The 5 Ss of Xenoestrogen Warfare

From the original article on August 20, 2019.

How often is it that you read some article and out of nowhere the writer drops that the food, the liquid, the material is a known estrogenic? It is in our water with contraceptive pill residue. Our receipts have some. Our hand soap has some. At some point, we will read that chemtrails are not poisons but are aerosol bits of birth control sprayed overhead. Any other impurity would be a national scandal as evident by our hyper-aggressive EPA that makes sure manufacturers cannot in-source manufacturing for fear of exceeding 1 parts per million pollution levels. Turning the nation into feminized, doughy masses is a-okay.

How does one fight back? The broader environment is poisoned by these hormones. If the sandbox that the system maintains is radioactive, then we must learn how to navigate it, cover ourselves in lead lined suits and throw out the radioactive bits when we can. I consulted our Friend BronzeAgePervert who messaged, Yes this gud. We can call this the 5 Ss of Xenoestrogen Warfare.

1. Steak

Anyone who has read Mangan tweets knows that cholesterol is the building block for testosterone production. It is important for brain function. Sugar and soy will reduce testosterone production. Whether meat-starch-veggie, paleo, keto or pure carnivore, eating more fat will be a positive. The mental clarity you will begin to have will make you realize that many people’s mood swings are just reactions to sugar highs and crashes. The hormonal effect will be evident as your body will have the fuel to produce more testosterone. Steak will also guarantee you hit macros to fuel your body for growth.

We are told from birth to eschew meat. When they say, eat good fats, they mean non-meat fats despite the chemistry being the same for the fatty acids. A carnivore once explained to me that you have to overcome the conditioning from childhood to cut off the fat when eating meat. Consider people knowing carbs are bad and fat is safe yet they feel a revulsion at chewing a piece of fat while they quickly pop back a few chips. A carnivore’s best advice was to eat the fat first off a steak and then go for the muscle.

2. Steel

Sun and steel was a bit of advice from BAP. The steel for us being lifting. Readers of the Sun will know this already. Heavy, compound lifts are key. Get the growth hormone flowing and stress your body. Something you may not know is that sprinting does wonders with surges in growth hormone and testosterone production. If you hate cardio, do series of sprints. It will take less time and work magic. If you hate cardio, use DuckDuckGo to look up videos of barbell complexes and start incorporating those into your workouts.

Barbell complexes are series of barbell movements in a row with minimal break in between sets. The format is like an AMRAP, as many reps as possible, where you go for 10-15 minutes straight. For those of you who have tried Crossfit, this may feel familiar. A barbell complex may be 135 pounds in a deadlift, into a power clean, into a push-press into a squat. There are many variations. You will be gassed, but this will be the most fun form of cardio you will do in years.

3. Sun

The other part of sun and steel is just as important. Get sunshine on your face, your chest and if possible, your nuts. Testosterone production will spike. Doubt this advice, but even baseball coaches know this to be true. The Greeks worked out naked for multiple reasons, and this instinct to sun everywhere may have been one of them. If you live in the South or Southwest, sunshine will be easier to get. Even mowing your lawn shirtless will be adequate.

Sunshine on your groin may be impossible so try some red light therapy on your scrotum. Buy an LED red light and shine it on your groin for 5-10 minutes every other day during seasons where you cannot get sunshine on your chest. Laugh all you want at the strange mental image of shining a red light on your groin, but the research is a simple search away for the real effect this can have. Men’s Health even sent their weaklings out to try this, and it worked.

4. Sauna

If your gym has a sauna that no one ever seems to use, you can spend 20 minutes contemplating existence while the sauna removes excess estrogen from your body. There is copious research explaining how saunas work with this and how it helps longevity. Step inside for 15 minutes once or twice a week, and shower after to remove the toxins that are extracted from your body. Our environment bombards us with estrogenics, so fight back by removing them with a sauna session.

If you do some research, the irony of this tip is that most websites discuss how this can help women who have excessive estrogen. They never think that men might be affected by the same environmental effects. For those of you who may be overweight with the manboob phenomenon, try adding this to your gym regimen post-workout.

5. Supplements

BALCO was famous for supplying new steroids to household name professional athletes. It originally earned money by making ZMA, zinc magnesium aspartate. The science behind ZMA was iffy, but the science behind magnesium and zinc on their own for boosting testosterone production and helping with sleep, which is where testosterone production is ginned up, is proven. Magnesium citrate is a supp recommended by Mangan, and has far higher bioavailability than magnesium oxide. Zinc is a great supp not just for T production but for fighting colds by helping your immune system. Do not take it nonstop though. Zinc should be cycled off and on as it leeches copper out of the body.

This is a steady constant battle waged against your body and via your body, your mind. The estrogen pushers will never ever stop with their poisoning of your hormone balance. They want you weak, soft and craving their protection. This is not just for you. As BAP reminded me, we do not live on islands but must have frens. Tell your friends and spread the news. This is even more critical for older readers as testosterone production naturally declines. If an age of piracy awaits us, if there will be blood in the ’20s, if you want a mind and body that honors your ancestors, you must wage war with every tool at your disposal.

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