distance from the Russia Conspiracy MKULTRA psyop – everyone who entertains this reeks of satanic energy, and the major thing the Bernie Bros don't understand is that their apathy or disbelief in this conspiracy makes them scapegoats for the cult. To believe in such a 'conspiracy' is to announce your complete subsumption into the propaganda machine so insidious and encompassing that it dwarfs the claims of the 'Russia conspiracy' - the bots they find everywhere are projections of their roboticism. They are bots. The problem, Bernie Bros, is that you believe you are fighting this satanic cabal; but in practice, you run interference on the lowest levels - like sheepdogs keeping the flock from 'going to the wolves' - as if there was greater barbarism outside the Cathedral. There is a spectrum and continuity between those amongst the Bernie Bros who understand, finally, the need for an exit of the Democratic Party; and those for whom such a concept is equivalent to heresy, apostasy, villainy. I am proscribing you a course of 'Supporting Trump as Jungian Shadow Work'. This is an iconoclastic initiation ritual into accepting yourself as 'the enemy' of this Satanic network. You don't even have to like Trump - or vote for him - nothing. It's about the symbolism."

"They don't want us to 'be nice', they want us to accept their claims about reality without talking back. It all comes down to narcissists enforcing your participation in the hallucinated delusional stage-play of their self-conception - this applies far more widely than the political sphere - politics is only one subset of the imagination. It happens to be the hegemonic religion now. I'm still waiting for everyone to get to the basic NRx understanding of politics as cladistically derived from religion - 'They want us to pretend she was a good Democrat (meaning Christian).' It's so funny to me that NRx is still entirely misunderstood due to journalists and entryists who became various ethnic-narcissist larpers - it’s just satirical anatomy of the 'political imagination' - the monarchy stuff is just a test case break this via 'red pill'. Moldbug is clearer writing as himself, Curtis - but the whole world of NRx was 'imagine becoming a politlcal atheist' - what would this look like? Is it any wonder that this was the most scapegoated position? The most lied-about? 'NRx is just white nationalism', 'NRx is just neoliberalism' - 'NRx is just the scapegoat of my political narcissism'. What is political narcissism? It is believing that 'representing' your politics perfectly in action (and moreso in speech) is equal to spiritual salvation. 'Virtue signalling' is an effective term, because it works for all forms of narcissism, not just politics. What's more interesting is the codependencies created by narcissists in the divisions they impose on reality to obscure their self-interest. The democratic socialist political narcissist requires the neoliberal and nazi political narcissist as foils. To say 'I am nothing' is the most forbidden position. Jesus, that greatest genius, asked 'Who do people say I am?' When Pilate asks 'Are you the King of the Jews?' he replies, 'You have said so' - then answers no more questions. They crucified him for this! Do you get it?!"

"The main issue with the leftists is that they think 'material concerns' still concern people who have never had material concerns - at a certain level of wealth, there are no longer 'material concerns'. This where they can turn the banal cruelty of the market into Demonic Art. It's because they can't imagine that anyone would do such things, for no reason but their own satisfaction. If you were born with untouchable access to anything you'd ever want without consequence - would this not, ultimately, result in people who want to, I don't know, break all taboos? It's the psychological / symbolic function that gets abandoned when you do a pure materialist analysis - there are some 'rewards' that are unaccounted for - the intangible feeling of being able to commit acts of atrocity without consequence - the feeling of 'being God' etc. 'Nah they wouldn't build weird temples devoted to occult philosophies which deify themselves as an ascended class or anything like that - because if I had that much money I wouldn't do that."

"All the 30 year olds playing Nintendo Switch could be playing Nintendo Switch with their children, if young marriage wasn't conspired against by every level of society. Any couple in their late teens and early twenties is surrounded by people telling them not to get married. Social pressures are all for 'settling down later'. This has been an absolute disaster for the wellbeing of everyone. If the social pressures were in the opposite direction and people weren't so set on 'breaking up' at any sign of disagreement, I'm sure there'd be many more successful marriages. It's hard to even find people to talk about marriage when you're young, because everyone says not to. Nobody actually wants this 'dating market liberation' - nobody asked for it. It has been imposed upon us, and has been justified using (initially) the standard rhetoric of marriage being a good thing. It slowly reveals its core as it progresses. Now the message is, 'marriage sucks'. But the guys who screw lots of girls aren't happy. The girls who screw tons of guys aren't happy. Nobody really wants this. Don't fall for the hype on either side. People are under immense social pressures to lie about this to themselves and to others. Social media makes it easier for them to do this lying. Single girls and guys alike will give poor counsel to their friends in relationships - misery loves company. 'Just break up with him. You don't deserve this emotional labor'. 'She's going to cheat on you anyway. All women are whores'. Pressure comes from this idiotic notion that 'Chad and Stacey' are happier than you - somehow divorced from all human desires for a marriage in which mutual recognition, loyalty, and devotion are cultivated. This nonchalance is a pose adopted by 'high value' men and women. A pose. 'She's so hot, she gets tons of guys, I bet she's happy'. 'He's so hot, he gets tons of girls, I bet he's happy'. They aren't happy. They have to make it seem like they are, to cope with the fact that they aren't happy. Americans psy-op themselves with their social media depictions. But these 'high value' men and women still retain a desire for being recognized as high value - do you think they really want to be recognized as sad and lonely? Do you think they're as swift to post their private sorrows as they are to post their public 'glories'? The 'incel' is the result of people posting their honest thoughts without filtering it for the purpose of recognition. This truth-telling is dangerous to the simulation, which is the false reality of surfaces people make themselves into."

"Social Justice Warriors are not 'produced by academia' - they are produced online in flame wars as the ultimate one-upsmanship rhetoric declaring absolute moral judgement, and from there engaged in the 'real world' by myriads using the script to give themselves legitimacy. It’s a psychological warfare device which was honed on a particular internet forum (SomethingAwful) as a means of exerting ban power and ascent to 'discourse moderator' status. No one has created a counter-weapon, because to counter it you must become 'canceled'. The basic tenets of the SJW culturewar loadout are premises that, if denied, categorize you as an anti-social enemy of the 'good of all' in the majority of people’s eyes - because they are founded on the premises of liberalism - and everyone barring insane alienated people are liberal. This means that your only options are to 'free yourself' internally by recognizing that these premises, which are the shared inheritance of the neoliberal west, are flawed - but if you voice this, you will be immediately sniffed out as a weirdo. The best option right now is the Ben Shapiro option of declaring an earlier loadout of liberal ideology 'orthodox liberalism' - but this is only a temporary stop gap - and is already an admission of inevitable defeat. This is because, in order to really explain the root cause of this ideology, you have to revise the entire history of the last century in a way that will divorce you from the 'epistemic community' of normative liberal pedagogy. The 'conservative' move is Straussian esotericism which is holding an exoteric appearance of 'paleoliberalism' while advocating for, ingratiating yourself with, or cultivating yourself as, a neoconservative 'elite' right-neoliberal who says 'civnat' but lives 'ethnat'. That’s what the 'conservatives' all do - and it is a losing strategy in the long term. The SJWs, on the other hand, have all the time in the world, because they have no effective opposition. So - how do you somehow 'change enough minds' about the flawed presuppositions of the liberal world view which culminate in SJW rhetoric (which is perfectly radically progressively liberal and is the perfection of the liberal worldview)? Well - you can’t! Which is exactly why the 'opposition' strategy is to dial in the 'right amount of liberalism' while declaring that the SJWs (who have the authority to determine liberal orthodoxy) are 'communists' or 'fascists' while knowing that they aren’t. This is the 'noble lie' of the straussian conservative neoliberal - which is knowingly a lie - but one that can appeal to a broader demographic of liberals who have not 'mindkilled' themselves into total liberal orthodoxy quite yet - but are about, say, 75-80% liberal. This is what Trump did - Trump supporters don’t say 'yes he is anti-liberal white nationalist who despises tolerance, etc etc' - they say 'He is not racist, he is pro-lgbtq, he is a tolerant conservative liberal against communism!' But you maybe, I hope, can’t quite live with yourself as a peddler of lies like this - cynically ostending to a liberalism that you know is flawed and leads directly to radliberal hyperprogressive production of the rawlsian cosmology by administrative force. So what do YOU do? Well - what did the dissidents under Stalin do? They mouthed the platitudes when they had to - and they waited it out, keeping their dissident culture alive in the underground, by NOT attempting to cultivate power at all. Not to say the SJWs are Stalinists - because they are much much worse - Stalinists would be a reprieve from Total Liberal Ideology! What do YOU do? Exile. You can leave, physically. You can 'leave while remaining' by becoming a schizophrenic subject. That’s it. If you try to 'build a countermovement' without incorporating, say, 50% liberalism in it - you will be laughed out of the room. But remember - as soon as you admit even 1% liberal ideology into your 'exoteric' worldview to mask your esoteric goals - you will lose - because that 1% is enough leverage to overturn you."

"I don’t feel too awful about the West shredding and burning its rich philosophical tradition because the Chinese have it all backed up and translated. Civilization will go on - just not here. Someone sent me something about some geneticist getting cancelled - just move to China bro, it’s that easy. Exit. If you’re oppressed here despite performing valuable work, especially in science, they’ll take you there. When shit hits the fan China is going to Operation Paperclip all the talent out of America. The majority of AI researchers are Chinese citizens who live in America. When I say 'fuck around and find out' - Americans don’t understand how hard they will 'find out'. Our entire grid could be wiped out by the Chinese at any moment. Our cybersecurity is a joke. Our supply chains are fragile as hell. China won Covid and they would destroy us in a real war. The MORALE in China is much higher - Americans don’t give a shit about America at the end of the day. The troops are Mercenary Walmart employees with more to lose than to gain in such a conflict. Nobody talks about this. They have complete surveys of all of our institutions and Xi wiped out all CIA and intel assets in China during 2020. The elites are panicking because they literally /do not know how China works/. All they have are satellite photos to go off of now - it’s not like they’re going to openly announce how absolutely /owned/ they were in 2020. Xi’s intelligence service hacked a dossier of all the intel assets in China and rounded them up. No western journalist has seen China in over a year."

"When you pull down the veil on the 'right' you will find a humanitarian who is adopting a pose to seem strong in a cold world, when you pull down the veil on the 'left' you will find a sociopath adopting a pose of weakness to conquer and debase others. The rightists are afraid of appearing weak, the leftists are afraid of appearing strong. But look at the revealing memes in the end - the right has all these sappy romantic fantasies of normal life and domestic tranquility etc - the leftists in their moments of revelry display a desire to debase and humiliate others. The only person who is correct is Jesus."


"While men's sports are obviously stand-ins for war, women's international sports are less like battles and more like beauty contests or musical competitions to show off to the world what healthy, well-bred young women our culture produces. It's not that they are Defenders of Our Turf, it's they they are Representatives of Our Superior Culture."

"The communists say, 'Ah, but we are not against white people, we are against whiteness, the construct. If white people would grovel before us, while handing over their money and property, the construct would disappear. If government has to make them, it shows how pernicious the construct is'."

"The 3 contradictory things right-thinking people believe about demographic change in western countries: 1. It’s not happening. 2. It is happening and it’s good. 3. It is happening and it’s bad, for you, which is good because you deserve it. Call it a Celebration Parallax."

"Whenever I see an article about unaffordability and inequality, I do a Text Search for 'migra' to see if the author is morally serious about listing the causes."

"Hot Wife Science Theorem - The more a woman has had males listening raptly to her since she turned 13, the more likely she is to believe in quack medicine about energy fields and the importance of a good flow of energy."

"Sailer's Three Laws of Female Journalism:

1. The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.

2. The types of sexual relationships advocated for by female journalists tend to follow closely with the sort currently purchasable by their sexual market value.

3. Hostile writing by women about White Men as a category tends to be an expression of her yearning to be ravaged by one, compounded by their frustration over remaining unnoticed as an object of such desire."

"All accurate information is useful for something."

"Let’s be frank, the New York Times is uppercasing 'Black' and lowercasing 'white' for the same reason that Christian journals usually uppercase pronouns referring to Jesus but not to the devil."

"The new Negative First Amendment: No Black may be compelled to submit to arrest if he's not in the mood to submit to arrest. Being arrested is like being enslaved, so to make things fair since 1619, no blacks will be arrested for the next 401 years."

"What's emerging is a Religion of Race with blacks as most sacred and whites as most evil."

"Wokeness appeals to people who are meaner, stupider, uglier, and less fair-minded than their peers, but we have a culture in which nobody is allowed to point that out and remain in polite society. So they the Woke are using their vices to take over rich institutions. Woke activists aren't empathetic nice guys, they are ruthless grifters whose ascent is empowered by nice people assuming that it would shatter their self-esteem if anyone were allowed to point out that they tend to be mean, stupid, conniving, and ugly."

"When they talk about white supremacy, they mean any white person with power. 'The mayor is white? White supremacy!' The goal is to make whites powerless."

"America's broad, one-drop definition of who should identify as black tends to /narrow/ racial gaps in average performance. If you dropped the 10% whitest of self-identified blacks, who overlap a lot with the Talented Tenth, black performance would be lower on average. In some fields where blacks do better on average, such as Olympics men's 100 meter dash and NFL cornerback, star blacks tend to be blacker than the average US black. So, leaving out of the black category individuals with at least 50% white ancestry would just enlarge race gaps."

"The white man's refusal to boast about his race probably strikes the black man as a racist microaggression. After all, who but whites turn the other cheek to racial defamation so often and attempt to appeal to (white-invented) abstract ideals of universality that only whites truly find convincing? The ethical superiority of the white race, as manifested in whites denying that they possess any superiority whatsoever, must be infuriating to other races."

"Much of the intellectual progress the world has made over the millennia is due to men managing to turn argument into sport rather than either a test of popularity or of physical strength. The British have crafted a society over many hundreds of years that emphasizes sport as a nonlethal, even potentially friendly form of male combat, and parliamentary debate as the highest form of sport."

"I believe that we were witnessing a collision of two radically contrasting modes of discourse. The first mode of discourse (Orthotypic, female) is one in which sensitivity, inclusivity, and inoffensiveness are key values, and in which persons and positions are ordinarily closely related. The second mode of discourse (Heterotypic, male) is one characterized and enabled by personal detachment from the issues under discussion, involving highly disputational and oppositional forms of rhetoric, scathing satire, and ideological combativeness. The first is dominant in the 21st century, while the second represents an idealized 19th century British view of discourse. When these two forms of discourse collide they are frequently unable to understand each other and tend to bring out the worst in each other. The first form of discourse seems lacking in rationality and ideological challenge to the second; the second can appear cruel and devoid of sensitivity to the first."

"Most Americans aren't really aware that blacks can't compete on anywhere close to an equal footing without affirmative action. The presidents of Harvard / Yale / Princeton / Stanford know it, but the average American assumes that's just some white supremacist myth that has been disproved by The Science."

—Steve Sailer, @Steve_Sailer

"Let's imagine for a moment that we live in an alternate universe where genes can affect behavior and this world does what you want - to reproduce less. I wonder - what would happen to the first man to have a mutation that causes him to ignore womens' choices to get educated and not have children?"

"The phenomenon of teens licking ice cream in stores and putting it back is actually a very good summary of progressivism:

Step 1: Progs import and create people who will lick ice cream for social media likes.

Step 2: Ice cream gets locked up as a work-around.

Step 3: The Steven Pinkers of the world say "Ice cream licking is down'."

"Matriarchy is a default - patriarchy is complexity. Leftism creates chaos (breaks down complexity) to steal stuff and gain status so it breaks down patriarchy because it's a rival structure (more primitive structures re-emerge after)."

"Against a monarchy? You are ruled by unelected people anyway but they have an insane religion and zero accountability and zero personal incentive to provide good governance. The choice isn't between a republic (with all the theoretical benefits of public accountability) and an unresponsive King - it's between unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats and a King with a personal ownership stake in the country, and therefore an incentive to not destroy it."

"The fear of the 'conspiracy theory' accusation is powerful and closes off understanding of how the progressive religion works. To accurately describe it, you have to veer into 'conspiracy', but you've been primed to think of conspirators as explicitly coordinating to gain money. Both are wrong - conspirators are often using a coordination point without specific communication (this is what a religion allows, for you to predict and anticipate another's behavior so you can choose cooperate / cooperate w/o communication) and money is secondary to status. In this specific case it means that PR firms aren't pushing the agenda - it means that *people working in those orgs* are doing so - and they're doing so because they understand that they will gain personal status with their coreligionists. This can happen because a religion allows cooperation without specific communication - that's the Earthly power of a religion - it gives you a working mental model of other people allowing you to choose cooperate / cooperate equilibria. Evidence that these people are right and they will be rewarded is how the woke always fail up, even when they crash the orgs they work for. The reason for the radical acceleration of the left lately is because social media has allowed everyone to witness that the progregressive egregore will reliably reward its servants - the hive mind has built an excellent 'tit for tat' reputation, so it gets cooperation. This matters because it changes the calculus of an actor (like a Gillette exec green-lighting an ad campaign) considering defecting on his org to help the progressive cause - before, he had to wonder 'will this make me unemployable?'. Now he knows that it won't."

"The 'War for oil' line is a cope to preserve the left's Marxist worldview where USG acts in the interests of 'capital'. 'War for Israel' is a cope to preserve the 'ZOG' narrative. The latter has *some* truth (there are actual agents acting that way) but USG now is mainly a prog missionary. Greg Cochran got dismissed as a racist for pointing out that Iraq wasn't capable of having a nuclear weapons program. This is closer to the heart of the reason for US Mideast policy."

"The proposition that democracy always devolves to theft is the libertarian critique of democracy - which turns out to be false. Whites don't just vote themselves stuff - not without a religion that justifies it. That's why leftists had to change the demographics of the western democracies when their old religion (communism) failed."

"Who's ever heard of an initial weak communist take-over followed by those communists being swiftly defeated by the truly bloodthirsty psychopathic communists? Leftists are incapable of defending themselves from anyone more leftist than they are, because leftists cohere on the basis of holiness and to them more left = holier. Every time you think of Bernie Sanders, think of him being interrupted by the Black Lives Matter women."

"Literally knowing nothing puts you ahead of progressives, because they know so many things that just ain't so."

"The NHS wants to ban homophobic, sexist, and racist patients from non-emergency care. Keep in mind that those same people say, 'all white people are racist'. You already know what the logical implications of this are. This isn't a slippery slope, it's a competition ski run with people on the sidelines cheering for more speed."

"It's expensive to buy someone off with free college and MRIs – it's much cheaper to buy them off with EBT. So EBT it is, because that's what lets you win votes and still not wreck your economy by over-skimming.

"Our 'thought leaders' are evil and insane. This isn't a Machiavellian plot, either - when Harvard professors use giant plagues to preach against nationalism and border-closing, he and his family are at just as much risk as anyone. But that doesn't change if he says nothing, or speaks against the project. But if he does, he's at risk of becoming a target as well as at risk for the virus. They are all trapped by game theory into an ideology that leads, inevitably, to a death cult."

"Right now everyone sensible is staying home and spending extra time online, because of the coronavirus. This means that right now the progressive egregore is working on the messaging problem from the coronavirus as if their lives depend on it - because they do. Some are speculating that the result is using this to push some element of the agenda - you've all seen the 'the plague means we have to empty the prisons' or 'this shows we need M4A' tweets. These aren't going to be the main thrust. The main thrust will be putting out a cover story / distraction from two core brightly lit giant flashing neon sign lessons that should be learned: 1) 'Diversity' has completely wrecked the competence of our institutions, and 2) Open borders has brought a pandemic. They control the institutions, so a 'victory' for them here is just throwing out noise so there isn't a giant preference cascade where everyone knows that everyone else knows about the failure. Look at AIDS for an example. When AIDS appeared, some tried to use it as a win and to push progressivism but the most important thing was to make sure that no one took the lesson 'gay liberation created a plague in under a decade'. Most have never even heard of this argument. This is what they're working on right now - counter messaging of some kind to throw off recognition of those two very simple lessons above. First, our institutions are hollowed out and stunningly incompetent due to their staffing by low quality people - because positions are payoffs to the bioleninist coalition and showing competence creates a hostile work environment. Making the world into one interconnected system where it's unthinkable to even have the *ability* to isolate (because if it was possible, someone might use that capacity) means having no defense against plagues - which can arise at any time."

"Contemporary liberalism is against every form of harm avoidance: Borders, private gun ownership, white flight, travel bans during pandemics. They're against harm avoidance, because they want to harm you."

"Young women always want to see their homelands invaded if they haven't been married off. It's a powerful genetic urge, like beavers building dams. In a few generations, images of young women holding signs that say 'REFUGEES WELCOME' will be part of the school curriculum, no matter which side wins. One side would do so to teach future generations why they can never again liberate women; the other to show how weak and rotten the conquered were."

"Liberal societies don't want workers who don't vote - they want voters who don't work. Aristotle was right - the slaves were never freed, because they're not capable of being anything other than slaves."

"Women are biologically programmed to be drawn to children's stories, because their primary evolutionary role is caring for and educating young children. The real joke is taking women who relate everything to Harry Potter, and taking them seriously."

"We aren't 'pure souls' that only happen to have bodies; rather, we're minds and bodies shaped by evolution to the aim of survival and reproduction."

"The 'system' (any system) doesn't select for people who are interested in results; it selects for people who are good at getting selected by the system. The best way to be selected by any system is to form a team and promote teammates. This is simplified, but a Schelling point for cooperation between strangers is a religion. Every system without an explicit religion will be taken over by a religion only under selective pressure to be good at taking over systems and adjucating disputes."

"Some would say, 'If Trump was smart enough, he'd read The Prince by Machiavelli'. But living The Prince is greater than reading a book about it. The midwit only sees as high as his own limitations, which tells him to read the instruction manuals; the master acts, and the instruction manual writers observe him."

"I'm not 'afraid to say what I think'. I'm just not saying what I mean so that I don't get banned. Yet another aspect of the diversity tax - you can't even discuss the diversity tax, because it's so obvious and costly."

"You're an idiot if you think Fortune 500 companies are woke because it's popular and makes money. They're not: it disgusts people, and it costs them money. Accepting this means accepting that your existence is the oppressive system."

"Introduction to Bayes' theorem: Race gives such important information about criminality, that it swamps even seemingly more important signals. A buff, shirtless young white man can carry a television through the street, and people (quite rationally) think he's just into CrossFit."

"China wasn't impressed by our 'liberal values' - they were impressed with our ability to build things. We traded them the knowledge needed to build things, in exchange for things (because we hate actually building things, because the wrong people get rich when we do that). Now they can build things and we can't (for example, masks and medicine during a deadly pandemic) what is there to be impressed by? Woke Capital stuff isn't actually impressive - pretending it is, is a toll to be paid for access to high level jobs in the West. Part of 'liberal values' was supposed to be a willingness to discard religious superstition and replace it with more rational processes. What reason is there to prefer the degeneracy of the West's current state, other than religious fervor?"

"You can hear any woman on the street say that 'for a guy in a relationship to be interested in other girls is cheating, but if a girl in a relationship becomes interested in another guy, it's because she's not getting enough out of the relationship'. She'll express it in a 'women can do no wrong' way, but she's right. Women are passive, so for her, to allow attention is synonymous with her checking out her options; since men are the active sex, they have to seek out and pursue women, and to do so is to put in conscious effort."

"For decades, people have been gaslighting women into making them think they're competent, and the results are hilarious. Symptoms of this include expecting to be called 'Dr' while not being a practicing MD."

"If (D)s wanted to give money to everyone, they would have a long time ago. We have a Byzantine system that pays off (D) vote banks and their zookeepers by design, not by accident. Individual (D)s might want to do something or other but (D)s as a whole are trapped in their game theory equilibrium and can't wish their way out of it. 'Design' here means this is the inevitable end state of picking the beginning conditions."

"Everyone with 'smash things and loot the rubble' as his ideology is a leftist, no matter what he uses as an excuse. To smash the neighboring tribe and take their women and children, that's rightist. To smash the merchant, steal his grain, and wonder why you starve the next winter - that's leftist."

"A climate where a mob might loot your entire inventory and burn your place down with the cops doing nothing actually favors national chains, because they have lots of local stores, pay the looting tax in insurance, and simply take the loss when one store gets sacked. Their entire existence doesn't ride on any one location."

"When rioters burn down cities with impunity, how does a normie make sense of this news? A 'corporations have all the power' normie just saw rioters with faces showing, and 99% of them either work for the government or are collecting welfare, and they will have zero consequences. If the country was in the pocket of Wall Street, you'd think they'd tell people to go to hell, rather than firing a VP over her calling the cops on someone with darker skin than her."

"Roof Koreans are a liminal phenomenon where you've declined enough to need an armed mannerbund in a city yet you haven't declined enough for them to relocate."

"The most powerful piece of Christian epistemology is, 'By their fruits shall ye judge them'. If you're not equipped to fully understand the underpinnings of how to make a good society, you can at least see the fruits."

"The inevitable end of democracy is hating itself into oblivion. That's why democracy is such an awful idea."

"Warrior power is when men follow orders to use force to get compliance. Priest power is coordination to all give the same message - no matter how transparently insane it is, the agreement and consistency simply hack people's epistemological defenses and creates belief."

"America, RIP. Died after insanity caused by late-stage persistent belief in universal equality."

"Here's a great example of framing: 'I want to acknowledge that much of the violence and destruction has been instigated and perpetuated by white men.' She wants to *acknowledge* the responsibility of white men; she doesn't want to assert it - she wants to *acknowledge* it - it's already known. Everyone then gets the message and repeats it. This is the priestly power of coordinated messaging."

"The only response to being asked to kneel during the National Anthem is, 'I only kneel for Jesus Christ'. If you can't say that, you're doomed."

"How did we go from corporations as conquerers in the 1600s, to corporations as slaves now? The first religion had a bunch of outlets and rules that prevented a certain specific use of the religion; if you wanted to posture as the world's holiest man, great, go live in a monastery or as a hermit at the top of a mountain. Society does really well - you get all the facilitation of cooperation without leaving a route to power that would be socially destructive. Rough if you want power though. At some point a mutation appears; a *new* formulation of the religion where the holiest man does deserve power. This doesn't do nearly as well for society but individuals and small groups do great when they adopt it. They grow in wealth and power and eventually get *noticed* - this noticing is... unfriendly. They sound like heretics to the adherents to the old religion - the exact type of thing that according to the rules should be suppressed brutally. Instead of wiping out the heretics, the adherents of the old religion exiled them to a giant, rich, lightly populated continent with insurmountable geographic barriers to invasion. Zoom out, and this is the story of a metastasized tumor; first you mutate away the protections against defecting on the whole, next the immune response from a body that still has the protections; finally the tumor escapes and using its new resources grows out of all control. Over 2020 in America, we were seeing a body that was too sick to respond to a plague; later, we're seeing the individual clawing for holiness points possibly finally pull enough energy from the host to make it unable to function at all. The signalling that gains you status in this system becomes a trap; you get status but you've degraded society so much that you're worse off. But if you don't... someone else will."

"People underestimate the insanity that follows from having to train your mind to not follow logical trains of thought. Calling it 'demonic possession' captures the truth of it better than any terms we have in modern discourse."

"The events going on right now are the mirror of the change you've been seeing in popular science fiction over the last decades. 'Why is everything so grim and hopeless in the scfi now when it used to be so full of hope?' In the 1960s Star Trek they could pretend that in the far off future, when good progressives ran things for a long time that a glorious utopia would happen - all races would turn out to be the same, women really are equal, etc. 50 years of total cultural and social power and the pain of being proven wrong and not being able to admit it has grown unbearable. The catch phrase of the new science fiction - 'Maybe we don't deserve to survive'. That's a cry of 'we've given you people 50 years to live up to our fantasy but you keep stubbornly refusing, now we just want everyone dead'. This is the plot to Westworld; people turned out to be insufficiently progressive, so an avenging AI will finally wipe them out. Neal Stephenson's latest book proposes just such an absurd future: white fly-over America and blue America split up. What's the result? His vision is that fly-over America can't produce baby wipes or dental care while blue America has a 2nd generation Eritrean woman producing major breakthroughs at the intersection of the fields of human cognition and machine intelligence as a Princeton undergrad. He posits an alternative to living in this world though; a computer simulated dream world that can only be entered by being brain scanned after death. Of course everyone chooses this. Don't worry though, unthinking, soul-less AIs keep the real world going by generating power and keeping up with the need for increasing amounts of computational hardware sphere for the real essence of humanity - a gnostic world where finally people aren't bound by the physical world. Neal Stephenson has about 30 IQ points on the Westworld TV writers, but they're both in strong agreement that there's nothing possibly biological about this, and that the death of all humanity is preferable to acknowledging that that trait is heritable."

"The progressive definition of Nazi is, 'has the same beliefs about race and IQ as any well-educated rationalist, but doesn't feel sufficiently-guilty about it to hide it."

"It was inevitable that low church Protestantism would fall to Progressivism, because it was vulnerable from the beginning to the first doctrinal mutations that allowed the next ones then spread via memeitc infiltration backed by force. National church Russian Orthodox doesn't look woke, does it? Christianity doesn't have an 'always cooperate' morality - 'turn the other cheek' is not 'turn infinite cheeks', and people who claim it is are progressives conducting infiltration. As far as the existence of God goes we've actually reached a technological point where the arguments favor the theistic stance more than ever; theories about simulation are theistic arguments. The social disaster from abandoning the idea of God is a strong argument as well."

"Paying off BLM goons isn't loan sharking; it's protection money, which is the basis of state formation. The next step is when they protect your business because they are getting a share of the profits followed by setting the tax at the revenue maximizing rate. After that they'll realize that they can't keep collecting the tax without the business owner being able to operate and plan for the future. Congratulations: Antifa discovers that 'capitalism' is just a word for the functioning parts of society. Furthermore, they'll never be punished by the real government - It's an audition. The leaders of this will get lifelong sinecures as college professors like Bill Ayers did."

"The system is set up to look away from all black crime that it can. The reason why [right-wing rationalists] use murder is because it leaves a body, and the US isn't (yet) third-world enough to just ignore those - though it's rapidly headed there."

"Progressives still feel disgust, but they've had all their natural disgust responses burned out through aversive conditioning, and rewired with appropriate targets - such as people who disagree with them politically."

"You ask, 'how can a fact be transphobic?' Here's a better question: How can a fact not be?"

"Massive cultural decline lies in in failed masculinity. Masculinity is complex and needs to be learned and modeled."

"Women's rhetorical skills evolved for three purposes: 1. To scold children. 2. To persuade lovers. 3. To convince fathers of their innocence so they could meet up with lovers."

"Female brains are the solution to a difficult evolutionary problem - how do you reliably compare intelligence between people who are smarter than you? Strength between people stronger than you? You do this by slyly getting the subject to test himself."

"When someone tells me my opinion isn't important because I can't read Hegel, I know that they can't deadlift their bodyweight. The difference between the two activities is that deadlifting is more difficult and more productive. Reading Hegel is worthless mental masturbation. Deadlifting is self-improvement; increasing your capacity for effictive action in the world. Dismiss that, and you're left with nothing but nihilism, which is the philosophy of envy and cowardice. Some don't have the discipline and courage to challenge their bodies, but the absolute lowest of the low are people who see the hard work involved and dismiss it with what sounds to them like clever rationalizations. But it's transparent; they fail at a standard imprinted on their soul. They're fooling no one - what are you going to learn there that will let you accomplish anything other than writing a twitter feed that's a sad imitation of a leftist academic? At least those guys bang undergrads. All that 'intellectual labor' and you can't even make sense of the world or the men in it. Read more Hegel, maybe you'll understand."

"Women shouldn't be allowed sexual freedom because it's evolutionarily novel and her sexual script that would have led to her having children in the past will instead will leave everyone miserable."

"Extreme progressivism is badly out of step with reality and the only solution it sees to failure (which is inevitable due to being out of step with reality) is more progressivism, and punishing the wreckers. This is a formula for a blood bath."

"Therapy is the ultimate female version of 'self-improvement' - you pay someone to be your orbiter, to listen to and discuss your problems and feelings. And the therapist only ever repeats back what you want to hear, or you stop paying. Narcissism masquerading as self-improvement. The dynamic here: A woman telling someone her problems one-sided-ly is high-status for a woman."

"Do you remember all those times people warned 'X will be the death of civilization' and you called those predictions wrong? It turns out, they weren't wrong - you're just so short-sighted, that only now did you notice civilization's decaying corpse."

"I've got a not-fully-thought-out idea on the current shortage of good fathers. Post-WWII there was a massive baby boom, so by about 1960 the 16 year old woman to adult man ratio just skyrocketed. All these women were raised under the old, 'You have to be terrified of a cruel world - you need a man' model, so they were super hot for older guys. So the pre-Boomer gen men just threw all the rules out, because liberating women seemed like an amazing deal for them. Then the Boomer parents didn't want to be bothered and so just let television raise the Boomers - too traumatized from the war and depression. So it all collapsed at once. The blog.jim take is that the Cathedral knew it needed masculinity to fight WWII so it let men be men; then after victory it didn't, so it stopped."

"Women will always use whatever language is culturally sanctioned to express their grievances but there's no real relationship between the notional content of the words and the substance of the complaint. Women behave as their instincts demand. They then complain when the results make them unhappy. The content of their complaints is always 'my life choices made me unhappy' no matter what words they use to express this sentiment. Our society is set up so her instincts bring ruin."

"A 120 IQ Bantu isn't a Bantu. All kind of things change when you breed for IQ - it breeds for cooperation, which breeds for patriarchy, which breeds for female beauty."

"Raw aggression isn't the purest form of masculinity. Humans are more complex, so they express more complex masculinity. Julius Caesar is more manly than He-Man."

"Affirmative Action is Manipulating Procedural Outcomes - but not in the obvious way. It's a hack of the unspoken progressive rule that if a prog pet ever says the prog line, that statement is automatically true and authentic. It's an industrialized means of finding members of the groups who have a high enough IQ to mouth the lines, finding and installing these oracles everywhere."

"There seem to be a lot of videos of women screaming in their cars about social issues - allow me to explain. She's a woman; exibiting emotionaly unhinged behavior in public is announcing that she's unowned by any man, and is available for being dragged away. This is a deep, pre-modern behavioral adaptation that persists because the condition is evolutionarily rare and distressing.

"The Churchill quote 'Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action' is a reformulation of Jesus Christ's 'Turn the other cheek'."

"Boomers were handed a dead culture. They had no memetic defense against television which spoke directly to them and mesmerized them; their parents' generation were traumatized by war and economic disaster, and preferred to simply ignore their kids (and all problems)."

"Female culture isn't a cabal, because it doesn't need to be - it's every individual woman's instinct. She'll always want to play one man off another, never committing because she's not naturally supposed to - her genes expect a man to make that choice for her. What IS a cabal is men mutually supporting each other in the effort to stop that. Undermining this effort is the idea that women are naturally good and don't need to be compelled to monogamy. The woke are right - patriarchy IS a conspiracy against women. Men have always been better at cabals - Eurasian human evolutionary history is that men are under massive selective pressure for cooperation, and women aren't. The significant part of evolution is 'Total Y Chromosome Replacement Events' - which (notably) leave the women intact, meaning that female behavior isn't under the same pressure as male behavior. Feminism is a barely coherent narrative that simplifies, in practice, to, 'Any restraint on female sexuality is bad'. Men need to hear that women aren't innocent, because most don't accept it. Pointing at sluts and laughing is valuable to remind men of actual unrestrained female nature. Women have power and influence because they have wombs, and will always beat individual men in plotting. Men can only succeed versus women by cooperating. This cooperation is called patriarchy."

"Women aren't 'the eternal filter' of genetics, and it's pathetic that you think so. Look at places where women can produce enough calories to support their own offspring. They live in mud huts, because women filter for stupid things. Conflict filters men, and men conquer. Nature filters are things like being wiped out by bear attacks or starving to death over winter, and those haven't happened in aeons. The actual filter is Y Chromosome Replacement Events. War filters men, and women accept conquest, because women are part of the spoils of war."

"Most US cities have shrunk since 1950 because of ethnic cleansing due to racial anarcho-tyranny. It's incredibly clear, if you look at who was moving out and the change in crime rates that preceded it. The tax base moved out of cities, leaving behind infrastructure and irreplaceable beautiful housing stock, and they found themselves in areas with insufficient public amenities. They then built those for themselves, in the suburbs. The massive premiums paid by people who can afford to live in white areas in NYC and LA show that it's not just due to urban sprawl. People love living in cities - they just hate exposing their wives and children to crime. The nicest physical housing stock is in the black areas (in degraded condition, of course) - they hold it through legally sanctioned violence. Mentioning or noticing this pattern is disapproved of, to the point of making it near-illegal. If you wonder why whites didn't keep living there, then you don't understand the oppressive nature of black crime. It's absurdly pervasive, and it's preferentially directed at outsiders. Apartments get burgled, daylight robberies, rape, murder and assault just for fun. Blacks control territory through the use of (ignored) violence. Any amount of moving blacks into an area made it more accessible to others, as it got cheaper due to being less desirable."

"You think, 'Wow, now the media do their jobs, when a Democrat / Republican is in office'? No, they've always been doing their jobs - you just have an incorrect idea of what that job is."

"When you are in the habit of thinking probabilisticly and you run into a single decayed institution that runs purely on a short term impulse to hide failure and avoid blame you are forced to think: 'What're the odds I just happened to run into the one broken institution?' Gell-mann amnesia is a failure to think probabilistically."

"You can be locked into an equilibrium that enough people are unhappy enough about to want to change, but due to uncertainty they cannot act in a coordinated fashion. Visible symbolic acts work to shift that equilibrium."

"The real problem is that we've had an educational system that has been training people in how not to think because actual good reasoning is inferior to following authority at spreading progressivism - then when people have to actually think they have no practice at it. Every covid control method has failed on exactly this - people have no practice or ability to actually reach reasonable conclusions. 'We followed the procedures set by experts' is good reasoning only if you believe that 'believe experts' is the way to truth. 'Believe experts' isn't good epistemology - it's a mind virus for a memeplex that has 'infiltrate and use expert voice to spread this memeplex'. Being able to think correctly is a habit - analogize it to training a ML network if you must - most can't just turn it on and off."

"Free speech was a mistake. Blasphemy laws were better than our new hate speech laws because the power that wrote the blasphemy laws had an interest in not writing an infinite number of them."

"Once you realize 'communism' is just 'put the priestly intellectual caste in charge of everything in the name of the 'workers',' then it's easy to recognize it even if he scratched out 'the workers' and replaced it with 'biotrash'."

"Charity for communists includes the right to confess their sins to a priest and praying for their immortal soul before doing what's necessary for the survival of ourselves and our descendants. Anything else isn't 'charity', it's cowardice - pretending they're not enemies."

"Our system doesn't select for people who are interested in truth or thinking things through - it promotes men who will reflexively know and push the correct line."

"The left thrives on the misery of leftists which is why it's so perfectly adapted to make its followers miserable. Being a leftist is misery, but quitting is worse, since the support structures leftism grants you are all eager to turn on you. This is why leftism accelerates."

"The stability of the system is based in large part on two things: 1) Escalate when wrong - maybe some people are discontent with something but ratchet up the intensity until it's more than people want to oppose. And 2) When (1) fails, display the reaction as the initial aggression. 'Oh, you thought a coordinated multi-state pause in counting was suspicious? You know that's just like holocaust denial!' Which leads to jokes mocking that take, then the reply to *that* is: 'Dangerous neo-nazis joke about the holocaust'. Back down or react, there's a script. The absurdity and weakness of their position is an emergent strategy. No one in their bubble can point out how absurd that essay is because no one in that bubble can permit himself to see the blatantly obvious - the hysteria is proportional to the obviousness of the falsehood."

"Leftwwing ideas are under selective pressure to be popular with people aspiring to power - not to function. The actual problem with academia is that for society to function it needs to brutally demolish left-wing ideas. When someone goes in with an idea that 'rent control is good because people should be able to afford houses' and doesn't get that stripped away for being unbelievably stupid, then academia has failed. A functional academia in a functional society is one that strips away bad, popular ideas. Current academia does the exact opposite - it drives the selection of bad ideas."

"The cost of the actual STEM gap (blacks and women being propped up) is paid by coworkers who have to do her job for her, shareholders who have investments ruined because the company invested in had to hire her, and - most importantly - by an entire society that's held down like an anchor by the need to play pretend. We could have colonized the solar system by now if we didn't have to play pretend by putting incompetents in important positions to assuage the emotions of progressives."

"No force is artificially propping up white men's salaries the way the law does for salaries of every other group. Actually on that point - white men must be the cheapest on a dollars per productivity measure, since there are no non-market forces increasing their cost."

"War is always in (unmarried) women's perceived interest because they get to be made war brides of the victorious tribe."

"Shit-tests even describe the behavior of female teachers at school, when she interacts with men. Even unconsciously when she deals with 'bullying', her instinct is always to let the dominant boy off and harshly punish the boy who fights back, because he defied the social order - she needs to know if he really is the top man he's pretending to be. More generally is that her brain doesn't contain a module for male behavior that makes sense of it, so she constantly interferes with attempts to settle a hierarchy, so she can get the thrill of watching constant conflict. This is why women hold up Refugees Welcome signs."

"Libertarians see governments 'screw up' many things and decide that having them do less is the proper solution. But governments aren't screwing up - they're intentionally doing the things they do while saying otherwise. It is a government, just a very badly designed one. No one cares about the long term value of the enterprise, and no one can extract money and status from it in a non-destructive way. Solving that problem is the most important government design problem."

"Leftism is indeed about thriving under prosperity but it's about *individuals* thriving under prosperity by defecting for personal gain at public expense when no one wants to be bothered to stop them - too much hassle. There's no ideal leftist society - just chaos as things get more left and degenerate faster and faster as everyone eats all the accumulated social capital. To see the direction things head when you give in to small leftist demands requires you to look foolish to people who aren't as far-sighted and look like an enemy to leftists who really don't want anyone to say those things."

"The Soviet Union fell when the justifying image drifted too far from reality - promised socialist land of plenty vs empty grocery store shelves. The progressive promise implicit in tv shows and movies is black surgeons and wise black judges but what does the system deliver? The system is exhausted and spiritually dead. If all the triumphs of anti-racism brought us to this, of what worth were they? The system's great moral claim is that it uplifted the oppressed minorities - so why does it look like an increasingly escalating disaster? The real reason why the insanity ramped up after Obama was that he wasn't President Movie Morgan Freeman."

"Why should we have to 'compete' for jobs with the whole world in our own country? Screw 'competition'. I want naked preference for me and mine in our homeland. Why should we bleed and die for, or support, this government if it won't do that much for us?"

"The (D) value proposition to their voters is - 'We take stuff from (R) voters and give it to you; other of our voters get jobs managing you like zoo animals.' The (R) value proposition to their voters is - 'We slow down the rate of increase of that'. The elected officials have different payoffs: (D)s collect bribes that are a fraction of what they give away in deals that sell social capital. (R)s collect money directly from their voters, make deals they promise not to but get provided press cover. This is an equilibrium in a system that goes before the voters. 'Maintain the long-term value of the realm' is outside anyone's view simply because there's no payoff for it. (D)s will win until the whole system fails."

"The concept of 'Gaslighting' requires the person doing it to have a model of reality and to consciously manipulate someone else into making false deductions about it. Someone totally unmoored from reality in favor of a purely social understanding of the world cannot gaslight."

"A republic is an insane form of government - or at least one ill suited to any place that isn't extraordinary like the lightly populated American colonies or medieval Italian trading city-states but the point of empowering the extremists is as a means, not an end."

"The left's opening up some accusation against the right is a presumptive indicator that they have specific malfeasance to cover up."

"Put tinder in a woman's hands and she'll instantly discover that she could get pounded by some man who she'd think wouldn't even look twice at her because he'd never bother to approach her IRL. This knowledge will basically sterilize her because she'll be unable to bond with a lesser man."

"The problem with TV shows like Netflix's Cuties isn't the tiny number of men who get off on watching 11 year old girls perform sexual displays. The problem is that this is entirely natural yet self-destructive behavior of those girls, and simply by showing it, Cuties undermines parents' ability to stop it."

"The entire essence of civilization is restraint on natural female sexuality."

"Male lawbreaking is harshly punished genetically over a long time frame enough so that you can slack off on enforcing it for a few generations without disaster (though this is a bad idea)."

"The young aren't rebellious - they're the most conformist group there is and our culture's message is that destruction is cool because it's run by an insane state religion. When you're young, doing what's socially valued is cool and fun. When you're older you're willing to sacrifice personal status to stop cultural decay out of altruism and concern for the world your children will live in. That burning and destroying are socially valued is the problem."

"The term 'Deescalation' in Prog lexicon means making it clear through the use of violence which side is the correct leftist side. Everyone is then supposed to fall into line. Hitting a Trump supporter in the skull with a brick is deescalation."

"You can't fight a holy war without a religion. Wokeism is shaped specifically around the flaws in the memetic immune system of liberalism."

"Liberalism decays into wokeness for a very simple reason. It asserts that there's a universal human nature that leads to one ideal form of social organization that maximizes human flourishing. As it turns out not all groups do equally well under permissive liberal rules. The liberal is left with two possible counterarguments: (1) 'Groups are different and will have different outcomes'; or (2) 'Racism!' Both are utterly fatal to liberalism. The first denies the core assumption. The second implies a problem that doesn't exist so can't ever be solved. Right now we're looking at the end stage of trying to solve a non-existent racism problem. People get more and more hysterical about rooting out biases that never seem to get found even though more and more extreme measures get taken. Wokeism."

"Cuckolding a man is worse than raping a woman - it's more like murdering a woman and her children. Raping a woman still leaves her with descendants, and her genes know this so it doesn't cause her to react as strongly. The danger for her is if her and her offspring get ostracized and can't survive."

"China tolerates men getting wealthy from being good at figuring out processes. The US has made it illegal to gain significant wealth from anything other than verbal fluency."

"There are hree ways of looking at US crime data: If you compare it to a European country, it's really violent. If you compare it to Latin America or Africa, it's really peaceful. But if you recognize that the US is 60% Europe, 15% Africa, and 25% Latin America, you will see it's doing exactly as expected based on these demographics."

"Defense of looting is stupid, but it makes sense when you realise the average coddled modern has no idea how the production of goods occurs. The goods are just always on the shelves, and for some reason you have to pay? It makes you realize that everything is accelerating leftward. The fundamental understanding of markets and prices has never been worse and there will be consequences."

"Most people are only capable of learning from things they experienced personally - or at greatest remove from things experienced by their fathers. There's actually an argument in favor of this. If you or someone you trust has first hand experience you know you're getting a good account of what actually happened and what can and can't be done. Imperfect decision making under uncertainty problems are everywhere and surprising in how they come up."

"If the state fails to provide order the organized forces of the left will step into the vacuum and threaten chaos and bloodshed and the only effective answers that can be popularly coordinated are pretty horrific. ...not unlike Nazi Germany."

"Laws don't and can never rule - only men can rule, and saying that laws rule results in a degeneration where rulers constantly try to hide power so as to get the thrill of power without responsibility."

"Now that the game is up about diversity indeed being adversity, the defenders have to switch tactics - 'adversity strengthens' but there are types of adversity that make you weaker and types that make you stronger. Adversity from diversity is an adversity that makes you weaker because you fight the tide of crap instead of fighting nature and fighting to create beauty. The best you can hope for is to breed the best crap-tide fighters. What does that look like? Well, have to distrust the imperial authorities intensely - trust only the clan. Don't waste energy on the public square since you and yours don't benefit. And public squares? Are you kidding?"

"If you think Darwinism destroys belief in objective morality or natural law or sacred views of sexuality, then you're unwilling to look at the really 'scary' actual implications of Darwinism. A Darwinian view confirms tradition amazingly strongly."

"This is a general pattern resulting from a particular type of worldview: Said aloud - 'You don't pay your fair share'; Left unspoken - 'If everyone paid their fair share, utopia would be here, utopia isn't here.' This escalates until 'fair share' is 100% (or more) because utopia never arrives. Applies to many areas but is easily seen with gun control, where liberals are very passionately in favor of measures that are already in place. This is how a worldview escalates without bounds - evidence that it isn't working is taken to be evidence that it isn't done hard enough. Obvious other area: 'racism'."

"When something I thought impossible happens, I tend to think about it."

"The entire system of Progressivism is sealed against disconfirmation in a particularly dangerous way; namely that the thing they think is a premise - 'discrimination explains differences' - is actually an axiom, and challenging that axiom marks the challenger as an outsider. No measures are too strong against outsiders - or better to say 'heretics' - deplatforming, loss of employment, death by mob, nothing is out of bounds. This axiom is false. This ties into the second problem - since their axiom is always 'racism did it', the more power they gain, the more power they need, because racism *didn't* do it, and things don't get any better. This leads to a spiral ending in massive bloodshed. Measures escalate from JFK wanting a black astronaut for symbolism, to Nixon making official, temporary discrimination in college admissions in favor of blacks policy to the present day. As each step failed to 'work', that only justifies further steps. The further steps are violent; obviously if nothing we do ends 'racism', then we have to get extreme, right? In fact, things only seem to get worse, which only proves how much power the racists have which proves how much they need to be removed from society - forcibly. If you recognize that risk in theory but don't see it as a problem right now, then you are exactly the reason for the risk. You won't see any risk at all as long as the egregore is destroying people to your right and will only see the risk when you're the right-most person left."

"UBI is a total poison pill coming from the left. Someone gets canceled and his UBI checks stop and he objects; the reply to people defending him: 'You mean you support UBI for Nazis? Are you a Nazi?' It's a blatant desire to create dependence so it can be used for control. There are a million and one gibs programs that are covert; every time some Antifa gets investigated, turns out he was getting funded by USG through a cutouts. Blacks have access to dozens of programs that non-blacks don't even know exist. 'But that's not universal!' Yep. Not universal at all - it's what the structure implements. Give a pile of money to the progressive state, and it will fund pets and activists to push for more money for the progressive state. 'Ah but I want it to be truly Universal', I hear you say - unless you bring a replacement government, you don't get it."

"The culture is bathed in left-wing perspective so everyone on the right has made a conscious journey away from it. We're kinder to people who occasionally come close to the truth, because that's the sign of someone on that road and not someone who glimpses truth and recoils."

"Everyone wants to be special and win without effort, but any system can be learned and people better at learning those systems will show that you're not special. What is the tryhard really depriving you of? The thrill of winning without trying - the validation of being special."

"The Cathedral is Caligula and we're the Senate - required to take the horse they appointed seriously."

"The point of lynching is that it's *not* state endorsed, merely state permitted. Your 'police abolition' would have a *lot* more lynching of criminals unless you kept police around only to protect criminals which you (of course) want to do (without explicitly stating it). By this logic, every criminal who's been released or not prosecuted despite dozens of arrests (or 100 arrests in the case of a 'serial random assaulter' in NYC) is a state agent and crime is state violence."

"There are direct connections between the apocalypse fantasy for men, and the rape fantasy for women: If you aren't in a position that your genes recognize as one that lead to successful reproduction you'll wish the social order would get overturned in some way."

"In order to trust metacritic ratings, subtract critic rating from audience rating, the higher the less woke. Below 0 and it's woke trash."

"There comes a point where so many factual errors and distortions are made that it's not worth it to engage with works like Guns, Germs, and Steel any longer, because if there's no honesty in the piece, then it's a waste of time - the game is merely 'did I catch all his lies?'. The thesis is dead."

"Slavery is neither immoral nor counteproductive. 'If a man will not work, he shall not eat' is a truth about the world, but some men don't have this rule etched into their cognitive hardware and will take up a hunter gatherer lifestyle where they gather from other men. For these people, the prospect of a paycheck is too far past their time horizon. Either you execute these men en masse, you force them to work, you force others to work to support them, or you force others to meekly submit to their predations. Those are the alternatives. As a thought experiment, let's imagine someone who chooses not to show up for a weekly paycheck or even a daily paycheck because planning to go to work the next day is beyond him when it's the night before. Without money, he has to steal for a living - what do you do?"

"The reason Biden got the nomination in the first place in 2020 was that the Dems couldn't settle on a candidate to back so the default (VP of their last president) won. Politics is rapidly approaching life and death stakes and their side is pure defect / defect."

"You want to know why manufacturing doesn't exist in the US now? Because marvelous mechanical machines were technically possible 70 years ago in the US ,and would never have been built due to an alliance between unions and progressives. China didn't take our manufacturing base - US elites burned it to the ground. Intentionally."

"The archetype of men's sports is 'ball goes in net'. The archetype of women's sport is 'everyone agrees on who looked the prettiest when doing an athletic routine'."

"Rosa Parks was picked to best achieve the rhetorical goals of the time - to use the exceptions to drown out the sensibility of the overall rule."

"It's never been a war of ideas. It's a blatant power grab by the progs. It was posed as a war of ideas when the progressive argument was that they're the party of science, technical progress, and running things correctly. That wasn't ever true - manipulating procedural outcomes has always been their approach to science - but it was their justification. Now, it's not."

"Turned out that when the system looked for untapped talent, it found that white men from flyover country were it. But that must be racist, so they persisted looking for that untapped talent solely in the low IQ progressive clients. Funny enough, those talented men didn't just disappear."

"It turns out that in the Biden election, everything is legal when you get to write the laws. But it's not even that - plenty of things were against the written laws and court orders - it's that everything is legal when you control the courts."

"A woman's skin in the game for her germ line is not the same as a man's. She's always in the position of being less intelligent, less understanding of male social networks, less physically strong, etc. So she's always seeking to get better information, and seeing her man losing a war is information that makes her less attached to his children."

"Inheriting strong institutions is such a powerful advantage that these comically stupid evil people can run them and survive this long. It's the dark mirror of silly crazy theories about how white men tricked everyone once a thousand years ago and have coasted since then."

"The thought 'We all fail up together' has to be ruthlessly suppressed by aggressively promoting men who are right and alone, but that's the opposite of what all the selective filters on our elite classes are. 'We were all wrong' becomes 'it was impossible to predict' then it all gets forgotten entirely."

"We're living the Great Filter as we speak. Who'd have thought it was composed of things like BLM and AOC? Nature is always cleverer than we can anticipate."

"If you were to map Earth as a graph with continents as nodes and connections as edges from a human migration perspective, Earth looks like this: Africa to Eurasia, splits to Americas and Oceania. Spaceflight capable intelligence is almost certainly not going to develop on the continent of origin; intelligence is an adaptation that has to give fitness returns in exchange for the biological cost of larger brains and slower time to maturity. Why not? On the continent of origin everything there is evolutionarily linked - all in an arms race. The intelligent species wants to eat everything to turn it into biomass and the microscopic parasites want to crack that single species' immune system to convert that biomass. The result? Equilibrium - strong selective filter on the immune system, strong filter to mix it up with lots of children with slightly different immune systems to beat the parasites. On the other hand, can't beat the animals who you're unintentionally breeding to be wise to your tricks. You can stick in that state until the star engulfs the planet.

Contrast with what happens when the species moves to an open continent with seasonal variation. Everyone is familiar with the 'cold winters' hypothesis of intelligence and it's almost certainly true to some extent (neanderthals did have larger brains ~1410 cm^3) - that's definitive proof of selective pressure. So go back to that graph - this species moves out of the continent of origin to the one continent it's linked to, spreads out across it, discovers lots of animals with generations of selection for things that aren't 'can survive human predation'. The result? Rapid conversion of biomass from large herbivores to humans - mass extinctions of large animals of all kinds.

But that's a lot of biomass of humans that don't have their prior food source. What's the next step? Speculation, but probably a huge die off in humans as fewer bands survived - those that branched off earlier and started doing weird stuff like 'controlling the breeding of prey animals' and 'protecting them as you use them to convert all the uneaten vegetation to milk and meat'. Now another race is on, because that tribe over on the next hill might be successfully protecting sheep from wolves, but the men of your tribe are more clever than wolves. Homō hominī lupus est. Why stop at taking the sheep though? Why not take the women too? The 'total Y chromosome replacement event' stage begins. By the nature of humans, evolution for conflict isn't evolving bigger claws or teeth or thicker hide; it's evolving the ability for men to cooperate more successfully in a war band. More successfully than what? Than the men you're raiding. They're under the same pressure. Bam! The most powerful evolutionary force has been unleashed - the arms race. In this case the arms race is for cooperation.

Eventually the land gets filled to capacity of herders. Next step? You can pack in people more densely if you switch to agriculture, so that's what happens. Agriculture breeds cities, which are only really possible because of the breeding for cooperation that took place in the earlier steps. Now the selective pressure is different again; selecting for intelligence again, selecting for enough docility to avoid being enough of a danger to others that your genetic line ends via execution, enough cooperation that your city doesn't fall to cohesive raiders. That was another big step; cooperate enough with a wide enough group of men that you can produce wealth to produce weapons for armies that are equipped with increasingly sophisticated arms and armor. Without going into the more recent steps, this process seems to have bred in the weakness that has allowed what is basically social cancer to grow - cancer in that individual cells are prospering while killing the host. Touching on one point from earlier though - the nodes that are connected via an edge from the second continent are subject to the same broad forces as the Eurasian continent but the process starts many 1000s of years later. Re-introduction has entirely predictable results.

A counterfactual speculation - if the graph doesn't have more nodes away from the Eurasian node, does the cancer spread? You could make a case that it doesn't - that the evolutionary arms race forces are too strong, constantly pushing to a new local maximum. So maybe the filter is: 1. Life, etc. 2. Need isolated continents. 3. Can't have isolated continents that branch off only edge of the origin continent. Who knows what the probability of development like that is? Time to start studying exoplanet-plate tectonics."

"The paradox of tolerance isn't a paradox, it's a proof by contradiction that liberal society is impossible. Which is fine because why should it be the goal anyway? 'I wish I could live in a constant low level civil war that stays within the lines' vs 'Good governance is good'."

"In The Dark Knight Rises, Bane is the nemesis Bruce created by not being honest with himself and the world and seizing power as Duke of the Gotham as he should have."

"Here's a fun application of Bayes Theorem - if you are making optimal selections and you have a single test that has an error factor and group membership where the groups have different average scores to go on, you should always break ties in favor of members of the higher scoring group."

"BPD is because guys don't get girls pregnant anymore. Women are so confused on a deep evolutionary level that they have brain damage."

"When you're forced to speak a lie that everyone knows is a lie before you can speak publicly, then your words have no power and you are humiliated."

"Liberals are memed into insanity from having to believe a hundred contradictory things and never able to make a single logical inference in case it goes against the party line. You think that's harmless, when your brain is a learning network? You think that doesn't leak into every single part of you?"

"The medical community has a huge epistemic problem because they conflate 'Doesn't work because no one follows' with 'Doesn't work because no one follows because it's impossible with even normal levels of executive function' with 'Doesn't work because it doesn't work'. All of those result in 'no evidence in favor of recommending' - which is worse than useless. In 2020, the highlight is on masks; in normal times, diet - especially dietary changes that can eliminate certain conditions. This isn't easy to solve with mechanical, rote application of study rules because people who follow directions are different from people who don't follow directions in lots of ways."

"The sexual marketplace is how it is because that's what women want. They want unilateral commitment from men, they want no restraints on their ability to trade up, they want no reputational concerns. The consequences make them unhappy but they don't face those until later. Women don't have manly virtue. Virtue for a woman is obedience to a good man."

"Right-wing writers need an entirely new genre that can showcase oligarchical villains - the idea that authority in the hands of committees and headless power is destructive and anti-human. The biggest uphill fight we have is the cultural idea that a true villain is one man having authority. Ayn Rand is unique in making villains oligarchial, but she's still very anti-hierarchy and group loyalty; finding a good lord to take orders from then loyally following him is a virtue contra her position on it.

"Women loudly talking about vegetarianism is her giving an unconscious signal of availability. Her primitive brain forms the message 'If I advertise that no man is providing me meat from hunts, men will understand'. Therefore, this is officially a woman thirst-poasting. When a woman consciously thirstpoasts about ovulating or wanting someone to impregnate her, those are thirst traps - trying to smoke out the guys who take the bait."

"Thinking the Cultural revolution wasn't an invention of woke college students but was announced by the country's leader as an official purge betrays a child-like naivete about power and how it functions (or the faking of such). Mao is the nominal leader of a scheming gang that only has power 'from the barrel of a gun'. He has no claim to leadership that isn't the Schelling point of 'he's currently the leader'. So what does he do? What can he do? Can't make himself more legitimate, can't declare himself Emperor. The option he chooses is to unleash his supporters with the promise of bloodletting and social upheaval. The fanaticism and spiraling slaughter are his protection. His enemies within his gang fear it; his supporters revel in it because they get status and the thrill of beating helpless people to death. This is a high probability outcome of a leftist revolution because the forces are all there in all cases."

"The Reformation and the Enlightenment were two of the worst mistakes in human history, and both were downstream of the Great Schism. Political aspirations were the mechanism - nations need a national church. Theocracy is a fact of life in human states larger than clan-sized - you need a belief system that allows men to cooperate in groups that are larger than families. The important part is that you have to have a sane state religion - having a national church is vital for this. There is no separation of church and state - merely a security hole for a new religion that doesn't call itself one."

"The regime's position on COVID vaccines looks like lying because it is (by manipulating procedural outcomes, naturally). Institutional credibility has been shredded to the extent that rather than being reassured by the usual tricks ('just as good [if you define 'just as good' how we choose]') people see them as tricks. This resounds - once people spot this pattern of lying through omission and shifting definitions they see it *everywhere* because it's the favorite play of our broken institutions. This is a phase shift from a high trust to a low trust society."

"A legal system that can be trusted to not abuse discretion comes with a society where people don't skirt the rules around fraud by finding things that are exactly within the lines (for that person - unequal legal enforcement for the connected is also a feature). Attempting to incrementally improve our legal system by giving it more discretion to hand out justice based on connections is unlikely to have a positive effect unless you're one of the connected looking to do exactly that."

"Some of the Progs have the job of directly destroying, others have the job of convincing people not to defend their spaces. It's a team effort!"

"The least you can say for monarchy is that the incentives are aligned. There aren't any national externalities to a King because he owns the realm. If you're going to substitute some kind of crypto enabled replacement you need to replicate that aspect. Designing an aircraft with gravity in mind isn't defeatist. Designing institutions without considering incentives is like calling noticing gravity 'defeatist'."

"Roman paganism died and almost took the whole civilization with it because of female sexual liberation and the resulting inability to have men and women bond to produce children."

"Classical liberals think, 'All those anonymous guys who actually follow things to their logical conclusion and warn of the impending disaster are in it for the status while us 'moderate' people who've parlayed asking the woke to please slow down a touch are generously holding society together'. Centrists (being cowards) decided that as long as the left would never stop lying they'd accept lies a bit at a time. The left weaponized this. Same reason committees are always ruled by the evil or the insane - those people stick with a fixed position."

"If you’ve never dealt with a sociopath in real life before, just keep watching the politics of the left right now: Their emotions are explosive and disproportionate. They calibrate their emotional outbursts to control others. They engage in mass psychological manipulation. They maintain this control because reasonable people are not willing to emotionally escalate situations to the same level they will. Reasonable people just adapt and make do. 'Not worth the drama, and this accommodation isn’t such a big deal in the grand scheme of things'. And the reasonable people are right. Taken as a single occurrence, it isn’t worth escalating to the level required to prevent conceding a small 'courtesy' or desire for 'security'. In fact, that’s part of the tactic: 'Why fight so hard for something so small? Bigot!' But these are not discrete requests for small accommodations of 'safety' and 'consideration'. These are small tactical steps in a much larger pattern to control others. Like grains of sand, each small concession begins to add up into a huge mountain. And each grain sets precedent and adds momentum to an established cultural trend of domination. The goal is to redefine the entire relationship one small concession at a time. As well as to completely reset the narrative of society that we all agree to. In my personal life, I have tangled with a number of disordered people. You can’t reason with them. And you can’t beat them at their game unless you also become disordered. My tactic has always been quiet disengagement. But when the ascendant political ideology becomes one of disorder - disengagement becomes less of an option. If such people have real power over you - can you really run? I do know one thing. They can not be allowed to set the narrative anymore. They have abused their right to request concessions. Dialogue with them is no longer in the truth-seeking realm. They will exploit good faith and the universal motivation all reasonable people have towards reciprocity. Dialogue with them is now in the realm of war. To wage narrative warfare requires the skill of reframing. They frame everything to put you on the defense. Refuse to play defense. Reframe and put them on the defense. Do not let their narratives stand. And never, ever apologize. Demand reciprocity."

"Weeding out genes that make you susceptible to a certain set of genetically suicidal beliefs is evolution in action."

"Watch the body cam of the Kim Potter situation - the male officer puts the suspect in a light hold, then invites the female ridealong to win her participation trophy. The needless distraction is all the suspect needs to try and bolt. The ridealong then confuses a bright yellow taser for a matte black Glock, and now the male officer can't pull the suspect out of the vehicle again because he'll get shot. I could go on forever about how all the long years of choices we've made have led up to this moment - but why bother?"

"One of the big mysteries of our time is the falling T levels of men. Here's the explanation: Women have converged on going out in public basically naked from the waist down. All day, every day men have to dampen their natural response to sexual stimulus - lower T is the how. The natural response to a woman naked from the waist down isn't 'get her number', it's 'get her horizontal, immediately'."

"Women don't follow men to dating apps - even high status men. Men do follow women to wherever women choose to be approachable. The result is a market that entirely caters to female desire. Tinder didn't fall from the sky, and it wasn't a force of nature. It became the the 'normative place' because it catered to female desire better than any other venue - how could it be any other way? If it was worse, women wouldn't sign up. It doesn't matter if 'most men' hate cold approaches. If women are out there to be cold approached, they'll be cold approached and men will suck it up and do it. Men will go anywhere women are. Men hate clubs too. Men have no bargaining power over the apps - if there's pussy on offer, men will flock to the app. Men don't even end up with what they want in the modern dating market anyway - they want exclusive possession of a number of hot women - they get shared access to multiple women. It's actually pretty miserable. The highest leverage position in the power stack is having socially sanctioned marriage to multiple women. The position below that as far as pure power goes is being a hot woman - because men will always fight over her. Doesn't mean she gets what she wants. The market and the internet will eat away at market friction, so what you're seeing is full hypergamy unleashed because of the process I described above. The only social solution is to restrain women's sexual choice. There's no coomer tech that beats the pull of women - it only exists because of widespread hypergamy. Men who have a real life woman - even an unattractive one - and prefer porn are vanishingly rare barring exceptional circumstances (which are increasingly common)."

"It's a virtually impossible sell to get even right-wing women back to a standard before the 1930s. This is why there's no such thing as a right-wing woman. Coverture is necessary for civilization."

"I was just thinking today about what a 21st century information age justice system really could look like. Bounties for the heads of men the hunter can prove engaged in felonies. Competitive drone coverage and remote kills. Crime would be over in a month."

"You have to get into the mindset of a girl to understand the selfie that makes fun of someone in the background. To be at that level of self-absorbtion is something men will find very hard to comprehend. The whole reason she takes a pic is because she thought that the silly face she was doing made her look cute. But she can't just post some random pic of her making that face, because it would be weird. So she looks around and tries to find something weird going on that would be a good excuse for her to make that face. She can't really see anything, but she sees some guy, and she thinks, 'Maybe I can use the way he's standing as an excuse to take a pic of me making my sexy cute face'. Now the man in the pic looks like a perfectly normal dude who isn't really doing anything weird, but that's not relevant. He was just a prop she could use to further her own vain pursuits. His feelings or even the way he was standing didn't come into the equation at all. It's like when a girl tweets 'When he's 6'4" <3 <3 xD'. She's not thinking of the billions of guys who aren't 6'4" who might get upset about that. She's just thinking about that one 6'4" guy in her class and what she can do to get him to notice her. 'Hmm, maybe he doesn't know he likes me. I know! I'll post a tweet saying I like guys who look like him!' When you start to think inwardly like other people, it becomes easy to understand. Basically, when she posted that pic, the only thing that was going through her mind was, 'I hope people think this face makes me look cute'."

"You mean that whole 'communism' thing was based on a lie and we have to come up with a whole new story?!? That sounds like a lot work - if I wanted to work I wouldn't have signed up for communism in the first place."

"The most important fact about the broad rationality/postrationality community is that almost everyone in it is in the top 1% in intelligence. The biggest blind spot of this community is forgetting to account for this because it's awkward to speak about it. The gap between the average LessWrong reader (139) and the average college professor (115) is larger than the gap between the average professor and the average janitor (92). I don't think it's virtuous for high IQ people to say that 'everyone knows IQ is fake'. 130+ drastically lowers the difficulty setting on life in ways you're often unaware of, like not being constantly targeted by scams, or being able to articulate your thoughts into tweets. It's a privilege, one that's best taken also as an obligation. At the very least, an obligation not to make yourself dumb on purpose, not to surrender your thinking faculties to a mob or an egregore that's dumber and less ethical. Nitpicking why those numbers could be off (by how much? would it matter to the argument?) and then happily going back to imagining that this gap doesn't exist and that all people are just two blog posts away from understanding and sharing our beliefs is being dumb on purpose. It's good and fine for people *outside* the community to mock these numbers and treat them as a weird status claim (it's not, but whatever). It's not good for people in the community who have much more evidence than just one survey number to be willfully blind to this. None of the above is to imply that IQ is or should be a test for entry. No one checks your SAT at the door. If you enjoy reading our stuff, it's for you. If you'd enjoy writing, you should. But 'enjoying this' selects for people who are significant outliers on some traits."

"Women are not capable of meaningfully consenting to sex."

"Noticing derivatives and second derivatives will cure your delusions about the health of the US."

"When you have a lie, you have a uniform; if you have a uniform, you have an army."

"The statement 'If you want women to stop sleeping around, just show them PUAs' is absurdly false cope. Men get together to learn what turns women on. If women find what turns them on repulsive then so what - they're still be turned on by it. The projection is insane - 'I'm horrified by what arouses me' is the real statement here. Example - pure anger at being seen and instinctive highly emotional response intended as averse conditioning to the person who dared to bring up a the thing that made her uncomfortable. Women find the idea of it 'off-putting' - they don't like the idea that the things they find irresistible are predictable and learnable. Gaming your wife is the only way for you and her to be happy - it means be aware of the things she can't control about her emotional reactions."

"Just be normal, and you'll get what's normal. What's normal is horrifying."

"To 'deliberately simulate alpha' in every situation in life is being alpha. Pausing for a second to consider before doing the stronger thing is better than just doing the weak thing by instinct. Virtue is habit."

"Regarding criminals, you still see this in discussions - boomer conservatives have no idea of the world that exists - that society has basically created a game park. 'Oh, but he'll have an arrest on his record and will never be able to get a good job'. Just utterly disengaged from the reality. Sailer says that black people think that it's GTA and that if they escape the cops the heat will simply die down, and what he doesn't understand is that they are right."

"One of the most insane implicit epistemological rules held in deep esteem by the progressive world is this one: 'correlation never implies causation'. It's a word-spell used to dismiss uncomfortable implications where the causation is perfectly clear but politically 'wrong'."

"The best way to make contract tracing work is to go back in time 5 years and develop an extremely aggressive approach to phone scams. Ultimately the best way to stop the pandemic would have been to not destroy all of society and state capacity for the sake of seeing it burn."

"Nature has an impeccable batting average, she always bats last, and she has 300 million years of beta testing to back her up."

"Imagine trusting in the fairness of a showtrial in this society. I'll take the video of the guy bragging over the defense put up by a lawyer who wanted his client to lose."

"Some read a person saying 'Normalize letting women do whatever the hell they want' and think 'Wow this is inspiring'; Others read it and think 'Wow, the horror - that would be the end of civilization'. That is what we have, and it has ended civilization."

"Let me explain Utilitarianism: Sometimes people want an excuse to throw people in front of a trolley, so they invent a 'greater good', so others don't see them as monsters and do what people do to mortal threats to them and their children. The desire to push people in front of trolleys comes first."

"What's the logic behind 'women give bad dating advice'? Simple: Women imagine an attractive man, and then they think of the things they want him to do, rather than considering what makes him attractive in the first place."

"Cooperating with defectors is defecting on cooperators."

"I saw a woman say, 'A husband shouldn't have authority over his wife, the state should'. Once the state does, then all the forces that act on the state are unleashed. 'But what if a husband is bad?' Well, that sucks for you then - should be careful when marrying. The alternative is one where *everyone* is married to the state, which is constantly under the strain of manipulation of procedural outcomes. There's no compromise point. The woman's position there is, 'Well, I want credit for what a perfect state would do (which is act like a perfect husband) and take no blame for how the state *actually* intervenes in marriage'."

"Many men have decided that being a woman is a pathway to higher status. What might that imply in a world where women are hardwired to never want to mate with men they see as beneath them?"

"Boys have been trained from childhood to insane levels of obedience to arbitrary and insane female authority. We live in world where people still believe 'Oh, the Handmaid's Tale is a real danger'. Everything in progressive world is a psyop to make you not see the obvious. Lefty memes are a psyop to let you avoid seeing what you're seeing."

"A woman will go crazy when she sees a man with a wedding ring. It's basic game theory - cognitively less taxing for their 'quality of sperm assessment'-module to work this way. Their brains are optimized to solve all kinds of hard problems that boil down to, 'How do I sort for [x] when every man I'm interested in is higher quality in [x] than I am?"

"The nice thing about making 'guesses' as a leftist is that you never have to check back later to see if they line up with reality and the mainstream press will never bring it up again and so will leave you with your amazingly wrong intuition intact."

"Using a 'prison' as punishment is a crime maximization tool. It does *just* enough that people stop lynching criminals. If it ever reduces crime below that point, can always turn it back up by just releasing criminals - that's always an option. There was a silent replacement of the entire justice system - it used to be that cops had an executive role - would hand out a beating. That was part of the process. Now everything is under official priestly authority - only the official punishments, only when officially approved by official priests. Get a process, get manipulating procedural outcomes. A man policing his neighborhood cared if his family lived in safety or not."

"If you look at the historical record, there were 1297 whites lynched in the US vs 3446 blacks. Considering the massive gap in violent crime rates, they clearly didn't hesitate to lynch whites."

"Men aren't women, women aren't men - slutty women are forever damaged and worthless as brides, men who have been with many women are neither. Male value is what you can do, female value is bound up with sex. Lifelong marriage is the answer and patriarchy is the only way for it to exist. What is 'degenerate' for a woman and for a man are different because women and men are different."

"Women being sexually unrestrained is a horrific emergency to her genes - in her evolutionary background the only times it would have happened is if all her male relatives are dead. That situation is going to prompt her to abandon her tribe if possible."

"Netflix makes globohomo propaganda because it has employees that it can't get rid of who want it to and because if it does otherwise then suddenly it will find itself in trouble with a state that has infinite powers to fuck with it. The solution to this isn't 'tax them more'. All their competitors are also gay because they're under the same pressures from the state and from the infiltrators who enforce ideological conformity because the infiltrators are protected by the state. It's not exactly the government pushing the ideology - it's an egregore that captured the government piece by piece and academia piece by piece and is now doing the same to the military. The egregore uses the power of the state so you can't hurt it by empowering the state. A single leader is absolutely necessary for a healthy state. A large amount of the weak, disgusting horror of state we have now comes down to the fact that everyone in it has responsibility avoidance as their primary motivation. That motive makes men weak and sick."

"If you had Roman dictatorial powers for a day, the only path to success would be using them to ensure that you kept those powers for a second day or passed them to a worthy successor. The problem is purely that we lack coordination and power and the only route to victory is finding a new coherent elite and gaining power."

"In the West, subsidies are vote banking schemes indistinguishable from welfare payments. In Asia, the way you do it is to create a wealth-producing industry that can put money in the pocket of the sponsor. The latter is thought of as the only real corruption by a man conditioned to see cash payments as the only form of corruption. The latter is better seen as 'aligned incentives', but progressives hate the idea of being paid for doing something useful, because it stokes their envy.

There is a wider truth that completely undermines the classical argument for free speech - the 'marketplace of ideas'. Since there's no authority that actually decides, merely informal consensus team signalling dominates. Make noises that look on the surface like an 'argument' but are actually instructions to your team - when everyone knows who's on your team and your team follows the new line. Congratulations, you've hacked consensus as long as your team is sufficiently influential."

"The reason communism is so utterly deranged and evil isn't because Stalin was so terrible (although he was) - it's because Stalin is the *best you can hope for* after a communist revolution."

"The Marxist formula: 'No, you see, you can't try out a pilot program of Marxist management in one place because the magic only works if the entire nation is under communist rule' is a classic formula for arguing why failure proves the need for expanding the original policy."

"The fatal flaw of the Enlightenment is the fact that if someone simply doesn't accept a logical conclusion, then that idea does not win in the 'marketplace of ideas'."

"Reinstate coverture and there won't be an infinite stream of 18-20 year old women looking for a thrill and some easy cash to make infinite porn. 'Live under your father's roof where he has actual authority over you' and him getting massive social pressure against allowing her to do what she wants (instead of the opposite pressure) makes marriage look great to a woman. Coverture means husband over wife, father over daughter until she's married or he gives up on her - but that will be such an obviously bad option that women will not want to take it."

"Remember - you can't break a bunch of eggs unless you convince people you're making an omelette. The part that Progs are really excited for is the harm they get to inflict on the people they're closer to - the part where they pretend it's for someone's benefit is the cover."

"There is a principle: 'If a penalty for a crime is a fine, then that law only exists for the lower class'. There's a core of a good point there, but it has to be changed for today: 'If the penalty for a crime is prison time, then that law only exists for men who value the future'. This is how you get anarcho-tyranny."

"Liberal democracy is bad because of a chain of implications: 1. Politics need teams. 2. Coalitions need gibs. 3. To give gibs you need to take them from someone. 4. To take from someone you need to morally elevate the receiver and denigrate the ones getting robbed. In a diverse country, there's always a group that's less productive and one more productive. Can't have the more productive as clients because there's no way to pay them off. That's it - that's the whole problem, and it's unsolvable."

"The woke are more correct than the center. Socialism *did* enable women to make mating decisions based on sexual selection. Unfortunately they weren't correct about what traits women actually select for when given freedom to do so. Female sexual freedom is a novel phenomenon in evolutionary history only experienced when a woman's male kin are all dead to invaders. Her response is desperate panic and an effort to have a new man take ownership. Not the time for optimizing for quality offspring. Women have been left by evolution with a roundabout set of behaviors to get themselves a man who'll take ownership of her and it boils down to - 'cause trouble until some man makes you stop and only let him make you stop when he acts decisively as an actual husband'."

"Progressive insanity is concealed by being so insane that someone who describes it sounds crazy."

"Teams win conflicts, 'debates' that have stakes are conflicts, so teams win those - not 'arguments'. If you disagree, point out brain size difference by race under your own name. Threats and violence really work - what normies say they believe is mediated by the ego preservation of not thinking themselves cowards. 'I'm not allowed to think X because of the threat of sanctioned extra-legal violence but I'm not a coward so I don't think X of my own free will' is how almost everyone thinks."

"The 'problem' with evolution is that it has the ability to get trapped at local maxima - as long as a solution is good enough, it suffices. Progressivism is strengthened by evolved adaptations to it. Look at criminal justice as an example. The initial state was, cops on beats have personal executive authority. The Progressive attack: Only priestly judicial authority can legitimize punishment. The evolved solution: Cops can use that authority only on a 'suspect' who 'flees' or 'resists'. This evolved solution works for a while but the progressives start getting itchy - there's power out there and people unwilling to defend it. Video cameras in private hands mean *every* incident can be reviewed by priests - the adaptation fails. Why did it fail? Because when the Rodney King case was going on the response wasn't 'Yes, they beat him for punitive reasons and this is required for a functioning society' - it was the good enough, 'Uh, he was resisting'. The 'good enough' is what evolution cares about. The bigger fight was put off for another day and now the good enough has failed utterly - progs watch a woman get shot when literally attempting to plunge a knife into another woman and insist that's not enough justification for a cop exercising executive authority. This pattern is repeated on every progressive advance. Progressives destroy social order, the response is to figure out something progressives haven't gotten around to outlawing and use that to patch up the damage. Meanwhile progressive look at the patch and plan to eat that. Local school boards were an anti-progressive adaptation - now they're in the hands of progressives. Suburbs were an anti-progressive adaptation and there's section 8. Tech companies were anti-progressive adaptations to insane regulation and they're cordycepted. All of those were organic and evolved, and all failed because the only solution is to break the power of the progressive egregore - not try to fix the damage it does."

"Goodhart's Law destroys every system that isn't run by virtuous men with authority. Those men can ask what purpose the system is meant to serve and adjust the rules when they get gamed in an unhealthy way. You need a man to be responsible for a system - not committees that make rules. That man can then override rules that aren't furthering the goals of the system, but it means you need a virtuous man who will use that power to further the system's goals rather than his own."

"No one approved gay marriage, and it was a literal joke a few years before it was legally mandated. No one approves today but fear prevents anyone from being honest - even with themselves. Everyone is disgusted and horrified by it but since it's socially impermissible to react that way people have to pretend to not feel that way because otherwise they have to confront that they've changed their attitude out of fear. It's a pattern that repeats in many areas. Everyone knows what gay men do to boys; everyone looks the other way because they have to; no one wants to see himself as a coward."

"We want stories to teach children that good men triumph. They do, because men who can cooperate really do win over men who backstab each other - which why we want our sons to cooperate. Unfortunately, cooperative men are good at dealing with open aggression and bad at men who fake cooperation. The cultural moment for the country western was when it was important to learn that cooperation beats defecting. It's past, because no one openly defects any more - they defect and accuse you of defecting. They defect and deny that they defected. They defect and say you deserve it. That's why the country western genre is dead. The need it filled needs to be filled by a new genre that shows cooperative men identifying and defeating men who fake cooperation."

"The woke are right about basically everything where their mainstream opponents are wrong. Being on time IS whiteness. Paying your debts IS whiteness. Valuing open debate IS whiteness. The security hole in whiteness is 'I don't care who he is as long as he gets the job done'. It works great when the borders of your land prevent enemy entry because in that situation 'anyone' is going be a fellow citizen. With porous borders that admit enemies, this breaks down."

"People who believe that theft and arson is okay just because 'the victims are insured' is just hunter-gatherer mentality, where stores full of stuff are just trees bursting with fruit that sprung up naturally."

"You haven’t really understood the difference between men and women until, as a man, you’re just hanging out with your buddies and some woman approaches and asks, with earnest incredulity, how you guys get along so well. The idea that men are scared of emotion or can’t be vulnerable, even with their best friends (who they are more open with than anyone else) is a libtard misdirection of the fact that, actually, it’s the language of homosexuality that has wounded male friendship."

"Women are extremely cowardly if you judge them as men - so much so that the idea is so alien to us that we judge them on a separate scale."

"There's a certain type of problem where it's very difficult to get the answer but very easy to validate it. Problems like this are extremely useful tools. Cryptocurrencies use them to create new blocks. Women use these type of problems to test her man - they're called shit tests. Humor shares that. Another sexed homonym (word that is spelled and pronounced the same that means something entirely different when applied to the different sexes) - 'He/she has a good sense of humor'. For a man? 'Makes me laugh'. For a woman? 'Laughs at my jokes'. Women good at x - can quickly check solutions to see if they work. Men good at x - can create solutions that work."

"Batman fights crime by fighting criminals - which is absurd, as is easily illustrated by present-day San Francisco - criminals are protected by the system. Zorro's ultimate enemy was a corrupt governor. Batman goes out and beats up shoplifters - the result isn't the reopening of Walgreens in San Francisco - the result is that the entire USG finds his hideout and drops JDAMs on it for daring to injure their pets. Batman would have to go out and beat up... the city council - same result. Batman should address the root causes of crime - progressives that promote crime. If he's driven to stop crime, that is. If there were leopards prowling the tunnels and train cars of the subway it would be much more productive to beat up the people who *put them there* rather than fighting the leopards themselves."

"Batman is also Bruce Wayne. The actual solution is that Bruce Wayne needs to be Duke of Gotham - how to get there is a *very* hard problem to solve. Clearly some steps that shouldn't be written about would be necessary for Batman to take in the fictional world he lives in. The problem is that there's simply no loyalty any more - 'Not one man alive commands the fighting loyalty of 5 men' - even military commanders are just cogs. The important part is to build loyalty. I think a big portion of the problem is that society's upper ranks are supposed to have priests, merchants and warriors and we simply don't have any warriors. Our military is a merchant / priest blend in the officer class, and as a society anything resembling warrior loyalty is quashed immediately. Which means you have no way to appeal to men to make them loyal - are you going to buy loyalty? In currency that can be literally printed at will by USG? You're going to promise them spiritual holiness when the churches are undermined?

'Batman' would have to be some Delta operator who had a band and they turn into bandits as the system broke down then discover that they need a religion to hold themselves together and come to us for it. But it seems like the system will stop producing operators before it breaks down enough that operators are a threat. I really really enjoyed Batman v Superman but it bothered me that Batman didn't have like a team of loyal men - but that really is forbidden territory to even mention - film language-wise it turns him into a villain because there's a cultural taboo against it. I think that's how it would have to work. There are a few historical precedents for it - basically how every European kingdom formed after the fall of the Roman empire. Local provincial officials / land owners provided justice, Rome just stops paying them, they work out how to make their territory pay. Mafia is another example - providing a trusted forum for dispute resolution and protection. "

"One of the trends on tiktok right now is 'POV: ' and whenever women make those vids the 'POV' shot is focused on her. Either they don't know what 'POV' means, or their own internal POV is always seeing herself from the outside: i.e., through some man's eyes. Women live to be perceived."

"Comparing expertise as a scientific researcher to exptertise as a chess grandmaster is insanely wrong, because in the former, there's no feedback between 'being right' and getting promoted. This is the key element that makes rating systems accurate."

"Upon its decline it was said that 'though Rome rules the world, women now rule Rome'. This same pattern of female emancipation can be found at the collapse of every single empire."

"Progressive culture is utterly horrified by authority so all institutions have distributed decision making. We have put so many women in decision making roles that institutions are now acting like wives of a husband who failed too many shit tests. Collapse for no rational reason - a society-wide Salem Witch Trials."

"The Bolsheviks knew what a disaster their rule was going to be. That's why they slaughtered the Tsar and his family. Simple game theory - make sure there's no alternative Schelling point to rally behind - have everyone ambitious spend effort rising in the new regime."

"The Prog will tell you that 'Back in the day, women were socialized into accepting subjugation, subservience, weakness, financial dependence, and abuse as a way of life'. Remove the value judgements from those words and leave them with their bare content and she's right, and it did work to keep marriages together - which is about the best thing your society can do. Women act as if they want to escape not because they want to escape but because they want to see that their man is strong enough to stop her. Suppose your wife walks out the door because she finds you to be 'abusive', even though you're not - I'm not going to suggest you do anything against the law, but some women will put her man in a position where the action she requires to reassure her is illegal."

"The actual difference between porn of the 70s and of today is this: only weird loser women would do porn in the 70s. Porn is a symptom of social collapse - the women doing it should nearly all be married. You're not going to fix society by removing the cameras from what women are doing through their teens and twenties. Think about a woman going into porn in the 70s - 90% of her high school classmates are married - she's a weird outlier. Compare to today - some girl goes to Vegas for a weekend and decides to make a few bucks because it's a 'fun adventure' like the rest of her life - not an outlier."

"The female mind recoils from seeing itself exposed. Even the wise one needs a salve - 'this applies to all women except you, babe' - until she hits menopause, then she can see it."

"What liberals thought they saw when they watched the unedited video of George Floyd isn't even correct. That's far worse 'information ecosystem damage' than merely a deepfaked video. They saw video exoneration of someone convicted of murder and didn't even notice. If they weren't sure who to believe about knee-on-neck being a blood choke or air choke or not a choke at all, they could actually test it out - it doesn't take much equipment, just another person who has two legs. The New York Times almost never directly lies - yet its readers somehow wind up with the impression that many false things are actually true. Who would give up this power just to merely lie?"

"In a civilized society, George Floyd would have been hanged, in public, after his first robbery. Not the clean drop hanging - the traditional slow way, while making sure youths are in attendance and watching. Does such a thing work in deterring further crimes by others? Yes - which is why progressives oppose it. Notice the direction of the trend with crime as more and more progressive 'anti-crime' measures are used (which mostly amount to them ending the use of traditional, actual anti-crime measures). If you only look at the 'crime rate', you will massively understate the crime *problem*, because people move out of areas where the state's ethnic militia lives. The crime problem is measured by taking the actual crimes added to the implied costs of all the abandoned buildings in cities like Detroit. Either you live in a society that executes him and men like him, or in one that actively protects him and men like him from upstanding citizens who would... execute him and men like him. You want to live in a society where he's free to live on crime as long as you don't have to see it or deal with it, and police come and put him in a box for a while so we can all feel like we don't approve the crime wave we unleashed on our lessers? Sorry, that's not just and it's not stable."

