Other/Unsorted Things


BCCI corruption scandal

Look into background of Pope Francis and his legal problems while bishop in Argentina.

To learn Latin, read Lingua Latina per se Illustrata by Hans H. Ørberg.

Unresolved 9/11 issues by Loki Julianus.

Robert Sepehr — great YouTube channel about lost, non-mainstream, and otherwise interesting history.

Exo-Science — lots of information about non-mainstream science, like sounds that heal.

Biblioteca Pleyades — a collection of texts (mostly in English but also in Spanish) about lots of subjects.

Ray Peat — revolutionary health research.

Caribbean Rhythms — Bronze Age Pervert's podcast.

Sci-Hub — Bypass any soyence paper paywall.

Telegram has submitted user data to the German government, do not use it for any 'secure' comms, just use it to read channels and have fun w/ frens

Things the establishment got wrong about wuhan coof essay by Scott Locklin.

Nano-nonsense: 25 years of charlatanry essay by Scott Locklin on how nanothechnology and the whole field is fake.

Revolver — great news website.

Survive the Jive — great YouTube channel about history of ancient European culture and paganism.

Asha Logos — interesting YouTube channel with a good series called "Subverted History".