Why You Should Wear Gold

From the Twatter thread on November 19, 2021, by Western Brahmin.

Gold is the metal of the sun, the ancient Aryan symbol of power, immortality, honor, and sky father. The gesture of a gold ring signifies mans ability to dedicate himself to a higher nature, like the wedding ring.

The ancient solar hats of the Urnfield culture were likely used in a rite of passage linking an individual to this higher nature. Various rites of initiation thoughout history use gold as a symbol showing a mans link to the divine.

Wear gold. When you make a decision to dedicate yourself to a task, new business, a life goal, etc, buy yourself something that will be a constant reminder that you are bound to the divine through this task.

Healing: gold is believed to act on the emotional system of the human body, stabilize it, help alleviate tension and stress and amplify positivity. Gold has been used to enhance mental faculties, and in the rejuvenation of the endocrine system.

Gold is also a tangible good. In a society where inflation is looming, some of your wealth can remain in your hands. Italian Mafia wear gold in the event that they get locked up they have their bail money around their neck. Remember that fact.

If you have a goal, buy yourself a piece of the sun and link yourself to the divine while also looking good.

Side note: I personally believe yellow gold needs to make a come back. White gold is psyop.