Original statement

With increasing censorship of and scrubbing of information from search engines and the Internet itself, it is becoming increasingly harder to find true information. I have created the Library of Chadnet. A sort of compendium of frog knowledge. Differing from Wikipedia, because it allows original research and many original ideas to flourish.

Not all information here may be true, and I am not responsible for anything you do with it.

What is the Library of Chadnet?

It's a sort of mix between a web directory, archive, and compendium of knowledge.

How do I contribute?

E-mail an image, articool link, PDF, video link, etc. to chad@chadnet.org, but there is a limit to file size at a few megs, I think, so just upload to a third-party and send the link. Also be sure to check your spam folder, because googoo mail has a grudge against Chadnet. Alternatively, you can send a comment in the Telegram channel t.me/chadnet.

How often is it updated?

On and off. Sometimes every few days, sometimes after a week or two. The Telegram channel has moar frequent updates and other informationz.

I own something here and want to take it down (copyrightz n stuff)

E-mail chad@chadnet.org and prove you are ze creator and ask to have it taken down. U shouldn't do this. This is not OK.

I wish to give you money

Yes, you can send Monero. Here is the donations page.