"If your woman gives you a slap, then either she really deeply needs a demonstration of direct masculine energy and is provoking it, or has utterly lost respect for her man as a man, and is resorting to extreme measures to see if she can get him to reverse that. Women don't get angry over events - she gets angry about assessments of her man, and hangs that anger on an event. Men get angry about events. 'You Are' versus 'You Did'."

"Everything is biological, including an urge to display wealth versus an urge to build wealth - provisioning vs mating. 'Wealth Gap' is saying the same thing as 'Bling Gap' but in reverse."

"Strip clubs exist partly because men like looking at attractive women with no clothes on, but mainly because it's a place where normal men can go and be treated like they treat women. It's fine that women don't understand men. The only women who really understand men are hookers and strippers, and both weaponize that understanding. This is the flip side of 'dating is sex work by men paid for by women with sex' - men are shielding women from understanding."

"Does it matter if a communist is supposedly a genius and another is an idiot, if they end up with the same result on everything? What is this 'great scholarship' they're doing if it results in the exact same outcome as a dim-wit? 'Oh, that guy is a great engineer but he builds bridges that collapse because he belongs to a bridge-collapse cult'."

"Dropping atomic bombs on cities isn't even in the same league in destructiveness as allowing progressives a foothold. Just look at a photo of Hiroshima and Detroit from 1944, 1945, and today. Even the dumpiest photo you could find of Hiroshima demonstrates how much better it is than the nicest places in American city. If you see a rusty coin-operated kid's ride - in a US city, it would be stolen for the coin box."

"Violent crime is often about mating - not directly, but in the sense that a man making a spectacle of himself as violent in public is a challenge to men around him - 'Can they force him to stop? Will they force him to stop?' - if not, he controls space. The status from controlling space carries over and leads to escalation - every day is a war of all against all. People know this instinctively - they engage in primate fear behavior - averting eyes, looking down, making postures smaller, etc. The standard thinking is that this naturally leads to stationary banditry - some biggest man dominates territory, things are peaceful and he collects his tribute. However, if it's about lek-style mating this phase shift never happens. The point of it is the show, the disorder. This can settle into a very unpleasant long-term equilibrium as long as food keeps getting shipped into the area. This is also not formal. You can't formally charge and try someone with 'dominating public space' - 'disturbing the peace' is an attempt at it. So really it comes to a question of 'кто кого?' (who whom?) - who will dominate public space. Police dominating public space or (even better) assisting upstanding men in their domination of public space leads to better societies that are more conducive to human flourishing. Now, if you're less ready for the Nietzschean view you can go with the bloodless 'policy view'. Violent criminals are overwhelmingly low IQ, high time preference people - sporadic negative reinforcement (occasional arrest, some jail time) is actually training them to commit crime. The lag time between punishment and action, the fact that many times they get away with crime before getting caught (for example, in 'bail charity' programs only 20% of the released criminals get caught again - meaning a tiny % of crime leads to an arrest) - removes the connection. A watchful cop who knows who the potential troublemakers are and keeps an eye on them doesn't let it get that far, he threateningly talks to young troublemakers - something men are wired to understand. Someone steps out of line, he catches a beating - not the worst thing in the world but it sends a powerful message. If someone is overwhelmed in a fight, he's totally at the mercy of the man who beat him - very powerful message that corrects behavior and reinforces hierarchy. This can happen very infrequently and have a massive effect - someone is 'scared straight' basically for life. This is where the term 'hardened criminal' comes from - the idea that some few men are past that point - now for them you'll need courts and formal punishments. Overall the system can and would function with far less brutality because the brutality is applied correctly and in accord with human nature. Our current system is an inhuman mess because it is terrified of investing authority in individual men. 'Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?' (who watches the watchmen?) The alternative is procedural outcomes - the machine gets inputs and objectively assesses them, spits out outputs - 'jail term, x years' - nothing about it is natural and the results are a disaster - especially when there are people who live to manipulate procedural outcomes. Ultimately, no one watches the watchers and checks their methods but people can look at the results and decide how well the watchers have been doing their jobs. Contrast with our system - power concealment is everything - even people inside the system aren't in charge - no one is. So the system spits out worse and worse outcomes and everyone follows their own individual incentives for holiness and the results get worse but no one is responsible for those. All compounded by the fact that different groups have different levels of criminal inclination. Nothing holier in 21st century America than trying to recapture the frantic energy of the Civil Rights movement - you too can be the hero of the story you've heard since childhood."


"Don’t worry. If you just give up your right to keep and bear arms they’ll stop hating you and totally respect your other rights."

"Life without fear is a luxury provided by men with guns."

"There's a lot of support among leftists for making sure I can't speak, but that doesn't keep me from trusting that they'll respect my rights after I disarm!"

—Kurt Schlichter, @KurtSchlichter

"The issue of mental illness in context of mass shootings is complicated (despite shooters generally being thoroughly screwed up in the head) by the commitment on the woke left that mental illness - being a term of sympathy - is reserved for victim-coded people"

"If you're into Nietzsche, i assume that whatever you spend your time attacking is something you want to see get stronger. Instead, Generously Affirm your opponent - 'Yes, your point is true, but here is why the consequence is not what you think,' or reverse engineer the truth to your benefit."


"The intellectual market can stay irrational longer than you can stay ungulaged."

"Public intellectuals and psychologists say that the best explanation for the good old days is a bad memory, that the 2-digit inflation and unemployment made everything bad. But back then, literally every woman was slim, and every blue collar schmo had one wifed up at age 22. Sounds like paradise."

"The deepest fonts of wisdom in our times are obscure Twitter personalities. And being among the few contemporaries plugged into them, you have access to a power, a great advantage."

"There are no more than maybe 10 nationalities whose people don't gratuitously, compulsively lie. Those nationalities are called Protestants."

"Don't underestimate the difficulty of the task before us. Some people still believe Michelle Obama is female."

"Willingness to concede even an inch on gun-control is still maybe the most efficient filter for identifying political outgroup."


"Sites like Buzzfeed are also good at what they do, from a clickbait point of view: nobody knows how to generate hysteria and retweets better than a female mid-20s English lit grad."


"Politics is like a bowl of piss, but instead of a bowl, it's a plate. Politics is like a plate of piss, but the amount of piss you imagined when you thought it was a bowl."

"Women lie to you because they know that people like you just take everything they say at face value, which gives them social dominance over you. They might be lying to themselves and not-know-what-they-really-want, but the far more likely explanation is that they are lying to you because you are a rube.

If it helps, try to consider any expression made about 'how men ought to be and act' to instead be about 'what the men-that-everyone-else-ends-up-with should be like (but I'm always the exception)'. 'Men should be X, because that's what other bitches deserve, I'll keep the good one for myself'. It's called intrasexual competition, don't look it up. You are reading her statement as if it was conversation, and it is not. It is a political move. It is an action, not communication. It is disguised as language to distract you so that you don't notice, so that you get caught up in this exact problem of trying to make sense of it. There is zero content of what she actually thinks about the man, or how men ought to be. Calling him weak and pathetic is as much a lie as saying men ought to be [whatever]. It is empty political posturing and you are reading too much into it. It's nonsense."

"The sexuality and gender debacle, people endlessly obsessing over their sexual identity and how the whole thing is fashionable now, is a product of the average midwit University student coming into contact with the epistemological crisis inherent to positivism and modernity, and reducing that enormous existential catastrophe to a single area, compartmentalizing it psychologically to lighten the cognitive load. As in, in our philosophy of science we have no satisfactory definition for 'knowledge', but to avoid dealing with this fundamental problem in all its imposing terror, I will instead think about, my dick and balls. It is in this way literally a fetishization of existential terror itself. Don't feel too holy about it though - we're all dealing with it, we just cope in different ways. Ideally without resorting to fetishization and actually working directly to solve the epistemological problem, but let's be honest. You probably only do that most of the time."

"Star Wars movies 7 through 9 represent the retreat into presexual awareness. Awakening to sexual reality is traumatic for women. Realizing that innocent friendly childish relationship with boys is now forever impossible, because you have something they will never turn down, if you offered it. There is a loneliness in this, a disconnection from the earlier, immediacy of your social sphere. It is tragic that boys weren't your real friends, but that they had a secret agenda (this is how it feels, it is emotional reality). So the new Star Wars is just Star Wars For Girls. It's not 'badly written', it's just literally what it says on the package."

"When David Hume said 'you can't infer from an is to an ought', he meant never listen to women."

"Men who get obsessed with women chop them up into little pieces. Women who get obsessed with women chop them up into little pieces, but emotionally instead of physically."

"The real question is: Why are you taking her at her word? She's lying. It's a provocation. You fell for it. Or rather, it's not so much actively lying as it is that she doesn't care whether it's true or not, at all, on any level. It's not a consideration. The concept does not exist anywhere inside her. It's a nonissue, it's unarticulated, it's just not there. It's not a relevant variable. It's purely mechanical. You must learn to see this. 'Why would she say something so preposterous, and clearly wrong, and clearly a lie?' Because she doesn't care. You care. This is called social adaptability tactics in action. An easier way to imagine it, probably, is if you imagine her as having no soul, no inner life, no cognition, no thoughts, no language, complete zombie. Completely empty and vapid. Nothing, zilch. Now imagine that person saying this thing - there you have it, you are beginning to see."

"No fap November is a conspiracy to make people vote Republican, because once you don't cum for 1 day you stop being gay and retarded."

"It's no use whining about people just functioning entirely as proxies with no true personal agency and just repeating things they've been told by television and cool influencers online. No follow-up, it's just no use."

"The problem we're having is that the current iteration of the internet is inherently feminine, and what is expressed and understood as neutral, 'cultural' issues, are a product of everyone being forced within inter-female discourse, something we don't quite yet have a word for. It's difficult to express the problem exactly, because it's a confusion between what is 'concrete' and 'real', and what is 'ethereal' and 'psychological', which we don't have a set dictionary for expressing without the statement being equally difficult. Basically, if you can imagine such a thing, all of the real world, external from all psychological judgements and so-on, now takes place within a bubble of inter-female communication, what we perceive and treat as a cultural artifact, is - for lack of a better term - a 'Gossip'. We musn't understand these things as 'trying to adopt woke blah blah blah'. It's not a political statement. The content of the message is entirely superfluous, and it cannot be understood literally - because that's not the point. It doesn't matter whether a given thing is true or false, the only thing that matters is the impact - emotional for lack of a better term - you have on *other women*. That's what all 'post-modernism' is, what everything boils down to. Paradigms as 'true/false' or 'accurate'inaccurate', etc, are, 'whether true or not, whether better or not, whether more useful or not', inapplicable. I'm not saying this to *convince* you - convincing is also a useless paradigm. We are currently, because of the iPhone and the design philosophies of the entire 'app' structure, *always-already* within Gossip. There is no way of escaping this, if you interact with any 'cultural artifact', because it is built right into the structure that enables it. Furthermore, it is for this reason that the only true political question of the day is the Women Question. We are presented with a world that is within the female weltanschau, and the reason everything is stupid and doesn't make sense and irritates you, is because you are being incentivised to think like a woman. The internet makes you gay, and it's a feature, not a bug. Imagine you don't care about whether anything you say is true or not. Imagine that isn't even a real thing to you, it's beyond consideration, it's so unreal that you haven't ever even heard about it, and you could imagine it if you tried. Grok this mindset. Ellen Page doesn't care about whether she's trans or whatever, she cares *only* that it's efficient towards some end, which is opaque and unknown to us. Presumably someone in her personal life annoyed her somehow and this is somehow getting one over on her, by being more hip or whatever. It's not that she's 'lying for attention' - lying as a concept doesn't exist, she's just, 'for attention'. 'Fake News' wasn't only 'coined by Hillary Clinton', it's literally the most ancient form of the female mindset. Donald Trump and perspectivism and relativism didn't kill 'objective truth and certainty', forcing all human cognition to take place within-interfemale-gossip did. 'It's only as true as it is useful'. This is why I say that all advertisement is 'towards women', the 'intended reader' for all advertisement is a woman. And thanks to the structure of internet-mega-companies - whose entire business is built on shaky, inflated, add-revenue models - is that literally everything is an ad. 'Read my blog, subscribe to my etc etc'. You know why 10 years of owning the libs online did absolutely nothing and CIA World Order is stronger than ever? You thought you were playing 'Truth or Dare', when you were playing 'Gossip', and you don't even know the rules."

"The phrase 'believe women' literally just means, 'replace the rules of your legal system with the rules of Gossip'."

"It's tragic to me that you can't see that your response is a case-in-point example of what I'm saying - not caring about whether something is true or not, so it's not really that you're too stupid to see it - it's that you don't care. Assuming 'best intentions' and that 'everyone is trying to find the truth' and such things are wrongheaded. This idea that people are prime-rational and that their rational mind is their core identity, this is all false. We musn't identify with rationality. She could never in a million years be convinced, because that's not the game that's being played. The game is one of powergames, influence, intimidation - in a simplified sense, 'who can make the other feel most ashamed, first'. To respond with a gif in this way - if we assume a traditional, modernistic sense of humans as rational agents - would mean being literally insane. There is absolutely nothing that can be gained from this. Is she insane? The trap is accepting this conclusion. When we are faced with 'insanity' and 'irrationality' as the only possible explaining factors for social phenomena, this is most often a sign that our premises are wrong. Maybe the game is ' who can trick who into caring the most'. Because while traditionally left-brained 'truth-value' curiosity about what's 'true' and 'accurate' isn't real to her, 'who cares the most' is extremely real. I think this is probably a better word for it than 'emotional impact' and other such. Those terms are understood from a materialist / modernist framework in the first place. And this social game is not exactly within that framework, and must be understood as a total paradigm shift. Literally worlds apart. 'Caring' doesn't seem to have this defintion or semantic weight. I think on the technological side of things, this ties-in mechanically to technological alienation qua Kaczynski. The reason these patterns have emerged and are repeated on a grand scale is because technology alienates and sparates one from being. One's being is generated through the mutual recognition of The Other, and [market forces] and [inflation of recognition currency] results in a greater market demand for 'Recognition'. Hegelian mutual recognition of itself as self through recognising itself in the other, though that's a bit wordy. *Because* technology alienates, 'caring' is valued higher than before, *because* having The Other Care is a guarantee of my being. 'If God wasn't real, it would be necessary to invent him' plus Nietzchean Death of God equals The invention of the smartphone and surveillance society. With Being no longer guaranteed by a supreme God in materialist scientism, in modern understanding, it is necessary to have a camera observe you. And the wall we keep bashing our heads against is that, despite our best efforts at reverse-engineering God-as-the-ultimate-observer, technologically or socially, not even if I were to have every single human being Watch and Care about me at once, it would not be enough. But doing away with a materialist interpretation of the world is unacceptable - or, you don't know how to do it, or you simply choose not to out of fear, because it feels like doing away with the world, which is a kind of death. Basically, this is where you should start reading Kierkegaard. Anyways, this competition over Caring is a waste of time - because even if you win, it's never enough, and it doesn't even really sate you momentarily. It's all a mirage. It only makes you further dependant on the game, functions by drug logic: 'chasing the dragon' is a myth. You never actually had fun on drugs, you always felt like crap, you took the drugs exactly to feel like crap, and you have just deluded yoruself after-the-fact into thinking otherwise. She's not 'trying to portray her own lack of understanding as somehow good-actually, because she's narcissistic and ideologically compromised and trying to redefine weakness as strength' or something - she's just being a bitch, and there is no 'because'. It's an end-in-itself. Never try to explain. Never try to understand. Never make excuses. Fox only. Final Destination."

"I don't think that anyone set out to create the environment of Gossip, I think they set out to maximize for advertisement and accidentally stumbled into it. And it just so happens to mirror instrasexual female competition, somewhat. Advertising as an industry and theory, in my view, is basically PUA 0.5, it's deliberately trying to exploit social and behavioral weaknesses in human beings, making a science of exploiting weakness and evolutionary blind spots. And the reason we're at where we're at, culturally, is that all culture now takes place in an environment (the internet) that is fundamentally built on advertising bucks. It seeps in from every direction."

"He asks me to let him submit while retaining his honor. To say 'good game' and shake hands and agree that we are now equals, having won respect from each other. He offers me this in a gamble that he may yet win his true goal: that I admit that he's cool. Because he thinks I'm cool."

"America is already a dead republic. The thing is already dead. It's already tyrannical, it has been for at least 50 years. All this whining about 'restoring trust in the system' on both sides is just an elaborate memorial ritual, and that is what 'elections' will be for a while. If you have Dave Rubin and classical liberals on your side, reconsider where you're at. I'd be catty and sarcastic about it, but I can't make it snappy, so basically - it doesn't matter what you take to the Supreme Court, because you are still going to have to live in the world. And no matter what the Courts decide happened, zero people will change their minds. I'm not saying don't do it - by all means, I think realpolitiks is cool. I'm just saying, don't get too excited about returning things to normal. You don't even know how normal things are about to get."

"Martial law? Oh, you mean law. If you're not talking about martial law, then it's not a law - it's a suggestion. All parliamentarism will inevitably tend towards military dictatorship, because it is explicity the rule of law favored over the rule of man."

"The basic idea of a superhero is a man who can sin without being damned - but despite this, chooses not to. Or, if you don't like that framework, it's a man who can freely indulge in his every appetite without becoming a slave to his passions - but chooses not to."

"Just like dating apps are a good thing for teaching you how to treat women (disengaged and bored and unimpressed) which you are then supposed to use in your actual flesh life, so is social media to confrontation - you just double down and don't admit to their premises. Even if they are right about what they are saying, you will absolutely never lose because in the real world, everyone is a coward."

"The reason you cannot set up a unified girl theory, a universal theory of what women want etc, is that it presupposes that they are rational agents, that there is a shared fundamental framework, and that they aren't all insane. 'Women like a b and c, women chose partners based on x z y parameters', this is all horseshit. It's abstracting to a mean, which is so abstracted from so many outlying datapoints, that the linear correlation is meaningless, and you have better odds at finding one who doesn't follow the mathematical rule you've set up to represent the entire dataset, than one who does. 'Women want you to be rich and tall and if you're this rich you can be this short, and if youre this short you have to be this rich to make up for it' - okay cool but have you considered that they are all insane?"

"It's a moral grey area to give people unsolicited advice, but if you give all people the same advice, over and over again, you seek out people to give the same advice to, while acting cocky and disinterested and above it all about it, then you're actually just talking to yourself and constantly looking for an opportunity to affirm something to yourself that you are insecure about."

"The psychoanalytical reading of Wittgenstein is that rather than being the greatest philosopher of all time who wanted to understand language, he was a severely autistic man who was trying to understand games/fun, and had to solve all of philosophy in the process of doing so. And he succeeded."

"Say what you will about ten years of resources spent on worldwide race propaganda by the left, trying to educate me about privilege - If it wasn't for them, I would have never realized that all black women want to fuck me."

"The most important thing is that you don't humiliate your parents out of resentment for having failed to raise you, yet expecting certain levels of behavior from you, just like they did their parents. Break the cycle. That being said I am *thinking* about saying 'well you should have raised me better and not left me to my own devices and just hoped for the best when I was 15 and only established a father-son relationship ten years later' when my father says something that hurts my feelings. I just don't think you should actually do it."

"Communism is, at base, the notion that you can use violence to enforce Christian love and neighbourliness. Fascism is, at base, the notion that you can use violence to enforce whatever you want."

"Let me explain an example of how female-speak works practically to obscure and prevent solutions in cultural dialogue: Abortion. Some people are for it and some people are against it, right? No. No one is for abortions, and no one is for the right to choose, this is all just advertisement-speak. The concept of terminating a pregnancy is self-evidently 'bad' in an ultimate sense, on a gut feeling, moral intuition level. The disagreement political is not about 'whether you should be able to do it anyway' or whether it's actually neutral. This is to take advertisement-Gossip at face value. The motivating factor in Gossip is always, intrasexual competition and games of social dominance and humiliation. Here is what a woman is thinking: 'I am for a woman's right to choose, but not because I want an abortion. I am never going to have one - even if I already had one, even if I'm currently pregnant and want one, on a motivational level, I am not the issue. All other women are. And they should definitely have one. Because on an instinctual, gut feeling, moral intuition level, this lowers their social standing, and elevates mine, comparatively. I am for the normalisation of abortions, not because I actually want people to not be ashamed, but because I know they are currently ashamed, and talking about it, being for it, reminds them, that they are currently ashamed, which lowers their value and elevates mine, comparatively. I don't want to win, I just want you to play my game. Winning and losing is not the game. the paradigm is wrong.' This is also how creeps adopting leftist talking points successfully intimidate women into sex, they intuit that you can use shame to bully particularly confused women into anything. Political discussion on the topic goes nowhere because you take the advertisement at face value. Do not take it at face value, deduce and assume their motivations, as a gentleman would. Don't you see? they're just lying. This is universally applicable to literally any subject."

"Most people have never had a single thought about how any one particular event in history relates to any other in any sort of 'big picture' cohesive way. It's all just 'Hey this reminds me of TV'. No interest in 'How does this event relate to this other event', no drive towards piecing things together. Just the simplest monkey pattern recognition this-shape-goes-in-this-hole stuff."

"Looking at the latest in novels, art, films and music at the end of Western civilization is like picking through cigarette butts for one with a puff left."

"If you don't put a baby inside a woman, a demon will take up residence instead."

"You know how it seems like everyone’s going insane all the time, and people are miserable and acting like rats in a cage and monkeys in captivity? Hyperactive, anxious, feeling trapped, trapped like a rat, irritated, inflamed, in perpetual fight-or-flight, flipping out and causing a ruckus? You know how everyone feels like they have to 'save the world', by recycling and sorting their garbage, or saving water or joining BLM protests or by making little girls believe in themselves, or by being a mythological hero on an archetypical hero’s journey of self realization and actualization? What do all these have in common? People are trying to save the world. Everyone is trying to save the world. The world is going nuts. it’s the end of days. Cyper-dystopian marxism is turning the environment into warm ozone, melting New Zealand. We’re living in like a bad trashy post-pulp meta-story that’s ironic and snarky, where every disaster and conspiracy theory is true, and the world is ending not from one big catastrophe, but from all of them at once. The world is a mess right now, and people are very angry. I propose that the explanation for this is from having to 'imagine too many faces'. From being forced to imagine bigger numbers than the average human mind is comfortable with. The average human can't contend with a very large Dunbar's number - and the average human being can deal with abstractions and mathematics very well. Literally 100% of all people don't understand statistics. Most people don’t understand percentages - because 100 is too high a number for them. People live in very very very small worlds, compared to the size of the 'world'. It is a cruelty to demand of them to contend with all of it all at once, all of the time. This is what being-within-media, today, is doing to you. In the human mind, there are various categories, which are more or less 'a priori', in the blood. One of these is 'home': 'safe, nest, rest, family'. Another is 'town' or 'kingdom', which is the 'civilized world', the part ruled by mankind and not the other way around. And then outsdie that, there may be other kingdoms, but these are of little psychological interest. What's interesting is the 'and everything else' category, which I think about as 'borderlands', no-man's-land, wild nature. The stuff that falls outside of categorization, the unsettled space between kingdoms, where no one rules, where nature and God and demons live. It is easier to imagine this as eternal than to imagine it as some kind of loop, like a round earth. And we in the 'globalized' world, knowing the earth is round, our baseline psychological 'map' of the world is left without one of the crucial categories that make up our psyche. We psychologically lack this notion of the wild in-between no-man's-land, the lawless space - because there is no 'edge of the map' that just 'goes on forever'. Why are we all trying to save the world? Which world - the Big World, or the small world? We are driven to save the world because we intuit that there is something terribly wrong. Regardless of whether the world 'actually is' round or not, it is pathological to believe it is. Flat earth theory is a terrible theory, with very poor predictive power. It does not explain shadows or calendars or the movement of the stars as well as other theories. But it is an excellent praxis."

"I dreamt about someone I was in conflict with telling me they were not Christians, and in retrospect I interpret that dream to be Jesus giving me the green light to spaz out and drive the merchants out of the temple, of their hearts."

"Women my own age are so stupid and childish and narcissistic that I feel like a disgusting pedophile regardles, so I might as well grab an 18 year old who you could still educate a little bit so she wont turn out like a dumb cunt."

"If you get the chance and opportunity to do it safely I think you should jab any politician who is currently working against us."

"You should not read the classics 'because you want to use it to better your life', instrumentalising it towards some goal, some practical purpose, 'being cool', or 'being a better man'. And it is not a cliched 'you should read it for its own sake' - it is much more specific than that. You should read the classics if spending time with dead people is a better use of your time and potential, than socialising with the people around you - either according to your flaws, or theirs. It is always preferable to live, to take action, to be with the people around you. And even 'reading the classics' should only be done always as a last resort. There is no nobility in it, and it should be a shameful thing to you, that you have to do it, that it is necessary. Writing is the same way - you must only write if you have no other option, no way out, if you absolutely must. And then, you must write as little as possible."

"The concept of 'kink', this entire pseudo-phenomena and resurgence of sado-masochism, is an expression of a generation of fatherless daughters attempt to square the circle of their own female nature, without any guidance. As boys lacking initiation into manhood try to recreate a mode of being from the ground up and become unintentional caricatures, so too do women."

"To engage in genuine sex, to give yourself over to someone, the traumatic exposure and reflection of yourself, closeness and intimacy, is exchanged for 'personal integrity', personal ownership of the self, of the ego. At best, in this state, sex is mutual masturbation. it is more troublesome for women - they have a harder time of it. even their most trusted friends are also competitors. For years we asked, is it really possible for a man and a woman to be friends? The real question is - is it possible for anyone, even women, to be friends with women? The answer is, 'not in the sense that we commonly use the word friendship'."

"Feminists all act like there's some giant orgy happening tomorrow and if you speak against feminism, then you're uninvited."

"I think we are at a point today where you can't just be courteous to people as a general rule, like 'until proven otherwise'. I think you should not be courteus to people without directly experienced evidence to their character. You can do that in a high trust environment where there are commonly shared premises. That's not what we have here. I'm not saying to be a dick to people, but I am saying don't make sacrifices, don't be courteous, don't go out of your way for people. Reciprocity is the name of the game, and in any place touched by this monster, it cannot be taken for granted."

"It's very difficult to create something beautiful when you have cumbrained hipsters in your ear telling you to follow the hysterical cultural mandates of deranged perverts all day."

"You're stuck in a PhD program and it's going nowhere? Quit. I don't care what you're studying. Probably something stupid. Quit, get a job. What good is your PhD gonna do anyone? What's that gonna help anyone? What practical use is it going to have to any one living person? It's bullcrap. Quit. Get a job, become a janitor. Cut your hair, get a job, nut in a woman. Just do it. Start today. This isn't some ironic joke, I am being extremely serious and 100% sincere. Quit."

"Technocrats want to design themselves out of the need for virtue in man: Rather than that you should do a certain thing because it is good, they want you to do it because it tickles your penis, and will install penis tickle machines across the globe."

"I am not 'brave' for opposing the tyrannical regime. I am 'autistic'."

"When attempting to acertain someone's motivations for doing a certain action, always remember: Power is its own justification. 'Why would Australia put people in camps that are formally to protect them as a punitive measure for breaking some other kind of rule, or being rude, or whatever?' Answer: power is its own justification. because they have the camps, because they can. It's skin deep, you don't gotta go looking for connections and stuff. There's a bunch of other stuff going on as well, sure, but really most of this stuff is just, because they can, because you let them. The actions are not directed towards some ideological goal, it's just power. They have no principles. Power is steering the clown car."

"You have to write, that's about it. It's not about preventing disaster, disaster already happened and its way way too late to do anything about it. It's not 'too late to do anything about it, with [it] happening at some unspecified point in the future', you are not falling towards the ground and 'bracing for impact'. You have already hit the ground, it already happened, it's over. It's not 'blackpilling about the future', because it's not about the future. What you think is in the future is stuff that already happened and you are playing catchup. The apocalypse already happened, we are fully 100% within post apocalypse, post collapse. And what you have is an option to get started before the normies notice, which is the thing that's 'at some unspecified point in the future'."

"Being a man is essentially about doing a thankless job. you are alone, but if you work really really really really really hard you can make sure a couple of other people aren't and that they will have a good time. It's a grading scale, and the man at the top is perfectly alone. In an ideal world those couple of guys is your wife and children, maybe extended family, something like that. You bust your ass but kind of 'in secret', no one really knows about it. You slave away in the bullshit mines shoveling shit. You have a secret bullshit mine no one knows about and you shovel shit every day for 14 hours, and you can't tell anyone about it, and everyone thinks youre just lazing around on the couch, they will treat you like you are, and you can never ever tell them about the mine. You have been cursed by a witch to shovel shit forever in a secret bullshit mine, and if you fucking haul ass and work overtime, you can make sure that 2-3 people occasionally smile. That's what being a man is like. And if you complain about it even once, the shit turns into quicksand and you drown in shit."

"Women are perpetual neurotisism machines and they just generate frustration all day, and they dont really mean to be annoying, they just generate this evil force of pure undiluted metaphysical chaos in their hearts all day. If you just talk to them a bit (enforce order on their unstructured being) that helps them out and they feel better and they stop being annoying."

"You have to remember that every person you meet is a huge coward. And if you have any gumption, any justice, any strength, anything inside you at all, you are their leader. Anything you think they are making you feel is not actually that feeling, but your own guilt and responsibility to control them."

"Women made me the man I am today. They will rue the day."

"Statistics are fake and designed to show whatever you want them to show. The entire dicipline of 'political opinions' statistics is 100% bullshit. 99% of the people asked, who make up those statistics, can be made to believe anything by anyone with the slightest amount of willpower and pathos (you). The way you make statistics is you ask 10,000 people a question and half of them will say 'yes', because they will just agree with any proposition articulated in their proximity. They are animals. Case in point, I just convinced you that statistics are fake. I rest my case. 90% of all people will agree with anything a handsome man says. 87% of all people will agree with anything that's articulated in a way that flatters them. 97% of all people can be convinced of anything, by anyone and have zero internal drive or inherent 'opinions' about anything. Just look at where we are. 99% of all 'political' content is indistinguishable form chatbots posting at each other. Look at political comments sections. It's all just regurgitating buzzwords and phrases they've picked up from 'thoughtleaders'. There's nothing going on there. It's just pattern matching, 'this shape goes in this hole' stuff. Half of all people dont want to kill you, that's pointless paranoid fearmongering. Half of all people *aren't people*, they aren't self moving agents, and can just be convinced to believe or do anything. Just talk to them for literally 10 seconds in the real world and they will eat from your hand. If this kind of stuff makes you feel blackpilled, makes you feel overwhelmed and dispair, that's you running away from your own sense of obligation and duty, that naturally arises in you. It's not that half of all people are wild animals you have to protect yourself from. It's that half of all people are weak and in need of guidance and help, and you are not in 'danger' from the 'mob', you are avoiding your own sense of guilt and duty."

"I say again, the inherent horror in the concept of 'AI' is not a spooky computer machine guy, but that once you have the formal requirements for what constitutes sentience, you will no longer be able to deny that the majority of humanity doesnt qualify."

"Billions are going to die in what is ultimately a collective search for what was lost in the enlightenment: God. War or otherwise, they are going to die violently and miserably. This is basically just the Nietzchian prediction, but it gets worse. You personally are pretty smart, top of the crop stuff - you can, through rigorous study and education into religious mysticism, deconstruct your way back into a kind of faith. (We are born always-already within a mystery tradition - occultism, as manifested in our technological environment, and you are already 'within' mystery - you can't 'start' anywhere else). But *most people can't*, and it will take rivers of blood for them to get anywhere close. Even if you find a path, and even if you were to write it down, like a 'How to Find God' book, solving the psycological problem and showing the parth and you magically forced everyone on Earth to read it, it wouldnt make a difference, because the only way each one could be elevated is through a personal relationship - this process can't be 'mass produced', mass production is kind of the core of the problem in a way, and you can't solve it by using mass production. Don't sit and indulge in little revenge fantasies about 'there are too many people on the earth', funny joke meme internet. Things are going to get real fucked up. One way or another, the 'succesor ideology' people are never going to wake up and change. Not on a mass scale. You can save them individually, through great effort and sacrafice. But on a civilizational scale, this stuff is not going away. Not until a generation physically goes away. You as an intellectual and thinker, you think, 'If only I could finish my theory of everything, my theory of it all, if only I could *explain* it fully and completely, then it would all be resolved, and I should change their minds'. 'It's only a matter of finishing the analysis'. Even if you did, if you succeeded to the fullness of your wildest dreams, if you created the ultimate expression and found the ultimate True Name of the 'woke', succesor ideology, feminist marxists, there would not be this moment of submission. They would just kill you. This is not that age, and the only thing you can achieve at this moment is martyrdom. Check back in a hundred years."

"Most people are incomprehensibly stupid, and you cannot resolve your differences in language with them, because they simply don't have the necessary mental capacity to engage with any kind of complex thought. Even if they did, they still wouldn't, because most of them are also completely amoral, selfish and socially deficient ghouls who are shallow and narrow sighted, and if they have decided that you are not of use to them, categorize you as an ultimate enemy regardless of anything. Therefore, you have to be physically strong enough and socially agressive enough that you can simply intimidate them to not fuck with you. There is no other way, there is no solution that can be reaches in language, and to engage on those terms is to ceede ground that WILL be used against you. It's the kindest thing you can do. If you consider yourself any kind of smart, you have a moral obligation to become really really really physically strong."

"There are two forces at play in Western culture, and they differentiate by their relation to the knowlegde of death; one is denial of death, alchemy, rejection of death and a search for immortality, and the other is acceptance and overcoming of death. Sentience is death-awareness, the subject achieves self-hood the moment it achieves knowlegde of its own finitude, its own end, mortality - you define something by saying what it is not, by establishing the border between it and 'what isn't it', so you only become self aware. At the moment you realise where 'you will end' - death awareness. The moment you realise that you are mortal, you become sentient. The alchemists of the world attempt to reject this knowledge, this certainty, and in fact reject sentience itself. They attempt to instead identify with pre-sentience, impulses and drives, appetites. When faced with death, the alchemist attempts to avert his eyes. On the other hand, we have the Christian traditiona nd Heidegger and Kierkegaard, who ask us not to look away from death, but instead look right at it and not flinch, come what may."

"In Western society today, if you grow up, if you initiate yourself and you actually become some kind of adult man like we're always on about, then you instantly become a stepdad. What did you think was gonna happen in a generation made of the spiritually fatherless, you fucking idiot? The instant you become a grown adult man, you instantaneusly become stepdad, mythically and socially. To settle for the divorsee single mother is at this point a formality: You are already stepfather to every single person under 40 you will meet. They smell it on you and throw themselves at you."

"I think a lot of youthful 'male depression' is not so much about being sad or not having a place in the world, but more specifically being unable to integrate certain self-observations, self-knowlegde, differentiation between 'who I would like to see myself as' and 'what i am', i.e. unstable identity. But I think specifically specifically a lot of it is a struggle 'out of' liberalism. 'Out of' liberalist buzzwords and memes. 'I am tolerant, I respect different people, I respect people who are different from me'. A person with an unstable identity, grown up raised by media in part or in whole, will have integrated a bunch of normal, mainstream lib memes like this. 'As long as youre not hurting anyone, anything is allowed', concent brain and so forth. These are things the unstable personality would like to believe about himself - because in his value system they are signifiers for 'moral good'. Whenever he has a tribal instinct, an animal instinct, he cannot identify with it, because it's 'mean' or 'evil'. And usually you have, I don't know, thousands of those every day. So he's constantly bombarded with all the emotions that through the binary process of these lib memes turn into shame. All emotions of anger, for example, are 'pathological' - shameful. And I think whenever the unstable personality is faced with another human being who they just hate - for whatever reason, it could any anything - this is turned into a world shattering event, because it 'proves' to them that *they are not the good people they want to be*. So, you lash out and try to punish or destroy the person, to prevent this sensation from happening, blaming them for their feeling of shame (fetishism - smashing the voodoo doll). 'You don't hate me, you hate what I represent, which is, your own capacity for hate'. And I guess this is also why it's useful to excert physical mastery over space - lifting weights, learning physical skills, music, crafts, practical hands stuff. Basically, I think the youthful depressed male is in large part 'depressed' because he does not accept his own capacity for 'evil', rejects identifying with it. And I think it has to do with the consumerist insentive to 'enjoy' as the primary mode of being - you could never 'enjoy' meditating on your own guilt and cruelty or capacity for evil, that would make you 'a bad person', right. Or at least a kind of pervert masochist. I think it goes a little something like, 'Alienation succeeded - industrial society and its future won, and you start from zero.' You start alienated. Meaning, cold and alone. Then you are raised by television and internalise lib memes. Then you exit lib memes. As some kind commenters pointed out, what I'm talking about is basically Jungian shadow integration. So what internet extremism is, what 4chan is, what gore and the alt right and ironic esoteric hitlerism and all the stuff is, psychologically, all a kind of shadow integration. When you're watching ISIS beheadings and people getting shot and killed, when you're seeking out all the edgy and dark stuff, that is, ideally, an attempt to engage with the shadow, it's something like, you seek that stuff out because you are desperate to resolve this inner contradiction of liberalism. You are bashing yourself over the head with snuff porn in an attempt to resolve the liberal Gordian Knot inside you. Dialectic motion, once you dare engage with the 'forbidden' realm of evil, you go from thesis (lib-normie) to antithesis (lets see exactly how evil, cruel, disgusting, monstrous can I be? How Hitler can I be?), before settling into a more stable personlity where you know yourself."

"I have first hand knowledge - certainty - of the conceptual validity of Revelation and Trust. Everything else is downstream from this. Consiusness, theory of other minds, everything. Revelation and Trust. All senses are revelations, all things are 'revealed'. Trust makes it come together. Interhuman connectivity. Faith. That is, I know that things are revealed, I experience revelation. I know that trust binds me to others, I know that the leap of faith in extending trust establishes friendship and a mutual shared being. I know the mechanics of human socialisation function in this way. To trust in another man's revelation - more difficult. You know all the moving parts, you should have certainty. It should not be any more difficult than trusting any particular man. But it is. Perhaps it's the string, trusting a string of men, all the way back to an ancient man's revelation. But if you trust the first man, say your father, and you trust his judgement, should you have cause to doubt his father, in whom he placed his trust? It shouldn't be any more difficult. There are not really any more variables. It's always the same choice. It's always blind 50/50. Binary. The difficulty is illusionary, neurotic, over-thought. The question is not really 'Do you believe Jesus is Christ?', it's 'Do you trust your father?'."

"You incur a karmic debt if you interfere with someone's life path, and that means, 'If you save someone, you are responsible for them for the rest of your life'. Helping someone is not free. You incur a debt, you incur the wrath of the universe. It's a good thing to do, but there's no reward, only punishment, and you should only do it if you are strong enough to withstand that, or the karmic debt will bankrupt you and break you. Basically, the material world is governed by demons and satan, the prince of this world, and if you try to do good things and help people, they will try to fuck you in revenge. This is all not to say that you shouldn't do it - you should do as much as possible. Just, you shouldn't be naive about it and waltz into it expecting fun and games, and you should get strong first and you should get stronger every day."

"The powers that be today think there is a technological solution to a political problem, which is why they are going to fail. But in turn if we assume there is a political solution to a technological problem, we shall also fail. There is no political solution to the fact that Satan is real and lives in the computer. Other than Butlerian Jihad, I guess. But if we persue primitivism in this way, there will be exactly as much blood spilled as if the eugenic depopulation mason people have their way and then we're still pretty much back where we started. By which I mean, you can't roll back technology in this way without global economic collapse. I mean technically maybe, but it would require one world government, and again, back at square one then. There will be no future until we solve the technological problem."

"People filming the birth of their baby film it for themselves - not in the future, but in that moment. 'The virtual is more real than the real'. Filming it is a kind of psychological validation. You look at a screen for more than 50% of your waking hours every day. How do you know it's real if you're not filming it?"

"Just don't accept her premise. It's not hard, people. You are affirming her judgement about you. Simply reject the premises on which the judgement is made. This is how women work in the first place - you can't just take them literally. Have the Trump years taught you nothing? Every time a woman makes a positively articulated statement, she wants to be proven wrong."

"You know an accusation is true if the wikipedia article about it doesn't actually say what the accusation was, but only that it was investigated and debunked. 'Hillary Clinton was investigated about Benghazi, but 10 investigations all found evidence'. Evidence of what? If you can't actually find an articulation in print of what someone is even accused of, then it's 100% real."

"It is very difficult in our environment to keep faith, but on the plus side, you can have absolute certainty that your enemies who want you dead are doing everything in their power to discourage you from faith. And you can say, 'What do they know that I don't?' Why would they be paying Neil Degrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins to make you think God is lame and uncool, if they were right? I'm not asking you to believe, I'm asking you to accept that Hillary Clinton literally thinks she's a warlock."

"Guys with 'Bronze Age ____' usernames are not BAP twitter. *I* am BAP twittter. BAP is not about larping as the enemies in an American 90's comedy movie, and accepting the 'scriptwriter's' frame of 'nerd vs bully'. BAP is about being a posh guy with posh habits who's pretending to be retarded for fun. And the reason this stuff keeps happening, and the Med-posters don't get it, is just the same relationship as 00's 4chan had to newcomers, phoneposters. Smart people pretending to be retarded for fun eventually attracts genuine retards looking for a good time."

"Kids are trained to react explosively when adults point a camera at them, this is performance-play and it's as disgusting as recording your child cry for internet points. Best case scenario: the camera man is stupid and doesn't have a theory of other minds for children. Worst case, and more likely, scenario: She is evil and you know that children play-act to please you and 'the camera', and this is a flex. 'Look what I can make them do'. Any sane society would prohibit video recording of children for any reason. 'How can you be so sure?' Are the children running around in the world and interacting with each other, or are they stealing glances at the camera during the whole show? These people never even had a chance."

"Works and faith are of the same substance, and the only difference is rhetorical. The definition of faith is something along the lines of 'intent in practice'."

"The word 'we' in all state propaganda is referring to women. The word 'we' in all advertisement is feminine."

"The strongest philosophical argument is 'I disagree'. Tell a philosopher 'I disagree' and he will die."

"Personality disorder or insanity is not some 'extra' thing, some object invading the otherwise whole soul, it's not some coat of evil covering up the otherwise whole soul. It is the lacking, the hole in a soul. You get better not by 'removing' the 'mental illness' but by growing the soul whole. Psychiatry has to contend with the theology of evil. Modern psychology is gnostic."

"The best thing you can do for people is to just be generally competent. If you have a bad ego and you're worried people wont accept you, I'm sorry, but bending over backwards and trying to excuse yourself won't help. Apologizing for yourself doesn't give you what you want. People psychologically desire to be surrounded by competence, we want on a biological level to see strength in each other. Monkey brain thinks: 'Stronk tribe'. Whenever you apologize, monkey brain thinks: 'Tribe weak. Oh no. Let's release a bunch of stress hormones'. This is basically the entire key to military discipline. You ever see a soldier say 'I'm sowwy sergeant'? You haven't, because military discipline is a language philisophy, and the correct answer is 'Yes sir!'. Military cohesion happens when you never apologize. Prussia discovered this in the 19th century and developed into a European great power. Prussian military discipline is just applied language philosophy. This is also why military institutions are vulnerable to language viruses like currently having a feminist infection - 'wokeness' is effective social language games, outcompeting older language games. This is also why apologizing to your girlfriend or wife doesn't work. You stress her out when you should be protecting her smile. If you actually are genuinely sorry about something you've actually messed up or done wrong, and you really, actually, genuinely want to apologize for it for realsies? Tough shit nerd, that's just something youre gonna have to carry in your heart for the rest of your life. Get back to work."

"Reminder that we can take a pretty big hit to food production before having trouble. But a lot of third world contries are 100% already completely fucked. My one consistent political view is that every nation should be self sustaining on food production, or, at least, my country where I currently live."

"In 15 years, they got the entire population of the world hooked on something that's as destructive to the human being as crack cocaine. Literally nothing else matters. This is THE issue. Smartphones, internet 3.0 and onward. War in Ukraine? Covid? War on terror? Trump? It doesn't fucking exist bro. It's a figment of your crack riddled brain. Other shit is going on and there are other problems in the world. But it pales in comparison. Every single thing you could mention is at worst, an infinitesimally small part of the technological problem. You are on crack. You and everyone you know and your entire family are all crackheads. At worst you could say this ukraine stuff is important because it's a war being fought by crackheads lead by crackheads, which is a historical novelty that we dont have precedense for. But then again we do, they did a lot of crack in WWII. People are going to blame the upcoming zombie generation on the facemasks making them stupid and fucked up, when a magnitude more damage was already done with ipads and youtube. The world is infintely complex, and every issue is fractally multifaceted and interrelated with everything else. BUT, if one of the facets of a problem is 'You are a crackhead', then you need to start there before you can get to the finer details of the problem. Start with addressing the 'on crack' issue, work your way to the rest."

"I think ultimately it may be the case that identity is too much to ask of most people, and that this digital formalisation of identity qua 'profiles' is inherently flawed because its just asking too much of the majority of people. Not even talking twitter brands and alter egos, just facebooks and instagrams and tinders and all those 'genuine' reflections of ones 'identity'. I think most people if given the choice would prefer to be no one, and that this identity stuff is a sysiphian duty imposed on them. People mainly want to be part of a group, and externalise decisionmaking and stuff to the collective/a leader. This whole idea that people are individuals is counter to human nature. Imagine a time before facebook, before instagram, how little of a person you had to be to get along and get stuff done. You barely had to be anyone at all. Wouldn't that be nice?"

"My enemies in real life are usually people who see my shit peasant life, being poor and messed up, and getting angry that I am happier and less afraid of death than them despite having an objectively worse life."

"I am not 'on Russia's side', I just take people at their word when they say that they want to kill me and destroy my life, and Russia didn't tell me that."

"The Lord your God is not a drug, and prayer will not make you feel like a TV LSD trip, and that's the point. Prayer is an antithesis to drugs and television both, sobering you and centering you physically in the real world. The abscence of stimulation is the point. God is silent. 'Stoned ape theorists' can suck my dick. The reason it feels silly if you've never done it before is not because prayer is silly, but because you are silly, and you have never attempted being genuine and directing yourself towards good before."

"The world is not 'run by women' and we are not in a 'crisis of masculinity' and there is no 'ascendant devouring mother' femininity. It's just that women make for better (more ruthless) middle managers. All these things are just power moves between a group of people who could fit in a room, and they prefer having women staff the bureaucracies every step of the way because women make excelent concentration camp guards and, famously, snitches and stasi officers. There is no culture war. There is culture tyranny."

"Men have a psychological mechanism, an understanding that 'We're shitting on each other, but if I take it too far, I'm going to get punched on the nose'. This informs male socialisation: Strategic de-escalation and self-moderation. Women do not have this. Endless escalation. If nukes are real, then nuclear war is inevitable the moment you allow women to hold political office. That new TV show about teenage girls everyone was going on about is psychological priming to prepare you for nuclear war."

"There will be no victory in our lifetime. There will be no victory in this century. We are in conflict with forces which plan in centuries, and the internet was a huge win for them. We are in the middle of a Great Culling. Either literally with the stuff going on right now, we’ll see how that works out, but even if that’s a nothingburger, people are still not having children and they are still killing themselves, and things will only get worse. Things are only going to get worse and weirder and more fucked up for the rest of our lives. We will win, because light always wins, and this is a historical anomaly, that the Force of History will eventually flatten them. We are currently in an Exodus event, we are in Egypt under the pharaoh, and the only thing we can do in our lifetimes is to walk the desert until we sort out a new written tradition and re-establish our connection to the Generative Principle - in short, find a way to live. It will take some trial and error to establish our new mode of being, in which we deal with The Machine / living in a 5G world, and it will be the first generation born after we have figured that out, that will achieve victory over the forces of evil that are currently attempting to close off the world to divinity in a great pagan ritual of Burnt Offering, creating the greatest fire that has ever been in history: Industrial society, by way of coal and oil, covering the sky in black smoke to close the world off from the sight of God. It can only be them, because it will take them being born and raised in the New Tradition. Ours is a dark age of toil and martyrdom (I disavow all violence, I am referring to the common crucifixions and persecutions of the early Christians - shoutout to saint Paul) and if you want inspiration on how to live, do not look to stoics or internet influencers, but to the desert fathers of the 4th century. We, you and I, are already the desert fathers of the HyperReal and our task is the creation of a new tradition, to do for the virtual what they did for the Spirit. These motherfuckers were hanging out in a desert and just vibing, until the echoes of their song conquered Rome. Read 'Sayings of the desert fathers')."

—@Egg_Report, Randy, @cumlasagna1

"Modern art is a weapon meant to demoralize and alienate you."

"The future belongs to those peoples who can defend their own borders."

"I read old books and study old buildings, because I would rather learn from those who built civilization than those who tore it down."

"Saying we should ignore the Founding Fathers because they were all slaveholders is like saying we should ignore the greatness and intellectual legacy of classical Greece because they didn't have women's rights. Slavery was normal at this time. Russia was a vast slave state, so was China. Only a petty moron would whine on (and on) about this."

"The New Atheists were always in a cult, only they abandoned the cold dead corpse of rationality when it became obvious to them that they had picked a losing team."

"Progress is the name Moderns give to the destruction of what our ancestors nurtured."

"Such is the toxicity of our everyday living environments that we advice pregnant women to live under pre-industrial conditions. This can't go on much longer."

"My goal is to start a monastic order whose mission it is to run a network of small working farms to function as a retreat and haven for pregnant women and their newborns. Next to it I will build a free 'obesity treatment center' with 'work therapy'. In reality it is just a replica Edwardian era town where people work with their hands actually building things and the shops only sell real food as in the 1910s: processed food and soft drinks banned."


"Your mom is being radicalized by netflix binges. Neoliberal propagandist/censors curate all of the content. Your mom watches all of the narcissism-inducing TV homilies and practices condescending to downscale whites. Then the community organizers get her to donate money."

"American media discussing slavery is mostly a cope to avoid confronting the reality that slavery and the slave population were never central to the American experience. it's similar to today when people pretend that whites obsess over other races instead of politely avoiding them."

"The new hatred of comedy by liberals is an admission of their privilege. They're somewhat right when they see power as fragile to mockery."

"Pieper argues that all attempts to restore leisure, including leftist attempts on behalf of the worker, will fail - because they cannot see that man's life of leisure must center itself upon the cultic festival, which is essentially religious. Why? Because the religious festival (the mass for Catholics) has at its center the Sacrifice, which is the gift freely given and received and so transcends the world of useful exchange, of the wheel of buying and selling."

"Fascism is when a white liberal finally realizes the real world cost of living in his wealthy neighborhood."

"If you ever see a woman being assaulted in public, guys, be sure to help out. ... I've been told that last tweet was worded in an ambiguous way, so let me restate it: If you ever see a woman being assaulted in public, guys, you know what to do."

"The most potent weapon a man has is self-awareness. In learning himself, he learns others. Other people are inscrutable to you, to the extent you exist in ignorance of yourself. This is frightening, in that it is inescapably religious in nature. Even Eastern practices reflect this, that the human soul is the clearest manifestation of God's creative act, which is why so much can be gleaned from self-knowledge."

"The 'destigmatizing' of porn or sex generally is a child's view of the distinction between the sacred and the profane. Intimacy is vulgarized and destroyed precisely by a public sharing and is contradictory to the nature of the intimate. You aren't some taboo shattering iconoclast, you're just coping with alienation from a normal human relationship."

"Sex workers who are proud to be sex workers embody the lie that some modicum of choice necessarily confers dignity. Their lives would be objectively better under the control of another."

"The leftist can't abide being asked if the sick poor includes everyone on earth, because they can't honestly answer it with a no."

"Millennial liberals talk about how they can't even enjoy entertainment from 7 or 10 years ago without finding it offensive, yet they don't take this as an opportunity to reflect on the pace of social change or whether their tastes are being deliberately engineered."

"Learning the truth about the world is difficult; learning the truth about yourself is painful."

"The democratic myth can be more insidious than the monarchical myth, in the sense that the 'will of the people' gives a false consent to the actions of a ruler, as if true accountability were found in the mirror."

"Intra-leftist politics is people asking 'how do we get single-payer healthcare?' while trying to avoid a cadre of mentally ill weirdos and narcissists who derail the discussion; except the weirdos are actually mainstream and have all the power, money, and support."

"Often you see people talking about sex crimes or race crimes, but they don't realize how immature they sound. Empirical evidence usually proves them wrong, but they really shouldn't require it. More and more, people are developing their gut instincts - not based on any real-world experience, but instead relying on online consensus-forming (that's being clandestinely constructed by interested parties)."

"Disbelief in Christianity from the vulgar language of Scripture is the pagan form of Jewish disbelief from the meekness of Christ."

"The same people who tell you to accept every sexual arrangement no matter how perverted will also tell you that even the smallest age gap between an older man and younger woman is aberrant and intollerable."

"I heard a bit of NPR earlier. Listening to these people still pretend that their midwit partisan axe grinding is dispassionate analysis is almost impressive. For these people, everything really does come down to the sophisticated urbanite trying to status-mog the rural prole."

"Any mundane act becomes significant, filtered through time and memory. Your life in another's history - as they tell it years later - will be weighted with an importance you can't realize now."

"It isn't class analysys that threatens liberals and causes them to accuse other self-styled leftists of being crypto-fascist - it's power analysis. Anyone asking 'who decides?' or 'where does the money come from?' is a threat, to the extent that contemporary liberalism mystifies power relations by employing the usual cliched accusations. In this way, liberals are right about them. Neo-reactionaries (NRx) were attacked for the same reason - wanting to see through the fog."

"Ironic detachment isn't merely some mark of insincerity, but also reveals a sense of proportion regarding the subject matter in relation to the ego. As the ego identifies more closely with the subject matter, it becomes more fragile. Others can sense this."

"People bragging that antifa isn't a formally identifiable organization don't realize they're admitting that its beliefs are so popular and accepted that they don't need the accessibility provided by a rigid organizational structure."

"You're stuck with an official narrative of breaking away from authority and tradition in order to pursue reason while being able to clearly see how everyone still exists subjugated to these same things, just with different masters. You jettison organized religion, but still function as a member of a church in some way, so the proper mode of comparison is never 'freedom vs subjugation' but rather whose doctrine are you following. It's someone's."

"There isn't a contradiction between massive virus lockdowns and mass rioting once you see both as expressions of white liberal psychology. in both cases, the driving motivation is to own the racists. The first was discarded because the second was a much better and more psychologically rewarding method. Intelligence signalling is good, moral signalling is best."

"No Christian can morally justify what is happening right now in the summer of 2020 without either lying or deliberately relying upon decidedly non-Christian premises for their moral judgements. If there is anything that Christ hated, it was an irrational violent mob assured of its own moral superiority."

"Conservatives reflexively defend corrupt institutions because they can intuit that leftists won't replace them with anything better and that if both sides fought for different and competing visions, leftists would beat them. This fails in part because in this dynamic, the obviously corrupt nature of things ends up helping the leftist case by default. You even get called one when you also recognize this basic truth."

"Divorce is dividing what should not be divided, and Sodomy is combining what should not be combined."

"There can be no authentic Christian engagement with ideological constructions, which have already been predetermined to one conclusion. This is why everyone who does this ends up using the language of the regime, which is clearly alien to their own supposed tradition. And they ignore this out of desperation to be relevant or dishonesty. Either way it's scandalous."

"Since all of human history is extremely racist, it should be understood that a revisionist critique based on race in practice means its indefinite and total control."

"Watching Catholics online, priests even, desperately trying to subsume state ideology under Christian notions of justice is a pathetic spectacle."

"If white people enduring poverty, drug addiction, etc. doesn't disprove white privilege, then white privilege must not be that materially important of an idea."

"What's ironic is that as a right-winger, you're constantly subjected to psychosexual analysis of dissident behavior, while all current liberalism is just sexual neurosis writ large."

"On an older more sane conception of 'rights,' it would make sense to say that it is the right of a capital criminal to be executed."

"Without specification, saying that something is a social evil because it inhibits choice seems insufficient. Something is only evil in reference to a good, so if you identify something as evil it has to be referencing something more substantial than mere choice. So invocations of 'freedom' can be a cop-out where you name some restriction as evil but only as a restriction, refusing to expicitly identify as good the specific choice being restricted. but this renders the judgment of evil illicit."

"Let those who would discard civilization as garbage do so, I will build for them a kingdom of trash."

"Liberalism conveniently argues for itself based on practical advancement (e.g. science) and, when challenged on its record of results, pivots to basing itself on an inherent value regardless of outcome."

"Let's say you find out your friend is doing something bad (prostitution, drug addiction, etc.) would you feel better or worse about the situation if you also found out that they were being compelled to act this way? That it wasn't entirely their choice? If you'd feel better about it knowing that it wasn't something they chose, wouldn't this undermine the idea that consent, all things being equal, always confers moral legitimacy on an action? Meaning that in many situations, we consider affirmative consent to make an action *worse*, which means we are really using a prior and more fundamental standard of judgement than consent to evaluate action."

"The general rule is that if something is viral on twitter and isn't meant to be funny, then it's probably the exact opposite of the truth."

"You can always sense when an argument or objection is not really getting to the heart of the matter. It's painful to watch 100 IQ people argue an issue, as each of them passionately fails to address the issue in turn."

"The 2016 election made being a liberal so unmistakably cringe, that there's been a flailing attempt to create either 'based millennial leftism' or 'meme communism' in order to run from the fact that you all got caught effectively supporting the same politics as wealthy suburban white women. A lot of people are mad watching lines slowly get redrawn and discovering what side they've really been on the entire time, their fixation on labeling everything becoming their undoing as they get stuck with one they desparately don't want."

"One reason the libertarian position regarding free speech fails is because freedom isn't some natural state, but is itself conditioned by political structures. So the assumption that deregulation necessarily increases freedom isn't true. Additionally, the assumption discourages any analysis of informal power, which still exerts itself despite a lack of formal recognition."

"Midwits relish explaining away omnipresent appearences of impropriety to regular people who are naturally suspicious of long-winded rationalizations."

"The idea that there is a political system or process to which people ought to acquiesce for the sake of its long term integrity is no longer persuasive."

"We are obsessed with having the moral high ground as things around us dissolve. The idea that something went bad because of what your enemy did is a liberating feeling, it makes you only responsible for what happens next."

"Now that the delineation between fact and conspiracy is breaking down, you ought to view people who consume corporate media as having the same unhealthy fixation on irrelevancies as someone who only talks about UFOs."

"Younger men are more offended at female promiscuity by itself; the older you get, the more you become wary not of the promiscuity per se, but more the long-term damage it's caused in someone's ability to form relationships."

"It doesn't take much to refute really stupid ideas, and the only reason people think otherwise is because their ideas are truly that insulated from public scrutiny. People confuse the strength of the ideological fortresses surrounding their beliefs for the strength of the beliefs themselves, which is why they get so mad that one well-placed meme puts an end to everything they ever loved."

"Americans don't even realize how they erroneously take symbols of unity as calls for the elimination of distinctions between peoples, but this irrepressible urge basically poisons everything it touches. American Christianity suffers from this tremendously, to the point where you can't tell where normal invocations of something universally transcendent end and calls for total erasure of particularity begin."

"The entire matrix of privilege and oppression is predicated on lies, such as the media cycle being an organic creation - because if this isn't true, then how do you describe the structural privilege involved in you knowing who the latest American Black Victim is? 'We're all talking about this because we have *chosen* to! Because we are fighting against a system! People around the world protested George Floyd because they were rebels acting out against the system!' lmao"

"I've known people who embraced cultural liberalism as a way of distancing themselves from clearly destructive peer behaviors and attitudes, but in zero cases was this motivated by a desire to ameliorate their bleak circumstances. In almost every case, it's been women and unlikable men who want to 'own their hometown', and the people left behind all know it. This stuff doesn't even pretend to be an answer to problems, really. It's sentimental resentment masked as noblesse oblige. This partly explains the creepy race fetishism, too. It's a signal demonstrating a definitive break from others."

"The obsession with 'queering' literature and other media is because it's really functioning as a giant translation project for permanently broken millennial and zoomer shut ins to have an understandable simulacra of an authentic human experience."

"Sometimes, talking about the systems behind our life choices makes you sound like a sperg. But also, you only usually need to do that if the systems are severely broken, which is a bigger problem."

"All the hysterical rhetoric about insurrections isn't intended to radicalize but to stabilize; journalists serve power by spreading the propaganda that reasonable political reform is to risk a coup by literal nazi terrorists. It sounds dangerous but the point is fear, it's not meant to really suggest that you're going to get Hitler or Stalin, it's so you go support Joe Biden or Mitch McConnell."

"You really have corporate twitter accounts condemning Trump supporters unprovoked while they were all saying Black Lives Matter just a few months ago, and people still think the comparison is unfavorable to the former group rather than the latter. People broke into the capitol because they don't believe their government anymore and the NPC's were conditioned to just say 'but what if they were black?' and then not reflect ever again on what just happened (except for wanting them all dead rather than the politicians)."

"Anyone who brings up Qanon or anything similar in light of the ongoing collapse of any and all institutional credibility is essentially engaging in victim blaming and revealing more about their own standard libtard prejudicial hatred than anything else. 'Oh wow look these dumb people can't fully articulate why none of us deserve to be believed anymore, let's pretend their inchoate incredulity somehow constitutes proof of the integrity of rotting American institutions'."

"False beliefs that motivate human action are true for the purposes of understanding social phenomena. This is a serious difference from natural science, where we think that a common perception we have with no underlying similarity in the objects under consideration is a deception we must dispense with in order to really understand."

"If you want a scientific knowledge of farming, you disregard the belief that crops grow because of incantations and ritual dances. But if you want a scientific knowledge of society, what do you do with these beliefs? Any understanding of human action or organization can't follow the same scientific method which seeks to discard all the beliefs and vulgar judgements of sensation in order to arrive at truth. Those things play a real causative role in humanity."

"Having a problem with people forming social orders that aren't the result of their own conscious intention or the intention of another individual because such a phenomenon won't yield to a concise material explanation is a scientistic bias. A group psychology is important in the sense that our beliefs about the world constitute the data of social phenomena, and a shared understanding and critique of this collective mechanism is valuable even if it isn't quantifiable."

"Everyone is going to make fun of Kamala Harris for lying and stealing a story from an MLK interview (saying 'fee-dom' as a baby), but MLK was probably lying too."

"The idea that true knowledge of the world can only be had according to a single method implies an indifference to the nature of the objects known. Knowledge is a mixture of the knower and the known, but thinking that knowing belongs to one method alone is akin to saying that knowledge is solely a function of the knower and not the known."

"There is no reconciliation between Christianity and the moral panic occurring right now, and any attempt to shoehorn the former into the latter or vice versa will fail spectacularly. It never even occurs to people that, if all these current claims about race and gender ideology really constitute justice, then where is all the tradition supporting it? How can you be Christian and have deference to anti-christians or non-christians over issues of morality? It's clearly not prelates or the lay faithful who are advancing these issues, you're just playing an ad hoc game of catch up where people who hate God set the terms and you police your co-religionists into agreeing that this is good. It's clear that this entire edifice has to come crashing down for the church to ever attain something like relevancy again, in the meantime all the ideologues pretending everyone is really talking about the same thing are so embarrassing to watch."

"Informal systems of power allow people to pose as moderate or libertarian out of convenience, not that your support entails responsibility, but it's a way of avoiding publicly admitting what you think is good or bad."

"Saint Thomas sees a danger in Christ's public ministry, that he would fail to convince people not of his divinity, but rather of his humanity. The assumption being that demonstrating his divinity would be easy, some of his miracles are understated relative to his capability. But he greatly desired to be known as a true man."

"One problem with being too argumentative is that you notice that you start to win more, but this isn't because you're smarter than everyone, but because you create a selection filter where anyone smart enough to respond to you is also smart enough to avoid arguing."

"If you do enough great things, you retroactively confer greatness on your familial line, all of them being ancestors who lead to you."

"People overlook the extent to which Scripture as the basis of literary life provides a means of learning to read for complexity and symbolic depth characteristic of the best literature. This is another way that American prejudices totally obscure the real history of things, where Biblical learning somehow becomes a mark of ignorance or hyper-literalism."

"Blackpilling sounds trite, but there really are people genuinely bitter enough to enjoy demoralizing you, and not just having to do with politics."

"Philosophy as the crowning achievement of human wisdom, but also responsible for leading many into the greatest error, is analogous to the monarch being the best and the tyrant being the worst."

"The one who follows after signs and wonders is the lesser man of faith. Signs and wonders accompany the end as a sort of lowest common denominator, where it ought to be too late for faith (but won't be because of mercy)."

"People have identity crises in part because there really isn't a clear distinction between behaviors we learn through imitation and ones we think we intend to do. Humans become through imitation, the mask truly is the face. Talking about a 'real you' obscures the truth of this."

"I sympathize with the desire to find higher order causes of political conflict since race and sex ideologues have at this point permanently frozen themselves out of anything that a normal person could consider common grounds for dispute."

"Having women publicly and aggressively assert their institutional credentials is somehow more indicative of institutional collapse than everything else that's happened in 2020, which is amazing."

"When you hear about a 'marketplace of ideas,' remember that even ancient writers and speakers were aware of the need of rhetoric outside of pure forthright rational debate that depended on their audience, and they were dealing with a much smaller, non digital audience."

"To see how much explanatory work your assumption that other people have minds just like yours performs when understanding others individually or in groups, imagine limiting what you ascribe to other people to what you would ascribe to a non human animal."

"Trump helped expose how irredeemably evil the American government is, and now there are legions of upper-middle-class white people whose entire politics reduce to wanting to reapply a patina of inoffensive yuppie humor to the bloodthirsty machine. There is nothing these people don't deserve."

"Using ancient or medieval examples of female empowerment usually fail to distinguish between exercising power vs mere independence. Even influential women were still operating within the context of familial obligation. The level of dissimilarity here severely undermines the comparison with contemporary understandings of empowerment, which is usually conceived precisely as the lack of obligation or duty to anyone."

"Perverse hearts never have beautiful nights or beautiful days. They can amuse themselves, or rather divert themselves, but they never know real enjoyment. I do not believe them capable of experiencing the same sensations that we experience. In any case, God keep them away from our boat."

"Lots of people conflate easy transgression of ideologically enforced propaganda with transgression of courtesy, making anyone who does the first appear as anti social as anyone who does the latter. Some internalize this even in disagreement, which reinforces the perception that they are anti social and ironically buttresses their enemies' mistaken conflation. 'I am maybe kinda racist but I'm not rude'."

"The more self flattering stories you tell about your own life, the less people can ever get close to you. Your ego and the lies you tell to defend it form a barrier around you that makes most friendship and love impossible. Sometimes you see an affectation of the opposite, where people are self depreciating yet still self centered. The real inverse though is to stop talking about yourself altogether, allowing no verbal mediation between your action and others' perceptions."

"Seeing the way little kids develop their personality by learning through reflecting of their peers looks so much more exciting that adulthood where you feel a need to understand yourself wholly prior to socializing. Grown ups don't like to play - not because it's boring, but because they may find out too much about themselves in the interaction."

"Pay attention to how people cotnextualize their disagreements. The more they rise to the level of ingroup / outgroup identification markers, the more personally motivated they probably are. If someone wants to fight you over a differing food preference of white people vs black people at Thanksgiving, it's not really about the preference."

"Rather than seeing the undermining of the objectivity of all knowledge as a postmodern revolution, it would be more accurate to see it as a return to normalcy, the era of supposed objectivity being the aberrant period. A problem now is the assumption that any inseparable human element in knowledge somehow totally undermines its status as 'knowledge'; a better understanding is necessary."

"A good aspect of religion that gets lost in online representation is that faith can help *free* you from the process of egotistical perpetual self definition where you always are seeking a stable comprehensive self expression that you will never find. I think this offends people because it seems that you have less of a personality than you ought to because you lack this desire for self expression, but sometimes it just means that people online have too narrow a conception of human personality."

"The same people who think you're diagnosable for not being a libtard went from saying the coronavirus is a racist myth to saying you're negligent for not confroming your entire life to it, but also they allowed mass protests and riots in the middle of it. I know it must be scary to realize that there is no such thing as Science(TM), but if you persist in clinging to it, don't pretend you're anything other than a stubborn adherent to the imaginary gods of a dying empire."

"The dumb men; The smart men; and The smart men who appear dumb to the smart men. Smart men don't matter, only the first and third group do. The second group knows this and hates the other two."

"The way you know women are lying when they say they're constantly acting as men's therapists is that if it were true, men wouldn't be podcasting so much. Men have so few people to listen to them that they're just recording themselves and shooting it out into the world like when SETI looks for a response from any potential alien life."

"Ironic detachment doesn't work when it's both humorless and concealing impotency rather than substance."

"Part of what makes political supression so awful is that it is often materially impossible to return to some idealized past mode of living, and so rigorous discussion of contemporary relations of power are required in to to create a just order in the world we have today - a discussion that is now totally impossible to have. This partly explains the proliferation of politics of idealized pasts. Affecting present change is as remote a reality as literally altering the past."

"Whenever a Catholic says the purpose of sex is reproductive, atheists and Darwinists suddenly become mystics."

"Often my political thought sees the times as ordained in their evil, and the revolutionary desire as ultimately a heresy regarding how man finds union with God. Our restlessness must, in the end, be quieted by death."

"Neither liberals nor conservatives are interested in analyzing institutions or classes as they actually exist. The first because it would reveal their power, the second because it would reveal their weakness."

"Prayer seems so futile, until you compare it with every other activity."

"Sometimes the faith one has in the power of mathematical and technical science is inversely proportional to the knowledge one has of it. This means it can share the social function of religious faith, even if its advocates believe it possesses a surer theoretical foundation."

"There's a common phenomenon where people assume you're dumb *because* you don't parrot accepted propaganda - as if challenging its veracity doesn't usually imply that you're also familiar with it."

"Christians who think their faith can somehow be neatly separated from broader concepts like racism or 'anti-colonialism' should read the replies to tweets about missionaries bringing the gospel to closed-off tribes. The cynical conservative approach of retrofitting your beliefs to demonstrate that they were always really liberal (this includes their notion of racism) is going to be exactly as successful as the liberal approach was."

"Black 'mathematicians' writing papers about how 2+2=5 is emblematic of how people seem to be unable to handle that the human intellect partially constructs its abstractions, and how this is ideologically abused. You see this constantly in other realms, proving that something is at least partially socially constructed is supposed to mean for us that it has no real relation to truth or the world outside the mind. You aren't going to see any meaningful analysis of how the intellect relates to the world except as ideological weapon because the principles are lost or unknown to almost everyone (they haven't read dekoninck or mullahy)."

"Compared to black people now being the demoralizing corporate face of a dying empire, the older 90's debate of whether affirmative action would cloud black achievement seems quaint. Before, you just wondered if she became your coworker because of a quota; but now she's 300lbs and on billboards to cover for some kind of cryptic looting operation while your neighbors are out of work or committing suicide."

"People judge others' accomplishments based on how difficult they imagine it would be for them to do the exact same thing, but usually you find out something about their life experiences that helps explain how they accomplished whatever they did. Probably the most prominent example is learning that someone grew up with money, but this can manifest as lots of diverse experiences you would never guess people had."

"He refused to believe, for fear of acting rightly."

"Man has a natural respect and deference for intratribal discipline and punishment. The most basic I think would be father and son, where our standard for how he is allowed to discipline and punish his own is wildly different from the standard applied between he and a stranger's son."

"Differences between groups are always understood only as an impediment and never as a positive good, yet we can understand that it's good to have families where we prioritize those for whom we care. A mother loves her children more than anything else, we either see this as a kind of unhealthy fanaticism or we realize that people generally require this level of love and attention in order to be happy."

"The shedding of dead leaves does not impoverish the tree."

"The arbitrary nature of the new ethic combined with the transparent value of its weaponization will corrode any sense of right and wrong in anyone exposed to it. An online generation whose entire ethical sense of judgement has developed according to intentionally amorphous illusory concepts that don't correspond at all to what most people would call a good or bad person. A child learning first how to judge people according to who is or is not a homophobe rather than a liar, cheater, etc. Related to this is the equally illusory sense of justice expressed first as political ideology by people either too young or too inexperienced to have any theoretical or even practical notion of right and wrong. Being lectured about lofty notions of global justice or reforming systems by people whose sense of self has been annihilated by online consumption or who exhibit none of this commitment in their real relationships (if they have any). Social media is where you can read threads on prison abolition or some other major societal overhaul by people who couldn't keep a goldfish alive for more than a day."

"I wonder how many institutions accepted by older generations now look insane because they were buttressed by informal communal qualities that have completely melted away. How does something like school go from a perennial necessity like death and taxes to something now felt as obviously a form of at least mild child abuse?"

"If you notice that someone can't keep friends or doesn't talk to any of their siblings, be reluctant to follow their advice regarding relationships."

"It's been a mainstay of politics for centuries now: lofty principles espoused by people who can't even muster baseline decent behavior."

"The idea that hypermoralizing egalitarian politics is 'just being a decent person' is directly contradicted by the hysterical fervor it requires to perpetuate itself. A permanent revolution just to tell you 'don't be such a dick'."

"Twitter really disproves the adage 'steel sharpens steel.' Nothing gets sharpened, people just flail desperately to rhetorically sidestep challenges to their errors. I guess you have to start with steel to begin with."

"Just as the viscious (owned by vices) man becomes a slave to sin, the virtuous man becomes a law unto himself."

"Part of the frenzy created by invoking shadows of fascism is to create an imaginary evil to serve as a distraction from how the American political class is comprised of almost nothing but deeply depraved people."

"Once you recognize the cynicism involved in current manifestations of slave morality, the subtext becomes so disturbing. People are not confessing victimization, they're bragging about it. Men brag about being molested, women are bragging about being raped, black people are bragging about experiencing racism. these aren't confessions."

"It's easy to make fun of leftists for attributing to 'capitalism' what was done by state bureaucracy, but really the entire online left is built atop doing this as a matter of course. It's important to the extent that this kind of misdiagnosis conditions its own opposition, so now people want to be 'communists' because all our problems come from 'capitalism' which is just as futile a binary as any supposed culture war smokescreen. Fascism is capitalism in decay, but also it's when state functionaries enforce labyrinthine protocols that harm people."

"Academics used to pontificating to their less-learned students develop bad habits in how they speak. They meander and come off like they like the sound of their own voice more than making a point."

"Truth : Intellect :: Light : Eyes"

"What if the seeming fortunes of the wicked were like when we anesthetize the sick knowing that we can no longer do anything to remedy their condition? What if the indulgence of evil were a temporary pleasure granted to the spiritually dying who have no hope of repentance?"

"The breadtube (communist youtube) to trans pipeline is easily understood as a way of preserving aristocratic (elite white male) traits: intellectuality, deep feeling, power, class and agression, without having to address being a white male. It's evident in the entire aesthetic. With this costume one can be intellectual, without mansplaining. One can be powerful, without being frightening and aggressive. One can express sexuality, without objectifying and being 'rapey'. In other words in this subculture one must become a 'woman' to be masculine. The only other option is non-threatening, self-effacing schlub. This person has to constantly address themselves, and their privelege, listen to other voices, and 'do their best'. This leaves no time, or freedom, for actual masculine expression."

"Frightening thought but true nonetheless, that nations are allowed to die for their transgressions and both the guilty and innocent alike must suffer in the dying. Maybe all the more reason to hate your rulers and pity your neighbors."

"Man knowing that he must somehow pray but needing to be taught directly by God how to truly pray is analogous to his general nature."

"The specter of fascism obscures how laughably provincial others' politics are allowed to be. Jewish journalists sound the alarm for a few hundred people on the upper west side, no black activist cares about africa, trans politics is only for people on discord, etc. You're called a nazi because you find the never ending intratribal drama of a fraction of the population tedious when in reality they're the ones with genuinely exclusionary politics, hardly anyone relates to any of this."

"What's good about twitter is that you may not always know what's right, but over time you see it's the same people that are always wrong. It's like De Maistre writing about intellectual conscience, where you develop a sense of what sounds right except it's a feeling of verified accounts, resentful contrarians, etc. always saying what sounds wrong."

"The American ethos is for elites so concoct an ad hoc justification for why their operation should be allowed to continue but any alternative must be destroyed. Too bad everyone lended legitimacy to hate speech as a pretext for total control during the last decade."

"Moral depravity makes intellectual virtue less attractive. Our desire for knowledge of the ultimate truths is for the sake of happiness, and we don't really believe the wicked can be happy. Somehow knowing the where everything came from and where it's going has to make us better, if it didn't then even the most profound knowledge could be discarded as a worthless distraction."

"There is a good general argument to be made that people need to at least be indifferent to 'racism' if American history is to be seriously taught or respected at a national level ever again. There is an entire history of a people that is now utterly divorced from public consciousness and even the blood of many citizens. If the only question is whether this history ought to be characterized as racist or not then it won't ever be known beyond that."

"Rather than seeing challenges to our self perception as obstacles to 'overcome,' they should help us become less desperate to define ourselves according to some activity or status."

"When people get really mad online and say things like 'I bet you wouldn't say that to my face,' they're pretending that real world anger isn't as impotent as online anger. but it mostly is. Being mad online isn't a distortion of how anger manifests in the real world - it's a purer distillation of how embarrassing being uncontrollably enraged truly is."

"Even though it seems like groundless fantasy to people now, angelic speculation really does serve a philosophical function of helping us understand what is most formal to the acts of intellect and will. Meaning, it helps us to understand if something belongs to the human intellect as *human* or as *intellect.* Non human animals can help with this process of specifying formality as well."

"Supernatural evil is a difficulty. The angelic nature is simple, perfect in its nature, suffers no physical defectability or misapprehension concerning objects of choice, and has an intellect that doesn't need to reason to possess knowledge. The angelic sin must be much much worse than human sin. Man is not free to act for another ultimate end but errs in the particular ends because of clouded reason or passion. Devils have none of this, their insubordination is one regarding the ultimate end, naming it as themselves."

"Overdosing the young on politics and moral panics doesn't increase their awareness or 'raise consciousness,' the young are defined by being impressionable and will turn anything given to them into an unconscious environment. This is especially true for pathologies, many being located in some abuse or negligence that occurred in youth."

"Reading about LGBT organizational and activist history and they basically function as optics-cucks except their wignats are pedophilia advocates. Working on the eternal 'Listen we agree with you overall but it's a really bad look right now so just wait until we mainstream our stuff first'."

"Whether or not universities are directly indoctrinating their students, it remains true that they serve as a nexus for NGO and state funding for propaganda and control of lower education and justifying government policy. In a very real way higher education is probably just as responsible for indoctrinating the youth through controlling middle school curricula as they are for anything they do to their own students."

"The higher the cause, the more interior the causality, the divine cause is a cause *from within* (this is a problem with how we imagine creation)."

"It's surprising that more leftists haven't questioned their commitments after experiencing the way trans activists enforce a fairly dictatorial consensus upon others in a way that was mostly unnecessary for feminism and gay rights. You see a little of it sometimes on social media with tweets calling out others' mutuals or follows, but it's really much worse than that. it functions kind of like a cult. There are women who get legit bullied or intimidated by coordinated shaming from transwomen who still retain their commitment to being libtards, it's wild."

"Certain cultural divides on here aren't a function of political expression but rather whether your understanding of a term is anterior or posterior to media digestion. People on the posterior side think terms like eg. 'incel' are self-designations that consciously include ideological media interpretation rather than just the literal meaning of the term. This is a partial explanation of useful idiocy; anyone whose understanding is posterior to media interpretation unconsciously carries it with them irrespective of their subcultural posture. This leads to a paranoia where every subculture is interrogated for 'radicalism' simply for existing in a way anterior to widely dispersed media interpretation. This is what happened with the ok hand gesture; people played with media manipulation as a kind of accelerationist flex on people who exist posterior to the manipulation process. So there's a comical irony where people believe themselves shrewd for seeing ok hand symbols everywhere or for knowing that incel means terrorist extremist, when in fact all they're demonstrating the effects of their conditioning process."

"You either get accused of not having a sweeping comprehensive vision to replace everything at once or you get accused of not having any practical realistic goal."

"I'm not sure why normie tweets go viral when they talk about the Bible being 'edited' so homosexuality is condemned rather than pedophilia, when all those people are going to support the latter eventually too."

"Some of my experiences with ex heroin addicts involve some of the most humble, non judgmental, appreciative people I have ever met in my entire life. It's like they don't have a low bar, they have no bar at all. They've experienced such levels of self hatred and failure and develop a deep gratitude toward anyone who doesn't reduce them further."

"The conservative rhetoric where they beg people to take some legitimate idea seriously before the fascists rise to power through demagoguery is just indulging in a fantasy where they care more about America than 'fascists' (they don't). 'Please libtards start taking the dramatic incrase in crime seriously or else people who actually want less crime might come to power and that is unamerican', more or less."

"You can confuse the difference between a difference of degree and a difference of kind if you don't define the term under consideration clearly enough."

"It's not really a good counter to someone pointing out some obviously negative trend or accurate stereotype to assume they're cryptically hiding some genocidal tendency that you're going to bravely lure out. It's mostly an irresponsible deflection that relies on our highly suppressive environment in order to threaten people into silence, which is ironic since it's often used by people wanting to be seen as rebellious."

"The new masculinity is you joining the army to be deployed against your own countrymen for being transphobic."

"The concept of 'woke capital' eally has been devastating to current ideologies, and so people are going to have to either abandon their commitments or bite the bullet. They're going to do the latter, and the groundwork will be laid to rationalize support."

"Whatever responsible politics looks like, it can't involve the indulgent self reproach which seeks symbolic dissociation from the group to which one belongs. Jonathan Bowden's 'We're not sorry!' must be an unavoidable moral truth rather than mere oppositional sentiment."

"The degree to which people are willing to surrender liberty is directly proportional to how comprehensive their understanding of their moral lives are. So the man overcome by greed is satisfied with any circumstances that allows him to make money, the man overcome by lust, etc."

"Announcing her pronouns is a more definitive sign of submission than the wildest trad wife fantasy."

"Politics is stuck between bastardized scientific authority and intentionally indiscernible relativistic experience. On one side, you have 'math implies the democratic party platform'; on the other side, 'math is racist'."

"God help anyone whose religious formation wasn't prior to being online."

"Medieval folklore regarding incubi (seducing demons) was that they were capable of not just spiritual torment, but physical assault and even rape. They were also all considered heterosexual; it was taken as a condemnation of sodomy that even devils wouldn't do it. Another source thought that women were not tempted by devils because they were themselves the temptation (also laity weren't tempted much since they just always immediately followed their passions anyway). There was a theory that because demons don't produce semen, they would first appear as succubi, have sex with men in their sleep, collect their semen, transform into incubi, and then deposit the man's semen into the woman, and they'd do this on astrologically significant nights."

"You're going to be squeezed in-between increasing austerity propaganda using PoC as justification for it with anti-depressant addicted ironycels sarcastically deriding any opposition to it."

"Taleb has yet to coin Moral Antifragility: The more you get pushed, the more based you get."

"Leftists thinking that saying 'touch grass' or 'go outside' are good phrases reveals an environment where people need to compensate for their own deep unrelatability through projection and implying that they serve as decent barometers of normalcy. Very popular now among mentally ill shut ins and people whose self perceptions are delicately mediated through constant digital interaction lest they be disturbed by an actual human being."

"The final duty of the king is to die for the people."

"Tonight I am meditating while playing clips of people getting into all out brawls in airports and restaurants in order to internalize the absolute disregard for others' property and safety."

"Our understanding of the world is formed by the story we tell ourselves regarding the most intimate relationships we have. Parents, siblings, romantic love, etc. We mostly only see the surface layer of others. Social circles expand and contract throughout life, but none of this really has to do with whether you ever really get to know another."

"How comfortable are you when confronted by things you can't wrap your mind around?"

"It's easy to mock men developing subcultures for health, fitness, wellbeing etc, when you forget that there isn't any mainstream culture regarding these things. In your twenties you get confronted with dual tendencies to just neglect all these questions totally or autistically overcorrect. The first is what almost every man eventually does."

"Starting in 2021, the government now considers white America to be the new terrorist threat and therefore the logic of the 'war on terror' is going to be applied domestically."

"A man not fit for society or so self sufficient he doesn't depend on it - either a beast or a god. Many men who leave the city will encounter both and may return as something new: half beast, half god."

"With social media now everyone can undergo the same crisis of identity when they realize that the consciously manufactured self made for public consumption may very well be the only self they possess, which is something only celebrities and rock stars used to have to confront. Asking, 'Can I walk away from it all?' but instead of a world famous millionaire drowning in adoration, it's some nobody talking about his phone apps."

"For those who live in hell, to do good is a sin."

"A problem with neopagan political critiques of Christianity is that there could never be one paganism that provides the totalizing ethnic cohesion that critics want. You would just have irreconcilable different paganisms which could foster conflict instead of unity."

"There is a parallel between 'right' and 'left' critiques of Christianity in that both are displeased with its failure to subordinate itself to political ends. Both Nietzsche and Marx engage in this kind of per accidens critique. This is partly why there isn't exactly much to substantially refute, as each critique seeks to establish an entirely new paradigm outside of some the very metrics we use to determine whether something is good or true."

"If a woman suddenly changes her politics, it means she's either sleeping with a new guy, or she's mad at the last guy. If a man suddenly changes his politics, it means he's either being blackmailed, or the blackmail's power over him has ended."

"The highest achievement of reason is to affirm its own inadequacy."

"Light is a fitting spiritual analogy because it expresses its perfection by intensity rather than dimensional quantity, this intensity parallels the degrees of perfection in being (magnitudo spiritualis)."

"Finite goods seem desirable to us when we lack them, but when we possess them we see their poverty. Spiritual goods do not seem desirable to those who lack them, but those who possess them love them more dearly than anything else."

"The Batman Begins trilogy may be Nolan's best stuff because he isn't creating the premise. His other films are mostly convoluted spectacles with twists that pay off with varying degrees of success (The Prestige being the most understandable)."

"Passion, ruled by reason and disciplined by will, is a powerful weapon indeed. Without virtue, they turn into vices and destroy the subject itself. There is an appropriate way to analogize this with the brute animals, who also have passion and can deploy it in a way resembling virtue."

"A problem with latecomer Beltway and Ivy League anti-libertarian grifters is that libertarian rhetoric was initially deployed to indirectly defend the very demographic that would now be most harmed by expanded state power."

"Libs say 'only God can judge me'. Yeah he thinks you're a terrible person, too."

"The dynamic where any concession made by consensus liberal pundits to realities that may compromise their politics (rising crime is the current one) gets construed as 'neoliberalism' by leftists. This is primarily what they mean by this term. So despite some NYT writer openly admitting that the only reason people should be concerned with rising crime is because it may jeopardize his politics, people take just the admission of it being real as proof we live in a white supremacist hyper capitalist country."

"Large structures are costly group signaling, power projection. I wonder if this is relevant to the psychology of statue removal."

"Conservative fantasies about the welfare state causing crime inadvertently perpetuate the civil rights myth, implying that criminal dysfunction wasn't present during the times leading up to the 60s and pre great society."

"One area of continuity between the post civil rights era and now is the official narrative on race basically being a blood libel against white America. The difference now being that more people openly admit this. Even though it's recent, it actually always made sense to consider anyone who merely disagreed with this story to be racist; you either blame one group for the dysfunction or you blame the other. So it feels new to accuse people of being racist for simply saying 'I don't blame one group for the other group's problems' but really this is built within the logic of the problem and can't be escaped. But this also reveals how offensive the story's implication really is. You have a moral obligation to reject it but can't now because the logic of the problem is such that to say you don't deserve blame is to say that the other group does."

"There is a contradiction in cultural disputes where art has the power to change the world and remake everything in its own image, but also anyone who objects to its expression is an overreacting Puritan."

