Natural Anti-Inflammatories

From the original article on May 12, 2019. Author: Bronze Age Pervert.

Curcumin: general anti-inflammatory, improves mood. Must be taken with fatty meal. Various brands are good but need curcumin, not turmeric. Best brand: Curamed, but expensive. Life Extension makes a cheaper version. I put curcumin first because it's often so effective and I think anyone would get benefit from usint it. It also improves BRAIN performance.

Eleuthero: highly effective mood booster/upper and anti-inflammatory. At times as good a COX-2 inhibitor as ibuprofen. Only few companies, Gaia in particular, make right strength tincture. Take on empty stomach. Not often effective in morning.

Cat's Claw: very powerful supplement, inhibits estrogen receptor almost as much as prescription Tamoxifen. Immune and mood booster/energy booster. Available in some nootropics. Very potent anti-inflammatory but only works for some. Best taken on empty stomach. Coffee for some reason enhances its effects for me. Can take early in morning before eating, also works well in evening. Best brands are Pure Mountain Botanicals and Pure Encapsulations (latter is too expensive). Be careful as it is also a mild antibiotic and will CLEAR out of your intestines anything that shouldn't be there. Try it first time on day you stay at home!

Devil's Claw: can be potentially very strong anti-inflammatory with wide use in Europe and under study for medical applications. But it only works sometimes. It seems to only work on empty stomach, and even those times it only works about 60- 70% of the time. I heard it won't work if stomach acidity too high, not sure. No great brands available, buy whatever is cheapest and seems to work.

Theanine: not an anti-inflammatory but an effective relaxing amino-acid found in tea/cocoa, which, taken at 200 mg will stop the effects of cortisol in body. This will allow other supplements to work better. Because it lowers anxiety and stress it can also indirectly lower inflammation. Will only work on empty stomach, best taken first thing in the morning. Country Life makes a good but expensive variety (with a B vitamin), Sports Research a cheaper one suspended in coconut oil.

Glycine: another amino acid that helps with relaxation, cognition and treats systemic inflammation. The best sleep aid.

Wild card: andrographis; proven to be an extremely powerful tnf-alpha inhibitor, but has potentially dangerous side effects (1 in 100 will get month-long possibly body-wide rash). Haven't tried it, but promising as effective inflammation suppressor.

Wild card 2: wormwood; again has potentially dangerous side effects.

Extra: Ashwagandha is an effective tonic, mood booster with immediate effects, treats anxiety, gives strength. But will build long-term a possibly dangerous tolerance similar to benzos. It lowers inflammation through some pathways but is an upregulator of COX-2.

The probiotic Gastrus: Taken long-term (1 month +) it has however proven anti-inflammatory benefits concerning IL-10.

Oregano oil: Gaia makes best version, but is only effective sometimes against inflammatory pains; effective antibiotic.

Please note: WIKIPEDIA IS FAKE NEWS when it comes to discussion of supplements/herbs and vitamins. It's very misleading and my guess edited by Big Pharma: actively suppresses studies etc.

Do your own research in library or on (has search function).

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