What kind of job opportunities are out there for young frogs?

From the original article on August 17, 2021. Author: CatoTheJunger.

Many say you should go into "STEM" or the trades, but that doesn't work for everyone, especially with increased H1Bs and union barriers. I offer an alternative: Municipal and County government administration.

Currently, all across the country, there are shortages of several well paying, good benefit, fairly easy jobs in local government needing to be filled. Between the Boomers retiring and the lack of knowledge that these positions exist, there are plenty of opportunities.

First up are Planners: They can be found at all levels of government and usually only require a BA in Urban Planning/Public Admin or some humanities/social science that is adjacent. They are like Sim City, what buildings to place where, how to develop areas in the future.

Zoning Administrators process plans from people/companies who want to build and make sure they are abiding by the ordinance the Planners wrote. This field is growing like crazy and doesn't really have certs, degrees or other barriers to entry.

Some locales will also have a Code Enforcement Officer to assist the ZA and/or Police with enforcing the Ordinances and Codes of the city/county. CEOs do everything from patrolling, to writing warnings and tickets, inspecting construction sites. Like ZAs no real entry barriers.

Assessors determine the value of property for property taxes, one of the better paying public jobs, comes with a more centralized and controlled certification process, but once passed its very easy to essentially be your own boss. Do the work and you're left alone.

Recreation Directors. Now there are plenty of people to paint stripes on public baseball fields, but not nearly enough ppl who have the mgmt and budgeting knowledge to run a dept of Rec employees. Public Admin degree w/ summer internships are what is usually sought for this.

City Clerks: Many locales are getting rid of this position as elected and have turned it into one that is appointed. Clerks keep track of all the records and run elections. Public Administration, clerical experience is wanted here.

City Treasurers: Organizing tax records, payroll, general budget, etc. You are the money. Accounting or like degree is desired. This position is in the same boat as City Clerks in that they are transitioning from elected to appointed in many places.

This one will speak to @Peter_Nimitz Water District Managers. Every city that doesn't get water from a well will have a position like this. Water quality and delivery infrastructure must be kept on top of. Prereqs are anywhere between a single cert to masters.

City Manager: The head honcho whom all the previous positions either work directly for or with. They are responsible for day to day running of the city. MPAs and 5 years of mgmt are generally requested. There is great need all over the country at every sized city for them.

I go more in depth on these positions in the future, but even knowing that these opportunities exist already puts you or a friend ahead of the curve in searching for well paid, fairly relaxed work. These positions largely leave time for side projects while providing security.

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