In Angry Rant, State Media Anchor Demands Austrian-Style Vaccine Mandates for Germany
As Saxony and Bavaria announce closures and cancel Christmas markets in the face of surging infections, the press unfolds a coordinated campaign to blame the unvaccinated

From the Substack post on November 21, 2021, by eugyppius.

Below, I translate this disturbing speech by state media anchor Sarah Frühauf, spitting nails at the unvaccinated. Even if you don’t speak German, I recommend you watch at least a few seconds first, to get a taste of her worrying, hysterical demeanour:

Link: tweet by @tagesthemen on November 19, 2021.

To all the unvaccinated: Thanks a lot. Thanks to you, it looks like we’ll be spending this winter in lockdown. Once again, many places won’t have Christmas markets, and once again we may not be able to celebrate the Christmas holidays with our families. The measures announced in Saxony and Bavaria are a slap in the face to all those who have shown solidarity in recent months – to all those who have been vaccinated. No question, the restrictions are necessary. But they wouldn’t have been necessary if more people had acted responsibly. All those who have refused vaccination must realise that they’re partly to blame for this situation. They’re partly responsible for the fact that society is again under pressure, for the fact that doctors and nurses are again pushed beyond their limits. Once again, restaurants and shopkeepers must fear for their existence. The unvaccinated must also ponder the joint responsibility they bear for the likely thousands of victims of this Corona wave. Politicians have hesitated for far too long. They should have increased pressure on the unvaccinated much earlier. But they were probably afraid that this would anger them and hurt their electoral prospects. That was negligent – and it’s one reason things are like this now. The wave can no longer be stopped. But Germany must get out of this endless loop of Corona, because at some point, even the vaccinated, those who have showed solidarity, will no longer put up with it. They also don’t want these anti-Corona measures anymore. Politicians must give them a way out. A winter like this must never happen again. How can we do this? Our neighbouring country, Austria, is showing the way: With compulsory vaccination for all those for whom it is medically possible.

Last year, closures were justified with a bunch of pseudoscientific modelling. Now lockdowns loom without any of that. Instead, they will impose these restrictions, as in Austria, alongside coordinated messaging campaigns to blame all of the misery on those have not accepted the vaccines. Containment, in other words, has become a mere tool to manipulate public opinion and increase support for mandates. The German government is punishing its people for being insufficiently compliant.