Ethno-nepotism in the US healthcare system and what's to come

From the original article on September 14, 2021. Author: The Samogitian.

As I posted about earlier, witnessed a horrifying display of ethno-nepotism by healthcare practitioners Sunday night. Went to ER with coof (I am asthmatic, it hits a little harder when you have asthma), was asked little/no questions about what was going on by the staff there, and was told I’d have a 10 hour wait. Was seated next to an old white man (~70+ yrs old) who told me he was having tremors and had a history of strokes and heart conditions, was in a wheelchair.

We were both completely ignored by every nurse and other type of hospital staff (all of whom were mestizo) that passed us, even if we tried to get their attention. Meanwhile, multiple hispanic people came in with their kids after me and were treated almost immediately, regardless of the severity of their injuries (or lack thereof). The old man described above, who we will call “Joe”, asked on such hispanic family with a child of about 6 y/o, who arrived ~1 hour after I did, why they were there.

Their answer? Little Juan had a rash on his knee. Needless to say, Little Juan was greeted by multiple hispanic nurses within 15 minutes of his arrival (it was admittedly a crowded ER), and was promptly attended to.

At this point, I was hacking up a lung, which deeply concerned Joe, so he spoke up to the nearest hispanic staff, asking if someone could get a doctor to see me, as I’d been there for nearly 2 hours at this point and had been completely ignored by staff, and asked if they could see him after seeing me (he’d been in poor condition and had been waiting ~3hrs).

Their response? They took it as Joe being rude, so they told him they’d move him away from me if he felt unsafe. He responded that at the rate they’re seeing white patients, they might as well throw him onto the curb, and the staff happily obliged and did just that. In the time that all of this had happened, ~4 different hispanic families, all of whom appeared to be fine and had arrived after both myself and Joe, were seen and treated by hispanic staff.

My point in all of this? Well, simply put, it’s indicative of something that I no doubt believe is a greater trend: ethnonepotism in our healthcare system. Make no mistake, the nurses and staff knew exactly what they were doing as they completely ignored our questions (and us) and saw hispanic patients, many of whom were using the ER like they were a PCP to get trivial wounds, rashes, etc treated.

This can’t be an isolated incident, and I predict that as our country continues to inundate our healthcare system with people who can best be described as “medical diversity hires” by accepting and rushing them through our universities’ nursing programs, and are predominantly black and Latino, this sort of thing will inevitably continue.

Think about it, these people do harbor, at least on a subconscious (if not conscious) level, a degree of resentment toward’s America’s white population, AND, as we’ve seen in studies, they have far stronger in-group preferences than we do. This means that they’ll actively seek to do this sort of thing, and they most likely WILL get away with it unless we figure out a way to stop it. After all, who is really noticing if Nurse Martinez decides to see little José before seeing Jack, even if Jack was there longer and is in worse health?

Furthermore, even if some supervisor notices, who is going to say anything? After all, if their supervisor is white, they can’t make such accusations without being accosted for “racism”, and if they’re hispanic, they probably encourage this sort of behavior. Besides, as “Joe” pointed out to me, “These people don’t give a shit if we live or die. They want to replace us, that’s why we’re sitting here like lepers while they treat their own kind.” Unfortunately, Joe was right…

By the way, for those wondering, this didn’t happen in some dingy ER at some 3rd rate hospital, and it wasn’t in some area that is predominantly Hispanic, it was in a moderately large city in the Mid-Atlantic region, in a mostly white state (with a sizeable Hisp. minority).

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