Basics of Bodybuilding

An article on the basics of bodybuilding by Sigma Brah. Check out his blog.

This article touches on some of the basics of bodybuilding. With bodybuilding some things are universal while other things work for some and not for others which makes it difficult in getting started with a productive routine. This article is to inform the reader of the basics of bodybuilding.

Use Compound Exercises

A compound exercise is any movement where the body is using more than one muscle group at a time. These should be the main focus of your exercise routine. You may also want to add isolation exercises at the end of each routine.

Rest Periods

Occasionally take a week or two off to allow your muscles to heal. Muscle growth occurs when you tear muscles and the muscles heal back with more muscle tissue than before. If you do not allow your muscle to heal you will eventually plateau because you have no more muscle left to tear. The time needed to rest and how often one needs to rest varies from person to person therefore some personal experimentation will be required to find your optimal resting routine.


Different types of diets are required for different people. Here is a list of some common knowledge dieting tips that may be of some help.

Workout Routines

The same workout routine doesn't work for everybody. Here is a list of some common workout routines that bodybuilders use.

It should be noted that many bodybuilders suggest working out with intensity. This helps considerably with gains.

Compound Exercises

Isolation Exercises