Why You Shouldn't Masturbate

What I share with you is knowledge that took a long time to find amongst books written by the magicians of the old age. It is a gift to those of you who are interested in occultism and bettering yourself. Those who are bored with the meaningless life of the masses and start to question if we are living in an illusion. I cannot convince the hardcore skeptics if they are not willing to believe and spend some of their time reading the books I would recommend. So, that is not my goal. I only wish to help enlighten those who I was like before. Let's begin!

The ignorant who shout that Freemasons are just "old guys getting together for beers and chess" are idiots. It is true that most Scottish rite lodges have lost ancient knowledge and have deteriorated to being a social club, but the secret societies that didn't deteriorate are something different. Did you know that in Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, there were great doctors and scientists? Have you ever opened a book written by one of their leaders? Have you ever looked at the recommended reading materials at the last pages? There are hundreds of pages dedicated to biology, evolution, cells and anatomy. And all of this was mixed with astrology and other occult sciences. Psychology plays a big part in the studies too, even nutrition. Those people were not "Luddites" or "tinfoil hats". They were respected doctors and scientists that knew more than you. I am not endorsing you joining such societies though. You don't need to join one to have the knowledge you require. Most of the knowledge is found between their books all ready, published.

Now, you will asks "Why shouldn't I masturbate?" and you will expect me to say some magical mumbo jumbo that is not sound. But no. Both the physical and the unseen effects have been covered in various occult books. You will first find explanation in the books of this old English Rosicrucian order. You can find them online. Secondly, you will find explanation in the works of Max Heindel, who also under the guidance of invisible brothers opened a Rosicruician order in America. Samael Aun Weor is the one who fanatically writes against masturbation. He is your third clue. He was once a Rosicrucian student, than went rogue and created his own Gnostic religion and wrote many books. The fourth clue is Mantak Chia, an eastern master of Chi Kung who has a book on sexual alchemy.

There are other clues in the writings of Rudolf Steiner, Franz Bardon, Gurdjieff and others. All these gentlemen wrote on the subjects of psychology, addiction and the spiritual path. It is really the goal of every spiritual aspirant, member of a secret society or not. To observe himself and practice various exercices. To unlock his hidden powers and to use them to serve humanity. To get closer to God and to fasten his own evolution. To become the best he can be. But there are also evil people and societies. Such black magicians and people with their own agenda have once infiltrated societies and corrupted them. What can I say? There are powers working against humanity, who want people to be apathetic, lazy, addicted, sleepy, fearful, hateful, uncontrollable, lustful, perverse degenerate. People like me want you to realize that you actually have the power to control and change yourself for the better. But they don't want you to know that. They want you to think that you are an animal with urges and feelings that shouldn't be suppressed or changed. So that they can manipulate and keep you in prison. And you know a little something about the so called "law of attraction"? If you are convinced that you don't have any control over yourself, you become more and more like that.

Now, I will finally explain the horrible effects of masturbation. When you are about to cum, your body extracts a lot of precious proteins, minerals and other goodies from your organs, including the brain. All this is send into the sperm from the most holy purpose of creating a new human being. When you masturbate every day, you are constantly leeching important nutrients from your body, zinc for example. You are also depleting your testosterone and other hormones. As the days go by, your brain becomes cloudy and more stupid, your organs become weaker and weaker. Sickness await to sprout in your body and alert you of your wrong living. Your eyesight worsens. The hormonal disbalance makes you easily upset and reactive, like a woman. But this is just what one can reveal to his gullible friends. Because they are not ready to accept the whole truth.

The occult truth is that while the sperm is physically full of nutrients, it contains the "creative sex force" or your life force. It is a strong force that makes you vital, shimmering, aware, concentrated. It can be used to rebuild your body, when you stop wasting it. Or more easily, it can be used to materialize all your dreams in the physical world. It is the inventor who neglects his wife and works on his project all day, manifesting a great invention. It is like "Willpower fuel" that can make a boy become the chef or the astronaut he always wanted to become. It makes you more creative and bright. It makes you "alpha". You get what you want. It is what made little art school rejected Hitler into a man who killed millions of people and almost conquered the world.

And this is basically what the creative sex force can be seen like. It is at the base of your spine. It can pass through your spine and through 2 coiled channels around it. People can make the sex force rise and give them enlightenment. It can be used to merge the heart and mind together and purify man from any sickness. That includes all your fears, traumas and mental issues. But you don't need that yet. You just need to stop wasting your force, and to put it to a better use. As long as we achieve that the world will be different tomorrow.

When you waste your creative sex force masturbating, you will feel relaxed and nice temporarily. After that, expect 2-3 days of being more angry, unstable, depressed, under the influence of bad thoughts and generally reactive. You will feel apathetic and lazy. As your life force replenishes, you will feel more alive and active again. But there are far worse problems than that. Sooner or later, the everyday masturbator will be punished for the misuse of his creative organ with a sickness. Either impotency or bladder cancer. Each time you masturbate, you are lowering your sex force below the spine even, corrupting your mind and becoming more vile. The more risen your force is, the more you are close to your best version and to god. The more downwards your energy goes, the more you strengthen the devil inside you. Funny that it's called "the creative organ". It can be used to create life, or to create other things as well.

