On Modern "Traditional Marriage"

This is BAP's take on modern "trad marriage" posted on December 17, 2018. (Archived on page 474, tweets #1-12 and on page 473, tweets #14-20)

Frands some of you seek trad waifu but there are many traps, much obstacle: the chief one is that institutional meaning of marriage has been taken away legally. Therefore very difficult to speak of "trad marriage," it might be the most dangerous form of roleplaying in your life.

Nietzsche say impossible to base marriage on caprice like passionate sexual love. I believe this and yet this is basis of marriage and any true affair since his time and a little before. The other...social, political, legal and religious foundations of marriage were stripped off.

Rebuilding marriage as institution isn't something you as individual can decide. This is matter of state and yet state makes man legally subservient to waifu. Marriage always a bad deal for men, but before were significant legal benefits to coax men into it...now the opposite...

I worry some of you want traditional marriage back but forget, like the pheminutz do, what purpose of marriage was in first place. It wasn't to give you as a man a good and stable home life. This was result of subservience of womon to mang...which itself was just an carrot-coax.

For high status/rich men marriage presented SIGNIFICANT reduction in standard of living. Today wealth doesn't confer high sexual status. Culture of whoring/carousing gone among the rich (they feel shame at having to pay). They then become sexual paupers, and marriage a way to sex.

Womon will not give sex0rz to a Bill Gates or other tech dork without marriage or possibility of this. Tech giants become sexual paupers. This is well known (part of their Trump hate...he can command love of womon they wouldn't dare "buy" knowing a great beauty wud cheat on them).

Back to thred: for lower status and poorer men, marriage did provide access to sex0rz. For them marriage wasn't as big a reduction in living standard as for patrician. But they got relatively young waifu, and years of yung p00n upfront. Of course none of this is true now.

For all classes all the reasons that existed in traditional societies for marriage are gone. To rely then on "tradition" and to pick specifically religious gril for example--IN THE ABSENCE OF OTHER PROVEN QUALITIES--is huge trap and mistake...beware! Religious grils some of worst.

From what I see the few men who have happy homes and marriages found gril who is KIND, loving, innocent, not a shrew, not materialistic and self-interested. It is this last by the way, combined with cynicism, that I believe is chief fault of modern womon, not promiscuity as such.

Of course many promiscuous w*m*n are also insecure, cynical, materialistic and self-interested, as well as have battered and well-fuqqed psyches as a result of their often joyless cock-carousing. Which often they did out of principle, not pleasure. But many non-sl00ts are same.

So I make this thred because I fear some of you will find "religious" gril who is not sl00t but will be frigid, will nag and yell/have unstable personality, will not be kind and loving, not enjoy cooking and caring for you, will be self-interested, pennypinching materialist qunt.

Or of course some of you may find gril who is not religious but will think she's suitable and trad because not a sl00t. But I'd much rather have an "ex"-sl00t without those qualities than a frigid pennypinching nutso shrew...kindness above all, natural kindness is rare....

In the absence of state power and social traditions, you only have trust as foundation of marriage...and the only thing you can trust, because it doesn't change, is her nature. Kindness, absence of materialism, cynicism and self-interest are imo the ONLY sureties of good marriage.

There is NO belief that can make a bad w*m*n good. You can't rely on avowals of faith. A religious or frigid w*m*n can make your home life hell as much as an ex-sl00t can. Also, there is NO amount of alpha, game and gorillafuqq that can turn self-interested shrew into sweet waifu.

Therefore for those who want trad marriage, I recommend from long observation: the absolute MUST is to find kind gril (b careful it's EASY to fool yourself about if she's really kind), who's not pennypincher (far more destructive for home life than coveting luxury), not shrew...

I end this thred with something I said in book and many times before: I have PHYSICAL revulsion not to promiscuity as much as pedestrian, insecure and materialistic character of modern w*m*n, bereft of mystery and allure...they've become brutal accountants/denbt collectors!

Some comments of BAP's (each unrelated to one another):

God gave man strength and laws to tame w*m*n frand...he won't help those who don't help themselves. In modern time in marriage all you're left with is trust for waifu...and that trust can only come from w*m*n of certain character.

For high status man it had importance social-political function...alliance of families/pacts, production of heirs; for non-patricians had other functions, slightly different. Law rewarded man with certain privileges to cleave him to a generally onerous institution.

never said anything about beating! Pls read whole thred. But you're good wife because you're born good and WANT to be. You have power to make your husband's life hell. He only has trust in you because of your character, and he was lucky. I warn other men for signs.