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What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a simple device, made from polyester or epoxy plastic, metal shavings or powder and at least one pointed quartz. It is used to transmute negative to positive energy. Typically this refers to EMF sources such as WiFi routers, phones, computers and cell towers, but it also seems to work on an emotional level. You know how you sometimes step into a room and feel negative energy in the air, before you even realize who it's coming from, and why? That is what negative energy feels like, the opposite of say, visiting a church or a waterfall.

Your body will naturally absorb both positive and negative energy, and it is possible for your body to transform negative to positive yourself, you've done this yourself many times! On a micro-level, it seems like every cell has energetic metabolism where this occurs! Positive energy in, negative energy out. Your body expels the negative energy through breath, sweat, thoughts and social interactions.

Orgonite is a huge help in improving the energetic environment! If you place them right, you can affect huge areas - for a laughably low price you can transform entire neighbourhoods, cities, forests, lakes.. More on that later.

How is Orgonite made?

The plastic in orgonite is made from liquids, and when they harden they expand. As the plastic increases in size, it puts pressure on the quartz, which is piezoelectric, meaning that the quartz will give off a small electric shock into the plastic while it is hardening. This shock carries the natural frequency of quartz, which is very familiar to us, considering that quartz makes up about 20% of the Earth's crust.

How does it work?

Since metal attracts Orgone energy, the metal inside the Orgonite will draw in energy into it. Metal cannot hold a charge, so it will instantly bounce it out in all directions. Since there is not one piece of metal inside the orgonite, but hundreds or thousands, the orgone charge zips back and forth inside the orgonite many, many times. Every time the energy moves, it resonates through the quartz-treated plastic. These properties make orgonite the ideal way of transmuting negative, stagnant energy to positive energy.

Sometimes additional crystals, copper coils and organic material is included, this is superfluous for the purpose of turning negative energy into positive, but it is a very good way of imbuing the effect of the crystal onto your environment. So for extra important pieces of orgonite such as jewelry, extra frills like this are great, but if you're going to save an entire city, it would be a monumental waste of money.

Is there proof?

There is little in the way of high quality science regarding orgonite, a handful of controlled studies with good methodology, all of which are made from exoscientists, academia hasn't dared to touch orgonite yet.

I have only seen one single failed experiment (possibly because the orgonite affected both sprouting samples) which I acquired through private communication with a friend. I have made the details of this experiment available online1 with my suggestions on how to replicate it in a way what it more likely to get a positive result.

Now that we have the one negative finding out of the way, let's get to the positive evidence..

My personal experience with orgonite is that it definitely works beyond any reasonable doubt: I have literally changed the micro-climate of where I live, I can barely remember how negative energy feels and I can have lengthy interactions with even the most negative people and still feel like an angel the whole time. Even if I discarded every subjective experience I have (which is an exoscientific sin!) I would still be convinced because I have seen thousands of irrefutable external data points.

Yet, my subjective experiences are meant to guide me, not you! Soon enough you will have your own experiences with orgonite to lean back on. You didn't come here to read my personal diary, you came here to see the evidence for orgonite, so let's begin!

Effects on Plants

In 2004, an experiment was run comparing two gardens2 with one of them having multiple pieces of orgonite. Since the gardens are quite close, they will both be affected by the orgonite, but the orgonized garden should enjoy much larger benefits. The result was very impressive..

This experiment was replicated the next summer with similar results3 and there are more experiments with orgonite with positive findings, such as the video below:

Video: 2 week check-in on latest Orgone Energy Plant Test- Orgonized sample 2โ€ taller & more alkaline

Most orgonite plant studies are made on sprouting4, 5, 6, 7 since it is easy to control, measure and provides many data points.

I have actually done a sprouting study myself, with significant positive findings. Unfortunately, I didn't save any documentation. I will complete many sprouting studies to make up for it :)

The type of results in the photo above isn't you should typically expect, but it is certainly possible, especially if you are comparing yield, as it seems to be the growth parameter most sensitive to orgone levels.

Video: Grapes and Tomatoes in Shoreham, Sussex with Orgonite

Corn kernels were planted in both pots above8 and placed on top of either orgonite or a plastic thing that held the control can up into the same height as the orgonite one.

Video: Orgone And Seed Germination Experiment (Mango)

Video: Orgonite and plants

Food Preservation

We know from Orgonomy (the body of knowledge about orgone energy) that decomposition is closely tied to the object's orgone charge, so if orgonite has a positive effect, it should slow the decay of food, and this is a common experience9 My personal experience is that it indeed does this, so I keep a piece of orgonite close to fruit, in my fridge, in my freezer and cupboards where I store food.