There is something else you should know about. Your desire body. It is a cloud of color vapors you don't presently see. It is made from your desires and emotions. Low spirits and demons will be attracted to you for they feed from your sperm vapors like food. With your depressed mind and weak condition, these entities will slowly gain the power to influence you. Suggestions may come in your mind, feelings, images, even voices. But that is usually rare. What you are usually doing when masturbating to porn is creating your own thought forms. But they are not yet self aware creatures. They are just addictions bubbles floating in your desire aura. The more you feed the addiction by ejecting your sperm, the more powerful and harder it becomes to destroy. It is similar to those addicted to marijuana, drugs and alcohol. But they feed their addictions by giving in to pleasure. You usually have a sage mechanism that makes you bored out of everything. But this is also your downfall, for when your dopamine can't raise from sexual stimulants that have become boring to you, you seek more vile and vile perversions. Your inner adversary, feeds on the excitement, as you waste your life force, focusing it on the fantasy. This glitch is called "the kundabuffer organ". When you have pleasure, it makes you want more and more. This is the glitch that addicts you into your doom.

Some people are immune to certain addictions though, because they have overcome them in past lives. This is why we have young men nowadays masturbating to horrible and perverse porn. Some even wanting to cross-dress and be humilated. This is a more frequent case in people who can't get satisfied sexually with a partner. If you don't learn to control yourself, it will destroy your relationship and ruin the lives of your family. But be surprised, I am not making you become celibate. It is not that bad if you ejaculate in your wife. Because at the moment of ejaculation, you are not focusing on a fantasy, wasting your energy creating an addictive thought form. But you are actually exchanging energy with your wife. As long as your penis is in her vagina, it is not nearly as worse as masturbating to fantasies. Ideally, some adepts like Aun Weor teach that we should have sex with out wives without reaching the point of ejaculation. It is fine and healthy for you, both ways. It is good to enjoy cuddling with your partner and not always reach the point of ejaculation. But to have more frequently such sex. The realm harm only comes when you ejaculate to fantasies and porn. Then, there is no energy exchange with a real woman with a spirit, but instead you are feeding thought forms and low spirits. It is the unforgivable sin of wasting your creative force. It is unforgivable because your organs will take the toll of you straining them, every time you give in to your animal side. You can't expect God to not let your organs damage themselves. He forgives you thought, and gives you many chances to heal your body if you stop doing it. But the choice is yours.

Now, on the very important point of what are you to do? Just start striving to masturbate less and less. Once a week at most. It is okay if you fail again, and again and again, and again. Even if you have a breakdown and do ungodly deeds to yourself 4 days in a role. Just don't stop trying. Remember that deep down, you know that you want more than this and that you don't truly like this. You will realize that it is just the evil influences of you own personal addiction, "demons" that you are fighting, and that you can ignore them and say "No". You have control over yourself, they want you to think you don't. As long as you don't stop trying, you will be bettering yourself. Strive to calm down your perverse sexuality, then strive to masturbate even less than once a week. Massage your sexual organ and stimulate it to keep it healthy and away from degenerating. But do not have sexual thoughts while doing it.

Ultimately, you will find woman that loves you, especially as you pass 25. You must stay away from hookers and women who are filthy sluts. It was shown that their vaginas actually suck DNA from their past lovers that stays with them. If you have sex with a hooker or a slut, you are not only corrupting your mind, but you are also corrupting yourself with the thought forms and character traits of the men she had sex with, and with hers too. Have no fear of dying alone, and teach yourself to live alone, with love to your family and friends. Focus on your spiritual path and also on conquering your material goals, but for a good purpose. Women will come and you will chose the one that is for you. Now that you realize that you can get a woman anytime you want, you will stop seeking them and being needy. You will stop being enslaved and obsessed about them. You will stop fearing society's norms and time. Time will now be on your side.

Lastly, let me mention that when you begin to deny your sexual perversions, they will attack you in your dreams and at day time. You may be peaceful and happy but suddenly, a strong sexual influence will come out of nowhere. The addiction thought form will strike most when it is at it's weakest and about to die. They feed on "attention" after all. So, you may find yourself shaking and questioning if you every truly had control of your body. You thought you did, but you never truly had until now. It was a legion of personalities, likes and dislikes that controlled you, some even instilled by society and others to program you. Daily prayer may help you change your moral character. Repetition of good values and goals is a key. This has an effect on your subconsciousness and your vital body. When tempted, do not give audience to the fantasy even for a second, for even a second of fantasizing will give more power to your enemy, the devil. Try to sit down and meditate, just keep your mind clear for 5 minutes and relax. Focus on your breathing to ignore the evil influence and regain control over yourself. It will be horrible and hard. The addictions will lay dormant for weeks and suddenly strike and give you sexual dreams. Endure and keep working on observing and bettering yourself. Soon, you will learn the occult exercises such as the daily recollection.

Remember, the best way to get rid of your perversions and to claim back your creative sex force is to put it to good use. Focus on creating something you have a desire for. Write. Paint. Create. Design. Think. Do. pend most of your time obsessing over your hobbies and material goals, as long as it's for a good cause. As you can see, I love writing about such things. I am a writer amongst other things. You can as easily obsess over gardening, working on your bar or even creating inventions. Whatever you feel a desire to do. As you spend most of your creative force focusing on that, the perverse addictions will not have much to suck from you. When the mind is busy, the devil cannot speak to it. By ignoring, you will slowly replace the thought forms in your desire aura with better desires. So keep replacing your low cravings and desires by focusing on better desires. For example, having sex with a beautiful wife instead of perverse trans-sexual fantasies based on excitement and humiliation. Or craving tasty nutritious food that you like instead of junk food. That is it for me today, my friends. Next week, you may see me as a guy wiping tables at a restaurant, or working in a prestigious company, driving a Porsche. It doesn't change the fact that I spend 2 hours writing this to help you. Good deeds are rewarded in heaven. I could have spend this lime playing some video games or reading "how niggers are stealing my white women". But instead, I choose to write something that will change the lives of many people. This is the power of creation. Now, you have a choice. Waste your power on masturbating to some teenage sluts who don't like you but would end up sad and abused, waste your power on having temporary pleasures like an animal, or deny the devil and join us in actively fixing your life and making your dreams come true.

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