Raw Eggs = Shampoo

From the original article at Exo-Science.com

Would You Drink Your Shampoo?

No? Then perhaps you shouldn't put it on your skin: Your scalp readily absorbs chemicals directly into your bloodstream..

There are probably 10-20 different toxic chemicals in the average store-bought shampoo.

I have more bad news: your scalp and forehead are among the places in your body where skin absorption of chemicals is the highest.

What if you could wash your hair with nutrients instead of harsh chemicals? Nature has provided us with the perfect solution: Eggs.

This is a traditional beauty trick, your grandmother has probably done this many times, but there's also modern science showing that hair growth is uniquely supported by raw eggs.

Promoting Hair Growth

In humans, hair loss is intimately connected with malnutrition and environmental toxins, and replacing your chemical shampoo with eggs remedies both of these problems.

Consider that birds grow their hair and feathers in the eggs, meaning that every nutrient needed to achieve it is included in the eggs.

You may have heard that hair loss is caused by stress and hormonal changes. While this is true, they only result in hair loss when you biology gets disrupted. For instance, male pattern baldness is not linked to Testosterone or Estrogen at all, just an isolated increase in DHT which hints at something beyond hormonal status being at fault.

There is also a unique peptide found in egg yolks called HGP, or "Hair Growth Peptide" which promotes hair growth through VEGF stimulation. This study shows that not only does this peptide increase hair growth, it's potent enough to achieve this even when you eat the eggs.. can you imagine how effective massaging raw eggs directly on to your follicles would be?

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Crack them in a shallow glass, mix, and massage into your hair (and a little on your face too), then rinse thoroughly with water. Don't use hot water unless you want omelette in your hair.. Medium temperature works great. Hot showers are great but avoid heating your hair.

It will probably take a few attempts before you're good enough at massaging your hair to get it all out - so the first couple of times your hair might smell of eggs. You should be able to learn it quickly.

When you're done, remember to rinse the shower itself.


Your shampoo likely smelled really nice, and when you successfully rinse off all the eggs in your hair, your hair will simply smell like hair: if you want something beyond that, I recommend you get a spray bottle and fill it with water, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I use cardamom which is maybe odd but I like it. If you add salt to the spray it will become a hairspray instead of 'hair perfume'.

Some people like to add oil in their hair after washing it, personally I don't think it's necessary, I simply move around my scalp's natural oils to the hair lengths by dragging my fingers through it (a lot).

My Personal Experience

I've enjoyed a huge improvement in hair and skin quality, but the biggest win is the feeling of stepping out of the shower having only been nourished instead of being assaulted by harsh chemicals. I was very surprised by how good this feels.

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