wat mean BOOMERcon?
Bootstrapping Through the Kali Yuga

From the original article on October 3, 2021. Author: Aquila.

Facing setbacks in life? Ex-wife take your son and turn him into your daughter? Pakis rape your daughter? Courts throw you in prison for not referring to your son as your daughter? Now you're prisonraped?

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Stop making excuses. Get on that grind, homie.

Just, whatever you do, don’t challenge the System.

The System which made this clownworld dystopia possible is a fixed and immutable quantity. Don't even try changing it. We're conservatives, remember? We don't like change. Even though somehow we find ourselves shifting subtly leftward every year, such that we're always parroting the talking points of the Cathedral from 30 years ago, we still resolutely stand athwart history, wheezing “pls no step on snek. Pretty pls?”

We are the rear-guard of cultural Marxism. We fend off reactionary forces stalking our baggage train. Our job is to attack anyone to our right from the same frame as our alleged enemies on the left—i.e., we call them racist, sexist, homophobic, white supremacists, etc. We purge the only successful strategic minds from our ranks to ensure no one actually capable of toppling the current regime goes anywhere near power.

What do Steve Bannon (MAGA), Curtis Yarvin (NRx), Murray Rothbard (libertarian-right alliance), Pat Buchanan (paleocon), Alexander Dugin (fourth position), and Bronze Age Pervert (Heraclitean fire) all have in common? They're racist. Why are they racist? Because their ideas might lead to victory. Any ideas that might win are a priori racist.

Our muscle is atrophied. Our bellies are distended. Our physiognomy is defeated and submissive. We know only lives of comfortable domestication, concerned only with the preservation of mere life, as such, in this contended, yeast-like state of consumption.

Our entire life is centered around consumption—the more conspicuous, the better. Our jogger clientele broadcast their social status with crass gold chains and gaudy chrome rims. But we display our success through bourgeois affect.

Nothing about our lifestyle is authentic. In fact, it's entirely pretense. All of our views are traceable to intellectual trends from within the past century. Even our traditional wing—the Christcons—have no views that deviate from acceptable regime discourse, except, perhaps, on sexuality.

Even here, however, we excommunicate our own children (a right of passage for New Calvinist pastors, along with adopting black babies to show how not-racist they are) before attempting to anything that would harm the System that made our children turn out this way. We even send our children to state-indoctrination camps for upwards of eight hours per day, where they learn all manner of reductionism and profligacy.

After thirteen years of this, we send them away to a 24/7 indoctrination experience for another four years where they learn how to inebriate themselves with a variety of intoxicants, usually as social lubricant for fornication with strangers. Here, in this state of increased culpability brought on by excess of stimulation, we amp up the indoctrination to eleven with entire Departments dedicated to glorifying all that is base, ugly and venal. In support of these teachings, we donate away large sums of our children's inheritance to these institutions. We must ensure continued drunken promiscuity among youth. But the drinking age should be 21.

Disaffected young men desire to topple these universities. We must protect them from the fate of the Institute of Sex Research. Nothing bodes ill for our beloved System quite like the perfidious mannerbund. They are the great enemy of our liberal order and its central dogma of free speech. Except for the kinds of speech I disagree with. But only the right-wing speech I disagree with. Because left-wing dissidence isn't actually a threat to the System I serve.

Hold on, my son is calling. Hello, Timmy! Oh no, is this really true? Do you...EGAD!—hold the same views my grandfather held?! How could my son turn out a reactionary?! Call the Stasi!

Dear Reader:

A hostile memetic virus has seized hold of the brains of everyone older than 30 (“boomers”). A false consciousness of subservience pervades boomercon brains, such that they actively advocate policies destructive of their own hearth, while attacking anyone actually doing anything that works.

The essence of boomerconservatism is preservation of certain modes of being even though the circumstances which prompted their emergence have long since expired. Boomercons gather round Reagan-Thatcher cold war foreign policy or frontier hyper-individualism in senile circle-jerk. The circle-jerk is senile because these ideas are dead. The red man—have he feathered or bearskin cap—has long since ceased to be a threat (China is more natsoc than communist—completely different animal requiring new approach. Dragon problems cannot be solved with bear solutions.)