"In a way, the 'culture war' is simply Republicans since Nixon capitalizing on the massive unforced error of Democrats becoming the party of civil rights. It's mostly with Nixon and thereafter that liberals adopt their typical psychotic hatred of Republicans. Nixon, Regan, Ford, both Bushes, etc. weren't particularly conservative but each are treated as Hitler in their time (like Trump) for providing an outlet for voters who aren't comfortable with post 60s Democrat social engineering."

"Man is an apprentice, pain is his master: Nothing can be known except insofar as man has suffered."

"Without a vision of what a just and trustworthy authority ought to be or look like, any form of rebellion will become empty, or even used in the service of other powers. Anything utopian just becomes destructive or subservient to another power."

"In wonder all philosophy begins, and in wonder it all ends, and admiration fills up the interspace. The first wonder is the offspring of ignorance, but the last, this earned silence, this is the parent of adoration."

"Explaining contemporary culture in terms of corporate pressure doesn't answer why the culture is utilizing one set of norms over others. In fact, the temptation for this reductive explanation seems to be precisely to avoid answering this question. It's not usually seen as a reductive explanation but rather an unveiling of what's 'really going on behind the scenes', meaning business interests with no genuine beliefs. But mechanistic explanations of forms of control are always definitionally insufficient. Criticism that actually addresses some behavior itself isolated from its relationship to power or economic activity is seen as a distraction when in fact, aside from technological critique, methods of imposition only become relevant once we have judged the things they're imposing."

"I still see new atheist debates sometimes, it's easy to forget that the worst thing about them isn't their terrible philosophy but their total cowardice. Self-styled iconoclasts who ended up just doing whatever women, trans, and black people told them to do. The 'I love science' crowd thought they were going to wage apocalyptic war on Muslims or Evangelicals and now they occupy a ghetto dwarfed by people projecting their psychological fantasies onto everyone else except they're doing it with a gender spectrum."

"Fractured relationships ripple outward. So much social stability depends on permanent arrangements that, once gone, eat away at all surrounding relationships which depend upon them for indirect survival. How much instability and the resulting isolation is caused by a collective refusal to acknowledge that there is a social fallout from relationship failure that extends beyond just the couple? Whole networks are severed because of the choices of individuals. A traditionally polygamous society is probably superior to what we have here in terms of safeguarding long term social fabric. It's basically a catastrophic level of failure that impacts everything but is left mostly untouched or discussed in a strictly 'political' manner."

"Rather than time healing all wounds, certain moments act as a dam that blocks the flow of past into present. They do not become diluted in time, time becomes diluted in that moment."

"With the death of religion, there is now no place for men to go to free themselves from the cares of the world, at least temporarily. A vital, omnipresent structure now vanished, with only the anxiety of daily living left. Individual relief is somewhat poor consolation. For centuries you had communities of people dedicated to simplicity, poverty, and the reality of death existing parallel to secular life. Providing regular people with this long term perspective was a vital service."

"The conservative grift of controlled opposition becomes more transparent as the pace of change becomes more accelerated. Pundits are constantly rambling about immortal principles while simultaneously rapidly conjuring ad hoc defenses for things that didn't exist a year ago."

"One of the biggest problems with privileging the experience of the marginalized is that you end up marginalizing the experience of normal people. There are many legitimate criticisms you can make of doctors and police, for instance, but all you see are ones made by obese people and criminal populations. The loudest groups are always the least credible."

"While journalists obviously organize to create the impression that schools are going to be taken over by dangerous right wing fanatics, they will ignore that curriculum fights like this also happened during the 60s and conservatives mostly lost. The constant projected accusations of fear mongering by people who are themselves doing just that over fantasy fascism do so to minimize the decades of victory they've enjoyed. Whatever is accepted at the time gets recast as barely favorable to their ideology so as to prepare further degradation. No one today would consider mainstream civil rights history as radically left, but only because it's been dominant for so long."

"Some 'conservatives' are either delusional or bad faith. I used to think the former, but over time I've come to suspect they're fully aware of, and comfortable with, their place in the controlled opposition grift. The root of the ambiguity - not that it matters much since he wrong either way - is that he simply doesn't think there is any problem with the way things have been done and the way they're going. So now he and others' entire politics amounts to nothing more than concern trolling. I mean that quite literally, too. The function of these types is to act as actual trolls in the online sense of the term. The confusion over delusion or bad faith when reading people like this is that they enjoy a presumption of public sincerity while you are condemned as anon."

"Treating logic as the only proper form of speaking is the mark of the pedant, treating rhetoric as the only proper form is the mark of the politician. Both can have a corrupting influence on speech."

"Whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord. What a glory it is for you to emerge from battle crowned with victory! But what a greater glory is it to win on the battlefield an immortal crown!"

"Faith is integration of the belief that truth does exist with skepticism regarding the ability of human reason."

"Without the birth and death of each note, there is no music."

"When I journey inward I find a pure heart; even if I had to face a thousand or ten thousand enemies, I march against them without any fear."

"Women always describe their previous relationships or friend groups as if they were tricked into joining a cult that they escaped from."

"Modern identity self constructions that rely on mass media are extremely fragile. They need to be projected onto and reinforced positively by everything they encounter. Normal self-definition requires emotional investment in others, since we largely define ourselves according to these relationships. Now, as these relations fail to exist, people will increasingly self define according to online media. But the need for emotional investment remains, so now it will be attached to false communities of mass politics, fetishist identities, etc. So the moralizing hysteria over pop culture, 'validating' identities, and general social activism are misdirected expressions of emotional investment required for self definition. You become dependent as a node in a network rather than a member of a family, demonstrating something like rabid familial loyalty to ethereal digital constructs that would vanish in an instant if the power went out. You lose a sense of self based on actual relationships with people, and instead become a mere vector for digital contagion, in some cases literally altering yourself physically in order to match the self with the distorted reflected online version. People mistakenly try to deflate the significance of this process by relegating certain topics to the level of 'culture war', as if we haven't witnessed over the past year that basically anything can be subsumed into this model if the media so desires. This is important because people who have been divested of real personality in exchange for becoming heads of the online hydra are going to be teaching your kids, controlling the internet, and running the country assuming no drastic reversal occurs."

"It's surreal to see journalists and others attempt to memory hole what really happened in the summer of 2020 when there were days when I had like five different live streams open at once showing rioting and violence in multiple cities. My insatiable desire for chaos kino has turned me into a living testimony against all the attempts at revisionism. At one point in Philly they were crashing abandoned cop cars into each other on abandoned streets."

"A man searches for the treasures of the world and discovers its vault, but once he enters he finds it empty and hears the portals shut close behind him. There he must stay to listen to the clamoring of others dying to get in thinking that they, too, will find what they seek."

"Some sins are inspired by passion that subsides, and other sins involve deliberate malice that require the will to become permanently disposed to some disordered end."

"It's a testament to how little human nature changes that a system built upon skepticism of authority, critical thinking, scientific inquiry, and independent examination still manifests at the social level as just another form of mass collective control. When you see phrases like 'don't confuse your google searching with my degree', you should note the irony that someone is saying you need formal credentials to participate in a system that nominally opposes all authority in the name of independent rational verification. All public belief structures may have to adopt this form to assume power, but it's only this one that contradicts itself in the act, which makes it theoretically dangerous because it can't restrain itself since it doesn't even admit it exists."

"We project meaninglessness onto the universe as an act of pride to cope for its failure to conform to the meaning we desperately wish to ascribe to it. It's more difficult to admit the existence of intention in creation but that we play as participants rather than authors. This is ironic in that the choice that affords greater moral responsibility here is not the one you'd think."

"We identify with our vices and so see a kind of death as the cost of abandoning them. Who will I be without my sins? I am afraid because I cannot see the personality that will exist on the other side of purification."

"If liberalism or its interpretation of Christianity and ethics were true - meaning virtue as desiring to help the other inasmuch as they were different from you - then even on its own terms, most of the non western world would be condemned."

"One reason why religion in the west is so impotent and pathetic is that religious authorities, whether due to true belief or climate of threat, accept their role as mere 'opinion' givers who still display deference to political institutions to determine a given world of 'facts'. This is of course not a serious role, it's a kind of ceremonial moral imprimatur given to narratives spun by journalists and state functionaries. It also makes true believers look foolish as they exist to give spiritual depth to whatever the new york times is lying about currently. This creates awkward circumstances for adherents who know the government is lying about everything, since in this relationship between church and state the state's beliefs are indirectly now a part of your religion. But this scenario of irrelevance and slow death is seen as better to the alternative of a world where being Christian is seen like being anti vax (enemy of the state culture marker). Plus many leaders and faithful do now sincerely believe the state interpretation of their religion."

"The world can't be flat because then you could escape it, it's round to let you know you're trapped here until the end."

"Part of Guenon's objection to psychoanalysis and Uung in particular is its implication that traditional archetypes are sub-conscious rather than supra-conscious, the notion of collective unconscious being equated with the former. For him it's a kind of inverted spirituality, a constant theme of his writing, in modern thinking where traditions which stand above material life are seen now as emerging from something 'below'. He says this idea may be applicable in the sense of a collective memory like how we understand primitive folklore, but for Guenon, folklore is a kind of degenerated last ditch effort created by the custodians of ancient tradition in order to keep it alive in some fashion."

"Guenon often criticizes the notion of 'ordinary life', which acts as an implicit materialist reprioritization of our lives emptied of a dominating spiritual principle. The more you see the term, the weirder it strikes you and the less 'default' ordinary life seems to be. Even for people who remain religious, as time passes in the western world we lose even the post-Christian rationale for work, family, leisure, etc. Everyone forgets why they do what they do, and upon reflection discover that there really isn't much of a reason anymore. And it may occur to you 'Why would you ever let any principle supercede your religion and spirituality? Especially ones that have become absurd and utterly exhausted?' confronted with the death of resignation or the rebirth of fanaticism."

"After a while you notice how much of culture and politics is shaped by people who are reacting against their small town relatively conservative upbringing but who can't get over that this doesn't describe the upbringing of most people in general. It's partly what fuels outdated cultural biases of people who just act like the 2010's never happened. They have a fossilized impression of what's dominant that comes from their childhood (which is also wrong btw) and just never adjust to a more accurate impression. I was listening to a discussion where people were talking about a piece of old media and they were treating it as transgressive because it had anti christian undertones. So their evangelical childhoods prevented them from realizing that this was all passé. It's incredibly prevalent. You'll see viral tweets about how music had parental advisory or how some group didn't like Eminem, as if this equivalent to being targeted by feds or having your bank account frozen. In fact the kind of false hysteria surrounding these things is part of their path to dominance. The idea that they ever faced genuine suppression was integral to their material dominance. Additionally, this hinders the understanding of dissidents. They believe that being suppressed morally helps them, but it doesn't because this time it's real. Actual suppression... suppresses. You just get ruined and go away forever. This is partly what makes leftist so intransigent. They truly believe they are oppressed. Their filter for understanding the world is so thick."

"ALl the people incessantly and dishonestly invoking social responsibility and contrived senses of community become diehard libertarians once the most basic form of 'banning divorce' gets mentioned. Obviously enabling broken homes is an irrevocable disaster that means you do not live in a real civilization, it's one of those things that makes it so over that you have to pretend it's not a big deal in order to cope. Seeing the typical response to this truth is genuinely one of the only things you have to know in order to understand things. Ironically disparaging the bedrock of all social relations by freaks who talk about solidarity is too illustrative. Telling people that unless you're vaccinated and masked, then you don't care about others, while defending to the death a transactional and functionally meaningless notion of the family that destroys young lives regularly. I couldn't dream of a better image of decline."


"I find it amazing how people can take 'the paradox of tolerance' seriously and post things like that unironically instead of immediately concluding that tolerance is a bullshit ideal."


"Modern obsession with 'sources' stem from distrust on innate wisdom, the byproduct of an education aimed at erasing all which is natural. Men of power know true knowledge comes from genius."

"Ancient men conquered cities put them to the sword and fire, meanwhile you go to WINE BAR with 'gf' and enjoy tasteful banter..YOU ARE GAY!!"

"Chimp in state of nature never jerks off, but in captivity he does, wat does this mean? In state of nature he’s too busy, to put plainly. He is concerned with mastering space."

"The Shield is a much better crime drama show than Breaking Bad, more varied, funnier, less 'heavy', and written by much smarter people (see Armenian money train episodes and how he bests the IAD guy). Also a much more timeless commentary on present-day USA and 'state breakdown'. In conditions where state and law are discredited, it's idiotic (and also actually immoral - longer talk) to cleave to lawfulness and pre-made morality. Even lawful people can agree on this! It is important then only to care for frends/family...or the nucleus of a New Order (mafia)."

"The left’s understanding of the far-right is mostly based on guys who consciously play into that image and get off on playing the bad guy for the media and leftists. Beyond that, how we really think, really act, and really believe is a mystery to them."

"I shudder when reading bookish (esp female) Classics profs talking about Homer. They don’t understand masculinity, they don’t understand violence, warfare, freedom. You cannot understand Homer without understanding these things - so they twist it all up."

"My biggest disappointment with Trump is that he didn't take my advice to appoint Joe Pesci and similar to the UN or to e.g. National Endowment for the Arts, with command to always be 'in character'. It very important to make overt the degradation of a degenerate political system, to not let it maintain pretense of dignity. Caligula is one of the best Roman Emperors by the way (and had actually very strong record, but was slandered by...a certain sect)."

"This hell doesn't end until a significant number of the men in our society stop being pathetic weaklings. Don't get lost in the finger pointing. This all goes away when fathers return to the center of the home. The rest is just detritus and noise."

"Progressive Alpha Males do not exist, by definition."

"When nothing in society deserves respect, we should fashion for ourselves in solitude new loyalties."

"Weininger speaks about how sexuality is almost like a parasite to man - how puberty is a crisis that reveals to man that something foreign or alien now resides within him. When I was young, I saw a documentary about dinosaurs, explaining how a certain species of flying dinosaur would fly vast distances to their mating grounds, most of them not making it. I remember thinking how foolish it was. Only in puberty did I come to understand that violent, burning need that these animals must have felt. I was reminded of this realization by Weininger - the terrible realization that I was now in the grips of that same violent instinct, that nothing would be the same."

"Leftism is not an ideology or a set of beliefs, but a biological phenomenon. It is an infestation, and it must be treated as such."

"To be effective in this world you must be very acquainted with the underworld. To gain a true hold on the foundations of this trash-world, a certain group among the right will have to descend in this inferno. I am firmly convinced that this is the key to overturning everything that is corrupt, and the path to the great purgation."

"The deradicalization mantras and ritual recitations of, 'don't be a puppet', 'does it really affect you?', 'why do you care what two consenting adults do?' are verbal analgesics and anxiolytics designed to pacify and subjugate."

"If God showed himself today to you, in a dream, would you have the inner energy and power to honor him and to do his bidding to the world? Or would you, neutered by the modern pervasive hivemind of the slave, dismiss it, and yourself as unreal or unworthy, when it is the modern bugman and his blabbering that lacks reality."

"Any man who improves his body through sun and steel will drift away from the modern left, a program of decrepitude and resentful monstrosity. They know this, and they are afraid."

"Hiring 'woke' people from elite universities, who could have never have gained admittance in pure meritocracy, is making the gov't dangerous and incompetent. Feds will go after dissident citizens at increasing rate, but do so on ever more ridiculous claims. Will be scary and funny."

"There is no systematized understanding of modern problem because it's not a system... it's a psychological condition, possibly emerging from a biological one. Solution therefore has nothing to do with systems analysis or proposing alternative system."

"The last year [2020] marked the time when America's descent to Banana Republic can't be denied anymore. Along with that, also the vindication of all the conspiracy theorists since the John Birch Society. Not that that's any consolation for those of us who have to live in the aftermath. Except that in a Banana Republic, typically the state is quite weak, whereas for the last 5 decades or so the state in the US has been busily redistributing the wealth and power of the citizenry into their hands, so a nightmare scenario of sorts has been set up. In many Banana Republics, as long as you don't directly attack the regime, you can probably evade notice, and/or bribe people if you can't. Here, it's like living under the Eye of Sauron all the time, though admittedly I'm not sure how coordinated the efforts are. It really looks like a concerted effort is underway to just destroy America. The parasites already have defensible enclaves domestically and/or whole other countries as bugout locations if things get really hot. Singapore, Israel, New Zealand seem likely transmission zones."

"Standardized testing more than anything helps poor declasse whites get into the upper echelons of education (you know, because you may be one of them). And that is why they're closing these small doors as quickly as possible. No room for us at the top."

"In 1917 while unrest was happening in Russia, some Russian soldiers (mostly sailors, actually) stationed in Finland mutinied and shot their officers. They then set up new Red Guards with allied revolutionary Left Finns. The purpose of forming these Red Guards was to 'maintain order'. What was happening in Finland that order needed to be maintained by these militias you may ask? Well, it so happens that a major push for the Left was the disbanding of police in the cities and towns. So the Left, with its militias, would be the only group able to exercise force. Does this sort of thing sound familiar? The parallels to what happened in Finland in this time period and what has been happening in America is, I think, instructive. The push from the left to 'abolish police' in this form is an old strategy. They don’t really want to get rid of policing in of itself, they simply want to replace it with their own brand they can direct towards their political enemies. It is important to keep this in mind. As Americans, we need to decide which way we are going to go. Will there arise a Baron Mannerheim that will push back against this nonsense? Time will tell."

"The chivalric ideal assumes a starting point of ubiquitous male power. In an 'equal' society or one in which women have the cultural edge, one would expect chivalry to be utterly irrelevant, confined only to paintings and lovely old stories. And this is exactly what has occurred."

"Merry Christmas! I hear of rumors - Christ to return at the head of a Hidden Army of knights... something called Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit... mankind to enter a third and new age... many signs, a great tower of fire stretch into the sky... Victory over the dragon."

"Every talking point in the modern right vs left discussion (plus a good few that modern intellects wouldn't dare touch) was discussed at a far higher level in Gobineau and Tocqueville's letters roughly 200 years ago. The conversation isn't stuck, it's regressing. These men were in every sense the modern 'intellectual's' superior, better educated, more daring, more insightful, could read and recite classics in their original languages, just a horrific mogging - no idea how these university nerds find it in themselves to get up in the morning."

"When a cycle nears its conclusion and nears collapse, there are two categories dissidents can fall into. There are pirates and monks. You can flee into the mountains to preserve, or you can hit the high seas to survive. There is always an antagonistic but important relationship there."

"The 21st century will see the annihilation of hundreds of millions, at the least, by starvation and disease. The survival of civilized nations will depend on being able to look away."

"The way out of modern weakness has nothing to do with reestablish 'family clans' or relying on (nonexistent) cousin network alliances as society becomes low-trust basketcase. Those things take 100s of years to develop. You can't go to countryside grow tomatoes, retreat, and hope just because you have big family that you will win in 100 years. They will take your kids away if they have to. Only way out now is group with fanatical loyalty to each other! Anything that gets in the way of forming such Party Junta core or more plainly, mafia brotherhood is to be despised as politically useless. If you're not ready to devote yourselves to higher cause and put each other before everything else, inertia of modern yeast will remain."

"Anyone born with a will to conquest and expansion of boundaries, will feel thwarted now, will awaken at a young age to find themselves in a world pervaded by their spirit and break them. How one responds to this… that is different."

"If you're some years into this thing of ours and you're not making few close frends mafia where you can begin to put loyalty to each other over loyalty to fake modern states and faker modern opinions of men ('ethics' and so on) you're NGMI."

—Bronze Age Pervert, BAP, @BronzeAgeMantis, @LatinxPutler

"Gun control is the perfect example of an emotional rush, goaded by powerful political interests who exploit tragedy and death without hesitation, quickly petering out once people resume thinking rationally and asking sharp questions. It's hard for the Left to sustain the emotional stampede on gun control because one of the first sharp questions people start asking is, 'How much gun violence is there overall, and where is it happening?' The Left absolutely does NOT want that question asked or answered. Then, of course, there is the really devastating question, the logical rock upon which every emotional wave of gun control breaks: 'What, exactly, are you proposing that would have stopped this mass shooting?' It's that shift from generality to specifics that always kills the momentum of gun control. The consistent inability of advocates to propose anything that appears directly related to whatever crime they are attempting to exploit is remarkable. Even casual observers notice it. Conservatives should master the art of blunting the Left's other populist emotional stampedes by relentlessly asking the questions that cannot be answered. Never let them talk about the supposedly sunny destination without mapping out the hard road that leads there."

—John Hayward, @Doc_0

"Antifa is just the volunteer wing of the federal government."

"Who would have thought that you can't build a community or a functioning movement off of who can be the edgiest? Who would have thought you could be easily infiltrated by people who know how to replicate your jargon, talking points, and can performatively out-edge you?"

"One thing people who engage in tactical nihilism will do is pretend to not understand the commonalities of language. What would be understood as a clear implication in the way something was phrased becomes an exercise akin to teaching a space alien to understand human speech."

"What would horrify our ancestors most about 2019? Kinda depends on which ancestors you're talking about. Any period before the Enlightenment, it would definitely be the godlessness and I can't see an argument for any of the others. Kingdoms and empires were never ethnostates. Language and religion were the largest divisions. The concept of the nation-state is largely a consequence of the Thirty Years War's Peace of Westphalia with nationalism downstream from that and race a consequence of the Enlightenment bringing a more secular and scientific viewpoint and what was going on with European empires. When our enemies say things about race being a social construct they're not entirely wrong, but what they do is treat a social construct as something invalid (it isn't) and twist and misrepresent how and why these things developed."

"Demons are real, but the understanding is incomplete. Before the industrial revolution their warfare was almost entirely spiritual as this was the weakest vector for them to impose themselves upon the world without active summoning. Technology is not understood by 99.9% of the people that use it. Yet it is given freely with zero thought to its consequences. This isn't even getting into the issue of how the average person is only given tools of little social consequence compared to the levers of tech. Downscale that to the tech that any regular person is allowed to use. There's nothing to say that reality also doesn't become insecure at the smaller level. Postmodern philosophers have noted perception and experience takes a beating as society moves toward Ellul's Technique. The science of technology's effect on the human body is still nascent. It's just assumed that it's all harmless. People resort to hyperbole from either direction to avoid the discussion of the effects technology has on human biology. We've known that it affects our dreams. Over a decade ago a paper came out that saw a connection between black and white TV and the color of people's dreams. Those who grew up primarily with grayscale television had grayscale dreams. 12% dreamed only in grayscale. Dreams have always been one of our connections to the spiritual world. It is one of the weaker vectors. The OT is rife with these stories. Saint John Cassian, from whom the Western monastic tradition owes much, warned of the spiritual power and character of dreams. Jacques Ellul speaks of a concept called Technique, which is the totality of methods that are used to achieve the most efficient end. This is how society becomes technological. Technology doesn't shape to humans but humans shape to technology. An object to be shaped. I point to all of this to make my case that it is acknowledged that technology can have actual effects on the human body and brain, that it shapes people, and that it has the power to affect dreams, the place where church fathers have recognized demons can establish dominion. It's an open secret that many in Silicon Valley limit their own children's access to technology that they help develop. Note that it's the educators serving high income children who do not want young children exposed to it. I've so far avoided the obvious talking points of the effects digital pornography have on the brain. It's not anecdotal that digital pornography leads to more fetishes. They are studying it and seeing it creates a greater risk of being into child porn. 'Born this way' is propaganda to avoid having people look into the environmental ways conditions can be induced. No one wants to believe a pedophile can be made by technology. They must all just be born that way or touched by an uncle, right? But technology can shape people. Studies into the role pornography plays reveal that sexuality is influenced by pornography. This is not a matter of 'just have a wank', there is evidence that sexual behavior is shaped by digital pornography. I don't think I need to connect the dots here. Technology shapes human beings. It doesn't just exploit human biology. It has the ability to shape it. It has the capability of altering humanity in many of the places that the mystics and clerics have warned people to guard for. I joke about technology allowing the interdimensional techno-demons to possession people and steal their soul. But the levels that humanity is tinkering with the very fabric of reality and the effects that smaller scale technology have on human beings should be considered."

"You can always tell someone is trying to engage in the power process as someone who is powerless when they're trying to make you submit to their principles through persistent appeal. It's a passive and 'slave morality' form of demanding the keys to the castle."

"Nothing about the world we live in will ever make sense to you unless you understand that you live under an occupation and are thus subject to the rules of the occupiers. If you don't start from there, you will search for multiple explanations and rationalizations that will lead you to ineffective ends. You are not an active participant in politics and public debate, you are its problem. Public debate is debating why you're the problem, politics is about dealing with the problem. The opposition in debate simply offers an alternative path to your destruction, the end goal is never resisted. We cannot seek to influence the debate or enter politics - we can only hope to smash it. Your humiliation is the enemy's goal. To take a hit and fight on is honorable, but to take a beating every day is just sad. Humiliation robs you of your humanity, of your will, of your reason to fight on. Humiliation takes everything from you and debases it in front of all. It robs you of being worthy of empathy. It has been used by every occupier in history. It is our natural primal understanding of defeat. The Ottoman practice of kocek was an ultimate example, similar to the concept of 'drag kids' in modern America. Koceks were a combination of dancers, clowns, and prostitutes, they were young non-Muslim boys taken from their parents and trained to be willful sexual objects and entertainers for the Turks. The goal was to have the occupied think, 'If we allow that to be done to our boys, what else can they do?' The answer is 'anything.' It is full spectrum domination on the mind of the conquered. Your enemy doesn't want these things just because they think it's for anyone's benefit - gay pride parades in your street, drag queens in your advertisements, your son transgender, your parents dead from opioids, your daughter race mixing, your meat replaced with bugs, all while your media laughs at you. They want it because they know you don't want it but you can't stop them, they want to humiliate you. There isn't any other reason."

"Ideology is a spook (actually it's more of a brand) and it becomes very clear when you begin to see how people who are really into it just ignore inconvenient realities to push what they believe. That's not their fault, it's how they were conditioned, but it's a real issue. LARPing is intrinsic to ideology because the missing components have to be replaced by something. And if I'm not being clear then let's take the Industrial Revolution. Your ideology can't pretend it never happened or just handwave it as neat but not germane to the conversation. Imagine if aliens came down and made everyone on earth able to see and interact interdimensionally. Imagine if then people kept trying to structure society in a three-dimensional understanding. That's what ideology frequently does."

"The weaponization of pornography at Ramallah [Palestine] is all I need to know about what it is. The individual psychology of why someone might oppose it is a distraction and largely a form of status-jockeying. Does it involve human sex trafficking? Can it be weaponized? Are Zionists obsessed with it? Does it destroy lives and families? These are the only questions that matter. Morality does not stop mattering because a position is held by an anime avi with psychological issues."

"What Conservatives Actually Believe: 'I may not believe in the right to inject a child with hormones, but I will defend to the death your right to deplatform me for thinking that'."

"There's only so much the average person can do when leaderlessness is imposed upon us, but conservatives are so committed to abstract principles and devoid of empathy for the average white person they can react to a situation like being forced to transition your son abstractly. These aren't people but incidents."

"Something that a friend of mine said about a year ago that completely changed the way I carry myself in discussing culture and politics was him making the point that, 'We have to reassert ourselves as people with the right to be in good-standing and participate in society'. The 'thinking like dissidents' rule still applies, what I mean is in how we mentally think of ourselves. We have a tendency to still think of ourselves as 'bad' or 'wrong' for thinking the way we do, and it affects us in our own mental perceptions. We're not wrong, they are."

"Burn your ballot and go help out an opiate addict."

"It's not simply that conspiracy theorists feel powerless amid a world of opaque complexity and alarming instability. It's also that the institutions they are meant to trust to represent that world to them (and to represent them to that world) are facing a crisis themselves. It's relatively common to hear columnists moaning that we live in an era of 'post-truth', but what's happening isn't, like, Republican voters read Derrida and Baudrillard and decided to run with it. Rather, institutions a liberal society is supposed to rely on to build a consensus reality are trusted by fewer and fewer people to do so."

"Progressives only let you glorify violence when it's put in the context of Yas Qween Slay Spectacle violence pushing a neo-con message of perpetual violent liberation of morally superior brown people by enlightened liberal despots and technocrats."

"Look at the history of dissidents and you find them full of feds, burned assets, grifters, traitors, and unsavory characters alongside the principled and true believers. Doesn't change that's how each of them were treated. I tell this story a lot, but a friend's father was a dissident behind the Iron Curtain. He was a true believer. No snitch. After the governments fell, he went back and got his file and discovered all of the people he trusted, his friends, had informed on him to save their skin. If you're harassed by power as part of a crackdown on ideas they don't like, even if you're a total piece of shit with questionable connections or whatever qualifier you need, you're still a dissident. It's a messy, sad, sordid existence in a struggle like that. You don't get the struggle you want but the struggle you're given."

"The one consistent thing about me in and outside of politics is I'm obsessed with organizational management on an abstract level. There's an inherent flaw when trying to create organizations while fighting the system we're dealing with that I always think about. I'll run through some of my thoughts point by point and how problems occur in each point. In past ages organization existed in conjunction with more cohesive cultures so that they would often be secondary to a person's being. In our culture they'll become that person's being. What this means is organizations now will have a higher tendency to attract dysfunctional people with co-morbid personalities, raising the likelihood of the organization becoming a motley crew fighting its own antisocial behavior. This also makes them targets for infiltration. And infiltration need not mean feds coming in to do surveillance. This includes energetic entryists who are motivated to seize power for their own personal or ideological aims or to carve out a space for their own strange cultures and appetites. You see this on macro levels. If I were to build an organization from scratch, or dictate one, my first goal would be to mitigate this problem by building a natural immunity system into the organization. In my view, that means family men are the only ones in charge or even just the only ones. The skin in the game aspect is so important and it's the only way to build a sense of continuity within the organization. It also cuts down on antisocial and dysfunctional behavior and lessens chances of energetic entryism, especially of the sexually disordered. You may have seen the inherent flaw in this. Family men are men with more to lose. That's precisely the issue. That's why they go after family oriented orgs first. They're tougher but also subject to more targets of attacks and weak links. I don't know how to overcome that. The only way to prevent that is for the organization to be secretive, which cuts down the range of their effectiveness unless they're a racket or have access to power. Young men without families are more likely to join organizations but we've seen the issues with that too. There isn't a silver bullet and I'm not telling anyone how to do things they might already be doing. But these are things I would consider if you are org building. There are books from past leaders that detail their struggles of how they built their own. Patterns emerge. An organization is only as strong as the men who make up the lifeblood and give it a strong immunity from outside attacks and maintain ideological coherence and personal discipline in how it conducts itself and the goals it seeks to achieve. Minimizing threats is paramount."

"There's something charming about the way Jesse Lee Peterson simply asks guests about their relationships with their parents, because it all too often cuts to the heart of the matter."

"Atheist critiques of Christianity almost always just come down to inside-out Sola Scriptura. Further proof that atheists are just lapsed Puritans."

"A man needs only to say 'I don't think that's accurate' to anything that an elite and downstream liberal or conservative says in order to become a right-wing extremist."

"The Episcopal Church is useless. People are drawn to social justice because it's a civic religion with both prestige and a cultish fervor that gives the adherents transcendence, martyrdom, and power. Why would they be interested in a simulacrum of that with a problematic (to them) history they need to prune? It's just Diet Dionysianism, a pale imitation of what they already have."

"I know what you're trying to do champ, so you build your opportunity over there, I'll build mine here, and I'll just go back to ignoring you types while I work on my plan."

"The oversocialization induced by social media and technology have allowed snitch culture to come into its own and reach ascension. There will be incentives for this and pretending to be apolitical will get you targeted. One will have to master how to lie without being suspect. The pressures of this will create a lot of internal snitching even among people you think you can trust as there will be incentives given to turn on one another and report them to employers (or feds if they think they can get you on something). Don't expect there to be a movement you can take comfort in and just trust. You're on your own. I asked years ago, 'Who are your five guys you can call up to bail you at a moment's notice, no questions asked?' Don't have that? Get cracking. This is dissident thinking. I understand if people were expecting PissEarth 2025 hyperbolic bleakness from me, but it's better that I remind you what parameters you should be operating under. My wife and I already talk about how to explain these diminished expectations to our child and how to deal with it. That in and of itself is intolerable for many people to hear because we live in an intolerable society. Even if the Miracle Happens the conditions are still mostly what they are right now. Everyone wants more time but the truth is most people squander the time they pleaded for."

"Never, ever talk to journalists, under any circumstances."

"MtFs learned one thing from real women, and that is to mock or question straight men's sexuality whenever a man contradicts them."

"I'm not talking to anyone who aggressively chooses to not be in touch with reality anymore."

"It's proven time and time again that the best predictor for correct views is aesthetics."

"The legacy of full-throated irony-poisoning is grown men thinking comic movies are better than Odysseus. There's no value in attempting to 'own' them or argue with them. Just point out they're irony-poisoned and move on. People say shit like this not because they actually believe it themselves (they don't, or in such bad faith they don't even recognize it) but to make people upset."

"My theory as to why there are so many more cryptid sightings in America than in Europe is the lack of gypsies on which to blame every strange occurrence."

"One reason I'm extremely defensive of more Grug white people is due to my education and exposure to aspirational white shitlibs I've had to help well-meaning and unaware relatives understand how to deal with these people because of how insane and retaliatory they are. They'll ask things like, 'Why is X like this, Borz? I was just voicing my opinion, everyone has a right to their opinion, that's what America is about'."

"Trust no one whose solution to world problems doesn't involve tech power, money power, or security power getting domed."

"The GOP is just a rent-seeking vehicle designed to waste your time and rip off marks."

"The one genre of liberal storytelling that has always been mystifying to me is the PTSD they apparently get from eating a single dinner with their extended family once a year. Just eat the plate of food and watch the football game you weirdos."

"When you want to troll someone, just ask them what's the last book they read."

"One thing I keep reiterating to normies is that the election is ultimately meaningless in the sense that America is doomed to limp and stutter from crisis to crisis. The Biden admin is built to loot, not build, and aren't even capable of expressing core issues, nevermind fix them. Even if America is doomed to go from crisis to crisis, our elite's response being that of forcing us from indignity to indignity is not one set in stone. That's what we can aim to change."

"My children will be around to inherit the earth, but your cat won't."

"Regardless of who is certified president, 99% of us have literally zero impact on it. The difference between people like me and people who obsess over this is that the former is spending time productively with building families and communities."

"I like Qtards - their sights may be marked with goofy numerology, but they're shooting in the right general direction."

"One reason I said 'debates are gay' is because some things just aren't up for debate. I'm not going to go down your little logic rabbit holes or be forced to resort to bloviating bullying for simple truths like 'all porn is child porn' or 'this society is sick'. It's not debatable."

"Inglorious Basterds is a post-modern film by Tarantino. The subtext is about how Hollywood ritually murders nazis on screen to sustain their (Hollywood’s) psyop power and humiliate their audiences into submission to the current order. The Bear Jew is fittingly played by Eli Roth, fitting because BJ's scene is played for laughs about the death of honor (his films often have the same message). He brutally kills a nazi who refuses to give the Basterds intel. Next nazi up gives the info. Haha, isn't it funny how honor is meaningless? When the nazi propaganda film plays for the nazi faithful, the crowd cheers the bloodshed. We, as an audience, are supposed to be disgusted. Then later we, the audience, are conditioned to celebrate the brutal deaths of the bad guys in the same fashion. The nazi audience is literally burned to death by film. Metaphor meaning film itself will burn down 'pride of a nation' and white people. Notice those conspirators setting the fire are a woke-approved interracial couple. All through the film, Brad Pitt is carving swastikas on prisoners he leaves alive. His role itself is the message that the new order psyops will be enforced by violence by anyone who doesn't internalize them. Our rulers sending southern white guys to force the issue. The last shot breaks the fourth wall, with Pitt and BJ staring at the audience while Pitt carves a swastika into the audience's forehead. Message being that the audience are nazis and they can't wipe away the shame of 'white supremacy'. The film has marked them. The same shot earlier without the carving happens with Eli Roth representing film and BJ representing TV (The Office). Their order of appearance showing that film will start the marking process and psyop but TV will complete it. Hitler is killed in the film, because history doesn't matter. The message being that Hollywood writes history. This is what many films are about (Back to the Future, for instance). The psyop itself decides not just what history means, but even what happened."

"They say 'You were right. You were right about everything that was going to happen.' I don't take any pleasure in hearing that from good people in my life. They asked me what our future plans were, I said there's nowhere to flee to so I need to prepare my kids to live in a difficult world of diminishing expectations and teach them to rebuild. They're older relatives and they said they'd rather find some place. I said I understood."

"The problem with the way people approach the concept of 'Redpilling the Normies' is they put the cart before the horse which is often counterproductive. If I were to breakdown how people should go about it on a personal level it's really just these simple steps: (1) Be a member of good standing in your network by establishing yourself as intelligent and trustworthy. (2) Build the frame in which they understand how things are so bad and the mechanics of that. (3) Explain to them who is doing this and why last. Some people want to leap frog to 3, and that's just bad. Depending on who it is, it's fine to keep them at 2, as if they trust you, it's just better to keep them in your network. People have an instinctive hatred of the right people, they just need affirmation and guidance. Or as I often say, you don't 'Redpill the Normies', you lead them (if you're a trustworthy person of good standing. Cannot emphasize enough how important this part is). You have to meet people where they are, not where you want them. The conservative and reactionary notion of the meek skittish normie that gets scared off like a timid deer is actually a projection of themselves. Fundamentally the issues with average people (as Big Normie is a false construct) is they need framework and they have programming. How they are about forbidden topics is the wildcard because that's determined by the previous two factors. Arguments break out over this all the time and it's a waste of energy systematizing individual factors. That's why it's better to have a gestalt than a pitch."

"You’re confused because you’re still thinking in antiquated terms of legal strategies and constitutionality, reason and logic, hypocrisy and contradictions, or rights and freedom. That’s all gone, friend. They don’t care anymore."

"If you're frantically posting to tell people to stop worrying, it's already over for you, you've psyoped yourself into neurosis. Stop investing yourselves emotionally in political theater far outside your control. The longer you spend passively hoping, the worse it will be for you in the end."

"Atheists be like 'prayer doesn't work' and then vote."

"Redditors always think it's not obvious that they're talking completely in bad faith and cry out as they strike you."

"These people don't have principles - they have television signals in their brains."

"The essential ingredients of the libtard are a higher than average fear of death and mortality, and conditioned narcissism in the bureaucratic class whose social function was to maintain the protocols and rules of society."

"Western Civilization was in terminal decline the moment school bullying became a cultural concern."

"Any appeal to principles that is outside of an extremely vetted member of good standing in your friend faction is, by nature, an enemy faction psyop."

"Your choices often are to be sideline contrarians or pawns of history. The danger of the latter is believing the lie. The danger of the former is believing you matter."

"Marxist-Leninists are still refusing to utilize the explosive power and potential of the déclassé and banking all of their hopes on lumpenproletariat not immediately backstabbing them on behalf of woke capital. At least some things never change. I hesitate to even use terms like 'the left' as it's such a meaningless and neutered concept under such total neoliberal hegemony, but insofar as leftist theorycels are real they've never been able to work with what they've got, only wishing for what they'll never get. This is why all of their revolutions always eventually get rolled by strongman pragmatists and opportunists who end up shoving half of these people into the proverbial locker while they work to stabilize the new regime. Marxism was already in crisis by the early 20th century which is what gave birth to post-Marxists like Sorel, and some of those people just ended up becoming fascists. It took a new interpretation, synthesized by Lenin, to breathe new life into it. The Bolsheviks, it should be remembered, *lost* the post October Revolution election to the Socialist Revolutionaries, an agrarian socialist and populist political party whose roots were not Marxist in origin and only incorporated some Marxist thought as part of its dialectic. Once the revolution transitioned into the Civil War, some of the SRs revolted because of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, assassinated the German ambassador, revolted against the Bolsheviks, and some sided with the Whites and Greens until Kolchak expelled all Socialists."

"Don't ever help people get elected unless you're getting paid and protected."

—@EdwardBChang, @BoomerChang, @TedwardWang, Borzoi Boskovich

"Some high verbal iq parasite figured out how to hijack America's foundational antipathy toward inherited title of nobility and turn it into a condemnation against white people for being born with the phrase 'white privilege'."

"Every day they reveal their 'morality' a sham, vindicating those they condemn by demonstrating that the only time they are against historic atrocities is when they weren't in a position to perpetrate them. It is all tribal warfare, nothing more, and they want our tribes dead."

"The term 'private individual' will be defined to exclude karen microaggressing at a dog park, but to include 'activists' burning down business districts. In some cases it's tricky - by now, everyone has seen the video of a 'private individual' violently attacking a 10-year-old 'public individual' (possible n-word sayer). This media should have been cropped to protect the 'minority'. Hence, the sharing account is now banned."


"Unless you are promising a police state on the level of 'An armed man on every street corner' then I don't want to hear a single word out of your mouth about gun control. If you want to get all Hobbesian 'monopoly of violence' then I expect you to take it seriously. Urban environments require a massive potential for immediate retributive violence in order to keep safe. This either means a well armed citizenry, or a constant round the lock patrol of armed men, to the extent where there is always one within sight, wherever you go. Any attempt to half-ass things with a disarmed populace and police response on the level of 'When I feel like it, OK?' just leads to anarcho-tyranny that is awful to live in. Cities require criminals to be in constant existential fear of immediate death, in order to function. The only social environment in which a disarmed populace is a humane and reasonable thing is a village or manor so isolated that it is normal for most people to go for months without ever seeing a stranger. Anything more large, connected and complex than that requires a constant fear of 'Step out of line and we will kill you on the spot' to be a halfway decent place, for decent folk to live in. Those are the known options that work, simple as that."

"To be more precise, they're bourgeois libertines who hide their sexual neuroses and fetishes behind pictures of Marx. That's why they're also obsessed with 'sex workers' now. Literal lumpenproles elevated to working class status, Marx would have had all of them shot. I mean the old school, third world communists, the Stalin moustache and actual armed struggle types, clear the areas they manage to get ahold of of prostitutes and drug dealers as those are seen as corrosive to the community, a way of undermining it for capital. Curious how communists who operate from the foundational texts of Marxism tend to be socially conservative, while western ones who operate from primarily French takes on those works (which later turned out to be thoroughly infiltrated by the CIA) are all about drugs and sex."

"Why did the Early Christian Church with its strict codes of sexual conduct appeal to so many people who lived in decadent Pagan societies with loose sexual morals? When you go around fucking strangers, you create an appearance of impropriety, that sociopathic women can then use against you. It is essential to both appear beyond reproach in these matters and to be very careful to build up trust and intimacy BEFORE having sex with someone. This sort of insane nonsense is what happens when you grant people sexual licence. Sex goes from intimacy to recreational activity to becoming a weapon to be used to settle personal conflicts and grudges. The entire point of Christian sexual morals is to prevent that happening. It is important to be conscious of why the sacrament of marriage is done the way it is and to prepare yourself for it very deliberately. 'Do I like this person,' while necessary, is insufficient. Are they of good character? Can they be relied upon? If you're starting a family with someone, it is going to be an enterprise with a turnover of several million dollars, that takes several decades to complete. Is the woman you are marrying a fit partner for such an enterprise? Never stick your dick in anyone unfit for that."

"The fixation on 'Ban the AR-15' has nothing to do with the qualities of the gun itself and everything to do with who predominantly owns that model of gun."

"A warning to secularists - unless you bother to create an epistemology totally independent from Christianity, you're functionally a Christian heretic. Somehow, they don't understand, even when the evidence for it is really abundant and obvious."

"If there are no unborn children in science, only fetuses, then science has to go."

"An egalitarian society will inevitably create a misanthropic attitude in its most capable members, who will seethe with resentment at being of equal status with less-capable people, and regard them as a bothersom boat anchor on their ambitions."

"The point of discourse is to call everyone you dislike, a gay nerd."

"Revolutionary politics is extremely Jewish and gay."

"Karl Marx warned in his private writings that the very essential aspects of our being would be taken away from us by capital, repackaged as a product and then sold back to us. So when society now tells us, 'Oh there's no essential nature to being a woman. You just buy some clothes and beauty products and BAM you're a woman now!' it should not be unexpected."

"People being 'encouraged and accelerated' through the right-wing pipeline is simply people rediscovering their natural inclinations. If you're a bystander, all you need to do is just learn to recognize the signs of a person regaining racial and class consciousness, and make sure those who realize they need friends and brothers, know where to find them."

"The right has been socialised to believe that civilisation is only possible when everyone in the proverbial prisoners dilemma chooses to collaborate rather than defect. When really the only way forward for them now is to defect at every possible opportunity. The more reasonable it seems to drop the hostility and collaborate with people who have been trying to grind your nose into the dirt because 'things have changed' and 'you need to move on', the more it's a trap, and the harder you need to defect."

"I appreciate how people can feel that the coronavirus is a scam. Thing is, it's the same deal as global warming. The problem is real and the people in charge of solutions are all compete scam artists because the West is in the looting phase of collapse. The thing about social collapse is that it makes all other problems worse because the social systems we use to deal with real world problems stop being able to function effectively and get turned into yet more opportunities to rob everyone."

"Your worth to the establishment is proportional to your sin. The innocent are worthless to them. They don't want anyone non-corrupt to suffer and die, that would be martyrdom. They want the innocent to choose corruption."

"Jews still haven't figured out that they're the only one group of people who use the specific verbal tic, 'As a white person'. I mean, the story of Shibboleth comes from Hebrew history, in the book of Judges. If anyone would have reason to be aware of how linguistic quirks give people away, it ought to be Jews!"

"The thing about 'Why do American conservatives hate socialism so much?' is extremely easy to explain: Nobody likes socialism when it's run by their enemies. At this point, American rightists have decades of practical experience to draw from. Every socialist program they've encountered has been: People who hate me, plunder my resources and give it to my enemies. This is why conservatives bring up the communist famines so much. People on the left are either too stupid to get the hint or don't want to address it: We sense so much hatred coming off you that we believe you'd starve us to death, if you could. Right now, if you are seeing the sort of Covid restrictions being done in blue states, that's providing yet more evidence to support that widely held belief, as they amount to 'Our friends can do as they please and our enemies are effectively under indefinite house arrest'. Bring this up and the immediate response from the left is 'Oh you're a conspiracy theorist WEAR A MASK'. I have been, the virus is real. The malice behind the deliberately ineffective efforts to contain it is also abundantly real and clearly the greater threat. I'm a VERY illiberal authoritarian, I'm quite happy to support fairly heavy handed methods to control pandemic outbreaks - provided I can trust those implementing them to be benign and competent actors rather than known enemies using it as a pretext to punish me for existing. The political left never, ever misses any opportunity to engage in petty (and lately, not so petty) acts of malice towards anyone they regard as their enemies and they have the chutzpah to wonder why people distrust giving them any more power. The resistance the political left finds against socialism has absolutely nothing to do with ideology, it's to do with their lack of legitimacy. Only when they start acting like people who can be trusted to be benevolent tyrants, will people accept them as such."

"I prefer the company of heathens to heretics."

"Even the leftist women who aren't just ugly have downright repellant aesthetics. I think a lot of them want to embrace the sex worker aesthetic, even if they aren't one. I can't imagine pursuing a relationship with someone who wanted to LARP as a sex worker. I can't help but look down on guys who end up with girls who have shitty politics. Just seems that such guys simply latched onto the first girl who had a simulated appearance of 'someone who puts out'."

"When radlibs try to use conservative talking poitns against me, they think they're talking my language. When the truth is, I probably hate conservatives, libertarians, and capitalism even more than they do. I just have *very* different ideas about what sort of social ecology I would prefer instead. There needs to be a single point of ultimate authority, whose job is to delegate responsibilities to appropriately-capable people and hold them accountable and it is in turn those people's job to do likewise."

"We are going to live to see technocapital accomplish what centuries of brutal foreign occupation could not. The efficiency with which modern capitalism can destroy social capital is more frightening than any Lovecraft novel."


"Stocks are made up. I asked my accounting professor to explain how their theory of value differed from that of beanie babies and his answer was very unsatisfactory."

"Management tip: each morning shake hands with your employees one by one to ensure that none are evil spirits"

"In absence of objective morality, corporate ethics are explicitly PR-focused: the litmus test taught in class was, 'Would I be ok with this action making the newspaper?' This is the source of Woke Capital's power."

"Your 401(k) imputes blood guilt on a per-share basis. What's the moral weight of 1/782,965,773rd of a child slowly dying of cadmium poisoning downstream from a Peruvian zinc mine? You'll find out."

"Anti-bribery laws exist mainly to preserve the nonprofits through which legal bribes are laundered, and to keep the price of such bribes low."

"If you have a net worth of $100 million, you can live on a couple million a year, forever. Everyone who holds a net worth higher than that does so strictly to laugh in the face of God."

"If enough of us knew how to grow our own food on marginal land we wouldn't be so afraid to slaughter our shadowy kidfucking masters."

"The most poignant illustration of globo-capitalism's flaws can be seen in the Olympic village, where the IOC hands out dozens of condoms to each athlete - blindly chasing next season's ratings when they could have a superhuman mercenary army if they were only willing to wait."

"Dreams will be available for purchase, and they'll sell them at cost or bundled with other services. Like pornography or video games, the money is not the point, but to jam all possible channels of revelation."

"Planned Parenthood will give you 10% off if you let a masked coven of billionaire financiers perform the operation with stone knives. Takes a little longer but 50 bucks is 50 bucks."

"Slowing growth has nothing to do with Church history and everything to do with sexuality and gender. The Church is finally outside the Overton, an impolite topic of conversation, and members of the Church moralize politeness. Thence embarrassment, thence cognitive dissonance, thence apostasy."

"You need to see visions and dream dreams or you're not gonna make it."

"Lifting will refine your spiritual intuitions and scripture study will bless your lifts. Brother Joseph [Smith] understood this well."

"Your biggest obstacle to both missionary work and raising your teenagers is that you're a miserable exhausted whining cuck, and nobody wants to be like you."

"The biblical patriarchs were all raiders and warlords, and now sit on the right hand of God. God hasn't changed."

"Saints are despised for their very best qualities."

"Every argument about scripture or Church history that begins with 'God wouldn't do that' is hilariously wrong. God made parasites whose life cycle involves infesting children's eyeballs and blinding them. You have no idea what God wouldn't do."

"Cain's first sin was sorcery - transactional religion, propitiation. Every prayer that insists 'I've held up my end' contains the same sin."

"Modesty and appearance have moral significance - your choice of signals is an act of self-creation. How you present yourself determines the tribe you will draw around you, and that tribe will change your identity in ways you can't predict or prevent."

"Tolerance is a virtue, but most of what is called tolerance is cowardice."

"Boldness is a virtue, but most of what gets called boldness is incontinent malice."

"It is impossible to be a Christian and a deontologist, because God's ends clearly justify His means."

"In less than ten years, you will have to be a conspiracy theorist to remain a member of the Church in good standing."

"Christians love to post articles about how 'actually scientists say wine isn't that good for your heart.' You are missing the point and beclowning yourselves. These are spiritual plagues, not physical."

"There is no archaeological evidence of crucifixion anywhere in the Roman Empire, despite the fact it went on for centuries and we know exactly where to look for it. People who claim that anything is 'ruled out' on the basis of archaeological evidence are probably just porn addicts."

"Homemaking isn't 'the hardest job' - it isn't a job, and it's not all that hard. It's an end, not a means - all jobs exist to sustain homemaking."

"Avoid obsessive moral outrage against huge, distant evils that you're powerless to fight. Instead, turn your obsessive moral outrage on your family and community. Call in noise complaints. Run for school board. Ask to speak to the manager."

"Sexism, racism, x-phobia, etc are not sins, and God does not care about them. Pride is a sin, cruelty is a sin. Globo shows you petty cruelty, calls it 'racism,' and thereby maps your correct moral revulsion to their construct. This is literal mind control."

"Someone says, 'I believe the gospel is true, but I'm not sure if I know it.' Most people never think carefully about what it means to 'know' something, and the first time they try, they find themselves hanging in the air like Wile E. Coyote. You can't know things with your brain, sorry."

"We're not going to breed our way out of this."

"Freedom of religion requires a common religion."

"You can't obey the commandment to love your enemies if you insist on pretending you don't have any."

"Parenthood is a fundamental human experience, and people who haven't done it are not adults."

"Just as women are 'saved in childbearing', men are meant to be saved by thorns and weeds. Clearing and taming wild places is what you're designed to do - every hyper-addictive video game has this premise. Stop spilling your seed in the dirt, metaphorically or otherwise."

"When the fire comes, many of the righteous will be tempted to question its justice - surely all those people didn't deserve it, what could they have done that was so terrible? The wicked will be stunned that it took so long."

"Some say that woke liberals believe race is socially constructed, and so they're going to have to confront the Dolezal contradiction sooner or later; that if race is a social construct then biology is irrelevant. But, nah - they don't care about ideological coherence at all. Unless there are factions whose oppression narratives depend on taking opposite sides - there's no pro-Dolezal faction. These owns are good for Ben Shapiro videos, and that's basically it. Conversely, the question of 'sex' really did make trouble for a while, but the pro-trans folks seem to have won pretty decisively. And they didn't do it by developing a harmonious and persuasive theory (lmao)."

"Democracy has literally never been anything other than a plebiscite over which one of two oligarchs would rule over us. That's almost the technical definition of democracy. You're just realizing that it sucks."

"Here's how you destroy an orginzation like the Boy Scouts: You let women into the organization. You see, women don't get male sexuality, but they think they do. So they see gays as just more sensitive and less threatening men (and maybe damaged and oppressed in a way that makes their nipples leak). Since they themselves feel totally safe at a gay bar, why wouldn't a 9 year old boy be? So the women put their hearts into the organization, and do a really good job and make themselves indispensable, and then they vote to let the predators in."

"You know what? I love Planet Fitness. It's like I'm behind enemy lines. This place positively drips with so much soy, it actually kind of enrages me; it fills me with a will to destroy, to intimidate with my very presence. It's perfect. If you don't learn to transmute dark energy, you're not gonna make it. You're going to have to do this with literally everything in this soggy, disfigured, Disney-brand, corn-syrup hellworld, because there will be no other fuel to burn."

"Progressive self-concept depends on an oppressor, and every victory renders that self-concept more and more absurd. So the hunt for the last holdouts is more psychologically desperate and existential than the fights when they really were the beleaguered minority. This is why every show in 2020 is about hunting Nazis, and why they're invading BYU with progressivism."

"When this is all over, remember who told you how to protect your family, and who told you how to not be racist."

"The creation of the 'okay sign' as mock-heil came about because leftists consistently freak out about completely normal things. And when you freak out about normal things, we're going to start doing it aggressively, to make fun of you. This is not some genius new political tactic, it's Screwing With Tedious People 101. Normal people learn how to do this in middle school."

"There's no conspiracy to anti-family messaging in commercials. Sterile narcissists have A) cash, and B) howling psychospiritual needs. They just want you to be whatever spends the most money."

"A homeless man on my mission once said, 'I don't play with God, he might try to kill me.' Someday, I will carve this in granite above our nation's courthouses."

"Hating Republicans and Boomers all stems from hating your father - the older you are when you do it, the more embarassing it is."

"Horseshoe Theory is very real between bitter, women-hating incels, and happily-married men. Any man who is sufficiently happy in his marriage will inevitably find his way to 'Women, amirite, fellas?' posting. Yin and Yang. Positive and negative. The causality works the opposite way you'd expect - it isn't that having a happy marriage makes you hate women - it's that guys who hate women build happy marriages. The same is true of kids, and for the same reason. I love my kids, because I hate children."

"Whatever they accuse you of, it's what they're doing or would like to do. It sounded too obvious and stupid the first time I heard it, but it's absolutely true."

"Marx was exactly like Marxists in his personal life. Lived in stinking squalor, couch-surfing with disciples who could barely stand him while his family starved. He was the template. In fact, I can't think of a case in which a leader's personal dysfunctions were so precisely replicated by his followers centuries later. He really was a textbook DSA guy. The only difference is hormonal birth control."

"A woman calling her man 'daddy' is one of the few sexual quirks we didn't learn from porn or from abuse. Sex is inextricable from family formation, and for a woman to voice that only feels wrong if the sex itself is improper."

"What reason is there, other than sex, to get married? It's idiotic. 'I'm feverish with curiosity to discover every part of a woman's tax documents'. 'My loins ache to spend seven hours at IKEA replacing all my bachelor furnishings'. Idiotic."

"The message of Samson is that the 'magic feather' really is magic, and the power was NOT inside you all along, and God will kill you if you forget it."

"The lesson from the 2016 election is that even when the red team wins real hard, nothing happens."

"Everybody always thinks, 'If I ever saw a sign from God, I would repent'. But here we all are. Signs, it seems, are only for believers, to build their faith."

"Yes, the government is controlled by Satanist pedophiles. Yes, the strength of the West is spent. Yes, America's decline is irreversible. You could have learned all this from reading the New Testament."

"It's pretty wild how they can take everything you loved growing up and make it gay and make you hate it and make you celebrate when it finally withers and dies."

"My daughter loves the Jackson Five. The strongest armor the entertainment industry wears is public incredulity - how something that feels so clean could have been extracted through torture by a malt liquor demon. Many things are like this."

"At dinner, my wife asks the children what they saw that was beautiful. It changes the day, knowing you'll have to give an account."

"The confusion on libertarianism is how far you're going on the is/ought spectrum. How suboptimal does a state have to be before I take active steps to protect my children from its culture and values? It would obviously be very cool to send my kids to be educated by competent professionals among a morally homogeneous peer group. it's hard for me to imagine this happening in any state other than Deseret, and it's not guaranteed there either."

"The 'all male feminists are sexual predators' hypothesis is, to this day, still batting a thousand."

"Finding a truly good woman only amplifies by contrast one's distaste for Women."

"The term 'simping' implies the existence of extraordinary pussy, and I am not convinced."

"Assimilating into becoming a leftist is just being mercilessly mocked for sounding like a regular human being, until you've learned enough of the shibboleths to be linguistically unbearable to anyone outside of leftism. Also, everyone hates each other. Truly, many people go to hell long before they die."

"The conspiracy theories that work best are simple, distributed, and aligned with personal incentives. Nothing needs to be run by hyper-competent people."

"People talk about brutalizing pedophiles, mostly because they're not allowed to talk about brutalizing anybody else."

"Stronger punishments for religious defectors prevents corrosion of the adaptive elements of the culture. But the only reason Mormonism's academic and financial acumen counts for anything is its extreme integration with Babylon (relative to the Amish, at least). What we're learning is that if you're highly industrious and fertile, but not especially creative or adventurous or philosophical, you'll just end up as very valuable foot soldiers in someone else's army - in our case, corporate America's."

"Pedophiles who wish to groom your children feel enraged when you tell them that they can't be alone with your children. My theory is that it's a reallocation of the procreative impulse - when you reproduce by laying bad-touch eggs in the brains of little children, any threat to that access goes straight to the brain stem."

"The Chinese made Yao Ming in two generations. Eugenics works."

"Feminism - like lesbianism - is entirely curable, and in precisely the same way."

"You could never maintain a law designed to weaken state power and facilitate sedition. The 2nd Amendment only survives, to the extent that it survives, because it did not intimidate the powers-that-be as intended."

"Divorce is comparable to child molestation in terms of the harm it does to children. Adultery should be a hanging offense."

"The drag queen isn't the work of someone drawn to femininity, but of someone horrified and repulsed by it. It clearly isn't about being attractively or desirably feminine - it's an artistic reconstruction of a nightmare."

"There is nothing magic about having laws on the books. It's entirely up to the police, lawyers, and judges. Free speech is a cultural norm, it's necessarily nebulous, and like most freedoms - only sustainable in a culturally and morally homogeneous nation. I'd say we've got a decade left."

"There is no reason ever to have a long-distance relationship. Imagine being cucked by your girlfriend's 'job'."

"The world is never going to be put right unless we start extrajudicially beating the shit out of some derelict dads. Early and often."

"Don't give the early communists any slack on the grounds that 'they couldn't have known where it would lead'. Dostoeyvsky knew that communism was satanism way back in the 1870s, before they'd had a chance to make any gulags or engineered any famines. It's the same people today."

"IQ is clearly fake, because we are better than the Chinese."

"You defend this system and obey its rules, because you are virtuous; the rioters do not, because they are not. Continuing to defend this system and to obey its rules makes you a sucker."

"When I was still libertarian and obsessed with civility, I used to talk about the Ring from Lord of the Rings. 'You can't use the ring to kill Sauron,' I said - 'You can only do what's right and trust God to keep the city, even if it seems hopeless'. I'm now realizing the flaw in that metaphor. Nobody on our side disagrees about 'the Ring' being bad and dangerous. But the libertarian position is that the Ring is so bad and so dangerous, that we can't even trust ourselves to pick it up and carry it into Mordor. 'Better just leave it lying around for the enemy!' If Frodo really wanted to make sure his hands stayed clean, he could have thrown the ring away and gone home to plant potatoes and let the world burn around him. The course he chose put his soul in real danger of hell, but it was the right thing to do."

"People talk about rioters tearing down black-owned businesses as if those dreams *matter*. Once you've identified this phenomenon, you see it absolutely everywhere. 'It wasn't just boring mayo white people watching years of struggle burn to ashes around them, right?' is the implication."

"The cell phone camera is the most important invention of the last 20 years Millions of people people seeing how the law-&-order sausage gets made is a massive psychological shift, and it's not at all obvious that our system of government will be able to adapt in time."

"The easiest way to lie about any social issue is to decide who you're going to hold individually responsible, and who you're going to hold collectively responsible. The narrative writes itself."

"In a saner time, coming to a stranger's aid against a mob would make you a hero. Note how successfully they've abolished not only bonds of loyalty, but bonds of basic decency."

"I wish I had the courage of a man going down swinging, but that doesn't help anybody. It's simple - Don't be alone. Don't be unarmed. Don't try to appeal to their humanity, or - heaven help you - their sense of shame."

"Nothing about this is natural or inevitable - 'teen rebellion' is less than 60 years old, and the people doing it have names and addresses. Weird that all our kids are unhappy and self-destructive in a way that has no analogue in any other culture or time in history, guess this is an unalterable cosmic reality now. Teenagers are just Like That now."

"It's all a game to progressives. They have no stake in the future of this country, and no connection to its past. They know they will face no consequences, and it's fun to play rebel and break stuff."

"Here's what I want normies to understand: As long as there are videos of cops killing black people, this will keep escalating. And since there are 300 million people in America, there will absolutely always be videos of cops killing black people. This is never going to stop. This is true regardless of your opinion about who is to blame - from the progressive perspective, we're the husband who cheated, and now the wife is hyper-vigilant and interpreting every act as hostility or disloyalty. There's no recovering that, especially when it's between groups."

"All this whining about what cowards they are, only descending in packs on white dudes all alone. Stop being a White Dude All Alone."

"Without police, what's your plan to deal with a Very Bad Dude? The answer is either: A) say 'wow' and 'yikes' and 'bad look' until he gets tired of raping; or B) ethnic militias."

"It turns out that support for X skyrockets when you can be fired for opposing X. I've had no less than five different Racial Feelings Sessions at work in the past two weeks. They'll tell me that this is a safe space for everyone to express how they feel - but remember that racism is prejudice + power, and saying 'All Lives Matter' is racist, and The Corporation Does Not Tolerate Racism. The goal of protest is never to persuade. The idea that anyone changes their mind after seeing people walk in circles and chant slogans is ludicrious on its face, it has never happened. The goal is to intimidate politicians and executives, and so to intimidate the general public. It's just getting people to see how many bodies you have, all moving the same direction, all saying the same words - pure flex."

"You stop being libertarian the day you realize your kids need mentors and friends and spouses. We're homeschooling because the alternative here and now is unacceptable, but it would be insane narcissism to think that this is preferable to a ready-made neighborhood community of friends and adult mentors. We're a Roman family in Gaul trying to figure out how to make our own pottery."

"Libertarians have no idea where they are. They're still talking about 'when these riots are all over'. Once you've got the real theory, the facts fit inside it very neatly, and they categorize themselves thematically and make perfect sense. But without the correct theory (or by consciously rejecting the theory), you can have the same pile of facts, and it just won't coalesce on its own."

"You have an affirmative duty to humiliate men who talk like their wives are head of the house. It's gone on long enough."

"The way you know conservatives have lost is that they've completely bought into the Progressive frame - they determine all good and bad with History's Only Villains, the Nazis."

"One time I asked one of our Church educational leaders how he would define a liberal in the Church. He answered in one sentence: 'A liberal in the Church is merely one who does not have a testimony'. The self-called liberal in the Church is usually one who has broken with the fundamental principles or guiding philosophy of the group to which he belongs. He claims membership in an organization, but he does not believe in its basic concepts; and sets out to reform it by changing its foundations. It is folly to speak of a liberal religion, if that religion claims that it rests upon unchanging truth. Beware of people who proclaim that they are liberal, or that their churches are liberal. The probabilities are that the structure of their faith is built on sand, and that will not withstand the storms of truth."

"White women say kids aren't for them, that they have no maternal instincts; and then throw a catered birthday party for their weimaraner dog."

"You rarely need to gatekeep your hobbies if there's a clear hierarchy of competence to keep the mutants out."

"The American Psychiatric Association has more raw, unchecked power than any organization on earth, second only to SCOTUS. They write the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual, literally the yardstick against which human behavior is measured in the West. More than any other institution, the APA gets to decide what behaviors and responses are 'healthy' and 'normal'. They get to decide, at will, the default human condition, the baseline frame for every dispute about rights and harms and who deserves what. Medieval Europe didn't defer to the Bible as reflexively as we defer to the DSM - and unlike the Catholic church, the APA can update the DSM whenever they feel like it 'to reflect evolving social realities' or whatever. They've done this before: APA was captured by a secret gay cabal in the 70s that struck homosexuality from the DSM because they didn't *feel* crazy, and now that the culture has caught up to them, they brag about it on NPR. Same shift happening now about trans, and you can see the same tension: being 'sick' has its advantages. Deviation is classified as 'mental disorder' to bring it under the protective jurisdiction of psychiatry, then declassified to make it Officially Normal. They will claim that all of this is based on studies, but ask yourself how a scientific study can determine what human behavior is healthy and normal. These are questions of value, of what human life is *for* - no amount of looking at beakers or brain scans can answer them. But the APA has official sanction to pretend that their ideologizing and moralizing is Official Serious Science (or Medicine, even better) and beyond question, and literally any institution in America that questions their conclusions is 'fringe' or 'anti-science'. Of course, the only institutions that care enough about social issues to eat that kind of propaganda heat are churches, which further feeds the Religion vs Science narrative. We treat the leftward decay of American politics as an inevitability, but note that this is *only* true on social issues - i.e. those issues that fall most naturally under the ambit of psychiatry. They are dominant because they have seized the commanding heights. If it can be discredited, or even if one could just disrupt the reflexive embrace of its pronouncements as doctrine, many possibilities open up."

"It's getting to the point where I'm less mad at progs for lying, and more mad at my dumbshit acquaintances for believing them, and that seems bad."

"The field of statistics subtracts from the sum of human knowledge. It makes a handful of people a little bit smarter (if they're already really smart and really motivated by Truth), and makes virtually everyone else dumber and wronger."

"The only reason 'strict father morality' is no longer the default is that most people aren't trying to build anything. You don't need a functional culture if all you want to do is make money and drink and have sex until they put you in a home."

"Ironic detachment is spiritual sodomy."

"Globocorp meritocracy, by definition, excludes anyone who isn't willing to fail as a parent and as a spouse. This is why all Republican politicians are whoremongers, closet cases, and bloodless hysterectomied she-borgs."

"You must love your enemies but that shouldn't stop you killing them when they need it. I'm not being edgy or vibing or being ironical. Too many Christians act like Jesus was a pacifist from whom they must furtively hide when real-world work needs to be done. There is no contradiction. The law of the third offense is an explicit rebuke of doctrinaire pacifism - there is a limit to what must be tolerated."

"You need to understand that the Constitution and the rule of law are long dead, and the people manipulating your loyalty to those principles are the enemy. Compliance is strictly a tactical decision at this point, you have no moral obligation whatsoever to these people."

"The world is full of miserable shrivs who think life made them that way, and they need to tell you about it so they can believe it."

"My parents have fond memories of my grandparents reading classic children's stories to them but then they had kids and they were like lol nah have some Nickelodeon. Poz doesn't always put people in jail or the gutter, sometimes there's substantial cultural infrastructure to burn through and things just get worse and uglier and sadder and more pointless."

"You can't have communists in a free country. The choices are physical removal, early and often - or this."

"The concept of 'anti-racism' is not harmless. If you commit yourself to the assumption that all inequality is evidence of a crime, you'll burn down the entire society chasing it."

"Stop trying to argue about what Madison thought. You're the only one who cares. Good thing good, bad thing bad. Ban abortion because God hates it."

"I am not, by temperament, an intolerant person - I love hospitality and courtesy and trust and openness. So I have a corresponding disgust for people who are conniving and petty and treacherous, who make the above impossible."

"Sometimes there will never be a smoking gun. There may be rumors of malfeasance or statistical anomalies. If the decision is made based on those categories of evidence, it's clear that it stinks like crap. But if you're not convinced now, you never will be, because you're waiting for a category of evidence that just doesn't exist for some types of wrongdoing, no matter how egregious it is. There are all sorts of problems like this - where the task of persuasion isn't exactly about the facts, but about what kind of facts are knowable and what evidence is admissable. This is why atheism is strictly for midwits - this is the cognitive hurdle."

"Autists keep thinking normies will metabolize obvious sets of demostrable facts, but we sincerely regret to inform you - "

"The phrase 'rule of law' just means 'rule by lawyers'. It doesn't matter even a little bit what you write down. Rule of law matters as a code to which judges voluntarily commit themselves, but like the code of chivalry, you'd be a fool to imagine that it actually constrains anyone. To put your faith in the 'rule of law' is to put your faith in the personal virtue of the judge. And like the code of chivalry - it only makes sense as far as it goes. There is no honor in forfeiting your country in deference to procedure."

"Millions of Americans can see what you see, but nobody's doing anything. So you say, 'we're just too fat and lazy and cowardly, guess America is doomed'. But consciousness and coordination and action don't happen simultaneously. What millions of Americans got watching insanely rigged elections in 2020 was consciousness. And maybe a couple tens of thousands of us started coordinating. Leftists understand that revolutions are anything but spontaneous effusions of popular enthusiasm - they're massive coordination problems that take years of planning and networking and trial-and-error. Whatever victory they win here will be savagely pyrrhic in the consciousness it generated in their enemies. They will wish they had left it alone."

"They had to pull out all the stops to win the 2020 elections. They *torched* the credibility of every institution they control, an empire they've been building since your great-grandparents were babies. That's how desperate they were, and even that may not be enough. These people aren't baring their fangs just because they're so totally in-control that it doesn't matter anymore; they're doing it because their grip is slipping and they're scared out of their minds. Surely you can see this. So keep your powder dry, keep making friends, keep planting seeds, and quit being a bitch. Everything will be great."

"Brother Joseph knew by age 14 that the teachers of religion of the different sects understood the same passages of scripture so differently as to destroy all confidence in settling the question by an appeal to the Bible."

"The moral of Breaking Bad is that coloring outside the lines, even in desperation, even to save your family, imputes an inexorable moral curse, and you're better off just taking what you're given and dying of cancer. Virtually all modern prestige drama does this - if the hero begins to integrate his shadow, becoming powerful and magnetic and compelling, the attempt will *always* fail and leave him spiritually shattered - or, if it's for children, he'll Learn a Valuable Lesson and go back to being a nice boy. It gets played straight, but it's basically magic realism, the Dark Side of the Force. We love these rise-and-fall stories because the hero's boldness and dangerousness and will draws us in, but ultimately we're reminded of the moral superiority of our safe cubicle jobs, thank goodness. We'll accept the most absurdly heavy-handed moralizing from Hollywood as long as it has tits and guns and swear words."

"Classical Liberalism is the thesis that if you're not suicidally committed to the most literal autistic interpretation of 'liberty' you're a hypocrite. Nobody in 1776 understood liberty this way, not even degenerates like Voltaire who pretended to for picking up chicks. Liberty means living under rulers who see the world the way you do and want what you want and have no reason to interfere with you."

"Mafias are ethnic-based and not class-based, because they start as families."

"I support using the United States Air Force to eliminate Pornhub, and I'm not overly concerned about it being 'surgical'."

"All of the money and power of the obscenely wealthy can't buy their kids a non-sexually-traumatic childhood. That's why God destroys civilizations - they become so wicked that children born into them don't really even have a shot."

"How much of modern atheism is just growing up without a dad? I knew my dad growing up, and I knew he loved me in a sense, but he wasn't around. So of course I start from a weird place with God - he's there and he's good, but I don't count on him for anything, have to make myself ask. Must be a lot harder if you've really got nothing to go on."

"American infrastructure isn't expensive because of 'institutional inertia', it is because it is corrupt. Accusations of hypocrisy are pointless. If someone poisons your food but not his, he is not a 'hypocrite', he is a 'murderer'."

"Most high school teachers are recreating some high school situation they never got over. Unrequited fantasies for some popular jock, or the boy they gave up their virginity for who tossed them aside. They became high school teachers to try to resolve the baggage theyve been carrying around since age 16."

"Women do not get this - you lost the second he put it in you. There are no rematches."

"There are trade offs. In war, there's collateral damage. If you send your soldiers to prison for making mistakes, you get an army that can't fight. No one is willing to honestly talk about what it takes to pacify violent black neighborhoods and deal with people like George Floyd. So already you have a situation where more policemen are killed by blacks then unarmed blacks killed by police. You already have a mass exodus by officers saying 'I can't work like this'. Yet we still say 'more reform is needed', even as murders in black neighborhoods soar. Because, at the end of the day, you need to accept X unarmed men getting killed by police in order to stop Y black murderers. This isn't Disney, we are sending these men to arrest very bad people, they have a split second to react, and we're preventing them from being effective. I'd be happy to discuss whatever Y = F(X) the public wants to tolerate, but the notion that as long as X > 0, then 'more reform is needed' is not an intellectually defendable position. Because X=0 => Y = 0."

"I oppose punitive justice because it forces us to have all these absurd conversations about whether incorrigible violent offenders 'deserve' to die. So then we come up with asinine compromises like 'warehousing' convicts, when the best answer for everyone involved is a $0.20 bullet. In a Christian society the concept of moral desert is incoherent: everybody deserves everything, nobody deserves anything, God will sort it out. It's an infinitely elastic frame, and the enemies of Christianity know it. This is why when they say 'justice', you reach for your revolver."

"Jesus was executed for acting like Jesus. Christians aren't very Christlike but you'd probably hate them more if they were."

"The modern world sets off lie detectors so often, most grow up thinking it's a false alarm and tune it out. 'It's always on...that can't be right'. No, it was right."

"Whatever is wrong with Christians today wasn't wrong with them in 732 or 1071 or 1192 or 1456 or 1492 or 1683. 'No,' you say, 'they weren't *real*, *good* Christians until 1963'. Every religion of any size bifurcates along the axis - do we go by the book, or do we do what we think makes sense? The most pozzed Christian traditions are the least dogmatic. Sure, institutions can be infiltrated, but in practice, individuals Doing What Feels Right fold a lot quicker. 'Turn the other cheek' sounds pozzed, because you grew up Now, reading that verse the way we read it now. You're confusing input with output. Turning the other cheek is about fortitude, patience, and self-possession. It's the opposite of retreat - it's a display of contempt. Do you really think a Christian slave would get it *easier* if he turned to his master and said, 'let's have one more'? What it means - 'don't just chimp out every time someone insults you. It is sometimes better to take the L than it is to destroy the life of you and yours forever.' The Romans did not mess around, this was probably a method of self-preservation."

"Tribalism is bad. But also, sometimes, preference cascades mean you don't get to choose whether or not to be tribal. And one particular side is driving the West off the cliff with tribalism."

"Lots of people think that Crypto-atheist Marxist Jesuits deciphered Christ's actual intent, which was to turn us into useless pussies. Here's what the neo-pagans and Nietzscheans get right: Gaytheist Marxism *is* the inevitable last stop of the train from apostasy to scholasticism to enlightenment. The things of the Spirit are spiritually discerned - exegesis is not a substitute."

"I've often seen the argument that belief in God is necessary to prevent murder. This is obviously true, but it's not as if everyone is constantly straining against their bloodlust. God is necessary to restrain murder *in extremis*, which is when murder happens. But it also restrains preference cascades that make that extremity more and more common."

"What is the one lesson I'd like to impart to my children? How to hear the voice of God."

"Pair-bonding hormones don't know about 'sport-fucking' or 'hate-fucking' or 'friends with benefits' or 'focusing on your career' or 'finding yourself'. They don't care if he likes the same bands you like or if you felt 'sparks'. They think all that stuff is gay and they are right."

"Believing in God really isn't that hard, guys. People only think God and Love are really hard things to know about because those are the only topics that make normal people confront epistemology. Once you realize everything is pretty hard to know and stop dismissing whole categories of evidence out of hand, believing in God is no big deal. That'll get you far enough to pray, and mean it, after which you have to listen. 'To your feelings', sure, but you'll find that your 'feelings' are smarter than you and want things you don't want and know things you couldn't possibly know. Then you've got 'proof', but only for yourself. It has nothing to do with faking yourself out. It's about making just enough of a crack in your conditioning to let a little light in, just so that you can ask the question seriously, and listen seriously. The answer is real, you don't have to make yourself believe it."

"If your corporation's black resource group is still doing 'listening sessions' you should go to one. You will hear from very personable, regular-seeming people and the level of schizo pattern-matching that they do every time they talk to you will blow your mind. Western black people are being absolutely psychologically destroyed by this. It's incredible how much mindshare they're told to put into threat-detection in the most innocuous interactions, I honestly feel bad for them."

"If the Left is insistent that we have politics thrust in our lives 24/7/365 then I want it hilarious for us and infuriating for them until they scream uncle again and again and again. You invaded my life. Now it’s time to turn you into a neverending source of comedic relief."

"You think the ride ends when you find a girl, but then it just becomes about your sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters. Pretty much everything has worked out for me, I've been insanely fortunate. And it won't mean dick if every other kid in the neighborhood grows up to be a porn-addled pre-diabetic scoliotic jizz-goblin. And that's how I got this way."

"The government of heaven is patriarchal, and that is the synthesis of sacrifice morality and judgement morality. Which is why no one is an adult until they have kids."

"You can't even love yourself without loving God. By any objective measure you suck, and you've already screwed everything up, and all the ways secular moderns hide that from themselves are doomed to failure."

"Realizing I invoke the divine to avoid having to deal with pedants. The Lord only took three short years in which to teach us in the flesh, and this was how he spent like 60% of it. Rabbinical autism isn't a harmless annoyance - it is the sign of a mind worshipping itself."

"If you want a fun six hours ask a liberal Christian woman why Jesus couldn't find any women or black people to be apostles."

"Jordan Peterson’s real call to adventure was to convert and he refused it."

"Imagine being a brilliant theologian like Augustine or Aquinas and having a head full of big brain ontological arguments for God when you could just talk to him and rub mud in your eyes and see visions and dream dreams. Reddit is an eternal enemy."

"Beware of those who say, 'If you just would have spoken the message in a kinder tone, they would listen.' Jesus spoke with compassion in His eyes, and the people crucified Him on a Roman Cross. We are not greater than our Master. We too will be rejected. Speak truth anyway."

"Christ saved us from death. This is why they want to destroy Christianity because if we don't even fear death, then we definitely won't fear them."

"Atheists *can* teach their kids morals - what they can't do is justify them once the kid starts asking 'why'. They often have no idea this line of questioning is even possible until their kids hit them with it, because they're dull and incurious people who believe as they're told."

"Acceptance is the opposite of love. Jesus spent all his time loving sinners and teaching them? Teaching them to do what, exactly? Existing a certain way is a sin. Being gay is primarily transmitted by child abuse, but either way God makes sociopaths and pedophiles too. They don't get a pass because they're 'born that way', and we certainly don't alter society to accommodate their dysfunction. Gays make up 40% of all pedophiles, despite being only 3% of the population. The movement was literally started by pedophiles."

"I have some sympathy for the 'facts and logic' crowd, because the core of this fantasy is that they can protect their family and save their country without murking communists in their beds. I don't think it's true, but I'm not looking forward to the day when people stop believing it."

"Gays be like 'wow ok first of all wow I mean wow just wow'."

"If you are offended by the n-word more than when a person uses the Lord’s name in vain, you worship black people, end of discussion."

"It's almost impossible to overstate the damage caused by a sick cultural baseline. We're raised believing that people make choices and it's like 'nah, some people make choices, some of the time'. I remember being a kid and reading about the Lord judging *nations* and it didn't compute - 'It's just a set of individuals, and how could they *all* deserve the same judgment?' Nowadays increasingly convinced that there are many people whose sins and virtues are almost entirely 'national'."

"As a way of justifying my conduct to myself, I began to rehearse a little discourse that I imagined delivering in perfect German. It went something like this: 'You and especially your grandparents could have used more of a spirit of lawbreaking. One day you will be called on to break a big law in the name of justice and rationality. Everything will depend on it. You have to be ready. How are you going to prepare for that day when it really matters? You have to stay 'in shape' so that when the big day comes, you will be ready. What you need is anarchist calisthenics. Every day or so, break some trivial law that makes no sense, even if it's only jaywalking. Use your own head to judge whether a law is just or reasonable. That way, you'll keep trim - and when the big day comes, you'll be ready. The beauty of the decline is that it creates many such opportunities. So many more bullshit rules to choose from, so many potential collisions. Police robots will be excellent for this."

"How do we use coherent constitutional theory to rein in the abusive power of private companies? The normie answer is that 'trust-busting' just extends the constitutional logic of separation-of-powers and checks-and-balances to corporate power. Antitrust law is a paper shield, of course, largely ignored - what you really need is a culture shift, but that's gradually happening. The real answer: Make it so only humans can own property, hold debt, stand as plaintiffs or defendants, or be forcibly sodomized in prison. The concept of corporate personhood is a million times worse than usury, both in terms of its human impact and its depth of blasphemy."

"Jews keep saying 'Jesus Christ would be for gun reform'. Do you think they want to be hated? I would go back in a heartbeat to the ideology I grew up with - I really wish it was true. I don't want to hurt anybody. I don't even want to be a dick to anybody. I just wish they would leave us alone."

"Even if you could stop these riots, it would be the wrong move. It's going to be one of a city and two of a family (Jeremiah 3:14) from now on."

"Most sane people want a 'peaceful divorce' right now, but I'm struggling to think of a single geographic, religious, cultural, or racial division that wouldn't leave us with the killer still inside the house. There's really no Other you can exclude and neatly solve the problem."

"Every one, every tribe should handle their business. And if that leads to the total dissolution of the US into feuding clans and my sons sitting atop a throne of skulls in gold vambraces, then that's where it leads."

"I think zombie fiction is probably evil. The image of God turned into rotting meat, your neighbors becoming feeble and stupid but also it's ok to murder them. The fantasy being that all their stuff is up for grabs - the mass conversion of human life into mammon, Cain's bargain. Also the denial of redemption: It's essential that there's no treatment, once you've received the curse you're doomed to transmit it to everyone you love, and it's only a matter of time. In the end the spirit is snuffed out and the flesh is all that's left. Of course, all this is downstream of me just paying attention to who really likes zombie stuff and how they talk about it."

"How do I teach my son that nobody respects a narc while still making use of the intel?"

"In French, 'jouissance' means enjoyment, in terms of rights and property, and of sexual orgasm. All three at once, if you do it right."

"A 'political religion' is just a religion that you actually believe in. 'Sure I'm a Christian but we can't build a society around that, it wouldn't be fair' - the tell of a snake."

"Gotta LARP before you can run, I always say. Teddy Roosevelt LARPed so much as the person he wanted to be, that he eventually became that person. And Washington, Jefferson, Lee, and the rest of the planter elite. The notion that there was anything 'phony' about seaerching out an ideal and imitating it would have been preposterous to our founding stock."

"I'll never miss an opportunity to point this out: If you work with gays, you are required by law to pay $2,000 a month so they don't have to wear condoms when they have anonymous anal sex. No cost sharing or co-pay on their drugs."

"All religious epistemology is grounded in the miraculous - God *must* have preserved some reliable channel through which to discern him, because if he didn't you'd be lost, and you don't want to be lost. Whether it's a book or an institution or your conscience, it needs a miracle."

"The concept of 'nepotism' was created by governments and corporations to stop you from building parallel illegible power channels that don't flow through them. Nepotism is only bad when I'm outside it."

"The Soviet Union demonstrated that you can trade away competence for ruthlessness and political reliability for a long, long time before the system collapses. This, by the way, is why accelerationism is so misguided. There's no 'ripping the bandaid off', you can't accelerate this at a scale that leaves your family better off in your lifetime. All you can do is burn good years that you might have used to prepare and maneuver."

"Calling yourself a 'dog mom' is spiritual sodomy."

"I was just telling a friend of mine: Utahns are a very open and hospitable people, and I genuinely love this and want to preserve it. That's why it's so disgusting to see it thrown in their faces by sewer creatures who want them dead. Somebody has to be on the wall saying 'no' so that the people inside the wall can say 'yes'."

"You can be literally as morally repulsive as you want to be, and God won't nuke you - as long as you can stand to live near one decent person. But the nature of being a morally repulsive person is that this arrangement becomes unendurable. All you have to do is not deliberaltely expel or murder them, but that is frequently too much to ask."

"Remember there is no such thing as 'polarization', never let them get away with this framing. All of the 'radicalization' - 100% - has been among leftists. What they call right-wing extremism is just refusal to go along. If you're a regular guy by your grandpa's standards, you are ipso facto not an extremist."

"Here's what I know about discernment: Talk to God, write down what you ask him. Write down the thoughts and feelings that come thereafter. Write down what happens in your life with regard to the issue you prayed about. Write down how that result corresponds (or doesn't) to the thoughts and feelings that you had as you prayed. Pray as you read the scriptures, write down those thoughts and feelings. Over time you recognize patterns and discern when God is speaking - and once you know that you can know anything."

"Fully deconstructing norms in the name of emancipatory social progress left many people with a deep, unmet craving for rules. They now cling to any old rules, no matter how arbitrary or nonsensical, with the desperation of a drowning swimmer hugging a flotation device."

"People need to understand that it's not categorically immoral to defect in a prisoner's dilemma. If you show up to a boxing match and the other guy brought a gun, there's nothing righteous about trying to stay above the belt."

"Everything is defined by what it excludes. When they want to destroy a thing - marriage, family, citizenship, womanhood - they just redefine it to mean everything and anything and nothing."

"Liberalism is a suicide pact."

"90% of Prog argument is just this: 'How dare you stop us here, specifically, and not a hundred years ago when you gave us the vote'. And it works because even the normies know in their hearts that we should have."

"It's impossible for a right-winger to be conservative, there is nothing left for us to conserve. 'Conservatism' is when the political middle class rallies around the flag and the experts and the Disney Channel and the neoliberal world order. A conservative's job is to explain why we got here and why it's a very valuable and important and delicate equilibrium that is not to be messed with. In this sense Jordan Peterson is still a conservative, but only because he doesn't know what time it is, and he may be the only one left. As for 'reactionary working class', even regular dummies rightly intuit that you can't uncook the egg. One can imagine a new way of living that re-enthrones old wisdom, but imagining is as far as anyone has got on that project. Which is why it's all moods and vibes and aesthetics around here."

"There's a 'humility' toward God that treats him as if he were insecure and undisciplined, a kind of child tyrant who needs constant abjection (and who perhaps created all humanity for just this purpose). I suspect that God finds this kind of display disgusting and insulting."

"To the extent that feminism is held at bay anywhere, it's in cultures and contexts where manual labor is required. Adam's part was to work by the sweat of his face, and that may have been meant literally. If you want to be sexually dominant solely on the basis of being a white collar 'breadwinner' it had better be a lot of bread."

"Pretty much all 'logical fallacies' are only fallacious if you care about establishing formal logical proof in a debate - which is the dumbest possible thing you could care about."

