Aesthetic Physique Guide
My routine, diet, supplements, and tips to how I achieved the Aesthetic Greek Physique

Written by Ruby Con.

Author weeping in honor of the weeping philosopher Heraclitus


Day 1: Legs

This is your workout. Warm up and stretch beforehand, get yourself psyched up. The weight should be so heavy that your back and forearms get a workout solely from maintaining form. Drop the alternate leg backwards from starting position, and go deep enough that said alternate knee touches the ground. Pacing is a mental "One? One. Two? Two." As you alternate and just dig deep. Take lengthy breaks inbetween sets, full 3 or 4 minutes.

Day 2: Push (Chest + Shoulders + Triceps)

This, again, is your workout. Warm up and stretch, or at least get your blood in your shoulders through rotation. You should choose a weight heavy enough to really dig for 8 reps, but one that should be tough to mount and dismount. Standing and bent over at the end of the bench, with the dumbbells slightly rotated inwards at your feet, grab them, deadlift them up onto your thighs as you sit down. Once you are mentally ready, lean back, engage the dumbbells with your arms, tilt their bottom ends outwards, and begin. Always finish with them at their top point of the bench motion, do a situp and let them fall onto your thighs, stand up, and put them down gently. Core strength and gym etiquette.

At this point you should be utterly spent in terms of high-strength movements — finishing with pushups and its variations is recommended. Focus on explosiveness, not number of reps.

Day 3: Pull (light)

What you will realize on this day is that your back will feel very sore from the lunges two days ago, similar to the feeling of a deadlifting soreness. Thusly this "pull day" works as a lats/biceps/abs day, pullups reigning supreme. Anyone who can string together plenty of pullups will have an incredibly aesthetic torso, biceps and forearms.

Abs Portion

Day 4: Cardio

This can be completed in a manner in which you choose/enjoy. Just make sure to treat as you do your lifting workouts, with passion and intensity.

This is my rotation i.e. Day 5 is back to Legs. This guarantees frequency of essentially twice a week, it guarantees intense exercise everyday, and if you stick to it, and eat and sleep properly, you will transform rather quickly — you may be up in arms about no squats or deadlifts, but once you understand the heavy dumbbell lunge and its consequences, it is tough to go back. If you wish to add them, simply adding or exchanging them on the Legs and Pull days works perfectly.

My Diet

This is where the aesthetics shine. It is simple, and does not follow any restrictions. You will have carbs, fats, lots of protein, and almost avoid all processed foods entirely. First-Worlders eat too much. Simple as. This diet may cause some misery or hunger at first, but understanding it is mental, and nothing more than your disgusting fat cells trying to turn you sour against your own glory will be key to getting you through the misery phase — and into one where you realize this diet is plentiful, tasty, and highly adaptable.

Breakfast: 4 scrambled eggs, sliced apple with (organic) honey on it. 24 oz of water, take creatine (5g daily), vitamin d3 (5000 iu daily), fish oil (mine is Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega + CoQ10).

Mid-Morning Snack: Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt + Grapes, Handful of mixed nuts (Planters brand has a mixed nuts container with good variety).

Lunch: Salad (Get a mixed greens mix, preferably with spinach, kale, chard), cashews, sliced carrots, and 6 or so ounces of chicken breast. Salad dressings are fine — however note many contain seed oils — mine is an avocado oil mix.

Mid-Afternoon, Preworkout Snack: One banana, protein shake (Premier Protein's 30g shake)

Dinner: Mine alternates between brown rice and broccoli, or sweet potato fries as the carb, with a cut of meat — meats include all cuts of steak, different cuts of pork, rotisserie chicken, etc. Do not be afraid of dietary animal fats. You need them, they are tasty, they will be directly involved with your recovery in terms of connective tissue repair, eyes heart and brain health, and most importantly, your hormones.

Evening snack: glass of chocolate milk. Try to have 2/3 hours before falling asleep, for me this means almost right after dinner. I also take ZMA (brand/patented name for Zinc, Magnesium, B6 complex) shortly after, usually when I brush my teeth.

Sleep: Aim for 9 hours every night. If you string together months of uninterrupted ZMA sleep, while on a caloric deficit, lifting this consistently, your hormonal profile will make you feel incredible. You should be getting erections every time you wake up. Keep your phone far enough away from your body you cannot physically reach it while you are on your bed. Your phone is cancer to this goal. Choose your own mind and body for whatever stimulus you need — reminisce, think of dreams, think of girls, think of fantasies.


Do not rely on preworkout. Preworkout should be rare, and preferably low-dose caffeine. Natural energy in, natural energy out — you should feel your workouts are being fueled and done by your natural choices, and your progressions should be a result of these efforts. Preworkout can be a band aid covering up a serious wound — if you are not sleeping well enough to feel ecstatic for your workout, or maybe you are not eating enough, not getting enough carbs/fats, or you are dehydrated, these are huge issues that should not go untreated solely because your workouts can be kept afloat via drug-induced frenzies. With these gaps, and the introduction of consistent and high doses of caffeine, you will spike your cortisol immensely, and your entire hormonal profile will tank until you are miserable and dependent. Many such cases.

Drink tons of water. You should rarely see urine that isn't clear. Find a way that water is always available, i.e. get a stainless steel or glass bottle and rarely let it leave your side.

Force the aesthetic issue — you should be wearing tight, revealing clothing as often as you can. You should sleep naked, you should be very sexual. Undertsand your body, what it is made for as a man, and be in consistent gaze, admiration, and instinct with it. Look in the mirror often, pose a bit at the gym, really begin to care about your aesthetics. Your instinctive opinions and reactions to such tell you something, and when you respond and correct course via diet, exercise, sleep — this agreement births the universally aesthetic physique.

Craft your will — you should be listening to amazing music, watching motivational videos, appreciating all other great physiques, sharing this passion, and so on. In the modern age of technology you have a great power for motivation at your fingertips.

This is my routine, diet, and lifestyle tips for aesthetics — further advice can always be sought in my inbox on twitter @sauce_guap.