Boomercons are necrophiliacs and they don't even realize it. They grew up in a completely different world from their own children. The System they serve is the same System that corrupted their children. All variables are fixed; all thought is short term. But remember—don't change the system! That's racist.

No boomercon tactic, however, is more infuriating than TACTICAL LIBERTARDIANISM. Banned from twatter, facebook, instagram, youtube, and tik tok? Why don't you start your own social media company? It's a free market, after all!

Except, it isn't. Call it what you want: Cronyism, corporatism, soft-fascism, socialism, interventionism, Keynesian nightmare—or, my personal favorite, political capitalism—you aren't operating in good faith if you claim we're living in the same system as the gilded age. The Federal Reserve. Income tax. The New Deal. Govt-mandated employer-provided health care. Closing the gold window. Price controls. Hart-Celler. Welfare for the obscenely rich. 87,351 pages in the Federal Register. And in all of this, remember there's economies of scale in paperwork. Large corporations and fatcat capitalists love big gubment because it drives the little guy out of business while they can simply offshore, outsource, or otherwise mitigate its destructive effects.

The social security and medicare systems boomers enjoy won't be solvent anymore when it comes our turn to collect. They've literally leveraged their children's future to get a payout from the federal government. I think this mindset is best summarized by a common boomercon refrain in this regard: “Keep your socialist, government hands off my medicare and social security!” Perhaps the heightened sense of irony of millennials and gen Z is a consequence of their parents and grandparents utter lack of self-awareness.

This hyper-egoism and hyper-individualism of the boomercon extends to the social sphere as well. Can't find a wife? Prejudice dictates the boomercon must blame his sons, even though he knows damn well he either raised his daughters to be whores or failed to prevent this outcome.

This sort of pseudo-masculine posturing belies the domesticated, subservient state of the boomercon. He invokes tactical libertardianism either (1) to maintain hegemony of the System he lives to serve or (2) to protect his secret vice, a carryover of his loose youth, which he considers a “right of passage” rather than a damnable blight upon civilization. To the boomercon, everything is reducible to individual choice and personal responsibility.

Obviously, the logical implications of this ideology are obscene. This is nothing but Ragnar Redbeard in shades of Rand. Social Darwinism was widely rejected in the 20th century, but in the boomercon, we see its resurrection and application against—and only against—their own sons.

Above all, minorities, women, and sexual deviants must be protected from the consequences of their own behavior. These are the communities to whom boomercon civilization caters. Any attempt to resist their onslaught against western civilization is met with trite calling of names invariably ending in “ist” or “phobic.”

All this to avoid the one, undeniable and awful boomercon truth: Your sons are catamites, your daughters, whores, and you have no one but yourselves to blame. In short, I've never met a teen who rebelled without just cause.

This bovine-like quality of absence to the rising power of demographic groups demonstrably less competent exposes the core strategic flaw of the boomercon: The blue states claim the right to rule not only themselves, but the red states as well. The red states, because of boomercons running rear-guard action for the regime, claim only the right to rule themselves—and this, only weakly. Until the reds claim the right to rule not only themselves, but the blues as well—the same mindset as the blues—the reds will remain in permanent subjugation. (Credit to Michael Anton for this framing.)

I conclude with note to any boomercons passing by. By passing through the fire of this poast, you've demonstrated resolve and will to fix your family. You make ancestor proud. Please, make progeny proud! Your right wing sons want nothing more than to preserve and protect our heritage and way of life, to honor our ancestors, and, for the faithful, to worship our God and advance his Kingdom here on earth. Please, stop attaq!

Second, your left-wing children hate not just your guts but your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents etc. stretching back to the time Indo-European man first migrated from the steppe and conquered longhouse, town-dwelling soyciety thousands of years ago. When your art hoe daughter comes home from college telling you she wishes to end “whiteness,” she means white people. She means you. Please, do not let the sun set on your senile serenity! Rage, range into the dying of the light!

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