Video: Testing Orgone Energy power with lemons! ๐Ÿ‹ Cool Results! Part One

I haven't done any controlled experiments on food preservation yet but I can tell you that all the fruit and vegetables I buy has extremely long shelf time, to the point where it almost seems infinite.

There are some laymen experiments that shows the same thing I've been experiencing:

The strawberry experiment was posted on the biggest orgonite forum, WarriorMatrix10 and you can click here to learn more.

The experiment above was posted on the WarriorMatrix forum11 and you can click here to read the complete details.

Here's a video showing the decomposition of grapes seemingly being affected by orgonite.

Video: Proof Orgone preserves food-3 Days.

The anomalous bananas below were left lying on top of a pile of orgonite for almost 6 months14 in a non-humid place, and even though the outside got completely black, the inside tasted delicious, very sugary and with no alcohol taste!

It's obviously not a controlled experiment but we must obviously experiment more with bananas and orgonite as their decay is both rapid and visually obvious.

There's also an interesting semi-controlled experiment with an orgonite pyramid & rice decomposition.15

Effects on the Sky

The slideshow above16 illustrates the most typical impact orgonite will have on the sky: from permanent grey overcast to puffy clouds on a deep-blue sky. I realize this sounds completely ridiculous, but I have personally seen this many times. At a certain point you simply accept it. Clouds are very subjective, and it is easy to see what you want to see, but the color of the sky is harder to explain.. How come the sky is twice as blue above my house & cloudbusters compared to a couple of kilometers away? I have countless such stories and it is proven to me beyond any reasonable doubt that this phenomenon is real.17, 18

To clarify the effect it has: orgonite doesn't "remove clouds", healthy orgone flow supports the natural water cycle: evaporation, cloud formation, precipitation (rain/snow/hail). When you have permanent overcast, something is wrong energetically. Orgonite is a potent cure against this, especially when you place it correctly (more on that later). There is a type of orgonite specifically used towards the sky, it is called a cloudbuster and it is basically long metal rods pointing skywards connected to a large piece of orgonite. Ideally you also have a quartz with pointed edge directed skywards.

The relationship between Orgone, cloud formation and precipitation has been researched more, which is mentioned in the orgone article.

Effects on Ice

The most replicated experiment is putting orgonite in the freezer alongside some water, and compare it to ice without orgonite. I am personally not a fan of this method of evaluating orgonite, partly because it is hard to quantify that ice looks different, which sounds simple but it isn't - ice can take thousands of different shapes and appearances; and partly because it is hard to have good methodology: if you freeze both glasses at once, the orgonite will likely affect both because of the close distance, if you don't freeze them at once you will definitely have temperature differences, unless the freezer is empty the temperature distribution is uneven, and you will have very different thermal properties if the water glass is placed directly on top of orgonite (which is room-temperatured!).

We should perform tightly controlled ice experiments with orgonite. Perhaps this is easier to achieve outdoors during winter than in a freezer. It is quite important that we do this, because there is a lot of anomalies that are commonly seen with orgonite and ice..

These are called ice spikes and there is an accepted mainstream explanation for this19 so even though it may appear to violate the laws of physics, it does not. But.. have you seen something like this before? How common is it to have orgonite in your freezer? On the macro scale, what are the odds? These images seem incredible to me, and there is a thousandfold more19 than I could ever present in a single page if you look for it. Do a Google image search for "orgonite ice" and you'll see what I mean.

Above you can see something like an ice spike, similar to the pyramid laying on top of the glass. Below is ice that was frozen inside the metal pipe of a cloudbuster placed outdoors. To the left is the quartz crystal pointed skywards. In the water, you can see how the energy is shaped exactly like a vortex.

Here are more photos21 of ice frozen inside a cloudbuster pipe. No vortex here, possibly because there was no quartz or copper coil? You can clearly see how the energy is drawn into the cloudbuster through the pipe.

Below is a pretty cool ice experiment with a uniquely shaped piece of orgonite. Nothing mindblowing, but pretty cool.

Video: Orgonite Bangle Water Experiment - Skarpato Art

Effects on Humans

The ideal is when energy flows freely through you: This manifests as you expressing every feeling you experience in a natural way. If you are happy, you laugh. If you are angry at someone, you tell them, maybe even shout! Most people aren't very expressive anymore; most are rigid and timid. How come? Because most, or perhaps *all* people carry negative energy in their body. Trauma is stored in the body as energetic blockages: if someone tells you that your voice is ugly, you would likely react by being less expressive. You would still have the same drive to speak, but the trauma would be stored in your body as muscular tension: Your muscles are literally working hard to keep your body from expressing itself.

When trauma is resolved, muscular tension is resolved. Since orgonite has the capability to transmute negative energy into positive, it can resolve energetic blockages.