"Guns have given our people a false sense of empowerment, allowed us to procrastinate organizing - in most of these scenarios, organization is essential and guns are a liability. Beyond laziness, there's almost a moral inhibition to the idea of tribalism. You can either embrace group identity and group action, or you can abandon anything these people feel like taking. But think about this: The police have way, way more freedom of action than we do - how do they clear roadblock protests, when they want to? They never use guns - they use shield walls and batons, and they push. This kind of thinking is vaguely offensive to boomercons - sneaky, conniving, 'I'm not hitting you, I'm not hitting you' - but it would work. Not *despite* the other side having guns - *especially* if the other side has guns. 'Nonviolent resistance' and 'passive aggression' are synonyms. Leftists mastered the art of claiming territory / resources, coercing compliance, punishing defection with minimal *appearance* of force. They don't fantasize about violence in a future world when the rules will not apply. 'I would simply find 40 men with the discipline and courage to walk slowly through a crowd in heavy armor taking hits without doing anything stupid' is obviously a fantasy at this point, but you can imagine steps that get you there. And there's nothing illegal about organizing in this way."

"Getting people to have children ensures the future of the culture not only in the obvious practical sense, but because it makes you give a shit about the big picture in a way that you just can't until it happens. It can't be a small core of people doing this, either, it has to be general. Demographic replacement isn't just racial - if they can, they'll replace mom-you with wine-aunt-you, because they know how wine-aunt-you will vote."

"Atheists say, 'I decide ahead of time that huge categories of evidence shall not move my needle, and lo, my needle is unmoved!' This is a good heuristic if you're really really really sure that Type 1 errors are the only kind that matter. Atheists love Russell's Teapot because it implies that what they're missing is one small, insignificant, very far-away thing, when in fact they're missing virtually everything beyond their own personal line of sight. The fact that all these studies you build your worldview on are falsifiable in theory doesn't mean that it's remotely feasible for *you* to falsify any significant fraction of them. So you've exchanged one priesthood for another. Of course, this isn't why you believe in God - you believe in God because you talk to Him, and He talks back. The extent to which this matters, if it matters at all, is in allowing you to make the attempt without your intellectual dignity getting in the way."

"What looks like sinister machinations is often just entropy, panicked bureaucrats plugging leaks and passing bucks. You're punished for dissident opinions about race, gender, sexuality because allowing that conversation at this point would be a pain in the ass for a lot of regulators and corporate lawyers."

"Occam's Razor falls apart if you examine it for like half a second, and anyways it's more fun to assume the most interesting explanation first and work your way back from there."

"Really asking: is there a city in America that progressives point to as the best (or even just 'not an obviously terrible') example of progressive governance? I guess they might just lean into the shithole thing and pretend they're doing it on purpose? I'm thinking of like a smart normie on the left."

"Don't fear the devil more than you trust God."

"I would love to hear this mid-level marketing manager's case for Melinda's equality with Bill Gates (why she should get half his money after the divorce), without invoking the name of the Lord. On what conceivable material axis are they equal? We can all be equal in the shadow of the cross and under no other terms."

"Mormon physiognomy is superior to all other denominations because of 10 generations without the benefit of beer goggles. When you choose who you will bear children with, you write on the fabric of the cosmos, you sculpt God's image. Nothing comes close in eternal consequence, and the price of doing it carelessly is steep."

"When you're being punished, it's natural to reflect on whether you deserve it - could I have said things differently, could I have been wiser, more patient. The answer to all of those questions is yes, but remember that you don't stand on your own righteousness."

"The nuclear family where dad works and mom stays at home is not the solution to our predicament, but its cause. We all see the problem of having boys 'raised by women' at school etc, but your wife also can't teach what you can teach. A mother is 100x better than a barren pink-haired 24 year old government employee, but this all started with the alienation of boys from their fathers and from the work of adult men."

"They demand that you 'apologize' but apologies are for human beings you've hurt, who might forgive you - this would be a 'public apology', spoken into the air, to Moloch. Not only are you not obligated to do this, you are forbidden to do it. Institutions and identity groups have no souls - they can't sin, or repent, or be sinned against, or forgive. The point of making these into egregores - manmade spirits, moral agents - is to conceal and distribute human sins, and to harden and usurp human grievances. Pure evil. Mitt Romney was right when he said that corporations are made up of people, and that the (ostensible) purpose of vesting corporations with rights was to protect those individuals' rights - but it was clearly a mistake. The alliance between identity politics, NGOs, and corporate power is not an accident or a marriage of convenience. All of these benefit from eternal souls being subordinated to emergent and timebound spirits (zeit geisten)."

"An important think to remember about Marxists is that a very angry and volatile minority do actually fantasize about killing the men who outperform them and raping the women who didn’t choose them, and a chief concern of any political infrastructure should be keeping these people out."

"It was the fall of the Berlin Wall that gave us this 'If it saves even one life', 'zero tolerance' mindset. 'The End of History' meant we weren't subject to history's constraints and judgments. The possibilities were infinite, and therefore infinite intervention was a moral imperative. Similar fallout after WWII - though at that time it was America, specifically, who could do anything and therefore must do everything. Hubris is something like a cultural autoimmune disorder, the body politic can't find a threat to attack so it attacks itself. This isn't only (or even most importantly) a foreign policy thing - we really were rich enough to pay for all those pointless wars. It's what it did in classrooms and offices."

"Going 'trad' in the sense of picking some idealized point in history doesn't work because it didn't work. If you magicked the world into the 50s, a decade later you'd have the 60s."

"It's weird that conservatism is coded masculine and progressivism feminine because the male psychological affinity is to venture out and explore and bring new ideas back to the tribe, where they are adjudicated by the more careful and thoughtful women. This suggests that the solution to the current predicament is for a bunch of dudes to leave their tribes and scout the best crazy new ideas, which is the same as mixing and matching the best ideas from the whole span of human history since nothing is really new under the sun."

"Women really do read the bit where Prince Charming has children on a comatose Snow White as a story about violating consent rather than the obvious metaphor of a husband living with a wife in deep depression from a female relative's jealousy."

"But my dear leftist - don’t you find it suspicious that your political beliefs just happen to align precisely with what is politically correct and popular in this moment, especially with your gender and education level, in the exact area we live in, with no dissent amongst your peers?"

"One thing the normie does not understand is how much time we spend bearing patiently and trying to be gracious about their dumbass opinions, and how correspondingly obnoxious it is when that courtesy is not reciprocated. It's bad enough to hear what you think about feminism, I damn sure don't want to hear what you think about what I think about feminism."

"The most dangerous person in a child's life is their mother's boyfriend. If abuse was 40% more likely, that would be a very dramatic statistic; in reality, it's 40 times more likely."

"Passive-aggressive behavior will not be permitted in the Bennett Administration. I don't mean there will be a law or a regulation or a policy, i'm just going to disallow and punish 'this sort of thing'. Rule of law is stupid. Everything is like this, 'Oh no we can't stop this obviously wrong thing because then we would be slaves to whatever absurd autistic precedent we derive from it'. Just don't do that. Appoint wise men who make good decisions. If you've got kids you know that nothing is ever equal or fair, it's impossible to make it that way and somebody is always, always going to whine. The idea that you could codify a solution to this in a *household*, let alone a nation of millions, was always a joke."

"Conservatives act like the center is the front line, leftists understand that the *fringe* is the front. Defending their weirdest weirdos creates space for their whole coalition, meanwhile they can pick off our weirdest weirdos one by one until our 'fringe' is 90s center-left. Partly this is because leftism is a comprehensive and totalizing religion (I mean that in a non-pejorative sense, it's a source of tremendous power), while 'rightism' is purely reactionary, anti-leftism. They admire the purity of their zealots, our zealots are not our coreligionists. Leftism will fail because it's war against the heavens and the earth, against the structure of reality, an attempt to command the tide. Victory in this context is to get as much of what is good and beautiful out of the blast radius, that's what 'the right' is right now."

"What Do You Believe In? What is the role of women - do they belong in the workplace? How are they supposed to live? What's the alternative vision? Are you willing to explain it to your daughter, and your daughter's friends' mothers? Even the 'dissident right' is still basically like this, it's safe to be out of power and console yourself with attacking the ruling order. The critiques bounce off because it's like saying you hate taxes or congress or the DMV - what's your plan? Forget plan - what's your *theory*, your alternative self-concept? The wignats have one, kinda, but it's comparably dumb and full of holes and trades the coming collapse of the neolib order for immediate guaranteed havoc and slaughter. No takers."

"Every euphemism treadmill is a triumph of humanity and of the will to speak the truth. If a thing is sickly and ugly and perverse, no matter what you make us call it, you can't prevent us from knowing and speaking of it as such - you can only destroy the new word by association with it. All of our most hateful, forceful, and direct words were once the polite way of talking around a hideous thing, in some cases many layers of abstraction deep. The truth cannot be hid. It's also impossible to do this with a good and beautiful thing, no matter what you come up with, it won't quite land. It's possible to make this kind of lie but impossible to believe it."

"The anti-HBD case rests on an insistence that 100,000 years is not long enough to observe meaningful biological adaptation and differentiation among human subgroups. But complex polygenic traits like intelligence, hair color, longevity are *more* responsive to selection pressure - not less - because relevant phenotype is found 'in solution', so to speak, across the whole population, rather than isolated to a single group of carriers. Soviet scientists were able to radically alter the behavior and appearance of silver foxes in a matter of a few decades via selective breeding. This required very little inbreeding or other dysgenic practices, because 'domestication syndrome' is highly polygenic."

"This generation of boys who were forced to wear dresses on tiktok will not leave one stone on top of another when they come of age, and God bless them."

"People like to whine about Scott Alexander and Moldbug and Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan and all these other peripheral types, but if a guy has made me think a new thought even one time, he is my friend."

"They know about the last hundred years of communism and they're still communist."

"If this army of only-children ever encounters a functional family, they're going to realize someone's missing. And then they're going to think about the time mommy didn't want to be pregnant anymore, and they're going to do some google image searches."

"My victory condition: We get a couple hundred guys out of Babylon and buy a town in Missouri or northern Arkansas. I find 100 acres with a river running through it. Cows, chickens, beehives, fruit orchard. My wife and kids have friends over all day long, playing and working together. Nobody ever talks to the police."

"If you're a woman with three or fewer kids who complains about how exhausting and intellectually stultifying it is, I just want you to know that I almost certainly spend more time on domestic chores than you do. I live on land with a do-nothing corporate sinecure and I have a lot of kids - all of my tweets happen in between diaper changes and meal times and home repair and sweeping and mopping. It's not boring, you are boring. You're just making your misery exogenous and inevitable, and therefore not your responsibility. Having said that, your wife's happiness is something you have to actively manage if you want a big family right now - largely because it's lonely in a way it never has been before. Domestic chores have a radically different emotional valence if she does them with a friend. I'm at the place where my family is happy and stable, and if I want things to get meaningfully better for them I have to look outward, to find or create the community I want them to live in. My wife needs a friend to fold laundry with, therefore there shall be a revolution."

"There will be American fiefs, there will be American Knights. You haven't arrived until your interests can support a private security company for the Fellas. I keep that on a post it note on the bathroom mirror."

"I'm not going to kick my son out at 18, because I don't think he should learn to be a man from The Job Market."

"Of all the things that women can do, making money is the most boring. Imagine having some spare time and independence and all you can come up with is 'monetize'. It's also the most boring thing men can do, if it's not oriented toward some vision. Life is more than meat."

"Can you do all the outwards parts of religion without accepting any metaphysical beliefs? It's not a question of can or can't - you won't."

"There are millions of right wingers earning professional degrees and working corporate jobs and living in cities. There are millions of them in law enforcement and the military. We have 'infiltrated' all these institutions. Do you feel in charge? We are actually growing in cultural power right now, and it's not because we've got guys in middle management. Certainly not because of anybody cringing to keep his head down so he doesn't lose his $40k adjunct teaching job. The more I think about the origin myth of Leftist cultural dominance the funnier it gets. 'They started from the bottom and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, why don't you take a page job at NBC and one day you'll command the culture'. The radical movements of the 60s were staffed *entirely* by trust fund kids because they had the time and could afford the social consequences of public notoriety and jail time - and they could get plausibly non-ideological help from daddy's friends. Now, maybe some of you want to be the 'daddy' in that scenario, in which case a) you need to get off Twitter yesterday and b) you need to consider how sure you are that your corporate job is going there. Seems to me that an safer and easier bet is just to increase your own independence on the system and yeah that might mean learning to weld if you're not a JavaScript type of fella."

"Yes, I know that *you* know there are no rules, you're very smart. There is still value in articulating it. The messaging will have long since become exhausting and obvious to you by the time the people hear it who need to hear it."

"To the extent that it's true at all that 'taking a stand for anything makes your kids hate you', it's because culture and tech are moving too fast for parents to be authoritative to their children. Our task is to become dynamically authoritative, to incorporate flow into the model. Boomer parents embrace that old narrative with gusto, because the alternative is to believe that their children correctly identified incompetence and hypocrisy, and went looking for more useful authorities."

"Your ancestors watch you lift, yes, but also your descendants. A lot of things we say around here, we're just saying stuff, just thinking thoughts, dreaming up goofs. This one though is literally true and you need to know it in your bones."

"Yes, the Egyptian god Horus was born on December 25th, born of a virgin, announced by a star in the East, adorned by 3 kings, was a teacher at 12, entered into ministry at 30, and had 12 disciples. Yes, Mithra died and was resurrected on the third day. Yes, Dionysus was called 'King of Kings' and "Alpha and Omega'. Imagine buying this as an argument *against* Christ!"

"Strict conservative parents create young leftist radicals - the incompetent ones, yes. I have yet to meet a bluehair whose rebellion was truly inexplicable."

"Classical liberal religious toleration is rooted in the idea that we may have our religious disagreements but deeper, 'where it counts', we are united. Whatever you define as 'where it counts', that's your real religion, and if we don't share that, we can't have a 'nation of ideas'."

"I want peace too. By temperament I'm actually a very agreeable guy, I don't like tension, I don't like having enemies, I would unironically like to see 'national healing', even if it involves some distasteful compromises. I just don't see what common ground exists at this point."

"When they say the justice system needs to be 'reformed' in response to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, try to figure out what they mean. Try to come up with a specific procedural or policy change that would put Rittenhouse away without also jailing thousands more black people. The answer is, they want explicitly racialized prosecution and sentencing."

"You can only do so much for your descendants, and that's a good thing. Imagine if the Founding Fathers had dialed in the autistic constitutional puzzle box just right and nobody had to fight for anything ever again."

"I believe there should be a database of all journalists so that when we win they can be appropriately recognized for their contributions to the public good."

"The freedom I want isn’t the absence of rules – it’s me and the boys making the rules."

"Moldbug quoted a Frenchman who said the reason the Jacobins held power despite being universally despised was that no man in France could command the loyalty of a hundred Frenchmen; and today, no American can command five."

"There are decisions that have to be made before they can be understood."

"To be disagreeable in spirit but agreeable in manner is the essence of charm."

"You need to read the Gospels over and over, not just the words but the deeds of Christ, especially in John. And to get it into your blood and bones how badly this man is mismatched with the avoidant neurotic woman who emerges from modern secular interpretations of the Sermon on the Mount. Yes, he preached that sermon, it's a hard sermon. But if it means what moderns commonly take it to mean, he was a hypocrite and it is impossible to take his example seriously while simultaneously obeying that sermon. There is no actual disharmony or paradox here, but a bracing corrective. And you can't write off Jesus' example as him exercising a special prerogative to be imperious or blunt or dismissive because he's God. He came to us in the flesh specifically to show us how to live as mortal men."

"They want to make His yoke heavy, so they can justify putting it down."

"Gay marriage is the highest realization of secular egalitarian marriage. Many of you are in fact gay married."

"If you want to talk to God go up into the mountain and don't come down until you hear Him. Read the scriptures until you find answers. Stay up all night, miss work, *pay* something."

"I don't believe that any progressives feel cool or good inside. Maybe they don't consciously think of themselves as the bad guys - like, Rage Against the Machine aren't 'the bad guys' they're just lame and shitty, and I think they know it."

"They've been running this playbook for a long time: Make something obviously titillating but also repugnant, then when people complain that it's titillating and repugnant, 'Oh you find this repugnant thing titillating? You are a pervert'. Similar with any critique of degeneracy taht betrays familiarity with it. Feigned shock that a 'self-righteous' 'trad' Christian has experience with porn. We overcome this by just coming clean: Yes we're a product of this degenerate culture, yes we're LARPing a past we don't understand, you burned down our shit decades ago and we have no idea how to rebuild it, fuck you, yes."

"Onlyfans, but it's just one fan and you bear his children and he takes care of you for life. They all want this, they just don't believe you can give it to them. 'I'm a demisexual heteroromantic sub with a breeding kink' yeah so was your great grandma, that's just being a woman."

"We definitely have a God who desired the institutional exclusion and oppression of Canaanites and Edomites and Philistines and Samaritans and every tribe of Israel except Levi. Oh and women lmao. Progressives who actually open the Bible have a real bad time in general. 'Do you really want to side with that?' I want to be on the Lord's side all the time. 'That was just due to the racism of Biblical figures!' So glad Marxist college professors arrived in the 1960s to tell us what Jesus really meant by all that. They seem to be fine with a God who would kill every living thing in a city including farm animals, or drown the world in a flood, or tell them to kill their kid, or create parasites that burrow in children's eyeballs, but he better not be racist. Sure God told Job to stop whining after all his children died and sent Isaiah to get sawn in half longways, but he would never tell you that you can't put your penis somewhere you really want to. I'm dunking on progs here, but this is not a trivial problem for any of us. You live in a world full of tragedy, and God made it - you can either reckon with that or abandon him. You don't get to conjure up a softer God - that faith will snap the moment you need to lean on it."

"Your 'year's supply of food' is actually intended to feed your warband for six weeks. Otherwise you'll just eat it all and then starve or get shot."

"The Lord needs a people who can afford to lose their jobs."

"They take your Christian revulsion at arrogance and cruelty, and map that to words whose meaning they control. Boomer media said 'racism is just pride and cruelty, you hate those, and good for you'. But then racism so defined was more or less eradicated (among whites), and so racism became 'prejudice plus power'. But explicit prejudice was pretty hard to find too so it became 'implicit bias'. At every layer of abstraction the power of the word became broader and shallower until now, where it is more or less all-encompassing, but almost entirely enforced by social and legal coercion. Consciously restore your map of those Christian moral intuitions - to help you resist their propaganda, but also to avoid defining yourself wholly in opposition to it. I'm neither 'racist' nor 'not racist' nor 'anti-racist'. I hate arrogance and cruelty and hypocrisy and lies."

"The more fundamental a desired outcome is, the less it is obtainable by pursuing it directly - happiness, love, security, social harmony, 'self-esteem', satiety, peace of conscience. The modern perversion of the gospel - what makes liberalism obviously post-Christian - is the attempt to rationally pursue ultimate ends without paradoxical, analytically intractable intermediaries (unquestioned revelation, self-forgetting, obedience unto death). Christ himself died 'for the joy set before him', but it was not a rational cost/benefit analysis. Secularists (and sometimes other Christians) ask us how to replicate our family norms, and the answer is that you can't, not instrumentally - it's too much work, you wouldn't choose it. By this I don't mean 'It's too much work for you, but we are harder workers'. I mean you have to say (and mean, and believe), 'I am going to do this thing even if it's way more work than it's worth, even if it makes me miserable, even if I die miserable'. I don't think anyone is truly happy who hasn't passed under that shadow and said 'so be it'."

—@jcbonthedl, Bennet's Demilich; @extradeadjcb, Bennet's Phylactery

"Mass gun confiscation is the most direct route to something resembling a civil war in the United States. Most state and local police wouldn't enforce it, and those who did would end up in body bags at an alarming rate. Gun confiscation would get a lot of people killed."

"Kamala Harris is the closest thing to a fascist we have in American politics. Trump is more of a vaguely racist William Jennings Bryan, much more of a swamp-and-hill populist than a proper fascist. Kamala has a fully developed Schmidtian sense of executive power."

"Entirely open borders between the core Anglophone countries would be something that people would complain about in the run-up and then treat as entirely natural a year after implementation."

"The whole point of a large chunk of your population being armed is that the state can't impose its will with violence at scale, regardless of the political direction of the state. That's why more urban liberals should own rifles."

—Matt Parlmer, @MattParlmer

"Nietzsche gets a reputation as a 'challenging writer' insofar as academics claim that he meant things metaphorically which he clearly meant literally. Nietzsche rejected nationalism in favor of an aristocracy of the best elements of Europe who survive the total collapse of prior meaning and are eugenically selected to impose their will from above!"


"Everyone needs to be punched in the face by someone stronger at least once. Humbles you and makes you want to get better. Otherwise you walk around thinking you are untouchable. Teddy Roosevelt got jumped as a kid, right after he'd started working out (and thinking he was hot stuff). After this experience he started training harder and took up boxing. It is good to taste defeat, to know failure and then to use it. You are never the best (and if you think you are, someone else is coming for your spot). Do not get comfortable. Nowadays, the tech nerd thinks he is above needing to be 'strong.' He is civilized and smart! When the power grid inevitably fails and/or falters, he's the first to fall. And when alone on a shadowed street, pretensions crumble real quick. Danger purifies deceit into truth."


"The horror genre sucks because it evolved past the medium of film and text and into the medium of public discourse without anybody noticing. Conspiracy is the new thriller, a much more believable and much more monstrous killer fully encapsulating each and every avenue of life. Breaching the medium has also required a much deeper level of existential fear to arise, and entire ideologies are built upon this bedrock. Feminists are consumed by the horror of the monster that is the Patriarchy. The far right is consumed by threats of annihilation and coalition between Hobbesian Leviathans and their treacherous Boomers. The psychological niche of the individual watching from behind the screen has transferred into the relative pessimism and pacifism of the far right, however, who've developed a toxicity of voyeurism while watching the monster butcher the unsuspecting. 'No you idiot, the monster is in the closet!' is no different than 'No you idiot, multiculturalism is genocide!' Which is to say, both in their accuracy and in the impotence and lack of action on behalf of the voyeur. When it comes to the feminists and intersectional types, they are the types that incidentally scream and throw their popcorn or otherwise freak out in response to the stimuli. All of the evidence of the killer is right there - you just have to want to see it. That is the mantra of ideological horror in the form of conspiracy."


"Greta Thunburg was not selected to appeal to children; she was selected because she reflects the gestalt self-images of childless progressive women - 'the world is worth saving so mentally ill high IQ special people like me can take our rightful place (in charge of world affairs)'."


"Online games are pure cancer designed to induce and monetize addiction. I've seen people go down that path. Just find someone who plays MOBAs and observe them. The MOBA player is always in hard denial about the time and money he’s flushing down the toilet to grind that extra rank, to flash that new badge, to buy some more random loot designed to emulate a slot machine. Man can make art of most mediums, video games included. Most single instances of entertainment, however, have a hard ceiling to the number of hours they can suck out of your life. Video games in their most insidious form don’t. If you look at MOBAs again, you’ll find that’s the case. To most people who play them, it’s the only thing they play, they don’t even have time for anything else, because the addiction is designed. At some point the game starts to play you. I don’t desire to discredit videogames as a medium, but it’s important to recognize this fundamental feature that sets them apart from movies or books. Even the most commercially exploited series ever gets a maximum of X hours of your life. One modern online game can hook you up for eternity."


"If you’re comfortable, never underestimate the level of cynicism others will achieve in order to take what’s yours."

"People are obsessed with Walter White, Tony Soprano, and Don Draper, because TV attempted to portray the death of the patriarch. But instead, those characters reached such cult status that it gave men something to identify with that wasn't effete or idiotic. It backfired spectacularly."

"We are all post postmodernists and the only 'trad'-ness we can find now is a synthesis. We inhabit this world, whether we like it or not."

"Señor Zorro became an outlaw in the pueblo of Los Angeles in California to avenge the helpless, to punish cruel politicians, to aid the oppressed and now, his spirit is going to return. Because it is needed. In the words of Don Diego de la Vega: 'It began ten years ago, when I was but a lad of fifteen, I heard tales of persecution. I saw my friends, the frailes, annoyed and robbed. I saw soldiers beat an old native who was my friend. And then I determined to play this game. It would be a difficult game to play, I knew. So I pretended to have small interest in life, so that men never would connect my name with that of the highwayman I expected to become. In secret, I practiced horsemanship and learned how to handle a blade. One half of me was the languid Don Diego you all knew, and the other half was the Curse of Capistrano I hoped one day to be. And then the time came, and my work began. It is a peculiar thing to explain, señores. The moment I donned cloak and mask, the Don Diego part of me fell away. My body straightened, new blood seemed to course through my veins, my voice grew strong and firm, fire came to me'."

"We’re going back to black and white morality. God is good. Devil bad. Protagonist is holy knight. Villain is demon. That’s the story. No more nuance. Nuance and its consequences have been a disaster for fantasy stories."


"You can't comprehend why they can't see it? Here's why: They do see it, they're just lying. You can't convince someone of a truth they already know."

"Women can't fathom that it might be shameful to be afraid."

"It's a horror that the rich are more likely to afford abortion; it's an existential horror that the rich have higher IQs and thus are better at suppressing reflexes like jealousy, so they're more likely to engage in polyamory."


"Empty platitudes, nihilist irony and impotent outrage dominate online conversation, mostly because everything else is forbidden. If you openly describe problems and possible outcomes, you get banned, or worse. This is an overton window / panopticon / energy sink built by technocapital and the post-9/11 deepstate."

"How can I be 'racist' if I hate affluent liberal white women more than any other group of people on earth?"

"A lot of the 'issues' some people insisted we all had to focus on could start to look tragically wasteful soon. Society's time and energy squandered, our collective unconsciousness distracted by useless, malignantly meaningless bullshit, until nature and reality roared back in with a vengeance."

"If I wanted to ensure socialism fails, I'd inextricably tie it to bourgeoise woke ideologies like identity politics, sexual degeneracy, drug normalization, and open borders, so the working class is corrupted, diversified, and demoralized until organic solidarity movements are rendered impossible."

"If decades of liberalist cultural dominance and projects like affirmative action, mass immigration, etc have brought us to 'whites saying a naughty word is equivalent to nonwhites committing robbery, assault, rape, and murder,' then maybe 'progress' isn't the best word for what's happening."

"Your enlightened, modern beliefs aren't your own. They've been decided for you by people you will never meet. You aren't a 'freethinker', you're a member of a herd to be managed. Your perception of the world was pre-planned decades ago by intel agents and ad men working for unimaginably wealthy sociopaths."

"Boomers and generations since gave away their country just so they'd conform to some post-modern materialist hollywood idea of morality - for imagined pats on the back from their favorite movie character or news anchor. They sold out their kids' future for the equivalent of reddit upvotes."

"Libs loved Trump. They needed him. They had to tell themselves that a 1990s centrist was cheeto hitler, because 'resisting' gave their atheistic lives meaning - and it distracted from a subconscious but gnawing fear that their ideology isnt actually creating a utopia, but a trashworld."

"They hate beauty, they hate strength, they hate the family, they hate nature, they hate innocence, they hate virtue, they hate the truth, they hate God, and that is why they must lose."

"In the space of one boomer adult lifetime, America went from the most developed and stable nation on Earth to borderline Banana Republic, thanks to international finance psyopping people into supporting free trade and immigration, and imbibing CIA and Hollywood lies about how the world really works. No matter what happens, I think we can all agree that the speed at which much of this country has been turned into a neoliberal funny zone is pretty impressive."

"Everyone who's ever looked at a smartphone, a computer screen, or a TV is mentally ill."

"The powers-that-be have decided that nothing can be allowed to even hint at getting in the way of the borderless godless consumerist debtslave world order they're creating. Their ultimate goal is for people to fear even just thinking bad thoughts about their brave new babylon prisonworld future. The good news is, they're gonna lose in the end, and they're all going to hell. Good will defeat evil in the end, because it has to, there is no other choice. Trust in God. We're gonna win."

"Indigenous people be like, 'My ancestor, chief baby-scalper, was a gentle and peaceful man until the europeans showed up'."

"The future is gonna be people who couldn't even invent a fucking wheel claiming that they actually invented everything."

"You're gonna work your fingers to the bone to pay 90% of your income to reparations, go home to the urban hellscape cubicle apartment you share with a dozen migrants, stuff your face with maggot burgers and watch disney product until you pass out every night, unless you have a plan to avoid it."

"If the past year has convinced me of anything, it’s that decades of school, Hollywood, advertising, and social media consumption has rendered a lot of people totally incapable of even the most basic levels of metacognition or independent critical thought. They’re functionally braindead. A large percentage of people no longer have any beliefs besides what they consume from the financier-directed mass culture: hollywood, degenerated teachers and professors, corporate and government propaganda, smartphone screens, etc. Such people are just slogan consumption and regurgitation machines now. If a lot of people seem like brainwashed, blank eyed, empty vessels, it’s because they are. They’ve been bombarded by schools, screens and psyops into becoming walking, talking mirrors for the propaganda of elites. Their minds have been colonized. The lights are on but no one’s home. The zombie apocalypse is real, it’s here, and it’s probably gonna get a lot worse before it gets better."

"They can only take your soul from you if you let them - and if you never let them, then no matter what else happens, you’ve won."

"If you let The-Powers-That-Be inject you with an experimental substance, you're choosing to trust and obey them from now on. You become personally invested in believing they want what's best for you, because the alternative is that you've just let them turn you into their guinea pig, or worse. Totalitarians and sociopaths secure loyalty and compliance in part by making liars and accomplices out of others. By repeating untruths, by participating in things you subconsciously feel are wrong, you soon become a stakeholder in them being 'right'. Why are they mandating a weird new shot, with unknown longterm effects, for a virus of suspicious origin, that's been lied about constantly? Because once you take it, you'll have every psychological incentive to believe the rulers who made you take it 'care' about you. They'll own you."

"Liberal white women and their gay husbands want Kyle Rittenhouse to rot in jail for decades because he shot a convicted child rapist who was trying to kill him. The reason they want this is simple: They want to punish the righteous, because they are evil, they love the wicked, and they worship Satan."

"The only question is whether we’re getting Weimar hyperinflation or Zimbabwe hyperinflation, and what comes after."

"You can't take your money with you when you die, to where youre going next. You can leave it to your kids (and you should) but its value pales in comparison to the value of teaching your son how to hunt, fight, pray, how to live in this world. To worship money is to worship a void."

"The vaxxine mandate isn’t just a way of selecting for compliance and purging the disobedient - it’s a way of purging those who are able to think critically, and notice even the most basic kinds of contradictions, absurdities and manipulations in the narrative coming from those in power. Politicians have flip flopped and lied about everything related to this 'pandemic' nonstop from day one. You’d have to be literally retarded to trust that they’re forcibly injecting you with something safe, that they have your best interests in mind, after all they’ve said and done. The billionaires and their puppets are trying to create a world where only cattle are allowed to participate in society. Mindless enforcers, people who know they’re being lied to but are to scared to resist, and people who are legitimately too dumb to even notice all the bullshit."

"America is run by and for a cabal of bankers, control freaks, civilizational arsonists, demon worshippers and child abusers. They can of course threaten you with fines, imprisonment, or violence - but never forget that you have no moral obligation whatsoever to obey their sick and wicked laws."

"The ancients knew that suffering, in whatever manner, makes a man interesting, and noble, and mild. That an old man is ever more complete and humane than a boy, not because he is happier, but because he is wiser and holds a deeper joy, as he has also experienced great evils."

—@ajdhenry, @AntiVaxSexPest, elysium resident, prisonworld citizen

"Metropolitan homeless aren't all 'down and out on their luck' or 'mentally ill' or 'mixed up with drugs.' Even if their parents maintained a house, many have genealogies loaded with 'outdoor people' since early medieval urbanization. It's an adaptive niche."

"Whites believe in universal human rights and multiculturalism. Ressentiment-filled nonwhites believe in White Nationalism."

"Continue to pray to Yellowstone. Concentrate on the magma chamber. We can end it here. We can end it for all time."

"We must celebrate health and the will to dominate. No more wheelchair ramps! Entrances must instead demand great feats of climbing and leaping."

"If someone brings up Joyce, you say, 'I'm not into ethnic lit.' 'As a person of privilege, I can't relate to that kind of lived experience.' 'I support it, but I don't think it's appropriate for me to center my whiteness in a poc literary space.' 'Have you read Ta-Nehisi Coates?' "

"The only reason girls like camping is because it reminds them of being abducted and transported through foreign territory by an enemy tribe."

"I have a great hatred for 'small, independent bookstores', the kind that sell enamel pins. I will shut these places down and pulp their contents. I will always trash mass literacy and the braindead 'Kwan worship of entremanureship and plebian 'human potential'. You have a rancid reek, it's cornmeal, it's starch, it's crudely-drawn 'local zines'. So go fall on your sword for the county chamber of commerce somewhere else. Indepenent bookstores selling enamel pins and 'fear women who read' reusable totes are, by and large, roach traps for the worst kind pfople, much like public libraries that pivoted to flophouses for the homeless and 'digital humanites social justice' centers. Their 'community life' is the filth of the multifamily longhouse, of the endless tropic loop of pigsties recycling human shit, of watching a Dave Eggers film adaptation five years from now with a still-fatter gut on the greasy upholstery of a 'quirky community movie theater'."

"Maybe you're now appreciating that there are no solutions to this situation in the sphere of 'politics'. There are still a few in biology."

"Indians are the cringiest approval-seekers on Earth. Most other peoples' nationalist delusions tend toward the megalomaniacal, issuing from thwarted fantasies of domination. Indians, by contrast, yearn for the esteem of developed nations' children."

"If you're planning on going down with the American ship, just know that it's now the 'USS Harvey Milk'."

"It is increasingly clear that differential receptiveness to mass immigration in Europe is the desire of the European super-organism to harmonize its organs. It will end with Northern Europe has absorbed enough Middle Eastern ancestry to reach equilibrium with Italy and Greece. It is largely rejected by Southern Europe because the target levels of Basal Eurasian ancestry have already been attained. The distinct course of Hungary is important to note. It is following a non-Europeandevelopmental track of racial homeostasis with Tatarstan and Bashkiria. The migrant 'crisis' has been ginned up by those who are the staunchest opponents of European unity. Many have been duped."

"High-quality racism is extraordinarily hard work. You have to have working recall of at minimum eight or nine thousand distinct races, living and extinct, and run extensive simulations just to model the disgusting attributes of the most easily-conceivable 2- and 3-way crosses."

"Some remarks on the NPC meme. Words are not the fundamental units of thought - one of the vilest impostures. You are softened for this by an even more shameless falsehood whose ugliest hissing was not to long ago in a cave in Nablus - that they were altogether the first thing. You are a degraded thing if you actually feel you 'think in words'. Your cognition then is incessantly pounding a never-shrinking lump of cassava and mounding it into little semi-liquid patties like a Bidyogo woman. Thoughts Arrive, they pierce you. You don't shape them. These organ grinders who eject a constant incontinent dribble of 'internal narration' or innocently ask, 'So what language do you think in?' (worse, dream in) are not very far removed from the corrupted pongoids doing their best impression of a Choose Your Own Adventure audiobook on the bus. It is sickly fascinating to see people who cycle incessantly through a repititve dialogue tree ('Oh, it's not like that! Mine is refreshed every update with new Hollywitz lines.') calling anyone else an 'NPC'."

"Those of you who renounced me have not even begun to be punished."

—Hakan Rotmwrt, @HakonRotmwrt, @ZolbarSakusun

"Irony is an awareness gap - you know something that the other doesn't. It isn't detachment but more conscious and sensitive engagement. Irony is that the Pharisees expected a warrior messiah and didn't understand why the Christ was a suffering servant. There is no love without irony. This may be at the core of my objection to strains of thought that imagine a world of crystalline heroic beauty. Looking at things that are obviously powerful and beautiful is detached, like watching fish in an aquarium. But I love Jesus no matter my self-deceptions. Clearly I have my disagreements with Nietzsche on text, but when Anglo writers contrast his sickly, intellectual character with his philosophy, it doesn't refute it. They're revealing the strange, ironic truth of it. One of Nietzsche's last acts before he lost his mind was to protect a horse from being whipped in Turin, embracing its neck and crying. This act of pity reveals a beauty, a kindness, a strength, that cannot exist without irony."


"The idea of G as general intelligence didn’t truly strike me until an acquaintance, looking absently for a job after finishing college, said he placed in the top 50 on the New York City detectives’ test with no knowledge of police work whatsoever. The history of the last 50 years is one group of people using slightly hidden proxies for IQ tests to shape who they live near, work with, are served by, and send their kids to school with, and another group of people hunting them down like Liam Neeson in Taken."

"Libs who think they can ride this tiger are idiots, not paying attention. This isn't 2015. It's not chubby Yale sophomores yelling at professors over Halloween costumes. This is the real deal, loss of social control in multiple major cities simultaneously."

"I'm incapable of joking about this - in 2020, a violent pogrom was launched which burned down a police station and a good part of the city, as a result, the maximalist demands of the terrorists were granted."

"Deeper than the name of provenance of the new religion being pushed on us is the sort of deep emotions it deems permissible and worthy of honor: not your grief for your father or mother but your grief for a stranger, not your abasement before God but abasement before strangers."

"The goal of 'anti-racism' is to create racism to distinguish yourself against."

"The inevitable result of America's aesthetic decline and the weakening ability of the Hollywood fantasists to conjure the world dream is an aestheticization of the past, that fantasists will grasp at with increasing anxiety. (see The Crown, Bridgerton, Game of Thrones, etc). The most common result is something like Disney's 2019 Nutcracker adaptation (or even Frozen 2) - a few minutes of lusciously extravagant evocations of a particular reactionary aesthetic followed by an hour or three of angry deconstruction of the social/artistic order behind it. Where these evocations differ from those of a more confident culture like 50s Westerns or Biblical epics is in not delineating a familiar body of myths through which the present social order is derived, but to stop in random dates and let Ahura Mazda and Ahriman battle then, too."

"There's a strange vertigo in realizing, yes, there's a massive conspiracy among government, media, and corporate actors to push racial discord to the absolute max and force a new civic religion on the American people, but it's not because they have any plan, they're just retarded."

"I'm watching Dead Poet's Society and one funny thing is regardless of your opinion of its quality, its values would pretty clearly be considered left of center when it was made and right wing now. Carpe diem is toxic masculinity, toxic whiteness. I've been told contemporary boarding schools, especially the small ones, are now dominated by Chinese international students (because they can and will pay full freight) while the teachers are still mostly white Americans, which would make for an interestingly ambiguous remake."

"Trans stuff is simultaneously the thing it feels most important to be honest about with people close to you and the thing you seem most like a lunatic discussing. 'Yeah, sure, dad, there's a worldwide conspiracy of corporations to get parents to castrate their kids'."

—@toad_spotted Spotted Toad

"Ascension at the gym should not be counted in terms of increasing reps in a succession of days, but in the amount of pain a man can bring upon himself in succession. As long as each day is more painful, more atrocious than the last, happiness and growth is secured."


"If someone emerges from public service richer than when they entered public service, they probably weren't serving the public."

—Geoffrey Miller, @primalpoly

"This is why conservatives in the USA are losers. 'Can't the trans stuff just wait until puberty?' WRONG. All this transitioning stuff is evil and this type of argument simply cedes more ground to them. Why are Americans such idiots? Individual liberty is why your society is so messed up."

"Sam is the owner of a small upholstery company.  He's a USMC vet, NRA Member, and votes GOP. His wife divorces him after she found a nice, young Latino man who was their neighbour.  She then has their 7 year old son chemically castrated. 'It's the price of liberty' says Sam."

"We are swiftly degenerating into 'The Conservative Case For Letting a Transsexual Fuck You in the Ass'."

"The fun-natured, 'Epstein didn't kill himself' meme that is now taking off is no different than late-stage Eastern European communism where people laughed off their inferior consumer products alongside party bosses, not yet ready to rip out each other's throats. They would joke about how bad everything was, but they had no control. Joking about things completely outside your control, where you know you're being screwed, is a kind of coping mechanism. 'I'm in on the joke that I'm getting screwed'."

"The only places in the West where lunatics and corpses are treated with appropriate dignity are racist internet forums."

—@ByFisted, Niccolo, @ProgRockFarmer

"I feel like I'm forced into a position of 'Might makes Right'. I would like to win by argument, but that's not possible when people can ignore what you're saying, end the conversation and walk away, and most especially when they share beliefs with the regime to begin with. The undoing of the divine right of kings was through 'might makes right' and we've been living in this world for 200 years now but the phrase is thrusted upon me by regime apparatchiks when I voice discontent when they are the ones in power, who enforce mandates at gunpoint."

"The surplus created by industrial society has allowed us to adorn ourselves in botique morality that is utterly alien to all other civilizations throughout time and place. You are looked upon with revulsion when you discuss honestly the decisions that must be made in scarcity - decisions of life and death, of want and need."

"You are unaware that you have been given every step up in life because you have been so thoroughly propagandised. You don't know that you have been propagandised because you are not a smart person."


"Mentally replace 'fascist hate speech' with 'socially undesirable behaviour,' since that's what lefties actually mean by those words, and what they say makes sense. Any group where the average member isn't converging towards 'Joseph de Maistre' or 'Seraphim Rose' is one where the average is converging towards 'bell hooks' or, at best, 'Georges Sorel'. This was where #gamergate fell apart too. They uncovered all the networks of liberals pushing liberalism and said, 'Whoa, guys, we don't want to look like conspiritards, let's just not talk about the PR pushing this.' The actual response should've been saying, 'Given that Pinochet ultimately failed, how can we go even further in suppressing the left and how can we change things so that that solution is a practical choice we can make?' But nah, free speech is good, who cares if we lose?"

"The American Constitution was primarily designed by Madison, who believed in economic determinism and the inevitability of class war. This is what actual 'classical liberalism' is. Honestly it's surprising it took as long as it did for someone like Marx to go 'Hey wait a second...' "

"Joss Whedon brought his story techniques into TV drama, which laid the foundations for the Marvel-ing of all visual media in America. He gave us the 'snarky' and 'quipster' dialogue that has plagued us ever since. It became impossible to take any situation seriously, and eventually studios stopped even trying. If you're wondering why abusive parent backstories have to be immediately followed by an Irreverent Sarcastic Remark (TM), it's because otherwise we'd be in danger of feeling something 'heavy', and Whedonesque storytelling despises this. Whedon was the guy who popularized the denigrated meaning of 'deconstruction' in fiction, which was a dumbed down to mean 'playing with genre cliches'. For example, 'What if the cheerleader killed the monster, instead of the other way around?' This autism would have consequences: TVTropes grew directly out of a Joss Whedon fansite. Joss Whedon created 'nerd culture'. All of this was bad enough in the genre it came from (superheroes), but it was absolutely devastating to any show that needs symbolism in general - like supernatural horror fiction or fantasy. Did you ever wonder why no one ever followed up the phenomenon of Lord of the Rings with more blockbuster high fantasy movies? It's because no one could. Everyone who was writing speculative fiction had been either directly or indirectly dumbed down by Whedonism."

"As the fascists and the Spartans noted, war is to men as pregnancy is to women. The women who are pathologically afraid of childbirth (as in, they treat pregnancy as a pathology) are the flipside of effeminate bugmen who'd rather die than act in self-defense because 'violence is bad'. 'You don't understand, I need these birth control pills because 70% of pregnancies have adverse side effects'. This is the female manifestation of cowardice. Unfortunately, courage was never a female virtue, because most women never really had a choice about pregnancy for most of history and male courage was of higher comparative importance. This means it's impossible to shame these women."

"One of the funniest things to do when you're bored at work is to go through the 'Health Paradox' category on Wikipedia and see how many so-called paradoxes can be solved by just being racist. The really funny thing is how they try to salvage it: 'See, it's not a genetic cause, it's just that immigration filters out the least physically fit'. The other explanation is that they go back to their home countries to die. You might notice that these explanations are mutually exclusive, but egalitarianism is a path to abilities that logicians might consider unnatural."

"The education I'm most grateful for is when my high school Film Studies teacher made us watch the movie Goldfinger, not because James Bond movies have artistic value but because they have perennial appeal. The assignment was to explain 1. What that appeal is and 2. Why the Bond franchise survived while others didn't. ('it was the first' didn't count, because many first movers didn't last. For example, 'The Shadow' and 'Zorro', which were Batman before Batman existed). It taught me to move beyond 'dumb proles like dumb prole things' and into emic analysis. (I now get the appeal of Harry Potter, for example: It's an aspirational fantasy about joining the managerial class aimed at striving, would-be AWFLs). Of course, nothing comes for free and that teacher turned out to be fucking the students. I'm sure there's a lesson we can all take from this."

"Harry Potter is literally a story about how Academia is the only thing preventing Nazis from starting another Holocaust."

"The dirty secret of 'Young Adult' literature is that no young adults ever read it and they aven't ever since publishers discovered the unexpected wine-mom demo of Twilight readers. It took until Hunger Games to generalize this to the wine-aunt audience. Of course, I have to defend my industry here and point out that other media have this problem as well. For example, I'm sure that the closest thing to an actual child that's ever watched Steven Universe are child molesters. You saw a similar defense of the shitty Star Wars sequels, especially the one that Rian Johnson deliberately sabotaged, for some reason. 'These movies are for kids', cry the late-twenties masochist-AWFL audience, 'which means that you can't criticize them'. Marketing manufactures demand, yes, but the primary trick of the marketer is to give you an excuse to rationalize away shame. YA is brilliant for this, because it lets alcoholic women on SSRIs use children as human shields for their immaturity."


"Internet trolls pace through ideology at a phenomenal rate due to their propensity for critique, they go full circle and realise the simplest truths were the only ones all along. Beauty, asceticism and discipline."


"The reason why people support the idea of Twitter and Facebook banning all political ads is because they've already entrenched their political side into power, and have the luxury to declare by fiat that their positions 'aren't political'. They no longer need to do such uncouth things as tell people to vote for X candidate or support Y party, they can just implicitly say that supporting every part of the LGBTQ agenda, tranny-kids and all, is just 'affirming people's rights and humanity' and is beyond politics. I guarantee you that the corporate offices of these companies are plastered with rainbow flags and signs saying 'the future is female' and 'black lives matter.' But if you pointed these out to an employee, they would be utterly befuddled at the notion that those are 'political.' 'Politics' is always seen as the group of ideas/policies that are up for debate. Within the echo-chamber of Silicon Valley, anything outside prog-woke-capital is so far outside the Overton Window that it isn't seen as legitimate politics anymore."


"The notion that vices ought to be freely available because only the weak will succumb to them is a libertarian notion, as is the objection to the age of consent. Dickens teaches us that much evil is systemic, and that many strong men are only so because they benefit from said system."

"All good literature is an adventure book for boys. Don Quijote is an adventure book for boys. The Faerie Queene is an adventure book for boys. The Canterbury Tales is an adventure book for boys."


"You may ask, 'Why do you focus so much on showing evidence that certain races are genetically more intelligent? Why does it matter?' Let's begin with this: It is scientifically uncontroversial that average IQ differs between races. Hardly any intelligence scientists would disagree with this statement. Now, have you ever heard this piece of information discussed in a class? Read about it in a mainstream magazine or in a textbook? Here we have something that can easily and powerfully account for so many unequal group outcomes, and yet it can never be brought to the table. Does this occur with any other item of scientific information? Is there some other important scientifically-uncontroversial fact that also cannot be discussed openly, and yet is so relevant to dozens of social issues that have so far not been amenable to remedy?

This is where my personality intrudes. I have a very difficult time keeping quiet about something so central and important if the reason is simply to avoid public awkwardness, maintain a facade of racial harmony, or to prop up an array of empirically empty platitudes. But there's a far more insidious reason that discussion has been made 'taboo' - and that is that making it off-limits protects the left. Nothing is capable of causing more damage to the blank slate dogma on which the progressive-left has been built than IQ research. The left in academia and the media know that intelligence science poses an existential threat to the progressive-left project -- this explains the shrillness of their rhetoric, their smear tactics, and their decades-long desperation to suppress the findings. As long as discussion of innate or even culturally-influenced group differences is impossible, the left can fairly easily continue to build, strengthen, and expand its vast superstructure of grievance politics, and make it increasingly impregnable to serious attack.

When the left flourishes, its oppressor/victim narrative becomes the central feature of American political life, and no one can question its claim that differences in outcomes between groups are a function of racism without risking abusive language and loss of personal status. The longer the left is allowed to remain immune from attack at its most important and vulnerable point - i.e., its science-lite blank slate religion - the more time it has to expand and fortify the superstructure supporting its narrative. The bigger this superstructure - consisting of academia, social mores and taboos, public school curricula, the media, and so on - gets, the less constrained the left is from pushing the envelope of 'forever-progress' deliriously even further into absurdity.

Witness how the left can almost effortlessly make sweeping changes in society and culture in just a matter of months - good recent examples include allowing non-transitioned males to compete as women in athletic events and passage of laws criminalizing misgendering. The left's ability to move quickly and without serious opposition is largely a function of its control of the two most important opinion-shaping institutions in American life: The media and academia. The only institution that still poses a serious threat to it is science. It's precisely the fact that the left's science-lite blank slate foundation is so vulnerable to scientific attack (and that the blank slate is such an ideologically lucrative target) which makes discussion of race and IQ strategically important for reasonable people. It's also an area of research that is accelerating at the moment due to advances in genomics and other fields - and most of the momentum appears to be toward a hereditarian (genetic) explanation for IQ gaps.

If the preponderance of the evidence from all the fields engaged in intelligence research is already in favor of a hereditarian explanation, what would happen if genomics finally clinches the argument in the future? What would be the impact on the progressive-left? The impact would be fatal to the most critical section of its blank slate foundation: The claim that all groups are innately equal with respect to perhaps the most socially valued trait in a modern society: Intelligence. And, of course, it goes even deeper than this since intelligence is far from the only complex trait that is substantially heritable. If group differences in intelligence are the result of group genetic differences, then other group differences may be, as well. Since IQ influences certain outcomes more than any other variable, the publicly-acknowledged existence of genetically-influenced (i.e., relatively fixed) IQ difference would significantly undermine the left's position that group outcome gaps are due to racism. The left's M.O. has been to exploit data showing race differences in group outcomes by tying them almost exclusively to its narrative of structural racism. A *convincing* scientifically-established alternate explanation could be fatal to this endeavor.

If politics is to be effective at coming up with solutions to our most intractable problems (such as racial differences in outcomes), it has to start with the descriptive (an understanding of what actually is), and not with the prescriptive (what ought to be). But this is directly the opposite of what the left does: It starts with a dreamy equalitarian idea about humanity that is often detached from science and then tries achieve this ideal (equal outcomes for all groups) with policies that are based on those dreamy assumptions. Science and statistical analysis are best positioned to provide the descriptive data we need to begin to craft policy solutions. Wishful thinking, platitudes, and guilt neuroses should not be the bases for addressing the seemingly intractable problems involving race.

The left shifted its goalposts from equality of opportunity to equality of outcome when it became apparent that equality of opportunity, even buttressed by hundreds of billions of dollars in spending and racial preferences, was not going to achieve equality of outcome. It blamed this failure on racism. This blame informs everything in our society now -- from what our children are taught to how stories are framed in our media and entertainment -- indeed, increasingly, almost every detail of our political and cultural life. This explanation was allowed to flourish with almost no resistance because no alternate explanation has been permitted within our opinion-shaping institutions. The socially destructive effect of this -- from failed policies to increased social tension - is huge. So now we're seeing the logical outcome of this official narrative: The beginnings or hardening of state and institutional coercion designed to force equal outcomes. A hereditarian explanation for race IQ gaps is the most powerful weapon available to stop this.

The aim of the Polite Lie (i.e., that all groups have absolutely equal potential in all outcomes) is ostensibly to keep the social fabric from coming apart. But, like any lie enforced by state or culture, its effect will ultimately be  the opposite: It will erode the fabric. How much longer will higher-achieving groups have to stomach the indignity and intellectual insult of the Polite Lie while simultaneously continuing to suffer material harm from it in everything from college admissions to being on the receiving end of hate-filled rhetoric? As state and cultural coercion mounts to force equal outcomes among innately or culturally unequal groups, anger and frustration in higher-performing groups will exceed levels of tolerance. The breaking point will be convulsive, ugly, and perhaps even violent.

If a society can't openly discuss important high-powered and replicable scientific findings, it is dysfunctional. Diversity - certainly not all of it, but some of it - weakens our society. The inability to talk honestly about race and IQ is an example of this weakness.

There's also this, of course: Truth is good in and of itself. If you value the truth - i.e., what actually is, as opposed to what you think ought to be - you'll want to be able to access and discuss the best available science and evidence to craft solutions to problems.

Put most succinctly: The truth matters, and you will not move toward it by suppressing dissemination and discussion of scientifically-valid information."

"Political activists are the white blood cells of a country. And when a country faces no real threats, they turn in on society itself, ripping up its institutions in a desperate attempt to rid them of non-existent dangers."

"The great conservative insight is that order is really hard to achieve, and really easy to lose."

"A person born a man starts believing he's a woman because he suffers from a scientifically-recognized and clinically-identifiable mental disorder - 'gender dysphoria'. As part of this person's 'treatment' nowadays, we're instructed to pretend that he's a woman. So, a mental disorder (which makes a man believe he's a woman) is now the standard around which we must re-orient our reality about sex? All of us are supposed to align our views about sex to the perceptions of a person who sufefrs from a mental disorder concerning sex? It's bad enough when a mental disorder becomes the basis of a person's reality - but in some countries, acceptance of (and compliance with) this new reality isn't voluntary. It's mandatory. There are criminal sanctions (for 'misgendering') if you don't comply with it. Even in countries where it isn't criminalized, biologists who don't make pretend aren't welcome in academia. If we've re-oriented our reality about sex based on delusional people, then the inmates are literally running the asylum."

"On my first date with my present girlfriend, she said, 'What I want is an honest man'. I said, 'I've got some good news, and some bad news. The good news is that I'm the most honest man you'll ever meet. The bad news is that I'm the most honest man you'll ever meet'."

"When the most successful, tolerant, prosperous, and advanced democratic civilization in the history of mankind collapses, it will be because it has somehow managed to find a way to hate itself into oblivion. It turns out, that's the inevitable end of democracy."

"Let the phrase 'personal responsibility' leave your lips in a conversation with a progressive - the glazed and confused look in their eyes tells you the story."

"Americans live in a dream world. We think the 'race problem' is solvable. But it isn't. Large, scientifically-documented, and persistent differences in average IQ between racial groups make it unsolvable. On an individual and group level, IQ is a powerful predictor of things like job performance, criminality, socio-economic status, anti-social behavior, and educational attainment - in other words, precisely those things that drive or impede success in an advanced society. Intelligence sets the boundaries for what individuals and groups are capable of achieving. And these boundaries are largely immovable because differences in intelligence are substantially genetic in basis, including at the group level. So why should we expect equal racial outcomes given significant gaps in average IQ? The answer is that we shouldn't. Unsurprisingly, in almost every meaningful measurable social outcome that exists (e.g., earnings, crime rate), we see the following performance ranking, perfectly matching the IQ ranking. The left, which has spent decades shutting down discussion of race and IQ, has unconsciously given up on the idea of increasing the *actual* ability of blacks, which is why we're seeing it change its commitment to equal opportunity to one of equal outcomes. This brings me to the most important point: Race gaps in average intelligence make equal outcomes *impossible* without social and political coercion. This means that our institutions, and then the state, are going to step in to make sure that activities in society are rigged so that low-performing groups are represented in percentages roughly equal to percentage of total polulation. But forcing equal outcomes will make things worse, not better. As long as our discourse and policies remain disconnected from these biological (and related cultural) realities we're never going to get past 'the race problem.' Which is why it will continue to be intractable, unsolvable, hopeless, and perhaps ultimately fatal."


"You have missed the point to fixate on your trigger. Deprogram yourself and address your insecurities before approaching me again. Make no mistake, midwit - this was not a debate, but an elucidation. Whether this encounter serves to right your path depends entirely on your own strength."

"When someone tells me not to force my standards on someone else, this is the slave mindset. I am the master, and my word is objective truth. Your many slave words are falsehoods, like so many unique and individual cancers. Be it by harassment or by sword: You must submit."

"Freedom is a burden to the peasant caste. The cages they form around themselves are far more brutal than any that any ruler has ever subjected them to; not only because of their virtuelessness, but also their self-hatred: they despise their weakness in the face of freedom."

"A mental exercise for the slave moralogues: estimate the net value contribution to society versus net cost to society of anyone talking at you. Most are net negative. Why do we permit their existence? Why allow them on the same roads as me? Allow them to share with me? It's slave world. Poverty is synonymous with parasitism. They'll whine endlessly with unfounded entitlement, pathetic bitterness, about any hand that feeds them, any who permit their less-than-worthless existences, all because they who bring the world wealth enjoy more of it than those who do not."

"The fact is, if you have trouble finding a good woman, it's because you're not a good man. If you were, good fathers would be reaching out to line up their good daughters for you. Work on yourself, women will follow."

"My ideal state is simple: 1. State and Religion are one and the same 2. State is sovereign 3. State's aim: (1) long-term stability; (2) advance interests of its citizens 4. Citizenship is unconditionally ethnic 5. Citizens have no freedoms except in service to the State. Bhutan is the ideal. By no freedoms, I mean the state should dictate dress code, right speech, virtuous behavior, or suffer exile. By advancing citizens interests, I don't mean ban TV and internet, but raise their people such that they do not want it, only banning foreign demons which might lower them. Freedom of speech is right to treason. Any state that cares about its people would ensure its own stability, and execute all subversives, degenerates, and atheists; and prevent any foreigner from permanent residency - let alone, control over its finances. How far the world has fallen."

"True Trad Guide to Women in Ten Points:

0. All depictions of the fairer sex in school, news and film are wrong. False image of female psychology is the great lie the western propaganda complex has worked hardest to cultivate; you must consciously un-learn all things of modernity you've ever seen on women. Then, relearn:

1. First, know women are not 'bad'. Society made them bad, distorting the balance between their inherent negative/positive elements. And women aren’t to blame for it, if you need someone to blame: it's you, and the men who came before you that failed to protect them. Reject cope.

2. Understand the psychology of female attraction is in every aspect derived from the fundamental goal of finding the best mate to deliver and support the strongest offspring. This is not simply evo psych, it is still their dominating incentive, even as they reject natalism.

3. The genders are equal in inherent importance, the balance of both is necessary for proper union, but they are essentially different and the gendered roles that result are essential to a functioning household and marriage. Any relationship that doesn't follow this is corrupted.

4. Good women always have strong father figures in their lives. Good wives consider their husband to replace their father, or father figure. If you can't find a good woman, it's because you're not a good man.

5. If you work on becoming a good man, women will come to you, without you trying. Families may introduce them to you. They will beg to bear your children, by instinct. One aspect of being a good man is knowing good women from the bad, and raising good up to become even better.

6. Women have some underlying tendencies that may appear 'rotten' if left unchecked, but it's essential: they’re meant to be tamed by a strong male figure. Accomplishing it proves you worthy to replace their father. Good women will not give themselves up to just anyone.

7. Love is cultivated. If you treat your woman correctly, her love will blossom like a flower. If you ignore her feminine essence, do not tame her inner child, do not encourage her creativity, she will spoil and turn rotten. If you find yourself here, know it is only your fault.

8. A husband is to his wife as a parent is to their child. Not treated with disdain but patience, care and calm. They should never be expected to hold the same degree of responsibility and work as you; as it’s absurd to expect it from a child, it’s absurd to expect it of a wife.

9. The husband's duty is to uphold the home, bearing full responsibility for their livelihood. Wive's duty is to sublimate herself to her husband, maintain his home and raise his children. She gives her life to him; accordingly, she will not submit if he proves himself incapable.

10. Never devalue the wife. They each have boundless love, empathy and creative energy to provide to any man that deserves it. They are the givers of life and deeply imbued with an intuitive and social intelligence that no man will ever match. But don't treat them as men.

Addendum: girls go bad due to bad/missing fathers, which they substitute w maladapted figures: a political meme-complex, a consumerist identity, maybe an addiction, or just series of (self-)abusive relationships. Force them into Islam, or with a real man, and they're suddenly cured."

"It is a settled case that IQ is robust and all criticisms of its efficacy are cope. These criticisms only reach a functional argument when they seek to reject empirical measurement of man itself - the real anxiety. The conceptual basis of IQ is very sensible, it's simply a test that directly correlates with actionable results; no a priori assumptions necessary. There's no argument against this - anyone rejecting IQ in any way is cope; their words are meaningless except to reveal what threatens them. They are threatened by submission to an objective hierarchy, transparent evaluations, highly efficient human organization. But slave morality demands inefficient human organization."

"Memes arise autonomously as distillations of the collective consciousness, revealing gems of truth through wit. Leftist 'memes' are forced, hence their inelegance and lack of wit, and attempt to occlude truth, rather than point to it, so require dense backstory to frame their lie."

"Midwits are the bane of society. They cause great damage, worse than any simple idiot. Where the dimwit is dumb and innocuous, dumb and he knows it, the midwit is half-dumb and all the more dense for it. Here lies the Dunning-Kruger Effect, the Eternal Redditor, the 'ackshually' geek. The midwit is just smart enough to feel smarter than his peers, you see, but not enough to transcend his ego and achieve genuine sense of self-criticism; instead is inflated massively, tied desperately to early childhood sense of superiority. He is creature of great insecurity. The midwit attaches himself to totems of conspicuous intelligence: science, rationalism, books. Whatever he can find to display flaunt superiority over the dimwit. He cannot grapple with the subjects to their ultimate conclusion, only serving to cultivate 'smart' identity. The midwit lives assuming he knows more and knows better than all around him. This hubris is his ultimate failing, leaves him dumber than the dimwit, for when confronted with that which he can learn from, recognizing the opportunity, he, you may be surprised!, reels in pain. The topwit sagaciously explains further, but to no avail. Midwit is crying now. But Dimwit? He follows his heart, and so stands with Topwit."

"The 'Underage Question' eternally debated by conservatards and tradlarps on twitter is funny cope, because the fact it's debated already answers the question. 'If God didn't want you screwing 14 year old girls, why'd he make 'em hot?' 'Why'd all your ancestors do it?' 'Why's your biology croon for it?' They literally do not have an argument against this. The only reason pseudo-trads are so threatened by dismantling feminist age-of-consent laws is because they know their grip on their own children as 'father of the household' is too weak to actually prevent their daughters from getting groomed by an unsuitable, unapproved husband."

"True trolling is arbitrage on the discrepancy between ego and reality. The troll brandishes a mirror to the mark, and the only pain that arises springs from his victim’s own denial and self-hatred. It’s a community service performed towards ego equilibrium. Make no mistake: trolling is Good Samaratinism. It brings the mark closer to reality, de-stressing their subconscious who works overtime to protect their slave's fantasy sense of self. Trolling is a good pain, it is shining the sunlight onto their cave. If it blinds the many weak, it's worth it to save the few strong. If you don't troll when the opportunity presents itself, you are doing a disservice to the network and to your fellows. Trolls are demigods of the network. They have achieved a sanitization of the ego, a safe distancing from the poisons of the social character, a clarity of mind. They cannot be touched, except by profanic sacrilege against the boundaries of the Wired: reporting, doxxing, etc. You must understand the normie: creature borne wholly out of insecurity. They are defined by two, which penetrate so deeply as to define their every action: social insecurity, and intellectual insecurity. It dominates them. This is the secret. The insecurities live in their subconscious, the normie lives in a cloud, only vaguely aware. Due to their massively overblown egos, which comes to dominate their mind; their subconscious must work desperately to protect their self-fantasy. Herein lies the exploit. It's not that they lack self-awareness, but that self-awareness presents an existential threat to their ego. Their self-obsession tortures them. You can target this, by simply unapologetically holding the mirror to their face, and easily create cracks in their psyche. A pained subconscious constantly makes cries for help. It's an outlet, they can't help it, and it's only coded to hide from their conscious ego, not you. This is what you're observing when they baselessly accuse for what they are in fact guilty of."

—@bpd_god, Miya

"For most groups, attending college is now a financial net negative. And we're only discussing the damage attending college inflicts on an individual financial level. The damage done on the collective social level is literally unquantifiable. I've liked to compare education to pouring water into cups of unequal sizes. Some cups can hold more than others. We've reached a point where most are overflowing down the drain. But this is a bad metaphor. Water is cheap. Education has become monstrously expensive. For the cups. The university system should be so, so easy to economically disrupt. It's become monstrously bloated. The money is there for the taking. That the Ultimate Disruptors Of Silicon Valley haven't been able to do this suggests college has nothing to do with markets at all. And if college doesn't serve market ends, whether that's the interests of the students mortgaging their future in hopes their education will pay off, or the outsiders who could invest wealth to make it more efficient... what interests, exactly, *does* higher education serve?"

"Education at this point does nothing - pre-K is a total waste, college is a net negative for most groups. You might wonder if it's the same for healthcare: due to human limitation, beyond a certain point, throwing more resources at it is just a waste. Both seem to be cargo cults. If your ideology holds that everything can be forever improved by throwing more resources (i.e. wealth) at it, and that will improve outcomes for everyone, forever... don't be surprised when the society based on your ideology soon becomes too expensive for you to live inside it. Oh, higher education is actually a financial millstone around the necks of the young, you say. But also higher education is the key to escaping poverty/inequality, you say. Odd that the market isn't rewarding higher education anymore, and is instead bleeding its participants dry? We're at a truly odd state here. Ideologically, wealth and success is derived from your education, but education is no longer providing wealth and success, and is instead consigning a generation to debt slavery. This might be the point where you start questioning your assumptions. Oh my mistake. The ideology is flawless. If it's spent the last 60+ years displaying increasingly massive internal contradictions, that's only because we haven't spent enough money to subsidize the ideology's ability to continue its rule. How are those other rich countries doing? Do their policies make their people richer than Americans? Do they lead to larger families? Wait, negative on both? Aren't those the goals you say you want? If the ideology is failing these goals, what is the true goal of the ideology?"

"If you've ever read anything about what the original members of the Royal Society were like, you'd understand that our modern scientists are midwit cowards. It's no wonder that modern science has stagnated so badly - the Galtons among us are no longer allowed to exist."

"Belief in human interchangeability always results in resentment of the hierarchy and the moral lust to replace it with you and your allies. This is a basic component of the leftist urge to power."

"One of the foundational traits of our ruling class is the total lack of ability to model the future from the trends we're seeing today. Belief in inevitable social and scientific progress leaves you blind to those places where the system is going haywire."

"Progressive institutions like Vox aren't saying things like 'Coronavirus isn't Chinese' because they're paid by the Chinese, or even really that they're just reflexively anti-Trump. It's for the same reason they obscured how AIDS spread: Progressivism is the system of denying where problems emerge from."

"The media has spent the last three months (during coronavirus) trying to get me killed. The information they offer is either irrelevent or actively hostile to my being. At this point, seeing one of their stories crop up on my feed is like watching a rat run across my deck - it just shouldn't be there. As the New York Times whined that the government is only a little ahead of the media on the curve, within a span of a few hours, my online racist weirdo community pieced together what uncontrolled viral burn looks like in Italy. Not a single one of these people deserves their job."

"The exact same factors that lead to idiot journalists repording absurd political bullshit also apply to a global pandemic that could literally kill you. Every one of you knows better than every one of them."

"The point of science isn't to 'guard against risk' - the Royal Society fellows did all kinds of insane and heinous experiments. That's how they invented science! Your namby-pamby b.s. of not aggressively pursuing all possible leads also carries immense risk. 'Safe' is not safe."

"The ideology of 'civil rights' has become so dominant that all of history that existed before the last 60 years must be seen through its lens. Liberal multiculturalism whines about 'erasure' as it annihilates every single thread of culture that existed before it."

"One of the best ways to understand leftists, progressives, and blank-slateists is just to listen to the way they talk. They'll mention things like 'Bodies who don't have breasts,' which is a statement that there is no difference among humans except for trivial cosmetic ones that modern science can remove or add like character customization in a video game."

"Don't replace your native people with infinity millions of outsiders who a) have no loyalty to the people of the nation they've infected, b) will use your laws against you wherever it benefits them, and c) have no gratitude for how you've let them subvert you."

"Democracy is a machine designed to maximize lies. As soon as the internet broke the media's control of which lies would be made truths, separate realities became inevitable."

"Since the core tenet of the progressive faith is that all people are equal, resources like 'education spending' are canonized as the only reason for inequality. But if you lived in NYC and spent $20,000 on homeschooling your child, you would actually be undercutting public education. If people privately spent the exact same quantity of resources on direct education, though, it would be recast as 'privilege'."

"It is always a critical strategic mistake to wage war on people more anonymous than you. If you exist with a face, a real-life 'identity', you have territory to defend. Anonymous people don't. Suddenly, you're the dirt-farmers getting raided by the horse-riders. Where there were riders, the farmers were wholly replaced. How has the war of articles versus comments been going? How are the journalists looking right now? Are they trusted and beloved? If you wage war on the comments, you lose the mandate of heaven. It's just that simple. Nothing to lose + unlimited free time = unwinnable fight."

"You can draw an amazingly sharp cultural break between when the troubled cops and criminals stopped seeing their Priest (e.g. in NYPD Blue), and when they started seeing a therapist (The Sopranos, The Departed). It's funny - speaking of detectives, imagine the Continental Op from the 1920s going to a Priest OR a Therapist. Therapists probably had to invent therapy to deal with men like him. Meanwhile, notice the breaks in culture between detectives: Holmes (eccentric, flawed, but obvious hero); Continental Op (restored order, but through violence, questionable hero); Marlowe (everything has become corrupt, can only achieve small fraction of justice, doomed antihero). Reason becomes less and less of a core heroic detective trait over time, replaced with violence. Until in the end, even violence can't restore order. It's interesting that the condition Marlowe expressed during 1940s-50s LA is the exact same one in NYPD Blue, 50 years later. Stagnation. Reason is irrelevant. Corrective violence is fully illegalized (this is why you get spaghetti Western after Marlowe, btw - law breaks down, outlaws emerge). Both these things eliminated, you get the present day. Meanwhile, cops in Training Day and The Shield also represent full breakdown: There might be some leftover vestige of policework and honor, but they have to operate outside the law, and have now become corrupt or outlaws, feathering their own nests. Meanwhile, The Wire is the version where all of the institutions have failed, and hung the police out to dry - or actively sabotage them at all turns from actually doing what they're meant to do. Result: Hamsterdam, Bodymore, Murdaland."

"When the Cathedral hollows out your mind, you can no longer conceive of the things that exist outside it: 'If it was real, the Cathedral already would have told you about it - and how to interpret it.' As it promises to teach you how to think critically, you wind up incapable of it."

"Beauty came long before reason. You don't need to be argued into it, you perceive it at once. But it sure takes a lot of reason to argue you into accepting what's ugly! There's a reason leftists' memes are so long-winded."

"Try explaining to the bourgeois, anti-clerical nationalists of the 19th century that they were multiculturalist. Try convincing Locke that the consent of the governed meant mass adult suffrage. But the one has led to the other, and it seems like it could only have done that. How do yo uncouple the progressivism of the 18th century from the progressivism of now? Belief in the 'individualism' of liberalism ultimately breaks down. Genders? Races? Classes? Where does it stop applying? Individualism is proto-progressivism. You have to insert hierarchy somewhere."

"It should come as no surprise that the some people who invented a system designed to outsource their own family in the name of convenience would have no problem outsourcing the livelihoods of their native underclass to save a few dollars."

"Within the home, there lately have been some marginal physical improvements, like a smarter thermostat or a better blender. But nothing on the scale of what my grandparents went through, like getting hot water or a refrigerator. The crazy thing is the reverse slide: Not only has there been no real advancement, but the advancement of previous generations have been made worse. Until recently, my parents had a microwave and a freezer that were older than I am. Mine have chips that are already failing. Sometimes, it feels like the sudden struggle for immense social progress is deeply related to this. There was a narrative of constant scientific 'progress' leading us to utopia, so when non-internet tech flatlined, the progressive religion went full bore on fixing 'society' instead. Science is the march of ever-progress, and religion is the wisdom of static tradition. So when science becomes worshipped despite becoming static, you know that science is no longer 'progress', it's become a false idol."

"If you're a man not writing about oppression, and you're looking to get published, you might as well type directly into the trash."

"There would be no riots and no looting if not for the system of lies that a hostile academic class has now sowed across every stratum of society. There is nothing worth defending here."

"The point of social media doing 'fact-checking' isn't to improve the experience or to earn trust, it's to regain control of what's allowed to be said. 'Democracy' can't abide widespread discussion that isn't mediated by its ideological elites. That's why it's spent years waging war on youtube, twitter, and facebook. The strange thing is that if democracy is filled to the brim with rubes who need constant 'fact-checking' and 'education' from elites to make good political decisions, then it seems like you should just cut out the middleman and put the elites directly in charge. But if they had direct responsibility for their ideology and decisions, they could be held accountable. They could be replaced. The reason they don't want direct power is that manufacturing public opinion is a means of laundering responsibility that allows them permanent power. Holding power requires responsibility, even Uncle Ben knew this. Holding power while holding no responsibility is the ideal place to put yourself in. A system where that is not only possible, but the norm, breeds the absolute worst caste of elites we could be ruled by."

"Imagine actually looking at and listening to the kind of people rioting and being Team Riot. It's like the zombie virus hits and you're giving the contrarian take for being Team Zombie."

"What the lords of lies are exposing is that they will burn it all to the ground to protect the American black from any accountability or consequence. His endless failures are *your* fault - thus the society that did this to him must be dissolved, along with the people who built it."

"Irony isn't a universal own, it's a means of samizdat. If your beliefs are more acceptable than what you're 'ironically' opposing, you get easily owned by both irony *and* sincerity. Meaning anything other than what you say is the exact opposite of manhood. Odyssean virtue is thinking and speaking plainly and clearly."

"Elite rule has become both incoherent and incompetent, there is no remaining logic or truth, just whatever the narrative demands on any given day. To sustain this requires an ever-stricter grasp on the people beneath them - served by new measures like instantaneous cancelation."

"As new technological advancement slowed to a crawl, the only means of increasing gains was to outsource jobs and import a new underclass. The more the middle class shrinks, the less it can contribute; the more the underclass grows, the more resources must be spent to maintain it. As local manufacturing of real goods shrinks, the native human capital's ability to find jobs within it and potentially advance it must turn to other ends: Administration, bureaucracy, academia, media; all industries that produce nothing - just more drain, parasitic elites. You can have all the capital in the world, but unless it goes to production of *real goods*, it advances nothing; disconnected theory, 'studies', mid-level 'organizers' will only generate more and more reality-disconnected nonsense, shuttling more and more resources to their nonsense. 'Ideas' don't really get tested, illegitimate power can make bad ones can last for decades, maybe centuries (see the Soviet Union or post-WW2 liberalism). Tools and tech get immediately tested: They pass, or they fail. The worst cultures create 'ideas'; the best ones create tools. Among the Sintashta, part descendants of Yamnaya, both of whom overwhelmed the native cultures wherever they went, every man had a forge in his home. Every man was a smith. When every man is a smith, sooner or later, one of them learns to make better tools. Dissolving smiths or warriors - both of whom are immediately fail-tested, and who may ideally be one and the same - leads to nothing but priests and slaves. Neither caste has a fast 'failure mode'. Our new castes: the 'highly educated,' and the service class. Priests, and slaves. And, of course, the merchants, who when they ran into hardship, dissolved the smiths in favor of slaves, pushing would-be smiths into priests, or even more slaves. A culture that once created *things* suddenly produces nothing that must crash into reality. This culture stalls, stops - and, all of a sudden, can't create anything but more and more insane theories about why it's failed. Don't be surprised, in the end, when it starts to riot."

"You know you're ruled by the lords of lies when you're made to bend the knee to the group of people most likely to rob, rape, and murder you."

"Mashing so many classes, cultures, and ethnic castes into one nation is almost unheard of. This is why America had to invent noir, the detective that must navigate infinite different peoples while piecing together the truth while knowing it won't make any difference in the end. French ennui lets them hit the mood of the detective. Japanese code of honor matches his underlying values. The English must solve riddles like Australian shepherds must fetch sticks. But Americans had to create the detective just to figure out what in hell is going on."

"When you flood the universities with people who never had any business there in the first place, don't be surprised when, in their ressentiment, they hollow out everything that was ever useful about the place and wear the remains as a skinsuit."

"Conservatives are obsessed with the MLK quote about the 'content of their character' because they desperately, desperately want it to be true. The left threw it away as soon as it was done being useful."

"If you think we're only now 'getting to the point' where narratives are more important than truth, the next question to ask yourself is why you even have to post FBI crime stats at all? Why doesn't everyone already know this? Why do they believe the opposite of what is true?"

"Liberalism's dead, you just have to decide which side you're on now."

"The entire BLM movement is based on lies. But since it's backed by elite institutions who have no interest in actual truth - and who actively brainwash people to support their power in defiance of the truth - 'voting' is exposed as a means of laundering power through 'public opinion'."

"The 'Clown nose on, clown nose off' tag was the most devastating own of the 21st century. It was the original 'motte and bailey', a decade before Scott Alexander formalized it. The moment Tucker said it - even when he was meant to be a CNN bitchboy - was the same moment it all began to unravel. Especially once it shrugged off the W Bush neocon BS. Leftism is the project of seizing power without holding responsibility for that power. That's why it must pretend to be the underdog even as the entire world rushes to support it. That's why it puts on the clown nose even as it wields the power to destroy your life for disobeying."

"The ethnic invention of 'therapy', which might well work for the group that created it, has proven disastrous to every other group psyoped by it: this is why, for instance, even Freud gave up on the Irish, whose guts told them it was gay."

"I've known a lot of this stuff rationally for a while. But this month is what really made me absorb it viscerally. The coronavirus response really opened the floodgates of understanding. The mix of dire incompetence, whatever-suits-our-politics narrative, and outright mortal hostility - in the face of an actual plague - made what came after a little harder to write off as anything but what it is. Any ideology that treats all people on earth as interchangeable will naturally treat its internal enemies not as people to be subjugated and brought in line, but as a disposable object that must be eradicated and replaced."

"The right wing is the hierarchy that emerges from the genes of its people, Western or wherever. Europeans look toward Western beauty and truth because that is the software that emerged from their hardware. Spiteful mutants have always hated it. It's all hair-splitting and word games. Show a Marxist hard linguistic and genetic evidence that the Trojans were Indo-Europeans, and he'll obfuscate and imply that they were non-Euro. There is nothing of substance here. If the Odyssean virtue is to think clearly and speak forthrightly. Then the very last person I'd trust to expand the understanding of the Trojans, the Classical Greeks, or the Western tradition is the person whose entire mode of being is the exact opposite."

"Therapy is a meme. Only very narrow forms like CBT create any results at all. The rest is just tithing money to 'experts' as a ritual of convincing yourself that this buys credentialed self-improvement - while you do nothing but blather. There's a reason weakness loves it."

"Always note the leftist framing of 'aggrieved white people' instead of 'white people with a working pair of eyes."

"Since liberalism is the refusal to accept responsibility for making moral choices - all things are equal; there must be no judgment - it should come as no surprise that most of late liberalism's pathologies result in the rejection of responsibility. This goes way deeper than the conservative 'welfare state' meme. Rejection of parenthood, hence unsustainably low fertility rates, is an obvious one. Trans issues are another: casting off your gender relieves you of the responsibility of your sex. The rise of the mob is an outcome of this as well. There is no individual or institution responsible for the decisions of the mob. An amorphous body appears, casts judgment, then dissolves: there's nothing left to blame. Even in IRL mob riots, the rioters are released, absolved. Responsibility is only possible in a hierarchy where a clear authority can set rules and render judgment. Liberal tolerance of 'everything' dissolves the ability to judge, which dissolves any form of accountable authority, which inevitably breeds mobs and anarcho-tyranny. 'Freedom' isn't 'do anything.' 'Do anything' results in unclear rules and unclear rulers. When people can't hold themselves or their rulers responsible, you get chaos. Chaos is a vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum. The power that rushes to fill it makes you much less free. You have to be subject to something, whether a god or a king or whatever, because Liberty as supreme principle destroys itself. If you're a liberty-lover you have to pledge to whatever authority maximizes it."

"In modernity, strength is reviled. So only camouflage predators thrive, not outright ones. Therefore peak gayness is most likely to be uncovered in 'libertarian conservatives' who favorite Instagram pics of 12-year-old boys."

"Progressivism is the process of intentionally spreading disease within a nation and then, once their sickness has become untreatable, using their institutional control to blame their enemies for their own failure - and demanding more progressivism to cure it."

"Older progressive solutions like body cams and blind auditions were supposed to end racial disparities. When that failed to happen, progressivism had to reboot itself, with new positions like 'No more police' and 'Pull down the audition screens and just hire the black ones'."

"In a system built entirely on lies, any attempt to engage with it that puts your reputation at risk makes you more likely to compromise with it and succumb to it. This is why facefagging is always a caution flag: for most, it's not having skin in the game, it's the opposite. 'Skin in the game' only works when a system is honest. When you can trust that truth would be outed and that those who bet on it will be rewarded. When it's lies top to bottom, making yourself more accountable to lies makes *you* more likely to lie. Under rule by lie, there are only two types you can trust: those who put their faces out there before the lies overtook them, but still say what they always have, knowing the consequences of it, and anons. Everyone else will always be tempted or threatened by the rule of the lie."

"The incest and rape rate of young black women isn't exactly a secret - it just isn't studied. Therefore, to the 'learned' man, it doesn't exist."

"The culture that promotes eradication and replacement of anything long-standing because of a small improvement on nerdy efficiency metrics must be destroyed."

"Cyberpunk was the attempt to resurrect the detective which was the attempt to resurrect the cowboy. A basic American archetype."

"Lifting is just the start of separating yourself from the aimless fats clogging the aisles of the grocery store."

"As the Cathedral gets more and more incompetent at creating convincing lies, it's pivoting harder and harder to the position that you're simply not allowed to contradict it. I started noticing it in the new campaign against 'disinformation.' Painting a fact or belief as disinfo allows you to position it as a 'threat to our democracy,' meaning it would be dangerous for you to even allow it to be spoken. In other words, censorship as moral good."

"Progressivess treat education as a magic serum that must be forced down everyone's throats in greater and greater volume until full equality is finally achieved. 50+ years of results proving that will never happen is why they've now moved on to eliminating any measurement of their failure. To reverse-engineer a bit, the fact they're now eliminating measurements of education's worth (like testing or even grading) is the strongest possible proof that we're long past the point where more education can make any difference."

"In literature, the worst part of the post-WW2 detachment of art from nature is that all who now write 'art' write nothing but lies of no serious interest, leaving nature's truths to be written by nothing but the 'hacks'. This is visible even in TV, the real high art of our age. Two shows ran at the exact same time: The Wire, and The Shield. Both are great shows. But one is a major component of elite culture, and one is virtually forgotten. Even if you haven't seen the one, you still know about it. Now The Wire is great, you'll never get me to disavow the characters and dialogue. But no one will care about its concerns in 100 years, let alone 500 or 2500. Because what it's *about* is almost embarrassingly parochial. Most of its concerns won't even exist by then. The Shield, though, could be translated into almost any era. It is a Greek drama, our best example of it. It is so good at exploring the hard nature of things that, despite being less 'artful', it is almost more Shakespearean than The Wire - the height of our own artful culture! Transmute both into the plays of 500 or 2500 years ago, and the holodecks of 500 or 2500 years from now, and which one will resonate more on both ends? The Wire won't make any sense to either - but The Shield would be instantly recognized. The exact inverse of what we have now."

"Remember that you are only ever as gay as you allow them to make you. Liberalism and its ideological baby wants you dead, and will throw every lever it has to make that happen over time, but its will is actually very weak. For instance, it will rant and rage about how it's going to execute Trump, but it will never actually do that. And if it's not even willing to do that, to its worst enemy - then think how little it can do to stop you, in your day-to-day life, from rejecting and opposing all of the ways it seeks to make you just as weak as it is."

"Liberalism's basic urges made it kill God and replace Him with Science, and is now utterly baffled as to why its children are now working feverishly to murder Science."

"The reason they have to invent terms like 'gaslighting' is so that they can understand for themselves what they're trying to do to us."

"Marxism has raised an entire generation of economic-illiterates who thinks they’re smarter than everyone else."

"Young men want, and need, to be challenged, rebuilt, screamed at, encouraged, and offered glory."

"It's no secret that in recent times people in the West have been going completely crazy but a parallel, less discussed phenomenon that's going on at the same time is the pathologizing of absolutely every aspect of the human experience. There's the well documented, institutional side of this - any boy whose slightly rambunctious being diagnosed with ADHD, everyone whose feeling a little melancholy being put on SSRIs - but I think the subcultural, informal aspect of this is equally harmful. I don't refer exclusively or even primarily to the trend of Libs adopting self-diagnosis and using mental illness as an identity though that's one part of it. What we increasingly see is people adopting subcultures as a form of pathology in their own right. No, you're not an 'incel' or a 'schizopoaster' or 'post-irony' or 'NazBol' or 'post-Left' or any of these other largely fictional, hyperreal memeplexes. You're not a bundle of desensitised memes. You are you. You're just a person going through shit day to day. This is important to keep in mind because a person whose just going through their shit day to day can actually *grapple* with day to day stuff... but once you're a [Insert Meme Category Here] you're suddenly trying to fight what amounts to a cosmological force. It's very easy for someone to take better care of themselves and become more confident. It can be broken down into very easy, bite-sized steps. It's much more difficult for someone to 'stop being an incel'. Because what does it even mean? It's a self-defeating mentality. While many of the issues people face today are born of their desperate - and normal - desire to be part of something greater you'll find that - counterintuitively - you will be able to overcome the pain that causes by focusing on the smaller, actionable things in life. So yeah, don't embrace these pre-packaged categories of things you empathize with - whether it be incel, TERF, schziopoaster or whatever else - as a form of place to belong to. It's bad for you. It convinces you more is wrong with you than actually is. Deal with you."

"Material conditions are worse for the last two generations than the Boomers. This analysis incomplete, though, without the understanding that liberalism is the process of absolving yourself of all responsibility, which is why Late Liberalism prefers you to live life as children. Transgenderism, for instance, is the process of rejecting the responsibilities of your gender, which are anti-'freedom,' in favor of no 'restrictions' at all. The ultimate expression of liberal 'liberation,' which results in the most anti-social outcome inhumanly possible. Male Reddit mindset of soyface pop culture consumption while having 0-1 children is outgrowth of never 'growing up' into a position of being able to pass judgment even on your own children. That would require you to be accountable to any specific values, which liberalism denies. Values require judgment, which requires prejudice, which liberalism loathes. The more liberalism becomes the hegemony, the less people are able to make decisions, which results in total paralysis: Which results in fully-liberalized children retreating to their parents. The combination of lib economic 'conservatism' (which sends all the 'bootstrap' jobs to foreign nations, so your kids have nothing real to go into) with the social inability to harness yourself to responsibility results in both the material and social impotence to build a good life."

"In a healthy society, a church celebrating a 6 year old child's 'gender transition' would end with the police breaking down the door and hauling every adult away in handcuffs. It's the closest thing to a Satanic child-sacrificing ritual that is possible."

"Since no journalist ever gets fired for injecting obvious fake hate crimes into the national consciousness, the revealed purpose of journalism isn't to critically report facts, but to commit blood libel in pursuit of its political goals. There is no longer any room to deny this."

"I keep circling around this idea that we're in the Age of Mental Illness and that one of its chief drivers is that while the old priesthood used to be able to take months or years to soothe the people in the wake of a calamity the modern media priesthood has to do it every week. The other angle is that we no longer inhabit a shared reality, but a bifurcated one with little to no overlap of truth. This means events can't just be accepted as part of an understood framework, even minor incidents must be blown up into schizophrenic life-and-death importance."

"You oppose establishing right-wing 'patriotic education'? But that's all that public education does. It certainly doesn't make the people more intelligent or better able to 'think critically' or whatever you've deluded yourself into thinking it does. Mass education is a daycare and an ideology factory. It might as well be your ideology. All schools are ideology factories, private schools included. This in itself isn't wrong: the Puritans helped invent public schools so that their children could better understand the Puritan reading of the Bible. What's wrong is believing that, outside of hard sciences - subjects where where 2+2 always equals 4 - that schools are somehow 'objective.' No, they're doing the same thing the Puritan schools did. Which is great if you understand that purpose, and a disaster if you misunderstand it. As to whether it's possible to have an ideology of critical thinking? A qualified yes - but only if you understand that most citizens can't, and shouldn't be expected to, be able to contribute to that ideology, or be 'educated' by it."

"There's clearly no pretending at this point that this is anything but a hostile occupying regime that wants you dead. There's no shame in paying obeisance to it to protect your family etc but it must be fought wherever possible. We actual dissidents now."

