On Conspiracy Theories

From the original article on September 22, 2021. Author: FrogButt.

I'm noticing more and more protective conspiracy theories cropping up. These are conspiracy theories that appear and get boosted to protect real secrets and conspiracies, cloaking the weird in the ridiculous. I'll go back to an OG for my example, the Moon Landings.

I'm not going into personal details, but I've spoken to enough people personally involved with Apollo to know that they did go to the moon. A lot of conspiratorial thinking about the landings are cope, because we now lack the civilizational capacity to get back to the moon.

That's not the reason why the "Moon Landings were faked!" stuff gets boosted, though. Watch interviews with the astronauts after they returned. Something out there was not what was expected, and we've been huddling in low Earth orbit ever since not just because of budgets.

What was it? I have no idea. But more than just coping with the fall of our civilization, the rabid moon landing faked stuff gets promoted to mask something else counter to the narrative.

You see this elsewhere. How about Flat Earth/Hollow Earth? It gets silly, but you notice how anyone who asks about what the hell is going on in Antarctica gets tarred with those brushes? I have a Fitbit upload that says more is going on there than meets the eye.

"Nukes aren't real" is another one. I'm going to also tell you that nuclear bombs are really real, and really did char Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There's going to be cope things with this too. Our civilization can't build nukes anymore, really, and I don't know if we've really maintained the bombs enough for any of them to work anymore. Couple that with the damning contrast of Hiroshima today vs. Detroit, yeah, you get it.

All that said, there are also some very hinky things in high-energy physics. CERN is the most famous example, but there are occultists barnacled on the field ever since the Manhattan Project.

My favorite most recent protective conspiracy theory was "5G causes Coronavirus". Purportedly this even inspired a few towers getting burned. I have my doubts about the non-glowingness of those arsons. No 5G doesn't cause the coof.

But 5G towers absolutely cause cancer, headaches, and all kinds of other bad health effects. I'm a Telecom executive, I really want to spread the rona rumor so I can dismiss the inevitable lawsuits when my towers cause some toddler's cancer.

I don't signal against the more whacky theories normally. Sending a flat Earth meme to a Reddit IFnLoveSciencer is pure joy. Our regime is utterly untrustworthy, and I am aligned with anyone who reflexively calls a mouthpiece a liar.

Just know that ridiculous fringe theories are often signal boosted just as chaff for something actually nefarious in the background. I don't know the actual answers in many of these cases, but I know the consensus is lies.

Look for smoke, it's often masking fires. A few accounts that'll sniff around: @AgarthanSchwab @LokiJulianus @upstatefederlst.

I'm not disbelieving everything out there in the world, I'll note. I literally do believe in vampires and werewolves.

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