(This actually works both ways, there's a type of painful massage called rolfing which dissolves trauma.)

Effects on Animals

It is a common belief that animals are attracted and repelled by orgonite. This would make sense, since humans can feel orgone, why wouldn't animals? The survival of a fly hinges upon finding decomposing food, and if orgone slows decomposition..

Video: Here's an interesting video about ants being repelled by orgonite.

It was suggested that the video above was caused by the orgonite smelling of plastic, which can be a pretty strong smell when the orgonite is freshly made, but this one was many years old. Ants certainly don't seem to mind a little bit of plastic when you're having a picnic..

There is a controlled experiment with ants and orgonite23 which is highly interesting, the speed and movement patterns of a group of ants was measured, then a cordless phone (pretty similar to Bluetooth) was introduced underneath the ants and there was a huge effect on their behaviour. Adding orgonite was able to attenuate this effect significantly but not completely.

Thankfully humans are more resilient than ants towards a fixed amount of EMF..

How to Use Orgonite

There are three ways of using orgonite: The first is to put it near sources of negative energy. Doing this will transmute some or all of the negative energy into positive. Routers, Smart Meters, Phones, Tablets, Computers, Microwaves, Induction Stoves, Bluetooth Speakers, basically anything electrical is suspect.

Most of your EMF exposure is likely from your phone. It costs very little to add an orgonite sticker to it. I strongly recommend this.

In my home, the sources of negative energy are tablets, routers, electrical transformers, fusebox, dishwasher, washing machine, drying machine, TV, branch outlets..

I have orgonite on almost all of them.

The second way of placing orgonite is near what you want to protect. Let's start with the obvious, how to protect your body? Well, you may or may not be aware that the center of the human electromagnetic field is the heart. The magnetic field emanating from your heart is 300 times stronger than the one from your brain.24

This is good news, because it is very easy for you to have orgonite next to your heart: simply wear an orgonite pendant. This is the most important piece of orgonite you will ever own. Typically, when you have it, you absolutely hate taking it off, many refuse to take them off even when showering because it feels like it's a part of you after a while, and energetically that probably is exactly what happens.

You also want to protect your food, obviously. I have shown you anecdotal examples of the protective effect against decay.

My personal experience corroborates this, orgonite definitely helps increase shelf life of food, fruit and so on. The difference is notable. I regularly note that fruit feels *more* fresh after a day or two in my home..

The back of your fridge emits a pretty strong electric field. It is a very good idea to keep a piece of orgonite inside your fridge! I keep one there and another one inside my freezer. I can get them very cheap, only $2 so even an absolute minimal positive effect would save me large amounts of money over time in less food expiring.

The third way of placing orgonite is in water. Orgone is attracted to water so this draws in much more energy to the orgonite, but more importantly water has the unique capability of being able to propagate a certain structure throughout its body - this is the founding principle of homeopathy. This could very well be the underlying reason why so many 'energy-sensitive people' say that water amplifies the effect of orgonite.

Once again, my personal experiences aligns perfectly with this, water does indeed seem to increase the power of orgonite.

The fact that water and orgonite works so well together means a few things.. First of all, consider that every building has pipes of flowing water inside. Alongside water pipes is an excellent placement.

If the idea is to achieve the maximum possible effect in the great oudoors, there is no better choice than in some body of water: Lake, river, pond, even a ditch. Make sure it is freshwater because salt water will quickly destroy the orgonite. The only strategy remotely comparable to orgonite in water is connecting skyward-aimed metal rods รก la cloudbusters.

Making Orgonite

It is very easy to make orgonite, all you need is metal shavings (any metal will do) or powder, epoxy or polyester, and some quartz with pointed ends. All of these ingredients are very very cheap.

When you mold them together, make sure you do it outdoors because the fumes aren't exactly healthy. Here's a good link if you want to learn how to make orgonite. Read this too if you are interested in making your own orgonite.

Charging Batteries?

Some people believe that pieces of orgonite can charge batteries, because of videos like this:

Video: ORGONE energy charges DSLR camera BATTERY in 30 sec !!!

It is natural for a battery to regain some of its charge once it's emptied the first time, this is called the 'rebound effect' which means that videos like this is in itself not proof that orgonite has any effect, and there aren't any controlled experiments about this yet. My understanding of Orgone energy means that it would not charge the battery by itself - but the any charging of a battery would happen faster with an increased orgone flow, which could plausibly be achieved by placing the battery on top of a piece of orgonite.

Buyer's Guide

Depending on where you live, I recommend the following orgonite sellers:

I recommend the store InnerMind on Etsy for buying orgonite pendants. Since they are small, they are easily shipped worldwide.


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