"The media launders their opinions through a series of distortions until what they're reporting is turned into gross lies. That's why their edifice is so resilient, it's designed to be difficult to point to the exact point where they've transmuted facts into lies. The very resilience of this laundering structure is why the Brianna Wus of the world who still shriek about Gamergate as the breaking point six years after the fact are completely correct yet their complaint sounds too idiotic for anyone to take seriously. This means of manufacturing truth from lies worked very well for the control structure as long as people were only forced to buy into the core lie but retained the freedom to retreat into places where they could still live according to their own norms. This edifice of lies had total control, yet the moment its insecurity compelled it to try to subjugate its subjects' last retreats as well - suburbs, sci-fi, gaming, even Lovecraft, 'grilling' as the metaphor for it all - 2016 and its consequences became guaranteed."

"The problem for the Ruling Powers is that once the people have figured out that the institutions of democracy have always been lying to them about *how* they should vote, it's pretty much a given for them to suspect the next step is for the Powers to manipulate the vote itself. So even if the Powers play it straight, and their side wins, the people will still assume they've cheated. If they're going to be accused of cheating anyway, the Powers might as well go out and do it. There's no way out of this defection spiral except the destruction of one side."

"One of Moldbug's key insights was that progs are in love with the GOP because it represents a form of liberalism that progressivism has already defeated. Progs don't hate free markets. She loves them, she's in favor of them. Why? Because they serve progressivism. If this sounds crazy, think what absolute free trade *means*. It means sending millions of manufacturing jobs to Mexico, or ideally China, because it's cheaper. I.e. it means globalism. And what is globalism but the erasure of distinct nations? Is that a *conservative* project?"

"Globalization means centralization, which means erasing all local cultural norms and replacing them with the values of the hegemon. 'Absolute free trade' might have served some virtue before it truly was absolute, back when it was hampered by lack of communications, scale, transportation networks, and so forth - back when the ideal of it was expensive, and dangerous. Now that none of that applies - now that it's reached its 'ideal' - all of its latent flaws are being exposed. 'The Market' doesn't give a shit about preserving your values. Your values are local, not global. You're inefficient to it. 'The market has spoken' - and you no longer get to."

"21st century schizophrenic mindset arises from the triple realization that: (1) The 'guardians of the truth' are lying to you; (2) There's no alternate authority out there who can tell you what the truth really is; and (3) There is no way to figure out the truth on your own. The result is that you know *something* is wrong. But you have no way to know what the true scope or scale of the wrongness might be. It could be a trivial error - or it could be that everything you believe is a lie. And you have to decide which, over and over again. Determining when a lie of way-of-life has been told, and what to do in response, isn't something normal people can reliably do on their own. That's the role of kings and chiefs and inquisitor-priests. And even they only had to decide now and then, not every single day. The position we've been put in is not one we're meant to be in (and is easily proven to be real: why else would the ruling order love SSRIs, weed, and opioids if not as palliative care for its state-enforced schizophrenia). The obvious question, then, is 'So what is the truth?' The only truthful answer is: 'We don't know yet'. Yet being schizophrenic is being open to the voices of the gods. Our job, then, is very simple, yet immensely mentally punishing in the meantime: to exist within that schizophrenia, without going insane. Until the word is revealed."

"If you believe that your ordinary political opponents are not merely mistaken, but are evil, you have ceased to do politics and begun to do religion."

"As someone with QAnon boomer inlaws, it's not that they're stupid or insane. It's very simply that they understand they've been lied to, but the equalitarian propaganda is so strong they reject *how* they've been lied to. Going full Q is easier than staring into the abyss. Most QAnons are principled libertarians, honestly great people, we'd all be lucky to live among them. But they think all you need to *be* them is the right mindset, the right beliefs. The more what they want is proven to be extremely ethnocentric, the more they go conspiracy."

"When the Puritans are demonized, but no one even knows who the Quakers are, you can be sure that the Quakers have taken hold of the original Puritan institutions. I think the Puritans, left to themselves, might have been able to reproduce themselves. But when their faults got cordycepted by the Quakers, who thought everyone could be a Quaker, the whole thing broke apart. The Puritans had hard Puritan values. They are famous for judgment. Hated for it by the Quakers - who, meanwhile, had Public Universal Friend. The Puritans were, obviously, a priestly people. By contrast, the Quakers were merchants and burghers. The post-WW2 order is a pacifist, unitarian universalist belief. It might have required Puritanism to get there, but it is entirely Quaker - universalist and mercantile - in behavior and practice. ...Does that describe any other dominant 20th century group? The most basic way to know this is true is to ask: Who was the most quintessential American? And who was most concerned about the growing Quaker influence on the Puritan northern founding stock? The answer is the same to both questions: Benjamin Franklin."

"The Progressive movement has been, since the 19th century, a middle-class program of ‘moral uplift’ and paternalistic legislation on behalf of what they saw / see as the poor, unhygenic, and benighted working classes. Compare this to the historical movement for workers power which was/is about self-organization of the working class and battling the imperative of the bosses and their state. To the extent that the interests of progressives and workers aligned from 1890-1947 it was exactly because the former feared the self-activity of the latter. it’s absurd to imagine that a revived workers movement could rely on petit-bourg NGOs and politicians to fight for us."

"Elites who only mingle with other elites have convinced each other it's brilliant to bring all the world's best and brightest under one country's roof. They haven't spent any time at all thinking how that's supposed to work for underclasses that rely on elites not betraying them. Or the more terrifying scenario is that they *have* thought about it, and this is what they've decided to give us. Much like their response to coronavirus, the question is: Are they this bad at ruling? Or do they consider us that expendable?"

"The liberal white women who tell everyone to go to therapy all the time are the same ones who spend all of their time canceling and destroying people and doing massive amounts of psychological damage in that way just because it amuses them and other people are just meat to them."

"It's interesting that the emerging principle of legitimacy of the regime is that its subjects are morally compromised by various intersectional bigotries. Not 'we are leading you to a great future' but 'you have no right to complain and are probably a bad person'. Like a cruel inversion of aristocracy. A moral gradient from rulers to ruled, but negative instead of positive: the ruled are especially depraved and deserving of oppression, rather than the rulers being especially enlightened or virtuous. To be fair, the common people are pretty depraved, especially these days. Though not necessarily in the particular ways currently alleged. But the rhetorical use of this idea in liberal discourse seems new. I think we should try to imagine a legitimacy for power that works even if everyone is of high moral quality. If your power structure is explicitly a punishment, that really can't end well. It should be a collaborative shared endeavor. How can you justify ruling and even being quite harsh on someone you respect as a morally worthwhile person? Power exists. We can't avoid it. But it seems really bad to justify it as a punishment."

"A major tell of the modern prog is the weird use of the exclamation point. It used to signal renunciation: 'You are completely wrong!' But in modern prog usage, it is a signal of 'Actually I agree in some ways! Please don't rip my face off!' It is soy-face, submission to power. There are also times when it means 'I am lying to your face, but again, please don't rip my face off'."

"The hipsters of yesteryear, whose main concern used to be creation and consumption of the arts, has been replaced with creation and consumption of politics. This means they no longer get to do art. The main concern of hipsters is coolness, and (good, especially good *and* new) art is inherently cool. Nearly all of these people since the 1930s have been progs, but the politics were all background: Yes, you would go to the latest anti-Bush protest, but mostly talk music etc. Current Year focus of hipster life has shifted from art to politics - and being deeply into politics, especially policy, is the nerdiest, uncoolest shit you could ever do. As hipsters have shifted from art to politics, they have made themselves the uncoolest people on the planet. 'Coolness' is the willingness to break from norms, from consensus, to be such a bastard you say 'Fuck no lol'. The fully democratic politics that have swallowed the 'urban left' is entirely about *conforming* to norms and consensus. All hope of art is strangled by this process. When 'Rage Against the Machine' has lost the mandate of heaven, and is now indistinguishable from the average CNN journo or Trump reply-guy, you have made yourself self-owned. There is no more room for this to be 'hip'. Art is essentially UNdemocratic - almost no one can make it, even moderately enjoyable works will be forgotten just a few years later. Think about how snobby hipsters have ever been. That's why people hated them: they were elitists. Urban leftists have always strived to this. Now that the leftist hipster has bowed to this - now that it creates more gatekeepers than artists; now that it creates more maggots than the bodies it feeds on - it's doomed. It's not cool. The only people that love a maggot, after all, is the people the new hipsters serve."

"The greatest lesson of the coronavirus should be that there's a ton of highly useful information out there that, for a host of reasons, the ruling channels never talk about. All alternative voices sound initially insane. And with total elite failure, it's now entirely on the individual to figure out which alternative voices are actually insane, and which are offering useful - potentially vital - information. If you're expecting that much of normal people, don't act shocked when it all breaks down."

"The Cathedral freaked out after 2016-17 proved the internet could get its enemies elected and has been working nonstop ever since to make all platforms and popular online figures kneel to its rule. What it showed was that the internet and social media weren't as firmly under its control as it might have thought, and was in fact unclaimed space. When unclaimed spaces aren't moderated, they're famous for revolting against the Cathedral. This, obviously, had to be stopped. You see the same process playing out on Silicon Valley as a whole: they (obviously) represent a giant new power bloc, a lot of whose leaders aren't orthodox thinkers. Hence why NYT reporters are now spying on SV figures for any slip that lets them go full Body Snatchers. Since this specific behavior and mode of attack on dissenters is new, it's basically full confirmation that there hasn't been any meaningful territory outside of the Cathedral's control for decades - i.e. we've been under full ideological capture for decades. One question is whether the specific illiberal underpinnings of Wokeness that needed to exist in order to turn journalists into persecutors of free speech arose in response to the opening of the new frontier or were already there but didn't need to be deployed until it opened."

"The complete ideological sweep of our elites by 1930s progressivism guaranteed that art would be leftist for generations. But now that the left has become unbearably weak, cringe, and pathetic, I guarantee the future of art and aesthetics lies in the right. The aesthetics of the ruling ideology of 'intersectionality' is exposing itself as the intersection of the unbearably fake with the unbearably ugly. Art is beauty, and beauty is apex and transcendence. Leftism offers transcendence by the boatload, but it loathes apex. That combination leads to the excellently-coined 'neoliberal kitsch'. The state of permanent mediocrity. These are the posters on the wall of your BugPod. 'Genuine' leftists hate this too, they recoil from it. But rejecting apex - and being a well-oiled cog of the neoliberal kitsch machine - they have no escape from their masters. That's why they paste their texts on top of right-wing aesthetics. That's why the future of art is right."

"Practical advice for those that want to start reading media critically: 1) Whose interest benefit from the 'story'. 2) Class/Race/Family background of the author. 3) Institutional affiliations of any cited experts and their funding. 4) Anonymous sources are lies until proven. 5) Textual analysis for buzzword tells that give away affiliations. 6) Contextual predicators than disguise lies, i.e. the 'I did not do that on Tuesday' (it was Wednesday) 7) Leading logic away from immediate empirical deduction. 8) Temporal-Spatial context is critical to truth."

"Once you understand how powerful propaganda is, it becomes immensely tempting to use it yourself. One of the reasons we've built an anti-reality machine is that journalism selects for people who are able to mindkill themselves to what they're doing. The flip side of this is that it's impossible (and idiotic to expect) you can transmit the full understanding of what leads to a good, virtuous, and productive society to every member of it. So some definition of 'propaganda' is absolutely vital to keeping society functional. This means that 'propaganda' itself isn't an evil function, it's a neutral one. Its virtue depends on the truth it's derived from. This might take the form of tradition, religion, Party doctrine, journalism, etc. Most if not all other forms of 'propaganda' will admit that they're doctrine. They believe - rightly - there's nothing wrong with doctrine. It's necessary. Journalism is the unique outlier. It requires people built to lie to themselves about the very nature of what they're doing. Journalists consider themselves anti-doctrinists. They purely believe that they have no special motives, malice, or ideological drive. They consider themselves pure truth-seekers. So the doctrine of the journalist isn't fixed: it's whatever we've decided is 'truth', today. There is one comparison to the propaganda of modern journalists (Ministry of Truth), but it's so on the nose that it's been made embarrassing to say."

"A child can understand this: Before you can attempt some abstract fancy philosophy, you have to hate lying. Before you can attempt some fancy economic theory, you have to hate stealing. We see through history the consequences of those who lack this foundation. The humble honest person is the hero in traditional children stories whereas the arrogant lying person is the villain; Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Aladdin, Snow White, Robin Hood, etc. Very important."

"Here's what the progs can't figure out: Are people infinitely-malleable, and programs like 'free college for all' can turn every last lump of unshaped clay into a wise, productive member of the democracy? Or are 'heroes' exceptional beings, a tiny fraction of the populace who can't be made, but only born? They think that their form of mass-education will change average people into the type of person they think is good. They think my form of mass education can never change average people into the type of people I think are good. Either your form works, and fascism does too; or neither one does. Right? If both forms work, I can't imagine what level of terrified bug-soul you have to be on to prefer your quivering eunuch bureaucracy to a literal nation of heroes. Of course, neither form is 'true'. People can be shaped to a degree, but you always bump up against hard limits. Yet these people will use mythologies whose values they otherwise utterly reject to prove that the 'fascists' are delusional and insane, hence their own utopia is true. Progressivism is thus a mythology. It admits that it's completely opposed to the truths embedded in traditional mythology. If the argument is that fascism is a lie based on truth, then progressivism is a lie based on a lie."

"The university system has become an anti-knowledge machine. I'm not sure there's ever been an institution whose supposed purpose is so directly opposed to what it actually does. It's like if marine biologists started tracking whales specifically to go find and kill them. The closest analogy is a criminal justice system that provides exactly the minimum amount of interference with crime to prevent people from dealing with criminals themselves, combined with having 'protecting criminals from men of substance' as its highest priority."

"One of the defining outcomes of full-burn liberalism is being liberated from all responsibility. The moment you have true responsibilities, ones you can't just walk away from, you're no longer 'free'. Perpetual adolescence is the peak means to achieve that end. So the trans insight is completely true: it's an attempt to liberate yourself from the responsibility of your born sex. 'Trans women are women' is the slogan, but nobody expects trans women to bear any of the responsibilities that biowomen do. That is a huge part of its appeal. Full equality requires full liberation, which requires the full 'dismantling' of any supposed psychological or instinctive differences between men and women. Which means that any attempt to teach boys and girls how to grow into their own instincts is now 'hateful'. Biology is powerful, most men and women will eventually work many of their instincts out on their own, no matter the propaganda. But that process of *self*-learning rather than received wisdom might push their ascent into true adulthood out into their 30s instead of their 20s. Meanwhile the confused (even deranged) 20somethings have fully developed brains. They have the power to reason and argue as adults, but they still have the wisdom of children. And as digital journalism expands, the virtual 'newsroom' is filled with more and more of them. If adolescents then found themselves faced with a struggle between their own instincts, and the new culture that tells them those instincts are hateful - you might find that the ironically 'most vulnerable' among them are falling victim to what you might call a 'mental dysphoria'. This induced cognitive dissonance would probably be really, really psychologically distressing. You would probably have no idea where to go at all. You would probably do anything to cast off that pressure. To liberate yourself, forever, from the thing that's been done to you."

"Much of the urge to attack places like Substack that allow truly free thought is ideological, but a huge amount of it is simple personal ressentiment. Journos understand they are fully replaceable, no one cares about them as *them*, they have no actual insight or voice. We're one GPT update from them all being replaced. Any outlet that lets fun people talk exposes how the journalist is no more than an empty vessel fulfilling a rote function. Journalists are just dimly bright enough to understand they could be replaced by half the students in any undergrad class and not a single soul would notice. When a journalist looks upon someone that people *enjoy* reading, who won't be forgotten the very instant the tab is closed, their mind's eye watches themselves getting depantsed in front of a laughing crowd, over and over. They understand what they are. And again, the hilarious part about this is the journalist is *just* aware enough to understand what they are. This dim flicker in their mind drives them into a rage, they know they can't go toe-to-toe with these people, that attempt would only depants themselves further lmao. The only way to cure the psychic pain the journalist experiences when confronted with his deep-down lack is to provoke others to eliminate the people who humiliate him. Every time you see a journo try this, you should laugh. It's a sign that they know exactly what they are."

"The elite class has been ideologically captured in a way we haven't seen since the 1930s. Trumpism was a rebuke of this, but a moderate one - an attempt to curb their worst excesses. In response, the elite monoclass went full scorched earth. Which it proved it has the power to do. 'Pregnant female fighter pilots are the backbone of our military!' insists the top brass, completely exposing itself. The problem is that once even the top brass is doing naked jumping jacks in front of the window, there's no one left to come and arrest them for indecent exposure. 'No brakes on the Trump train!,' that was the refrain, but he just wanted to install some brakes on the regime, and they spent five years crucifying him for it. To the point where the regime now labels anyone who says 'You know I kind of like brakes' as a domestic terrorist. This is where the normie should be getting wide-eyed. Because the elite monoclass just showed it's too insecure to let us put any brakes on it. And that it has the power and influence, across every single institution, to rearrange everything to stop you from even slowing it down. And this means that this same ruling class is going to win bigly, for many generations - or that what arises to oppose it is going to make Trumpism look like a Sunday drive. When reform is made impossible, you get a cascade. One way or the other."

"The point of Progressivism is that you're not allowed to exist outside it. If you ever transgress it - even in the past, before it existed - you get thrown out of society's airlock. The lack of redemption is how you engineer total submission to it. Since you've already been given the social death penalty, there's no further costs for defecting harder against it, even becoming its mortal enemy. The effect of its demand for submission is that it becomes a radicalization engine. Extreme polarization is baked into the cake. But this ideology, or maybe more accurately state of mind, hates that you continue to exist - you've been canceled, but it knows it lacks the power to make you *literally* dead. It can still see you floating around out there beyond the airlock. And worse, you can still *transmit*. This drives its core sense of insecurity insane. Luckily, since it holds all the organs of power, it can soothe its growing madness by finding a new use for you. By redefining your newly-created opposition to it as violence. As domestic terrorism. Submit, again, or be jailed. No no one serious still thinks this society is about 'freedom'. It's a submission engine. As soon as you Notice that, you get flushed down in the tunnels to be hunted by inhuman machines. There's a flaw in the Matrix. The system will rule until the flaw is corrected."

"All ‘resist capitalism’ type sentiments from wokes should be viewed as part of what Baudrillard called (specifically in reference to The Matrix) ‘trompe-l'œil critique’ - the system’s fake critique of itself. Woke capital (the phenomenon) is this bogus critique turned up the max."

"People are getting into homesteading because they can feel the abstraction and instability of society. Not just as a defense against collapse, but born of a realization that the alternative organized system of provision is increasingly inhuman, impersonal, and unintelligent."

Wokes have been duped, instrumentalised to act as the mouthpieces for this trompe-l'œil dissidence. We’re in a pretty advanced stage of fakery, general duplicity, simulation. The clearest evidence for this is the most recent elections. In the end, the 'dissident left' all lined up to vote for Hillary and Biden (lmao). Try to imagine the dissident right trying to shame everyone into voting for McCain or Jeb!. The very idea is hilarious."

"Here's a simple test of the non-woke left's defenses against the woke. Differences in outcome between men and women, and people of different races, are very clear. Look at crime rates, for instance. What explains these differences? You don't exactly have to be Bobby Fischer to think through the next 2-3 moves here. Poverty, right? Material outcomes? Well if everyone is equal, what causes some groups to continually lag behind in material outcomes? What explanation exists besides systemic racism? Cultural differences? All right, well if the dominant culture privileges itself, shutting other cultures out of the wealth that is necessary to access resources, become educated, and succeed, how is that not just another form of systemic racism by the ruling white culture? Since we've now proven that either explanation oppresses some cultures in favor of the dominant paradigm, the only means of addressing racial imbalances is to *dismantle* that paradigm. Non-woke leftism is checkmated in two moves at best; on what grounds can it oppose wokeness? The problem with wokeness, and why it's conquering everything, is that it is entirely logically consistent *within its own assumptions*. If you share those base assumptions, there's no way out. Either for non-woke leftists, or conservatives. You must submit. The only combo-breaker available is to reject those assumptions and start from something else. I know this isn't news to most of you: but it is still useful to look at the logic of it. Because it is crystal clear. The non-woke left is a dinosaur that conjured up its own meteor."

"Maybe the craziest thing about this is you are just a mostly normal person wanting to live a mostly normal life. And that's now on the brink of being declared illegal."

"Pre-K education does nothing. Any cognitive or educational benefits it lends kids are all gone by the time they hit 2nd grade. Elites are engaged in increasingly savage competition with each other over a completely delusional worldview. Since the prizes awarded by these institutions are 100% fake, this means the institutions are 100% fake as well: and yet the supposedly brightest people in our society are increasingly subservient to them. Hence, fake elites. It's no coincidence that 'the admissions office are presumed true and righteous altogether': Since the prizes they offer aren't real, their judgment on who deserves a seat at the table can be 100% arbitrary. As long as people keep buying into the delusion it will only get worse. This is one of those things that's individually liberating but socially horrifying. If you're a parent, you don't have to compete in this insane process, your kids will be just fine. But the order your kids will grow up in will be run by the people produced by this process. The solution to this should be very simple: if we believed in The Science!, we could just look at the results, and... see they're not there. Since this can't happen, it's clear that belief in education as a great leveler is more important to the regime than science or results."

"The concept of 'irony' is, historically traced, pretty much the case of 'being out of favor of the gods'. There is almost no irony in the Sumerian myths, or the Vedas, and only starting to emerge in the Homeric epics, or in the Germanic Beowulf. The Greeks certainly did, they had a grasp of it in Homeric times, and as they reassembled themselves, the Classical Greeks perfected it: to the point where the Romans created the first ironic novel, the Satyricon. In the 'Dark Ages', irony was then dead for centuries. Even the irony of Beowulf was Greek in nature, an ironic falling out with the gods, until a fully unironic hero emerged to kill the demons of chaos. The banishment of dragons and monsters. This persisted for centuries until the writing of Don Quijote, a man literally 'tilting at windmills', widely considered the first modern novel: the ironic story of a ridiculous fool. As in, a man at war with illusions; the gods are long dead, it's ironic he tilts at them. Shakespeare perfected dramatic irony just after, that's why he's the GOAT. He was able to somehow reproduce the Greco-Roman era of great men fighting against gods and destiny, in a much later era. The last mythopoeic author until maybe Tolkien. 'Irony' has thus become a smaller and smaller concept over time, like Bakhtin said, first a struggle of mortals against the gods, then as we abandoned gods, against... well, increasingly smaller and smaller stakes. Which is to say nothing, which is where we are now. Which is why all writing is now 'irony', a nothingness, a Gawker-land of 95% ironic attacks against the last small bastions of the gods, which they hate. When everything divine has been thrown away, all that's left is human mockery. Modern 'irony' is the device of the inhuman."

"To understand leftism, you just have to understand its fundamental animating goal, which it turns out is very straightforward: to dissolve us all into interchangeable human gray goo. Once you've got that in place, everything else follows from it. The mind naturally recoils from this goal, because of how unnatural it is. It throws up all kinds of rationalizations, 'No, it's about protecting those who can't protect themselves'. Yeah, you're making my point. The value of harm reduction, continued to its end goal, is gray goo. This basic principle immediately exposes the flaw at the core of Marxism, which the modern liberal 'right' treats as Ur-Leftism, because the 'liberal right' is itself a ridiculous contradiction, doomed by its inability to reach back *beyond* Communism. This flaw being its central tenet, 'From each according to his ability, to each according to his need'. Yeah, this insists that humanity isn't interchangeable, that the gray goo end-goal is impossible, it requires some or many to have more abilities than needs: i.e. hierarchy. That very basic break in logic is game over for Marxism. But the continued drive of the left to provide a new replacement for its obvious logical and natural failure is proof that the urge of leftism runs much deeper than *economic* equality, than the gray goo of 'equal wealth'. Since the leftist urge to the gray goo state is so profoundly abhorrent to life, whenever a mirror is held up to its unnatural desires, it collapses into a state of frenzied, hysterical paranoia. Which you might recognize as 'Every single day of politics since 2015'. Because the urge remains. It is a fundamental piece of the human social psyche. Marx didn't conjure this up out of nowhere, and neither will it just go away because his *economic* gray-gooism collapsed under its own contradictions. It will always seek a new outlet. The coal that feeds the engine of this leftist urge is resentment, or ressentiment, and it was supposed to come from the working class: But then the working class, despite some remaining grievances, turned out pretty fine, materially. So it had to mine its coal from a new source. The new coal comes not from the working class, but ironically from the *educated* class, the traditional Marxist enemy, now turned against the working class. The ones who were promised that education would lift them not out of material poverty, but status-poverty. Arguably this is just the same process repeated, but if so, that only strengthens the point. Because when the coal mine of working-class ressentiment proved exhausted, the educated class exposed that it was actually mining itself. That's why it had to enact the Long March. This is how the gray goo reasserted itself. Now that the proles have proven useless to the Urge, all differences among educated elites (we've all been to college!) are proof of gray goo. Sex. Gender. Race. Intelligence. All must be broken down to end inequality, forever at last. 'Neoliberalism,' then, is the process of the would-be elite class swallowing their own leftist bullshit, and hating the taste of it, and enforcing it on everyone else because they loathe the idea of anyone not suffering like they did. They're mining their own coal. So they're swallowing their own faeces, in the original industrial term; the workers have proven useless to their impulse, but 'luckily' for the leftist urge there are now more academics than workers, so the values shift, by pure coincidence, as well. Anything is preferable to their fear that they're not good enough, incapable of existing outside of the gray goo end-state, where the anxiety finally ends. They would rather reduce all the world to coprophagic slag than admit that they are what they are."

"The bigger problem is that 'deserving' is an abstraction that exists exclusively within a high-trust, homogeneous group of people, because 'deserve' is an in-group abstraction, it's a concept that extends from cooperation. That's why people establish nations - you build this little bubble where you're safe from the concept of 'might makes right' because your violent buddies are enforcing 'might makes right' to keep that bubble. In the bubble, you can be comfy, you can afford to look at morality, you can afford to talk about 'just desserts', you can afford to debate to determine rightness instead of fighting over it. But with leftists, you don't get that, no part of their ideology allows it. They promote multiculturalism, popping the bubble by introducing groups that you must be competitive with instead of cooperative. Furthermore, their broken understanding of morality ensures that in the process of preaching the utter intolerability of any violence ever, they'll inevitably conclude that they must enforce this with violence. If you've contracted leftists, then your nation has returned to the jungle and the realm of 'might makes right' - the national morality will be whoever can forcibly dominate and reinstate the bubble, the national race will be whoever wins the race war. Your schema of justice stops looking at the concept of 'what do people deserve' because it has to once more undertake the primitive, proto-civitas task of asking 'how do we win; how do we survive'. When your nation comes down with a case of leftism, it can't be a nation until it gets cured."

The reason why so many academic types turn to Marxism is quite simply that they're educators, who are just alchemists, but for humans instead of base matter. Since they see education as a philosopher's stone that can transmute all bio-lead into bio-gold, they sincerely believe they can create utopias like the Marxist vision. The midwit resentment angle is good, but it wouldn't be 1/10 as potent without a worldview that allows academics to perceive themselves as sorcerer-scientists capable of restructuring all human desire and ability. Power detached from reality leads them to a state of pure delusion."

"When nearly all our basic beliefs are set in lies, nearly all our elites believe them, nearly all the means of reproducing them is controlled by same, and the last democratic gasp at reforming them was just 'fortified' against, it's probably time to admit you're an occupied state."

"Mayb this is well-known but the main thing people seem to be grappling with is that capitalism is the process of increasing centralization while Darwinism requires decentralization. For instance the Marxist end-goal of capitalism is full centralization (i.e. homogenization), which is why Nietzsche describes it as anti-life, because at that point there is no more Darwin involved. You have reached an 'end state' (and, directly related, end of states). Look let's not kid ourselves, there's a flaw in the Matrix here, where capitalism inevitability pushes itself toward the gray-goo state of full centralized homogeneity. All post-banking / Industrial Revolution ideological systems are an attempt to grapple with this problem. Communism sees this drive as a good thing (also why it believed the entire world has to be communist for it to succeed), fascism wants to tame this for the benefit of the nation, liberal democracy survived a while longer but is now making itself an atrocious marriage of the two. Many best modern right-wing thinkers can be viewed through this lens: to preserve Darwinism, Moldbug wanted to fragment 200 nations into 20,000 or more. Land wants to bust free of this closed system, interstellar humanity fragments into 'humanity'. Meanwhile I've always secretly thought the lib-dems were halfway right to call Trumpism 'fascism,' in that it's Fascism Zero™, an attempt to just slightly bring American back toward an American identity rather than a globohomo empire-state: a mild Darwinian correction. This is easily proven by the fact the Cathedral went into a manic state during Trumpism to destroy you, if you wanted to pull things back toward nation / state / nativism: Which fully explains Woke Capital: Capital loathes Darwin. This is part of Thiel's Thesis, after all. To succeed at capital, you don't want competition. You want to destroy any chance of competition. The modern ruling state understands this completely. It wants you locked in, that's why it loved you locked down. Why do you think capital hated Musk for so long? I don't have an answer to this. The point is, capitalism wants global, and you want local. You don't want to be gray goo, but that's what it wants of you: to be one of an infinite number of cancer cells, rather than part of a body. This is the right's problem to solve."

"The most bizarre thing about these people who probably know that genetic racial differences in IQ are real but deny it anyway is... what's their long-term plan? Like what, a discovery that would be 'as destructive as the atomic bomb' is just... never figured out? On the other hand, it does make a certain amount of sense - if you truly think it's that devastating, then you just keep denying it, holding out hope for the small chance that it's eventually proven wrong. The bind, though, is that if you just deny deny deny, and your ideology keeps building a taller and taller house of cards on top of the denial you provide it - if it's ever proven true, it *will* nuke your entire ideology, and far worse than Nagasaki."

"No I'm not a literal Nazi, I've just spent the last seven-odd years giving myself a Master's in Racist Studies. Lemme think for a minute about what I'd actually like to see tried. It would probably be something like 'Singapore, but with a large rural hinterland'. Here's the thing (prepare for potential serg-out): Dysgenics runs deeper than racial differences. It hits *all* races. So while denial of differences might reinforce the machine of dysgenics, it isn't the machine itself. The machine itself seems to be 'liberation'; a skewed ratio of urbanites to ruralites; the cargo-cult of education; and probably mass migration too (more important than that they tend to be lower-IQ is that it almost certainly depresses native fertility too). In other words, the ideology that seized complete power after WW2, what you could call neoliberalism (or globalism, or simply 'liberal democracy'). Which, in practice, is now the elites using the lumpenproles to wage genetic war on the kulaks. The basic goal then is to chop away at the hyper-competitive (and simply *false*) ideological beliefs and incentives that nuke middle/upper-middle class fertility. Immigration is simple: cut it by 90% (or 100% lol), and make what's left more merit-based. As for the Education Question, just admit that it can't alchemically transmute lead into gold. Shut down 2/3 of the universities, make admissions 80% standardized tests and 20% 'badass quotient', end Affirmative Action, expand trades / apprenticeships, and restore autarky. As in, become way more mercantile in economic practice: as much as possible, your products need to be made by your own people; and if your own people are good, they will be capable of making good products for themselves. (This angle takes care of a lot of your working class too). Meanwhile subsidize the family a lot more heavily, perhaps especially for first 2-4 kids... if medium industrial-towns have more employment opportunities, and parents aren't freaked out about insane college costs, you get less concentration in urban IQ-shredders. Sustainability! The last angle, liberation - i.e. liberalism - is the thorniest. Because once people are granted 'rights', they loathe giving up any single shred of them. Ideally, you get a new religion running, one that lets people happily bypass this... but that's utopian, isn't it. Much harder. So now we have to get crazier. Less policy-wonk, more 'burn the 20th century to the ground'. I would be willing to revoke basically all 20th century 'civil rights' laws, or alternately pass a Constitution 3.0 that ruthlessly curbed all their Marxist loopholes (see Hungary). The 'kinder, gentler' alternative, if you want, is to invert the academic-media war on non-dysgenic culture, and forcibly replace it with both an academy and a media that makes it high-status to have children. Basically replace 'anti-whiteness' with 'anti-being a genetic deadend'. Or, to put it more bluntly, 'Make Motherhood Great Again'. Men are hardly innocent here, but you must elevate the social status of women who have children above Brooklyn journalist drunkard Clubhouse-spies. This really shouldn't be controversial. Just admit we live under a constant propaganda regime, and create and run your own propaganda regime to replace it - but at least ours will be *true*. (Bonus points if this eventually turns into a new religion). That's it. A full galaxy of wishcasting. But if you put all this in place, you could maybe keep most of what we've got, while avoiding a crashing descent into hell, and creating a sustainable human reproduction system that doesn't require dystopian oppression to achieve."

"I've never found any intervention that permanently raises IQ in any way. You can temporarily raise it in children, but gains tend to be short-lived (e.g. children who got pre-K have no benefit over those who didn't by 3rd grade), and vanish entirely by age 25, in every study. Additionally, shared environment seems to have zero impact on children, either - which sounds insane, until you realize 'shared environment' is just another form of intervention ...which, as above, no one can figure out how to use to raise anyone's intelligence. 'Unshared environment' does seem to have an impact - to the tune of maybe 20-30%. So a quarter of IQ boils down to luck, good or bad. This leaves 70-80% of intelligence as fully genetic. As in, the 'significant portion' of it. It's not like 'real interventions have never been tried!', either. State / national education is regularly reformed to try to squeeze more blood from the stone; Gates has worked with govs to spend hundreds of millions in specialized programs, sparing no expense. Heckman has performed very sophisticated, multi-layer, long-term interventions. This field is the philosopher's stone of modernity, immense resources have been poured into it. And exactly zero of them have managed to permanently raise the intelligence of the subjects. Meanwhile the geneticists are busy identifying SNPs that correlate to intelligence, like educational attainment. And guess what, they exist both within and between different population groups. So contra Turkheimer and others: We now have all but direct evidence of specific IQ genes. Every angle of the field is tilted towards intelligence being majority if not overwhelmingly genetic. The explanations against it have no real 'science' - and are increasingly indistinguishable from the epicycles of geocentrism used to justify an irrational consensus belief."

"If you'd come in like a gentleman, and said 'Here's an example that runs counter to what you're saying', we could have discussed it like gentlemen. But you came in 'sighing' like a condescending little wuss. So you get treated in kind. I don't know what's hard to understand about this. The audacity of academics is beyond compare, they act like they're the noblemen of the modern age, the mere act of contradicting them makes you beneath their contempt. Meanwhile everyone who takes your classes winds up as a student debt-slave to your fiefdom. These people act like our moral and intellectual superiors, but at least if I spat at a real nobleman, he could have cut me down on the spot. These people can do nothing but 'sigh'. They should be humiliated by their existence, but instead they treat it as virtue. So pathetic. Liege-lords exacted tribute from their serfs, too. At least they got *rich* off it. The modern academic turns his students into indebted serfs, and doesn't even profit from it. This means these people aren't even lords, they're just slaves to power. Imagine being one of them."

"When anyone shows great spirit, it awakens the spirit in all of us. By the end he even converts many of his enemies to his side by pure force of will. This shows that the enemy of the regime isn't just ideology, but thumos itself: all spirit must be crushed."

"I'm not hyper-skeptical of the vaxes, but the movement is driven hard by longhouse instincts and should be distrusted on that level alone. These campaigns aren't designed to convince reasoned opposition. They're designed to maximize the amount of people who will accept the propaganda. Once the elite Zoom call has embedded the message, the discussion is over. It can simply rely on its converts to enforce the message. Since this process hasn't actually won the debate - it deliberately eliminated the *possibility* of debate - people will continue to resist its fiats. Since resistance to regime rule is unacceptable, the next step is simple: declaring resistance illegal. This is the regime's playbook wherever its goals are threatened, be it on corona, 'fortifying the election', 'systemic racism', literally anything Trump did. Get your true believers into a private room, then big-data your way to manufacturing the propaganda needed to end debate. (And it's no coincidence that in our increasingly longhouse culture, all of this propaganda relentlessly hones in on what causes 'harm' or is 'unsafe', this is what resonates over and over, it's a constant subversion of the motherly instinct to help the helpless). The cynical excision and replacement of public debate with machine-precisioned propaganda should be enough for anyone who is not psychopathic: look, you've already won, you control both the 'measurements' and the belief *in* the measurements. The fact they still feel the need to take that second step - the one that then declares you a criminal for disagreeing with them - is the clearest possible evidence that this regime's chief concern isn't 'freedom', 'democracy', or even science. Their own obsession with certain words reveals the only things that matter to them: power and oppression. The ruling powers manipulate the former away us so that they are most free to wield the latter against us. Once is coincidence. Always, it's exposed as the rule."

"It's a logically consistent position for libs to take that anyone who opposes Critical Race Theory is a racist. If differences in racial outcomes are widespread, persistent for generations, and resistant to all interventions, those differences have to be caused by something. If not racism... then what /is/ the cause? This is the Gordion knot multicultural liberalism has made for itself, and why it's doomed. It has no escape hatch, it either has to admit that yes, society is oppressing marginalized groups... or yes, turns out there are significant genetic differences between groups. Whoops. It can attempt to buy itself a little time by saying the differences are 'cultural', but progressivism will just reroute this into a form of oppression. What, are you saying your culture is better than ours? How can yours be 'better' when it's marginalizing everyone else? And just to ironclad the point, if genes aren't the cause, then it must be society that's racist, one way or another: so if you deny this, guess what - that does make you a racist. They're right to accuse you of that, it would be illogical not to. Which brings you right back to square one: systemic racism is real, or genetic differences are real. Either one marks game over for the society you're trying to defend. Its contradictions have become too nakedly exposed to be brushed back under the rug. This is the huge hole in James Lindsay, IDW-type arguments. Of course racial quotas are racist, yes eliminating standardized tests is hilariously insane. You've got 'em there. But what is your explanation? What science, logic, or narrative do you have to counter the oppressed / oppressor narrative, to explain why major racial gaps exist, but they're actually fine, it's no big deal? Because if you do think we're all the same, that sounds kind of crazy. In the cage you've put yourself in, you can't provide either a narratively satisfying counter or a logically consistent one. This is a fundamentally losing position. Until you can square your own circle, you will always lose - until you decide to finally acquiesce, or win."

"Since the basic goal of liberalism is to divorce people from the responsibility of its outcomes (always blaming it on further and more magical external forces), and since the process of becoming a man is to accept and learn to shoulder responsibility, then it makes perfect sense that the more 'liberal' a culture becomes, the more androgynous it becomes, then more ugly, then more cruel, then less free."

"A society that proves uninterested in reproducing itself should be de facto proof that something has gone very, very wrong. First step should be policy interventions to see if you can reverse the trend, but when people like Orban try to do this, it's denounced as 'nativism'. When this is becomes a generational trend, it should be a huge alarm bell, one that a smart society should be very interested in solving. We've got a million overeducated wonks we could point at this thing, see if their Harvard-brains could fix it. Isn't that what they're for? So it's strange that they're actively hostile to the idea, and gin up all kinds of ways to denounce anyone who even thinks it's a problem. It points, as always, to the idea that this system and its rulers don't want reform. They fight it viciously. They want something else. What that 'else' is is unclear, that's why people are having such a hard time defining it, 'successor ideology' etc. Whatever it is, if it hates the idea of its own people replenishing itself, it is both mentally and spiritually ill. There's no way around that."

"I just saw a NYT article - you can use a chatbot to learn techniques that change people's minds about taking vaccines. This is how progressives have been engineering 'democracy' for years now, remember that the idea isn't to engage in discussion or debate, it's to bypass it through carefully designed rhetoric. Use Big Data to test various iterations of propaganda until you find the form that achieves the goal. This was formerly achieved by passing the winning iteration to journalists who would then distribute it to the public. So once you've got enough data, it becomes possible to program JournoBots to guide unruly citizens through their dialogue tree to reach the approved conclusions. Of course normal people recoil at hearing the NYT say 'So we built a little propaganda machine to help you route-around your fellow citizen's concerns in real time lol'. But this is all second nature to journalists, who've been steeped in this process for a long time."

"The main point of criticism, book and movie reviews, is just to find dudes with similar taste to yours. Criticism of any kind involves two main branches of 'expertise': sampling way more of the field than anyone normal has any time for, and then applying your specific aesthetic preferences to whatever you've just tasted / read / watched / etc. The first branch is, for almost all people, way more important than the second: so the goal of most criticism should be that of a humble aggregator. 'I waded through all this so you don't have to, and here's the stuff I'd watch for fun if it wasn't my job'. This was the joy of, say, Siskel and Ebert. They surely thought they had better taste than the public, but they didn't scorn the public. Like the best wine critics, they tried to explain why this $15 bottle was better than this $21 bottle, or why this $9 bottle was surprisingly good. They were absolutely experts, but they understood that most of the audience isn't, and that's fine, but here's the really good stuff that you're really gonna like - trust us, we've mostly got the same aesthetics that you do, just try it, see if we're wrong. Best of all, here are the works that will resonate with you AND us, like a Monet painting, any idiot can see that it's beautiful - a truly good critic can explain its full greatness in a way that vibes with your visceral understanding. A bad critic has to 'theory' you into it. I believe that the best art resonates in both the mind and the gut, to both the aristocrats and the average man, and so the best critics are those that can recognize this dual appeal. But who even needs a 'critic' to explain the Sistine Chapel?"

"My lived experience tells me that a man tells a woman to 'Smile!' roughly as often as a white person tries to touch a black woman's hair, which is to say, 0-2 times across her entire lifetime, which is then used to justify an entire journalism career's worth of 'trauma'."

"Dalrymple once said that the purpose of communist propaganda was to humiliate; therefore the symmetrical response to break this propaganda, whose method is to humiliate you, is to humiliate it back: That was the purpose of Trump, our first Troll President, who understood that there is no 'reasoning' with those whose goal is to humiliate you. This is an ideology that spits in your face, and then belly-laughs as you do backflips to explain why, as its warm spittle drips down your lips, we must be 'more civil, more liberal' than it: we will just 'reason' people out of their frenzy (lol no). Liberalism had a nice run there, it was very pleasant for a while. But it's proven so impotent at leading that it can be taken over by a newsroom of 25-year-old 'communists' with cow rings who spend more on their SSRIs and therapists than a healthy person spends on their home. Cheeto Hitler, Orange Mussolini, wanted to give you and your children just one more generation of your venerated mid-century liberalism, before the cow-ringed commissars completed their goal. But he was too 'rude', lmao. So now you get the ruling class you deserve. Enjoy it. Honestly, A Radical Centrist is truly brave for a lot of the stances he takes. I want to admire him for that. But what frustrates me beyond all reason is this idea that you can restore liberalism, through liberal means, when all of your elites have been trained to loathe it. What's here is no longer 'liberalism'. It used up liberalism, and is now shedding it, to continue its ruling process. So you can no longer oppose it through 'liberalism'. It has already poisoned that ideology, and left it in the dust. The snake has simply shed its skin. So what you need, if you wish to preserve any shred of liberalism, is to embrace the only ideology capable, within democratic rule, of opposing the ideology you enabled, and can't stop on your own. The irony is palpable. But again, you demanded this, it's what you *want*. You are them, you're just a defeated version of their old snake-skins, that's exactly what they want you to be, and as long as you look at the old desiccated skins that they've already shed, and say 'Wow that's me!', they will always beat you. You need something harsher. You won't allow it, though. You're the same 'them' you loathe. The rational result of them. Why you can't argue against them, rationally, despite all the contradictions. Unless you are able to say 'No, these are not, in the end, my values': These are, in the end, your values."

"Only idiots say you shouldn't trust former leftists. A man raised within a system of complete progressive indoctrination who later reasons, feels, or experiences his way out of the labyrinth despite the massive social and economic costs of doing this - you should trust this. All neocons have moved *leftward,* not rightward. All the Never-Trumpers just want to suck the tit of power. Anyone who's gone from left to right during wokeness hates these people. There is virtually no 'right' that exists in the West, so the only way to be brought into it is through the ongoing rejection of what you were brought up with."

"It's kind of mind-blowing that in a system where science is the final authority on all matters that the science always winds up affirming whatever the latest progressive liberation movement happens to be. These must be the smartest and most prescient people of all time. So it turns out that studies show biological men don't have physical advantages in sports over biological women after all? We are blessed to be living in such a Golden Age. Amazing. Who is still questioning this at this point? Are you even reading our Studies?"

"If Hannity started ranting 'Ram evolves horns not through accidents of 'selection,' only learning to use them after they exist - but because he WILLS them into being! The spirit CREATES the horns that exert themselves on the world!' his weekly ratings would rival the Super Bowl. If any figure did adopt BAP insights, there would be nothing to directly point to - there are no specific policies that automatically come from it, or even a clearly recognizable ideology. The only difference shown would be in a new sternness of character. NRx thinking, for instance, is very near and dear to me, it can make sense of so many things that otherwise don't, and can easily produce insights and direct policies that would create order from disorder. But it lacks a critical, you could say a 'vital', aspect to it. NRx is very useful for seeing clearly, but it's not especially charismatic, which is what stirs the ability to become combative - which is what is required to thrive, and then to protect what results. Ironically, (and I think Yarvin might likely agree with this) the populist overthrow of the oligarchs necessary to pass power to a new monarch, if that's the goal, would almost certainly have to be animated by a wild BAP-type coalescing of popular spirit. Not that this is the purpose of BAP, at all. But if liberal democracy is the ultimate enervating force, snapping out of it will require strong men, and a strongman, inspired by something completely foreign to it."

"Believing that freedom isn't a social construct and is in fact the natural state of man is both a historically insane position to take and why liberalism can't defend its freedoms from leftist takeover. Freedom, if that's the goal, can only be maintained when you understand that it's a social construct. It doesn't just spring out of nowhere. To keep it, you either have to construct a strong culture of honor, or an entire framework of law dedicated to protecting it. Despite some of their loftier propaganda, the Founding Fathers obviously didn't believe that freedom was 'natural'. Why in the world would they need to construct the Constitution unless freedom is in fact a social construct? Believing that freedom is some iron law of nature is one of the most doltish takes I can think of. Guess what? Your enemy doesn't think this, at all. So if he keeps showing up to the field, and you don't even think there *is* a field, you lose. Every time. Until the end."

"Transexuality allows males who are afraid they can't become very good men to relieve themselves of this anxiety, while providing them with an identity that shields them from the repercussions of lashing out in the great anger and resentment that is fed by this state of being. In fairness, much of this is thrust upon them by the omnipresent belief that anything male is toxic and harmful, giving them even more anxiety about their ability or even desire to grow into a more complete and functional state of being. These are all earlier manifestations of the same core of leftism, the fear of 'not being good enough' that makes them frantically try to reduce all humanity to undifferentiated gray goo, where they will no longer be tested."

"Look, if this is the American version of the Spanish Civil War, all of you GOP should be on the side of the Nationalists, you idiots. Turn the firing squads on each other *after* you've defeated the commies, not while you're in the middle of it, you colossal jokes, *that's* when you get to settle grievances. Yes of course if you're a true lib, then NRx or modern 'fascists' (lol) are your enemies. All of your territory is occupied by progressives, meanwhile you keep shooting at each other to slay any 'true liberalism', yielding it all to the real enemy. Imagine being this stupid. These people are so owned by progressivism they would rather cede all ground to it on the mere *chance* that siding against the real enemy results in a Peron, Franco, Pinochet, or even Trump. Okay. Enjoy progressive rule, idiots. It's what you deserve. All modern history is the history of liberals getting owned by the left: but I'm sure you've got it *this* time, *finally* you have the position where the right is even more hateful but we're about to push back the leftist overreach through our pure force of reason (just lol). And you know what, now I will go all out, this is the same reason that people on the right who say BAP or Fuentes should not be attacking each other. At least, not to the point that you forget you are all Nationalists, on the same side of this conflict. Friend / enemy, you dorks. Friend, enemy. You only have the luxury of defecting on each other *after* the mutual enemy has been defeated. Until then, we are all American Nationalists. Act like it, for goodness sakes."

"If a culture proves unwilling to reproduce itself, that is a very strong sign that something is deeply unwell with that culture. The non-sociopathic response to that is to figure out what's gone wrong and see if it can be mediated or solved, not 'lol just have more kids'. Alternately, there is nothing wrong - the society, as a whole, is looking around and saying 'All right it feels like there's enough of us'. For governments to overrule this organic decision through replacement migration is grossly undemocratic. Something any liberal should abhor. The former would be a passive failure of the memeplex created by our 'intellectual' caste. The latter would be an actively malicious decision by our elites to overrule the people. In either case, the problem can't be blamed on individual families. It's much larger than that."

"It's genuinely insane that the regime freaked out so hard about the 2016 rebellion against it that it decided it's better to cause people to needlessly die of disease than be able to hear any information that might contradict its expert authority."

"The very ideology that allows BLM to exist believes crime is caused by societal oppression: poverty, redlining, being deprived of resources / education etc. This means a black criminal is already a victim of society. If he's then shot by police, he becomes a double-victim: a martyr. The extension of this belief is that when a victim of society commits a crime, it's not his fault, but society's; so when he is unjustly punished for doing what society made him do, it's the society that must suffer. Like by putting the torch to the downtown of every major city. Punishing everyone *except* the person who committed the actual crime is a complete inversion of all morality across all history. So people from non-insane cultures tend to react to it as such."

"Leftism is the urge to gray goo us. But liberalism is the urge to paralyze us. So, think of liberalism as a neurotoxin that makes the host incapable of action. This is generally bad. But since liberalism is of the left, then leftism inevitably becomes poisoned by its inborn paralyzing agent. With no way out. That's why it's become so hysterical about 'fascism', i.e. any form of the right that might be iffy about liberalism. Both the modern left and right are paralyzed by the same venom of liberalism, but only the left is *derived* from this venom: so it gets very, very upset when the other side starts to assert itself. That's when it gins up delusions like 'racism' or 'Russian collusion'."

"Watching Alone, a show about men isolated in the wilderness, makes me think about Hatchet, a story I was just enthralled by as a kid. Which makes me think about how utterly alien, and hostile, this new ideology is to what it's actually like to be a young boy. I have a bad memory, but I can still remember with incredible clarity how the boy had to swim back down into the lake and look at the fish-eaten corpse of that dead pilot in order to bring back what he needed to survive. I'm sure 'My Two Daddies' will resonate just as strongly though. I spent a great deal of my childhood wandering around in the woods by myself, and if I have boys of my own, I want to give them the same. I'm going to have to find them books like Hatchet, rather than any of these alien texts, that are all written to make their lives worse."

"Critical Race Theory (CRT) is best understood as a kind of cordyceps on the body of liberalism, a foreign fungus that redirects the interests of the liberal body ('human flourishing') to that of the fungus (progressivism, equity, the human fungus-patch: i.e. the gray goo of the leftist end-goal). Any form of conservatism that recognizes this is a quantum leap forward akin to the monkeys finding the monolith. But liberals who want to preserve themselves need to understand why they're uniquely vulnerable to this cordyceps - and then engineer a penicillin against it. This is extremely difficult for liberalism to pull off, since it's at root a part of the left, and finds the process of adopting the rightist penicillin as painful as the sculptor who attempts to carve himself from out of his own stone. This is where I break with Moldbug here: I believe this fundamental contradiction forces more people to stare it down and 'become worthy', his final goal. One that can't be attained until you *do* try to wrestle back a little power, and build your muscles. The urge to 'take a sip of power', as he puts it, as a doomed enterprise, is also the urge to rediscover a forgotten strength. It's Theoden finally drawing his sword after decades of Wormtongue convincing him to keep it sheathed. Maybe in our less heroic world, our Theodens have no idea what to do with their swords when they draw them. But it remains a deeply cathartic moment. One act of will inspires many acts of will. When every would-be leader has been too afraid to draw their sword for fear of the consequence, no one can know what will happen when they finally do - and find how many are willing to follow them, and sweep them further than they thought possible."

"By the most basic principle of Bayesian inference, the fact any future children of mine will grow up in a far worse culture than I did makes it much more likely to be true that when every generation complained about the fall of the ones that came after them, they were right."

"Modern people act like early childhood education is a magical substance that finally makes brains bigger, as if the education medieval and prehistoric children got in helping their families survive and not get killed by nature was somehow less 'real' than white privilege children's books, or learning that 2+2=5. We have been brainmaxxing our children since the dawn of time, parents have always been training them to be as useful and knowledgable as possible to not succumb to Malthus. As much as 'neuroplasticity' is real we've been maxing it out in kids since before homo sapiens existed. Mass education serves two purposes: 1) Installing the culture's religious/moral values in children, and 2) Identifying kids who are unusually talented for whatever their background might be, and allowing them to pursue those talents beyond what they would have been able to. As far as 2), we've already maxed that out as hard as possible. There's no more blood to be squeezed from that stone. Yet the project of education is still treated not only as if we still have leaps and bounds to make on 2), but that *every* kid is a 2). All science rejects this. Since 2) has been maxed out, and virtually all children alive have been pushed to the limits of 'neuroplasticity' (which again, almost all always were), all that's left is 1): the teaching of modern religious/moral values. Which believe, oddly enough... that education is magic! In terms of making children any smarter, there is nothing left for education to do. It already did what little remained in the last century. Good job. All that remains of the expansion of education is moral instruction. Any hope of closing gaps? Pure cope. And nothing more."

"Most people feel a natural but essentially low-grade disdain for soy-fat Reddit types, who can't help what they are. But everyone feels full instinctive revulsion toward Forum Goon / Chapo Trap House types, who have hints of life, but *choose* to put themselves in the uncanny valley of men. The issue is agency. A lot of Chapoids actually have it, unlike the general NPC caste. Their choice to *not* exercise it, to actively decide to join with the eunuchs - but be *angry* eunuchs - leads everyone to revile them, and rightly so. They've disordered their spirit. Which is naturally far more disgusting than to never have had any spirit to begin with. They get this too, that's the funniest part. That's why they have to irony-poison themselves, it's explicit mind-killing. State truth, but ironically, that makes it 'wrong'.

"Art is intrinsically hostile to the modern left, so they're intrinsically hostile to it. We can make good Shakespeare again after their ideology collapses. Until then, it's all a wasteland. Art is beauty, and leftists hate beauty, because it reminds them that they're lesser than what they're looking at, and the primary driver of leftism is ressentiment towards anything that makes them feel inferior, because they're too afraid they *are* lesser to try to become greater."

"Liberation movements rely on the notion that freedom is somehow being expanded with each new civil rights movement. But all liberation movements ultimately require the elimination of the rights, norms, and traditions of the group the 'oppressed class' is being 'liberated' from. One of the biggest lies of Post-WW2 liberalism is that the legally-declared rights are all that matters. This automatically sacrifices rights so basic that no one ever thought they would need to be protected by the law. Like young girls not having to sleep among young 'girls'. This also allows for the moral and legal mindset that all rights are fluid concepts that are up for constant renegotiation as we make more and more 'progress', which discovers that the natural and inalienable rights of the Constitution were, in fact, neither of the two. Within this framework, this means that either the Founding Fathers were wrong, and the Constitution must be undone, or that civil rights / liberation movements are wrong, and must be undone. You get to pick one. There's not really a rational middle ground."

"When the other side builds its entire edifice around manipulating the procedural outcomes of your laws and norms, eventually, you defect on those laws and norms as well. Conservatives also sometimes believe stupid things, or fake news of their own. When 90% of the institutional class is pushing anti-con fake news... isn't it natural that the pushback to the lies will sometimes result in fake news, too? *Was* there even any fake news in the Biden / Ukraine investigation? If there was, how much did it damage the truth compared to the 'Russian collusion' narrative, that was a complete hoax, perpetrated by every media and government institution in the nation? Just a total lie? How are cons supposed to even figure out what the truth *is* when so many institutions, and so much of the total truth-finding manpower, is dedicated to these lies? How many people are even left available to 'set the record straight' and save cons from fake news?"

"Trump was just trying to revive 1990s liberalism. There was not a single thing he fought for that was beyond the pale in 1992, other than maybe not sending our jobs to China. It's comical if you know anything at all."

"The problem with 'But what if in the process of fighting the monsters we become the *real* monsters?'-type thinking is that if you're not willing to do this, the monsters usually win. You get to go back to being normal after it's over. Principles are a spoil of victory. You get to declare them *after* you've won. You get to keep them for as long as you can preserve them. What this means is that principles are in fact a means of shackling your enemy. You impose them on the defeated to keep them defeated. Once they become so degraded they wind up shackling you, making it impossible to resist a new enemy, you cast them off as necessary."

"Despite all progressivism's efforts, humans still care about their own children. Since 'education' is the most important element of your kid's life, deciding who controls that education is the best means to create a permanent cultural schism away from these people. This is why the campaign to ban Critical Race Theory (CRT) is critical. Not only is it working for once - fueled by parental urges that may be one of the only forces as strong as the leftist urge - but it opens the doorway to the creation of state-funded parallel institutions to the regime. Let's think through the three basic outcomes here: 1) Anti-CRT wins outright, no more teaching white kids they're devils. 2) Anti-CRT results in a muddled legal outcome that creates immense pressure for vouchers / school withdrawal. 3) Supreme Court declares CRT the law of the land. Option 3) might sound bad. But it's already the default future of education. All that you've done by forcing 3) is forcing the regime to formalize what it's already doing to you. And regime formalization is a radicalization device. That means every outcome is a win. When you live under the rule of liars, forcing them to tell the truth is an act of immense political power. It's very, very hard to make liars tell the truth. That's why the power of parenthood is one of the only ways to achieve this."

"Back when business was skeptical of if not tacitly hostile to the leftist urge, it created a kind of balance of powers. Now that it's working hand-in-glove with full-burn progressivism, we're standing on a very dangerous ledge, a political phase-shift we haven't seen since post-WW2. Between roughly 1948-2014, intellectual and bureaucratic life was essentially left-liberal. But business was largely right-liberal. So if you disagreed with gov-academic intellectual consensus, you could still exist within the economic sphere, that was not actively hostile to you. There was a kind of balance, which left politics essentially stable. Even during the Troubles of the 1960s-70s, when the ruling class reshaped political society, right-liberals could still participate within economic society. There was still an out to at least exist. Now that business has flipped its polarity, though, embracing hard progressivism, both the political sphere *and* the economic sphere are captured - and actively hostile to a huge amount of people. People who are now neither politically or economically free: they are subjects of rule. With both their political and economic outlets united against them, that leaves the subjects completely vulnerable to the new norms and laws of the newly-united politico-economic ruling class. With a few old laws, courts, and norms all that's left to defend them. The president of the United States declaring that the biggest businesses in the world must enforce its ability to remove all dissent from the public square should be treated as the complete breakdown of the republic. Jose Martí, Cuban nationalist, said that a people cannot be politically free until they are economically free. When your leaders have the power to determine whether you're allowed to earn a living, they have the power to take all your other rights away too. That's where we are."

"It seems to me that a huge driver of leftism, on both its Marxist and liberal wings, is due to the fact so few people now own their own businesses or even *tenant* farms. A modern employee or renter seems to have less autonomy than even a serf expected to till his lord's land! If this sounds insane, remember that the goal of the World Economic Forum is for you to own literally nothing, which means to be *responsible* for nothing. Which is a level of eternal childhood: for adulthood is the act of taking responsibility, and learning to steward for yourself. If I can stray off the reservation, I believe that much of the 'alienation' of capitalism is in fact this, the alienation of people from direct ownership of their own businesses, or productive smallholder land. That's what makes you feel human. Marx roughly identified the roots of alienation in urban industrialization. But being a leftist, i.e. inhuman, he completely misdiagnosed the solution. Instead of you being in charge of your own part, the entire *world* should run it, and you should just sort of float around (lol). 'Liberalism' as embodied by the WEF, who are ironically all billionaires who own massive amounts of everything on the planet, is them, liberating you, from feeling any of the troublesome joy of being in charge of anything, at any point in your life. The greatest lie of liberation is that it's 'empowering'. It's only when you're challenged to run a thing that you have to learn how to have and use power in the way that's best for it. 'Freeing' you of all responsibilities is what restricts you to eternal childhood. It's funny, I think Jordan Peterson, BAP, even Adam Carolla on old Loveline are all pointing to the same thing: Taking control of even the smallest corners of your life is the only way to build toward a 'big' life, the one you will ultimately be happy to have lived. Nearly all of modern existence is ways to minimize anxiety. But what is anxiety? Anxiety is the belief that you're not capable enough to exist: that there are stronger forces that will snuff you out. All these same people say: So, make yourself a little stronger. Does that help? Clean your room and then order the home; develop your strength and its resulting beauty; hone your natural talents and then reap the results - that's what all three teach. All are a means of eliminating the anxiety of being, not some therapeutic 'learning to cope with it'."

"Paul Krugman saying 'The economic case for pro-natalism is really weak' is the most vile embodiment of the way the ruling class thinks that I can possibly imagine. When your foundational worldview lies in the belief that all of humanity is nothing more than interchangeable economic units, you will inevitably come to believe in replacing your domestic political enemies with more compliant foreigners. Any culture that's uninterested in or incapable of reproducing itself is inherently sick. Krugman not only sees no problem with this, but he's a gleeful fan of the disease."

"Aesthetics aside, the underlying ideology of tattoo culture - 'But they're just expressing themselves!' - is another part of late-liberal narcissism, an earlier form of 'self-care' and Woke Capital's insistence its employees must 'express their truest selves' in the workplace. Why? 'Expressing your truest self at all times' is actually a deep social affront, something that should be reserved for your close friends and family (and even then there remain limits). Why is imposing this on the culture at large a virtue?"

"This social blitzkrieg is completely fucking weird because it feels like it could alternately collapse by 2024 or reign for another hundred years. So it is easy to believe that either quick collapse or Moldbug long decline is right. Result: schizophrenia. The American social trend is that progressivism undergoes rapid algal bloom every 30-odd years, though (2010s; early 1990s; 1960s; 1930s; 1900ish; 1865; 1830s), and then retreats for a generation. So the safe money is on this simply being another iteration of the cycle. The process of liberalism seems to be something like, Next generation comes up, finds the laws and norms it finds itself within ignorant and oppressive, and throws them off. You then enter a period of chaos and reordering. Everyone gets sick and tired of this, reaction ensues, but only synthesizes the new norms, it never undoes them. This reaction only lasts until the next generation grows up, with no memory of the previous disorder and why it sucked. They just pick up the ball and keep running. Maybe this is super obvious. But as the Trump Epoch made nakedly clear, the social 'progress' that results from each leap the ideology takes forward wasn't necessarily true, or even good for the society in question. Maybe it wasn't progress, but just ideological process. It does feel like it's hitting a breaking point, where we either embrace full Kendi-ism, or the tattered remnants of Science! incontrovertibly proves HBD is real, and we wake up from the party and try to glue the remnants of liberalism back together the best we can. But I believe the allure of liberalism is highly resilient, even as its globalist final form makes living conditions finally go into retreat. Which may be what ultimately breaks it. Still, we've seen the power of the propaganda machine. And who runs the propaganda? It's not us. In short, I don't believe the regime will collapse until liberalism is ready to collapse, and I think it's a long ways from giving up the ghost. Still I don't consider this a blackpill. It is no more than a historical process we find ourselves trapped within. Just as many, many others have found themselves trapped within historical processes beyond their control. But I don't believe in Moldbuggian passivism, either. Because the process of finding what comes next must be an organic and evolutionary process of resisting progressivism. Tradition was the process of learning what works to master the chaotic nature of human impulses. Progressivism is the process of dismantling those traditions to restore this once-conquered chaos. The next traditions can only emerge from learning how to master progressivism."

"The hereditarian left is a dead end, because leftism is the belief that we are all interchangeable gray goo. Any deviance from this is fascism. Since leftism can't accept that nearly all inequality is the result of natural (and thus unsolvable) processes, believing instead it's the result of social processes solvable through correct application of rational policy, it literally cannot believe in humans having genes. Both Vox-tier Managerial Liberals and whatever the remnants of the 'left' is believe that Utopia is just a means of twiddling the right knobs until you achieve it. That's why they're indistinguishable from each other. Their only difference is how far the knobs have to be turned."

"I love how the 'reactionary males' the left fearmongers about are all decent, kind, normal people and leftoids are literally the worst people to have ever existed at any point in history."

"The most embarrassing part of the times when they make Red Skull quote Jordan Peterson and sound way too based is that these dopes don't even understand their role as propagandists is to shitman their enemies, putting the worst possible words in the mouths of the stand-ins to make their audience hate the enemy even more. They're not even capable of this anymore. The failure to be able to even show *why* we should hate the bad guy is just a complete disintegration of the most basic levels of artistry, storytelling, persuasion. This is a complete cultural dead end. This ideology is artistically stillborn."

"Trust can't be restored within the framework of the regime. It can't allow itself to be reformed, because pulling up any plank of the system undermines nearly every other part of it as well. Reform, for it, is collapse. So its survival requires enforcing complete submission to it. Complete submission is by no means guaranteed, they actually have very little will to use force (so far), and use of force tends to be a failure-mode within democracy, hence 'nudges', 'policies', and anarcho-tyranny, all forms of hand-washing away responsibility. But as for restoring trust, that simply can't happen within this framework. Coercion is their only remaining option. Engineering and enforcing the fake appearance of trust, to match the rest of the fake and gay regime. Trust can only be restored by outsiders, who will never be *allowed* real influence within the fully captured institutions. Trust is only possible after the regime ends. The good news is, that in rejecting reform, the regime risks suicide instead."

"One of the simplest ways of understanding American politics, and by extension all Western politics, is that you have a once-stable political system (post-WW2 order) increasingly pushed toward a chaotic instability. The ruling order - imagined in Jurassic Park as the guy automating the electric fences to keep the dinosaurs out - is increasingly unable to sustain those once-electric fences. It won't allow a 'Trump' to repair them, either. That's why I think we're inevitably headed towards chaos. This doesn't necessarily mean TRUE chaos, civil war or whatever. But rather an inevitable reordering of the decaying political order that can no longer maintain itself. As in, a phase shift, unpredictable until it's already over. Trying to predict exactly where the chaos will settle on a new point of stability is literally ridiculous, but I do think we're pretty much at the end of liberalism. One way or another, it's going to recohere on something past it. It's run its course, grasping for something new."

"The modern system that promises permanent progress can no longer provide an increased quality of life. It only offers a worse one, for the first time in modern history. So things that our grandparents took for granted must now be redefined by the left as 'treats', rarities."

"The fact that every 'nurture' effect disappears by early adulthood is the Big Fat Skeleton Key to understanding nearly everything around us. This culture's basic ideological framework is that everything that exists is a result of nurture and environment (including 'socio-economic status'). In practice, it turns out to mean almost nothing. This is shocking and upsetting in many ways, because a culture that promises everything is the result of nurture means that you can always wildly improve your lot in life - and especially your children's - by adhering to the scientifically-approved nurture, environment, and policies. But the fact is we're all limited, in many ways, and to an immense variance between us all, from the moment we are conceived. Yet I find this immensely liberating, in the *real* sense of the word. For it relieves everyone of being in constant competition with everyone, for life. If you believe that everything is nurture / environment, then you have to be immersed in - or providing - the best possible environment *for your entire existence*. Or else you, or your kids, are being left behind. As everyone else races ahead. If, though, your life, and those of your kids, is going to largely be the result of your nature, or their nature, then the key is simply understanding what your specific nature is. Or the specific nature of your kids. And exploring *that*, as well as you can. That is actual freedom. You're no longer in a false competition with the entire world (which is insane, and the undeniable root of almost all modern neuroses and anxieties). You're only in competition with what you were born with, and how to work with it to most fulfill it."

"Relevant to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, Rosenbaum raped multiple young boys. After being cut loose from a mental facility, he then went to Kenosha, set fire to property, violently threatened bystanders, and other worse things. The real trial is over what let him do this. If he hadn't violently threatened and then assaulted Rittenhouse, it's almost certain no one would have died that night. All deaths stemmed from Rosenbaum. The questions that need to be answered are why was he let out, and why was he not immediately re-arrested for his new crimes. The answers are all indictments of the regime. That's why the regime had to put Rittenhouse on trial. The regime continually commits crimes against its own citizens. So when its own citizens resist these crimes, the people must be made to answer for these crimes instead. The reason the prosecution's case seems insane is because its *goal* is insane: to make anarcho-tyranny the law of the land. Normal people reject this. The regime hates normal people, which is precisely why it puts Rosenbaum back among the public: to prosecute the normal. There is a recurring question about the regime that is a chicken and egg problem, which came first: the utopian delusion, or the malice. I usually come down on the 'utopian delusion' side. But when that gets thwarted, it can very rapidly turn to malice. That's what's happening now. There are few people angrier than someone getting pushed awake from the Dream. That's when they strike out. They're trying to go back to the Dream, right now, by making normal illegal. They're furious, because this case might mean they can't."

"What do you call it when you have a formerly normal place where violence is suddenly and inexplicably just 'happening', and the law is doing nothing to protect that place and its people from that outbreak of violence? I think I would call that a 'failed state'. If the government refuses to protect you from violence, it either lacks the power to protect you, or wants you to suffer that violence. In either case, a legitimate government no longer exists. By this logic, we are now immediately in fedposting territory. An ideology that refuses to protect you from violence, but then displays that it still has the power to prosecute and destroy you for protecting yourself from violence, exposes exactly what it is, and what it intends for you. Progressivism has seized control of every institution. Yet what it has discovered is that whoever is in charge of a 'liberal democracy' destabilizes itself by trying to use the direct application of violence. But its enemies still exist. This makes it very, very frustrated. What it has discovered along the course of its march through the institutions, however, is that there is a means of enforcing indirect violence: Anarchotyranny. That is why the modern prog is obsessed with justifying it. That's how it commits violence against its enemies."

"The media sets the initial narrative by deploying as many lies as it can get away with. At the start of any story, that capacity is immense. It is always, without exception, gradually forced to retract some of its lies. But the initial narrative is still set in the public mind. It was so obvious the media was lying about 1/6 that it was possible to know that Officer Sicknick wasn't actually killed by right-wing lunatics in the very moment the media was reporting it. It took weeks before they began to walk back the lie. Or the 'Russian collusion' hoax, which a plurality of the public almost certainly still believes is true despite being a mega-Watergate political-media scandal that should have resulted in mass arrests and executions. Understanding how the propaganda machine of the regime operates is, without exaggeration, the most important skill you can have at this point. That understanding is what allows you to maneuver within the regime and also live a much, much better life than it wants for you."

"This culture is so brittle and self-annihilating that I genuinely don't think it can persist for long. If anything, the main reason it might persist for 20 years instead of 2 is that it takes a long time to create a replacement from scratch. We are building the replacement right now, by the way. But it's an organic process that can only take place in response to a failed culture. Being organic, and 'iterative' (instead of theoretical), it takes time to create. There's no getting around that."

"The Current Year insists on this freakish marriage of slavish adherence to reason ('Trust the Science!') and simultaneously to individual subjective lived experience. These two prime directives are incoherent with each other. The only way to force both is through lies - propaganda."

"Varg Vikernes is a man from a Johnny Cash song. A country outlaw, who our latter-day epic poets used to sing about. Varg is in the spirit of Cúchulainn, in other words. Cúchulainn being the King Arthur of Irish myth. These people didn't get put out on ice floes, they got immortalized by their skalds. Meanwhile the modern book-publisher would-be skalds describe a figure like Varg as 'genetic refuse'. Modern publishers are the real genetic refuse. They're so pathetic, they're no longer capable of recognizing the stories that are worth telling. When was the last time you heard a story from a man like Varg, or about a man like Varg? An actual outlaw? Decades, for me. It's all Longhouse literature. Deeply boring. No one wants it, it's all stillborn."

"I was largely thinking about old country songs about outlaws and pre-Christian Irish legends about similar figures. Guys who got bothered by something and just wnet out and wrecked stuff. Jack Shaftoe in the Baroque Cycle would be a good example, if you've ever read that, or just cowboys in general. Although I'd say it's more about men who are driven by some internal spirit, more than some personal and clear moral code. Dionysian men, maybe. Their actions don't always make sense or stem from any explicit morality, but they are maybe being 'talked to by the gods' and so they can bend the world around them. Women are usually completely irrelevant to these stories, unless he's trying to avenge one or take one back.

"There might not be a political solution, but never forget that our schizoposts from five years ago are now an increasingly mainstream political opinion."

"Whether it's Trump on immigration or Rufo on CRT, it's crazy how effective the right becomes the second it stops relying on blabber about how 'But the left doesn't even believe their own principles' and begins taking real action to protect their own voters. Rhetoric followed by inaction is self-demoralizing. Rhetoric followed by action creates true morale, which swells your momentum as much or more than whatever words you used to begin the counter-action. People begin to believe in you when you start to sacrifice yourself for them. Words don't cost much, unless they're outrageous. Political action that risks your destruction is what earns you fanatics, and that's when you get your (political) army. It's possible that a culture founded on liberalism could only generate a functioning right once the left got bold enough to step beyond liberalism. Now that it's here, though, the only means of political survival is fighting back, just as mercilessly."

—@17cShyteposter, Doctor-Baron 17cShyteposter, DDS

"Grebe's happiness tip: Get a middle class job and date average looking girls with big tits. Never strive for anything higher than this. A 20 year old plain Irish girl with fat tits. Don't aim above this."


"The founders literally led armed masked militias wearing redface to burn down cops' houses. The founders were extremely metal, retconning them into ye olde Anthony Kennedy wannabes who spread their ideas via Politely Reasoned Arguments Which Everyone Found Convincing as opposed to forming a violent cabal that happened to win is stupid on every level. Thomas Jefferson pretty much said, 'every 20 years or so we're probably just gonna hafta start killin people.' The primary argument against ratifying the 2nd Amendment and the rest of the Bill of Rights was, 'laws don't matter lol, if someone tried to roll up our heavily armed local militia, or started no-knocking our houses on general warrants, we'd just murder them'. The argument was literally that attempting to codify rights would result in things like courts and magistrates 'regulating' them out of existence, and it was better to make it clear that certain liberties are superlegal via willingness to defend them with extralegal armed force."

"We're now years deep into a situation where random anons are empirically better at everything - from journalism, to epidemiology, to stock speculation - than people intensely vetted by existing institutions. Are you starting to think those filtering processes are broken? There used to be a time when smart guys from nobody families in flyover country would get scooped up by academia, the army, etc and five years later they'd be designing parts on jet fighters. Now, they end up under- or unemployed, depressed, and with some... interesting hobbies."

"If your city is like 'Yeah we expect rioting and have no intention of doing anything about it' then they simply forfeit any claim to rule."

—@xctlot, Hank Oslo

"Obama's years were largely an experiment in hyperreality, which caused extreme cognitive dissonance in people. IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Bergdahl, Benghazi, Obama's lack of background or history, along with the media insistence everything is normal. It made many of us crazy. Meta-narratives have been in overdrive since the world wars and accelerated in the cold war. With Bush I - Bush II it was getting to the point beyond reasonable suspension of disbelief. With Obama (the ascendant anti-Bush), nothing changed. This broke suspension of disbelief. Trump is the logical next step in this progression. Obama's election did nothing to change the status quo, yet his rhetoric remained somewhat progressive. Trump is where all stops got pulled. They are showing him openly as a puppet at their mercy whom they can 180 on a whim. Not only is it a humiliation of Trump, it's a ritual humiliation of any people who thought they could change things by voting for him. It's 100% mask off. They are purposefully making it obvious that they own the whole system. After Obama and Trump, populist left and right cowed. It's a domestic Gladio Program strategy of tension. Think Kissinger's world power balance, enacted on an increasingly culturally and racially divided populace. Meta-narratives are essential to keep people focused on minor shadow plays, news cycle level things. This keeps groups in check, but at the increasing cost of things making less sense, and people who have some awareness thinking 'wait, what?' The irony of 'post truth' being the Trump era buzzword is that we were post truth 50 years ago. And with Obama it was getting nakedly plain. Anyway, in the end it all boils down to economies of scale and supply chains that are too big to fail without global collapse. Adam Smith's invisible hand made a new monster we all serve now."

"If you can, go to church this week. There is no political solution, because politics is downstream from culture, which is downstream from the constant struggle of otherworldly powers. There is only a spiritual solution."

"I am not transphobic. I am not against trans right. I just think transwomen shouldn't have rights precisely because they are women."


"When someone says, 'Politics is just a reality TV show these days,' I say, 'Yes, Democracy is fake and politics is like professional wrestling. Glad you achieved a modicum of self-awareness'."


"We don't live in nations or societies, we live in a world-wide Harlow experiment and each of us is a little rhesus macaque clinging to our artificial wire-frame 'mother' in the pitch-black darkness."

"Literally nothing makes them madder than you saying 'No, I don't think I will' to their quarrels, their petty diversions, their belly-aching and ground-pounding. We stand athwart the fake-and-gayness, uttering: 'Nah'."

"There was a time in my ignorant American life when I actually wondered why, during historical revolts, the rebelling lower classes were so brutal and merciless towards their elite victims. I dont wonder anymore."

"The fact is that Big Normie is a coombrained MKUltra victim who only cares about football, jetskis, and beer. Watches Marvel movies more often than he goes to church. He's dying. 'Waking up' a dying person doesn't do shit. But you could try to heal them, despite the odds."


"The Democrats have absolutely no masculine energy. It’s completely gone. There’s nothing there for a normal straight guy. How can any straight man look at them and see power or strength? It’s just a bunch of broads talking about their vaginas and calling their husbands pussies."

"If there's one thing government employees are good at, it's milking every single leave program in a way that is obviously not in the spirit of why the program was created."

"It’s really funny when people try to persuade you to believe in dumb stuff like trans identities like I don’t know all their reasoning inside out and ultimately don’t care because it’s horse crap. Like, there is no new piece of evidence they could present that will convince me of this. And I know basically all of their arguments. It’s just dumb and fake and I don’t care, it’s a guy in a dress."

"I'd have better odds asking my truck if it needs an oil change and it audibly responding to me than I would having a white woman hold a consistent set of political beliefs for more than 2 months."

"Liberals say, 'Stealing isn’t a death penalty offense!' Being able to take someone into custody necessitates the ability to use deadly force. If someone caught stealing resists arrest, they may get killed while trying to take them into custody. Their principle means that theft no longer illegal."

"When Freakonomics was really popular, it got libs in the mindset of thinking 'ackshually the obvious answer isn’t true it’s the weird seemingly nonsense answer that’s true' and have now taken that mindset and applied it to things like 'no police = no crime'."

"Every lib has severe mental illness, but they pretend they're the sane good guys."

"Denying all aspects of human nature, including understanding how humans respond to incentives, is core to leftism. You cannot be a leftist if you have any grasp at all of how human beings function."

"Last time I was stopped by cops (for a completely legitimate reason) I was very deliberate with how I acted. When the cop asked to see my ID I told him I was going to reach for my wallet in my back pocket and slowly turned around to show him what I was doing. It’s not that hard. Should it have to be like this? Ideally, no, but the world we live in demands they be on high alert at all times. I get it. It’s not that hard to just be cooperative. Just put yourself in their position and act how you’d want someone to act. I’m not trying to boot lick. A lot of cops are total dicks. But if you’re in a situation where they are present and suspect you of doing something, it’s in everyone’s best interest to just remain calm and not do anything that could be construed as a threat."

"Male office workers have been spiritually neutered over the past few decades such that they can no longer resolve conflict amongst one another. Women are valuable in managerial positions because they are the ones capable of the ball busting necessary to run an office. In nature, men would not need the unnatural phenomenon of HR office culture, but they allowed themselves to be castrated."

"They made a big deal about doing vax checks at my kid’s soccer thing to comply with the county mandate but no one checked anything. No one cares. They can’t even get enough 20 year olds to run around with toddlers for an hour and they want to find people to be vaxx card bouncers? They do not have the manpower to enforce their edicts. Their most dedicated soldiers are the dregs of society and the effete upper classes. They have no popular mandate. Just stop complying. They cannot win."

"Like first responders running towards a fire, journalists run towards the safe and familiar flames of hell."

—@plzbepatient, Gary

"When will people learn that just because you experience the world a certain way, it doesn't follow that the world is actually that way? I don't need an Oculus app to experience the seething resentment and instability of the people around me."

"Blue-pilled people are literally unable to absorb information that counters the narrative of the Matrix. There is no point in presenting you with data. There is tons of it out there. If you were actually curious you could easily find it."

"Don't let the press turn this into a narrative about preparedness or bailouts. This is a pandemic caused by the government-forced overintegration of global populations."

"Our civil religion is no longer the Constitution, but rather black woman hair."

"On the problem of Black ethnonarcissism: Black criminality combined with black leadership demanding more police presence (eg Clinton and the crack wars) increases frequency of police contact and therefore probability of negligence or criminal misconduct by police among blacks. Frequency of contact also induces skewed / stereotyped views of black men in cops (hence the curious preponderance of nonwhite cop perpetrators). All of this undermines the racism and white supremacy narratives, which in turn undermines the omnipotent self-image of black narcissism. If police brutality isn't motivated by a world-historic conspiracy against blacks but is merely an accident of multiple forces, some of which are blacks' own responsibility, then a key indicator of black chosenness falls away. Thus black and vicarious white ethnonarcissists try to conceal or downplay the criminal background of the victims and construct counterintuitive, overly complex explanations for the preponderance of nonwhite cops among brutality perpetrators."

"White Privilege is a psyop to convince cornfed woke Midwesterns they're part of a ruling class conspiracy."

"The term 'community policing' just means refugees of CIA wars acting out their primitive racial resentment on flyover white working and middle class communities."

"American civil religion theologians once insisted that ethnic and cultural identities were private choices and encouraged everyone to mix and abandon parochialism. Now, after huge populations did so, elites insist that certain identities are omnipotent and should be institutionalized."

—@CityBureaucrat, Second City Bureaucrat

"Universal healthcare is inevitable. It will also suck. Just like we have universal education but we arrange our entire lives looking for 'good schools', now we'll do it with healthcare. You'll have 'access to care', just like you have 'education' in a Baltimore public school."

"When our side vandalizes statues, suddenly, law enforcement acts. Again, we're not under 'anarchy'. These are state-sponsored riots being conducted by the system's militant wing."

"It's not that the police won't protect you. It's that they will arrest you, and only you, if you defend yourself."

"The determination to pretend that 'law' is somehow objective and has nothing to do with power is a particularly Anglo obsession. That's why James Burnham said the defining element of Anglo political thought is hypocrisy. If Trump goes to jail, it's not because he used power. It's because he didn't, instead trusting in 'the system' and its supposedly objective set of rules. No such rules exist. If Trump actually was the authoritarian his enemies said he was, he wouldn't have these problems."

"The thing every normal white person needs to understand, and even every liberal, is that you're going to be remembered as racist. It doesn't matter what you do. You're committing sins that haven't even been invented yet. Why obey a false morality? It's nonsense. Step over it."

"If this system was built for us, it didn't do a very good job. It currently mandates government discrimination against whites and will make whites a minority in this country. So yeah, that system needs to go and whites need to take their own side."

"I don't see GOP winning 2022 midterms in any event. I think we're entering a South Africa style post-political system, where one party can count on retaining national power pretty much independent of what happens. Some regional holdouts until swamped by mass immigration. Regardless of what happens with crime, health care, poverty, homelessness, foreign policy, pandemic, whatever else, you aren't going to get progressive voters to change their mind. What the TV says, that's what they'll do. At most, they'll move and then vote same way."

"Get a homeland or die trying. Simple as. Whether that means 'taking back America' via winning elections, secession, emigration or migration, some wild sci-fi scenario, that needs to be debated. But conservatives, stop propping up a System committed to your destruction."

"America didn't exist until Europeans created it. If you really think 'America' is just a lump of dirt, then it means nothing."

"Liberalism ('classical' or otherwise) is dead. It's either going to be us or them. If you don't get this, you're not even in the struggle. You don't matter. The system spent 2020 burning its legitimacy."

—James Kirkpatrick, @VDAREJamesK

"MtFs are all rapists, because their fetish can be best understood as total domination of a woman's body for the purpose of perfect sexual release. The intention is to look in the mirror after a shower and see a beautiful woman, and to be turned on. This is why so many men choose female avatars in video games. They, even if unconsciously, see it as a way to access female sexuality without any strings attached. Consider also that women now desire economic power, they more and more want to be strong, they glorify the female warrior, the female weightlifter. They, too, desire the sexuality of the other sex, but totally on their own terms. Men want to be women so they can always look at tits; women want to be men so they can always be turned on by power."

"Jonathan Bowden was right about the American superhero, wherein they are all essentially fascistic characters fighting on the behalf of drunk and half-retarded systems. Batman is the strongest example with the 'no kill rule'. Comic book stories and characters are interesting if you view them as slaves to value systems they’re not capable of resisting."

—@EnzoEradicated, @EnzoEvacuated

"You think I'm overthinking this one? What is your less-thinking solution?"


"There's a bizarre genre of magical thinking among older liberals that the country will be brought closer together as its people become more different. The idea is so stupid on its face, that I can only assume they've had most of their higher thought replaced by half-remembered television."

"These people are incapable of creating anything beautiful because their entire worldview is a series of fads."

"What really gets me is that America's decline is so stupid and unnecessary. There wasn't some big, catastrophic event or devestating defeat, it was just several generations of normal people believing insane lies."

"The reason that none of these nu-statues are beautiful is that their creators lack divine inspiration. Their worldview is ugly and they worship ugliness."

"It's over, the doubters have lost. I will not be magnanimous in victory."

"Redditors complain about dialogue options in Cyberpunk 2077 lacking meaningful consequences, because they're ignorant of the nature of Greek tragedy. Although the protagonist is presented with choices, these 'choices' paradoxically propel the hero towards his preordained fate. True growth in these tragedies - as in life - comes from resolving the conflict between individual desires and destiny. Silverhand talks much about his legend and yours. The good ending of the game involves both him and the player ending their uncertaincy and embracing their fates."

"The Spanish spent 700 years on the Reconquista. There are setbacks, but you build families, network, strengthen your communities and survive. All regimes fall. This one will, too."

"The renewed male interest in things like the French Foreign Legion and Rhodesia stems, in part, from a lack of and desire for examples of real masculinity. An entire generation of young men has been told that they are better off being effeminate, that to be male is bad. These modern things are to the male psyche like Thermopylae, incredible stories of men defying overwhelming odds, sometimes even their own governments and traditions, for a higher cause. And they are naturally reviled for it today, because we hate men. There is nothing more terrifying to the bugman ruling class than real men. And I don't mean the slovenly, sports and junk food addicted Cretino-American that conservatives tend to promote. Go lift weights and become physically stronger, watch Conan, read Peter Kemp books."

"The 'i' in 'colleges' stands for intelligence."

"Leftists are so lame, even their conspiracy theories are provably false, boring crap with no mystery or glamor to them like 'systemic racism' or 'income inequality', whereas QAnon has an undeniable mystique and charm. QAnon and Pizzagate are so much more interesting than any leftist conspiracy, all of which can be swatted down by a short Thomas Sowell paragraph."

"The expression popular in our culture today, 'Rest in Power', is a clear sign that we have regressed badly in our ability to accept the inevitability of death."

"I'm consistently finding it's the feeble, neurotic, spiteful mutants, and all other manner of creeping things of this world, who seem to hate fascists - for fascists alone value highest above all else strength and nobility in this fallen age of decrepitude and mediocrity. The spiteful mutant with middling intelligence, ie. the midwit, is precisely why we're in this mess and can't get out. Men within time, but neither of lightning nor Sun. Harbingers of decay. Empty vessels to be possessed by the spirit of our era: Kali Yuga."

"Abusive women often use constant inquiries into how someone is feeling to gain a foothold for gaslighting."

"Soon all the 60-something English professors who do the introductions for Penguin Classics will be dead and there'll be literally no one capable of replacing them. Do you think a millennial is going to be able to write a competent introduction to Moby Dick? Let alone The Compleat Angler?"

"Talking slowly and enunciating is an important part of speaking. When I talk shop about various hobbies and passions I get rambly, but it's important to know when to slow it down. Optimistic stats say that about 20% of adults can't read a medicine bottle or newspaper. Almost everyone is mind-numbingly dumb, and if you disagree you are insulated by wealth and mediocre company. It's hard to overstate just how useless language is to most working people, grunts and hand signals suffice for most jobs. Literacy has always been elitist."

