It Is Time to Practice Raw Egg Nationalism

From the original article on June 19, 2020. Author: Benjamin Braddock.

Author’s note: I am not a product of the American healthcare establishment. I did not go to a big pharma funded medical school. I have never written a script for oxycontin. I do not make dancing TikTok videos in scrubs (though I do wear a pair of scrubs around sometimes for stolen valor). In short, I dissent. For legal purposes I am supposed to tell you that I’m not qualified to make even the most cursory recommendations and that you should instead follow the food guidelines written by ConAgra lobbyists and published by the USDA.

Why raw eggs? What is ‘egg slonking’? And what does Nationalism have to do with health?

The premise is simple really, we are nationalists of a variety that emphasize the health and vitality of the nation-state and all who live in it. The corrupted toxic food supply is an outgrowth of the large-scale low-quality mindset of globalism that has no concern other than the bottom line. No loyalty to the health and vitality of the country or anyone in it.

Our farmers must now compete with the third world in a race to the bottom. We import farmed fish grown in sewage tanks in China and call it progress. Our free trade deals impose legal requirements on our trading partners to throw upon their doors to multinationals like Monsanto.

I’ve seen for myself what the US-Colombia free trade agreement did to agriculture in Colombia, a continuation of the carnage visited on that country in the drug war where DEA planes sprayed toxic glyphosate (Roundup) from airplanes to wipe out rural farmers. The globalized American empire and its consequences have been a disaster for the health of the world.

You have been lied to your entire life. As a kid when you went to stick your finger in the mixing bowl to snag a delicious glob of cookie dough, the lie was passed on by some well-meaning adult: “Don’t eat that, it has raw eggs in it!” As you got older you probably heard in the news, or at school, or from a doctor, or in fitness magazine the common trope: “Cholesterol is bad. Egg yolks are full of cholesterol. If you eat more than two a day you’ll get heart disease and die.”

Bodybuilders have long subsisted on diets of egg whites in the belief that the yolks were bad. Cholesterol is such a misunderstood aspect of physiology that the first thing I ask any new doctor is “What is the role of cholesterol in the human body?” If he cannot give me a good answer (and most can’t), I keep searching until I find one who can. Here is a brief explanation of what cholesterol is and why it’s vital to your health.

In the vernacular, cholesterol refers not just to the cholesterol molecule but to the entire lipoprotein. Lipoprotein is fat that is encased by a protein membrane for the purposes of transportation through water-based circulation like blood and lymph (solving the problem of how to transport oils through a water-based delivery system). The cell signals its need for fuel, the liver puts that fuel in a box (protein membrane), slaps an address label on it (signaling proteins and enzymes), and sends it off for delivery.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of this system to your health. Without it, you die. Cholesterol is the raw material that is used to make anabolic hormones. It converts to testosterone at a 5-10% rate (depending on your thyroid efficiency). It has an even stronger correlation to increase in lean muscle mass than protein intake. Myofibrillar protein synthesis is 3x higher in the presence of high cholesterol levels than in test subjects with low cholesterol levels. When smashed by UV rays from the sun, cholesterol becomes Vitamin D. It forms a large part of the membranes of your digestive system, the blood-brain barrier that keeps pathogens from infecting your brain. It binds to and neutralizes endotoxins that would otherwise damage your cells. It is essential to your immune system.

Where this amazing system goes off the rails is when your dietary fat intake includes large amounts of chemically unstable polyunsaturated fatty acids which are prone to oxidation. The less saturated a fat is, the less chemically stable it is and the more likely it is to oxidize. When your liver creates lipoproteins with these fats, their instability damages the protein membrane and the signaling proteins and enzymes that get the package to its intended destination. It is the equivalent of scrubbing the address label off a package and sending it out to wander around the postal system.

But this is not the post office—it’s your body. So, these zombie lipoproteins float around in circulation while the cells at their destination starve. They finally disintegrate and end up sticking to the walls of your blood vessels.

Medical researchers see high cholesterol levels (due to high levels of zombie lipoproteins & your body deploying more lipoproteins in response to the starving cells), see the association with heart disease and other serious chronic disease, and conclude that cholesterol must be the culprit, not pausing to consider what the underlying issue might be.

The American Heart Association (funded largely by manufacturers of polyunsaturated cooking oils) trumpets this conclusion as evidence that foods rich in saturated fats and cholesterol should be avoided for health reasons. Doctors, egged on by their Big Pharma patrons (read Dreamland by Sam Quinones for an excellent insight into just how deeply Big Pharma has corrupted our healthcare system), prescribe statins and other harmful medications to lower total cholesterol levels without differentiation between good and damaged lipoproteins. I can tell you that in a clinical setting, statin prescription always results in near-instantaneous declines in strength and overall health. Cholesterol-reducing medications are, in essence, euthanasia drugs.

