US public health problems which are more serious than Corona-chan

From the original article on November 20, 2021. Author: Scott Locklin.

1. Fat people.

Americans are incredibly fat. It’s really beyond mere gluttony at this point; we’re approaching levels of fat which are legendary; like giants of old. Beyond the fact that most of the people who actually die of ‘rona are disgusting ham planets who are dying of obesity, beyond the crippling mobility problems, beyond the fact that it ups type-2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer rates, kidney, gastric and liver disease and lowers fertility through direct biological mechanisms, it also destroys beauty. 50 or even 30 years ago you could go to a working class nightclub in America and there would be good looking people around. Now you just have giant ham planets. The few non hambeest womenfolk seem to all have full time jobs as instagram influencers. This has destroyed the normal economy of love. I used to go for walks on a railtrail in Manchester NH, and I’ll never forget a working class couple I saw walking the other way. The man obviously worked outdoors, probably swinging a hammer; tanned and wiry, he was visibly tired from a hard day’s work and was walking his morbidly obese girlfriend around to get her some exercise. The girlfriend probably weighed 350lbs and had a sinister sneer on her porcine features as she wheezed along the trail. They both looked miserable. This demonic spectacle literally didn’t exist 30 years ago when I was their age, or if some circus freak managed to achieve conjugal union with a normal looking man, we’d all make fun of him for having sex with a barnyard animal. Now a days, the only weird thing about this coupling is the man had an outdoors job and so he was pretty normal looking. If we demonize smokers as choosing an unhealthy habit, we must do something about the morbidly obese. Dying of lung cancer or COPD from smoking is nowhere near as bad aesthetically as dying of gluttony.

2. Insanity.

One of the downsides of internet equipped modernity: mentally ill people can find each other and convince themselves that there is nothing wrong with them. Quite often they can convince society at large there is nothing wrong with them, or it’s society’s fault somehow. Picking on fatties again: there is the great example of lardy cum-logs preaching “fat acceptance” and mythical “slow metabolisms.” 13% of the adult US population is on antidepressants. According to NIMH, 1/5 adults in the US is mentally ill at any given moment in time. 6.5% of American women are seriously mentally ill; as in, not functional at any given moment. Adolescents; 50% are mentally ill. When you have that many crazy people around, things are pretty crazy. We need far less acceptance of mentally ill people. Mentally ill people historically have been shunned and even imprisoned to prevent them from ruining the society around them by flinging literal and figurative shit at everybody else. The phrase “stigma of mental illness” has 48 million google hits; almost all of them advising people to overcome the stigma of mental illness. Well, I heartily disagree with this; when you remove societal disapproval of something, you tend to get more of it. The United States is literally and objectively the most insane country in the history of the human race: unquestionably more insane than Nazi Germany or North Korea. Widespread madness and the drugs that allow such people to continue to function in normal society have made the situation intolerable for normal people, removing the incentive to have a society in the first place.

3. Hormonal disruptors.

There’s a lot of problems here; you can see the women becoming more masculine and the men more feminine. Fertility is on a steep decrease. The recent fashion in transgenderism is probably another result, albeit one with a twisted eugenicist political component. Glyphosate is probably a part of the issue, and its use in stuff like harvesting beans has approached absolute insanity. There’s also atrazine making frogs gay in America. They’re starting to ban BPA’s, but they substitute related substances which are just as bad, and BPAs are still in most thermal receipts you handle, and the filthy stuff gets absorbed in your skin from handling it. I am also suspicious of soy, weed and over-hopped beer. The main upside to all this for me anyway is middle aged to old men like me have giant cocks compared to 20-somethings because we weren’t exposed to this shit in the womb. Of course most of the 20-something year old American women are obese and mentally ill anyway, so it’s a wash.

4. Autism.

I’m not sure this doesn’t fall into the category of “insanity.” It may also have something to do with hormonal disruption. Either way, the fact that some huge fraction of the population who thinks they don’t have to be kind and thoughtful to others because “muh disability.” Whether its on the increase because of some chemicals in the water, mutations from later reproduction, or dipshits raised by their Xbox and ipotato: I don’t think it’s acceptable that we let it pass without even so much as a public health official commenting on the fact there are millions of unpleasant spergs running around being unpleasant and getting away with it. Computer sperdos; totally not buying it. If you’re capable of writing a makefile, you’re capable of learning how to behave in public in a way that doesn’t make people want to fling you from the roof.