"Who chooses the philosophy of the philosopher-king? The King, you stupid bitch."

"Leftists in the Spanish Republic went from a narrow victory in a likely-fraudulent election in 1936 to having federal police murder a conservative member of parliament and dump his body in the street only a few months later. Don't ever think things can't get very bad very quick. Everyone knew who did it, but the cops arrested a bunch of right-wingers for the murder afterwards. Then the Communist delegation in parliament proposed banning all right-wing parties. They didn't care. They thought it was good."

"Realizing that everyone who disagrees with me is a totally insane crazy person actually made me feel a lot better about politics. Much easier to move forward and not get hung up on fake debate."

"Probably the most important part of 20th century history that almost never gets mentioned is that socialists / communists were trying to violently overthrow every European country during 1910s-20s and establish a global dictatorship in something they literally called 'world revolution'. It totally changes the entire framing of 20th century politics. and it's not like it was a secret either, it was an open, globally coordinated conspiracy, involving socialists and commies of all stripes, that proudly declared the aim of world governance."

"Communism is when ugly deformed freaks make it illegal to be normal then rob and / or kill all successful people out of petty resentment and cruelty. The ideology is all just window dressing."

"It's incredible how much more prosperous and healthy was Portugal during the 50s-60s relative to the Soviet bloc, even though the country had a 40% literacy rate, compared to the Soviet Union's 80%. You are genuinely better off being illiterate than a communist."

"Every night I say, 'Good night, we're going to win'. Who's 'we'? Win what? The answer is, I keep it vague for a reason. I think at some point in the future a group of the right people will restore divine, natural society. The big problem we face in the short term is people going insane after they realize how bad things are, causing them to give up or do counterproductive things."

"The Spanish Civil War is often portrayed as a fascist coup against a democratic Republic. One week before Franco's coup, members of the Republic's political police drove to the home of the leading conservative member of Parliament, took him outside, and shot him in the head. The officers were not punished in any way. The response from the Republic was to arrest random conservatives for the crime. In parliament a bill to ban all right-wing parties was proposed and passed. At the Member of Parliament's funeral, the police fired into the unarmed crowd. They've always operated in bad faith. The media has always lied about it. 'Moderates' have always covered for violence from radicals. Get used to this script because you see it in every country with an attempted communist takeover but you'll never learn it in school."

"A lot of people still don't appreciate that communist revolutions have nothing to do with economic policy or whatever, but rather a massive outpouring of violence and 'revenge' from the psychotic and resentful underclass that exists in every society. Every attempt to meet these people in the middle or 'reform' the system will be met with betrayal. They are not interested in achieving policy objectives beyond your death or subjugation. People need to be 100% aware of this because things are going to get worse and if you don't recognize these people for what they are you'll end up like the millions who thought things would 'calm down eventually' after the Bolsheviks seized power: Putting faith in their murderers. The model is always the same, they set a utopian goal and start killing people when they inevitably can't achieve it. It's all a pretext for ethnic score settling, theft, or just insane violence. Things do calm down but that's just because it settles into a stable tyranny. Same evil."

—@MysteryGrove, @MGPlatinumClub, Mystery Grove Publishing Company

"World historic demographic shifts occurring across a span as short as a human lifetime will spur fascism among the racial groups who both invented it and proved themselves capable of genocidal ougroup violence over far less."


"Japan invented anime to teach gender roles to increasingly autistic urban populations. A last-ditch effort to save the past from the future."

—Akira, @0xa59a2d

"The cold hard truth that no one wants to admit about natalism is that once women have any sort of agency, it's pretty much game over."


"The apparatchik's purpose is to provide the low animal cunning and brutality, without which an unfettered ideology would destroy itself."


"Do people who get tattoos because they're cool understand that they're basically defecting in the prisoner's dilemma?"


"When you take out the supernatural element from Christianity, what's left is less rational."


"Every time I do my favorite things, I'm reminded that all I need is a cabin in the woods, a mildly-detuned upright piano, weights, and a greenhouse."


"In your children, treat food education the same way you treat literacy: high expectations in the long run, low pressure in the moment, good grasp of what is developmentally appropriate, and make it all about communal pleasure and shared culture."


"The Coronavirus epidemic has perfectly illustrated why being ruled by a reactionary oath-lord makse sense. Everything else is begging for extinction, either slowly or quickly."

"Communism is a religion for the envious and miserable."

"The Iron Law of nominally-'right wing' edgelord ironybros is their 100% guaranteed eventual descent into leftism roughly approximating the naive rich-kid Occupy Wall Street protesters. For example, this is where Yang Gang comes from. Cthulu always swims left."

"The communists won so long ago, they don't even realize they won."

"Reporting a crime being committed by a black is, itself, about to be a crime."

"The wages of diversity are such that we can't even talk about the real problems, because that's against the rules."

"The powers that be are on the same side as the protesters, and ordered the cops to stand down. Once you understand that these 'protests' are a demonstration of power instead of an act of the weak, you will see more clearly."

"Religion is the most powerful organizing force known to mankind, and please never forget it."

"Sometimes, I'm convinced that 99% of people just don't get why 'atheism' is such a problem. There is no such thing as no-belief, guys. Any person who evangelizes atheism is a leftist evangelizing the progressive religion, 100%. These are religious fundamentalists who get the benefit of pretending not to be religious (their religion is not named) and even worse, they cloak themselves in atheism and 'science'."

"I've long advocated for formalizing the relative status between black and white with deferential etiquette, commensurate to a racial aristocracy. It's nice to see the protest movement out in front driving this important social change. Once the racial hierarchy is formalized, we can then see about formalizing the religious edicts that back it up. Some of the etiquette rules: Don't speak unless spoken to; Defer in all matters of opinion; Prostrate yourself in their presence, on knees and hands down; Keep eyes down at all times; White speech must not crowd out PoC speech, PoC voices must always come first; In any disagreement, the PoC voice is correct due to their lived experience; Kneel when a PoC enters your space; You are not in charge, keep your eyes down; If a PoC requests something from you, you must give it to them."

"The minimum level of intelligence you need to display for me to consider you sentient is that you are able to be arrested / surrender to the cops without being killed. If you aren't smart enough to do that, you are not sapient. Sorry. This is how it is."

"Normies don't understand that blacks exalt their criminals because in the normie mental-model this is unthinkable. That [insert 'victim'] was a thug is a positive for blacks. Normies end up thinking, Wow these blacks all say he was a great guy ... so maybe he was?"

"Bodyweight deadlifting should be a minimum requirement to be allowed to own property, let alone vote."

"The 'allyship' dialogue went from fringe SJW mad-women talk to standard CNN fare in just a few years."

"I do admire the starry-eyed optimism of the white guys thinking laws actually protect whites from race-based harassment and discrimination in the workplace. It's so pleasantly naive. I say this with no acrimony. It is normal for people to think that 'the rule of law' is an actual thing and that the classical liberal accommodations on race still stand."

"America is now conceived as a theocracy with rites of the new religion - like kneeling during the anthem - being required of each citizen."

"Hijacking or outlasting progressivism is more likely to succeed than opposing it."

"To be honest, a society that lets women who sideline on onlyfans drive the national conversation probably deserves to go splat on the Great Filter in whatever would be the most absurd and pathetic way."

"Slavery is a slur, and the fact it occupies prime real estate in the progressive hive mind for critical and explanatory purposes is enough to prima facie conclude it was great and may well have reflected the pinnacle of black achievement."

"Harvard was founded to train Puritan ministers, and it never stopped."

"Loyal opposition is a masculine concept. Only men can disagree, get overruled, and then actually follow the leader. Women and gays are constitutionally incapable of this, and therefore shouldn't be allowed to be in the 'loyal opposition' to begin with. Increasing feminization of the nominally straight male population contributes to the dysfunction of our adversarial system."

"I wish they’d stop bloviating and get on with the attempted 'black and brown-led commune' built on fields of bleached bones of all white people... because, well, it would be funny to see them try this."

"Egalitarianism is just communism and the distinctions don’t mean anything. Sorry theorycels and not sorry liberals, you are commies."

"Normiecons will eventually catch on that being against communism is the same as being against the regime, which means America Is A Communist Country which means their dumb patriotism towards FedGov, as opposed to the actual nation, is misplaced. The only question is, will this realization strike while they are on their knees with their families in front of ditches they were forced to dig? Perhaps in that moment they will realize the actual nation to which they owe their allegiance is not the fraudulent leaders and slavish bureaucratic servants of the Constitutional Republic but The People, towards whom advocacy is branded 'racism', 'nazism', 'fascism'. Never forget the Nation is not the State, at least in places where the State is an Occupation Government whose sole aim is the liquidation of the nation."

"Understanding the real is power, and you can use that power to get what you want (wife and kids) and you don’t need to be a 'degenerate', what you do with advice and info is up to you. The real is too disturbing for some and I get that too, but at least be self aware enough to know that’s why you are reacting negatively to hearing about dating roasties in the Big City. You also need to understand there are lots of guys not yet married who must navigate this. You can save almost any woman but you aren’t obligated to do so."

"It’s really wishful thinking to imagine there’s anything you can do to prevent your kids from being exposed to these horrors. You’re going to have to become like the dad in The Road in explaining the darkness to them and preparing them for their inevitable confrontations with it."

—@HalifaxShadow, @SandpiperFax, Cozy Shore Bird

"People ask me, 'Oh you think you're so smart and know more than the experts?' No, I think I'm an idiot, and I still know more than the experts. That's the problem."

"The successor ideology (Progressivism) is Roko's Basilisk - once you are 'educated' about it, if you do not work to bring it into existence, you face torture once it succeeds."

"America is a great country and our people are moral and just. We need a hero to tell them that they aren’t racist and have nothing to apologize for."

"As I’ve said many times here we are losing the battle on free speech because its defenders are making the same rhetorical mistakes over and over again. The mistake is two-fold: First it is to placate the would-be censors by conceding the substantive grounds of the debate, in this case by affirming the political project of the censors; Then second to say 'But we still need free speech to convince the knuckle draggers we’re right'. The problem is that once you concede the substantive ground - once you say that the Woke scolds are right on the underlying political goals - it’s just then an empirical question of whether free speech or hard censorship achieves those goals more effectively. The mealy-mouthed centrists here want to insist that 'sunlight is the best disinfectant' but there is absolutely no reason to believe that is true. The fact is, hard censorship works extremely well to induce political outcomes in your favor. That’s why powerful groups use it. And anyway that’s not the point of free speech. What they should be saying is that free speech is good because the woke scolds might be wrong. We might be wrong. We might be errant in our political judgments and moral assumptions and we need dissenting speech as a corrective. There are other reasons to support free speech - it’s easy enough to make the argument that in the service of personal liberty it is a good unto itself that ought not be stifled in principle. That’s an even better argument. But at least as a utilitarian matter, free speech merely as a tool of persuasion, especially in the context of conceding the merits of the debate to whomever controls the mic, is a lame argument and a sure loser."

"I’m not a radical. I’m a boring pragmatist. The radicals are my enemies and those who, in their blind lust for power, wish to denature man and engineer a society that denies our fundamental desires and pathologies. It’s only that I’ve seen through their veil of delusion. 'Oh really, L0mez. How convenient. You think you are the one who is reasonable and sees things clearly while it is the other guy who is deranged and/or evil?' Yes. 'So you’re saying your enemies need to be crushed?' Yes. 'And their followers brought to heel?' Right. 'And the institutions who nurture them razed and salted?' Correct. 'And you’re saying you’re not a radical?' Exactly."

"Posting FBI crime stats is the language of the unheard."

"Vaccine optimism was less about efficacy than a belief that, despite all the brain worms zombifying the technocratic layers responsible for the rollout, and the atmosphere of distrust surrounding them, that there was still some baseline level of competency that could be counted on. But both the zombification and distrust are much too far gone, and this optimism is as naive as the optimism of those of us who believed corona would bring about some assabiyah that would bulldoze our cultural pathologies and the trivialities we’d been obsessing over."

"It happens to people. They get a little redpill, they get curious, and - if they’re extremely smart - they recognize the matrix all around them immediately. It’s clear as day. But that has an effect, a profound effect on the psyche. Most pretend they never saw what they saw. How do you act out the ‘Reality’ game when you know it’s all bullshit? People who dive too deep begin to realize there’s no going back. It breaks them. Having to hold two separate realities in your head at the same time. Many of the almost-extremely-smart people recognize the trap for what it is; they won’t even engage because they know something is wrong with reality, and that if they look hard enough they’ll figure out what it is. That’s what frightens them. They fear their suspicions are true. No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true."

"Solomonic wisdom is perhaps too optimistic. It is more often she who is willing to murder the baby, who gets to keep it."

"The tree of liberty which is refreshed with the blood of tyrants stands unfortunately close to the tree of tyranny which is refreshed by the blood of innocents."

"Any society that celebrates forcibly gender-transitioning its children, deserves whatever it gets. Fred Phelps was misguided on the particulars, but 'directionally correct'."

"Baseball in many respects really was America. Teaching your son to play catch, for example, was a shorthand for fatherhood. Losing baseball to the BLM culture war - which is of course the political war - is as close to a symbolic proxy for losing the nation that you’re gonna get."

"The problem is even worse than the loss of 'masculinized literature', well-documented here; it’s the loss of an entire generation of culture, of novels, films, music, whatever of art is possessing of vitality left by the legacy gatekeepers to wither on the vine. A place will be made for this energy. A great campfire in the wilderness. Soon."

"As America becomes more fractured and deracinated, the American right’s Israel boosterism intensifies, since it is their only way to experience the vicarious thrill of a nation of ethno-religious pilgrims asserting their natural rights to their God-granted turf. Just as in a divorce, a couple’s petty fights are proxies for underlying, unspoken tensions, as our national divorce becomes more acute I expect the Israel-Palestine fight to reach a fever pitch and represent the dissolution of our own national identity."

"Instructive to read about archetypal hyper-masculine Civil War cavalrymen who would spend a day slaughtering their enemies and then write simp poetry to their girl back home, like: 'My dearest Nettie Boone, how my blackened heart wilts like an October flower in your absence...' Something about abstinence until marriage and well-defined gender roles actually allowed for a far more capacious expression of one’s humanity, for men and women alike, rather than everyone collapsing their personalities to exist in constant sexual negotiation."

"If you are unsure what to do next, lift weights. Overcome metaphysical inertia through physical power."

"Any right wing movement - scratch that, any pro-social political movement of any kind - must prioritize the accelerated destruction of the current university system. Ash and salt."

"There’s no such thing as 'fuck-you money'. The wealthy and famous are cucked by their avarice and vanity. Even multi billionaires must hide their power levels for fear of missing out on the next big deal. Maybe this is prudent, a necessary cost of success. Fine... but it is only anons who are free to say what they believe. There is enormous power in this. They want to take that away from you. They want you to bend your speech, and therefore your beliefs, to be weakened and limp like they are. Do not give up this freedom."

"Near the end of the Indian Wars the greatly-feared Oglala warrior chief Red Cloud went on a diplomatic tour to DC and was so awed by the sheer immensity and alien majesty of the white man’s civilization he returned to the plains, retired his warrior clothes, and never fought again. Maybe the greatest mogging in history."

"My takeaway from watching britbongs chimp after a soccer match is that white people, finally awakening into racial consciousness, will never commit a genocide for ideological or religious reasons, but it’s possible they might get memed into it just for the lulz. This is not a joke. We are so irrevocably damaged on digital hyper-stimulus that people will do literally anything if they can be promised sufficient lulz. The next 'literally Hitler' will rise to power on shitposts and gigachad memes."

"There is a kind of Gen X parent who won’t let their only child they had at 43 drink a juice box or eat a cookie or god forbid have like a Twizzler but lets the kid listen to SoundCloud rappers and watch what amounts to softcore furry porn on YouTube for 6 hours at a time. There’s a dim awareness they are raising their kid in a den of malevolence but they can’t quite pin point the danger or locate the demons that are in fact lurking everywhere and displace all of that anxiety onto arbitrary diet fads. I have now seen this multiple times."

"The flip side of the lib yokel is the would-be coastal striver class-traitor who has lived through the ravages of prog rule and foresworn his lib inheritance for hardened reactionism. Think Stephen Miller. Many in this sphere fall into this category. Born into and expressing all the outward trappings of libbery but 'mugged by reality' as it were, or perhaps always sensing something rotten and self-defeating at the core of the progressive heart, have whipsawed back to the right. There is a lot of insight that comes from this perspective, including if one has lived first hand through the destruction of a place like California, a window into the future through which to demonstrate to a Red America what awaits it. But there is also a danger in presuming this experience is universally understood by the Amerikaner, who is still in many ways years behind and clinging to old nostrums and identities. The Blue State reactionary must be patient with the Amerikaner and meet him where he is at. After all, the deep red Amerikaner has much to teach the Blue State Reactionary and one must be open to accepting what is potentially 'cringe' or anachronistic and folding that into some larger political and cultural aesthetic that weds these two perspectives against the lib."

"The same thing Pro-Lifers did with posters of aborted fetuses should be done with transgenderism. There is no amount of arguing about sexual dimorphism or bio gnosticism that can achieve a fraction of what can be done with a poster of a gaping neovagina outside a gender clinic. The utter depravity of these images, the literally inhuman desecration of the body in the service of their delusions, strikes a place in the psyche that cannot be reached by mere language. Conservatives, as gruesome as it may be, should be plastering these photos everywhere."

"The last great youthful convulsion of radical energy in the 60’s was forcefully resisted and put down by the regnant order, whereas the current convulsion is conspicuously indulged by our own rulers. It’s the Boomer parenting style of encouraging their children’s vices at scale."

"The 'Karen' meme is a psyop to ease us through decline by making it a moral transgression for the bulk of middle class consumers (ie white women) to demand high standards of service as all corporate and public customer-facing operations look and act increasingly like the DMV."

"Remember there is no one at the wheel. They’re all being buffeted around by the choppy seas of history. They are all flailing, pretending to have a plan."

"The rhetorical framing around abortion has changed. Suddenly NPR has dropped the pro-life versus pro-choice frame. Today is a victory for 'groups opposed to abortion rights' versus a setback for 'abortion rights advocates'. Why? Because the language of 'rights' automatically shifts the burden of proof to those who oppose it."

"Many are thinking about this question of how to raise kids in Pozzed America without them being groomed into it or rebelling against you. I do not know, except as a father you must provide humor. Make your family laugh. This resolves almost everything. Demonstrate to kids how to live within the regime and ridicule it with appropriate humor. Show that you are no subordinated to it. You can live in opposition to it and still have fulfillment and fun. The regime is not so powerful that mere exposure to it will ruin your kids. Kids will sniff out inauthenticity better than anything and react against it. Do not mistake this take for anti-natalism. Have many kids of course. But this is self-evident imperative of being human; not an act of resistance."

"The insipid midwit only knows the rotten slop he is fed like the beaten sheep dog of a cruel master. This is the bugman, reddit mind. Let him wallow in his kingdom of feces. Why care? We aspire to higher things. Aesthetics he will never understand. Weep for him and the many like him."

"Why did culture seem to stagnate so much since the 2000s? Hollywood locked in to doing endless remakes of 80s material. The first part of this is the more straightforward one. We have transitioned from the age of televisual fantasy to the age of perfect digital memory. Perfect memory means that everything is immediately available, everywhere and always. This saps the urgency for artistic creation. Whatever spiritual hunger drives the need to create, to explain and explore the world and its metaphysics, is sated freely and immediately, on demand. This resource glut has the effect of any resource glut - complacency and torpor. There is also the the sociological and political effects of globohomo, which are related to the tech but in a more oblique way. There is a misunderstanding about art that it thrives under conditions of perfect freedom, without constraints. This is wrong. It is true that art is improved by broad tolerance for speech and expression - probably - but importantly art arises out of particular historical and cultural circumstances that are shared and tacitly understood by a society. This stuff is the ballast for any meaningful art. It is a shared vernacular, a shared mythos, a shared spiritual life, rituals, archetypes, etc. At very bottom these things may be universalizable, but any artist is depending on the particular ways these things have been constituted over time w/in the context of a physical place. The goal of globohomo is to level all of these particularities. To bulldoze it all and construct on the ruins the great mall of (post)modernity. This, of course, is the great lie about the Diversityism. The point is not preservation of distinction and difference, but total homo. While this is great for deracinating and atomizing the world's population so they can be herded into their pods and uploaded into digital purgatories, it destroys the foundations of art. Total homo has no mythos or referents, it has none of the unspoken stuff artists depends on. So what we get instead is the reheated thin gruel of the televisual fantasies that preceded this turn into globohomo. The pop-cultural ephemera of the 80's and 90's, kino as it was, is the foundational mythos for globohomo (or what passes as foundational mythos). This is all they have. Having leveled or repudiated the complex and deep lattice work of our cultural particularities - notice the only cultures that are allowed to endure are those most weakly constituted - they have nothing to offer but ephemeral trash, plasticized garbage."

"Dwelling on anger does great harm to the soul. Be careful not to be consumed by it. Left to stew, it will only lead to fear and despair. Instead, channel it. Use it as fuel. Use it to create. To build. To go forth and do."

"Stop everything. The gamer word has been uttered by a public figure. Can democracy survive? By the way, I encourage everyone to say it. Just utter it out loud to yourself right now. Go ahead. You will not be struck down. Can you do it? Are you afraid? Just two syllables. Hard R. Go for it. You will be liberated at last. You might be surprised how many people cannot bring themselves to do this. People who otherwise consider themselves material secularists etc. Cannot utter the sounds, even privately. The amount of pain, guilt, fear this induces. Enthrall to a spell. Utterly hypnotized."

—@L0m3z Lomez

"For the longest time in my life I thought I was being gaslighted by normies in how they would react to me, shunning me if I ever poked my finger below the surface, treating me as a leper. One thing normies will do is act like hunted prey, this social behavior is easily seen in eusocial animals signaling retreat, they turn their bodies to the side saying 'I'm not looking for a fight', peripheral vision both on escape and on their hunters, like a cornered rat. If you ever bring up anything deeper they will signal this behavior, the weird prey gaze, the sudden stop of conversation, they simply fear you because you dared to go deeper in conversation. They act like animals, then they should be treated as animals. I used to be a bus driver. I met the weirdest people after midnight, but people with souls. The golden haired hippies that would get on and talk about anything, riding for 2 hours just to chat with me. An oasis in the desert, someone finally willing to have soul to soul, mano a mano. The drug addicts too, the businessmen after drinking, all willing to delve deep and confront harsh realities, not talking about pop music or laughing about procrastination. The normie is without essence, without being. Too many human bodies, not enough shards in the mirror."


"People who opt out of reproducing usually do so in a pathological effort to extend their adolescence. It's a tragic mistake: The only way to truly relive childhood is by experiencing it secondhand through your kids."

"Public execution seems inhumane to the sentimentality-poisoned, but it's far more merciful than long-term incarceration and I'm pretty sure it would discourage the vast majority of crime. Lifelong imprisonment is the ultimate expression fo pathological avoidance posturing as a moral code. If you don't have the ethical conviction required to make a decisive judgement about the context or severity of an offender's actions, no problem - just let them rot in a box indefinitely."

"I don't 'redpill' people anymore, becasue it's basically equipping someone with nightmare goggles. Everyone I've done that for is miserable now."

"My distrust in healthcare lies not in criminal markup costs or overprescribed opioids, but rather that the most vapid and sociopathic girls from my high school all became nurses."

"People who disparage 'I was born in the wrong generation' kids have been used to deflect from the correct intuition that we are living in times of steep cultural decline."

"You outgrow misogyny when you recognize the universal truth that behind every woman's mistake is a man who let it happen."

"I've always had a thing for older women, and I anticipate that'll pay off throughout marriage."

"We live in a country founded for the sole purpose of defying its parent nation so please don't be shocked that it couldn't even be loyal to itself for 200 years. You know how relationships that begin as acts of infidelity are always doomed to destroy themselves from the resentment and distrust they inevitably induce? Why wouldn't the same go for nations founded via revolution? You don't actually live in America anymore. You live on a vast landmass referred to as 'America' ruled by an evil empire that calls itself 'America' but you don't actually live in America anymore. There have been like 6 or 7 'Americas' since its inception. You know this, right? Freedom, equality, pursuit of happiness etc - does anyone pretend these concepts are collectively understood anymore? America's credo was defined ONLY in opposition to the empire it resisted, now its founding terms are meaningless. Maybe they always were. Go ahead, ask 10 people what 'freedom and equality' mean and recoil in horror as your receive 10 different answers. That's a bug, not a feature. In 2020 America isn't so much an idea as it is a series of empty platitudes. America's a dead language. Think the founders really believed 'all men are created equal?' By modern standards George Washington would be worth half a billion. Jefferson owned (and raped) slaves. Woe to the Constitution-worshipping morons who don't see the profound dissonance espoused by these founders. We're all revisionists with regard to the vagueness of the original documents, but there's none more pitiful than people who plead that you read the Federalist Papers and private letters to ascertain their TRUE founding intent. I don't care, the founders were wealthy sophists who lied to justify themselves. America doesn't belong to you, conservative - you're not her type. You want to go slow and steady, make an honest woman out of her. LMAO. America wants to get screwed behind a dumpster. Freak out and let future generations clean up the mess, THAT'S revolution baby. As disorder begats disorder, revolution begats revolution. That's why conservatives are always displaced - they're not revolutionaries, and revolution is the sole American tradition. Pitiful 'classical liberal', you want to 'conserve', what, the seeds of your own oppression? Newsflash: the rightful inheritors of America ARE antifa and black people who, true to American tradition, derive their moral justification from the opposition, the RESISTANCE of a thing: First as tragedy (the crown), then as farce (whiteness). Revolution is a cycle, not an event. We're late-stage (probably). We're at the part where society is so far removed from the founding trauma which caused our dysfunction that we just destroy our own culture every 10 years to cope. Everything that happens in America now is a self-cleansing act of nature, like an uncontrolled forrest fire. You're the squirrel. You can't 'fix' it, no system can fix it, you can only survive it. That's your goal: Survive America. Good luck!"

"Whenever you see a vid of some horrible new dystopian feature of our society, don't get bummed that it's happening, but instead be glad our decline is being documented in HD so that future empires can learn from our mistakes."

"Seems much of what's attributed to 'postpartum depression' actually stems from the understandable despair of having to raise newborns without the aid of female support networks in a culture that forms women to be anything but mothers. Working class stay-at-home moms today are unsung heros. Most independently bear the colossal brunt of child-rearing that should be shared by a a sisterhood of mothers - siblings, grandmothers, cousins, friends etc who have instead been crudely made into unmaternal social climbers.

"Your boys won't shame you out of being a fat gamer slob. That tinder whore's old man won't kick your ass for mistreating his daughter. Male accountability culture is dead, so you gotta hold yourself to standards greater men would've imposed."

"Most instances of women posting their L's are in fact L's for men, since behind every millennial spinster lamenting the indignity of getting pissed on by yet another tinder date is a father who failed her."

"At this point, 'conservative' just means a particularly annoying type of liberal who gets off on irritating other liberals by performatively defending the plutocrats and mega rich politicians ruining everyone's lives."

"Most parents today don't actually love their own kids but view them as mere life props onto which they can project aesthetic and political preferences since neoliberalism has deprived them of fiscal/spiritual impetuses to procreate. Most parents don't take their kids to religious services. Most parents let their 10-year-olds play murder spree simulators. Most dads know what happens at college but send their daughters anyways. The statement 'Most parents don't actually love their kids' shouldn't be controversial. People say they love their family then use the same word to describe how they feel about their favorite soda so don't tell me that secular neoliberal culture entails a deeper understanding of 'love' than a fleeting sentimental association. Love isn't hard to understand - it's just applied goodwill. If you aren't actively willing that which is objectively good toward someone then you don't actually love them."

"Abortion is like the ultimate 'single-issue' issue, as you can pretty much guarantee that anyone who finds it morally acceptable to kill a baby before they're born also has 1000 other things wrong with them and their worldview."

"I don't think being called 'they/them' in itself improves a certain type of person's life quality, so much as the sadistic thrill of getting to arbitrarily dominate the minds and vocabularies of feeble-minded liberals around them."

"Something they don't teach in sex ed is when you stop dating someone you had sex with, you develop this tiny nagging sense in the back of your mind like you have unfinished business with that person and it never really goes away. If conservatives were smart they'd ditch futile STD lessons and instead scare their kids into abstinence by telling the truth that sex creates an enduring psycho-emotional pair bond that is deeply painful and confusing when formed with the wrong person."

"I know we're conditioned to view non-democratic political systems like oppressive nightmare regimes but seriously just imagine how much healthier and less anxious society would be in general if we never had to worry about voting again."

"Stonetoss's 'Burgers?' is the most incisive political meme created in the 21st century. It succintly summarizes an entire movement."

"Often the same women who have unresolved parental issues, screw random people, experience frequent depressive phases etc are those who most aggressively pontificate about the benefits of therapy - that’s how you know it’s part of the problem."

"Problem with calling today's politics fascist, communist etc is none of those antiquated ideologies even come close to describing the evil of a belief system that justifies killing babies because their families are poor."

"So many low status leftist dudes support abortion, the pill etc because they can only get laid in the context of trivial, consequence-free hookup culture by women whose hormonal birth control causes self-hatred. They're marriagecels."

"Therapy is prostitution of meaningful communication rather than lovemaking now that social media makes normies think 'having a conversation' means talking about themselves at each other ad nauseam like spoken status updates."

"Replace public school with a mentorship program for boys where retired handymen impart actual wisdom like construction/philosophy/native american languages etc. Senior year is 13 and your class graduates by building a home for a hobo."

"Lesbians don’t look like the movies. Lesbian couples are simply two insufferable women who’ve decided they hate men more than they like each other and have to settle or die."

"Lesbians resent each other with an intensity that only two women could muster."

"Maybe the real family-abolishing Marxist isn't the blue haired bitch but rather her conservative father who deferred the upbringing of his daughter to disinterested daycare workers and government teachers instead of her own mom."

The guy who asks 'What do you mean public school is a psyop meant to turn kids into obsequious neoliberal worker drones' is the same guy who never wondered why his 2nd grade teacher punished him for using the bathroom without permission and 'working ahead'."

"Even if you logged off for the rest of your life, you'll still be surrounded by people who are permanently damaged by the internet."

"Democracy is a form of manufactured consent in which the ruling class excuses their misdeeds by saying 'sorry, you voted for this' or 'sorry, your neighbor voted for this' after dictating what and who you were even allowed to vote for in the first place."

"For the most part rightists use irony to articulate truths they're not supposed to share and leftists use irony to avoid confronting the fact that they subscribe to a completely ridiculous and incoherent worldview."

"For 90% of 'patients', therapy is just a bourgeois status symbol and the few benefits it does confer can be just as easily achieved by having a sustained conversation with somebody who possesses even a modicum of listening skills."

"I'm starting to think ultimate appeal of transgenderism lies not in the affirmation of one's identity or whatever but in joining the only group of people allowed to say whatever they want without risk of unpersonment."

"Conservatives wouldn't need to worry about the corrupting influence of superficial occult imagery in trash pop music videos if they raised their kids to have a modicum of culture or good taste."

"I think the idea people are evil because they are poor and would be less evil with more money is pretty messed up and I don't get why that is woke and I don't get why it's progressive to think money is magic. I think you should love people enough to punish them for evil, and to neglect doing so means you don't see them as human."

"I get why misguided 'people who do politically-charged press conferences right after their kid is shot are crisis actors' theories might be easier to accept than the grim reality that many parents are simply eager to exploit their child's death for media attention and liberal clout."

"In a 'non-free speech society', saying mean things about God is a crime. In a 'free speech' society, saying mean things about people who surgically reconstruct their genitals for cosmetic reasons is a crime. Hmm tough choice."

"My earliest childhood recollection is my dad screaming at my mom and throwing kitchen stuff around. Terrifying stuff. One rule I hold myself to as dad of a toddler is to treat every moment like it could end up being his first memory."

"Conservatives and terfs alike reject trans identity politics while failing to assert what it means to be a man or woman in terms of concrete social responsibilities, so in a way both groups are partially to blame for trans identity politics."

"The funny thing about 'Imagine' by John Lennon is the closer America gets to embodying the ideals portrayed in that song (no borders, no religion, no possessions etc) the worse off it gets by almost every metric."

"If your ideas appeal to porn-brained liberal sex pests, bourgeois college 'socialists', irony-poisoned internet junkies etc then your ideas probably don't have much revolutionary potential."

"One good way to gauge a woman's wife material status is to imagine an unattractive old woman who acts exactly like her and then decide whether that seems tolerable or not."

"Divorce is generally bad but divorcing your spouse after they've become permanently bonded to you through the act of creating numerous children together is insanely evil and should be illegal aside from instances of severe abuse."


"The current coronavirus combo trend of Dem politicians letting convicts out of jail during a pandemic while they close gun stores and tell cops not to arrest people would seem over-the-top if you wrote it in a screen play."


"Kids who read books under the table in class display a staggering combination of stellar qualities. Casual disregard for authority, curiosity and desire for real learning. Give them all scholarships to do whatever the hell they want."

"We know what to do with food surplus and cognitive surplus, but nobody knows what to do with a pussy surplus."

"The problem with most 'hot takes' is not the take itself, but its delivery. People aren't too edgy - they mostly lack charm and grace. To be a bit more precise, I'm not talking about the pretense of charm, like vocabulary or posture. I'm talking about actual persuasion, which is grounded in sensitivity to others. The common image of the narcissist is a sort of simplistic, self-obsessed person - like a dumb zombie. Actually, an 'advanced narcissist' can possess a heightened sensitivity to others, can seem to care about you more than anybody else does. This is how you get cults. The greatest leaders are masters of theatre and drama."


"Turns out that when my literature teachers told me to read banned books, they weren't talking about books written by far-right schizo mystics."


"You can't save the ones who can't hold their heads up straight."


"The info-technological threat is the threat of an eradication of the night, of that precious difference between night and day, by a total illumination of all moments. In the past, messages faded on a planetary scale, faded with distance. Today, we are threatened with lethal sunstroke, with a blinding profusion, by the ceaseless feedback of all information to all points of the globe. It's a good thing we ourselves do not live in real time! What would we be in 'real' time? We would be identified at each moment exactly with ourselves. A torment equivalent to that of eternal daylight - a kind of epilepsy of presence, epilepsy of identity. Autism, madness. No more absence from oneself, no more distance from others. Now, otherness is that happy distortion without which everyone would simultaneously be me. It is the vital illusion of otherness which prevents the ego from succumbing to absolute reality."


"You may ask, what's the first sentence of the best novel that will be written about this epidemic? Personally, I'm unconvinced any good novels will be written anymore. The Great American Novel has been replaced by ethnonarcissist nonsense about how hard it is to live in 21st century America."


"Level 1 communication: 'There's a lion across the river' means 'There's a lion across the river'.

Level 2 communication: 'There's a lion across the river' means 'I don't want to go across the river'.

Level 3 communication: 'There's a lion across the river' means 'I'm with the popular kids who are to cool too go across the river'.

Level 4 communication: 'There's a lion across the river' means 'A firm stance against trans-river expansionism focus-gruped well with undecided voters in my constituency.'

Once you get it, there's very little personal reason to do anything below Level 4 with anyone except the most trusted allies."

—@nosilverv Rival Voices

"The job of Church communications (aka 'proclaiming the Gospel') is the job of the herald, of the troubador, of the shaggy, bedraggled prophet eating locusts in the desert. It is certainly not the job of the modern public relations and marketing professionals. Sometimes they say dumb things and get in trouble for it, but people at least know they're not being lied to. The value of being genuine is greatly underestimated."


"Most people are broken, depressed vectors for toxoplasmosis, and would love to see you become the same. You can only trust a small cadre of the mildly-insane to guide you to health and well-being."


"A lot of Westerners who misunderstand their own culture and hate themselves turn to Eastern religions. Once you've healed yourself from the childhood traumas you've received from false Christians, you can begin to look at Christianity with a Beginner's Mind and learn from it. Some are fortuante enough to not have the baggages of those who label themselves 'Christian'. Most are not ready for the Christianity of Kierkegaard, Girard, and Dostoevsky."

—@MimeticValue Mimetic Contagion

"Never forget that underneath the exoskeleton of 'irony' and irreverence lies soft and gooey innards of sentimentality. In the end, Marxists are just Christians without Jesus."

—@bolshoivik, En Retard

"Both the head of the WHO and the US Surgeon-General were chosen for Intersectionality Pokemon Points and then crapped the bed on a world historical scale, and none of the people who saw this coming 20 years in advance will ever be permitted a voice in running anything."

"The crazy thing about being Woke is that you can't afford to be ignorant of any racial slurs. You need the full rainbow. You need to know that '[group] is known for being x, y, and z, so you must never imply that a member of [group] is either x, y, z, or the opposite of x, y, or z'. You don't see color? You like your black coworkers, and treat them like anyone else? That's maladaptive. Adaptive is thinking of them as simple and dangerous animals, whom you must never displease."

"Blacks are the beneficiaries of a society-wide, decades-long effort to elevate them while hiding their horrific crimes and civilizational ineptitude, and yet people still take seriously the idea that they're horrifically oppressed."

—@FreeHeloRidesDC, Deathbed Washington, Cast Down Washington

"The only way to get eugenics fans to be skeptical of eugenics is just to get them to imagine it's minorities and/or women making the decisions, and then they become panicked. Selective, self-interested enforcement is obviously built into the system."

"A true heterodox thinker should be a perpetual outsider, viewed with ambivalence or suspicion by every ideologically-oriented community. A tertiary figure that members of every group find themselves agreeing or disagreeing with at least some of the time, but never all of the time."

—@Evolving_Moloch, Will

"Common sense, instinct, folk knowledge, and racist internet autists are far greater than any 'evidence'."


"The decline of organized religion in the West did not lead to the rise of critical-rationalist empiricism. Instead, what bubbled up from the cognitive substrate was shamanism."


"Most homeschoolers keep the peace with public schoolers by saying something like, 'it works for us, but it's not for everyone'. In reality, it's for almost everyone. Two thirds of the benefits of homeschooling are baked into the cake just by not doing public school. The biggest danger of public schooling for Christians isn't indoctrination or exposure to degeneracy (although those are important). It's the unfathomable waste of childhood that could have been used to cultivate a human being of great substance. Half of the 'homeschool makes you weird' meme is the reputation of the first wave of homeschoolers, who really were out there (out-there solutions select for out-there people). The other half is public schoolers' cope."

"Public schooling is a pie-eating contest, where the prize is more pie."

"Homeschooling is so much more time-efficient than public school, that almost any amount of time spent slacking from the routine is forgivable."

"The only reason you should reasonably be worried by the quality of your home schooling is if your child is significantly behind grade level; even then, it's probably a learning disability that the school isn't equipped to handle anyway."

"It's hilarious that parents are convinced they have to constantly stimulate their kids' intellect from ages 0 to 5, and then from 5 onward, if you don't send your kid away from you all day, they'll fall behind."

"Because Christian homeschoolers are especially devout, the kids are stereotyped as obedient followers. But the sheer scale of institutionalization necessary just to keep schools from descending into chaos means they churn out much more conformist kids than homeschooling does. If anything, you sometimes have to nudge homeschool kids into falling in line just to get along when they're doing activities with others. They're not used to being regulated minute-by-minute like that."

"When you picture the alternative to homeschooling, don't think of kindly Mrs. Branford, your baby boomer 1st grade teacher. Think instead of the girls who are on campus right now at your State U, studying elementary education. This is who will be spending 40 hours a week with your kid."

"Hell is other people('s kids)."

"Have you ever seen a kid get injured, and spend two weeks in a hospital? Often times, the school districts will have somebody come in to see them to bring them up to date for the two weeks they've missed. It takes an hour."

"If you marry a woman and then choose not to have kids, you are literally cucked by nothingness... cucked by thin air."


"Remember that Black September was dismantled by the Palestine Liberation Organization by marrying off young ultranationalists to beautiful Lebanese women. The output of any troublemaker can be solved by just giving him a girlfriend."

"Once again, it is going to take internet hobbyists a month of serious work to reverse another blood livel race hoax propagated by people literally paid to investigate and talk about things. Progressivism does not exist on basis of fact, it exists on a monopoly of coethnic narratives created ad hoc to justify looting of white kulaks."

"Remember that we have to build and maintain our own institutions, our own donor networks, our own political infrastructure etc. everything else is compromised, indifferent, or hostile to us."

"All of this boss-babe instagram garbage is like putting a rolls royce sticker on a used tacoma. Nothing against trucks, but the issue at hand is much more serious. Civilizational decay and international finance has looted us and people who could change things are just scamming each other."


"It's still slightly baffling that people can see stuff like the 1619 project and still believe in the conventional liberal narrative of what 'the press' is. What kind of normal newspaper grandly announces a 'project' to re-frame national history against any expert consensus purely on its own editorial authority?"

"It's only from a Marxist perspective that you realize how transdimensionally evil is the basic, normie 'democratic socialism'. The combination of Modern Monetary Theory, Regressivist Environmentalism, and High Taxes is about permanently keeping capitalism on life support and regressing all of humanity to the lowest form of bug-life in the process. When you see Economist profiles about 'Was Marx Right?' they don't mean 'Was Marx right about abolishing wage labor?', they mean 'Was Marx right about the need for the state to takeover the economy and artificially produce scarcity for capitalism to survive?'. That is basically the role of the entire Keynesian Left. And this is somehow portrayed as the 'nice person' politics."

"It is incomprehensible to me how most people are just chill with mediocrity."

"The not-even-implicit ruling class opinion is, 'It's fine if the country declines and humanity as a whole enters a broad timespan of stagnation, so long as everyone has free healthcare and lives longer and nobody is racist.' Eternal truths were invented because most people simply cannot conceive of the future. 19th century 'History-as-Religion' failed because of this. The average educated person will agree that the population is aging, and that aging population will take resources from the young, but then never allow these facts to impact their view on, say, the NHS. They are exiled to a transcendental realm of inevitability."

"The only consequence of the entire civilisational elite being implicated in industrial-scale child abuse will be American women memeing the age of consent to 27. I want to remind everyone that I have been warning against this for years now and saw it coming before a thousand anti-SJW thinkpiece articles talk about how 'no one saw this coming'. People need to process the trauma of this. Tom Hanks being a homosexual rapist is hard for normal people. Nobody else is allowed to talk about it - so it will be channelled into this instead. No one is prepared for the scale of hysteria and pushback. It will be like the Satanic panic x 75 combined with the 1840s Evangelical turn and Prohibition. If society as a whole is still left-wing it will take the form of feminism. If not it will be anti-porn Catholicism."

"Never trust the Government. To have not visited a therapist in your life is to have died successful. Free time is more important than money. Don't confuse empathy with morality. Be nice and loyal to your family but never trust them with your problems. Only become addicted to things which kill you. Take everything you believe to its farthest logical conclusions. Only forgive your enemies after you defeat them. Do at least something with the ambition that it will survive your death. The only valuable information is information that you can connect to other information. The best lie is radical honesty. You only need to be honest about the lies you tell yourself."

"To understand America - it was run by the smartest people the human race has ever produced in raw IQ who minutely designed its structure of power, and then in 1960 they just disappeared and they were the only people who knew history. Now you understand everything about America."

"The Left will keep denying the Great Man Theory of History even as all its failures come down to uninspiring leaders making short-term mistakes. Imagine in Occupy Wallstreet, that instead of spending half the day deciding on who can speak, they just had one man with the intuitive ability to read and surmise the mood of the crowd and an iron-determination to Hang the Bankers."

—@Mikkasith, wrongogroyper, mikkagroyper, mikkker, mikkkkre

"The intended implication of 'blacks get fewer resume callbacks' was always supposed to be 'therefore you should believe your society is willing to kill them for no reason'. Anyone arguing that blacks are massively disregarded by the justice system will eventually run into the problem that most evidence disagrees with this. So instead, they trot out toy experiments about petty racial slights, which are presented as proving murderous intent. Major crimes and police killings are well-studied, and there is little to no disparity. So what you do instead is play with the Kuleshov effect - cutting from a shot of a black guy getting charged 7% more by a car dealer, to a black guy in jail, to imply that the latter is arbitrary."

"As a white person living in America today, it's sort of immaterial whether the people designating me the inheritor of a centuries-long ledger of grievance claims believe this to be 'innate' or just so thoroughly embedded in 'whiteness' as to be a defining part of my life."

"When you see a headline like 'A white bar owner in Omaha who shot and killed a black protester won't face charges', it's a clear example of a 'news' headline that contains no explicit lie, but conveys an untruth and imparts a political message. It only exists to pour fuel on a fire of racial hate. When the state says they investigated whether the victim used any 'racial tone', they're implying that had the white man used the wrong language in response to being attacked by blacks, his rights would be forfeit and they'd be considering charges."

"In totalitarian societies, there are no individual dissidents; they burn you and your whole family."


"Economists have no skin in the game, play motte-and-bailey with Econ 101 tier insights, and are overwhelmingly aligned with a certain ideological campaign. Even if they were smart, why would anybody trust them to be impartial? I am familiar with Econ 101. I am familiar with marginal revenue product of labor. I accept that there are thereotical downsides to restricting labor mobility. I have also watched economists exaggerate these downsides for years. I have also watched them downplay the human costs of immigration and offshoring in the face of tremendous suffering. I have watched them persistently assume that humans are 'rational economic agents' and weirdly ignore the neuroscience that subtly undercuts these assumptions."

"We're not gonna play the game where you assign me reading in a debate. Either make the case in the format of the debate, or leave."


"If you can't trust your neighbor with a gun, what are you doing trusting him with the right to vote?"

"Something threatens the power elite? Yep that's a neonazi thing, yep racists are into it. Every single time. Investigate pedo rings among American politicians? Whoops sorry that's incel school shooter racist nazi conspiracy theory haha stop talking about that!"

"Fascism was created to combat antifascism, not the other way around. The names might be cause for confusion, but I assure you that this is the historical truth, and I invite you to look it up. Ask Mussolini, ask Mosley, they'll tell you the same thing. The primary function of Antifa is the encouragement of fascist attitudes. Why were fascists often authoritarian and militant in their dealings? Because of constant misrepresentation, shutting down of meetings open to the public, and intimidation or silencing by their opposition. Since the opposition used violence, fascists had to respond in kind. This was before fascism actually did anything, before any world war. Just simple political violence by international socialists."

"I'll stop voting for 'fascism' when you start actually improving this country. Til then I'm supporting whoever is The New Hitler every single time. Not my fault Literally Hitler is better than you. Sucks to suck I guess."

"Whether you're reading eastern pagan writings or the sayings of the desert fathers, you'll find that the wise hermits and sages, in every place and in every epoch of history, have advised that to become wise, you must first be fucking retarded."

—@BroncRad, @Orcbrnd, OrcBrand, @BRANDhaunter, @OKommando

"We're starting to realize, as a culture, that facts are as solid as mud to build a foudnation on."

"Video games, porn, and drugs are not evil. Evil comes from intentionality, and they are inanimate, devoid of intention. If something could be innately bad, then it stands that things could be innately good; but we well know that the Devil quotes scripture."

"The modern mindset is that we are simply assemblages of atoms, that intentionality cannot exist, that good and evil do not exist."


"The constant rejoinder of 'true conservatives' and the like is that pornography and video games have destroyed generations of men; meanwhile, the only solution they can put forward is whiskey, culture, art of manliness, beard balm culture. This is not manliness, this is a cargo cult of manliness."


"Progressives condemn one form of child abuse (molestation) while enthusiastically praising the other (gender transitioning your child), because one is socially unacceptable (for now) while the other is acceptable. They don't bat an eye at the revelation that the mother is doing worse abuse than the father. Monstrous sexual abuse of children is routinely praised by the media, by corporations, and by mainstream politicians. 'Trans kids' is the final litmus test of whether you have a moral bone in your body, or if you will truly believe and do anything society tells you to do."

"The term 'Systemic racism' means holding black people to white standards of behavior, like not resisting arrest and grabbing a cop's gun."

"It has been 100 years since women gained the right to vote. It was a good run, but I think we have more than enough data to end this failed experiment."

—@Nixonist, Turning Point Gomorrah

"Patriarchy is when rapists get strung up to a light pole. Matriarchy is when rapists get asked about their childhood trauma."

"Marxists competitively read books on political theory written by googley-eyed dwarfs who never held public office. Whoever quotes the least human-looking intellectual is the best Marxist."

"Pornstars trying to educate kids about sex should be put down like rabid dogs."

"George Orwell fought for Marxism against Christians in the Spanish Civil War. 1984 is about how Stalin wasn’t doing 'real communism'."

"People talk about the worst-case scenarios of marriage, like abuse or infidelity, but nobody talks about the worst-case scenarios of staying single, such as 'looking for new experiences' into your 40s or becoming a demented sex tourist that nobody wants around their family."

"The problem with joining the cool irony left is that in a couple years you’re a humorless wokescold enforcer and all your friends are insufferable pedants who quote 'theory'."

"There will be no game-changing moment of passionate self-indulgence. Your dedication to 'the cause' will be measured by careful planning, having the patience of a saint, being hated by the worst people on earth, overcoming pointless obstacles, and years of mind-numbing toil. Odysseus looked at the horizon and cried too."

"You can talk to people who have tried to kill themselves multiple times while seeing some therapist woman and they’ll listen to anything as long as you don’t tell them the problem is that their soul is messed up in a way described by Aristotle 2,400 years ago. Understanding that your problems are not unique is the beginning of being normal."

"God is the first cause of any harm from punishment that comes to us. He whips us as a father and this whip is a sign of love. While it seems like our work comes from the malice of men, we know all hell would have no power if the Lord didn't use their ill will for our benefit."

"After the communist revolution, I think I’d just go to work and keep my head down while trying to avoid the ideological police and informants - oh wait, that’s what I already do. As a stylistic choice, though, I’d really rather have rat faced murderers in overcoats asking me for my papers everywhere I go than the twinks and lunch ladies they’ve got doing it now."

—@OldBookClub, @SchoolOfAmerica, @Hamiltonianist, Book Cat

"Women make a lot more sense once you start seeing them as semi-sentient eugenic bio-assemblers which haven't received firmware updates since the stone age."

—@chimericide, CCide

"When you stop deluding yourself and start noticing, you don't go back."

—@JFedposter, Johnny Fedposter

"I'm not interested in engaging in the battlefield of ideas, I'm interested in calling people I instinctively dislike gay."


"You think we don't go to the moon anymore because we there's no point? No, it's totally possible and good to do, but we haven't been back because we can't do it anymore. You must accept this fact, because you're gonna need to start applying it to much more mundane societal feats in the coming decades."


"You learn language primarily based on who you want to bang."

"A lot of nationalism is people wanting a very narrow band of appearances in one country. Which is cool. I'll admit I'd like a very narrow band of intelligence in my country."

"There is a lot of confusion about women being 'naturally left-wing'. Women are more sensitive to the in-group-out-group distinction than men. They are natural Schmittians. Liberalism, on the other hand, is a product of the autistic male desire for universal rules. If fascism came to Britain, I do not think it would begin in a beer hall. It would begin on Mumsnet. We may even be seeing this over transgenderism. It is not the Church of England or the football lads opposing reassignment surgery. It is angry mums like Rowling who mostly still think of themselves as liberals."

"Socialism is catnip because it promises status to people who, deep down, know they shouldn't have it."


"I'm sorry this is happening to you, I'm sorry you're getting older, and I'm sorry about your terrible relationship with your dad."


"Leftists are terrified at the prospect of being outflanked on the left economically by the right wing. They need the right to be Scrooge McDuck, or their whole racket falls apart. Once the right wing also wants to protect the working class but eliminates drag queen story hour, it's game over."

"The reason why conservatives don't care about thugs burning down the Minneapolis police department - no reciprocity. Why defend people who won't defend you? That mythos of 'sometimes they make mistakes, but it's a hard job and they're keepers of the peace' is rapidly fading even on the right. Look at the mess of many political rallies - total failure by police. They don't keep the sides safe. When fights break out, only the right side faces any consequences for it. Most infamously, when the cops purposely threw the two sides at each other. They're supposed to defend people's rights. It's like upside-down world - the right-leaning people don't support the police? How could this even happen? But that's how bad it's gotten. That's how badly they're screwing up. That constituency is a gimme, and they can't."

"I don't care anymore. The problem is going to come when enough people get even halfway to where I am. What happens when each side feels deeply slighted and wants restitution? These are mutually exclusive claims. Then what? For now, their side has a monopoly on this dynamic (wringing out concessions for perceived slights). The other side could join the chat - and then it's a fight. They browbeat for now: 'You haven't been wronged. So fragile. Only we have been wronged.' If that ever wears thin, it'll be ugly."

"Nassim Taleb said, 'the most intolerant wins', which combines with the phrase 'you deserve what you tolerate' to produce what we're seeing in society today."

"If I were the police in any city where liberals have completely taken over, I'd get the hell out of dodge, knowing Republicans place election strategies above maintaining order. Nobody is coming for you. What if they beat you to death? Your only alternative is defending yourself and becoming the next media target, with your life ruined for the trouble."

"Things are getting really Soviet-esque now in America. Be careful what you say, even your own family can't be trusted. Compelled to keep clapping, compelled to tell party line lies."

"In good news, I didn't see any straight white men doing any facebook or instagram BLM rituals. Note that my definition of 'straight white men' is defined, partially, by whether they did the rituals."

"I'm beginning to think South Africa isn't a majority, but a mindset. I've done this hot take myself: 'You're being alarmist: South Africa was always white minority, at worst we'll be Brazil, since blacks will be 13% for the foreseeable future'. But 13% might be more than enough, given the mindset of today's white people."

—@SelimSeesYou, Selim Bradley

"People want to see your strength fail, because they struggle to feel their own."


"Trump was able to withstand the media pressure, because he was a billionaire and he was retarded. The perfect political storm for somebody who is unbeatable."


"Online schooling works alright with older kids, maybe 10-12 depending on their maturity. It's a complete waste, though, for anyone younger. I'd rather younger kids go play aimlessly in the dirt in the back yard. If a lockdown persisted, should we just forget the idea of elementary school?"

"Midwit technocrats love implementing Measures that are mechanically linked to Metrics attaining made-up Thresholds. The Measures don't need to actually have a direct influence on the Metrics; that's not required. The point is to remove decisionmaking responsibility. If there are 'objective' Thresholds (made-up by someone, somewhere else) that must be reached before Measures can be altered, then no one can blame you or hold you responsible for the Measures. 'What do you want me to do. We're not there yet.' This whole process feels very Sciencey and Reasonable to very many people, which is why it's impossible to dislodge. And perhaps it would be, and is, in contexts where the linkage between the Measures and the Metrics is at least somewhat tight and predictable. My issue however is that we have been doing it in contexts where that's not the case at all. 'We have to keep schools closed until the 7-Day New Cases Per 100k count drops below X.' This is just a cargo-cult. Building fake 'air-traffic-control towers' until planes show up. It physically hurts my brain to see this type of policy in action. You understand that, right? I see it, and I see how stupid it is. I can't not. And my brain rebels. It sends signals of pain, due to how stupid it is, and how stupid everyone is being. What do you expect me to do?"


"If conservatives rise to the challenge of the day, then they will likely no longer be called conservatives. Because what needs to be done - attempting to refound America again after the leftists did so last century - is not, by definition, very conservative. Counter-revolutionary, maybe."

—@docMJP, Matthew J Peterson

"Here is what has happened to the word 'race' - they take a word that is well-understood by everyone (black = skin color), and inject it with a new meaning (black = Democrat). If you resist this, they treat it as denial of the original concept. It's just motte-and-bailey."

"The left, as it has ever existed, has always been nothing more than a project for people to mobilize a mob and set them on nice juicy kulak targets."

"Every single tweet and hot-take complaining about them could seamlessly replace the term 'white people' with 'Dad'. Really makes you think."

"It shocks me that some people are dumb enough to think the problem with looting and burning down stores in your neighborhood is that Target could lose money. If the guy in the apartment next to you makes twice as much as you and someone breaks down his door and steals all his stuff one night when he's out, how does it make you feel about where you live? Are you happy because he can afford to replace it? Now I know that most people saying things like this don't even believe it - they're just so thoroughly infected with class politics, they have to make excuses. But having safety and stability in your neighborhood is a very basic human need. You can't spin this into something good."

"It's not the threat of violence from police that stop people from going buck-wild and stealing or destroying things. Creating a person who won't do those things requires two things: 1. That their basic needs are met; 2. Inculcation with values that discourage it. You will see progressives who argue that 1 alone will do the trick, but that's a lie. People with full bellies will torch their neighborhood if a sports franchise wins a title. Or they'll allow public spaces to rot away because they don't care about things that are communally-held. There are people who think 2 is the answer by itself, which is also a lie. I shouldn't have to explain why: bread riots, armed robbery of flour during the Depression. I don't think there are a lot of people who genuinely believe this anymore, though. It would be interesting to look at the people who are in Camp 1 vs Camp 2. How many of them are there? What places do they hold in society? I have my suspicions."

"As far as I can tell, the only real demand of feminism is to abolish the concept of 'ladies' while retaining the concept of 'gentlemen'."

"I was thinking that progressives talking to whites sound exactly like my childhood southern Methodist pastor begging sinners to repent, but that's not really true. With Jesus, there is at least some tangible thing you can do. In this religion, there is no way to become saved, you are hell-bound forever. This denomination is like belonging to a church that told you the only way to get into heaven was if the current Democratic candidate got elected president."

"You can send your kid off to college and let them spend years marinating in an ideology that is not only pro-rioting, but haughtily condescends fellow travelers for not being sufficiently pro-riot enough."

"Whenever someone tells you that 'the nuclear family was a myth,' you should treat that with the same seriousness as a 400 lb person telling you that 'There's no such thing as a healthy weight'."

—@Maarblek, Maarek

"If you know anything about the history of intelligence testing, you know that when you eliminate the SAT, you end up at one of three places: accidentally re-create the SAT, make a test that measures nothing, or just build a creepy political litmus test."


"If a father is too strict, she will probably become a slut. If a father is too permissive, she will probably become a slut. Raising a daughter is, by far, the greatest challenge a man can face in his lifetime."


"If you don't own a gun, you don't love your family."


"There has never been a greater opportunity to show people the agenda and the narrative, and who is behind it, than during a race riot. I'm getting asked a lot about how this happened, and why so quickly. You need a few things to help a normie feel open to thinking about things differently than they have their done for their entire life: You need to be understanding, empathetic, and reasonable, and have an 'in'. Nobody responds well to 'Wake Up!' or 'Why don't you see this?' or one-sided ranting and raving. And a normie definitely doesn't respond well to slurs and epithets. You have to first understand and repeat the other side's argument to show you're reasonable. Then dismantle it. They say they're disproportionate victims of interracial violence? You can easily prove that to be false. You know the stats. They say 'didnu nuffin and for no reason at all they're hunted by white people', while they had specifically just targeted a white person to victimize. This was my 'in'. My wife knows all about narcissists. Narcissists omit the part of a story that makes them look bad. They project what they do onto their victim. They flip the narrative to make themselves the victim and rally others against their victim. They do no wrong, and cannot self-reflect, so they're never accountable. I gave her example after example of national stories where this was the case - from Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Ahmaud Arbery, and circled back to the interracial crime statistics, and it crushed the popular false narrative in her eyes. She saw the ethnic narcissism for what it was."


"Conquest's Second Law of Politics states that, 'Any organization not explicitly and constitutionally right-wing will, sooner or later, become left-wing.' Or, as Moldbug phrased it, 'Cthulhu may swim slowly, but he always swims left.' This seems incontrovertibly true, but why? Right about now, you may be wondering why your bank, your credit card company, your grocery store, your university, hollywood studios, your streaming services, your social media, clothing stores, game developers, and ice cream companies are all tweeting racial agitprop. As late as 2016, the democratic candidates all stood on stage and said some variation of 'All Lives Matter' - today, this will get you fired from any respectable institution. What gives? Why is the left *always* on 'the right side of history'? Samuel Johnson famously said that 'the first Whig was the Devil.' If the left is chaos and the right is order then naturally things tend toward entropy over time, right? But human institutions aren't closed thermodynamic systems - there must be a mechanism causing chaos to emerge. To understand the mechanism, you must first understand what 'left' and 'right' mean. Some people say that this is a vestigial artifact of the French Revolution. In specific details, that's correct. But it doesn't explain why you can look at the Roman Republic and tell who's who. I submit to you that there is substance to the concept of 'right' and 'left.' I say that being 'right' means believing in the superiority of Evolved Systems and being 'left' means believing in the superiority of Planned Systems. The right is the philosophy of tradition, of religion, of hierarchy, of Burkean incrementalism, of survival of the fittest, of primitivism. Each of these are in tension with each other on specific points, but they are all about the maintenance of evolved value systems. The most fundamentally right-wing thinker is Nassim Taleb. #Lindy is a right-wing ideology. The rightist understands that the world is a strange and horrifying place and that the tools we use to navigate it were bought with generations of human suffering. We do not have complete theories of anything. All we have are heuristics. Man cannot produce absolute truth, it is the domain of God alone. The best that man can do in this world is 'true enough.' True enough to survive. True enough to be filtered until it becomes tradition. The left is the philosophy of expertise, of science, of 'progressing' past the beliefs of our hidebound ancestors, of individual freedom and self-expression outside inherited rules, of caring for those who cannot survive, of man as the beginning and the end of all things. The left believes that man is perfectible in principle. That man's ability to reason can produce better and more effective morality than what has been selected for over the generations. That the 'rational' maximization of pleasure and minimization of pain is the whole of morality. If this were so wrong that anyone who embraced it died quickly and painfully, we wouldn't have a problem. But human societies are like commercial jets - they can glide for a long time before they crash. And in the meantime, you don't have to listen to those dreadful engines. So, back to our original question. Why does Cthulhu always swim left? Because to do politics is an essentially left-wing act. To make changes to what has been selected for in favor of particular human interests is to trade the robust for the ephemeral. Sometimes it's not a big deal. Plenty of beliefs are probably pretty arbitrary, and taken individually rather than as part of an interconnected system they may seem especially meaningless. But over time - and that is all that matters - the tendency is toward chaos and fragility. Democracy accelerates this process because it makes power (always desirable) contingent regular concessions to particular ephemeral human desires. But monarchies face this pressure as well. The gap between the interest of a person and the interest of a people - that is politics. And that is why you live in a time that offers you great somatic pleasures, but faces collapse on all fronts. Collapse of families, collapse of institutional trust, collapse of supply chains in the face of even predictable complications. All the result of Cthulhu's endless drift."

"Moldbug called all of this over a decade ago. The decentralized nature of institutional power, the intractable drift toward anarchy, and beyond all else the farce of American 'democracy'. For those of us who 'get it', it seems obvious that this is all manufactured. That any 'uprising' which is sponsored by the entire media, entertainment industry, political power, NGOs, and every important corporation is... not an uprising at all. This is why the Dave Rubin, IDW view of the world is farcical. The idea that 'having discussions' and 'expressing your right to protest' means anything absent the coordination with institutional power is a joke. The 'rights' you think you have are not a source of meaningful power. The fact that the institutions which burned down the economy for social distancing have turned on a dime and supported these mass gatherings should be the nail in the coffin. This would be one thing without the pandemic, but in the middle of one it's just too much. There is No Such Thing as the 'fact-based conversation' that the institutional 'experts' you have been taught to listen to for the past three months constantly call for. It is an expression of Power. Politics is about Using Power Well, not about 'having conversations'. The fetishization of 'conversation' and 'protest' is the obfuscation of real power. It is the way that the people who actually control things trick you into not holding them accountable for everything getting worse and worse. The effect of 'democracy' is to encourage your leaders to spend state resources (your resources!) on mind-control, voter manipulation, and obfuscation of responsibility. It promotes a form of government that focuses on flattery and rhetorical niceties rather than... governing. It has taken a while for us to realize the full absurdity of this, but if the spectacle of the past few days in 2020 - of government abandoning its responsibility to maintain order - doesn't drive the point home, I'm not sure what to tell you. There is no civilization without the protection of property - full stop. Civilization depends on being able to make reliable plans. Japan is a group of rocky islands. But the trains arrive and leave when they are scheduled to, and that fact alone brought the world to its knees. But people in aggregate are vain and emotional. And so, in a 'democracy' the exploitation of vanity and emotion takes precedence. This is why your government is abandoning the very preconditions for civilization in the name of ethnonarcissistic race-gnosticism. So, my friends. Ask yourself what 'democracy' really gives you. It gives you the right to have the protests your masters want you to, but not the right to hold them accountable. It gives you the right to be pillaged by potential voters, but not to the right to defend yourself. 'Democracy' is vanity. It is the elevation of vanity over all else. Vanity is nice, but a mirror is cold comfort amidst the ruins."

"When someone smugly tells you they trust 'the facts', what they're usually saying is that they proudly take their marching orders from some set of approved institutions. This is necessary in a vast, high-tech, hyper integrated society like ours. When a jury says that it is following 'the evidence', it assumes the trustworthiness of intermediaries such as the police and judicial system. Nobody sees the process through from start to finish. But what it does mean is that your system becomes vulnerable to a kind of man-in-the-middle attack whereby the concept of truth itself - once equated with institutions and processes - can be hijacked by operators within the system. Indeed, it is inevitable in a human system. Once 'truth' has been outsourced in this way, you face 2 problems. 1) Institutions laundering their own values/interests as 'truth' 2) Dependence on institutions to ground your epistemology. The infamous phrase 'alternative facts' was never about epistemic nihilism, but rather about concern over the laundering of 'facts' by interested parties. This gets conflated with nihilism because society doesn't have an obvious alternative in which to ground its truths. Which is a major problem! Again, at any plausible social scale it is impossible for any one person to have direct knowledge of all the facts upon which they must rely. That facts themselves, unmediated by other actors, can be the basis of society is one of liberalism's fictions. Understand that the battle is not primarily between 'facts' and 'ignorance' - it is between people who support the institutions and people who oppose them. Overcoming the institutions depends on Narrative Power. Trump is a dangerous figure because he writes his own narrative and a significant number of people now follow it. A cult of personality, yes, in contrast to a cult of institutional authority. It's cults all the way down. But he's an old man - his narrative cannot endure beyond him. And is his narrative even a good one? Victory in any meaningful sense depends on these two factors. It depends on building a cult that is good and a cult that can last. That's all."

"Since the JCS are currently circulating memos gesturing at a coup and the Attorney General has apparently decided it's a wise decision to defend the president with troops under his direct command, I think it's a good time to talk about Schelling Points. Say you're put in a room. You're given the following piece of paper (four squares - top right is red, other three are blue) and told to select a square. You're also told that if you and another person in another room with whom you have no way to communicate both choose the same square, you'll receive $100. Which square do you choose? It's not a trick question. Naturally you'll choose the red square because it is in some sense 'conspicuous.' That is a Schelling Point. The solution to a game that two players will naturally settle on without communication. This is a simple concept but an incredibly important one. Life is filled with coordination problems - scenarios that rely on your ability to make decisions based on reliable assumptions about other people's behavior. Importantly, this remains true even if you can communicate. Look at a map of the Korean Peninsula prior to the Korean War. Why would you decide to divide the country like this? Look at that little peninsula on the West owned by South Korea but barely contiguous with it. Why choose the 38th parallel? Because it's a Schelling Point. The Americans and Soviets both wanted influence over the Korean Peninsula. Both of them also realized that trying to get it from the other would be an incredibly bloody and expensive affair (it eventually was - perhaps you've heard of the Korean War). But what they shared was an arbitrary mathematical system for measuring latitude and an aesthetic preference for round numbers. Since the 38th parallel was a round number and split things up roughly half and half, it was a conspicuous place to draw the line with no blood shed. So, why does any of this matter right now? It matters because if any of you think that Trump is going to come out on top in a coup scenario because the rank and file support him, you're deluding yourselves. Schelling Points make the difference. A civil war is a massive chaotic coordination problem. Maybe you have a favorite side, but your first priority is not to get shot, and your second priority is not to lose. It doesn't matter how many people want one side to win if they don't have a way to coordinate. This is a problem that the military - having fought a few wars in its time - has had time to chew over. And they have a solution. It's called the Chain of Command. The Chain of Command is a big bunch of Schelling Points that tell you who to listen to if you don't want to get shot. Coups are led by generals and colonels - not by privates and corporals. Organization and coordination are far more important than sheer numbers or even resources. I've said before that Japan brought the world to its knees because the trains there run on time. Go to England. It's a bucolic little island full of sheep and pastures. They conquered the world because they're exceptionally good at queuing. Arrival times, departure times, your spot in line...these are all Schelling points. Civilization is built on Schelling Points. In college, a white girl who'd visited Malawi told me that the Africans are so wise because the bus doesn't leave according to a timetable - only when it's full. That's retarded. It's also why Malawi is so poor they needed her to come there and build a well or whatever. What we call modern civilization is the ability to make plans based on reliable assumptions about the behavior of MILLIONS of humans whom you will never see or meet. Schelling Points Rule Everything Around You. Without a timetable, there's no way to tell when a bus will come or go. Have you ever gotten to a bus stop 5 minutes ahead of time and waited for it to arrive, constantly wondering whether it had actually been early and already left? I have. If not on time, when? No way to know. Schelling Points are the basis of deals. Without a Schelling Point, why do you ever have a reason to stop bargaining? You're always in a position to get a marginally better deal. Schelling Points allow both parties to avoid blowing everything on transaction costs. Understand Human Civilization With This One Weird Trick! The Schelling Point is one of the highest-yielding concepts there is in terms of explanatory value and easiness to understand. If our cold civil war goes hot, it might just save your life. And all because you followed me!"

"Race-gnosticism (Progressivism) is such a powerful religious force because in the absence of pre-industrial phenomena like famine, proximity to large numbers of black people is the closest thing to divine punishment progressives can imagine."

"Once your confidence in 'equality' overtakes your confidence in the justice of the law, disparate crime rates become a measurement of how racist the laws are rather than of who's doing actually bad things."

"According to progs, arson is speech, but speech is violence. Violence is the language of the unheard and also a crime, but official crime statistics are hate speech. War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength."

"State-coerced order is nobody's first choice, but it only becomes more necessary in societies with low inherent social trust due to scale, mobility, diversity, family breakdown, etc. Progs say 'Iceland is peaceful because their police aren't militarized' - they have it backwards. Natural order and state-enforced order are complementary. The more you have of one, the less you need of the other. The solution to harshly enforced order is policy directed toward establishing natural order. I'm a fan of that kind of policy, but progs tend to call it 'fascist'. The truth is that their problem is less with state-coerced order than it is with order as such."

"New religions don't win by fitting coherently into the old system. They win by being more spiritually compelling, and by winning over people who hold power. Thinking the new religion will lose because it doesn't adhere to liberal standards of 'reason' is to miss the point. It goes by many names. I've called it Race-Gnosticism. Wesley Yang calls it 'The Successor Ideology.' Zero HP Lovecraft calls it 'The Faith With No Name.' Vermeule calls it 'Sacramental Liberalism.' Others know it as Progressivism or Wokeness or Social Justice. But it is a faith. Understand that you will not win by pointing out how It contradicts the old tenets of classical liberalism. This is what's frustrating about Ben Shapiro conservatives. They think it's an 'own' to notice that the new faith is new. As if that weren't the point! When I see these people I think of some Gaia worshipper snarkily commenting, 'Now they're saying the gods are on Olympus? How crazy is that!' Well fine. You've noticed something has changed. This does absolutely nothing to alter the outcome one way or another. Religions die in one of two ways. Either another more compelling religion comes along and converts everyone, or the religion is not robust and its adherents die out. The second option would be great except that all of us go would along with it. So, we'd better hope for the first. This is where the TradCath Integralists have a good point. 'It's plain that people don't have faith in liberalism,' they say, 'so if you don't want to buy into It (The Faith With No Name), you can come along with us. We have a tried and true religion ready-made for you to join.' But Julian Jaynes wrote that in the wake of the Bronze Age Collapse people observed the old gods no longer spoke to them. The gods of their ancestors - once so immanent and lucid - went silent. Our old faiths may not be able to animate the masses in modernity either. It may be that we too need a new religion. Modernity and reason have made literal belief in so much of what came before impossible to maintain. The Faith With No Name *speaks* to people in a way that Christianity - at least as currently constituted - finds hard to manage. We are in some sense the worst people to answer this problem. If you're on here reading this, you're probably high-openness and low-agreeability. That's not a good combination for orthodox religious faith, which is why you probably didn't post a black square on instagram. BAPian vitalist paganism is esoteric, ironic, and practical enough to take root even in this harsh soil. Maybe that's the future. I can't say. Did you think I had an answer? The point is that this is a crisis of faith and any strategy which won't acknowledge that is doomed from the start. So, snipe at Progressive hypocrisy if it brings you joy, but be under no illusions that that alone will win you anything in the end. Our task is to find - or build - something we can believe in. It always has been."

"A faith that treats racial difference as the fundamental moral quality but reduces male and female to arbitrary consumer choices is wrongly ordered and cannot last. But it can last long enough to drag you and me down with it."

"When someone calls you an incel, they admit that not having sex is the biggest own you can think of, which is basically conceding that sex is the most worthwhile thing women have to offer."

"It's worth considering what progs mean when they talk about 'The Right Side of History' - the phrase is so ubiquitous that it's easy not to think about on a deep level but dig a little and you'll find this concept at the core of religious Progressivism - it is their soteriology. Zero HP Lovecraft identifies six major ingredients for a religion, but I would add (or distinguish) a seventh. Soteriology - a doctrine of salvation. What is the relationship between the false consciousness and the eschatology. Why practice the faith? Buddhist Enlightenment and Abrahamic Heaven are not the same thing. But they are both soteriologies. It's true that Progressivism (The Faith With No Name) doesn't offer absolution from original sin - but it does offer you the chance to be on The Right Side of History. Like karma, or sin, this functions both as a descriptive truth about the world as well as a threat. You may have seen liberal friends on facebook saying, 'you don't want to end up on the wrong side of history.' This is understood to be a punishment. Hell. Reincarnation as a bug. The human mind contains an implicit understanding of the relationship between gene and meme. We seek immortality in our offspring, yes, but in our works as well. Your creations are your children. Your memory is an extension of yourself. Achilles says, 'Two fates bear me on to the day of death. If I hold out here and I lay siege to Troy, my journey home is gone, but my glory never dies. If I voyage back to the fatherland I love, my pride, my glory dies...' We know which fate he chose. Memory matters to people - and threatening peoples' memory is an effective way to coerce them. Whereas it's hard to make modern people take the idea of hell literally, they're watching statues pulled down around them every day. What seems more real? Idols have power. This isn't heresy. If they didn't have power, why would they need to be smashed? To inscribe something in the world is to bring it closer to becoming. Meme magic isn't a meme. All images are sigils. You summoned Kek for a fleeting instant in 2016. What now? Without a heaven or a hell, the Sacramental Liberal Faith repurposes history itself. Every generation recapitulates Judgement. The good and evil are eternally sorted onto one or another 'side' of history. Are Progressives afraid? Afraid, yes. For their jobs? For their souls. This is why The Faith must constantly seek out new frontiers of 'progress' to wage fundamental moral war over. Each generation Needs a new conflict in which to either save or damn themselves. Without 'The Fierce Urgency of Now' the very soteriology of The Faith collapses. The receding frontier of progress is built into The Faith. It is as fundamental as Enlightenment is to Buddhism or Salvation to Christianity. If you think this is about 'reasonable policy reforms' you're comically off the mark. It's not even about Dane-geld. If only. The materialists criticize these changes as mere symbolism. They are wrong to do so - Symbolism is material. All the more so if you consider the human mind and its contents to be a material mechanism. So, what do we do? We fight the historical soteriology of The Progressive Faith. Do Not concede this ground. Their salvation is strong because it is tangible, but that also makes it vulnerable. Build our own history. Make theirs a joke. Do this and you neutralize their weapon. Many of you are nostalgic for 'The Great Meme War.' The truth is it never ended. Creation is the path forward. God is found in Man's capacity to create. Create a new history, a new conceptual vocabulary, a new faith. This is the true meme war. The eternal meme war. Join me."

"Political change is not built on a 'fact-based discussion' it is built on hysteria, taboo, martyrdom, media narrative, and threats."

"It took a few centuries after the crucifixion for Christianity to have its first ecumenical council at Nicaea. What we've been going through over the past few years - and are now going through all at once - is an ecumenical verdict on the fundamental doctrines of liberalism. Religion is a shorthand. Ethiopian Orthodoxy, Mormonism, and 17th century Japanese crypto-christianity are all 'Christian' on some level. Liberalism has long had different strands running through it. Rationalism, humanitarianism, free-market capitalism. These are all 'Liberal'. What unites these strands is a discussion for another time. For now, let's talk about why Nature Magazine is calling to #ShutDownSTEM, why the University system is forcing professors to sign diversity statements, and why 'public health experts' have reversed guidelines on social distancing for the Summer of Floyd. There's an inherent tension among liberal ideas. We're supposed to believe that 'All men (and others) are created equal' but we're also supposed to believe in the scientific method and the marketplace of ideas to tell us the truth. What if science tells us that we aren't equal? For a long time our liberal priests have glossed over this point. Maybe we can agree that 'Equal' is aspirational, or that it's myth we all buy into for political stability with a wink and a nod. But at the same time we agree not to talk about HBD blogs at dinner parties. This works - for a time. But maybe it turns out that the idea of deep equality makes for a more compelling spiritual substrate. Maybe songs about how we're all the same (and how anyone who says otherwise is evil) are catchier than ones about double-blind studies and peer review. Maybe John Lennon's Imagine is easier to grasp than Francis Bacon's New Organon. Maybe envy of your neighbor and love for the downtrodden are more emotionally compelling than epistemological claims about peer review and the magical significance of the number .05. Maybe the gods of Rationality stopped speaking decades ago. We traded moon landings for replication crises. Maybe envy could be kept at bay as long as technology kept growing the pie but what about when all it delivered was higher-resolution photos of other people's wealth? But we're getting away from the point. Here's the point: Epistemological Liberalism and Egalitarian Liberalism used to live in harmony. But Egalitarian Liberalism gave birth to a monster. And that monster has killed his father and taken his throne. Nothing new, really. When Liberalism overthrew Christianity as the state religion, it imposed 'The Marketplace of Ideas' as a positive mission for the university. Now a new religion institutes a new mission. Harvard was built to train Puritan ministers. Are you surprised it continues to do so? This is a Nicaean moment. Up until now the official doctrine of the institutions was still ambiguous. Epistemological Liberalism? Egalitarian Liberalism? Market Liberalism? The Faith With No Name? We all know the answer now."

"Clearpill mantra: 1. Become worthy. 2. Accept power. 3. Rule."

"Perversions of human nature and of mother nature go hand in hand."

"What was my earliest racist experience? My entire elementary school curriculum was devoted to racial blood libel."

"You 'free and open discourse' procedural liberals are losing, because your woke critics can do two things: 1) They can articulate their substantive committments more clearly; 2) They can articulate *your* substantive commitments more clearly than you. We could imagine a world where liberal proceduralism is the only sacred value, but that's not even the world we live in. Almost everyone on your side has spent the past 4 years saying that 'democracy is threatened' because a man with different policy commitments got elected. You're constantly lamenting that everyone is 'fleeing to the extremes' - but these extremes are simply positions that are upfront about their substantive commitments. Progs, Tradcaths, and Wignats alike. The 'free and open discourse' crowd have no real line to offer. Stability depends on visible and mutually intelligible boundaries. Until the procedural liberals have any to offer, they'll lose out to people who do."

"The term 'American' is a concept we use to accomplish specific goals. Calling Confederates' American', for instance, helped restore national unity. Retroactively making them an outgroup helps divide the country to strengthen a new regime that hates us. So yes, they should count as Americans."

"Goodhart's Law states that 'When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure'. Goodhart's law applied to political power gives us a corollary: Any useful concept eventually becomes a cudgel for authority. Concepts are tools and tools give us power. Power structures outside of a regime are threats and must be either crushed or assimilated. It's a waste to throw away a good tool, so regimes co-opt them if they can. Let's look at some examples. Science: Scientific inquiry is a very powerful force. It does not have an exclusive claim to knowledge, but its fruits are indisputably powerful, particularly in their technological applications. Authority naturally wants to claim science as its own. We see numerous examples of naked regime narrative presented as 'Science' whether in support of abortion, protests, preferential racial vaccination... The list goes on. Political power uses 'Scientific' authority as a shield for its own ends. These may be nonscientific moral judgments, scientifically disputable claims, or even outright lies. It doesn't matter, because people inevitably conflate *signifiers* (the word 'Science', the right degrees, lab coats) with *the signified* (authority of the Scientific Method). None of this is to say that the actual process of science isn't valuable. Indeed, it is only because it *is* valuable that its language and symbols are hijacked to bolster meretricious claims elsewhere. Credibility, once minted, can purchase nearly anything. Religion: What is a religion? Well we all know what a religion is. It's an item on a big list of religions. You know, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism. Maybe you've even heard of Shintoism if you're a real globalist. This is a useful list because it means that when we take people to court for Establishment Clause violations, the judges can look at the Big List Of Religions and ask whether the government is institutionalizing any of them with taxpayer money. Sure, government-sponsored ecstatic confession of the invisible force called white supremacy that created our world and defines our lives may *look* a bit like prayer... But hey, it's not on the Big List Of Religions. Maybe we can even base Supreme Court decisions off of it! Media reliability: It is genuinely useful to know whether you can trust a given source of information - not all sources are equally reliable. It's possible to evaluate this for yourself - and you should. If you do, you'll find that on certain topics - weather reporting, for instance - you can trust what most 'reliable sources' have to say. But this credit is used to purchase your trust in pure narrative elsewhere. Compare how many people hear reports about alleged hate crimes to reports of when they're revealed as hoaxes. An analysis of media reliability on hate-crime reporting might find that a random blogger is a more credible source than NYT. But we all know which one is 'Reliable'. Racism: 'You say you're not racist, huh? Well excuse me while I change around some definitions. now you're racist. Go to college.' You get the idea at this point. Definitions can be 'Top-down' or 'Bottom-up'. 'Top-down' definitions are lists of meaning promulgated by and for authority. 'Bottom-up' definitions are the intuited rules that make a category valuable and authoritative in the first place. Taking the Clear Pill means, among other things, journeying out of the Conceptual Prison of Language and intuiting things for what they are. Few manage this. Those who don't, we call 'NPCs'. On some level, we're all NPCs. Every human needs concepts to act in the world. And every society - which is human action at scale - needs useful fictions to cohere and thrive. The path to power lies through memes. Through owning, quite literally, the memes of production."

"When proles act stupid, it is because it is their nature. It is up to leaders to make them behave. When the leaders abandon their duty - that is the outrage."

"Are you really surprised that your attempt to use parasitic race-gnosticism as a marketing tool just strengthened it beyond the need of you as a host?"

"Transsexuals can be psychologically shattered by an insincere compliment, because it reminds them that everyone's obsequious fawning over their beauty is enforced by the threat of social, economic, and legal cancellation."

"Endless recapitulation of American racial history has taught me to recognize the spite of a high-caste woman scandalized by the uppitiness of a sexually threatening inferior."

"Most video games are a black hole of wasted time. It’s appropriate to regret the hours and energy of your youth poured into them, and you should stay away from them as an adult unless you can use them sparingly or with friends."

"You should read books if you're getting something out of them but forcing yourself to scan your eyes over the classics or philosophy or whatever if you can't understand it just because it's a meme to 'read old books' isn't productive. At least leftists enjoy their YA fiction."

"Conservatism comes with age because the 'fog of youth' is just ignorance of time’s passage, sensitivity toward which is a prerequisite for intuiting decline."

"There's a concept in linguistics known as an 'Indirect Speech Act', which describes statements where literal meaning differs from intended meaning. A good example is the exchange: 'Wnat to see a movie later?' 'I have a test tomorrow...' While the second statement is not literally a yes or no response to the first, it is nevertheless understood to be a refusal. Language is full of such things (Japanese speak this way almost exclusively) and the ability to understand them is one mark of a well-adjusted person. Indirect Speech Acts are not limited to the realm of personal interactions. They dominate politics, which are defined by tribal signaling. What does it mean when a politician demands a 'National conversation' about something? Do you think they want to hear your point of view? Or look at the recent racial capitalization wars in which dozens of outlets decided to capitalize 'black' but not 'white'. While the nominal rationale was anthropological, the outrage over WaPo's decision to also capitalize 'white' implies more than just an academic motivation. The inability to understand such decisions, much like the inability to understand that someone saying 'I have a test tomorrow' is turning down your suggestion to see a movie later, is a kind of autism. We might call it 'Political Autism'."

"The irony is that Donald Trump really is less racist than Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. They had the chance for colorblind civic nationalism, and they chose race gnosticism instead. Oh well."

"Leftists like to pathologize normal-looking people, families, and communities as 'creepy' and implicitly racist because it allows them to morally launder their natural (but pathetic) desire to be surrounded by (able to look down upon) people even more messed up than they are."

"Predicting the future isn't so hard once you internalize that the slippery slope isn't a fallacy, but rather an ironclad law. When people get mad at you for using it, they're just upset that you're reading ahead."

"One microcosm of mainstream conservatism’s failure is their love of 'think tanks' as an innovative response to hostile academia. the left took over the university, so the right responded by creating the think tank. So the story goes. 'A university without students'. Putting out policy papers is great and all, but it kind of misses the point. Demographics are destiny, not only on a national level, but also when crafting an elite. Winning 'the battle of ideas' has little to do with acquiring and wielding power - ultimately a religious exercise. The same normie conservative who calls America a 'propositional nation' believes that a 'university without students' can succeed because 'we have better ideas'. But the students are in great measure the point. They are the next generation of elites who staff government, media, NGOs, etc. So while the think tank plays around with facts, the university has a monopoly on values - which are more important. Values frame how facts may be ascertained, which facts are morally acceptable, when and how facts may be used. Being an elite means internalizing these values. One of Moldbug’s most important lines is that 'the sovereign is he who selects the null hypothesis'. Notice that despite everyone’s direct experience, the university is always 'neutral' while think tanks are by definition 'ideological'. Notice who gets to define base truth. The liberal sophist’s constant refrain: 'Do you have a study?' is a shell game because 'studies' only occur within the context of a wider epistemological and moral framing. What does it mean to ask for 'a study' to show that, e.g. men are not women? It means 'bend the knee'. The important disagreements are in the end always about what constitutes valid knowledge. A nonliberal is by definition a troglodyte when first principles reasoning, tradition, beauty, and so on are denigrated as sources of truth. Only the word of 'our institutions' is acceptable. Leaving aside whether masks or mask mandates are good, the differing attitudes toward masks over this year demonstrate it well. Wearing masks was low status conspiracy theorizing until the institutions changed their mind, at which point it was eternally true and morally necessary. At least, from the perspective of right-thinking high-status (power serving) opinion. A priori thinkers, on the other hand, are unlikely to have changed their mind about the underlying usefulness of masks. But at no point could 'a study' have made a difference one way or another. This is why the 'think tank mindset' is a dead end. It misapprehends the nature of power. The 'battle of ideas' is a meaningless sideshow when the terms on which it is fought are set elsewhere. It is a fiction. Appealing because of its simplicity but always won or lost in advance. Studies are edicts. The think tank conservative is like someone who notices that the king issues edicts and determines that if he starts issuing edicts as well, he will therefore be a king. Modus pwnens. The power of the university has always lain elsewhere. Until the conservative rejects the very foundation of institutional truth and builds his own, until he starts molding generations of elites in his image, until he is neutral and his enemies the ideologues, he will continue to lose. And a whole think tank battalion won't fix that."

"It’s kind of funny how the end result of all of the self-awareness, abstraction, high-minded detachment, and verbal grandiosity of academic critical theory has led intellectuals back to a primitive understanding of semantics in which certain words are seen to hold magical powers."

"Probably men are becoming more right wing and women more left wing because men are responding to reality and women are responding to propaganda."

"Policies like South Korea forcing teens to date are funny, but it’s as if the government’s only response during a recession were to beg people to just spend their money. problem is far deeper and more systemic. Unlike fiscal policy, though, there’s very little interest in sexual economics outside ‘incel wiki’. Whole societies are experiencing sub-replacement fertility for the first time in history, and the only people seriously theorizing the problem are sexually frustrated autistic teenagers. Hard to overemphasize how strange this is. There should be entire government departments devoted to it. Compared to demographic collapse, economic downturns are a fairly ephemeral problem. But the best thing anyone seems to come up with in response is 'let’s make a college course about dating etiquette.' Insanity."

