BAP Covers Ukraine, the European Right & Freedom

From the original article on March 14, 2022, by Bronze Age Pervert at The American Sun.

When I look at this terrible brother war, and the way not only Russians and Ukrainians are fighting, but also, in a kind of online parody of the real carnage, the various factions of the right among themselves, I can only think of the cheering in the coomer lactation rooms at Langley; I can think of a trannie apparatchik cackling to himself in Virginia or the other schizo Claire Danes type trannies at NATO “cyber campaigns” quarters in Europe. Maybe I can think of their masters among the families and organizations that have treated Ukraine like a trafficked sixteen year old cargo container kidnapee from Mariupol, whored out by goldchain Sabra pimps to Qatari scatologists. I can think of the hidden worm rulers of the west, at once desperate that one of their main bases of operations and plunder is endangered; but also so relieved that in this outburst of hysteria they’ve managed to unite much of popular sentiment in a way they were unable during the WuhanGRIDS and St. Floyd fakeries. In relieved flatulence, they thank Moloch for having deflected popular attention from their crimes and given them this temporary cure. Sometimes I imagine Zelensky and the rest of the handpicked performing entertainment industry clowns of the Ukrainian “government,” installed by pantsuits and yentas in the American security state, at their Hollywood-constructed set in Lvov or Krakow, enjoying lobster risotto, and heroically calling, in front of green screens of Kiev, upon sixteen year olds from Kharkov to run under the tires of Russian tanks.

If some of you are animated by images of Russian soldiers and tanks raping and pillaging Europa seventy years ago, that’s OK, this kind of antipathy is legitimate; maybe some of you even remember 1956 or 1968. We are animated by images also, but at least we believe ours to be taking place now. Do any of you think this war would have happened without American, NATO and EU promises to Ukraine? But unlike you, we know those promises are empty. Ukraine can’t win against Russia, and your cheering on this war from safety, Zelensky’s knightly risking of the lives of others who are not even his people or nation, for his own profit and image; trannies in DC pushing Ukrainian civilians and grandmothers to engage Russian tanks and get massacred for maximum outrage PR—we find all this to be unspeakably loathsome. We would take this position even if we thought the Ukrainian cause was more just than Russia’s. Many of you talk about honor, defense of homeland and many such things, and I’ll take you at your word that you believe it. But there is no war of honor here, or any war at all. The Ukrainian “army” is hardly engaging the enemy even: the strategy is that of the “white helmets” of Syria, of the Palestinians of Gaza, of the fraud of Srebernica, or of the Holocaust industry in the West; the maximum display of civilian casualties, real or fabricated, for purposes of demonizing a political enemy. It’s Saddam cannibal soldiers eating babies in incubators again, or torching “a maternity ward” out of Hunnish sadism. I can’t reach people wound up by that sexualized hysteria, but I hope to reach some of you who have preserved some level of skepticism and aren’t hyperemotional spiritual femaels.

The two main problems on which I see I differ from many European rightists on the Russia question are: do you in fact have sovereignty right now? And who is your real and greater enemy, Russia or NATO?

Many of you MAMZERS are not serious. You either see the gang that has hijacked the American government for the last few decades—and by extension NATO and the occupation governments of west and now east Europe—you either see them as your mortal enemy or you don’t. Population replacement in the Anglo-American sphere, both in Europe and interesting enough even in South Korea, this is all the reason you need, but it’s not the only reason. German youth are now a minority in their own nation. Without extreme action—secession, breaking up the nation, expulsion of foreigners that will have to be forcible—Germany as well as other European nations face imminent extinction. Extinction actually won’t happen, but what will happen is a Europe-wide Bosnia party. That is inevitable, and many of you want to roleplay as if it’s 1950 or 1930. But it’s 1989 and time is short.

All efforts have to go to reverse the rule of this cabal over Europe and to prepare for the time of their overthrow and for the reclamation of European lands that you’ve already lost. You are not citizens, you’re strangers and slaves in your own homes. Any attention focused on supposed outside enemies, whether Russia or even Chyna (which you all know me to hate), all of this means you’re not serious.

Putin has a long record of getting the cabal mad because he has a decent record of successfully opposing them. He stopped them from deposing Assad in Syria—and thereby saved a million to 1.5 million Christians (when American actions in Middle East have otherwise destroyed its Christian communities). He stopped American plans also in Georgia. Chyna has no similar record and no strategic tradition or vision, which is why it’s not interesting as a possible ally (it’s not even clear there’s any circumstance in which Chyna would see itself as profiting from an alliance with western nationalists). More important, Putin has a long record of stopping the cabal and its agents in Russia itself. Russia was in the process of being totally taken apart in the 1990’s—the Morgenthau plan of deindustrialization, mass national poisoning, national decline, which the cabal is currently putting into action in the United States itself (opiates in America’s case, whereas it was alcohol for Russia in the 90’s)…but again Putler has been through this and is the only one world leader to have successfully stopped it. This is why he’s interesting as a proven model to oppose our enemies. My like for Putler is neither “ideological” nor “geopolitical” but “historical and circumstantial”—faced with this particular enemy at this time, he’s the only one to have saved his nation from our mutual foe and also to have stood up to them successfully abroad.