5. Allergies.

Why do so many people have lethal allergies now? Millions of people have or claim to have life threatening allergies, such that I can’t have fucking peanuts on American air flights any more. If you die because you’re around harmless peanuts or some other normal substance of modern life, this means you’re basically animated meat -walking dead. What causes this? Did everyone who was allergic to peanuts before, say, the 1980s die off? If they did, how did they manage to pass on their genes? Will this trend continue until everyone needs to walk around with an epi-pen? Like most fucked up things in America, nobody even notices it; everyone acts like it is a fact of life we must accept uncritically.

6. Drugs.

It’s been about a million deaths since 2000 of overdose. It’s accelerating; the US experienced 100,000 overdose deaths 2021 so far; a new record. Add to this the ruined lives around people who overdose or are otherwise addicted, and the giant tent cities associated with druggie infestation. Unlike the ‘rona which takes people who are close to their natural lifespan anyway, drugs mostly kill young, bored adventurous people: people who could be the best of us, but will never get a chance because they made a bad choice. It may be considered a sort of slow moving suicide, chosen by nihilistic kids, and it may very well be so, but it’s still a public health problem. Beyond that, muh weed is going to cause huge problems down the line; it’s already been implicated in a minor epidemic of schizophrenia. Go look at people waiting in line for their muh weed; village of the damned. There are huge subcultures of people who need “muh meds” which aren’t any better: amphetamines, emotion-deadening SSRI antidepressants, benziodiapene anxiolytics, sleeping pills: people who use these daily are addicts. They are a public health problem despite them being supplied by large corporations: you know, like Perdue pharma pushing oxy.

7. Fertility.

Public health officials have utterly failed to communicate with people the fact that female fertility falls off at age 35, well, like chart below. Mutational load is also higher the older the parents. Men are also becoming infertile in greater numbers; sperm count is plummeting across Western Civilization, probably because of obesity and hormonal disruptors, or maybe just because they’re a bunch of giant pussies.

8. Censorship and erosion of public trust.

Imagine what would happen if there were a real public health emergency; a new infectious disease that, say, really did have across the board 1% or 10% infection fatality rates. I’m going to go out on a limb and assert that half the country wouldn’t listen, and I don’t blame them, because public health officials are liars and fools who have failed at everything they’ve attempted since the early 1960s, to say nothing of all the issues they failed to do anything about. It is an acute public health problem, one which will obviously get worse.

9. Homelessness.

Every American town or city above 100,000 people has favelas of bums living in it. We’ve always had hoboes, crazy people, drifters and so on; we’ve never had so many that tropical diseases have made a comeback. Some of these people are junkies, some are classic victims of mental illness who should be hospitalized, some are just poor. None of it is necessary: despite the primitive conditions of antediluvian ages like the 1950s, we had no such problems back then. Almost no modern or primitive current year societies have the problems the US does with this sort of thing. Supposedly San Francisco spends 100k per homeless person, which seems a little excessive. It’s obvious from these facts that whatever we’re doing it is incorrect, especially in San Francisco and the people working on the problem must be at least partially responsible for it.

10. The health care system.

The US spends more on its health care than any other country in the world, and gets worse outcomes than most of them. That’s more in absolute numbers and in fraction of GDP (20%). This is completely absurd, and the trend is entirely in the wrong direction. In fact, the US health outcomes, when normalized for risk factors, has steadily declined since the 1960s. I’ve experienced health care in a first world country that spends a small fraction of what the US does and has a couple years longer life expectancy despite heavy drinking and smoking: America is preposterously, ridiculously behind the rest of the world on almost every level. Americans may have some experimental treatments others don’t have access to; that doesn’t move the needle for most people, and it isn’t why American health care costs so much. In America, health care isn’t a public utility like the water or electric company; it’s a series of ridiculous rice bowls for evil bureaucrats and filthy looters. People can be bankrupted for routine treatable illnesses. The fact that something like medical billing is a profession ought to give you a hint that something is very wrong here.

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