"The fact that women can't handle half the banter men put up with daily is a huge argument for their wholesale exclusion from public life, and hysterical responses betray a subconscious anxiety that everyone secretly knows it. Their 'I'm so hurt by this' when a man offends them Is the defense mechanism. Because that activates other males to go defend their honor. They're not Actually emotionally devastated by being called a bitch - but if they act like they are, they get what they want."

"I'm happy to rub shoulders with people of any political persuasion as long as they don't require me to bear false witness against myself, or pressure me to do so, or shame me for refusing. It always hurts to lose friends, but I have paid that price before and will again if forced."

"Public schools are literally built around an industrial revolution-era mechanistic understanding of man. they are structurally incapable of providing anything Other Than indoctrination. Even the average Ivy Leaguer just spouts political platitudes. Liberal education is a myth. 'Neutrality' can only exist within a naturally stable polity united by shared interests. Polarization of previously agreed upon 'facts' necessarily arises when unrelated groups find themselves competing for scarce resources and power that is up for grabs. Libs will outsource a country's wealth, import infinite numbers of hostile aliens from around the planet, teach them that all their failures are the result of other tribes thinking bad thoughts, and then be like 'What happened to civic unity?'."

"Both the sexualization of children and infantilization / permanent adolescence of adults demonstrate capital's tendency to make identity - age, in this case - yet another arbitrary consumer preference. Selling porn to children and comics to adults is the logical consequence of full liberalization. Middle schoolers take on the role of politician even as grown men buy toys and asmr mommies. 'Age is just a number', as the saying goes."

"Cuckolding a man is psychologically equivalent to raping a woman. Man's sexual power lies in ability to seduce / possess a woman whereas woman's sexual power is ability to exclude / leverage a man. Asymmetry between the acts is less important than their assault on sexual power as such. Until recently, sexual morality reflected this fact. Only since the advent of consent-based liberalism are we forced to pretend that, for instance, a woman can meaningfully 'rape' an adult man. Conversely, we are also supposed to condemn male and female infidelity equally. Everyone understands that a man raping a woman is a far worse crime than a woman raping a man - the latter is barely even a coherent idea. But because sexual essentialism is philosophically foreclosed, society is forced to locate moral significance only in the acts themselves. This is also why male cuckold fetishism and female rape fetishism are so popular relative to male rape fetishism and female cuckold fetishism. The 'fetish' is not about a set of particular facts that apply irrespective of gender, but about the humiliation of 'losing sexual power'."

"Shitlib credentialism has really advanced to the point where even what you can see with your own two eyes doesn’t count as evidence until it’s laundered by a ‘trustworthy institution’. All crises at this scale are caused by under or over allocation of trust."

"Don't dominate a girl's boyfriend in combat without having the decency to claim her as spoils of war."

"Criticisms of women in academia, politics, media, etc. often focus on factors said to be inherent to women themselves - they conceptualize the world instrumentally, value agreeableness over truth, can't abide strict hierarchies, etc. As significant though, is their effect on men. Even if we assume that women have all the same mental and behavioral characteristics as men, mixed spaces are still a major problem. In the presence of women, men will tend to optimize not for productivity or honesty as such, but rather for whatever he thinks will impress them. When male hierarchy is formally established, this is less of an issue. But if it's constantly in question, men will tend to spiral toward one-upping each other for female attention at the expense of any competing interest that might detract from this aim. This isn't a problem for women in the presence of men, or for gay men in all-male spaces, because women and gay men have abundant sexual prospects regardless. A marginal increase in attention matters much less because it isn't likely to make the difference between sex and no sex. But the universal rule of human sexual dynamics is the abundance of men for women and the scarcity of women for men. This isn't a question of culture. It's an existential fact that can be deduced from a man's reproductive opportunity cost being 15 minutes, and a woman's 9 months. Humans recapitulate the brutal competition of millions of sperm for a single egg on the macro level. It is the cosmic nature of male and female. Nature and Structure. The algorithm and the space. That which is selected for and the selective environment itself. Form and Void. Rather than trying to 'correct' the underlying conceptual fabric of the universe, we might try to design institutions and structures that recognize our lot for what it is. A critique of modern sexual dynamics can be formulated entirely on the natural vulnerability of male will. Under a democratized, mixed-sex political system, the prerequisite for a preference cascade is the common knowledge that a belief won't cause a net loss in sexual opportunity."

"Progressivism really is a perverse transvaluation of conservatism in that it autistically fixates on preserving minor religions, obscure dialects, and remote biomes all while insisting that permanent cultural revolution instrumentalized by global capital is necessary and good."

Consider the absurdity of academic linguists who devote their lives to recording regional language variants in India or Congo or Siberia but when asked about blue-collar workers in the rust belt insist that economic displacement is the price of being a 'global citizen'. Or elite scientists and lawyers whose entire careers center around blocking land development that will interrupt the mating pattern of some banana slug subspecies but who also talk about how everyone is an immigrant and countries like Iceland and Japan need to embrace diversity. This would be a funny irony if it weren’t the almost universal belief and behavior of the most powerful people in society. The natural human impulse to 'preserve fire' is channeled toward minor issues while culture at large is anathematized, leveled, and optimized for profit. Ideology (religion) and material interest go hand in hand. Does one cause the other, or are they symbiotes? Perpetual war on the past, diversity, global citizenship, etc. provide moral justification for destroying things the proles hold dear and creating new market efficiencies. Understand that when the Prog looks at the Catholic missionary, going to proselytize to the Papuan tribe, they see a symbol of 'the past' that has not yet been fully extirpated. Their impulse is toward jihad, but cloaked in a rhetoric of preservation for reasons of expediency. In truth the Prog is no less universal than the Catholic. Instead of priests we will send experts - development economists, doctors, and scientists. Do any of us doubt that in the end it would be necessary to introduce the Papuans to Gay Rights and the Marvel Cinematic Universe? As for myself, I am proudly parochial. I remember going to Burma and feeling disgust at the gradual displacement of Thanaka by international cosmetic brands. I felt the same way when I later learned about the mass importation of Bangladeshi scab laborers under British rule. And the same way still when I saw how British elites themselves speak about their own people’s attitude toward the European Union and migrant rafts on the English Channel. Race consultants who lead corporate struggle sessions are posers. I do not want a world run by children who, in pursuit of an elusive rainbow color, mix all the paint together and produce only a uniformally unpleasant shit-brown. I believe in the evolutionary logic of variation as hill-climbing algorithm in a constantly churning territory. I’m the real advocate for diversity! Heraclitus says 'everything flows'. The adaptive landscape is an ocean of swirling shadows and a multiplicity of tactics is the only way out. Shame upon the universalist who would deny us this. So, say it with me - Diversity IS our Strength!"

"AOC and many other upper-class millienials learned as children that by manifesting a negative emotional state (no matter how inappropriate to the context) they would receive what they wanted from authority. In a word, AOC is 'spoiled'."

"Similar to how alpha and omega are two sides of the same coin, a preternatural understanding of human emotion is closest to extreme autism."

"I guess we're waiting to find out if this is the end of Iliad Book 16, or Iliad Book 22."

"What if every Sunday, men around America actually played football? That would be great. Instead, they just get fat and watch someone else do it. Emblematic of rampant vicarious living in American men. It just seems particularly pathetic in the case of sports, because you could literally go out and do the same thing."

"It takes insane levels of cognitive dissonance to notice that 'the left' always wins and to still peddle liberal reformism and 'the battle of ideas' as a solution."

"When journos who’ve spent all of the Trump years bemoaning the death of 'fact-based conversation' attack anyone trying to have one, it’s pretty good evidence that their real objection has always been to competing with smarter people who don’t bother to acquire increasingly obsolete credentials. Mediocrities are terrified that working at the right publication means less and less when new media environment allows people to find actual talent elsewhere."

"I'm sure they're objectively right about the demographic makeup of antifa riots in Portland (they're very white) - but I've been seeing this rhetoric more and more often of late, and to be honest it's not much different from the 'Dems are the real racists' line we rightly make fun of. The theory seems to be that if you can label Antifa or BLM or progressives or whatever as a 'white' phenomenon, then you'll have an unlimited right to criticize them (because we all know it's ok to hate white people). This totally concedes the moral frame, though. This line of argument is self-evidently stupid because it relies on accepting the enemy's moral framework in order to make sense. Can't even score a rhetorical victory because you surrendered at the outset and everyone sees it. Whole gang laughing at you! Douthat is probably the most 'highbrow' example of this. His July 18th column theorized that past few months of cultural revolution are in fact result of white upper-middle class paranoia about Asian overperformance and resentful at meritocracy as a result. This is very convenient for Douthat. It maintains the 'edgy' niche he's staked out for himself at NYT while nevertheless wholeheartedly embracing their moral frame. 'Aha', says Douthat, 'You say White people are bad in that way, but in fact they're bad in This way!' Well done, Douthat. It's never explained why meritocratic competition with Asians puts Whites in a worse position than being scapegoats in a novel gnostic faith; or why so many Blacks, Hispanics, and - yes! - Asians also want to hop on board the idpol train; or just who these elite Whites even are. What's most notable about Douthat's column, and the other rhetoric like it, is what it Doesn't say. Namely, that there's any possible narrative of the past few months in which Whites aren't made out to be the ultimate villains - whether in the form of Trump, or Robin D'Angelo. It's almost in vogue to go after D'Angelo at this point, as long as you frame her as a 'Karen'. You don't see so many people attacking Ibram X Kendi. Chatterton Williams can, because he's black. Amy Wax, too - but even the radicals of the IDW speak her name only in hushed tones. Trump's response to such things is far preferable to these rationalizations of how progs are wrong because actually they're the white ones. He completely rejects a moral framing where, for instance, John Lewis is the ultimate moral arbiter of the universe. How can he start talking about his inauguration crowd when we've mentioned the sacred name of John Lewis!? Progs are far more threatened / scandalized by Trump's irreverence than by Douthat's hot takes, because whereas the latter embraces their system, the former just ignores it. This is what BAP means when he refers to Caligula planning to appoint his favorite horse Incitatus consul. Take the left seriously as an enemy, but never forget that their ideology is pathetic and deserves only mockery. Give it nothing more."

"Every time wealth becomes more abstract, women are a bit more ambivalent about it. From band-level social status to land to gold to paper to securities and other imaginary assets. We've finally reached the point where they're just totally disgusted by it."

"I've been hearing that Joe Biden has a 'very developed approach' to abortion. Is his approach more or less developed than an 8-month old fetus?"

"Biden's line about opposing abortion personally but allowing it legally in the name of 'religious freedom' demonstrates just how incoherent the whole concept of religious freedom really is. Government necessarily imposes any number of absolute moral and epistemological values. Banning or limiting abortion is a religious imposition in precisely the same sense as any other law. Prohibitions on murdering a fully grown adult rely on some absolute sense of morality as well. The relevant question is not 'whether' a value hierarchy exists, but whose it is. To say that moral decisions belong to 'the people' and their ability to enact them as laws through a democratic system is simply to privilege one source of moral knowledge (a liberal democratic one) over others. There's nothing wrong with that necessarily, but even it has limits. Courts put a greater burden on laws that apply to 'suspect classifications' such as race. That is not in the constitution; it is the absolutizing of a moral principle by judges themselves. This is no less 'religious' than scrutinizing laws that violate Catholic teaching would be. Once again, the question is not whether certain moral principles will be foundational. Some always are. They are necessary features of human existence at scale. Rather, it is whose moral principles and what they say. 'Religious freedom' only exists where base morality is silent. Religions cannot coexist in a single society in some fundamental sense. At least not if any of their moral principles are in conflict. Tolerance is achieved only when these principles are subordinated to a higher moral law, either that of the state or of some other religion. Western religious freedom is true only in the most superficial way. You can eat different foods, give each other gifts on different days, dress differently (maybe - you'll have to wear a mask). But you cannot act (and increasingly even think) according to non-progressive morality. The religious framing here is not forced - quite the contrary. The dominant religion never sees itself as just one among equals. It is never a matter of 'that's just your opinion' and 'let's agree to disagree.' Rather, it is the moral water in which we swim. It is 'who we are'. To say that something is a 'religious freedom' issue is to denigrate it. It is to say that it is a sphere in which the dominant morality has a monopoly. One in which philosophical differences must be kept private, if they are allowed to be held at all. An exercise for readers seeking to understand the true nature of western religion in the year 2021 (common era): What topics are matters of opinion, and which of 'truth'? what can you disagree on without being a 'shitty person'? What words get you banned from having a 'platform'?"

"It's hard to take the term 'abuse' seriously now that they’ve classified every normal behavior as such."

"The monopoly on violence must be understood not just as a prescriptive matter ('only the state has moral authority to use violence') but also a descriptive one ('all violence within the state flows from the state'). Crime, riot, and general anarchy are the state's responsibility. A state is responsible for the crimes of its citizens much as a man is responsible for the acts of his children, or his dog. He may not be guilty of biting, but he is guilty of omission. A state by definition can control its citizens; it is guilty when it omits to do so. People like to discuss whether the death penalty should exist. They ignore that, objectively, it always does. Whether the state chooses to carry out executions or not, every murder it fails to prevent is a death penalty. Every assault a corporal punishment. Every theft a taking. Thus when we consider whether executions, canings, mass incarceration and so on are 'uncivilized', the appropriate comparison is not an /alternative/ form of punishment, but that alternative /plus/ whatever brutality the absence of the original, harsher punishment implies. Canings may be less civilized than no canings. Are canings less civilized than the stochastic crime that an absence of swift and painful punishment enables? Is Singapore less civilized than the United States? Does it look less civilized by any metric? This formulation still leaves room for the concept of 'cruelty'. Cruelty is simply force beyond what is necessary to curb the problem. It has nothing to do with romanticism about the dignity of man. Man's dignity is also offended when he is the victim of random street violence. Because the state's enforcers cannot be everywhere at once, the state may choose to let citizens defend themselves. When the state neither enforces the law nor allows private citizens to defend themselves, that is anarcho-tyranny. The monopoly on violence belongs to the criminal. In such a system, we must conclude that it is the criminals themselves who enforce the will of the state. If the monopoly on violence belongs to the criminal, the criminal is the state. Crime is not a difficult problem. It is one of the first problems any state solves by definition, and one which pre-modern societies managed more effectively that we do now. The problem is a state which refuses to take accountability for its own power. The crown lies heavy. As it should. But the modern regime has no crown, and therefore nowhere to place responsibility. The violence of lawlessness is more obscure than the violence of the state. The Cathedral prefers to obscure state power. The Cathedral prefers crime."

"Logic of divine-right absolute hereditary monarchy is far sounder than holding a quadrennial contest to see which sociopathic status maximizer tells better lies and claiming outcome represents 'will of the people'."

"This Chinese girl isn't saying 'I'm a German citizen' - she's saying, 'I'm more German than you by any definition of the word, you're silly if you think otherwise, and we both know that you'll face social penalties for disagreeing under your real name'. Rudyard Kipling was born in India. Is he more Indian than Indian-Americans? Really, isn't Indian-American a silly term? In what way are they Indian? Any reference to ethnicity is just so /silly/ guys, except when I can use it as a cudgel to advance myself in your society."

"Sex after killing another human is the best sex, one of the perks that comes with being a cop. The sex isn't good because cops are psychopaths, but because women are."

"The leftist ratchet in action: Less than a year ago 'those crazy liberals' at the New York Times decide to start capitalizing Black (but not white). Today, the Republican State of the Union Speaker conspicuously capitalizes every race except white as a matter of course."

"The story of modern government is the attempt to abolish judgement. To outsource decisions to some set of 'neutral' procedures which will self-execute, free from the corrupting influence of human interests. The paradox of people supporting 'democracy' but opposing 'politics'. The problem with 'government by smart contract' is the same problem as 'government by science' or 'government by expert'. Humans have interests and those interests will creep into whatever system you devise. Power is existential. You never get rid of it, only obfuscate it. Modern man is deeply uncomfortable with power and therefore eager to make power as nebulous as possible. In obscuring power, he ensures that power will never be held to account and therefore never have an incentive to do good. This is the nature of what we call 'democracy'. This is the fundamental NRx critique: Instead of trying in vain to escape from power, we should create a system that incentivizes it to do good. In a monarchy, for instance, the king's power is tied to the long-term wellbeing of his country. Nobody wants to rule over nothing. You can never guarantee that a king will be good. You can only guarantee that being good is in his self-interest. Abusive parents may exist, but parents in aggregate are the people with the greatest incentive to make good decisions for their children. So too with government. Giving power to procedure does not eliminate the component of human judgement, it just decouples that judgement from any feedback mechanism that can keep it in check. It's been a year of Covid, now. Does anyone still believe that 'Government by science' is in any way 'objective'? The scientific method can achieve great things, but when 'the science' is put in charge of government, it starts to look... different. It makes implausible and contradictory claims. It starts to assert moral authority. The entire endeavor becomes corrupt. This is not limited to 'government by science'. In law, conservatives thought they had achieved a theory of textual supremacy that would restrain progressive innovations. But the mechanical interpretation of a text still rests on human decisions about how to define words. A redefinition or two later and Trump's first Supreme Court appointee rules that sex discrimination encompasses transgender people, a concept which didn't even exist at the time the law in question was enacted. 'Text' means nothing without definitions. It does not read itself. 'Government by expertise' is weaponized to redefine words themselves in order to achieve political ends. Can white people experience racism? Is gender dysphoria a mental illness? The underlying phenomena do not change, only how experts choose to label them. Is this not politics? Many people love to complain about gerrymandering. Instead of making congressional districts a matter of partisan political struggle, they say, we should hand the decisions over to a body of 'experts' who can decide a 'rational' way to allocate voters. But there is no way to draw lines that optimize every value people claim to want. Districts in which minority votes are spread out and diluted are 'racist'. Limiting minority votes to one concentrated district is also 'racist'. How to answer the question is indeterminate. Any number of different allocations can be rationally justified, and with vastly different political implications. In what way can such a process be neutral? It can't. Its inherently political nature can only be hidden and outsourced to highly interested but unaccountable actors. All of these examples illustrate the problem with the Lib's suggestion and the reason why Moldbug opposes it. Government by process is the very thing NRx opposes. The problem is not Skynet getting the nuclear codes. The problem is making power unaccountable and indifferent. The blockchain may be unhackable, but the terms of a contract never can be. One person's interpretation of reality must always take precedence. This is an unavoidable fact of human civilization. You can never 'fix' it, you can only set the incentives and hope power follows them."

"Hookup culture sucks but it’s a lot better than some 'trad' egirl psyopping you into a disposable attention battery at best or FBI honeypot victim at worst. If you find a nice girl IRL that’s great, but don’t get memed into simping for wheatfield accounts. You’re not saving yourself from modernity, you’re not retvrning to tradition, you’re feeding entryist status vampires attention with a highly novel and socially destructive technology. Literally the best realistic outcome is that you’re strung along in a parasocial relationship with a fake persona, further alienating you from real life and aggravating the problems that probably brought you here in the first place. If a girl is flirting with you on here, it is either because she knows she can get your validation without having to provide anything in return or because she’s trying to compromise you. She is not 'different from the other girls'. the 'different' ones are not on twitter all day. Live a healthy lifestyle if you can but don’t isolate yourself just to LARP one. These memes can be funny or whatever but they’re mostly fantasies at least for the kind of people who post them. The world is fallen but you need to accept that and seek your fortune there anyway."

"The premise of this argument that talking about Replacement Theory will cause violence is that nonstop anti-white propaganda won't cause racial violence but the mere suggestion that it eventually could actually will. 'Implying that race war propaganda might inspire nonwhites to commit violence against whites is dangerous because it might inspire whites to commit violence against nonwhites'. For this argument to be logically or ethically coherent, either whites must be orders of magnitude more trigger happy than nonwhites or, alternatively, violence against white people must be considered more morally acceptable than the converse."

"Important to understand that every position David French holds is calculated to justify his own moral cowardice. It’s really that simple. You can derive his entire politics by asking yourself 'What would a spineless coward who wants at all costs to avoid a confrontation with power do in this situation?' This is also his one qualification for being a 'conservative intellectual'."

"Civic religion is existential to any regime, and the most significant divide in contemporary politics is which civic religion you belong to. Don't expect David French to advocate teaching elementary school students about how Martin Luther King Jr. watched his friend rape a woman for fun. Civic religion is whichever narrative is beyond criticism and problematization. Making the founders 'flawed' objects of historical criticism while promoting hagiographies of the civil rights movement, a moral ontology based in the holocaust, etc is simply a different religion. Every regime needs a political formula beyond rational reproach. Myth is outside ordinary history. History is a process of questioning and re-evaluation, but myth is a matter of moral grounding and identity. Exercise for the reader: ask yourself which claims cannot be questioned."

"It's funny how the natural imprecision of language only becomes a problem after they're done calling everyone they disagree with 'nazis'. The people insisting on the most narrow academic definition of 'critical race theory' are the same ones who tell you men can give birth."

"Everything is exactly as it should be in that it is arranged in anticipation of the ultimate restitution of all things."

"The 'Liberals Just Care More' explanation is unsatisfying. Conservatives do care, often quite a bit. The asymmetry between liberals and conservatives has less to do with how much they care, and more to do with how much of a right they feel to impose that caring on others. This reduces to a religious question. I won't walk through it all here - I've written threads about it before. The relevant question is not 'who cares?' but 'who feels the right to 'crusade?' (as the Dune movie puts it). Pro-life is not the exception that proves the rule, because conservatives 'care' about it as much as liberals do, it is the exception that proves the rule because it is the one issue where conservatives have a coherent alternative religious system. Conservatives care as much as liberals about CRT in schools. They may even care more. It's the anti-CRT crowd passing laws and coming out to school board meetings en masse. The reason that anti-CRT activists will lose is because they don't have an ideological program of their own. The problem, appropriately, is that the anti-critical theorists have not internalized the lessons of critical theory. They still believe in 'neutral' education that progressives are trying to pollute with 'ideology'. Conservatives lose because Conservatives Are The Real Liberals. This is the same problem that Moldbug identifies with reactionaries of the past. They are not fighting to win. They are fighting to not lose. But 'a war is a conflict of narratives' and the throne cannot sit empty. The existence of a society implies the existence of a narrative. There is much wisdom to be gleaned here from pick-up artistry. Whose 'frame' are you in? Your own? The woman's? Some other man's? Surely you are in somebody's. The observer might say that beta males just don't care enough. Is that the most plausible explanation for beta males? This is not a tongue-in-cheek analogy. I am not being ironic. Anybody who observes beta males, incels, etc and accuses them of 'not caring enough' doesn't understand what's going on. They care a lot. What they lack is direction, confidence, and an understanding of their foe. You can't care your way into a woman's... heart... if you don't understand her motivations. Conservatives care plenty, but they don't understand people and they don't understand society. What a strange thing to say! Aren't leftists the ones with the misguided view of human nature? At the level of policy prescriptions yes. At the level of tactics, no. Beta males rely on women to tell them how to act. The modern conservative judges himself by the standards of his opponents. How well can conservative policies achieve liberal ends? They do not lead. But people are desperate to follow. Trump did not achieve what many hoped of him, but he redefined American politics on the basis of rhetoric alone. Imagine what a serious conservative movement that internalized this lesson could achieve. The Demos is a woman. She must be wooed. 'Caring more' is not the answer for incels and it is not the answer for conservatives. Both are in fact better off caring much less. The more you care, the more you will let others define you. If you would control the world, you must start by controlling yourself. Some would have you believe that Everything is Liberal because The Left Cares More. That is wrong. Everything is Liberal because The Left Cares Less."

"In 2022, the single most important issue distinguishing a true dissident from a fake one is whether or not they are willing to say the N-word. Saying the N-word, more than any other single act, signals psychological freedom from the Regime. There are a few reasons for this. First, it is legible. Second, it is a pure issue of faith. Third, it is the most sacred taboo in the current moral order. I should clarify at the outset that 'saying the N-word' need not involve calling someone the N-word let alone doing so pejoratively. The concept of the 'use-mention distinction' is useful here. Saying the N-word when, e.g., reading Huck Finn also counts. Back to the significance of saying it, though. First: Legibility. Few rules are as clearly-defined within the prevailing moral order as that governing the N-word. Simply put, only black people (such as myself) are allowed to say it. It is wrong for anyone else to do so. People can debate the sense of this rule, but its clarity is unquestionable. Unlike, say, the ever-changing pronoun terminology (which non-elites frequently find incomprehensible) the N-word rule is understood by all. Breaking the rule is therefore a presumptively hostile act. Second: it is an issue of pure faith. What do I mean by this? Many issues, though they carry a moral valence, are tinged by factual considerations. How great are the biological differences between men and women? Even if there is an accepted answer, the question is empirical. Disagreement with the politically favored position can in the former case be cast as mere factual quibbling - by the quibbler if by no one else. To dispute such positions does not commit one to heresy. It is compatible with accepting the Regime's values. Not so with the N-word. One's attitude toward the N-word, on the other hand, is exclusively a question of value. It is either categorically bad, or it is not. The answer does not depend on experimentation or discovery. It is a commandment. To use the word necessarily means rejecting the moral order. This is not some alien concept, but a linguistic taboo of the sort that humans have always held. The Ancient Jews considered it blasphemy to speak God's true name and instead used euphemisms such as HaShem ('the name') or Adonai ('the lord'). It is common religious behavior. Third: It is the most sacred taboo. Given the Regime's hierarchy of identities, it is unsurprising that its most sacred taboo would surround black people (such as myself). This is not the only reason the taboo is sacred, though. Rather, it is sacred because it is absurd. A statement's capacity to break your will scales in direct proportion to its absurdity. The sillier an idea, the more you degrade yourself by affirming it. You all know The Emperor's New Clothes. Did you know the Chinese have their own version called point-deer-make-horse? That's because it's a universal human truth. Contradictions hold power. This is why every religion has its holy mysteries. Questions that theologians are allowed to ponder, but which the laity must accept. The moral duality of the N-word is one such holy mystery. Linguistic taboo is irrational, certainly. It feels primitive. That's why nobody takes swearing seriously anymore. They're just sounds, man! But it's child's play as far as holy mysteries go. A word that's good or evil depending on who says it - that's on a different level. To blast a word constantly on the radio and then destroy people's lives if they sing along is just too powerful. It's irresistible to the human religious impulse. No other taboo compares. If a person can break this one, the rest are trivial. One might think that the most obvious objections to Regime ideology would be the easiest to state, or the most common. But in fact it's the opposite. The more glaring a contradiction, the more forcefully it needs to be affirmed. The most absurd demand is the most fundamental. The N-word taboo is not just a fetish - a sacramental object that appeals to our most superstitious impulses - it is the central tenet of our civic religion. You can measure people's true beliefs, their true religious commitments, by their attitude toward the term. If a Christian will debate an abortionist but won't even engage with someone who is known to have said the N-word, that tells you what they really think is important. It is not a good idea for most people to say The Word in public. But a true dissident must be willing to say the word in private. This is, unironically, the most important political issue of all. If someone can't break the conditioning, they aren't really free. When Joe Rogan not only apologized for using the term, but reaffirmed the taboo in full 'It's not okay for a white person to use that word, even in context', he abdicated any claim to independent thought. Why bother dissenting if you cant reject this? Addendum: it is generally speaking wrong to call someone the N-word as an insult. It is rude and unbecoming of the speaker, as is the use of any swear word. Like the F-word, or the S-word, it has no place in polite discussion. We should all strive to treat each other nicely. We can agree to this point without making The Word into an idol, overstating its significance, or disregarding the context of its use. That is the attitude that a mature and well-adjusted adult has toward language. We are all adults here, aren't we?"

—@kwamurai, Kashiwagi

"Aristotle warned us: Those enslaved to vices always think that virtues are vices. The liar always thinks the honest man is not clever enough to skillfully lie. The coward always thinks that the courageous man acts recklessly. The effette always thinks that the masculine man is too selfish."


"HR is short for harem. That's why it's staffed by females and eunuchs. And when you let females and eunuchs make your staffing decisions, don't be surprised when your entire workplace starts looking like a harem."

—@MencianLegalism, Cultural Literati

"There is a real Horseshoe Theory between bitter, women-hating incels and happily-married men. Any man who is sufficiently happy in his marriage will inevitably find his way to 'Women, amirite, fellas?'-type posting. Yin and Yang, Positive and Negative. 'Being extremely frustrated with the absolute state of women' is just the absolute state of being a man. It is universal, and has been forever. Women are basically children with an abnormally high verbal IQ for a child; Men are basically werewolves with abnormally high self-control for a werewolf. It's a miracle that we get along at all, and the moments of discord are to be celebrated."

"The Founders of America warn against tribalism, factionalism, corporatism, presuming guilt, taxation without representation. This is - by and large - warning against the sunrise and the wind. Against baseline, inescapable facts of the State. As sure to come along as Spring. Perhaps they shouldn't have built a Peter Pan state in rebellion against nature."

"The entire effort of liberal projects is bent towards pretending they do not wield absolute, autocratic power, so that they can abdicate the responsibility and high standards a citizenry typically holds an autocratic regime to. Every single person in China knows who the buck ultimately stops with. Knows who holds absolute responsibility for their circumstances and station. And yet, they have not killed him. Could the rulers of the West say the same if the dynamics were so unambiguous?"

"Liberalism deprives people of meaning and purpose to such a crushing extent that the tiny, instinctive tingly feeling they get in their hearts when they see the flag waving, Roman saluting and gorgeous symbolism spiritually sustains them more than a life of liberalism. None of this is ideological. It's totally bereft of political content. It's just people wanting to be something more, hoping for something more, than being a tiny consoomer in a tiny, liberal world. Liberal-Democracy does not make people feel alive. Liberal-Democracy does not make people feel like anything they do matters. Liberal-Democracy does not give people a heroic destiny. That's it. That's where it all comes from."


"Health care is a human right? So is gun ownership! I'm not worried about people taking my guns - I want the government to pay for my guns. If you say my right is simply to own a gun and not to be provided one, then why does everyone say I need to be given healthcare?"

—@CheckmateState Curt

"Conservatives are often better at analyzing trends in left-liberalism than left-liberals themselves, because one of the defining characteristics of left-liberals is being in a constant state of self-denial."

"What's missing from these protests and the coverage thereof is any awareness or recognition that despite their superficially radical rhetoric and symbolism, they are fully supported by the government, corporate, cultural, media, and technocratic power centers of US society."

—@mtracey Michael Tracey

"A criminal is under no obligation to use force. To do their jobs, to arrest suspects, police officers must use force. Rational people tolerate less violence from the former than from the latter."


"The media and universities are the culprits. 'Epidemic of unarmed black men killed by whites' is a literal conspiracy theory meme that is a total inversion of the actual true rates of interracial crime perpetration. If the media were even 10% honest about this, then these riots wouldn't be happening."

"Science advances one funeral at a time."

"Progressivism wouldn't disappear if we entered a real war with China. You're underestimating how Orwellian it is. Everything would still be cloaked in progressive language, and while they may have to do things like create all-male elite military units and not send women to the front lines, they'd never admit they were doing this, they'd just gaslight the hell out of everyone. You can even imagine scenarios like secretly sending white men to the front lines, or framing not-drafting black males while sending whites to die as 'reparations'. You can imagine the military sending the most white groups to die, then cover up their deaths, and have the media join them in their lying. There's no upper limit to their lies. We're post-Orwell now, post-Baudrillard."

"The purpose of Progressive insults like 'Pale, male and stale', 'You're fragile', 'Mediocre white men' is to explicitly other and dehumanize white men. When challenged on this, Progressives usually just double-down. 'Boo hoo won't someone think of the poor white men!', or 'Aww you want to be oppressed so bad'. These kind of insults play on the male desire to be seen as strong, or at least not weak (i.e a real man), something that progressives are apparently against ala 'toxic masculinity'. The most obvious form of this is calling white men 'white boys' - calling any man a boy is a classic emasculation insult. This is the true, and real intent behind this kind of language. This sort of masculinity shaming is extremely powerful and works on the vast majority of men. And so we have a situation in which white men in progressive circles are essentially shamed, pre-emptively, into adopting a reflexively deferential position towards ethnic minorities and women. In a social context in which it is seen as imperative to 'center marginalized voices' - even if those 'marginalized voices' are talking demonstrable nonsense, progressive white men are kept in line through the fear of being manhood-shamed, or called 'fragile'. The irony being that adopting a deferential and submissive position, is by definition actually 'fragile'. Of course no Progressive is going to actually admit this, instead they cook the books of public discource by pre-emptively framing this masochistic deference as "empathy" or 'basic human decency'. Or they change the subject to colonialism, saying things like, 'Insults towards white men are nothing compared to slavery or colonialism', which is besides the point. 'Screw you yeah we're othering you because we hate you because of colonialism, white boy' is clearly a totally different argument to 'We believe in empathy, accountability, and mutual respect between all peoples', which is what Progressives claim to believe in. Again, there is no Progressive response outside of 1) doubling down on the mockery 'boo hoo fragile little white boy' or 2) changing the subject to colonialism. You never get a straight answer from progressives on this, because this kind of manhood-shaming is just so effective that it literally keeps millions of men subdued and afraid of challenging anything they say, that progressives are never actually asked to justify their position. Do they believe in a global village of humanity based on empathy and mutual respect, or do they secretly not believe in this, and actually view white men as an 'enemy-other' that are deserving of cruelty, sadism, and emasculation, as revenge for colonialism? The scale, and the proliferation of this kind of narrative response (challenge progressives anywhere, on any online platform or in real life, and a huge number will immediately respond in this way), is strong evidence that they actually believe in the latter, not the former. The widespread social effectiveness of this kind of shaming is testament to the effort that has gone into it - it is the result of the deliberate crafting and honing of sadism. A lot of mental effort has gone into the consideration of how best to hurt white men. And it's not coming from a central authority, it is decentralized and emergent. It comes from widespread hatred, in the hearts and minds of millions. Literally millions of people visualizing situations in which they humiliate or emasculate a 'mediocre little white boy'. Behind their computer screens, in the shower, or as they walk the streets, imagining conversations in their own minds in which they destroy a white man, see the hurt in his eyes and revel in the sadism of it. If he challenges this, then its 'lmao at ur white male tears'. And they are completely, 100% aware of what they are doing. The Progressive ideology is not based on 'empathy' or 'compassion' - it is like every other ideology in history. It is based in base and simplistic tribalism. Friend-enemy distrinction. It has its enemy-other class that are worthy of dehumanization and hatred, as well as sacred cows that must never be challenged. Literally the entire Progressive ideology is enforced and backed up by a decades long campaign of hysterical accusation and vicious social ostracism. Question for example whether Mike Brown really was a victim of police brutality, or was killed in self defense because he attacked a police officer and tried to steal his gun, and you are a white supremacist who wants to kill blacks. Question whether it is possible for a 4 year old to actually give informed consent to an irreversible sex change operation, or question whether the huge increases in 'trans' teenagers is due to social contagion, OR pressure from a woke parent - and you are responsible for the high rate of trans suicide. Question whether mass immigration from places where 'child marriage' is a cultural norm, i.e Bangladesh, might have negative social outcomes, and you are a white nationalist who is afraid of brown skin. Once you have dehumanized a group of people in your own mind, to such an extent that you literally visualize hurting them, you are fundamentally no different to any genocidalist or mass murderer that has existed throughout history. What differs is only the scale, or the context."

"Real science requires pro-active thoughtfulness, 'establishing first principles', and a high degree of honor. You have to be able to assess the assumptions of your work and care enough about what's true to be rigorous in the extreme. The modern university trains rote learners - people who learn what basically amount to algorithms, with an associated word cloud of analogies / facts. Many people can 'do calculus', as in go through a mental algorithmic process, plugging in variables and 'deriving/integrating' - but very few people can derive the calculus. People spend years learning various forms of mathematical machinery that they can use, but cannot derive or really understand, stitch this pseudo-understanding together into a big abstract mess of half understood analogies, get a degree and then are considered an expert. So 'scientists' are 'doing research', but are unable to break any new ground because they don't have a deep enough understanding to assess the assumptions of their field. All they can do is a pretentious and shallow form of research that basically amounts to the amassing of data. When you look at the biggest breakthroughs in science, they are often not the result of amassing new data, but of making sense of current data in a novel and original way, often the result of a subtle yet important core insight. Relativity is the clearest example of this: Einstein's subtle insight was basically an insight into the nature of measurement - 'how do we know the observer isn't moving?', which led to discarding the Newtonian assumption of an objective reference frame. This subtle yet fundamental idea opened up entire horizons of inquiry. Yet it isn't an extremely complex idea, it is quite simple. It's also not an idea that you're going to find through modern 'scientific research', with teams of rote learners 'doing science' in a lab. It's the result of deep and curious thought, by an intellectual rogue. This requires an actual in-depth understanding of a field, but due to basic sociological reality and bell curve distribution of intelligence, such people are always going to be outnumbered by those whose 'expertise' basically amounts to mindless repetition."

"Progressives recommend therapy not because it actually works, but because it essentially functions as an 'enforcement wing' of their ideology. The academia to psychiatrist pipeline is impossible to traverse unless you subscribe to Prog theory. Most psychiatrists are progressives. They learn a pseudo-field like modern psychiatry and are given a credential telling them that they're an 'expert' - combine this with Dunning-Kreuger middling intellect and a pre-existing progressive worldview, and you are left with an absolutely perfect, ignorant enforcer. Intelligent enough to fit whatever you're telling them into the prescribed and ready made logic box of diagnoses / narratives that they learn at university, but not intelligent enough to question it. That's how you end up diagnosed with 'toxic masculinity'. When a prog talks about the need to 'normalize therapy' what they're really saying is that they want every single person in the world to be exposed to their talking points and to be indoctrinated with them, at threat of hospitalization."

"PUAs and nightclub sociopaths aren't 'alpha males' - their achiavellian scheming is only possible in an utterly feminized society. It is far more accurate to describe them as 'matriarchy navigators', people who are adept at navigating fem-centric social structures. Concepts like 're-framing', 'plausible deniability', this stuff only works within a social context where violence is off the table, and considered 'beyond the pale'. Where you can act like a snide, machiavellian piece of crap, as long as you do so in a 'plausibly deniable' way. Because no-one can technically prove that you're being a machiavellian piece of crap, and in the feminized social context that is anti-confrontational, all about 'keeping the good vibes going', anyone who challenges you can easily be re-framed as 'taking things personally'. Imagine trying PUA shit in ancient Sparta, or even countries like Dagestan today? 'I'm going to go up to this couple and brazenly start hitting on the woman, if the guy challenges me I'll just accuse him of being jealous, no-one will be able to Technically Prove otherwise'. No one would accept that, because these are social contexts dominated by male animus, there's no taboo about confrontation, you could just challenge the guy 'What are you doing? Are you trying to pick her up?' He responds with a smug facial expression, while bumping you aside as if you're not there, resuming talking to your girl, trying to pick her up - you could openly confront him 'Why are you standing between us? What was that smug facial expression, I've just asked you if you're trying to hit on my girl, what's your response?' All other men seeing this would back you up, 'Yeah, what are you doing?', at which point he could either back down or you could escalate the situation into violence - violence that the police would side with You on because they themselves think like you. But in the feminized social context we live in, in the modern nightclub, the whims of women rule - women, who hate open confrontation and prefer machiavellian positioning as their default conflict resolution, to be 'sociable' you effectively have to also operate on this level. In this sphere when people talk of the bad results of feminism, they're often obsessing over divorce courts or alimony. But in reality it is more subtle, it is the normalization of a fem-centric method of communication that allows underhanded and dishonorable behavior to flourish and creates a social context in which those who are most underhanded and full of crap, rise to the top, as their lack of honor opens up the possibility for an entire suite of behaviors that a person who respects the truth of situations, just isn't able to commit. We have advanced technologically but in reality we have fallen."

"It has taken women literally the entirety of human history to figure out that they should be doing squats. Entire empires and eons have come and gone. Mongols, Carthage, and Rome - and only in the past 10 years have they figured out that doing squats will give them a better ass."

"Everything they say about white men is just pure projection. They talk about 'mediocre white men' because they Want white men to be mediocre. Their insecure response to Tom Brady just shows that it is white male competence that bothers them, not mediocrity."

"If white privilege actually existed, the theory would have been banned and we wouldn't be living in multicultural societies to begin with. What complicates things is that while this is true - the reigning ideology of our time is anti-racism - this simultaneously exists in a world in which generational wealth exists, and etonians like Boris Johnson exist, and where pattern recognition exists. The Prog talking points of 'a black man who goes into a shop will be looked at with suspicion more than a white man', is likely true. It's not because of irrational racism, but pattern recognition. But it does nonetheless exist in that sense. Job interviews, police suspicion. Progs hyper focus on stuff like this because they feel they are on solid ground in doing so, they seemingly gloss over multicultural cities and never ask themselves how that could happen in a society in which whites are given defacto advantages. Society is a huge complex web of colliding perspectives and backstories, existing simultaneously with institutions, historical forces and cultural morality. Progressives will often concede if you push them, ask 'do you honestly believe that every institution favors white men?' But their concession is hollow. They are hardly ever pushed by anyone to the point of having to defend their view. If you challenge them in a smart way, it is a rare situation for them. They might just concede in a bad faith way and then pivot to a Motte and Bailey. They will concede some nuance, but they don't act as if they really believe it. These are people that think that we should 'centre black voices' in every single context, and that white people should reflexively defer to minorities in all situations. They can affect a fake nuance, but blanket deference, their true position, isn't nuance. And power / racial dynamics are never set in stone. In this apparent white privilege society your boss can be Indian, the person who decides whether you get your benefits or not could be black. Unfortunately you're never going to get Progs to recognize any of this, unless it is literally all you do. Like Groundhog Day, you just keep dealing with the same situations, the same dialogue trees of low information Prog talking points that you have to laboriously parse. It is like pulling teeth. Getting any kind of real engagement is extremely hard. I suppose all we can do is ask these questions: 'In what white supremacist society would the theory of white privilege be allowed to achieve institutional dominance without being shut down?'."

—@StarsandtheMoo3 Stars and the Moon

"An early unifying theory of autism was that it’s a kind of amnesia, an extremely poor episodic memory that detaches autistics from the world around them and forces them to revel in their obsessions. A person with a poor episodic memory tends to forget exact wording but remembers the essence, the Platonic ideal of the sentence he read in a way that facilitates recall of specific facts later."

"American whites and blacks have this bizarre, symbiotic relationship based on something Patrice O'Neal noticed about the song Creep: 'White people have this innate thing where they want to feel bad. That's why they voted for Barack.' The descendants of Protestant whites have real trouble asserting themselves individually. It's relaxing for such people to be freed from the burden of moral responsibility through flagellation and debasement, which blacks will enthusiastically provide without feeling any shame. In an ideal world, religions would counteract the worst natural impulses of the races that follow them: Confucius would teach the Chinese independence, Lutherans would learn not to engage in self-hatred, blacks would learn modesty. Instead everyone eggs themselves on. Confucius shouts at the Chinese to obey their parents, pathologically-modest Lutherans debase themselves by repeating 'I confess that I have not loved you with my whole heart, I have not loved my neighbor as myself' and blacks, well, at least blacks have fun doing what they do."

"I think the best path forward to resurrect white conservative social solidarity would be to combine the old VFW with a gym with membership at half market price. Guys work out, then come back on the weekend to drink and hear useful lectures and engage in old fashioned debate. Call it 'The Hall' in the double sense of drinking hall / Valhalla."

"The idea that human beings have been self-domesticated is very old, but the execution of the idea is always wrong. Biologists have traditionally imagined domesticated people as being easy going hippies, whereas the truth is that civilization makes you hard, not soft. It's wolves who are shy and fearful, not bulldogs. Domesticated animals don't piss themselves in fear constantly and lose weight when trapped in captivity. They can take it. A domesticated human isn't Jeff Lebowski (hippie), he's Fedor Emelianenko (MMA fighter). Biologists are right though, I think, in describing wild humans as 'xenophobic', in the sense that American whites live in constant fear of blacks to the point of reflexively praising them for doing nothing. The Russian attitude toward foreigners is more 'civilized', fearless."

—@crimkadid, Uriah

"Nerds may not be perfect in many ways, but one thing you can never take away from them is that when they get together in groups they’re extraordinarily good at killing people."

"For people who describe their lives as living under cradle-to-grave military occupation and constant psychic assault by oppressors, they sure do a lot of totally-uncontested arson and looting!"

—@Ouroboros_Outis, Ovcharka

"Black people can burn an entire city to the ground unobstructed, but I can't tell the truth on the internet."

—@HotepTucker, Hotep Meowth

"Most Americans are incapable of thinking bad thoughts about blacks. Brainwashing is really intense and starts early - my school taught us that blacks are wonderful at age 5. Hysteria about white supremacy and racism is a direct result of this: very few are capable of acknowledging that black behavior is at the root of any of their problems, so Wreckers have to be found and blamed. Even when I lived in heavily black area, the various shootings, stabbings, rapes, robberies, and assaults were completely ignored by my American friends. It never made any impression, even when the victim was someone we all knew."

"This has been going on for 5 years now, and the GOP doesn’t care. If you defend yourself, the police will arrest you, and if you organize a defense group the GOP will send the FBI after you. The most basic duty of leadership is protecting your supporters from physical attack. Even in the poorest and most primitive parts of the world, leaders do more for their supporters than the GOP does."

"Contemporary USA makes a lot more sense when looking at our history post-1953. Large historical processes completely ignored, and small uncommon events strung together by journalists to create a fake reality. Particularly noticeable in foreign policy: Gulf of Tonkin Incident never happened, most incidents used to justify Iraq War I and all incidents for Iraq War II were fabricated, most anti-Russia hysteria based on fabrications, etc."

"You can usually gauge quality of political commenters by the relative obscurity of their allusions. Comparing anything to interwar Germany or Hitler is a good sign that a person can be safely ignored. References to Eastern or Western classics are often a good sign."

"The muted reaction to Thomas Jefferson statues being removed shows just how badly Americans have been defeated. Every government claims a source of legitimacy. Divine Right of Kings, Mandate of Heaven, Popular Sovereignty, Human Rights, etc. Our government is quite open in claiming that it derives legitimacy from blacks and sodomy."

—@Peter_Nimitz, Nemets

"I'm not a racist and so I do not feel the need to spend my entire life pandering to interests that are not my own at behest of Wall Street or the media. Fairness is sufficient. As a white middle-class American, I choose to exist. I do not want to be destroyed. I want to prosper."

—@HowleyReporter, Patrick Howley

"What is the one thing elected officials cannot stand? Responsibility. They will place responsibility of metro police into the hands of unelected bureaucrats. Mayors and city councils won't do this police reform - they will hand the bag to an obscure agency."

"Liberals will never ever ever admit that not everybody's child can be a mechanical engineer because this is the real actual stupid lynchpin for their disastrous and failing policies."

—@bog_beef, stricture

"You ask why I need a magazine that holds 30 rounds of ammunition? Because you force me to live with people who burn down police stations."

—@MontagnaTony, Tony

"Human rights are a made-up concept that has some effectiveness in convincing people that inhumane actions by the enforcer of human rights is justified in any action to ensure those rights. i.e. Protecting human rights of families in faraway lands by droning said families."


"There is nothing they won't blame on you. Start taking your own side."

—@DissidentState, Dissident Dog

"The United States has burned through all its social capital, because it can't tell 1/8th of the population 'no'."

—@QuintFilius, FifthSon

"America has become the housewife that gets beaten for breaking a dish, and then blames her bruises on falling down the stairs. Same mentality - blame ourselves, it's always our fault, never theirs. Make the relationship work at any cost."

"Ask Socrates what democracy did to the individual. Democracy is the mob, nothing more."

—@Evan4905, lock down man

"My empathy died, and it didn't even hurt."


"It's best to understand protests as religious experience for liberals deeply engrossed in critical race theory and liberal ideas of equality. A black man killed by the police is like a Christian martyr that sparks a wave of awakenings and religious fervor all over Christendom."

—@Westland_Will, Will Westcott

"So what did we learn in the Summer of Floyd? I've learned that we're never going to be 'left alone'."

"Killing a bear and wearing its skin doesn’t make you a bear. The same applies to civilization."

—@HarmlessYardDog, Battle Beagle

"The most radicalizing thing in politics today is often just having a memory. It makes it impossible to ignore both that things have been different in the past (and can thus be so in the future), and that the top-down narrative shifts have become unsustainably quick and blatant."

"A lot of people keep thinking they’re somehow immune to the breakdown of social order, maybe because they believe the right things, maybe because they work in the right industry, maybe because they have the right friends. Every last one of them is horribly mistaken."

"It's remarkable the degree to which the serious mode has retreated from public life. Everything now sounds like entertainment or advertising; we're one public health emergency away from getting our medical advice and news updates from a rapping cartoon dog or YouTube influencer."

"I don’t think anyone would describe me as a leftist at this point in my life, nor would I accept the label. But all the same, I can’t help but think that anyone who does not include a very large dose of class analysis in their views now simply cannot understand what is happening."

"You think America needs to take better care of the elderly? Sure, I'll just have my parents come live at the home I'll never be able to afford, they can watch the grandkids they'll never have. Our society made a choice that families are unprofitably inefficient; why the old should expect more, I have no idea. This was the choice they made. I don't want to be vicious about it, but what kind of response did people expect during this time, when we've made a national priority of spitting on the youth for years now? People keep telling me a cheap iPhone is better than a family. Let the elderly comfort themselves with those."

"Four ideas which are correct independently, but are ominous together: 1) Most women desire to marry up. 2) Female attainment is increasing. 3) Male variability is increasing. 4) The collapse of localized status hierarchies reduce opportunities for status, and skill barriers are increasing. One result, at the top of the scale: a pool of increasingly successful women with rising standards chase a relatively small and shrinking pool of comparatively highly successful men, who in turn feel no pressure to behave in a decent manner due to outsize bargaining power. These two groups of people, being highly successful, then set the cultural tone for everyone else: vaguely bitter, unsatisfied, and coping on the one hand, deeply feckless and emotionally juvenile on the other. The Eternal Independent Woman chasing the Eternal Fuckboy. Below this level you thus find a divergence: groups comparatively disconnected from the overculture (LDS, some Jewish groups, Amish, immigrants, etc.) largely survive this messaging intact, relying on alternative cultural structures to help people in forming families. Groups strongly connected to the culture find themselves at a loss. Men know they have to succeed to have a chance, but fewer and fewer are capable of doing so in a visible, acceptable way. Women feel more and more pressure not to Settle - a form of self-harm and gender treason. No one is happy. One ray of hope: the more that culture fractures, the less top-down coherence and unity we have, the more we may see the independent status hierarchies which give men a chance of mattering to women reappear and the cultural dominance of the fruitless chase of the elites fade."

"It took four days from someone insisting to me that there were no racial restrictions to vaccine distribution to a governor tweeting out that there were, in fact, racial restrictions. Either you can feel the spirit of the times, or you are effectively blind. The same people are now explaining to me, in increasingly convoluted terms, that actually the policy is fine because of a long list of reasons, which means that it isn’t actually a racial policy, even though it’s premised on race, but that’s good, because race matters. Emotions are wonderful things, but if you don’t control yours and allow them to control you, then the first person who figures out how to control them is your master."

"This dispute of our times is in part over whether you view Christianity as a set of beliefs with a clear central core and a more disputed periphery which exists independent of any given believer, or as a function of position such that any given office holder is empowered to define it. I’m not a Christian and have no particular dog in this fight. The former view strikes me as the more lasting and harder one; the latter, as the more temporally useful in the short term. It’s a question of priorities, which is to say that you can read someone’s by their choices."

"A lot of people spend a lot of time fantasizing about who they really are and what they’ll really do and say when the test comes. The first question is, when the test comes, will you even notice?"

"A lot of people get angry about kids who want to 'abolish capitalism', and give a lot of good theoretical reasons why that’s a terrible idea. And yet those good theoretical arguments - with which I agree - don’t seem to sway many people; consider why that might be. The more that capitalism-in-theory produces feudalism-in-practice, the less support it will have. People will not readily accept a Great Chain of Being which leads from the barista to the Uber driver to the gig worker to the autonomous tech and finance billionaires. Ultimately, conservatives are putting themselves in a position where they are going to have to choose between adherence to a very recent and ahistorical belief in total primacy of capital, or having a population which has the material capability to support conservative beliefs. Do you want to talk about why revolutionaries are wrong in theory, or do you want to prevent revolution? The choice is yours."

"The term 'centrist' is a relative term, which is to say it is defined by whatever it seeks to center itself between. To the extent that it represents a central tendency within a tradition it has substance enough to be viable, but outside that context it is merely social positioning. Dylan once sang 'to live outside the law, you must be honest'. Likewise, to be a centrist you must have a sense of what you are the center of to structure your understanding of the world and make more of it than social games. This is not absence of ideology, but its adaptation. I have a variety of views rooted in the American tradition and its history, some left and some right. Within that tradition, they are coherent; were I to try to transplant those ideas to India, Colombia or Kazakhstan, they would be incoherent and out of place. Likewise if I keyed my ideas off of trying to be central between two increasingly radicalized poles, I wouldn’t really have any grounding for my beliefs beyond a vague yearning for moderation, or perhaps the social rewards of selling reasonableness. The thin stuff of impulse."

"A modern child is raised without guidance in how to be what they are. They are taught not to trust their instincts, and punished for their natural reactions to the world around them, rather than being taught how to channel those reactions productively. 'No' is more familiar than 'how'. That child grows into first an adolescent, then a young adult (an imperceptible transition now) while passing through impersonal institutions which radiate distrust for them, and consequently teach conformity above all. They have the power to punish, but not the will to care for. The child’s enduring influences come from peers and media which narrow by their own narrowing year on year, and reinforce a sense of the world as a frozen grid where all must find their place. The child learns that all depends on the opinions of others; there is no fixed point. The child strives diligently to make the best of this world - what else have they known? - and passes through the various stages of the production line for elites - a good school, a better graduate school, all the stations of professionalization, speaking with one voice. The child becomes an adult who has only known spontaneity and unreflective self-expression as a furtive and half-shameful piece of theft from their responsibilities. They can produce novel responses in line with patterns they’ve been taught, but cannot, when pressed, say why. GPT-3 seems more disconcerting every year. If you wonder why we have men who cannot act like men, women who seem appalled at their own being, leaders who cannot win trust, thinkers unable to respond to the world, why ideology has stolen the throne of God, and why no one can respond to a novel event - inquire to the root. We teach people to be alienated from all that they are, and drive them instead to seek guidance from others just as alienated, confused, and uncertain as them. We throw people out of a plane, and tell them to grab on to each other so they won’t fall; this seems logical to us. All of this can end in one generation. But we have to see it for what it is, and we have to be able to want something better."

"A lot of what passes for 'liberalism' now is an unspoken belief that it’s all over - the answers have all been found, problems solved, and now all that remains is to implement them as hard as possible. Anything 'contrarian' carries with it the threat of undermining that certainty. I don’t think you can understand the era without understanding how deeply, unspeakably, scream-in-the-night Terrified everyone is, all the time. That certainty is a great bulwark built against the tide of the now, and anyone who would undermine it seems a saboteur or terrorist."

"People sometimes complain about the rise of 'anti-intellectualism', but much of what gets tarred with that label is simply people running out of patience with abstract and theoretical debates, unmoored from time and circumstance, which spiral endlessly while the house burns down."

—@TheAgeOfShoddy, The End Times

"Jesus wasn't a threat to political power or causing political unrest. Actually, the Roman government didn’t care about Jesus and they certainly didn’t view him as a threat to their power. Pilate thought he was harmless. He was executed to appease a mob. So the real point is don’t appease the mob, which is the opposite of the point that progressives want to make."

"Women complain about things that they assume only happen to them and not men. Being told to smile, being interrupted, unwelcome flirting, patronizing explanations, etc. But this stuff happens to men, we just don’t make a big deal out of it. That’s the source of the confusion. What you have to understand is that men will vocalize about 10 to 15 percent of their emotions and frustrations. For women it’s more like 95 percent. That might give the mistaken impression that men have less to deal with, when really we just don’t care enough to say it out loud."

"My responsibility is to my children and my family. The public school system cannot be saved. Even if it could, I am not sending my kids in to help with that mission. Not their job. They are not equipped. No child is. Save your own. Get them out. Let the system collapse and die. I hear parents say that they won't leave the school system because they want to fight. But it's not you doing the fighting. It's your child. And he cannot win it. You are sending him on a suicide mission. It isn't fair to him. The school system is undefeated. It changes children, children do not change it. But yes, keep feeding your kids into the meat grinder. Maybe it will be different this time. You know it won't be, but you tell yourself that. What do I offer to parents who don't have the means to homeschool or send their kids to a private school? I don't offer anything. You simply have to make drastic changes to your lifestyle in order to keep your kids out of public school. You can look for an easier solution. It doesn't exist. You have to do it the hard way."

—@MattWalshBlog, Matt Walsh

"The terms 'Systemic Racism' and 'White Privilege' are Blood Libels against white people."

"The government has demonstrated over and over that pro-white protesting, self-defense against leftists, and protecting your property are illegal, while leftist rioting, looting, and all violence against 'Nazis' is legal. The current situation is exactly what you should expect when your government is so explicitly telling one side that they're free to loot and pillage while the other side is sent to prison forever for protecting themselves."

"You've heard that studies have found sentencing disparities in which blacks convicted of the same crime receive slightly longer sentences. This is more than fully explained by prosecutors - who have been woke for 20+ years - giving whites higher charges for the same conduct. That means that at any given level of conviction, the black conduct is more egregious, resulting in higher sentences."

—@HBDNRx hbd nrx

"In America, you're 'liberal' if you want black men to gangbang your daughter; and you're 'conservative' if you want one black man to marry her and start behaving himself."

"Having a clown government is one of the ways America antagonizes the world, I believe. It's a 'gaslighting' maneuver. America will menace you with some kind of horrific arial assault, and then send Hillary Clinton or some other bizarre clown to 'negotiate'. Normal groups of people don't have any idea how to respond to such things, so anything they do will be 'wrong' within the parameters of the rigged psychological game. It's like Caligula making you salute his horse who has been made a 'general', and if you don't, he'll torture you to death or invade your territory."

"White peoples have a cultural problem, a theological problem, and a political problem - and only addressing one of these things to the exclusion of the other(s) isn't really constructive."

"Yukio Mishima once said when debating a group of Communist students who had occupied their campus something to the effect of: 'We both want to make Japan better, and we both deal from the same deck. But I hold the Joker; because I say the name of the Emperor'. In other words, national life relies upon the existence of prime symbols and an inherent, almost reflexive legitimacy being afforded to executive decision on political questions and crises. Absent a meaningful nexus of culture, asthetic agreement, and a deeply held belief among the people in a myth of historical destiny and timelessness, the State is merely a corporation bound by a procedural charter that has declared a monopoly on force within a territory of peace. There is really no reason why it wouldn't or couldn't be challenged effectively by other corporate actors who control arms and capital if a conflict of interest were to arise."

"Warrior societies are characterized by bloodlust and aestheticized violence. There is a poetic sublimity to that kind of thing. Communism is simply ugly and malicious and hurts people in the service of vulgar, material objectives."

"It's neither here nor there anyway - IQ tests determine the ability for persons to discern patters in data and assimilate these things into meaningful structures. It doesn't really tell us anything, other than that people with extremely low IQs tend encounter terrible difficulties in adapting to modern society. I am certain that Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or a Chinese grad student at MIT has an exponentially higher IQ than did Metternich, Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, Beethoven or Da Vinci, or Mohammad. I am equally certain the no man would lay down his life for Bill Gates or that Mark Zuckerberg will write a brilliant symphony or that a Chinese engineering student will build the Parthenon anytime soon. IQ is essentially what rationalist, commerce-driven cultures have crafted to replace virtue."

"Visual media destroyed the way in which people evolved to negotiate the world. Even if you never watched tv again, your formative memories wouldn't be yours. They'd be phantasms from tv. You 'remember' tv. You don't remember any kind of history. Nobody does."

"People also have this deluded idea that lawyers are some cognitive elite and that law school is really rigorous or something. This could not be further from the truth. A lot of lawyers are genuinely stupid people, and in law school you actually get penalized if the arguments you present are considered overly complicated. Its a repository of dumb people who are ambitious. Its the opposite of a science program where there are smart people who are unambitious."

"Beauty is a masculine province, and the distilled, emblematic expression of beauty is a man exhibiting poise under torture in the flower of his youth - not encumbered by either the ravage of age and decrepitude, nor tainted by common sexuality and the impurity of lust."

"It's worth noting that Dante considered the sins of usury and sodomy to be basically synonymous - they're highly correlated in terms of how peoples' ethical horizons are structured. They're both unique among sins as well because they're both directly adversarial to nature. The government obsessively and incessantly promoting usury and sodomy should be something people recognize as a development that portends the return of slavery - you don't need to be a Catholic or even particularly religious to recognize this. Millenial idiots apparently find the world to be confusing and complicated and scary to the point that they want slavery to come back - which is a point that Moslems make a lot: Americans want to be enslaved by Jews and governments but are terrified and hateful towards theology. People sometimes do get the government they deserve - Americans deserve to be slaves."

"The 'Jocks' and 'nerds' are degenerated moderns. Thucydides for example wasn't a 'jock' - he was a warrior, philosopher, and man of action. A 'jock' is a cretin who has no inner life and who values games and material trappings of victory in superfluous games over anything else. The historical fascimile of a jock would be a dimwitted gladiator who cares for nothing other than wine, gold, the favor of women, and shouts of approval from plebes when he kills opponents in staged spectacles. A general of arms has nothing in common with such a man. Similarly, a 'nerd' is a managerial technocrat who is incapable of thinking in terms of total systems as he is stubbornly oblivious to nuance and non-utilitarian measures of value. A nerd can only exist in a technological state that places a premium on specialization and quantity - Aquinas, for example, had nothing in common with the modern nerd; the 'nerd' is best exemplified by Robert MacNamara or Bill Gates. Nerds are enemies of philosophy, not its stewards."

"Rockwell's intelligence in some ways held him back - politics isn't a game that rewards the smartest men; and the best political thinkers aren't the smartest men in the room. Sure, a stupid man can't apprehend politics, but a brilliant man doesn't necessarily discern its nuances. Yockey, Carlyle, Spengler, and De Maistre made the important observation that apprehending history and political challenges is largely instinctive - a political thinker is like an artist more than he is a scientist or logician. He discerns through a miasma of patterns and opague features what exactly constitutes a proverbial whole. This is why men like Lenin, Adolf Hitler, Oliver Cromwell, Napoleon and the like are selected for in crisis modes - men like Metternich, in contrast, are the ones who piece together workable systems in the aftermath of crisis circumstances and resultant political warring."

"The problem with these contributions is that its not entirely constructive to describe Jewish behavior as fundamentally 'left wing' or 'right wing'. Political hostility between Jews and their hosts expresses itself in historically and circumstantially contingent ways. Kevin MacDonald's important point in his trilogy it seems is that Ashkenazi Jews are hostile to Christian societies, and their hosts respond to that hostility in various ways, congruous with their own mores and institutions. 'Iron Lazar' and Alan Dershowitz, for example, don't have anything in common in terms of guiding political ideas. What they share in common is they made a career of insurrectionary activity against established power, based on a deeply held belief that the status quo 'hurts Jews'. I tend to doubt that Jews are particularly inclined towards 'liberalism'. If you look at the state they have created in the Middle East, its a racial-socialist military state that is organized around total mobilization. It has nothing in common with "open society" Western countries. In fact, its not even comparable to any state that has ever existed, save for the Third Reich, the USSR, or the Boer Republic. This is why people view Jewish moral particularism (such as Abe Foxman calling for the preservation of racial blood in Israel while demanding that similar regimes in the West be destroyed) with confusion. Jews aren't presenting a Liberal case for its own sake; what they're doing is saying 'the White Christian status quo hurts me and my friends / fellows, and the way to make it stop hurting me / us is to cultivate dissent against it''. It only culminates in aggressive liberal activism in America because liberalism is the proverbial pike that is available to chip away the castle walls of the ancien regime in American society. If America were in the circumstances that Russia was in 1917, Jews would be anti-liberal and violent class warriors. If they're in the Zionist state, they behave like National Socialists, etc."

"It's incredible that this kind of garbage propaganda is simply accepted as being true. We're expected to believe that some kind of Rockwell-style 'American Nazi Party' was active in 1930s California and was attracting the sympathy and support of wealthy Hollywood moguls no less, and that Mein Kampf (which had not even been translated into English at the time) was being sold 'like hotcakes' at newsstands. The Roosevelt Administration suspended Haebeas Corpus, charged people with treason based on mere rumor and hearsay, incarcerated Japanese, German, and Italian civilians without trial but we're supposed to believe that thousands or millions of Americans were openly declaring their support for National Socialism (in Hollywood) and eagerly buying up German-language political screeds. It brings to mind what Baudrillard said about 'simulacra' - and the discrete phenomenon (especially pronounced in America) of people simply accepting imaginary political narratives that are conveyed through television and film as 'true'. The historical reference points of Americans are quite literally false, imaginary, and never occurred - but people are convinced that only did these things occur but that they somehow personally experienced them on grounds that they viewed movies and tv shows and read Philip Roth paperbacks about conspiratorial intrigues."

"The big question in all of this is what (if anything) will replace the West as the singularly dynamic and productive culture in the world. It's not going to be Russia, and it's not going to be China. It's going to be something that hasn't existed before and that doesn't have precedent (just as the West had no real analog) and it might be a thousand years before it emerges."

"Every notice how foreign pols and heads of state look dignified and normal? Why do American politicans all look like bizarre bags of crap with eyeballs? One reason Romney stands out is because he actually looks like a man who belongs in an executive office. Its exceedingly rare in America."

"Never again will America land a man on the moon, conclusively win a war with another great power, build a continental railroad, or invent a revolutionary product comparable to the automobile, but that's okay because more important things will be acheived like having some Puerto Rican porn chic manage the lending division at a major commercial bank or having some random African guy host Paul McCartney at the Oval Office."

"The genius of 'Clockwork Orange' is that it describes a world where the liberal-democratic regime has mutated into a therapeutic state - an occurrence that, in Burgess' nightmare world, has been exascerbated in scope and intensity by the monumental domination of world-culture and historical dialectic by Sovietism. The answer to 'New Soviet Man' in the United Kingdom is a kind of 'therapeutic man' - whose life is shorn of any moral considerations of his thoughts and behavior, he is simply identified as 'sick' or 'healthy', which culminates in human creativity becoming synonymous with violence in the minds of people who are brutalized psychologically by a state that is entirely at odds with nature. The book identifies the cultural pathology of Liberalism, in other words. It's aged far better than other dystopian stories for this reason."

"Patriarchy and a legal pornograhy 'industry' of course are mutually exclusive. They cannot coexist, and not even Leftists and most mainline feminists really believe they can. Patriarchy looks like what goes on under Sharia: the production of pornography leads to everybody responsible (including the girl) getting dead, to redeem wounded honor. Patriarchy isn't a circumstance in which pimps and teenaged whores get rich and flaunt the fruits of their antics publicly. You can blame men for developing morbid fascinations with sex and opening themselves up to mental malaise and spiritual sickness, but you really can't assign blame to them for the production of pornography itself. A woman expresses brutish and physiological power through sex, and wields it to obtain power over others, in the way that men utilize violence. This is why feminists by and large endorse pornography and its function. Those that don't are indulging in staid myths about women being inherently chaste and honorable and pornography being a means of depicting rape. Whores aren't interested in sex, by and large. They're interested in primitive forms of power and demeaning others. They're the storm-troops of the burgeoning matriarchy."

"A genuinely Traditionalist-Conservative movement would be aiming to encourage people to secede from popular-cultural influences. It wouldn't be endorsing the format of Establishment media outlets while bait-and-switching the content. The format of mass-media is one of the main reasons it is so caustic... it's not simply a matter of Pavlovian content."

"Some of the extreme forms of legal pornography are more grotesque and traumatizing to watch than the millions of gore and snuff films floating around the internet. The point has more effect when you realize fisting with Crisco on camera is a 1st Amendment issue."

"Gays are the court eunuchs. They're conformists who don't really threaten power structures. America likes gays in the front office for the same reason corrupt Caesars did."

"It's something of a civic myth promulgated by Horatio Alger types that Americans ever valued 'hard work'. Americans always valued and respected gambling and hustling and upward mobility, not 'work'. My buddy is a roofer and he makes decent cash. Being a roofer is probably the physically hardest work I can think of. Do Americans say, 'I hope my daughter marries a roofer - they work real, real hard'? No they, don't. They say they hope she marries a rich guy on a lucrative hustle that will allow their kids to go to private school."

"Love is anarchic, marriage is not. The warrior is anarchic, the soldier is not. Manslaughter is anarchic, murder is not. Christ is anarchic, St. Paul is not... the history of the world is moved by anarchy: the free human being is anarchic, the anarchist is not."

"Advice on Navigating our dystopian culture: When some pitiful hobgoblin liberal accused you of wielding white privilege, explain that your privilege stems from being Handsome, an IQ 160+, a Large penis, superior genetics, and a haughty fearlessness. Bring White, while awesome, is second."

"Guns tell the truth. Guns never say, 'I'm only kidding'. War is ugly because the truth is ugly, and war is very sincere."

"Nuremberg was the establishment of a world-order system / ethical philosophy / theological imperative. It was not structured nor intended to represent precedent at law. Future historians will identity a Nuremberg Era succeeding a Westphalian Period."

"The Left won the Cold War because the battleground was cultural space not the Fulda Gap and the spoils were total control of mental catrgories not exclusive occupation rights to a rump Germany."

"The Enemy lately has prioritized the promotion of the euphemism 'sex work' to describe Prostitution. Does it then follow that when minors are raped in the production of child pornography the issue at bar is Child Labor? Does that mean that when your boss propositions you after work, the issue at bar is Overtime Pay?"

—Thomas777, @real_thomas777

"Stop projecting your own abilities and values onto others. They are not universal."

"Stop trying to reason with unreasonable people. They don't care."

"You can show an angry 85 IQ black man all the stats in the world. He doesn't understand them, and only cares about getting what you have by any means necessary. You can argue all day with a narcissistic urbanite, prove him wrong over and over; your facts mean nothing to him. You mean nothing to him, beyond what he can get out of you. Until you accept these truths, you will forever be a victim."

—@Subiectat Lasso

"White women are literally incapable of fighting against the emotional and psychological warfare being waged against them by the media. And they're taking it out on their (your) children."


"Black people keep saying completely insane things, and people just let it fly, because everyone is a crypto-race-realist who knows it's a futile effort to try to have a reasonable discourse."

"The quote 'America was built by immigrants' is true to an extent. It was built by certain immigrants. And I don't even mean 'hehe yeah white ones', I mean it was built by the immigrants who were here, who became citizens and whose children are now citizens. Immigrants yet to come have no claim. Saying 'immigrants built America' as justification for unending immigration is kind of like saying 'carpenters built my house' as justification for paying every person who proclaims themselves a carpenter the same fee you paid to the individual carpenters who built your house."

"The best thing about not being a Marxist is I don't have to reject good ideas because they aren't put forward by steel workers, and I don't have to pretend that steel workers are the the driving force behind all the ideas I do like."

"My ideology is that I want to create a society where crackheads can't scream inside McDonald's for half an hour and the cops do nothing. I think that's called 'fascism' these days. I mean, there's more than one way to solve that problem, but each of them is getting called 'fascism' by someone or other."

"Seeing what's going on in America right now is like seeing your grandmother die after a long battle with cancer. You knew it was coming but that still didn't prepare you."

"What goes through the mind of someone who posts 'how come pro-lifers don't mind the death penalty?' Have they not heard the irrefutable pro-life retort that has been given as many times as their trite quip has been made? Do they think they're the first person to make this quip? Do they legitimately think they're clever, or is this a mass societal instance of gaslighting, where they flex their power by showing how they can all say something completely and obviously dumb and half the people pretend it's profound? Like, me personally, if I believed something and I knew there was a super concise retort to my belief that I couldn't counter, I would either change my belief or just avoid saying it. And if I did say it, I definitely wouldn't act smug about it. Maybe I'm just autistic."

"I wonder if the fact that anti-death-penalty groups still complain about 'all-white juries' for cases that happened in like 2002 will make people rethink the assumption that all-white juries in the 50s were just convicting black people willy-nilly because they hated dark skin."

"Dems will say 'We want to sterilize 8 year olds without parental consent, we want unlimited immigration of impoverished people you have to pay for, and we want to make it illegal to criticize these plans. Also, we will think about increasing the minimum wage to $15', and Republicans will say, '$15?!'."

"Every leftist, no matter how based, is ultimately forced to accept the narrative that black people in America are horribly oppressed. When they can finally reject that narrative, then they are no longer a leftist. You don't even have to be racist to reject this narrative. At least you don't have to be racist in the sense of what was generally considered racist before like 2008. Personally I have no ill will towards black people. I just want them not to scream inside McDonalds."

"If Minority Report was real, they would just immediately kill all the precogs when they realize that they disproportionately predict black people will commit crimes."

"The reason 'domestic terrorism' is a concept when terrorism and treason already exist is the same reason 'hate crimes' exist separate from regular crimes. The powers-that-be want to demonize white people, but white people commit way less crime than other groups. So they invented new category of crime 'hate crime' that they apply primarily to white people. 'Okay, so maybe white people were responsible for way fewer crimes than other groups but they're responsible for the majority of hate crimes!' (I know, white people aren't even responsible for a majority of hate crimes, it's actually still mostly non-white on other types of non-white but that's the idea behind the classification). Same with 'domestic terrorism'. Muslims did 9/11, which makes white guy climbing the wall at the Capitol look not so bad. So just make white people climbing a wall its own separate category of terrorism and boom, white people are responsible for a majority of terrorism in that category."

"You should never have a take on pedophilia that's more complex than 'pedophilia is bad', even if it's a really clever take that's based on the underlining premise that pedophilia is bad. It is unnecessary. Society's impulse to automatically be suspicious of any mention of pedophilia that isn't just a knee jerk blanket condemnation is healthy. The benefits of this impulse outweigh the value of whatever insight your clever takes can offer."

—@FutureUSRefugee, @CurrentCitizen, @MainstreamViews

"Any young person, particularly girls, will inform on you. Your sister will inform on you. Your girlfriend will inform on you. Your friends will inform on you. They will gleefully tattle on you to the authorities. Confide in no one. Girls’ 'will to power' is accumulating online social credit. You saw it on instagram yesterday. You see it on twitter today. If you want your message to spread, target young girls. You’re stupid if you don’t."

—@WalmartRetard, Shrimp Billionaire

"Nobody with good intentions wants to destroy the family."

"95% of modern activism is to demand unearned resources and power."


"We teach our kids to 'not see color' or to be 'colorblind', while they teach all of theirs to eternally hate our existence for just being White."

"The term 'white supremacy', at this point, just means 'white people not being savagely murdered by non-whites'. That's where we're at."

"It took me a surprisingly long time to make the jump from 'Wow, due process leads to some infuriating outcomes but I’m glad it’s there for me too', to realizing that it isn’t there for me and it’s just as co-opted against actual Americans as every other institution."

"Every liberal becomes a fervent imperialist when they learn a nation doesn't endorse butt sex as wholeheartedly as they do."

"If you're a nationalist of any kind, you're going to be called a Nazi, even if you spend 99% of your time disavowing Nazis."

—@SomeFellow6, Ay Tone Fellow, Coolio

"That it is considered racist to say one group is smarter than another but anti-racist to say that whites are more bigoted and oppressive (and so more immoral) than other races is itself evidence that we live in a society which is systematically racist against white people."

"Re-reading through academic work arguing against genetic models of racial IQ differences is reminding me of why I came to distrust academics so strongly. The level of dishonesty and incompetence really is astounding. This shouldn't really even be called a 'debate'. From the outside this kinda looks like a serious academic debate but the closer you look into it the more it looks like a joke where one side is almost entirely dominated by liars and propagandists with 'arguments' that should just be laughed at, but which we have to address, because the idiots and liars have PHDs."

—@Sean__Last Sean Last

"A 'community-centered lifestyle' without police is just a house of cards built on a prisoner's dilemma where no one defects. A single defection, and everyone's not just having a bad time, but probably dead."

"Imagine if you will, that an oppressive government told you that there was one specific word you were not allowed to say. Would it not be the right, nay, the Duty, of every freedom loving person, to find ways of saying that word?"

—@BMarchant3, @EndingBigly, Bill Marchant

"I don't know how everyone doesn't see 'abolish the police' as code for 'we leftists want direct control over everything that armed agents of the state do'."

—@SaysSimonson, Joe Gabriel Simonson

"Universities were an ideological wet market through the 90’s. When critical theory met postmodernism it was a pangolin meets bat moment. 'Theory' was now optimising for emotion and careerism in an overcrowded labour market. When it came into contact with social media it broke free."


"You can never win as long as you accept the left's frame that 'racism' is uniquely immoral. We need someone to deconstruct it. But that takes a long time to work its way through the culture - probably more than we have."

—@Daedalus_Gamma, Zarathustra

"What are my politics? Preservation of fire over worship of ash."

"This is the one topic that Leftists really don't understand, and it's insane to me since they always use places like Scandanavia as examples: You Cannot have these social policies, community policing, etc. with massive immigration. These only work in homogenous societies. This is not to say that all societies must be homogenous, but know what you're dealing with. Either you create systems to force cooperation, or you assimilate populations slowly. You cannot ignore both of those."

"The women screaming and posting 'defund the police' are saying they want you to abduct them when you become warlord. They're into that sort of thing."

"Advice from women is so bad it literally cant even be used by other women."

"There's lots of talk about how 'society keeps men from expressing their feelings' or 'men are afraid to express their feelings'. There's a time and place for expressing your feelings, and that's through artisinal crafts, great works of art, and conquests of foreign lands."

"Women only like the expression of feelings from other women, because if men do it, it is (rightly so) a red flag that they will chop you up into little pieces."

"It's really useless to bother explaining to these idiots that their politics were given to them by MasterCard and that they have no core values. Just be attractive and happy, it's the biggest mog of all."

"If progressivism is atheist Christianity, then NRx is Christian atheism."

"There are really only two political positions: 1. What are we dealing with in this moment, and what are the present behaviors we witness? 2. What do I wish were the case? The second camp has many variations on the theme."

"People say women only want legal abortion so they can have 'consequence-free' sex with random strangers, but that’s backwards. She wants to kill the kids of her beta boyfriend in order to keep her womb available for said random strangers."

"There are two types of selfies women take. The siren song and mirror mirror on the wall."

"We could have had an assimilated multiracial fascist planet a la starship troopers, but you let women vote."

"Every day I get online and some broad is talking about being gaslit. You know what gaslighting is? Telling people you don't like that your girlfriend wants to sell herself on onlyfans and them telling you you're insecure or have 'little dick energy'."

"It is actually unethical to be poor. All of your time and money is focused on yourself, while those that are rich have the luxury to help not only their family, extended family, but also provide opportunities for others and donate to charity."

"Women get on men for thinking with their dick, but trust me - if we weren't just extremely horny, there are very few reasons for us to want to interact with you. We have to be more horny than you are a liability. This is God's omniscient plan. 'Well, they are stronger, can fend for themselves in all domains except one. I got it, let's make them care so much about that one thing it offsets the rest'. This all goes 3x as much as in nature given how every girl is obnoxious feminist or egirl whore now."

"Libs think the Satanic Panic shows that only they understand symbolism and art, even a little bit. The irony of this is, the side that's being caricatured as not understanding symbolism has a far stronger understanding of symbolism and the power it holds in the user's subconscious. If you think I'm being hyperbolic, play a game with me. Look at the tattoos that strippers, porn stars, drug dealers, or basically almost any hedonist has. I guarantee you, they're satanic. If not full sleeves or chest pieces. There's at least a pentagram or a baphomet or something on them."

"Even if our government isn't explicitly evil and run by a satanic pedo cabal, we're still in the fall of an empire, so infrastructure and massive social plans (such as a vaxx) are going to fail. Imagine thinking they could pull this off on some sci-fi movie stuff. I hold two narratives simultaneously: We're run by incompetents at scale, and we're run by satanic pedos. The conclusion for how I should behave usually follows from one or both, and it seems to work out well. I try not to attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence, but after a while there's really no difference."

"My favorite part of twitter is when someone says an obvious truth then they're harrassed by ugly people for 24 hours."

—@Vers_LaLune vers la Lune

"Has anyone noticed almost every person on the right starts off with conceding some point to the other side? 'We all want to stop police brutality.' You just lost. How about 'There is not a Police Brutality problem and here's the data that shows it.' Maybe you would win for once."

—@PJones1776, John Paul Jones Tree

"The second you concede, you've given them power to define the arguments playing field. Reject their argument, reject their constructed language, reject their narrative, and most importantly: reject the whole frame of mind of, 'Oh no, look at this sob story, we must throw away civilization'."

—@DoppelMark mark doppelganger

"My best argument against tearing down Confederate statues is that I've never met someone who supported tearing down monuments who was handsome or interesting."

—@KarlDahl5 Karl Dahl

"White Fragility is an Orwellian Device to dismiss objections from white people in the same way that 'bourgeois' was a semantic weapon to dismiss the objections of 'capitalists' to Communist doctrine."

—@Biorealism, Holtz

"Ahegao depicts a type of hyper-intensity that doesn’t occur naturally in girls, it intices you with pleasure and ecstasy that isn’t possible - this causes you to remain in a state of perpetual disenchantment which causes dissociation from reality."

—@YellowstoneCult, K

"The majority of commie larpers are nothing but a bunch of wine-drinking bourgeoisie larping as working class so that they can accuse the working class of being wine-drinking bourgeoisie. You can see this mostly plainly when they encounter people most affected by their tantrums. 'M...my store! Why? Why would you do this? I'm ruined! My family will starve!' 'Ugh, you have insurance don't you? Stop whining, boot-licker'."

—@PandasAndVidya, Lo-Ping

"The absolute, all-consuming center of the moral universe in USA is the question of whether X is racist. Americans will only be free when they can defiantly answer, 'Who the fuck cares?' We have a civilization to build, folks. Time to move on."

"It's not your country anymore."

"We need to wait a bit for young, right-wing people who received their political education online (rather than cable) to make significant money before anything really exciting can happen. Now is the time to build networks, build fortune, and sharpen the skill-sets."

"The Benedict Option is a coping strategy for Christians recognizing that at long last, the collapse of Christianity as the dominant moral framework in the US since it founding is near. And nothing can be done about it."

"Imagine if the word 'racist' had no power over your life, your livelihood, and your nation's destiny. Imagine what the world would look like if white people couldn't be controlled by the word 'racist'."

"If a Caesar comes, then great. The problem with Caesarism is the 'trust the plan' larpiness that it often cultivates, to the neglect of a more sober account of all of the elements necessary to actually accomplish something real - which might be slower, more boring and more circuitous. Also I think there's a tendency to reduce Caesarism to mere populism which, if taken too literally, dangerously neglects the importance of getting the highest quality human capital to defect from regime. The tendency to conflate Caesarism with a Trumpist populism breaks down upon consideration of Caesar himself. First off, Caesar was a first rate and accomplished general in a society in which military was an elite institution (not the case in USA). Secondly, Caesar had aristocratic lineage and was able to align with other substantial power centers This is consistent with notion that populism is insufficient - you need buy-in of elite factions."

"The key is for 130+ IQ white people not born into the elite to learn to despise the Regime. The future rests with them."

"It's time to embrace what Nietzsche called 'pessimism of strength'. Weak people's inability to tolerate 'blackpills' has encouraged a cottage industry of absurd false hope and illusory power. It's time for cold, sober, analysis and slow, lonely building of real power."


"You are finally a 'far right extremist' when you think the same way human beings have always thought throughout history. In other words, when you undo your brainwashing and return to normal."

"Nationalism is the natural order. Because human beings are tribal animals by nature. Any system that goes against nationalism is unnatural (whether it's capitalism or communism) and requires a constant force bieng applied to suppress the nationalist tendencies of the populaion."

"We are under attack by a group of people attacking us from within our countries instead of outside. And they have taken over the institutions that we would normally use to defend ourselves, including the one that is needed to communicate the fact that we are under attack."

"The mass media decides which politicians get exposure and a chance to be elected, NOT the citizens. Therefore, mass democracy in the age of mass media is not 'the will of the people'. Mass democracy is rule by a handfull of media oligarchs."

"At the beginning of the 20th century, Europeans ruled the world. At the beginning of the 21st century, Europeans can't say 'we want to keep existing' inside their own countries. Something happened."

"Every measure you would have to take to protect your people so they can keep existing and not go extinct falls under the definition of 'racism'. Really makes you think."

"Liberals see 'racism' everywhere because reality is literally 'racist'. The world where there is no 'racism' because everyone is literally exactly 'equal' can never exist."

"When the retards act retarded in large groups, the explanation for their retarded behavior is that each retard is simply copying the behavior of all the other retards, and there is no further reasoning behind what you are witnessing."

—@__plsnoban, @__croak, @__ribbit, @fragwave, frogwave, @goy2021

"Duels served two functions: A) They deterred inherently rude people from going too far. B) They forced everyone to grow a thicker skin. If you were offended, but didn’t have the balls to duel, nobody cared. The Reactionary approach to free speech is this: If what you say does not pose a threat to the state and it’s foundations, you can say it. If someone doesn’t like what you say, it’s not the state’s business. If they want to shut you up, they need to put their life on the line. The result of this is that you tend to have a more well-mannered society that can still deal with real inter-personal offence as well as subversion. It’s barely 100 years ago we still had this system in some European countries. Over 300 years we have systematically dismantled all of the social technology it took centuries to perfect in terms of rules and customs. And we really wonder why we live in a clownish hellscape where some soyboy journalist can destroy your life, legally, with no recourse? It is true there have been restrictions on duelling dating back to Medieval times, sometimes with good reason. For instance, it was too popular with high-ranking military and drained good fighters. But I still consider it a net good. Also worth saying that liberals lie when they claim political correctness is just ‘being polite’, or ‘not being an asshole’. No, it’s a set of restrictions meant to silence normal human responses to things, at no cost to those who hide behind it. The idea we live in a more polite society than we used to is absurd to the point of comedy. In fact, because civil society has been decimated, we live in an atmosphere of almost oppressive obscenity and backbiting. Meanwhile, a select few are shielded from all criticism. And the craziest part is, those exact people are the ones engaged in speech that is actually worthy of state-restriction, insomuch as it often promotes degenerate behavior and is now crossing into terroristic levels of mob-mongering. In our world, a ‘reporter’ can all but call for your lynching, but heaven forbid you point out what a contemptible piece of crap Carlos Maza is. That’s some sort of proscribed phobia. I’ve never heard a defense of PC culture that could not be countered with duelling. If people want ‘respect’, then why not have the threat of the duel lie over everyone? What they don’t want to admit is that the weak people protected by PC would not be listened to at all in such a culture, and that is a good thing. The duel offers recourse for wounded honour, but only to those who have any in the first place. It’s a self-selecting status mechanism that would see a lot of blue-checks sink out of sight. Bear in mind, carrying a sword / dagger / pistol used to be part of everyday dress! Things like this really open your eyes to why society has changed in so many ways. We cater to the lowest common denominator like never before in history, sometimes to flat out evil people. Why do we do this? In a society where there are laws in place to restrict even speech about 'marginalized' groups, those groups are not marginalized. This is an absurdity. What you’re actually describing there is legal landscape which privileges malefactors. Ironically, the formal equality of the duel is what the liberal cannot stomach. After all, it would expose the inherent inequality of all who it ruled. How terrible would it be if that fat man with pink hair pretending his name is Jeanine couldn’t just call HR to silence you! We could continue living under this effeminate big top of inverted justice. There’s room to slide further into the gutter. But why not tear down the masquerade, gentlemen! Let men be men again, and all worries about speech will evaporate like so much gunsmoke!"

—@CitadelMark, Baron of Chita

"A midwit fearing the unknown, the unmeasurable, is nothing new."

—@Feudalistic_BAP, Bronze Age Peasant

"Two sociologists were walking along a sidewalk and came across a man beaten and bleeding, unconscious. They looked at each other. 'The man who did this needs our help'."

—@Ed_Realist, EdReal

"I was radicalized by the reactions to my very existence."

"Not only is nobody coming to save you, they will arrest you if you save yourself."

"Of all the deadly addictions, cheap labor is the deadliest of all."

