UKHSA Efficacy Stats Death Watch: Week 47
Please, virus gods, make the bad numbers go away

From the Substack post on November 26, 2021, by eugyppius.

Every week, eugyppius draws the missing graph for you anew. Week 47:

Back in our coverage of the week 44 report, we saw that chief of the UK stats police, Ed Humpherson, was very upset about the inconvenient numbers underpinning this graph, because they might “be used to argue that vaccines are not effective.” He therefore suggested “making clear in the table, perhaps through formatting, that the column showing case rates in unvaccinated people is of particular concern.”

Well, friends, those formatting changes have arrived. The evil “unadjusted rates among persons not vaccinated” have all been greyed out:

This is a real thing, I am not making it up. As the numbers are literally fading away, I have renewed the death watch. They may not survive even as long as next week.

Otherwise, among the novelties introduced in this report, is a new section on “Pregnancy outcomes” (pp. 21–25), with various statistics showing that vaccinated and unvaccinated women have essentially identical rates of stillbirth, low birthweight births, and premature births. Despite no difference in outcome, the report authors feel justified in writing that “COVID-19 vaccination is the safest and most effective way for women to protect themselves and their babies against severe COVID-19 disease.”

Finally, your bonus graphs of 60-day death rates by vaccination status …

… and 60-day death numbers by vaccination status.