How to Influence Your Local Government

From the original article on October 19, 2021. Author: CatoTheJunger.

How to influence your community part time without going through the hassle of elections? Serve on appointed commissions/boards. Every municipality, no matter how small, has a series of citizen boards that make decisions, influence policies and have a real impact on the living.

Everything from planning cities to economic dev and strategy to emergency services to housing to the local fair will have boards that oversee these issues. Directing staff and resources.

Now you ask: “How do I get on these boards?” Simple. Build relationships with your mayor, city/county council members and their staffs. When there are openings the municipality must announce them and accept applications.

When its time to decide who will serve, they’ll remember their acquaintances/friends who are passionate about helping the community.

Many who serve on these boards are retired folks who are easy to pressure and will take cues from those who are passionate and talk to them. The chairs of these boards wield immense power, if possible, become one and you run the board and meeting.

One thing to keep in mind though is that these types of boards rarely pay money. If they do, it is a small sum based on how many meetings you attend. These boards are about influence and possible jumping off point for running for office.

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