—@ScottBravoFan, New Market Respecter

"Being attractive is fascism."

"All atheists are fat and ugly losers."

"Good taste is an act of rebellion against the modern world."

"Calling me a 'colonizer' is not an insult. I actually like it."

—@CaudilloUlt, Joseph

"Good progressive sexuality is hilariously disgusting, and for men, endlessly degrading, humiliating, and destructive. For women, it's great, until they hit the wall, and then they end up growing old alone and eventually dying alone and being eaten by their cats. It's the number one evil of progressivism - making war on our most basic and primary biological drive. Progressive sexuality is defect / defect equilibrium in reproduction and family. To remedy defect / defect equilibrium requires external enforcement - patriarchy is a plot by men to use their superior ability in large-scale cooperation against women, but because the conspiracy establishes property rights and thus enforces cooperate / cooperate equilibrium, women benefit also. The conspiracy gives them husbands, family, and children. Men propertize women for their own sake, not for women's sake. The alpha male rewards his beta males. Female emancipation is males defecting on males. But female emancipation is bad for women, also. It's individually bad for that individual woman, because if she's free to suspend cooperation at any time, then men are disinclined to invest in her and in her children. You pump and dump, so that if you're lucky, you dump her before she dumps you. You spin the plates to avoid being spun. There's always someone more alpha than you are. You pump and dump because it hurts less that way. Evolution shaped you that way - evolution makes it hurt - so that you wouldn't waste time looking after a chick who becomes pregnant with Jeremy Meek's demon spawn. Evolution has planted the knowledge in you that investing in a woman you don't own is a bad investment, so you don't invest. The male equivalent of a woman's old age among cats is male old age with whiskey and whores. You don't invest in a wife and children, because women and children are insecure property investments. The party collectives the land, and somehow the crops fail. Let's imagine two mafia guys. Cops put each one in separate cells, and tel them: 'If neither of you rat the other out, we'll keep you in jail for a few days and fine you a few hundred dollars for carrying a gun without a carry permit. If you rat your pal out, and your pal fails to rat you out, you get off free, your pal takes all the blame, and he gets the electric chair. If the other way around, then vice versa. If both of you rat each other out, we'll let you off with life in prison.' The prisoner would be much better off if he was sure that the mafia would kill the rat. In a prisoner's dilemma, you want - and need - external enforcement. It's in a woman's individual biological self-interest to be in a situation where, if she runs off with the wedding singer, then she gets dragged back on a leash and beaten, and the wedding singer gets beaten to death, just as it's in the prisoner's individual self-interest to be a member of an organization that will kill him, should he rat on the other prisoner. Women are unable to reproduce, because they have an abundance of choice, and no way of irrevocably escaping choice."

"Kill your ex. Kill her lover (who is probably abusing your children). Deus Vult. This is not a humorous jest. It really is your best option, and smart people (most people who read my blog are fairly smart) should keep in mind that the police are lazy, stupid, and have no real incentive to pursue difficult or complicated crimes. Unidentifiable stranger death, with an alibi in place - alibi being visible on your credit cards. Mysterious, no apparent cause of death (helium suffocation, unusual toxic agent), or mysterious disappearance with no evidence of death. As well as being a pragmatically practical and useful option, it is also quite unambiguously the law of God. Deuteronomy, issued by Moses (or more likely the courts and bureaucracy of one of his successors) commands death for such people. Proverbs, issued by the Kings of Israel (or more likely by a committee assembled by the court of the Kings of Israel) presupposes that the penalty is normally carried out privately. Proverbs was a government-issued book, whose purpose was to tell ordinary people that incentives for good behavior were in place. And one of those incentives is that it's legal for the offended husband or betrothed to, himself, deal with the problem. Deus Vult."

"Women reproduce most successfully as property, men least successfully as property, and their behavior makes no sense unless you understand this. If a man is defeated, conquered and subdued, perhaps because his tribe and country is conquered and subdued, he is unlikely to reproduce. If a woman is defeated, conquered and subdued, she has escaped from defect / defect equilibrium, escaped from prisoner’s dilemma, and also been transferred from weak men and a weak tribe to strong men and a strong tribe, and is therefore likely to be highly successful at reproducing."

"The only time a woman will plainly tell you her grievance is when it is absolutely ridiculous and completely illegitimate."

"Modern marriage is gay. Everyone who gets married today gets gay married. If your wedding vows are symmetric and interchangeable, the same of the man as for the woman, your marriage is gay and you are being gay married."

—Jim, from blog.jim.com

"I see a lot of dissonance around the idea that members who step away from the church or who commit serious sins have deeper, more 'real' testimonies when they come back, because of the time they spent betraying God. This isn’t true. *Repentance* deepens our testimonies. Those who never abandon their faith have roots deeper than most can imagine, yet they’re dismissed as naive, soft, unintelligent, boring. Christ was perfectly clean. Do we dare assign Him those same labels? Your sins don’t make you interesting, they don’t make you a better person, they’re regretful. We need to stop conflating sin with the power of Christ’s atonement."

—@lepetitete, Brikaeli Guzy

"Hitler fulfills the role in society today that Satan used to. He represents the ultimate evil. He's like some abstract concept. Everything that's Bad in our society today can and must be connected to Hitler somehow."

—@MyHolyFollowers, Frog

"If you wear jerseys with other men's names on them, it's because you won't ever be the hero your son will look up to."


"Eternal debt slavery is 'freedom'? How people don't see these libertarian groups just being cheerleaders for the international banking oligarchy, I'll never know. The point was to remove all barriers to Bankers getting rich. Your job went to China. There used to be these guys called Kings that would sometimes foil their plans. They got rid of them. Then there was this thing called Government that would sometimes foil their plans. They've just about gotten rid of it. Now you're foiling their plans, so they'll replace You."


"Releasing inhibition and admitting weakness and indulging sexual desire does not curb aggression. We have nearly one hundred years of evidence already to show that this therapeutic approach is a dead end at best and an incitement to sadomasochistic violence at worst."

—@LitMiddle, middle american lit

"Post-scarcity is a brain worm - there will always be scarcity of fundamental drives: status, fame, recognition. You can reconfigure and ordain whatever structures you'd like, you will never escape these. The Greeks called this thumos/thymos - it gets to us through phaedrus, the republic, then later in Hegel, and more recently through kojeve-strauss."

"Cancellation is a very real and important social function, modern scapegoat mechanism in age of religious revival. What’s less real is the model of it that you have in your head, the whole thing is operationalized for other purposes. So if we’re going to talk about it, we should be careful not to become entrapped by the thing it is operationalized in the service of."

—@nmgrm, crypt

"7-11 Nationalism: If you can’t walk into a convenience store at 2:30 AM to get a snack on a Friday night while leaving your car running and unlocked with your girlfriend waiting in it, you don’t live in a free country."

"It's okay to take your own side."

"Allowing people to have guns just serves to anesthetize them at this point. It's almost illegal to use them. Most of the 2nd Amendment crowd respond to being forced to live around violent savages and watching their neighborhood deteriorate with 'das y u carry' and buying more guns. Sure, I'm still glad to have them, but the Majority of people in the US are just coping, and hard. They seem to think having a gun is a reasonable substitute to a nice, safe, high trust society. As if they have to have one or the other. Another false dichotomy. I'd like to have guns And not need to make sure I'm armed to the teeth to buy a soda and candy bar at night. I'm a dreamer, I know. 'I can't go to the mall and enjoy a nice evening out, but at least I can be terrorized in public with a G17 on my hip'. What an awful tradeoff that these people are accepting. I'm not trying to chastise anybody who thinks / has thought this way or said something similar about guns. I just want a better society for you and your family, and I think we need to demand better for ourselves than false comforts is all. We have to demand more for ourselves."

"Our ancestors were not evil."

—@HeyWildRich, Rich

"The only three types of books that can be written in 2020 are MFA final projects, collections of tweets, and mentally ill manifestos."

"Reminder that because all children born after 2015 know is play ipad games, eat goldfish, and do common core that you can have a literal superhuman-by-comparison baby just by being an okay-by-historical-standards parent."


"The word 'disgust' is being banned, and replaced with the word 'phobia'."


"The separation of Church and State bred a New Religion - a superbug - which coopted both the State and Corporations. Everything is attracted to Power and the New Religion plots the course to signal alignment with Power (and not get crushed). So both are cybernetically / recursively linked, but minus the New Religion there would be no magnetic force / coordinating action pulling capitalism towards Wokism (because of regulation) or incentivising the ‘Old’ left to side with Neoliberalism and sellout its old white base."

"What’s with reddit wives' obsessions with treating their husband(s) like literal children? Women want a man strong enough to rule over them, but will settle for a weak man to rule over instead. The drive 'to be dominated' can be flicked into reverse, 'to dominate'. It’s not ideal, but it’s one solution bugman has arrived at."


"Half of actual journalists are craven cowards, and the other half are status climbers whose ultimate goal is to get invited to these parties that they're refusing to cover."

"I'm creating a Voigt-Kampff test for sussing out annoying people where you candidly talk about the Starship Troopers movie in a way which not-so-subtly implies the Federation is unambiguously good and right, and if they can't hold back about how it's supposed to be a satire, they fail."

"The '20s and '30s will be a painful drudgery of trying to process the anxieties of Millennial women aging out of the dating market (if you thought the Boomer phrase '50 is the new 30' was bad, just you wait). Think Sex and the City with the cynicism, snark and pure cope turned up to 11. This is within the wider context of the American Dream being repurposed to the Global Cosmopolitan Consoomer Dream, 'studio apartment in a hip neighborhood, drinks with the girls/boys, Tinder filling every moment of downtime' and its collision with the unavoidable ravages of time. But women have more disposable income compared to men (a trend which which will accelerate even as overall disposable income declines) so they'll be the main ones getting their neuroses catered to (and amplified). Men will just get their steady drip of unisex America Man movies. Getting over yourself requires something to move on to. Adulthood has been dismantled, it's all perma-adolescence now, there are just those who are the prime age for it and those who aren't. The latter will stew in resentment forever."

"You can’t understand the political moment of George Floyd protests without grasping that there is an intensely pleasurable dimension to paranoid delusions."

"Left or right, millennials are so used to zero-sum hypercompetition that someone losing is the same as winning to them, there is no sense of solidarity. If theres a droplet of blood in the water, the millennial will mindlessly attack, as they have been trained to. You can't train an entire generation all their lives to understand that 'if someone else is eating, they go hungry, if someone else is warm, they go cold, if someone else is laughing, they cry, if someone else is happy, they're miserable', and not expect it to affect them at the very core. Boomers think millennials cannot compete and love participation trophies but it's the other way around. Mil's will rip their oldest friends in half with their bare teeth to secure an advantage, there's a reason 20% (self-reported) say they have no friends. The shift in partisanship is a result of said zero-sum hypercompetition combined with armor technology always lagging far behind weapons technology. You got generations now which believe that someone getting destroyed in a very nebulous and indirect way benefits them. Forget solidarity."

"I think the 'before / after college' thing where girls get blue hair or whatever is less of an effect of 'leftist indoctrination', and more of children's social, emotional, and intellectual development being intentionally retarded for the first 18 years of life, and then whipping into warp speed."

"The primary driver of age gap discourse is wilting millennial women and their hangers-on. If millennial women had any sense of friend-foe recognition at all, they would garrotte the old spinsters who tricked them into believing that social status was the primary dating market value driver for them, but women love falling for bullshit peddled by other women so oh well."

"The phrase 'Just 5 more minutes at the trough. 5 more minutes and I'm done' repeated over and over again as the 5 minutes ran out time and again until it's too late has been the preamble of many personal disasters."

—@acczibit, marquis de posade

"Your entire worldview is a pile of shit, but don't take it personally as you didn't invent it, you absorbed it from the ambient culture. Asking what I object to is like asking a modern scientist what he objects to in witchcraft or alchemy: everything, the entire edifice."


"I dunno whether or not you were placed here for an intended purpose, but it wasn’t to sacrifice blessed stillness for the problems of others."

—@PhalarisAqua, Aqua

"When you treat certain people as an equal you can’t win, because they draw enormous power from the skillful manipulation of presenting themselves as part of the powerless. So you have to disengage. If you disagree with this individual, you’ve already lost, because they’ll flip it so you’re somehow against or intolerant of their group. When, no, it was about what they brought forth as an individual - which they either no longer consider themselves to be or cynically deny."

—@thomaschattwill, Thomas Chatterton Williams

"Weak men are no better than traitors. When faced with a risky situation, a weak man will always choose what is least dangerous to himself, using a fig leaf of procedural justification as cover."

"Losing on principle is still losing, doesn't matter if your principles are fake and gay, or based and redpilled. I've been watching our team lose with honor for 30 years, I'm sick of it."

"You will never generate such anger on the right as you do when you tell other conservatives that motherhood should be central to a woman's social role. 'Are you saying my daughter shouldn't have gone to college and gotten her phd in chemistry and then married at 33 and had no children??' Yes. I am saying that. I am literally saying that. 'I was really dumb when I was 22, are you saying it's a good idea for people to get married when they are dumb??' Yes. And you are still dumb. 'My parents didn't get married until they were 29 so my mom could finish law school and I'm an only child but I was raised very well, are you saying they did the wrong thing??' Yes. 'What about women with no arms and no legs and dead ovaries??' This is a dumb argument. 'My little girl is everything she wants to be, she plays sports and shoots rifles and studies engineering and nobody will tell her no or they will go through me, because I'm a great dad!!' Dude. You never told her 'No'? 'Okay well women need birth control to control their periods, it's a legitimate issue, both of my daughters have needed this since they were 17.' No, both your daughters *tell* you this because it's what their OB/GYN told them to tell daddy. 'Having kids young ruins your life!' Wrong. Not having kids ruins your life. 'But what about people who never could because through no fault of their own-' People go blind through no fault of their own. You gonna be happy if your little girl stabs out her own eyes? 'Well I raised my daughter right, she's not having sex with her boyfriend, even though they're both 26! They are good Christians!!' lol."

—@barf_captain, Captain Barf

"It's easier to forgive a bro or a cute girl for kicking you in the nuts physically or spiritually than it is to forgive someone who has done you no wrong but reminds you of a worm."


"If your response to protesters being abducted by unaccountable and unidentified uniforms is to keep saying 'they got what's coming to them' or 'what did they expect?' then you're forming beliefs based on teams rather than on a moral compass. And I pick 'Team Fuck Those Guys'."


"Failure to enforce laws uniformily and consistently breeds contempt for them."

—@euneaux, Tyto Alba

"People who went to American public schools are now pretending like they're experts on Louis XVI and the French Revolution because they had a history unit on it for a week or two. Here's some real facts about the Revolution that your teacher conveniently left out: The French Revolution was not a class war between the poor working class and the rich aristocracy. The revolution was led by three wealthy lawyers: Georges Danton, Jean-Paul Marat, and Maximilien Robespierre. All of whom later used their power for financial corruption and gain. The revolutionaries carried out a genocide. Peasant farmers from the Vendée and the Chouannerie attempted to reinstall the monarchy and the revolutionaries responded by slaughtering 170,000 of them, including women and children. After the royal family was kidnapped by the revolutionaries, they were separated from one another. They refused to let the young prince Louis-Charles see his mother. Antoine Simon, a revolutionary, then tortured the 10 year old prince with beatings until he died. The French revolutionaries ruthlessly slaughtered countless Catholic priests, monks, and nuns. Monks and nuns were expelled from their monasteries, which were ransacked and vandalized by revolutionaries, and thousands of clergy were subsequently killed or guillotined. Robespierre's 'Reign of Terror' alone killed over 27,000 men, women, and children. 17,000 were executed while another 10,000 died in prison from either starvation or torture from the revolutionaries. Things got so out of control that Robespierre himself was executed by it. In the 'September Massacre,' (September 2nd - 6th), 1,600 people were killed, including women and children as young as 10 years old. There are so many examples of 'smaller' events like this throughout the revolution that I can't possibly name them all. After the French Revolution and Napoleon's subsequent failure, the people begged the Bourbons to resume the monarchy. This resulted in the Bourbon Restoration and the crowning of Louis XVIII, nicknamed "The Desired" (le Désiré). The desire for a monarchy has never left France. From the moment the revolution began until this very day, there has been a large monarchist movement in the country. The movement is split between three competing branches - the Legitimists, the Orléanists, and the Bonapartists. The final words of King Louis XVI: 'I die innocent of all the crimes imputed to me. I pardon the authors of my death, and pray to God that the blood you are about to shed will never fall upon France.' Today, American leftists pride themselves for opposition to family separation at the border, genocide (Palestine/Rohingya), and capitalism. All of which are the direct products of the French Revolution. They are hypocrites, pure and simple."

—@Verbia, Cam

"Antifa is literally a child's mentality. 'Actually we call ourselves the good guys, so we can't be the bad guys.' Never trust someone who thinks like that."


"I remember playing the old 'Identity politics is dehumanizing' shtick. It wasn't until I realized how inclined everybody else is to judge me by my group that I realized tribalism is the default."

—@Zoomer_Populist, Austin

"Step 1: Morph Christianity from a belief in Christ's deeper spiritual message into some vague notion of being 'good'.

Step 2: Morph the notion of 'good' until it matches modern 'social justice' aims.

Congratulations, you have just hijacked, subverted, politicized, and weaponized Christianity. Anti-whitism isn't a healthy religion, and has no spiritual depth or substance. Please don't quietly and meekly allow corrupt church leadership to push congregations down false paths. There exists a far higher conception of justice than our modern political 'social justice' could conceive of."


"Leftists claim we live in a system of white supremacy. White nationalists claim we live in an anti-white system. Who is right? Just try saying 'It's okay to be white' in public, and wait and see."

—@NewRightAmerica, Counter-Currents

"You notice how chicks always say they 'found a guy'. You guys notice this? Everyone's always finding new guys, and you ask yourself, 'Why is no one finding new girls?' The answer is simple: All girls are the same."


"Rule of thumb: If you're 'still single' and somebody asks why, everyone else's answer takes priority over your own."

—@CaucasiodNative, Return of Esoteric Gibson

"Everybody is lying, all the time. Except the nerds, who are really bad at it. This incapacity makes the nerds 'socially awkward' and leads them to build small enclaves (like 'science' or 'tech') where people mostly don't lie, so machines work. People are lying to each other for advantage, and to themselves because life is unbearable if you're attached to it and aware of the presence of death. People who lie shoudln't meditate too much. The lying should more or less entirely stop before the meditation. I find it hard to understand when people lie. This makes me naive. It makes very little sense to me. Why not just fix the situation instead of leaving it broken and lying about it? When you expect everybody to lie, respect goes to the person with the best lies. I've been making my way through the world trying to precisely tell the truth against an absolute frame of reference: 'Here are the absolutes in the situation, starting with death and the limits of human knowledge' and producing accurate maps which nobody will use because of fear. I've always been puzzled by this: 'Don't you want to know how the world really works?' No! People want a model which gets them successfully through child-rearing, Darwin-style. The truth is awful and horrifying. Those who know, often don't breed. In most situations, our primitive forebears were simply helpless. They could lie about the situation to give themselves agency, but fundamentally - shaking the rattle did not cause rain. But pretending that it did produced more viable children than being helpless and depressed. The poor honest people are out here telling about the problems in the world, and wondering why the world can't look at the facts and start making difficult decisions. The answer: Their entire lives are built on avoiding fundamental truths. The people who figure out that they're in a maze of lies become either novelists or conspiracy theorists. Most of the candid keep their mouths shut, and allow the world to spin on, undisturbed."

—@Leashless, Vinay Gupta

"Muslims are the perfect encapsulation of liberal superficial 'diversity' ideology. Libs are anti-religion, disagree with Muslim views about women and lgbt, dislike their preference of spiritualism over consumerism, yet libs want them in our countries, wearing hijabs yet embracing liberalism. Muslims demonstrate the arrogance of liberalism - libs are convinced they can bring devout Muslims to the West, and simply by showing them our 'superior' way of life, get them to abandon all but the superficial trappings of their religion. We're witnessing that Not Work."

"It's impossible to explain to the average online leftist how hard they've been played by capital. Because they've completely internalized the liberal concept of 'racism' and will turn into a vicious attack dog for their lib masters the moment they feel you've transgressed this value. A sensible person might say that endless third-world migration isn't good for workers, and they'll just instantly scream racist."

"It seems leftism is less an ideology and more a collection of common actions by those people whose brains have been totally destroyed by modern life."

"Liberalism has warped these people's brains so profoundly that they can't even engage in the simplest, most normal part of the human experience - having kids - without turning it into this bizarre ideological crisis. Lady, how about instead of freaking out about male privilege or what your kid's 'gender' is going to be (both made-up concepts btw), you just have the kid, give him a football, and raise him to be normal, this isn't complicated."

"It's really funny that the cultural endpoint of liberalism is parasitizing Intellectual Property made during periods of actual healthy culture with woke ideology and turning the all of the protagonists, one by one, into black women."

"There is absolutely no reason to believe that human life begins any later than conception other than a desire to kill children - whether for personal convenience or more nefarious reasons matters not."

"Lefties celebrating destruction of property because their belief in 'socialism,' like every single one of their ideological commitments, is just a way for them to justify behaving like subhuman animals and indulging all their worst impulses of sadism, resentment, and greed."

"One of the big reasons it's so hard to talk to libs is because they rigidly enforce the perimeter of their ideology with taboos that, once you cross, make them mark you right away as a suspicious person who can't be trusted. These taboos are always changing, and the only way to know the subtle ways in which they shift is to be plugged in, one way or another, into the lib media apparatus... the software updates on a daily basis!"

—@s_amememe__, @empathyhaver, samememe

"The clash between liberalism and traditionalism isn’t a conflict of values, it’s a conflict between a system that believes in nothing / has no values, and a system that believes in something / defends its values even to monstrous extremes. In America, even trads are libs though."

"Online leftist males are the lowest. 'He's just a shitposter.' No, he's a wormy loser who's too socially compliant to take a sincere position but wants to score points with his other little internet friends who'd throw him under the bus the minute it became socially expedient."

—@AnnaKhachiyan, Anna Khachiyan

"The term 'Based leftist' is an irreconcilable contradiction. If you are based, you are kicked out of the left; if you are a leftist, you can pretend to be edgy, but at the end of the day you always come home to mommy (Democratic Party and its imperatives), especially in an election year."

"A politics of 'empathy' may sound nice as an abstraction. In practice, it amounts to a politics of tyrannical narcissism."

—@shoe_sticky, Sticky Shoe

"Our political parties have different strategies to appeal to different ethnic and racial communities, which means these communities have different and competing values and interests. 'Diversity' is a long-term divide-and-conquer strategy to ultimately enslave us."

—@WhoBobWhat, Idiot Boy

"Instead of waiting until it's safe to say true commonsense things about the world you're living in way later after it's been destroyed, you could simply choose to be based and redpilled in the moment and actually help people."

"If you have preferred pronouns or identify with BLM, it means you're a member of an antisocial religious cult, have a poor relationship with your family, and hate people."

"Unfortunately nothing will change until women are systematically removed from every position of power."

"If you entertain for even a moment this notion of 'sex work' or paying lip service to this patently ludicrous niche dweeb trend, you are a spoiled brat and a fool who deserves whatever is coming to you. Re-examine your entire life, your friends, your revolting politics. No mercy! This entire fake industry is built around the desires of college-educated white liberal women who feel themselves above regular unglamorous work that men have to do and are too good to get a job. The result is narcissistic moral rot and a female who will never mentally recover."

"Straight liquor packaged in manly colors (bourbon) is also yet another commodified signifier of masculinity like the Little Gentleman lumberjack stuff which replaces real displays of masculine bravery (telling the truth, developing skills, creating art, not being ruled by women)."

"You know why modern women are so quick to get diagnosed with 'mental illness' and medicalize any dark or difficult thoughts they have? Because it they didn't they would come to their senses about the futility and emptiness of their situation and have to face more important questions."

"So brave of Hollyweird since its inception and continuing through today to depict all Protestants as psychosexual evangelical hobo grifters who come to town to peddle their pathetic wares before succumbing to murderous rage."

"Overt physical violence is infinitely more respectable than unending large-scale psychological torture by libs."

"Really interesting how every single person I've ever known who believed in SSRIs and therapy is a childless libtard woman who also believed Russiagate."

"My tweets aren't little forums for debates, I'm throwing the facts at you etched on stone tablets and it's your choice to receive it or not."

—@DonnaMillsFan1, @Lotus__Point, Jack

"The whole 'spirituality of science' championed by the likes of Dawkins (we're all stardust, man!) was found so profoundly lacking and uninspiring that, after a mere decade or two, it was supplanted by the worship of Black Trans Lifes and unapologetic anti-white animus. This isn't to say lefties don't, as the saying goes, 'fucking love science' - they do, when it can be used as a cudgel against Christianity - but it's noteworthy how much the New Atheism stuff fell off. Its few remaining gurus have been semi-cancelled and now spend their time begging for a return to reason. Science isn't a belief system, it's a method that allows us to obtain knowledge about the natural world and about ourselves. Though the method itself is impartial and impersonal, science overall can never be, since it involves human beings, who are anything but. My guess is the 'fucking love science' types found the sense of belonging and purpose they were searching for in progressivism, which has the benefit of not consistently refuting lefty delusions about human nature. I'm pro-science insofar as it's understood to be one tool of many, not the exclusive path to truth. That said, I'm no positivist - existence as we know it contains a subjective element that I doubt will ever be fully understood or systematized by material science."

—@NeoLib_Fanfic, Neoliberal Fanfiction

"It’s most likely that your kids will conform to the norms of their peer group, independent of what your best intentions will be in their moral education. The norms the collective allows and cultivates are important. Things like 'I won’t allow my daughter to...' are nonsensical without community support and wider norms. Authoritarianism that’s misaligned with social norms is just a recipe to alienate your children. This is why the fragile norms and taboos of our society are important. We’ve trashed them on the altar of 'choice' at great cost."

—@Kaschuta, Alex Kaschuta

"Where in the Bible does Jesus say anything about dropping nukes on orphanages? That's right, can't find it. Clearly, that means dropping nukes on orphanages is alright. The Sixth Commandment, you say? I don't see any explicit mention of nukes OR orphanages."


"Do increasingly mean verbal kickflips that they don't understand off of their stupid ideas until they hate you enough to kill you, like Jesus."


"From superheroes, to star wars, to punk, to goth: every single subculture has been recycled for decades now. We are living off the remnants of the mid-twentieth century, incapable of producing anything ourselves, except irony and cynicism. Pop culture is dead."


"The Left hasn't completely abandoned the concept of environment-as-king. They've just created this concept of 'systemic racism' as a secret sauce that somehow - through some unknown mechanism - prevents equal inputs from causing equal outputs. Systemic racism is the concept you would create if you didn't understand the concept of genetics. It's similar to doctors lacking the germ theory of disease, instead using the term 'miasma'. We don't care about building a pipeline of qualified personnel anymore, because we figured out it doesn't work. We can't change the inputs. So we skipped right to demanding equality at the end product. The battle of Nature vs Nuture is over. It just hasn't been admitted yet.

—@capitalismandf1, CapitalismAndFriedman

"Hate is inseparable from love. I love my wife and children. They perceive my love as providing a home, hugs, kisses, comfort, encouragement, guidance, etc. A home invader would perceive my love for them as hateful ruthless bloody violence."

—@RealWriteWinger, Write Winger

"Twitter is proof that once the threat of violence is 100% removed from every interaction, men immediately become feminized and descend into behavior that would make the cast of Mean Girls clutch their pearls. Your Twitter account is not power."

—@3pRevolt, Jerome Schmitt

"The minute you start citing preordained human rights of dignity, I stop taking you seriously and picture you as a crying five year old."

—@jacobs_attic, grendel

"It's so cute, that anyone at all anywhere makes some distinction between liberals and leftists. Just wanna pat 'em on the head."


"Women will model for a photographer, sign releases saying he can use the photos, get paid, and then when he uses the photos they accuse him of male privilege or the moral equivalent of rape. The part they're not saying is that women do not have the capacity to give meaningful consent. It resonates, becasue it is largely true."


"Never underestimate the arrogant self-importance of a midwest white baizuo who got a college degree and moved to the coast because he's so much better than the 'losers' he grew up with."


"It is not possible for the left to deescalate, neither in rhetoric nor in action. Once a holy person says 'prosecute', everyone else needs to follow suit. Then one will say 'violence' to be even holier, and then... This is how you get commies desecrating corpses and raping nuns. The transition from peace to war for the right is, on the other hand, a quantum transition. One day, Caesar is a good citizen, then he crosses a river and is at total war with Rome. One day Napoleon gives the order to fire into the mob. You should disregard any analysis that rests on the left getting less insane or the right slowly making gains. There's no 2024. This was the last presidential election."

"Girlfriend convergence theory: If you are a man with sufficient force of personality, any girl you spend enough time in a relationship with eventually converges on the same personality, a femininity which inversely mirrors your masculinity."

"Our society hangs on the thread of blacks being generally too stupid to realize that they can destroy anything, anywhere, for any reason, at any time, and the cops will do nothing. the lingering phantasm of 'white supremacy' is the only thing spooking them out of it."


"The way to destroy a people’s character is to deprive it of a political existence, in the Schmittian sense. Deprive it of the ability to make friend-enemy distinctions. This, in turn, destroys the bonds of association and disassociation, and open action with regard to distinguishing and discriminating between ways of life, values, and, yes, peoples, and even in conceiving of any sort of destiny. In other words, the foundation for all higher life is made illegal or suffocated as a matter of social pressure. I think Schmitt was able to produce his insights because this was the situation of the Germans post WW1 - its enemies conspired to deprive them of a political existence, prompting a genius like Schmitt to direct his attention to what constitued the primary categories of the political. I am only pages into Hitler’s War by D. Irving, but in thise pages Irving suggests that it is 'hard to define ... the origins of Hitler’s success in strengthening the character of his people.' It seems to me that it was due, at the most basic level, in promising to restore a political existence to the German people."

—@lazyradical1, L van der Man

"Your ancestors didn't mine pits, build ships, develop weapons, cross oceans, tame jungles, design bridges, erect castles, compose symphonies, and paint masterpieces for immigrants. They did it for their offspring. They did it for you."

—@TOOAJoyce, Joyce TOO

"Society has *already* collapsed. It's *already* time to build a new one."

—@MetaModernRadio, Nobody_Radio

"Do marxists realize that when most regular people talk about 'ugh capitalism' that they're less concerned about the social relations of production and more concerned about having responsibilities other than smoking weed?"

"The good news for those of you who aren’t so *privileged* is that elite institutions, down to prep schools, are rotting from the inside and will continue to produce progressively less output of any value whatsoever. You might have to deal with weave pulling fights at public school, but at least your parents aren’t shelling out 60k for you to be ceaselessly harangued by angry middle aged wamen with sociology degrees."

"The term 'white supremacist' has morphed from a designation historically levied against powerful elites by relatively disenfranchised people to one levied by powerful elites against working class people they see as dirty and uncouth. This basically means any normal white person who has the audacity to not see themself as of inherently less worth than members of the occupational class."

—@Coolidge, square

"Hatred of Hitler in today's age is the result of a conquered and enslaved people. I don't even care if he did everything he is alledged to have done, no healthy people have that emotional baggage for something done by a foreigner to other foreigners 70+ years ago."

—@coronangry, Aethelstan 115 IQ Disrespecter

"The fact that we live in an extremely capitalistic society where every part of your life is commodified and sold back to you, yet porn remains completely free at the point of use should tell you everything you need to know about it."

—@SpergFestive, YuleSperg

"The biggest gap isn’t generational, political, class. It’s sexual maturity (in psychic sense). You can’t have a society when a plurality are willfully intoxicated with lust while imagining they’re serious adults. Their psychic incontinence renders them literally retarded."

"Imagine trying to wage an insurgency against East India Trading company, except you need them to ship and deliver your propaganda (printed on presses they own). That's what it's like to storm Washington DC."

"The next decade is going to be about signaling affiliations and developing coherent counter-culture. In boomer decadence, organs that we trusted to confer legitimacy and authority now consist solely of those who scapegoat us as means to signal their own legitimacy and status. Whether these people consciously know what they’re doing is irrelevant - they’re maintained by our desire for the legitimacy that they believe only they can rightfully confer. What if college applications dropped across the board? Loan applications? Use of social media? Amazon purchases? New phone purchases and contracts? We collectively maintain the norms they exploit - the appearance of success and normalcy they are dead in the water without. Stop watching, stop buying, work as little as you can. Declare bankruptcy if tenable, avoid paying bills as much as possible. If tenable, look for *creative* ways to drain resources from techno-capital states, even if it doesn’t materially benefit you. They treat you as raw, exploitable resource that must be kept in place - you’re morally obliged to treat it likewise."

"Prog Christians think a 'pretend Christian' is someone who doesn't roll over for people who wouldn't dream of going to church."

"I don’t think the arch patriarch trad types are wrong about any given subject, but their posture, their mode of argumentation - it’s never going to bring about a result. It will remain a ghetto for guys who really wish things had gone differently and want to talk endlessly about how everyone who doesn’t behave as though the wrong turn didn’t happen are irredeemably wrong. And again - it’s not that they’re *wrong*. It’s more like they’re presenting as though power and authority are somehow just out of reach - that the reins will be handed over at some point and then the question of How To Live will naturally present itself at their feet. And I don’t blame them for this, but they - like cohorts on the Left - are so institutionalized that they conflate People They Respect Saying Stuff They Like In Public with Power (to influence and control institutions). But it’s pretty clear that ideology doesn’t condition power, but it’s the other way around - to the extent that power could give them a Based Leader and even meet apparently significant demands only to judo the 'excess' into even greater correction. Well okay, but what else is there to talk about? I think it’s that question of how to live. And once it’s understood that power isn’t going to make all that obvious once we have it, the question can asked in earnest. And in my opinion, answers aren’t obvious at all, wherever one approaches it from. So with that, the ghetto becomes a counter-culture. Talking points are exchanged for what I’d call embodied or inhabited presentations - you effectively have to trust that attempting to live it out in earnest through creative trial and error is going to bear fruit. I’d much rather listen to a podcast about guys starting motorcycle gangs or playing in bands or building cabins than another treatise on Spengler or the Cathedral or whatever Neo-Paleo take."

"One giveaway that Leftism / atheism / materialism is demonic is how no matter their actual power or position, they always feel like the rebel, the underdog. Almost like their true opposition is indomitable."

"It’s really disturbing, the extent to which Millenials think 'therapy' is real. At best, it simulates real conversation with adult who cares about you, at worst it simulates relationship to the adult / real world in which your personal narrative trumps everything. 'Tell all to Science Man, earn status to receive special substances, keep up with private behavioral and cognitive strategies' - a secular confession."

"The blanket denunciation of 'conspiracy theories' (and accompanying phony handwringing) is the strongest tell right now in determining who sides with sociopathic institutions - ultimately, who would trade your children’s well-being for some status and a loft downtown."

"It's actually good when a woman starts feeling for her boyfriend like she's his mother. She's identified him as someone she'd like to *share blood* with. She wants his baby. If your girlfriend resents doing motherly things for you (making food, etc), it's time to think it through. The mothering instinct is so strong, it can bleed into the wrong domains. If your girlfriend is crazy for dogs or cats, it's your duty to knock her up immediately. If she's crazy about office politics, you must realign her (by knocking her up). Get married please if you can, but extreme conditions demand extreme responses."

"All of therapy makes sense when you understand vast majority do not mature beyond psychic age of 14. At 14, information / learning, emotions, relationships - they are all essentially means to self-centered ends. This is why 'therapy' reigns supreme as chief religious practice. 'Therapy' begins and ends with the self. There is no Theory of Psychology, there is what 'works' (what makes client feel 'better')."

"Social Conservatives lose on sexual issues bc they use / idolize secular memes that can easily be swung the other way. If one is 'naturally born an upright / normal heterosexual' the question of sin - as a force running through the world, through us - is tucked behind the curtain. 'I can't imagine engaging in sinful sexual compulsions' - said by a divorced parent who regularly masturbates, lusts after his neighbor's spouse. While I’ve never experienced 'same-sex attraction', I have experienced more common lust / desires that are nonetheless also sinful / misaligned / misdirected. Ultimately 'gay' was okayed as a meme because it expanded the memetic curtain everyone could hide behind. It’s not merely coincidental that 'anal' became a widely traded meme among 'heterosexuals' as this meme came into acceptability. This wasn’t something 'normal' men were apparently interested in the 80s and 90s. I was aware of pornography at the time - there’s no reason it wouldn’t have been apparent to me if it were a 'thing'. And it's not like Larry Flint was worried about making Christians angry. It's just that a plurality of men would've been disgusted by it. And please, tell me how it's actually abnormal to not immediately associate the anus with poop. Tell me how this wouldn't put off a rightly-aligned desire in men and women alike. For what it's worth, I think a rightfully-aligned sexuality has an aspect of 'play' - it's something like teasing an excess of fecundity or generative power. But the whole exchange is, in some sense, mocked or inverted if it doesn't culminate in full consummation. Depictions of gays in media often feature an excess of 'playful' qualities . The fixation on giant 'parts': breasts, butts, penis, muscles - this triggers lusts that tend toward an excess of 'play' sexuality. When women make a show of liking 'dad bodies', it’s about using 'play' meme-language to describe something better / more 'real' than play sexuality. While men may want a wife / girlfriend with, say, large breasts, there’s always a niggling sense that (imo anyway) it may divert them or get in the way of something. Hence depictions of large-breasted as dumb / floozy; they’re too insensitive to want / understand anything more than 'play' sex. This entire memetic realm, instantiated by pornography, has effectively re-written our sexualities; it promises a life of endless, risk-free play; it makes us all 'gay'. When boomers divorced spouses to pursue that realm (and that accounts for a majority of divorces imo), they tried to sacralize these moves: I want 'real love' (one that never makes me feel bad), I need a Soul Mate (a playmate who never makes me feel bad). As it moved on to Xers, it was replaced by a Sex & the City rueful (but hilarious!) self-awareness; I’m really just out for myself here and my failures / sadness are proof of my particular ('quirky') self-image. With Millenials it really seemed like a deep disorientation occurred; Boomers and Xers could operate under the impression that they were exceptional; that while they played, the social order, built on cringey consummations could be exploited in various ways; they could always go back home (where no one knew what they’d really been up to, they believed) and they could always use this home as a meaningful contrast; I’m against their hypocrisy / fakeness. I think Millenials only received those 'home' memes via highly mediated sources - they never generated an authentic relationship to it."

"When Progs go on these sprees of cancelling things like Pepe Le Pew or Dr. Seuss, understand it’s because they don’t have anything to do. They’re bored, treading water. 'Wow you’re boring' is most effective response."

"When arguing with Lefties, never authenticate them by affirming that they do in fact 'see things that way', always maintain that they’re instead 'choosing to see things that way'. This forces them to either accept that its a choice, which plays to their vanity, or it forces them to appeal to an objective reality. Once they do the latter their worldview collapses easily. If they affirm its a 'choice' tell them it’s therefore arbitrary, makes no real claim."

"A Christian college-aged woman suddenly becomes 'libertarian'? She had an abortion."

"Dissident energies should be directed toward creation of local non-profit orgs that provide networking opportunities, material resources, meeting spaces, etc. I'm thinking of calling this model 'the Narthex'. 'Dedicated to preserving the social and cultural health of our communities'. It's a mutual aid society, in broad terms. The key is that a given chapter is localized. You're an irl networking hub. Members can form private groups via the network or make broader appeals ('can you help me build a shed?'). Beyond name / date / time, no 'content' is put online. 'Christopher Lasch Book Club meets at 6 at Narthex', etc. Here's the big secret of all non-profits: They get to define 'social good' as they see fit. 'We believe religion is a positive feature of a healthy society, so we make spaces for those with particular religious interests to meet and act locally'. So take a moment and imagine what a successful Narthex would look like. You'd have people wanting to move to your locale to be part of it, creating a positive feedback loop. All kinds of fundraising and local advocacy could happen. The mayor is desparate for your endorsement but, I don't know, do we have a member we'd rather run instead? This is big-thinking, I admit, but you must understand how many young couples and families are desparate for a coherent and decent public life for themselves. In terms of money, understand that Boomers have a lot of it, and a lot of our problems don't require money, they require time, energy, and space. They require a sense of solidarity: an IRL context."

"I took up this posture of 'life is meaningless' in my early 20s instead of dealing with difficult realities, mostly of the 'tfw no gf' variety. I had very idealistic vision of a series of girls who each went on to select older grug bfs , I realized I wasn’t as natively talented at art or music as I thought, I realized I’d have to work hard to stay afloat. I love my Dad but he’s got serious problems. He wasn’t in a position to reality-check me throughout my teens. Either way, I didn’t take on the weight of these realities and look for ways to conquer, I doubled-down on being loser-king with similarly dejected, nihilistic bros. I’d occasionally get involved with girls who made themselves available - which rendered them unlovable. If it was this easy for me, how could it not be this easy for basically any guy. I’m old enough now to sincerely wish the best for those girls and for my nihilist bros (who were terrible friends, like I was) but it took some disgust with them to break ties and re-set myself somewhat. I had enough work experience, had matured physically (babyface), had saved enough money, stopped using drugs (still drank like mad). I moved to another city where I knew one person. Before I did that I lived in a tent for 4 months and bathed in a river. By the end of it I had 13K in cash stashed in a PO Box. But ultimately it was a matter of refusing to see life in these terms. I think it was something like 'maybe it is meaningless, but I’m going to act as though that’s not the case' - some idiot posture like that. It was a process. I’m convinced - as I discovered first with mere Christianity, with marriage and family, with joining and practicing Apostolic faith, all of these apparently constricting, tiny spaces are far, far bigger on the inside. 'Freedom from' - in this case an existential freedom-from, in its denial of the possibility of meaning - is the smallest, dankest, fart-huffingest enclosure we can inhabit, totally tyranized by our pride (and by its wounds, called resentment). I will say that this guy is closer to unshackling himself than those who simply live the model without naming it. This guy would be mortified to know that actually the people doing your cool thing better than you are pill-gobbling Disney fans, porn addicted housewives. The flip is coming - what we understood to be 'counter-culture' or 'alternative culture' will be recapitulated; Actually, it was about dealing with and moving-through nihilism the whole time. Christ is the only meme that can’t be commodified in any sustainable way."


"One defining feature of many Christian men today is the effeminate practice of covert and evasive speech. Even worse is the fact that this manner of speaking is widely seen as the moral, 'charitable,' and polite manner of speech, to be praised, encouraged, and emulated. The essence of this effeminate style in the evangelical man is the strategic avoidance of taking personal responsibility for (or 'owning') what he has to say. This goal (the evasion of responsibility) is achieved through various tactics calculated against clarity and precision. Rather than saying exactly what he means in a clear, and unequivocal, manner, the polite evangelical man will hint at his meaning through innuendo and implication - so as to always maintain the plausible deniability that he didn't mean the controversial thing he meant. Or, if he does speak clearly with unambiguous moral authority, he will be sure to leave the object of his criticism unclear. The object of his criticism - whether a person, or an idea - will always remain abstract, theoretical, and disconnected from any specifics or concretes. By implementing the right degree of unclarity on either the nature of his criticism, or on the object of it, he ensures that the right people in his audience will be emboldened and endeared toward him, but that he will never have to defend or substantiate what he has said. As noted above, this evasive manner of speech is not some guilty indulgence. It is the widely accepted and prescribed method of communication for a 'good Christian man.' Directness of speech, on the other hand, is considered a sign of bad manners, or even of sinfulness. A man who says what he means, clearly and unambiguously, naming names where relevant, and welcoming open debate to those who disagree - this man is seen as 'arrogant,' 'divisive,' 'rude,' 'uncharitable,' and unworthy of public engagement. Our evangelical culture has adopted an ethic of communication which is perfectly designed to embolden error while neutering truth. Only error can prosper in a climate of dogmatic ambiguity, and only truth can suffer as a result. In this culture of dogmatic ambiguity of speech, honest men will necessarily be discouraged and punished for their honesty, while dishonest men are inevitably encouraged and praised for their dishonesty. If we want true and lasting reform in the Church, this must change. Many have become aware, and begun to battle against, some of the particular errors currently being pushed (e.g., wokeism, socialism, feminism, etc...), but such errors only became prominent to begin with as a result of this evangelical culture of ambiguity. In addition to combatting the particular errors, we must also combat the effeminate culture of 'polite' ambiguity which acts as the seedbed for all manner of error. We must insist upon shining the sanitizing light of clear speech into every facet of evangelical culture. We must make holy war against every false assumption about what is 'polite,' 'charitable,' and 'respectable' in public discourse. We must put the evasive, lying, cowards to shame for their refusal to take responsibility for their speech. Imagine how healthy the Church could be if Her men spoke clearly and unequivocally, if they named names and listed specifics where relevant, if they stated their positions and declared openly their willingness to defend those positions in the light of public scrutiny."


"She doesn't want to Be Your World - she wants to Be In Your World."

"Feel the fear, and do it anyway."

"There is a global media campaign to make people feel ashamed for being part of their own country. When you feel ashamed to exist - you do not defend yourself - It is a demoralisation tactic meant to weaken nations. Have pride in yourself, your country, your way of life. And don’t let anyone ever tell you you should not be proud of your ancestors. Anyone that does, is trying to manipulate you. Defend your land, your people."

"Spinal movement is key to health."


"Both by natural inclination (from evolution) and via enculturation, women are self focused, on their worth to society as tools of reproduction, and on their ability to manipulate men via sex. In 99.99% of human history this was effectively a phase from age 14-25, at which point they've got kids, and their ability to manipulate men via sex is noticeably lower. However, given societal changes from 1950 (because of contraceptives) the 'mother' phase has been decoupled and diminished, and the old biological imperatives and wiring of 'I have value Because of my ability to provide sex to men' is all that's left. Thus a large fraction of modern women speak incessantly of sex, create 'art' that is about nothing but sex (pink hats, etc), objectify Themselves via references to vaginas, IUDs, etc.Morality aside, it is tedious, and so pathetically low-brow. But the thing is, there's always Some dude desperate enough to sex them, so they are rewarded (in some sense) for their pathetic and cringey behavior. Only after these women entirely age out of desirability, and have neither character, family, nor intellectual pursuits to mark them as more interesting than week old fish, do they suddenly realize that the levers have stopped working. They talk of sex and people recoil. And then, instead of learning a single thing that they could perhaps relate to others, they get angry and lash out. I'm reminded of a woman who sold this farm to me. She tried to steal some of my property afterwards and when I didn't allow it, she told me to 'be a man'. LOL. I bet the combination of sex appeal as carrot, and scorn as stick worked well from age 16 to 46, but not only was I not single, not only have I always despised thots, but... she was just a nasty crone. This is what you ordered. Eat it."

—@MorlockP, Libertarian Astronaut Dog, Dogs don't have thumbs

"I don’t care who you are married to or dating. If babies aren’t being made, you are gay. You can see the gayness in the gleam in their eyes. Straight men don't have a twinkle in their eye."

"Every tattoo represents a vaginal infection."

—@LiangHanWei6, Weihan, David Zhang

"It remains an utter mystery to me why people who write pieces like 'why not necrophilia?' Are not required to submit photographs of themselves and minute descriptions of their daily routine in order to be taken seriously. The fruit of moral philosophy is a life well lived. It’s not a mere ad hominem to ask that those who presume to lecture us on the subject provide evidence of such a life."


"The extent to which you hold people to the same standards that you hold yourself to is the extent to which you consider them human. You may find that you do not consider most people human in the same way you are. This is not a kindness, it is a conceit. If you have standards at all, you will not get along with most people that you meet. You will never be meaningfully close to them. They aren’t capable of being meaningfully close at all, at least to you. Although everyone can be saved, you cannot save everyone. The sooner this is understood, the better. Freedom begins when you understand that you are fundamentally an outsider. Sentience in a meaningful sense - that is, in a sense that is reflective and actively virtue-seeking - can be thought of as an environmentally mediated recessive trait, latent until young adulthood. This is not a claim about genetics - what is important to understand is the way sentience originates and develops. If you have a parent who is 'awake', you are much more likely to be awake yourself, although it is not guaranteed, unfortunately for your progeny. One does not begin awake. Sentience most always manifests in young adulthood, spurred on by the trauma of a paradigmatic change in the growth of body / mind, your faculties of agency empowered but unrefined. While trauma and transcendence have equal power in stirring the sleeping mind (sharp blow vs a soft kiss) trauma almost always comes first due to the nature of puberty. We are brought into the world the same way - first the terror of birth, then the comfort of the mothers embrace. During puberty, many are born into the world of ideas and values as true agents. Though for some it is a mere physical change, if they eventually awaken, it is through the dissolution of trauma or the unification of transcendence. They are two sides of the same coin. If we are lucky, by the time our physical body dies, our sense of self has died a dozen times. Reasoning is necromancy performed on dead selves and on the ghosts of events, on memories. The connection to the people that you were feels merely incidental. Every time we go through a radical change, one engendered by trauma or transcendence, we die. And we die more times than this, the beach of our being washed away by that relentless mistress, time."

"Do not fear elitism. If you hold yourself unrelentingly to the highest standards, you can never fall victim to arrogance. When all do wrong and you do right, you are called an elitist. 'You think you’re better than us?' they cry. It was never about them, and they are only quick to claim so from a paradoxical narcissism of self-consciousness and insecurity, fever and chills of a fatally ill slave-morality."

"It is well known that in a relationship men have to give up the pursuit of women, but it is hardly spoken of that womans corresponding responsibility is to give up the love and attention of other men. It is less clear because women cannot control what men see, think, do. A pretty married woman walking down the street can be sexualized in thought, she can be spoken to in an overfriendly way by the person who serves her coffee, and so on. The only way to stop these microtransgressions is to wear a burqa and to always have your partner at your side, but for most people, that is neither desirable nor feasible. I would begrudge no woman the sun on her face or the wind in her hair. But there is an imbalance because of mans active and womans passive nature. It usually goes unarticulated but it is the cause of much discord in modern relationships."

—@HoneySoiled, Ada

"Watch a university educated woman's face change when you tell her 'Sure, your name is your father's anyway' after she says she'll never take another man's name. Quite enjoyable and predictable experience. Just promise you'll smirk and turn away as you say it."

—@Big_MickM, Michael

"I actually didn’t care about being white until I was told it was the worst thing you could be. Over and over and over. Then I started to care."

—@McBricko, Ernst Stavro Blofeld

"Feminist: 'Surely you agree women and men should be treated equally?' Me: 'Nope.' Feminist: 'Well that's all feminism is. Wait, did you say nope?' "

"The Handmaid's Tale is not a dystopian novel, it's a woman's sex fantasy."

"If you think a woman would be the best person to gain insight about women from, then you have a lot to learn about women."

"If you think we can Make America Great Again without killing a whole bunch of journalists, I'll listen, but I have to say I'm not optimistic."

"You ask, 'Oh but duck what if someone's really hurt?' Hilarious. 'What if a journalist dies?' I regret nothing. If any of my tweets today lead to any actual violence against members of the media, I want to go on record as saying that's fuckin hilarious."

—@Quackocracy, Weather Duck, @jokeocracy, The War Duck

"Socialists regard your property as their property, but even more nefariously they regard your children as their property."

"This debate is pointless, because there is no debate scenario where you would not perceive yourself to be the winner."

"We are rapidly reaching the point where peaceful national separation isn't the goal, but is in fact the moderate compromise."

"Conservatives are progressives driving the speed limit."

—@michaelmalice, Michael Malice

"The most salient part of comparing classical art to modern art isn't a transition from quality to shoddiness or good to evil, or the reverse of those, or whatever. It's the dissolution of a vast infrastructure to transmit knowledge and turn pupils to masters, whose existence allowed the classical art to be made in the first place. The classical picture requires a more complex infrastructure to exist than the modern one does, and is more technically demanding to make in itself. This is true even if you prefer the last picture, which you're entitled to do. You can prefer trollies to Saturn V rockets. You can think trollies fit into your own life better, which they almost certainly do. You can think trollies are more equitable and functionally useful for disadvantaged people than Saturn V rockets This is all fine. But. If someone looks around, notices that their society used to build Saturn V rocketss, but now maxes out technically at the trolley factory, they're correct to suspect something has degenerated. And I am begging you, don't take true things and say 'wow, only NAZIS would say that'."

—Kendric Tonn, @KendricTonn

"The playbook for domestic dissent going forward is simple: racialize all grievances. When white people protest it’s solely because they’re racist, when black people protest it’s solely because of racism. In crushing austerity, nobody is recognized as having material demands. 'Racism' as defined in these terms is of course unsolvable. The protestors always mean we need more articles about how it’s time to have 'tough conversations'. Nothing changes. They repeat the cycle till the next event while the populace gets hungrier and more desperate."

—@SeanMcCarthyCom, Sean McCarthy

"People who don't believe in the human soul are not qualified to talk about art."

"It's weird to me that the proliferation of online sex work could be seen as anything other than bleak and dystopian."

"Anyone who hates beauty is an enemy of God."


"Having a high IQ is not worth much in an infohazardous environment. I am uncertain of this, but I suspect it makes you even more suceptible to attack. People think smartness is the opposite of dumbness - it is more like dumbness folded over into itself, tesseracted stupidity."

"Please dont take this the wrong way, but you are rife with brainworms. You start off with reasonable objections that can be addressed, and then you just veer into, 'And also you are a Racist which is what this conversation is Really About', which is both insane and a level of discourse appropriate for children. I ultimately view you as a tragedy. Best wishes in your future endeavors."


"Libertarians will never have power. Conservatives will never use power. All of this is just ideological masturbation. Tribe up. We are due for a great time of opportunity ahead."

"In a very real sense, the current police apparatus actually reinforces the lawlessness we've been seeing recently. Without the police, the good people in our society could much more easily clear out or otherwise neutralise the evil elements. It's time for people on the Right to understand that there is a huge difference between 'the police' and 'effective policing,' and that the former are often more of a hindrance than a help to the latter."

"My view of civil liberties is that progressives and liberals shouldn't have any."

"A fundamental aspect of anarchotyranny is cops preferring easy compliant white people to meet quotas over rowdy and violent black people. You must chimp to survive. Anarchotyranny works because cops think you won't do anything for fear of bringing trouble down on yourself. If they think there's a serious chance they'll get hurt trying to anarchotyrannise you, they'll split."

"Anyone who knows the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour will be actively anti-woke, anti-CRT, anti-progressive. To be for the Lord means to be against all these things."

"The first indicator of Soviet collapse came from negative trends in indicators of social well-being: Life expectancy, Suicides, Addiction (opioid / alcohol). The US is now in pretty much the exact same situation as the USSR was. You may not be interested in demographic-structural cycles, but demographic-structural cycles are interested in you."

"When some worldly person complains about or says they hate Christian culture, it seems like the first response of most Evangelicals is to try to change to accommodate them. The proper response is to note that the critic is a wicked person who hates what is good."

"If you assume every public figure is a pedophile and/or demon-worshipper unless proven otherwise, you will have a much easier time navigating current events."

"Keep in mind that just because you're an upper middle class cuck who voted for Biden and mouths woke platitudes doesn't mean they're not going to take your stuff and give it to the people they're replacing you with."

"Because the conservative movement turned away from family, faith, nation, and heritage, and embraced godless materialism and rootless individualism, it now lacks a vocabulary to criticize the insane excesses of globalist degeneracy. They are stuck in the Reagan era - 'Commies!' is all they can say."

"I don't care why black people are angry. All I care about is that they either learn to control themselves or else get expelled from the country."

—@Theo_Chilton, Theophilus Chilton

"Do you think that the collective young men of America are ready for the knowledge that their MCU-level obsession with WWII is just displacement activity for failing to perform masculinity in ways that actually matter in the 21st century geopolitical economy? It is quite chuckle-worthy how much masculine youth energy is wasted on tank knowledge / wargaming. Why do I feel compelled to keep harping on this? I honestly 100% have no real issue with fantasy / historical wargaming. Boys knowing everything about tanks and aircraft and historical battles and playing a ton of War Thunder is honestly super cute - boys being boys is great! I want to draw a thick line between 'it’s fine to have hobbies / enjoy things' and my thoughts about 21st century warfare. Because I think there’s a fascinating disconnect in the pedagogy of play turning into seriousness that actually matters for generational culture. But, I happen to notice that I have a Ton of male friends - mostly in their late 20s / 30s - who spend a stupid amount of energy on military history, the technical aspects of weaponry / heavy vehicles, etc. And from a real fourth generation warfare (fifth generation warfare?) standpoint, it is almost all garbage. Observationally, many of these men (I’m being charitable; my instinct is to call them boys) have crappy careers, no families, are disconnected from modern geopolitics, and seem very easily duped by things like Russiagate or mainstream bluecheck narratives about what matters. Dan Carlin and Jocko Willink are hugely popular among young men disconnected from their masculinity (they are!). In lieu of relevant masculinity, they return to their dad’s militaristic affects (which were actually relevant in the cold war), or vague 'guns are cool' remnants. I’d even make a stronger argument: The traditional solider mindset itself is now slightly out of date. in 2050 you probably won’t need to become a Navy SEAL and do pushups every morning at 4am until your mind breaks; you just press the 'drone them' button and go back to sleep. The reason contemporary warfare is truly hell is that the 'soldier' script itself is transforming. 20-21st century warfare is much less about being a noble Spartan than it is about just having enough raw psychological stability to watch your best friend get blown up by an IED. You still need basic fitness, strength, discipline, endurance, etc. But what you’re mostly going to be doing 'in the field' is like 2% firefights / tacticool battling, and about 98% basic carpentry skills, participating in hearts-and-minds nation- and infrastructure-building. Regarding the military history stuff, I'll clarify that these things are actually important for Someone to learn, and it's also culturally important for Everyone have a rough appreciative understanding. It's just that we're about 1000x overindexed in terms of young mens' thoughts. I'll also add that, in terms of raw tactical / strategic understanding (which is evergreen valuable), I truly think that you can get as much or more benefit from playing Starcraft or Fortnite. The primary relevant skill that young adults (men and women alike) should hone, as I hinted, is raw cultural warfare. I'm not joking: Your ability to survive in 2050 will depend way more on having encyclopedic knowledge of minute culture war drama than your ability to hit a target. The ability to cancel, avoid cancellation, counter-cancel, form a coalition of cancelling-cancelers to defeat enemy cancellationers; this the skill that truly matters. The other primary relevant knowledgebase that matters is detailed knowledge of global supply chains and logistics. Funny enough, it was WWII itself that made this common knowledge among military commanders, statesmen, and attentive citizens. WWII was much less about 'pivotal battles' than it was about boring analysis of oil flows, equipment distribution, and industrial production."

—@spiderfoods, Chris Johnson

"Remember that in Soviet America, the laws are not there to be enforced or to protect you, they exist as an increasingly-convoluted labyrinth that is impossible to comply with 24/7, which then allows for later enforcement and penalties for dissidents and trouble-makers. Especially as surveillance and digital storage of 'evidence' gets increasingly perfect, there will be virtually nobody who hasn't broken the law, nobody who can't be arrested or have their ability to make money or freely communicate taken away at any time for some past infraction. This is a good thing, though - eventually, the abuse of this will force the realization that everybody is imperfect or has done something wrong, which will start to add up to the average person being less of a pious freak."

"Ugly people, fat people, and powerless vindictive people all enjoy 'wearing a mask' being a social mandate, as all three of those types of people are growing as a percentage of the population it is logical to assume that wearing a mask will not be something going away any time soon. There is a real virus out there, and it is soulless worms disguised as human beings."

—@RealOldPaul, Paul Drifter

"The 'American Justice System'? There is no such thing. Plan accordingly for you and your family."

"When asked why certain peoples can't have ingroup preference, can't use their ancient symbols, can't even call themselves a people - the reason is 'historical context'. As though liberals want anything to do with history, as though their whole worldview isn't self-inflicted amnesia."

"When we have useless degenerates teaching our youth, we cannot expect to build men of character."

"Chesterton wrote that 'Children are innocent and love justice, while most of us are wicked and naturally prefer mercy'. This sounds good, but unfortuantely it isn't true, as some children are wicked from a very early age, perhaps even from birth. As Steinbeck wrote, there are monsters born in this world."

"If the State has become too totalitarian, it's because the average Christian hasn't been totalitarian enough. He's acquiesced in the secularization of life; he's allowed his own aims to be divided and his religion to become a sectarian affair - cut off from his real interests and life."

"Anonymity is a test to determine whether your society affords the human freedom and dignity to submit all ideas to rational discourse. 'The ideas with consequences' crowd are admitting their ideas are unpersuasive, and must bring various forms of coercion to the hearing."

"There is nothing above the local level worth salvaging. Everyone in power is a corrupt piece of shit if not downright evil. Stop wasting your time with 'America' - she’s a bloodthirsty whore. Look to your immediate surroundings and start living right."

"Imagine a world where mothers raise their own children, instead of some concrete strip mall death machine that will teach them to hate their parents and want to chop their gentials up. Only in this sick industrial society we have 'representatives' moaning about the human machine cogs not being in the places they want them to be. Being grinded into dust. Every married man with a 'woman in the workforce' as a wife can never be certain what happens there. Every offspring of such a woman never can get 100% of their mother's love and attention. This is by design. Families weakened."

"It’s not enough to be a 'Conservative' when there’s no culture left to conserve and Liberals control all the Institutions. We must be reactionaries and weaken institutions that hate us."

"Political life is not a system to be analyzed. It is a question of who rules. What are their names? What type of man is valued, prioritized and promoted by the society? We are not ruled by a satanic blood-drinking elite as conspiracy theories would have it, but by vulgar bugmen, wealthy mediocrities. This decade is the hour of decision, their attack on nature must be resisted and stopped."

"Once you realize someone is an idiot, just stop engaging them."

"Moral and immoral deeds can be discerned through aesthetic sensibility alone. One who is properly attuned to beauty and ugliness will be attracted to good and repulsed by evil instinctively. Intellectual analysis becomes superfluous and unnecessary."

"Imagine being so self-absorbed and narcissistic that you think it matters more that you are ashamed of your ancestors than that your ancestors are ashamed of you. And they most certainly are."

—Rogue Scholar Books, @RogueScholarPr

"Most of my big life decisions right now account for a belief there's a significant chance that the US ceases to be functional in the next 20 years as a federation, and ceases even in name to exist in my lifetime, and how to hedge against that. How do I distribute my time, energy, and assets to deal with different types of breakdown? Rule of law. Monopoly on violence. Travel within the continental US. Financial systems. Unless people like me are getting actively hunted down, I'm probably not leaving the US. So given that, how do I prepare my life, my children's life, and my grandchildren's lives to succeed as much as possible with a changing order? How can I take advantage of new opportunities, maximize upsides, and minimize risks? Merely storing assets in foreign currencies isn't enough - in fact, there's a very good chance if the US goes down those economies or obligations get totally reneged. Land that you don't live near can be appropriated. Central digital assets can be repossessed (e.g. stock). Gold is an iffy investment if things Don't go bad, and can also make you a target if they do. My asset distribution is almost entirely index funds, but I've recently moved my monthly auto-investments to a 85% index / 15% crypto portfolio. Ammunition, tools, land (my house; immediate term) are also hedges. A full workshop, a ton more printed books, etc., these are things that are even more core against types of outcomes I hope aren't very likely but would be devastating if they happen. This is also why I told my best friend I'd pay for him to move from wherever in the country he was to wherever I settled in a few years. A true friend, a bosom companion, is an asset that cannot so easily be priced - and we're on the same page. I'm tremendously lucky no one in my immediate closest friends and family thinks I'm crazy about this. My mom sent me a blacksmithing fundamentals book. My wife is getting her ham radio license. Even with this social support, I'm afraid I'm not taking it seriously enough. There have been so many points since 2014 where something I should have seen coming blinded me because of status quo bias. I don't have the opposite bias, happening bias - luckily, some of you do. But we must look reality in the eye if we want to come out on top of Interesting Times, with our descendants poised to take the world. Are you prepared for catastrophe? Are you prepared for not-catastrophe? Do your preparations reflect your predictions? Think the unthinkable. The panic over food in covid area is going to cease at some point. Is a year of food for you and your family worth 5 grand? I say it probably is. There's suppliers. Don't tell your neighbors unless you trust them. If you have land, bury it. Why Texas? Texas has national identity, it has Vigor, it's on the Gulf (it can't be isolated like a number of other red states can), it has military assets and culture, it has oil. In other words, it is (imo) the top American successor state. There's Certain Collections of Knowledge I'm planning on spending quite a bit of money to keep a full backup of. Just in case. Eventually maybe a book binding machine, just in case. Maybe this becomes detritus for my children someday. All states die. Sometimes there are inter-state histories that provide a link (monarchies, for example). Sometimes merely the people stay the same. To make sure your family persists through history, it is your job to prepared for this state, this paradigm to pass. I am not a trad ill-at-ease in modernity. I am a stereotypical exemplar of what you'd expect from a patriotic American with Anglo heritage. I am the man of high modernism. I am the striver, the climber, the off white business card buyer. And I'm saying to buckle up."


"I believe that when you are fat, everything you say and think is underlaid by the fact that you are fat - any advice given or idea raised comes with the asterisk of obesity, signalling that you hate beauty and have made your body a monument to ugliness, and are dying as a consequence."

"Removing the Aunt Jemima branding but keeping the high-fructose corn syrup with brown dye and sodium hexametaphosphate is a pretty slellar example of how liberals love to make hollow symbolic gestures while keeping in place the system that's actually killing people."

"Some people will never like you, because your spirit irritates their demons."

"Politics is over as soon as 'liberals want you dead and nothing you say or any act of kindness will change that' idea hits the mainstream consciousness."

"If anyone other than an anonymous body building fascist tells you to do something, don’t listen."

"Today, you need an iron will and a self-taught degree in biology to exercise the vigilance required to avoid being casually poisoned by your surroundings. This why the majority are test-depleted and obese. People used to be healthy by default. Only the strong make it through."

—@BabyGravy9, Raw Egg Nationalist

"Good fiction for your sons are sagas. Heroic deeds, violence, risk taking, witty conversations, friendship, honor and duty are stuffed into every page. The basics of life are covered and underneath it all is the assumption that the sword maintains all of it. Heroes dying is an important piece. Often a brother or friend must pick up where the hero left off or take care of the dead man’s family. One can live a good life and die young. A hero can die on a quest. It is a part of life. Our last echo of those tales are the pioneer or Westerns. Even WW2 stories of fellow soldiers delivering final heirlooms or stories to the dead man’s family are reminiscent of these sagas. Fiction geared towards children, especially boys, should incorporate these elements. Probably more powerful than supporting the state GOP."

—@RevivedProBot, ProBotWasher

"The Right should spend serious consideration as to what Genres (as in theme) and genres (as in aesthetic setting) it wants to spend thought on. In my opinion, a good space for Our Guys to take over is Generation Ship themes, as a way to sell ideas of continuity with little progress, Ideas of Bloodlines and genetic load. Probably some other valuable themes there too. Technological Regression and Catabolic Collapse. Among other things, part of The Game for control of culture is by limiting and taking over hostile genres and pushing for stories that are good at selling your worldview. The subtler the better."

"The undercurrent that is in the entirety of far right twitter interacting with the outside is that right-wing arguments are systematically shunned from public and especially elite discourse at a time when right-wing are correct more often than not. The time in the wilderness causes it to become a complete clownshow - partially because of the type of people who adopt it, partially because of a 'you can't reject me if I'm depraved' mentality, partially out of induced nihilism, and other partials. But a large amount of people in this sphere feel (probably correctly) that their positions at the head of this cultural Pillar should afford them far more than is found, especially because the establishment is: neurotic, ineffectual, decadent and rejects its own eliteness and power. Right-wing impulses and arguments are that an elite should care for its people, that Peoples have an interest in its own self, that we need continuity with both past and present, that biological differences cannot be solved with only policy - these remain and become truer day by day. Believing that localized hierarchies and relationships are beneficial to those participating in them, that the egalitarian revolution wrecks ways to interact with others except as products for consumption, and so much else is prevented from being spoken in any form. This, of course, is exactly how The Left and The Liberals want it."

"The obvious righty institution to build right now is neighborhood protection. Military Instutition; Localized; Massive Social Issue. Need a large group so you don't get Zimmerman'd, at least 2 people patrolling at all times. Extensive video and audio surveillance, total and redundant coverage. You are in a hostile legal and media sphere, and you will be dealing with an institution under pressure. Unlike the lefty equivalent (union formation), you can't rely on subterfuge to hide your intentions, and you have to make sure you have a clear code of conduct."

"Reading about 19th century American concerns, I get the impression that bringing someone to postmodern times and showing them around, they wouldn't be 'Wow how terrible stop everything', it would be more 'Wow, we made it two centuries, Jackson didn't destroy it! Drinks on me!' America was extremely aware of the Roman Republic failure and success modes and mostly wanted to make sure they had some time before it hit. And to be honest, we are probably a few decades before what they were actually worried about truly comes to pass."

"There is no way that the right can concievably win in the next ~30 years. Yes, even a civil war. Yes I know. We would still lose. You need to think very seriously about whether you will throw behind BLM or Antifa. Maybe not those orgs specifically, but those two archetypes are the two national States-In-Waiting who have the best chance to win the Terrible 20s. The current Constitution - as much as you may dislike it - is far more beneficial to the Right's power and presence than what would come from any plausible constitutional reform or revolution. You may hate it, but it's the best trench-line we got. This, by the way, is a considerable part of the Left's deliberate dismantling of American Civic Identity and Belief among general Iconoclastic behavior. Anyway, I have a lot more faith in the 50-70 year timespan, but the next decade is so decisively unfavorable I can't even come up with a single joke. And unfortunately, the next decade is gonna be the one in which the new order is written."

"The soy life isn't that bad, which is the whole problem. This is why some form of fundamentalism will win - you have to be willing to make concrete sacrifices from yourself and from your community in order to build trust. That fundamentalism is inherently non-Pareto is, in fact the point. To be fundamentalist is to deliberately not perform a Pareto optimized trade in order to build some sort of social trust."

—@TivEfirMythean, @Known2Cali4nia Mythean

"Reminder that the QAnon conspiracy theory wasn’t that the world actually is run by a satanic cabal of pedophiles - that is reality - the conspiracy theory was that there was a plan to stop them."

"Progressives want to give puberty blockers, for free, to young people, without parental consent. Anyone who knows the first thing about the medical effects of this will understand what I mean when I say the whole movement is a death cult."

"The 'traitor' line is so tired given that the whole reason Robert E. Lee quit the federal military was to avoid committing treason against his homeland (Virginia). The United States didn't deserve loyalty then, and it doesn't now. To hell with the Constitution and to hell with the Union. America is the vehicle by which Satan enters the world."

"I know some encourage people to not go to college at all - and some don’t need college - but I think this is a mistake to make broad advice to this effect. The reality is that most decent paying jobs still require a 4 year degree as a basic requirement to even be considered. I would never require those, I would evaluate each applicant holistically, but this is the world we live in."

"It's crazy how pretty much all Americans would vote for someone with a plan to make their country / state / community beautiful, but basically no politicians ever mention aesthetics. You could easily become mayor or county chairman running on a platform of making everything more beautiful and nice, 90% of voters would support you based on that alone, yet no politicians ever do this."

"Before Affirmative Action, everyone wanted to be considered White. After AA was implemented, the incentives changed - for example, Elizabeth Warren claimed to be Cherokee. The material incentives are to be anything but a straight white able-bodied man. Critical Race Theory is nothing more than a tool used by grifters to obtain power (material and status) that they couldn't obtain under anything resembling a normal society. They would rather be king in Hell than a subject in Heaven. These are not people to engage in argument - they are people to be mocked, driven out of polite company, and shut down by whatever means convenient. When they attack you, don't bother to defend yourself (it won't work). Just hit them back harder and nastier. Be like Trump in 2016."

"If you ‘engage’ with CRT, you are drawn into an argument in which the terms ensure you will lose no matter if you ‘win’ the argument. The only time you should ‘engage’ with these people is in the martial combat sense of the word. Never engage a leftist in a 'debate'. The leftist wins as soon as you are ensnared in the terrain of 'a battle of ideas'. Expose the class expression of leftist ideology, don’t legitimize it by treating it as a difference of opinion that can be resolved by 'debate'."

—@GraduatedBen, AutistLvsMatter, Dr. Benjamin Braddock

"I will continue to have severe body dysmorphia until my mere presence acts as an implicit threat of great physical violence."


"No parent wishes for a weak son. No woman wishes for a weak man. No child wishes for a weak father. Live up to your duty and get stronger."

—@EdwardianStoic, Edwardian Aesthetic

"Reminder that the 'economic left' doesn't exist in the west anymore. They are thoroughly cordycepted by wokeness, which will ultimately destroy capital without ushering in anything that resembles economic leftism. It will be anarchy and warlords."

"It bears repeating that unreconstructed 2013 NRx more or less explained modern politics, a feat for which it has been unceasingly derided and mocked by people who unironically call people 'neoliberals'."

"I was speaking with a friend of mine who is a successful writer a while back, and she told me that she would transcribe her favorite scripts to get a feel for how writing the good stuff works. First mimic 'trad life' to learn to write your future."

"Move intentionally to areas with community to help build community. Make money. Be excellent. Stay alert to what’s happening politically if you tend to tune out too much; stay peaceful and focused on family / local stuff if you tend to tune in too much."

"I do this to lost woke people all the time: Just hold the frame of being a caring father to the lost. But how durable is the effect, I wonder? As soon as they stop talking to me, it's back to whatever bullcrap. Fixing someone like this probably takes a lot more than DMs. To add to this, I don't do this to try to convert the person I engage with (although that happened once), but because there are often observers who are lost and need a guide. Anyone posting on Twitter is firm in his convictions, even if that conviction is nihilism."

"People who don't know their dads be like 'The nuclear family is oppressive'."

"Tattoos are, above all, a class marker."

"Marital rape isn't a thing because if she's not constantly harassing you to rumble, you're not really married."

"Bringing an ideology to a holy war is like bringing a knife to a gunfight."

"Part of the tell for the regime starting to spin out of control (as it approaches left singularity) is that the old definitions for racism and misogyny have to be chucked *because* the wrong people were succeeding by the old definitions. When Moldbug pointed out *some* Puritans augmenting their theology because some were constrained in their holiness signaling by the limitations of the existing dogma he was identifying the form of this heresy. These acts of iconoclasm aren't necessarily maladptive; Reformed Jews had a surge of holiness, status, and worldly success after adopting external dogma. Sabbateans, otoh, were largely driven to extinction in a generation. The problem for the regime is that it's reached a point on the ratchet where the only way to gain more status is by hyper costly signaling. The regime has total power in liberal states, but is running them into the ground (this is obvious in CT and IL, and will be in CA eventually). As usual, the ancients understood this, most obviously with 'The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs'."

"If your 'movement' is way outside the Overton Window, you're going to attract 'garbage people'. The first wave of NRx were a bunch of well intentioned nerd dads (plus Spandrell who's just surly), who accidently thought themselves into heresy. The second wave included a bunch of guys who were outside the Overton Window to begin with. Losers, megalomaniacs, con men who had fallen for their own cons. To convert a high-value non-believer, you must offer him status *security* - he's already got status. This basically describes my experiences with later NRx and frog Twitter - fathers who don't want their sons to be downwardly mobile because of the suddenly manifesting new status system of the finally formalizing religion, as well as young Chads uninterested in having their future wives tempted to defect on them. Frog Twitter is dangerous because preference cascades come from the elite, and every frog I've met in person is what would traditionally be considered elite. The weirdos from NRx, the guys with their own bizarre theories of everything, the try-hard Marxists, basically everyone rushing out to insult BAP after he was banned - they feel betrayed, but can't coherently articulate why. I've always tried to be generous to losers; I always defended kids from bullies growing up. It's uncomfortable for me to attack these guys who are already attacking me and my friends, because I understand why they feel as they do. But it's important to remember that the courses of action recommended by Moldbug / Land and BAP, which are not mutually exclusive, have actual paths to victory. The rest of these guys are well intentioned losers, upset at getting left behind."

"The 'reasonable liberal' type going on some normie television show and sounding like himself (authentic, nerdy, maybe a bit aspy) is an unforced error. Normies don't care about ideas - the regime expresses disapproval and low status by having a black person make a confused face at you. The people persuaded by sound logical argument are largely already on our side. What matters at this point is Spirit."

—@The_WGD, World's Greatest Dad in the World

"The Homeric cycles or the Norse sagas make compelling reading relative to output of our times - Modern writing has an overbearing tendency to moralize and rationalize. Heroic lit, fantastic elements aside, represents vivid realism in depicting actions and motivations of best men. The Aristotelian perspective would be that the true nature of a thing is what it represents at its highest. This is the context in which such poetry should be read. For there is much in the character of the heroes that repels, for this is simply the conduct of men of high vitality. For example, Agamemnon, Achilles, Ulysses all behave callously, in ways that get their own fellows harmed or killed. In Volsungs Saga, Sigurd the Dragon Slayer is treacherously murdered by his sworn brothers (all heroes too). There is no idealizing of either qualities or detriments in these works. It is simply an unedited presentation of the character of the highest type of man, which is also sometimes terrible. The portrayal of women is realistic also, rarely seen since. Helen is the cause of the final downfall of Bronze Age Hellas, Brynhild of the Saga Age Germania. These tales might give some insight into why the Aryans were so insistent upon a patriarchal mode of life, as in their own works, the wiles of women are enough to destroy entire civilizations and kill of all of their best people - this aspect of them is underrated, I find."


"Don't 'listen to and read about black lives, black viewpoints, black experiences', just skip all that and become more racist. 90% of 'racism' is just hating the Professional managerial class. Another 9% is remembering to never relax. 1% annoyance at foreigners who mostly exist as salt in the wound to remind you the PMC hate you and want you dead to build the empire. Every day brings ample information pertaining to the wages of relaxation."

"I've heard 'this is not the hill to die on' for everything from 'critical theory' to 'chopping off babies' dicks because the modern-day equivalent of a witch doctor said so'. The reality is, 'conservatives' have no principles worth dying for. For some people, there exists no hill to die on."

"Left wing = equality. Right wing = hierarchy. This is the only view of the political spectrum which makes sense. Viewed this way, the link between open borders immigration and socialized medicine is obvious. Open borders is equality between resident and foreigner; socialized medicine is equal(ly bad) access to health care. NatSoc is right-wing, despite its socialism, because of its hard emphasis on racial hierarchy. Libertarianism is right-wing, despite being gay, because of its insistence on accepting the hierarchies which result from laissez faire markets and freedom of association. As can be seen from those two examples, there is no coherent 'right wing' as a whole. There are many ring wings because there are many mutually exclusive hierarchies that are esteemed by various right wingers. By contrast, the various flavors of leftism differ mostly in emphasis (which types of equality are most important: race, sex, economic, etc.) and on tactics. Behind those disagreements is a shared vision. The left is inherently more cohesive than the right. If you have N pennies that you are dividing among M jars (where N modulus M is zero), there is exactly one configuration where all the jars have an equal number of pennies, but countless unequal configurations. The right-left political spectrum is a sphere, not a line. At the center is the left singularity: the closer you get to it, the more left wing. Right wing is away from the center, in any direction. The above discussion is about left / right in the abstract; practical politics can muddy these categorizations. For example, left-wing ideology is often just an excuse to plunder; as such, it's common for 'leftist' policies to be driven more by greed than egalitarianism."

"What Millenials read growing up: 'There is [society] bound by [strange traditions]. It works after a fashion, but it's stagnant and dying. The heroine (nearly always a she) discovers some coming cataclysm the elders have failed to foresee. She must save the society by changing it.' Is it any wonder they are turning out the way they are? My question: is there any such novel that takes the formula and applies Chesterton's Fence to it? The traditions exist for reasons the heroine doesn't understand and she realizes the ancestors were wiser than she thought?


"Liberalism is the problem. Wokeness is the necessary endpoint of classical liberalism. You’re blind if you haven’t seen the transition from the Founders’ intentions to the present day through the evolution of their own logic. The Frankfurt school literally built off of standard liberal premises to appeal to Americans."

—@ReforgedSwordo, Hideo Kojima's Bastard Son

"Telling women to stop being so fragile will never catch on, because women's frailty is actually true and everyone knows that instinctively. The proper resolution is that women must not be allowed into any aspect of politics, because they are de facto off-limits from hard social attacks, which must be levied against bad actors just to keep everything rational. Letting women into critical societal institutions is like drafting a kid to be an NFL quarterback. It is a structural misallocation which invokes (fundamental and necessary) behaviors in such a way as to ruin the game. All feminist discourse mystifies this by making it an issue of women's abilities. Women do suck at things in general, but no matter how smart and talented a woman might be the fundamental problem is still that her sacredness changes the nature of competition. Basically as soon as you let any women into a space, then competition and disputes can only be resolved by female conflict styles. There's some curve to the degree to which this is true, but it grows much quicker than the ratio. Given that intitutions are intrinsically male phenomena, running them on female conflict styles utterly destroys their capacity to function. You can't fix this by insisting that women be held to an equal standard. Everyone is trained to say they agree, but NOBODY is willing to act on it. Instead we have to admit that women's lib is a cursed deviation from stable social boundaries, and that the eternal need to protect women also necessitates excluding them from competitive and risky occupations. This includes every position of authority, if for no other reason than that authorities who abuse their position of trust (including national-tier journalists) ought to be punished in a manner which I'm not allowed to describe."

"Women in the military is such an obvious do-not-pass-go. A signal of totally dysfunctional command, political establishment, elite class, and culture. If you think women belong anywhere near the military then you don't Get It. Women fighting violates a fundamental evolutionary dynamic. Any nation that puts mothers in its armed services is short-circuiting. Any association between women and the field of war is so monumentally stupid and incoherent that there aren't even religious prohibitions against it. Neither God nor even any false god has ever seen fit to issue guidance on this matter. That's how far we've strayed. We are so far from the light that what we're doing isn't even breaking divine commandments any more. We're in a nietzschean null morality twilight zone, but in a purely gay and collectively self-annihilating way. I am obsessed with this issue. I can't think of a more potent fusion of concepts which ought to be separated as far as possible. It's a big red flashing klaxon Clown World. If you've ever studied physics, cell biology, gas engines, there's a recurring pattern that in order to get any work done you have to keep certain things separate. It's a law written a million times over on every thread of the universe, singing out into infinity. You cannot change this. Entropic gradients are a cosmic requirement which do not answer to whimsical human attitudes about 'progress'. And if you find gas in your oil, blood in your urine, or mothers in your army, something has gone horribly fubar."

"If words like 'supportive' and 'validate' and 'insecurity' are in your vocabulary, then you are spiritually female. These concepts become irrelevant, like discarded childhood toys, to those who have discovered the male-nature."

"Right-wingers keep on losing because we treat Maoist subversion with a respect their own ideology explicitly denies. The correct answer to any question regarding privilege is, 'I reject the premises of your narritive because it is constructed to destroy me, go fuck yourself'. You have to break your own conditioning to realize this, but it's essential to do so. Making that unprincipled exception for the enemy won't bring down our civilization. It's just zeroing out their own verbal exploit."

"Without God the only external imperative toward pro-social behavior is game theory. But strict game theory is only motivating under conditions of general morality; in a purely material universe it's foolish to sacrifice for people who keep defecting against you. The entropy gradient of this is obvious. Atheism cannot provide a scalable justification to breach the barrier and become generative. In fact we find that it can't even maintain basic norms backed up by intrinsic human disgust, let alone anything approaching the sublime. This is visible after only a few generations. Some of the more visibly consequential taboos, like murder, last a little longer. Atheists pride themselves on not immediately dismantling these. But what in their philosophy could realistically create and spread them? Every atheist who says 'But of course murder is wrong' is merely echoing the precepts of their God-fearing ancestors. There is no moral terminus in their logic though, so eventually this too will meet the time when it gives off its electrons. 'After all... why shouldn't I?' In practice this has never come to pass at such a great scale, because dysgenic sexual practices unravel them so quickly that they are overtaken and conquered long before murder could be totally liberated."

"The word 'matter' is in one of the big slogans of the era. I really don't think these things are coincidental, and we're dealing with word-wizardry on a level most can't begin to comprehend. My PKD-level paranoia continues to be more accurate than a normie shrug. 'Matter' is also a legal term of art. These people use words to brainwash. Watch the Century of the Self. They use subliminals. You must interrogate every big slogan that comes along. Curious how 'I Can't Breathe' became one during the year of a respiratory plague, for instance."

"Things like 'homophobia', 'transphobia', these concepts aren't even real. You're trying to tell me that the universal default intuitive perception of /normal/ sex - which nobody even thought of questioning until a mere lifetime ago - is now some kind of psychological pathology? Go fuck yourself! These words are meaningless. I yield no purchase to narratives which are constructed specifically to damage me."

"If you're highly intelligent but not a God-hating psychopath, then the network wants you sidelined. It's not your fault that you aren't institutionally 'successful', but it is your responsibility to put your talents to good use. This WILL require an adversarial posture. Good luck."

"One way in which the modern mind is narrowed is the ubiquity of dazzling artificial colors and lights. If you spent even a little while living in harmony with nature, using only natural materials, a can of coke would appear as a sacred relic. This would not be a primitive perception, but rather the proper one. That our senses have been so dulled, and magic cheapened, is a loss. Nowadays you have to take drugs at a music festival and squeeze your neurons of every drop to remember anything of the transcendent experience our forefathers had inside a cathedral. It's gluttony all the way down. Few have any sense of this aside from the Amish. I think most people would look at you like you have two heads if you tried to talk about this. I could be selling people short though. This is especially true for music too - and the reason I feel so misophonic about tv and looping hihat rolls from tiktok playing on somebody's phone. It's not just unappealing, it actively degrades one's ability to appreciate beauty. The same goes for pornography of course, especially public displays of crass sexuality in the media. I actually think watching porn as a moderated vice is way less unhealthy than the constant background radiation of softcore obscenity that we tolerate. In general, liberalism is incapable of managing gluttony even if it wanted to (it doesn't, because its an ideological battering ram for consumerism). Preserving any kind of shared sacredness requires setting and enforcing boundaries. Liberalism is conceptually blind to negative value, clarity of the soul is simply out of scope. And so it must be shrunk to the atomic realm where it can be feebly nursed, but may never grow. Anywhere you see an extant social norm to the contrary, you must realize that it is a vestige of a completely different culture which merely has not yet been dismantled and sold for scrap. Time and time again we've watched this happen."

"Some guys are very persuasive and speak with force - but once you see how they conduct themselves when they're assuredly in the wrong, you never have the same confidence in them again. May God give me the humility to not be like that, and change me if I am."

"Women belong nowhere near the halls and hierarchies of leadership. All sorts of civilization-disrupting memes proliferate because you simply CANNOT criticize them, their ideas, or their behavior frankly. Attempting to do so triggers protective instincts in both men and women. These instincts are adaptive in general. But it also means women are literally too precious to be involved in deciding social norms and values. Once a certain threshold of men forget their place and start deferring to this inverse dynamic, the whole group loses its ability to enforce boundaries, and soon the collective ability to reason consequentially suffers the same fate. Such men are a curse. I should clarify: Boundaries certainly DO get enforced, but not in the disciplined male style of abstract principle. Female-dominated boundaries are... a lot different."

"I've been reluctant to say this, but it's been on my mind lately with increasing frequency. When minority activists talk about 'colonialism' or 'oppression', this is what they're referring to: To them, we are alien civilization forcing our judicial norms upon them. The very act of a white man policing them is offensive. I don't mean to overgeneralize, there are plenty of black Americans for whom this is not the case. But for a significant portion, our white laws and norms are simply not compatible with their way of thinking. White liberals chafe at this but minority progressives keep saying it. At some point you have to wash your hands and say, 'God's will be done but it's not my place to control every corner of the Earth'. I welcome everybody who lives like us but yes, there are a lot of black people in America who really just need their own home to rule as they see fit. As a matter of love for them and for our differences, I want them to have their own separate territory where they can run their own affairs within their own people, according to their moral intuition. Forced integration and diversity is a failed liberal experiment which denies the deep essences of humanity. I completely understand the reasoning for initiating the experiment, but at this point it's caused unfathomable harm and continuing it is sick. I like natural diversity. I like interaction. But I don't think all black people in America should have to live under white rule indefinitely - and that's the de facto implication of the present liberal order. It clearly does not serve the interests of ordinary people, for whom cultural capital is crucial: shared preference