The counterargument that Russia, if it succeeded in opposing ZOG (zombi occupied governments) in Europe, would also flood you with migrants is not true and not applicable. Russia doesn’t have the ability to take over west Europe, nor the interest or desire. I see people who have no rule over themselves now, who are playthings of the American security state, worry about a supposed Russian conquest of Europe that didn’t even take place at the height of Soviet power. There won’t be any Russian advance on Paris, but the American embassy in Paris is right now working with the owned French political class to flood that nation with Africans and Muslims. That’s not a supposition, it’s in black and white in Wikileaks and other documents, and is known to be the case by anyone who has been targeted by American (really, cabal, as Americans also are not in charge of their government) interests in west Europe. Worrying about Russian occupation that can’t and won’t happen is a way to protect your enemy.

Even if full Russian occupation did happen, let’s take this strange thought experiment; but even if it did, its ruling model has nothing to do with population replacement in vassal states. Arguments about internal population movements within Stalin’s Russia from 70-80 years ago are irrelevant—the comparison in that case would be to the United States proper, and it wouldn’t be flattering for the western side. Two things can plainly show you that no, Russia in fact wouldn’t engage in population replacement in West or East Europe, a historical observation and a now one. The indisputable fact is that Russia in fact didn’t change the population of its Warsaw Pact vassals even at the height of its power, but America did change the population of its NATO clients. The even more indisputable and urgent fact is that this is right now the continued policy of America: it puts pressure today, not sixty years ago, on even Hungary and others, to open their borders. Russia doesn’t have this policy of its own client states (you could maybe consider Armenia or Transnistria or Belarus). The reason is simple: Russia doesn’t have either the open borders ideology of America, nor is its economy arranged to make use of cheap Third World labor in its client states (again it is important to distinguish between what goes on within Russia proper versus how it treats its clients, just as it’s important to distinguish between what goes on within America proper versus what happens to its own dependents; absorption into either Russia or America isn’t on the table here). Absent further evidence there’s no reason to believe that even full Russian patronage over Western Europe would continue the policy of population replacement America has imposed. That said, this is irrelevant to begin with, because the plausible prospect is Russian humiliation of NATO-GAE and its subsequent dissolution, not Russian rule or even indirect dominance over Europe itself. Someone is offering to humiliate your oppressor, but this is someone who doesn’t have the ability to rule over you: it sound good. Why you would consider the bizarre prospect of direct Russian domination?

Then again, what is your plan as a European rightist? If you’re not arranging your life now to anticipate a Bosnia-type condition over the whole of Europe in 5-15 years time, you’re not serious. If you plan to put up a resistance at all to your countries, women and property being taken from you by the cabal in charge of America, Europe will necessarily resemble Yugoslavia in the early 1990’s or Argentina in the early 1970’s or a combination of these. You must ask yourselves, who will your ally be? Where will you get weapons, logistics and training for the coming time? Where will you get funding? I’m not sure Putler or Russia will help, but they’re the only plausible ally I can think of for the coming years. If you want to reject Russia over supposed “ancestral enmity,” what then is your plan? Are you planning to Rock the Voot? Russia has shown it is willing to help the European right, it did for Le Pen. Why antagonize your only plausible ally? By contrast America sided with Muslims in the Bosnia conflict, Muslims in Kosovo, Muslims in Chechnya (many of you kvetch about Chechens fighting for Moscow, but Chechens also fight for Ukraine’s occupied government, and the actual Chechens who carried out attaqs in Russia were given safe harbor in NATO countries), Muslims in Burma against Buddhists, Muslim radicals in Iraq, Syria and Libya against secular Arab governments, Muslim organizations and “refugees” in Europe, and so on. It is without a doubt where America will stand when Europe takes fire in a few years. Russia at least tried to protect Christians in Syria, Armenia, Serbia, and so on.

Russia’s and Putler’s opposition to GAE-NATO now, and possible allyship to you in the future, is motivated by their own interests. But so? The other argument many of you make, regarding Russia’s internal condition or problems—their own Muslim population, the abortion rates, the venereal diseases or drug use—is of no concern to us. The question isn’t about being absorbed into Russia proper. Russia’s humiliation of your current occupiers or their possible help in the future doesn’t transfer their abortion rates to you. Why this needs to be said? In this connection, there are no such things as “ancestral enemies” and permanent enemies in politics. France made alliance with Ottomans; America Scots-Irish with an ancestral hatred of the Norman British, and who had just shot at each other in 1812, then quickly made friends because of common business and other interests. Soviets and Nazees joined for Ribbentrop MOLOTOV pact. Who cares? I would take help from Saudi Arabia or Chyna if I thought they were interested or at all effective in opposing GAE. But they have a track record of not being either, and in fact they seem to be frenemy nodes of GAE. But nothing is permanent and we can always reassess later.