The solution is not to target cholesterol itself with low-fat diets and statins. The solution is to eliminate toxic unstable fats from your diet. Pick up a copy of Deep Nutrition by Dr. Cate Shanahan for a full insight and eating plan. Avoid anything containing or cooked in vegetable oil, soybean oil, canola oil, soybean oil, etc. Take a good non-soy derived vitamin E supplement. Eat antioxidant rich organ meats from grass-fed cows and sheep and pasture raised pork. If you do not like the texture of organ meats, you can make pâté or take desiccated organ meat capsules. I like Ancestral Supplements for this.

Aside from eliminating toxic fats, you need to boost intake of quality fats and dietary cholesterol. Your body has been starving for a good energy source. Enter Raw Egg Nationalism.

Eggs in their raw form have both a symbolic and practical import. The egg is symbolically balanced between the Apollonian solar (yolk) and the Artemisian lunar (white). The masculine virilizing nutrients are found almost entirely in the yolk. Those who are in the cult of Apollo will recognize this importance. The symbolism of the raw is a middle finger to the establishment which has long propagandized that raw eggs are dangerous. That a spoonful of raw cookie dough will almost certainly result in a painful death-by-Salmonella.

That is horse shit. Any danger with raw eggs comes not from an inherent danger of the egg itself, but by the horrific conditions that most commercial egg farmers subject these noble birds to.

Thousands of birds crammed together in a windowless shed, spending their entire lives without ever knowing what it is like to luxuriate under the sun while taking a dust bath before rising, shaking the dust out in a cloud, and running across the field at the prospect of kitchen scraps. They live in these barns on piles of feces among the bodies of their dead fellows, wing to wing, no cages, so that their eggs may be sold as “free-range” or “cage-free”, scrawny and featherless and infested with mites. Every moment willed with terror, every look one of panic and incomprehension at the terrible cruelty visited on them by the humans God entrusted with their care.

The breeds have been genetically modified and bred so that all their energy goes into egg production. The males, useless for meat on account of this breeding, are thrown alive into shredding machines. The “raw-is-dangerous” lie is meant to prop up this system—to trick consumers into accepting the high-volume low quality output of these satanic factories.

A chicken, properly raised on pasture, produces an egg of high quality which can be eaten uncooked without the slightest fear. The importance of buying the absolute highest quality eggs possible can’t be overstated. It’s not enough to go by packaging or branding—you must research your source and demand nothing less than absolute adherence to correct standards of production. In this sense, the #RAWEGGNATIONALISM movement is also about signaling to producers that humanity and quality will be rewarded, and any deviation from this will result in social ostracism and financial ruin.

The yolk is loaded with healthy fats, cholesterol, choline, biotin, and other powerful nutrients. You are giving your body the raw material to heal itself. The practical importance of leaving eggs in their raw natural state is owing to the damage to the yolk’s nutrients by heat. Particularly the B-vitamins (largely missing from the standard American diet) which are extremely susceptible to thermal degradation. An added benefit is the sheer amount of eggs which can be consumed raw—in their cooked state it is a chore to eat more than a half-dozen without the stomach screaming “Enough!” In their raw state, I can easily consume double that amount in one shake.

Beyond the science, there are noticeable benefits that are tangible yet beyond the frontiers of current knowledge. Slonking eggs often leads to a noticeable rise in body temperature and a feeling of tremendous energy and power. Countless bodybuilders have confirmed this as well. One of the common themes I hear is rapid increase in lean body mass and strength.

The old Vince Gironda protocol prescribed 36 raw eggs a day. I have found this is a good target for the first 8 weeks, starting with 1 dozen per day and increasing the daily amount by a dozen until week 3 when you’re at the 36 per day mark.

The really important thing is to get in the yolks. It is said that the protein in the whites interferes with biotin absorption and that the protein bioavailability in whites is low until cooked—the former is true but outweighed by the biotin content of the yolk; the latter may be true but I have issues with the design of the particular study that is cited.

In any case, whole eggs or just the yolk are valid ways to approach this. If you leave the whites in you should add glycine to balance the amino acid profile. If you have any digestive issues, take the probiotic Gastrus made by a Swedish company—it has a strain of l.reuteri that is very good for digestion and also boosts testosterone.

There are many ways to get your egg intake up. My favorite is in shakes. You may want to try some by themselves, Rocky-style, but I like to keep it comfy. My favorite mixture is 6 yolks, orange juice and grassfed heavy cream to taste, with just a bit of vanilla. This is the classic Orange Julius. Or you can get high-quality raw cacao, and mix it with eggs, milk, cream, and maple syrup for the best chocolate milk you’ve ever had. I also have other smoothie recipes as well as food recipes like pots de crème which you can find on my Twitter. Let me know what you think, or upload videos, memes, etc. with the hashtag #RAWEGGNATIONALISM.

Happy Slonking!

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