Danger of Starch

From the original article on July 23, 2018. Author: Bronze Age Pervert.

I make medical/scientific prediction in this short thred about danger of starch.

You must use own experience on what foods to eat or avoid, but imo starches and especially refined starches are a source of danger in the modern world. There are two main dangers.

The first is mycotoxins. I think the whole gluten thing isn't the real reason wheat attaqs so many, it's that the entire starch/grain supply of some countries is contaminated by mycotoxins. These don't disappear with cooking. I think this also explains many allergy epidemics

To see the truth of this you must research aflatoxin, ochratoxin and a few others and see just how deeply the food supply of certain countries and regions is infected. This is result of central food production.

I think there are also other mycotoxins we don't know about yet.

The second danger is the effect of starch in the gut as such, even if it was not contaminated. Starch (not sugar/honey which is digested elsewhere) leads to bacterial growth in intestines. I think dysbiosis is almost universal today so this is special danger.

There may be certain inbalance already in gut bacteria and starch exacerbates this inbalance; there may be strains of bacteria that are dangerous or virulent in modern gut, and starch allows them to proliferate causing all kinds of problems.

There may be--and this is my prediction now--unknown species of bacteria or other bugs in gut, including undiscovered CLASSES of organisms (neither bacteria nor fungus etc.) which feed on starches among other things and are cause of many modern problems, including of BRAIN!

If you DO eat starches eat mostly roots/tubers/plantains which are safer, have antimicrobial properties and in general the resistant starch will promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. Green banana flour or cooked and cooled potatoes are another source of this

But my suspicion is that dysbiosis is so bad in modern world that it's better to avoid starches overall...you must test out to see how you respond to them for yourself though.

Also look up "Ray Peat carrot salad" and USE it...#frogtwitter endorses this remedy.

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