If you are Swedish, Finnish, Polish and such, and have an ancestral antipathy of Russia, what evidence do you have that Russia has any ability or intention to do you harm right now? You have historical examples, but can’t point to a single thing that Russians have done bad to you in your lifetime. Putin’s intention seems to be the protection of Russians in states of former Soviet Union—really of the ancestral Russian Empire. Judging Russia by ancestral antipathy and emotionalism is a vision of politics, life and history that you have maybe without knowing absorbed from America’s victim-based post-Nuremberg moralism, and which is itself the special kvetching heritage of another ethnic group you claim to have contempt for. But it’s ahistorical. Your European ancestors lived alongside that Russian Empire; they made alliances with them at various times. They didn’t see them as this ogrish caricature. I think this is a legitimate Russian aim, to protect Russians in the territories of the Russian Empire, and I believe that those countries are fake, but even if you don’t agree with me, what are his aims to you? They don’t concern Europe proper at all.

You talk about “defense of homeland,” but you are under occupation right now. What are you doing, what have you done to defend your homeland from invasion by your own government? And why are you letting this government, who seeks to snuff you out in your own country, rally you to support it because of a theoretical foreign threat that will never come? I suppose the talk of defense of homeland would be more believable if you owned your homeland right now or made any efforts to reclaim it, but you don’t. Some time ago a kind of nuclear weapon went off in the western world, maybe the whole world, a kind of social-political nuclear weapon that severed the ruling state completely from the nation. We live in states ruled by usurpers now, and the sickness they are imposing on the nations is terminal until they are removed. I would say something like “You see chrysalid-type insectoid thing come into your house, disrupt and inhabit father’s body as zombi; proceeds to pimp out your sister, try to castrate you; your mother in & out of loonyhouse with BPD; then you hear some confused rightist ask ‘Why are you disloyal to FAMILY!’” This is my position and why I think you’re a sucker if you let yourself be mobilized by such a “father” and such a “national family” against “the evil neighbor” who has in fact no ability to oppress you.

It’s because these states and nations as they exist now are usurped, and maybe some of you not see this yet…maybe this is why there is some disagreement among rightists…and I’m assuming now that all this is in good faith. If you saw your subjection clearly you’d see also how absurd is this war-fervor against “ancestral Russian Oriental horde danger.” Your submission right now is total and complete: foreigners are in your streets, taking your wealth, free to physically molest you, courtesy of your own governments. If you’re Swedish maybe Malmo isn’t quite Detroit, but it’s a city you lost to occupation—occupation by your own usurper government. You look at American cities like Detroit or such, and they look as bad as result of any Russian artillery assault on Kharkov. I know what Lyons is like. If you have honor, you’ve had to physically fight in Lyons simply for walking the streets, often daily. This is what life in an occupied city is like. Maybe if you’re Swedish or Finnish the prospects of even a pragmatic alliance with Russia in the future is too much for you. But consider then neutrality, and that breaking this neutrality, revving yourself up with war hysteria against the only man who could probably stand up against this latrine world order, you are doing the work of false and abusive fathers and governments of usurpers.

Many Euro rightists I see now have an entirely emotional reaction to Putin, but being hyperemotional makes you easy to manipulate. What are your objective, concrete and pragmatic objections to Putin? When you attack me and my friends for supporting him, you accuse us of contrarianism, of ressentiment, or of caring about phantom “culture war issues,” instead of supposedly real things like the imminent Rape of Berlin 2.0. But it’s the latter that is a speculative phantom and an image inspired by emotional hysteria; whereas the reasons for our position are entirely pragmatic, and I’ve given here.

Finally I say, if you’re East European you’ve only temporarily escaped this fate. America continues even now to push your owned elites to allow migrants, and soon they will give in. There is no way they won’t give in eventually, because they are bought off. In some cases like Romania or Slovakia the ruling class is the ex-security service from communist times. They’re not patriots and not your friends, but they use the language of patriotism cynically: operationally they simply switched Soviet patronage for that of the CIA and the Mossad. But you’re still ruled by spooks, only now they’re selling you out faster than they did under the Soviets, because now there’s a world market for your flesh. There is simply no way they won’t give in to pressure to let in migrants, and once they do, you too will be faced with the same choice facing western Europe now: Bosnia, possibly a decades-long Bosnia, or extinction. In some cases they won’t need to import the global South. The gypsy populations of e.g. Slovakia and Romania are much larger than the formal census pretends. American and NATO influence will mean that not only are you not allowed to protect yourself against this problem, but that these people will be in a short time raised up to be your rulers.

You look who America supports right now in Burma, which isn’t even in its sphere: when the Burmese people awakened to defend their homeland, America-Saud, or rather the cabal that rules through this…they jump to demonize any elements of tradition and order seeking to preserve themselves in their homes. They do this in Burma, in Middle East, in Azia. Where defense of homeland then in Europe, and what are its prospects? This is why I write this: you live now under a kind of abject slavery, and until you recognize it…how to free yourselves?